Next due date is Monday, November 28th, 2016


Donation Progress as of Dec 3rd, 2015

Help support NOOSE by making a donation! Our first year of operations is payed up in full but we require your help to keep going and hopefully we’ll prove this project to be worth the expense. It is never too early to start donating and a donation doesn’t have to be so big that it is taxing on your own expenses. Giving a little every now and then can easily accumulate to well over what we need to keep going, rather than panicking at the last moment that we need all the money at once.

Be sure to mark your donations as “NOOSE Donation” so we may keep track of them and direct them where they need to go. We’ll keep track of all donations on this page so be sure to include how you would like to be referred to in the donations report.

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