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When IronMarch discovered James Mason’s book SIEGE, it was something of an “ah ha!” moment for us. Mason, a veteran in the American fascist movement, had deep insights into the various strategies that had been used by various people and groups.

Studying his work allowed us to consolidate our understanding of the practical aspects of the struggle, and clear up the way forward. We quickly got to work making a new, sleeker and more readable version of SIEGE in order to spread the message.

We also set about to find out more about the author, who seemed to have completely disappeared after his last known interview in 2003. Had he started new projects? Did he write new books? Would he be willing to communicate with us? These questions got us started on our quest to track down James Mason in search for answers.

This has turned out to be a long and difficult process, which stretched out over several years.

But after being frustrated by multiple dead ends in our research, the members of the AtomWaffen Division have finally managed to find Mason and thus make this interview possible.

Most of this interview was conducted during the first meeting between an AWD representative and Mason, which occurred on the 25th of March in 2017.

AWD search party on deployment.
Alive and well!


There’s been a revival in interest in your book, SIEGE, in recent years. We’ve counted 16,000 downloads and 10,000 online consultations on our server alone.

“Jesus Christ, that’s amazing.”

Since the book is hard to find now, a new version was released by IronMarch. Thoughts on that?

“Yeah, fine with me. The object isn’t to make money, any money you make wouldn’t be much, anyway.”

What have you been up to since your last public interview in 2003? Are there any particular stories that you’re willing to share?

“That’s when the second edition of Siege came out. I tried to get “The Theocrat” published, but that never materialized. I was also the head of security for several K-Marts, I guess that they didn’t realize that they were hiring the Gestapo. Also, I saved some money, and self-published books, but they never got much circulation. In 2002, I saw William Luther Pierce on TV, and I called his number, and we planned dinner. The same evening that we planned dinner, he died. They (the National Alliance) had me come to their next meeting, to give Dr. Pierce’s eulogy. I produced 3 documentaries on George Rockwell, and 3 on me. Now, I’m waiting for somebody to step up. I’m trying to work with people, but they are all dead, or out of the movement”.

Have these documentaries been released? If not, do you have the tapes, so we can release them on the internet, at least?

“These documentaries aired on DCTV. And yes, I can give you some copies.”

Do you use the internet to keep up with events? How familiar are you with the political scene online?

“No, and not at all. All I know, is that it has changed a lot of minds.”

In your 2003 interview, you mentioned your move towards Christianity. Are you still Christian? Can you shed some light on this change?

“Well, like I said about “The Theocrat” and “Mein Kampf,” Mein Kampf is the third testament. I started out NS, and I’ll die NS. When I wrote the Theocrat, I said “These stupid bastards who call themselves Christians don’t know what they’re talking about.” About twenty years ago I stopped worrying, because we know how it ends, we’ve read it in the book of Revelation. I know that there are parallel universes, that’s how deja vu exists. I had an experience on Capitol Hill, a feeling that made me know that parallel universes are real”.

There’s been an upsurge in interest in so-called “Esoteric Hitlerism” in the past few years, including the works of Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano (as well as Evola). Considering your opinion that Mein Kampf is the third testament, how do you view this direction of National Socialism as a self-contained religion?

“Hitler himself is the Elijah spoken of in the final verses in the old testament. Hitler is right in line with any of the prophets in the bible.”

What’s your opinion on Savitri Devi, and Rockwell’s admiration for her work? You did have some quotes from her in Siege – are you very familiar with her works?

“If anybody was Esoteric, it was her. Savitri Devi, or anybody who is pro-Hitler, Esoteric or not, is as good as gold.”

Are you willing to share the aforementioned experience on capitol hill?

“I wrote about that in my book “Revisiting Revelation.” So, my answer is Yes.”

What was your relationship like/what was your opinion of William Luther Pierce?

“Dr. Pierce was a great guy, he was my mentor, even my savior. A friend of mine introduced me to the idea of doing lectures to kids in school. I told the kids, and this really got their attention – I told the kids “When I was 16, I was trying like hell to get out of school. I was going to be sent to Boys’ industrial (pretty much a lockup). My dad had an arsenal, and I was going to go into the school, and blow myself and the staff up. I called Arlington, called the ANP, and only Dr. Pierce was there, he picked up. I asked him if he needed any help, and he said yes. He saved my life and other people’s lives. I said this at the eulogy. Dr. Pierce was a giant, 6’5, and a family man. He got divorced, sadly, no family can handle that level of stress”.

Harold Covington, who’s widely considered as a slanderer, has said some negative things about Pierce. Can you debunk them here for posterity since you’ve known him personally?

“Covington has said negative things about everyone, including me. After he failed in all of his endeavors, he became a slanderer just to keep himself in print.”

What do you consider to have been the most crucial political events in that period (2003 to present day) in the USA and Europe?

“Probably the election of Obama, that was a big step down. Not that things changed, but that was one of the darkest moments. What a terrible, terrible signal”

Some have considered that Obama’s election has been a huge boon the the nationalist cause. Do you think that, from the SIEGE mindset, his election could have been positive, in that it made the situation worse?

“Rockwell started out by saying “When things get bad enough, they’ll come flocking to our door”. They didn’t come out in those days, and they’re not coming out now.”

What is your opinion on Anders Breivik and his actions?

“The guy was dead on. I’m never gonna disown anybody who does something like that. But, you’ve gotta understand, doing something like that, it’s the end of your life. You’re not gonna start a revolution, and nothing is gonna change. You might be a hero, you might be a martyr, but you won’t start anything.”

Have your views on Charles Manson changed? Was any of your promotion of him “played up” to gain attention? Did you stay in contact with him all these years?

“My views on Manson have not changed. We had a society post-WW2 that was disintegrating, a mile a minute. We had a hippie generation, a country that was heading headlong into National Suicide. Manson’s commune was solidly, solidly White. Then, after the arrests took place, the Left, the Jewish left, tried to make him a symbol. And, as a reaction to that, he carved a big Swastika into his forehead. Dr. Pierce first realized that. My opinion of Manson has not changed. All of the institutions of our system have been changed, they’re being used against us. Manson dropped out of this. Also, Lynette Fromme’s attempt on President Ford was not a serious attempt, it was a protest against not being able to correspond with Manson”.

Can you tell us more about what Pierce thought about Manson? We’ve never come across his comments in his lectures or writings.

“Well, I used to get his newspaper ‘Attack’ every month. I always looked forward to each issue of that. Soon after the Manson thing, Pierce said that, after Manson carved the swastika into his forehead, he said “The Jewish/leftist Peanut gallery that had been cheering Manson on fell silent.” After I dedicated SIEGE to Manson, he called me on the phone and said “Maybe we ought to distance ourselves from Charles Manson.”

What’s your opinion on Trump? How similar is the Trump phenomenon to the Ronald Reagan situation?

“I think it’s a lot deeper, a lot more radical. In that sense, I’m mildly encouraged by it. Trump is certainly no answer.”

Some people in the alt-right believe that Trump is swaying people towards National Socialism. Do you think there’s any chance of that?

“Not a chance in hell. Trump is probably a ringer. The Jews will realize that a lot of hate and resentment needs to be let out, and they’ll send out a phony like Trump.”

We’ve shown you some footage of National Action in the UK and their banning by the authorities. What is your opinion of this phenomenon?

“How many times was Hitler banned in Germany? They banned the brownshirts, so they wore white shirts. They banned Hitler from speaking, so he sent out Rosenberg or Dr. Goebbels.”

What do you think is the way forward for nationalist groups?

“Forget about legalities, forget about economics. It’s about demographics. The nations of the west are being purposefully made non-white. Just like the Caananite tribes, when they decided that they couldn’t take Israel head-on, they decided to intermix with them. You need to focus on demographics, not legalities or Economics. Illegal Immigrant, Legal immigrant, doesn’t matter how they got here, just that they’re here.”

Is there hope for America? What is your prognosis on the future – are we looking at balkanization, collapse, or something else?

“Well, you know, Balkanization is not gonna be allowed to happen. They want us all in one bucket, so we can all go down nice and easily together. You’ve heard of those Nazi groups in the Northwest, right? They’re being murdered by the FBI. The future is not bright for this country. Most of what it has done by the US government over the past centuries, has been anti-civilization. The prognosis for this place is disaster.”

Do you plan on publishing or releasing the books that you’ve written since SIEGE was released?

“Well, I’ve tried. I’m just one guy.”

You know how Rockwell talked about “Sneaky Nazis,” (i.e. racist conservatives who pretend to otherwise be “politically correct”)? Those are still around. What’s your opinion on the phenomenon?

“It’s just cowardice. Rockwell also said “You can’t outsneak the master sneaks”. “

One thing that’s been happening in the past few years (and to a lesser extent, the last few decades) is the extreme normalization of homosexuality and other perversions. Some on the current “right wing” are going along with this, under the logic that perverts can be nationalists too (or just useful as promoters). Thoughts on this?

“Rockwell used to say “No civilization has survived that tolerated that very long”. If a society allows that, it’ll also allow things like race-mixing, and other perversions. There’s this idiot Yiannoupoulos, and he goes out there and makes a fool of himself, and the movement.”

Much has happened since this initial interview was conducted, AWD had experienced what is likely going to be its darkest moment, however it was not broken, and now, today, on James Mason’s 65th Birthday, one of its greatest achievements is being brought to light.

AWD remained in regular contact with Mr. Mason, and along with IRONMARCH.ORG, had pledged him our full support in publishing and promoting the various works he’s authored in the past years. These include multiple books and video documentaries. James Mason had also agreed to write a foreword for the IM edition of SIEGE [DOWNLOAD NOW!]

More importantly still, from these past few months of communications and exchanging of materials (including certain materials published on NOOSE itself!), James Mason has been so impressed with what he had learned of AWD and IM exploits, that he has decided to once again continue the SIEGE newsletter, which will be released, along with all other exclusive materials he is handing over to AWD and IM, on the official SIEGE websiteWe urge everyone to give their support to this project, to make a good deal of these materials available for purchase in print.




As of today, Friday, December 16th 2016, National Action will be proscribed as a terrorist organization in the UK, an act that has been highlighted by the media well ahead of the proposal being brought to parliament, and lauded as a “landmark first” that a far right group would be banned  in the UK.

What this, of course, in effect means is that National Action was the only group in the UK that was not only legitimate but also the only group that posed a real threat to the System and its cronies in Britain, forcing into effect this ban, which has no solid footing.

The excuse utilized in order to justify this unlawful ban was the murder of the Labour party MP for West Yorkshire, Jo Cox. The murderer, 50+ years old Thomas Mair, had no affiliation with National Action, however was rightly celebrated by the group and any honest and true Fascists and National Socialists worldwide for his heroic action, especially when one considers who Jo Cox was. For further context we’d like to direct our readers to the following articles from the DailyStormer (+1) and The Occidental Observer. The tl;dr is that Jo Cox was the patron saint of immigrant child molesters and rapists in West Yorkshire. One might also be inclined to recall the Rotherham scandal in South Yorkshire, where the police, perfectly aware of the ongoing rape of 1400 White Children of Britain, refused to act “for fear of being branded racist”.

Initially the murder was utilized to smear the Brexit movement in an attempt to influence the British populace into staying with the Jewropean Jewnion. With that falling through and, obviously, not wanting an excuse to go to waste, it was used to declare National Action a terrorist organization for expressing support for Thomas Mair and posting scary tweets, the nature of which would get even Gilbert Keith Chesterton declared a terrorist and his works banned.

Dare to compare: 

“Only 649 MPs to go” – one of the “terrorist tweets” by National Action

“It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged” – G.K. Chesterton

When asked for his name upon arrest Thomas Mair introduced himself as “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain!”, which is not only a display of a verily healthy patriotic attitude, but also a correct and the only kind of call one can make when faced with overwhelming evidence for Britain being clutched in the hands of traitors, who first import the rapists and then turn a blind eye to their activities. To support this statement is to support Britain, her people and her children, like the 1400 victims of the Rotherham grooming gangs, bringing forth the full potency of the 14 words: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

National Action comes forth as Britain’s only hope and sole defenders, surrounded on all sides by her enemies, so it is no wonder that our enemies and in particular the traitors in British government would like to do away with them, for they all surely know what awaits them for their betrayal of Britain. This ban is nothing more than a desperate attempt for this scum to cover their asses, to preserve their political careers and their very lives.

The true absurdity of the situation comes into light when one looks at the almost cynical statements of the British MP’s responsible for the ban, such as the following statement by the home secretary, Amber Rudd, who introduced the proposal to proscribe National Action as a terrorist organization in the first place: “I am clear that the safety and security of our families, communities and country comes first.” Now, think back again to the Yorkshire rape and molestation epidemic perpetrated by foreign invaders that had been invited into Britain and then permitted to go on unimpeded in their crimes by these same officials. Only one of those was dealt righteous justice. Meanwhile National Action was feeding the homeless native British people, whom the traitorous government has completely abandoned, thus “spreading race hate”.

The move to proscribe National Action was introduced past Monday and was put up for “debate” on Wednesday, December 14th. With only about two dozen or less MPs even present in the House of Commons, the whole affair was not a debate but a circle-jerk where all the officials agreed that they cannot allow the murder of their fellow traitor to go unpunished and that National Action would be made an example of. The motion was agreed upon and passed up to the House of Lords for another “debate” on Thursday, December 15th, both sessions are called “Prevention and suppression of terrorism”.

The full transcripts of this circus is available via the Hansard Online website, and is provided below in full with our highlights:


14 December 2016
Volume 618

    • That the draft Terrorism Act 2000 (Proscribed Organisations) (Amendment) (No. 3) Order 2016, which was laid before this House on 12 December, be approved.

      The threat level in the UK, which is set by the independent joint terrorism analysis centre, remains at severe. That means that a terrorist attack in our country is highly likely and could occur without warning. We can never entirely eliminate the threat from terrorism, but we are determined to do all we can to minimise it and keep the public safe. The nature of terrorism is constantly evolving. There are organisations that recruit, radicalise and promote and encourage terrorism, as well as those that commit terrible acts of violence against innocent people.

      Proscription is an important part of the Government’s strategy to disrupt the full range of terrorist activities. The group we propose to add to the list of terrorist organisations, amending schedule 2 to the Terrorism Act 2000, is National Action. This is the 21st order to be made under section 3(3)(a) of the 2000 Act. Hon. Members will be aware that this is the first time we have laid a proscription order for a far-right group. The Government are committed to tackling terrorism, regardless of what motivates it. National Action is a group whose views and ideology stand in direct contrast to the core values of Britain and the United Kingdom.

    • I welcome the decision to ban this group. Have there been any deproscriptions since the last time the House passed an order proscribing an organisation in July?

    • Despite its name, National Action seeks to divide communities and stir up hatred—actions that are entirely contrary to the interests of our nation. Proscribing this neo-Nazi group will prevent its membership from growing and prevent it from spreading propaganda, which allows a culture of hatred and division to thrive. It will also help to prevent National Action from radicalising people who may be vulnerable to extreme ideologies and at risk of emulating the terrorist acts it glorifies.

    • Anyone who seeks to glorify the Nazis is a threat to this country and our values. Members of this House died fighting Nazis to keep this country and Europe free. I would describe people who think that this country would somehow like to follow a Nazi course of action as twisted to say the least.

      Under section 3 of the Terrorism Act 2000, the Home Secretary has the power to proscribe an organisation if she

      believes that it is concerned in terrorism.”

      If the statutory test is met, the Home Secretary may exercise her discretion to proscribe the organisation. The Home Secretary takes into account a number of factors in considering whether to exercise that discretion, including the nature and scale of the organisation’s activities and the need to support other members of the international community in tackling terrorism.

      The effect of proscription is that a listed organisation is outlawed and is unable to operate in the United Kingdom. It is a criminal offence for a person to belong to, support or arrange a meeting in support of a proscribed organisation, or to wear clothing or carry articles in public that arouse reasonable suspicion that they are a member or supporter of a proscribed organisation. Proscription acts to halt fundraising and recruitment, and makes it possible to seize cash associated with the organisation.

      Given its wide-ranging impact, the Home Secretary exercises her power to proscribe only after thoroughly reviewing the available evidence on an organisation, including open source material, intelligence material and advice that reflects consultation across Government, including with intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The cross-Government proscription review group supports the Home Secretary in the decision-making process. The decision to proscribe is taken only with great care and after careful consideration of the particular case. It is appropriate that it must be approved by both Houses.

      Having carefully considered all the evidence, the Home Secretary believes that National Action is currently concerned in terrorism, and that discretionary factors weigh in favour of proscription.

    • The Home Secretary told us just the other week that she was particularly concerned about the increasingly sophisticated methods that this group was using on the internet both to recruit new members and to promote its warped ideology. Will the Minister share a little more about how, if the order is passed, he and the Home Office will ensure that this organisation is held to account and any material it puts online is removed?

    • I have to be careful that we do not undermine the operational capability and effectiveness of the law agencies, which may take action. But it is certainly the case that, when an organisation is proscribed, it allows us to bring the full force of those agencies to bear on the threat posed by the proscribed organisation and the individuals within it. Within that, I would expect measures to make sure that any use of the internet for what is a kind of grooming is restricted or, I would hope, stopped completely, along with other measures. But I will leave that up to the security services and the police, as that will get the best effect, and it would be wrong of me to speculate further about what they may or may not do.

      Although I cannot comment on the specific intelligence behind the decision to proscribe, I can provide the House with a summary of the group’s activities. National Action is a racist neo-Nazi group that was established in 2013. It has a number of branches across the United Kingdom, and conducts threatening street demonstrations and activities aimed at intimidating local communities. Its activities and propaganda materials are particularly aimed at recruiting young people. National Action’s ideology promotes the idea that Britain will inevitably see a violent race war, which the group claims to be an active part of.

      The group rejects democracy, is hostile to the British state and seeks to divide society by implicitly endorsing violence against ethnic minorities and perceived race traitors. National Action has links to other extreme right-wing groups abroad, including in Europe. In May 2016, National Action members attended the Buchenwald concentration camp, where they made Nazi salutes and posted images online.

      The Government’s counter-extremism strategy challenges extremism in all its form. Alongside the strategy, our Prevent work will continue to monitor whether extremist groups have crossed into terrorism. The group is relatively small and has been in operation in the UK for only a few years, but the impact of its activities has been felt in a number of United Kingdom communities.

    • In the evidence presented to the Home Secretary by the agencies before the decision was made to proscribe the group, was there any evidence of any links with other organisations in different parts of Europe? We have seen that far right groups tend not to operate in only one country.

    • Will my hon. Friend tell the House whether any other groups similar to this particularly unpleasant group are near to having the same sort of decision made about them by the Government?

    • There are obviously other groups out there promoting hate. We keep under them review where they wander close to terrorism, and I would come straight back to this House should we gather the evidence or intelligence that meant we must do so. As I have said, other European far right groups are active in the United Kingdom, either at other people’s rallies or through having a presence among their ethnic grouping here—the Polish far right, for example, would be active in the United Kingdom or have a branch.

      Since early 2016, National Action has become more active, and its activities and propaganda material have crossed the threshold from extremism into terrorism. Its online propaganda material, disseminated via social media, frequently features extremely violent imagery and language, and condones and glorifies those who have used extreme violence for political or ideological ends. This includes two tweets posted in 2016 in connection with the murder of our friend Jo Cox, which the prosecutor described as a terrorist act. One stated:

      “Only 649 MPs to go”.

      Another, containing a photo of Thomas Mair, reads:

      “don’t let this man’s sacrifice go in vain. #Jo Cox would have filled Yorkshire with more subhumans!”

      The group also disseminated an image doctored to condone and celebrate the terrorist attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando and another depicting a police officer’s throat being slit. People might have become aware of these messages who could reasonably have been expected to infer that these acts should be emulated, and therefore such propaganda amounts to the unlawful glorification of terrorism. The Orlando massacre was an atrocity in which 49 people lost their lives. Jo Cox’s murder was a tragedy, familiar to us all, and closer to home. Both are examples of attacks committed for the purpose of advancing a political, religious, racial or ideological cause, and both were terrorist attacks. If we allow such events to be celebrated and encouraged, we live with the risk that they will be repeated.

      Our strategy to combat terrorism looks at the full spectrum of activity, and that includes ensuring that groups that unlawfully glorify horrific terrorist acts are prevented from continuing to stir up hatred and encourage violence. It is right that we add National Action to the list of proscribed organisations in schedule 2 to the Terrorism Act 2000. Subject to the agreement of the House and the other place, the order will come into force on Friday 16 December.

    • The Opposition welcome this order proscribing the new Nazi group National Action and give it our full support. We have heard from the Minister and others on both sides of the House about some of its appalling actions and propaganda, whether Nazi salutes in Liverpool or online communications glorifying the killing of our late colleague Jo Cox.

      Terrorism has become the scourge of society, but we cannot give an inch to this plague of our time. Our swift action in proscribing this far-right group will provide some reassurance to all parts of the community in these increasingly difficult and unstable times. This week, I visited the Metropolitan police’s counter-terrorism unit and saw at first hand the difficult work it does to detect terror threats. It was clear that in an increasingly digital age, ideology has become more extreme and more pervasive, and that digital technology is the key recruitment tool for terrorism. We can only imagine the effect it can have on some impressionable young people sitting in their bedrooms and seeing the online propaganda put out by such groups. That is why proscription is so important.

      Because of the advances in technology and the changes in our media, specifically social media, terrorist ideology has become a cancer. We need to remain vigilant, faster, smarter and swifter in dealing with the threat. It is completely right, therefore, that we take this action. As we look forward to 2017, the major threats we face are asymmetric—a couple of young men in their bedroom can wreak terror in their community—international and deadly, and they are so rapidly changing that we could not in the House have foreseen them a decade ago. This far-right group is a genuine threat to our domestic security, and Parliament’s legislation must reflect the urgency and complexity of the situation.

    • We in the SNP support this organisation’s being added to the proscribed list. I struggle to say its name in the House, for risk of glorifying it, so I will refer to it as NA. Issues of national security are of course reserved to this place, but there has been close co-operation between the Scottish Government and the UK Government, and that will continue. It is our desire in Scotland, as much as in the rest of the UK, to do everything possible to meet the threat of terrorism.

      On the basis of the tweets alone about our departed and much loved colleague Jo Cox, which will have disgusted anybody with a sense of reasonable objectivity, as well as the appalling words it put out about the terrible attack in Orlando, we have no hesitation in backing the Government’s call to add this organisation to the proscribed list. Of courses, all additions to the proscribed list must be necessary and proportionate. We must always have those two criteria and qualifications in mind, and we believe it is abundantly clear that they are met in this case.

      We came to the House a couple of months ago to add another four or five organisations to the proscribed list, which was successfully done with our support. When we debated that statutory instrument, the right hon. Member for Leigh (Andy Burnham), who is not in his place today, and I called on the then Minister, the right hon. Member for South Holland and The Deepings (Mr Hayes), to contact the British Broadcasting Corporation to see whether it would desist from using the phrases “so-called Islamic State” and “Islamic State” when referring to the organisation that the Government now rightly call Daesh. The Minister gave clear commitments to contact the BBC and make those representations, but I must admit that in my very occasional watching of BBC News, I have noticed that the phrase continues to be used, perhaps more than ever. I therefore respectfully ask the Minister today, for whom I have great respect, whether he will take that suggestion away, perhaps talk to the previous incumbent, and contact the BBC so that it stops using this awful phrase, which frankly gives legitimacy to an organisation that is neither Islamic nor a state.

    • I along with others in the House completely support the Minister’s decision to proscribe this organisation. Ministers obviously have important and sensitive information that they are unwilling to share with the House on such occasions, but the Minister has gone a long way to reassure the House that the information he has is more than sufficient to take the action he is proposing today.

      National Action will be the first extreme right-wing organisation to be banned, which is a very welcome step. We certainly need to be very strong in dealing with right-wing extremism and we need to be very concerned about it. I raised the issue of what was happening in Europe. The world can never forget the 77 victims of Anders Breivik in 2011. The Minister mentioned the words of the organisation in question when it praised the killer of our colleague Jo Cox. My hon. Friend the Member for Liverpool, Wavertree Luciana Berger was right to remind us of what the Home Secretary said only this week: that this group has no place in our country.

      The shadow Home Secretary—for whom I have enormous respect and who has campaigned all her political life against right-wing extremism and extremism of any kind—has visited the counter-terrorism unit, as she said. I am sure she will join me and the rest of the House in praising those who are part of that unit, who day after day, day and night, work so hard to keep us safe. Under the incredible leadership of Mark Rowley, they ensure that many of the plots that we do not know about are dealt with and prevented before they come to fruition. Mark Rowley has recognised that increasing numbers in the United Kingdom are “gravitating towards extremism” and has talked about 60 to 70 cases each month. This is a very large figure indeed.

      It is important to recognise what has happened since the referendum this year. The number of hate crimes, especially against Polish and other eastern European citizens, has increased by 41% since 2015.

    • I note what my right hon. Friend has said about the number of people of concern. Does he share my concern that the latest figures from Prevent show that around 300 young people under the age of 18 have been identified as posing a threat of extremism from the far right? That figure should concern us all and should embolden the Home Office to do even more to ensure that the next generation embraces equality, not division.

    • I am astonished at those figures, but I think they are witness to what the shadow Home Secretary has said about access to the internet and social media. Individuals who may be very young could be operating from their homes, involving themselves in this kind of hatred. It is very easy to disseminate hatred, as my hon. Friend will know—she has been one of the victims in this House of hatred coming from social media and the internet. She has behaved with absolute dignity in the face of it. She is right to raise these figures. These are issues of enormous concern. The younger the people who get involved in these activities, the more difficult it becomes to turn them around once they become ingrained with them. There has also been a spike in anti-Semitic incidents across the country—11% higher than last year. We should thank the police and the counter-terrorism unit for the work they do in trying to combat this.

      Oddly, just before this particular debate, the House unanimously endorsed without any debate the Government’s decision to opt into Europol—one of the very few organisations in Europe that we are joining at the same time as we are leaving the rest of the EU. Europol has an extremely important role to play in ensuring that we combat far-right extremism and extremism in general all over Europe. It has an amazing head in Rob Wainwright, who is a Brit, and it is able, through the capacity that we have helped to build as part of Europol, to ensure that we deal with these organisations.

      I end by asking the Minister the question I asked a little earlier, as I think he may have misunderstood it. I asked how many organisations had been de-proscribed since July. I think the People’s Mujaheddin were de-proscribed several years ago—not since July. The Minister is right to prescribe that we should keep on monitoring the de-proscription process. On numerous occasions when these orders have been discussed, I have raised the situation of the LTTE—Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam—and my Tamil constituents, who still feel stigmatised by the fact that the LTTE is banned, even though it no longer exists. We need to be very aware of the need to look at the issue of de-proscription and keep it under review, while of course welcoming what the Minister has done.

      The independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, David Anderson, had made it very clear that he thinks there should be a time limit. In the case of this particular organisation, I think we are all agreed that the Minister has come to this House and made a powerful case. The House will speak with one voice in supporting what he has done absolutely. We look forward to this organisation being monitored very carefully indeed, so that none of its evil tentacles are passed on to other organisations, perhaps bearing a different name, but with the same personnel involved, who will seek to poison and destroy the minds of the people of this country.

    • I am very pleased that we are having this debate today, but I am surprised and a little disappointed that we did not have it earlier. In the wake of Jo’s murder, the entire media coverage was dominated by issues about Thomas Mair’s mental health and the idea that he was a lone wolf. It was exactly the same after the atrocities committed by Anders Breivik. We should compare and contrast that with when Muslims commit terrorist atrocities, and the entire public discourse is about the ideology that motivated them to commit those horrendous crimes. There are demands for Muslim leaders to condemn and apologise on their behalf. Yet here we are, six months after Jo’s murder, and only now are we debating the extremist perverted ideology that inspired Thomas Mair to commit his horrific crime.

    • It was felt that bringing this proscription forward earlier could have jeopardised a fair trial. To avoid undermining the trial of Jo Cox’s murderer, it was best to delay to ensure that the trial was completed, given the murderer’s link to far-right groups and far-right ideology.

    • I am grateful to the Minister for that intervention. I was by no means criticising the Government when I mentioned the delay in bringing the proscription forward; my comment was more about the media’s treatment of this atrocity and the general public discourse. I wholeheartedly support the Government’s intention today and welcome the proscription of National Action. It is clearly a terrorist organisation, and I note that it changed its slogan in the wake of Jo’s murder to “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain!”, in the light of Thomas Mair’s plea hearing.

      I also want to take this opportunity to call on the Government to give time to debate the proscription of Britain First. I called for such a debate last month. I did not call for Britain First’s proscription; I just called for the House to be given evidence and to look at the details of the group’s paramilitary activity and anti-democratic behaviour. As a result of that and of how the media covered my call, I have received very explicit death threats. I have been called a traitor and a Muslim-lover. On Friday, an individual went through every one of my YouTube videos and said he would not rest until I was murdered. If that is not evidence that Britain First should be proscribed as a terrorist organisation, I am not sure what is. I hope that the Minister will consider seeking time in the House to debate just that.

    • It is important that the hon. Member for Sheffield, Heeley (Louise Haigh) knows that everyone in the House stands with her. The Minister will say that at the end, but it is important that hon. Lady knows that we stand shoulder to shoulder with her.

      I come from Northern Ireland, where we have great knowledge and understanding of the Terrorism Act 2000. I thank the Minister for his work in proscribing membership of National Action, which has been labelled by the media as a neo-Nazi group. Members of what is commonly known as a racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic group will now understand that it is illegal to be a part of it and will have to question why it has been made illegal.

      I agree with the Minister’s decision to ensure that the group is proscribed and see it as a cog in the wheels of ensuring that while people are entitled to their own politics such opinions are viewed as warped and can never and should never be expressed in the way this group has expressed them thus far. The vile way in which the murder of our colleague Jo Cox was touted by the group says a lot about its warped, demented ideology.

      Without disclosing anything that he should not disclose, will the Minister tell us what is being done to monitor other far-right groups that skirt the limits of the law but are close to stepping over the line and working towards evil ends?

      I caution Members that proscribing an organisation unfortunately does not signify the end of the group. I only wish that it did, because it would be a great day for everyone in this House and further afield. Dissident Republican groups have been proscribed for many years, yet there were 52 bomb attacks in Northern Ireland in 2015-16—the highest in years—so the fears are real. Only this week, I raised that matter at the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee and asked representatives from the Police Service of Northern Ireland about the relationship that dissident Republicans have with international terrorism in the middle east and north Africa, which are awash with explosives and guns. Dissident Republicans have access to Semtex and the threat to mainland GB is serious, so that needs urgent attention. It is wonderful that the Minister has stated that this behaviour will not be tolerated, but the Home Office must make available the resources that put the teeth into this legislation—counter-terrorism-trained officers who can gather intelligence and do the business to keep us safe in this House and our constituents safe across the whole of this great nation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, not simply from this group, but the other 70 groups that have been proscribed under this Act and the further 14 groups that were proscribed before the enactment of legislation in Northern Ireland. This is a watch list of the lowest of the low and those who threaten the very democratic process that we are privileged to be part of. The Police Service of Northern Ireland and the police service in Great Britain must have the resources to contain the threat that exists, making it necessary to proscribe these organisations.

      I very much welcome the Minister’s statement here tonight, but I also encourage a greater allocation of resources to deal with the threat, and to keep people safe and able to carry on with their lives—we have a responsibility in this House to ensure that.

  • I am grateful for the support of the Scottish National party, and I can confirm that my predecessor did indeed get in touch with the BBC. I also say to the hon. Member for Dumfries and Galloway (Richard Arkless) something that may frustrate us from time to time: the BBC is editorially independent. We both need to continue to press the case on the point he makes; the media have to very careful with language in all these areas.

    The hon. Member for Sheffield, Heeley (Louise Haigh) rightly made the point that the media have a strong role to play. We did not take our eye off the far right. We have been making sure we watch where these people go, and when they cross from hate speech into extolling terrorism. We have all been involved. The Prevent programme has involved a considerable number of referrals of people on the far right, but the media have for a long time chosen to focus on one section of society, sometimes too much so and at the expense of others.

    The lesson from this, as I see when I go out and about around the country, is: if you do not think this applies to your area, think again. People are being radicalised and groomed, perhaps in their bedrooms, on the internet, and this knows no boundaries, be it class, background, race or religion. The ability for the internet to radicalise people and for those behind this to manipulate the internet to do that is incredible. Tragically, in today’s society we are going to have to deal with more of that, not less. I go to local authorities that clearly do not think this applies to them, but I am afraid I know that it does.

    What we have seen with the far right is that there are parts of this country where it is successfully recruiting people and they are part of that Prevent programme. The good news is what can happen when they are into that programme. The hon. Member for Liverpool, Wavertree Luciana Berger mentioned the Channel referrals. I spoke to someone in the north of England recently who had referred a 15-year-old to that programme for the far right, and that child is now back in mainstream education, has gone on to further education and has built a future for himself. Prevent is there to help; it is there not only to prevent people from being radicalised into extremism and terrorism, but to make sure that people are given help and support.

    The points the right hon. Member for Leicester East (Keith Vaz) made about the internet are absolutely right. We use the counter-terrorism internet referral unit to work with internet providers to remove material as it comes online, and since 2010 they have removed 220,000 pieces of terrorist-related material online. That work is ongoing and constant, and we must make sure we do it.

    The hon. Member for Strangford (Jim Shannon) does not need lessons from me on Northern Ireland-related terrorism, as the people involved have not gone away and it is still an active problem that we are trying to deal with. I am afraid that they have moved with the times and used many of the smooth, slick recruitment materials that we see across the board.

    I am grateful to the House for its support. We should also take this opportunity to remember that some people will not be celebrating Christmas this year. Some of our security services and police will be on duty keeping us safe while we are having our breaks at home. They will be making sure that hon. Members in this House who are under threat and the wider public are protected. I want to place it on the record that we greatly appreciate the work that they do. They are not allowed to shout about it. They get almost no recognition in public. I know from the job that I do how important they are to keeping us safe. Proscription is one of the measures that we can give them to tackle the threat.

    Proscription is not targeted at any particular faith, social group or ideological motivation. It is based on clear evidence that an organisation is involved in terrorism. It is my firm opinion and that of the Home Secretary that, on the basis of available evidence, National Action has promoted and encouraged acts of terrorism. This includes the unlawful glorification of the murder of Jo Cox, committed by Thomas Mair, and the unlawful glorification of the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. It is therefore appropriate for the Home Secretary to exercise her discretion to proscribe this group. The proscription of this group demonstrates our condemnation of its activities. Proscribing it will also enable the police to carry out disruptive action and ensure that it cannot operate here. It will prevent National Action’s membership growing, or help to stop those who might be vulnerable to radicalisation and possibly at risk of emulating terrorist attacks. Being drawn into the group’s extreme and distorted ideology is what we are trying to stop. Therefore, I commend this order to the House.

    Question put and agreed to.


15 December 2016
Volume 777

Motion to Approve

5.06 pm

Moved by

    • That the draft Order laid before the House on 12 December be approved.

    • My Lords, the threat level in the UK, which is set by the independent Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, remains at “severe”. This means that a terrorist attack in our country is highly likely and could occur without warning.

      We can never entirely eliminate the threat from terrorism, but we are determined to do all we can to minimise it. Proscription is an important part of the Government’s strategy to disrupt the full range of terrorist activities. The group that we now propose to add to the list of terrorist organisations, amending Schedule 2 to the Terrorism Act 2000, is National Action. This is the 21st order under Section 3(3)(a) of that Act. This is the first time we have laid an order for a right-wing group. Proscribing this neo-Nazi group sends a strong message that we will not tolerate terrorist activity here, regardless of what motivates it.

      As noble Lords will appreciate, I am unable to comment on specific intelligence. However, I can provide a brief summary of the group’s activities. National Action is a racist, neo-Nazi group that was established in 2013. It has a number of branches across the UK, which conduct threatening street demonstrations and activities aimed at intimidating local communities. Its activities and propaganda materials are aimed particularly at recruiting young people.

      National Action’s ideology promotes the idea that Britain will inevitably see a violent “race war”, which the group claims it will be an active part of. The group rejects democracy, is hostile to the British state and seeks to divide society by implicitly endorsing violence against ethnic minorities and perceived “race traitors”. National Action has links to other extreme right-wing groups abroad, including in Europe. In May 2016, National Action members attended Buchenwald concentration camp, where they carried out Nazi salutes and posted images of this online.

      The Government’s counter-extremism strategy challenges extremism in all its forms. Alongside this and our Prevent work, we will continue to monitor whether extremist groups have crossed into terrorism.

      This is a relatively small group which has only been in operation in the UK for a few years, but the impact of its activities has been felt in a number of UK communities. Since early 2016, the group has become more active and its activities and propaganda material have crossed the threshold from extremism into terrorism. National Action’s online propaganda material, disseminated via social media, frequently features extremely violent imagery and language. It condones and glorifies those who have used extreme violence for political or ideological ends. This includes two tweets posted by the group in 2016 in connection with the murder of Jo Cox, which the prosecutor described as a terrorist act. One states, “Only 649 MPs to go”. Another contains a photo of Thomas Mair with the caption, “Don’t let this man’s sacrifice go in vain. Jo Cox would have filled Yorkshire with more subhumans!”. The group has also disseminated an image which was doctored to condone and celebrate the terrorist attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in which 49 people lost their lives, and another depicting a police officer’s throat being slit.

      There are people who may have become aware of these messages who could reasonably be expected to infer that these acts should be emulated; therefore, such propaganda amounts to the unlawful glorification of terrorism. Section 3 of the Terrorism Act 2000 provides a power for the Home Secretary to proscribe an organisation if she believes it is currently concerned in terrorism. If the statutory test is met, the Home Secretary may exercise her discretion to proscribe the organisation. In considering whether to exercise this discretion, the Home Secretary takes a number of factors into account, including the nature and scale of an organisation’s activities and the need to support other members of the international community in tackling terrorism.

      Proscription in effect outlaws a listed organisation and makes it unable to operate in the UK. Proscription can also support other disruptive activity, including prosecutions for other offences, and acts to support strong messaging to deter fundraising and recruitment. Additionally, assets of a proscribed group are liable to seizure as terrorist assets. The Home Secretary exercises her power to proscribe only after a thorough review of the available relevant information and evidence on an organisation. This includes open-source material, intelligence material and advice that reflects consultation across government, including with the intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The cross-government proscription review group supports the Home Secretary in this decision-making process. A decision to proscribe is taken only after great care and consideration of the particular case, and it is appropriate that it must be approved by both Houses.

      Proscription of this group will prevent its membership growing and help to prevent individuals who might be vulnerable to radicalisation, and possibly at risk of emulating the terrorist attacks that National Action glorifies, being drawn into the group’s extreme ideology. I beg to move.

    • My Lords, I think the Government are doing the right thing with this organisation and the House will be grateful to the noble Baroness for having set out in some detail why action is necessary. I have just one question. The noble Baroness rightly said that if an organisation of this kind is proscribed it is possible to seize its funds, but I take it that any organisation that knows it is going to be proscribed would takes its funds out of the jurisdiction, or otherwise distribute them so as to put them beyond reach. Has it been possible in this case, and would it normally be the Government’s practice, to freeze these funds in some way before the announcement of the proscription?

    • I thank the noble Baroness for her explanation of the purpose of the order. The order was, as I understand it, agreed by the Commons yesterday and we hope that it will be agreed in your Lordships’ House this afternoon. We welcome and support the order. As the noble Baroness said, it amends Schedule 2 to the Terrorism Act 2000 by adding the neo-Nazi National Action to the list of proscribed organisations concerned in terrorism. The Minister also set out the provisions of the relevant parts of the 2000 Act, as well as the relevant part of the 2006 Act, which amended Section 3 of the 2000 Act. I do not intend to repeat those provisions.

      5.15 pm

      As has already been said, National Action is a racist, neo-Nazi group. It was established some three years ago and is virulently racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic. Its online propaganda material, which it puts out through social media, frequently features extreme violent imagery and language. It condones and glorifies those who have used extreme violence for political or ideological ends. As the Minister said, this has included tweets posted by the group in 2016 in connection with the murder of Jo Cox MP, which the prosecutor described as a terrorist act.

      I would like to ask just two questions, although I want to make it clear that we welcome and support the order. First, how easy or otherwise will it be for this organisation to get round the order? Can it do that simply by renaming itself or setting up another organisation, which may not be all that difficult? Is it more complicated for an organisation in this position to get around the order which we hope will be made this evening? Secondly, are there any other right-wing organisations—I stress, without naming them—of similar views, means of operation and objectives to National Action in the sights of the Government for adding at some future stage to the list of proscribed organisations?

    • My Lords, I too thank the Minister for her careful explanation. I will not oppose the order, but this is a moment for reminding ourselves of the distinction between distasteful and, in a non-technical sense, offensive speech and the promotion of terrorism and other actions which are the criteria for proscription. In that connection, I would like to remind myself and the House of the importance of freedom of speech.

      The Minister described some of the activities of National Action. I have read of its advocacy that, when it assumes power, those who promote liberal values, tolerance and multiculturalism will be “in the chambers”. She referred to photographs taken in what had been gas chambers. It has used the phrase “Hitler was right”; it is quite clear what it means by “the chambers”. When one of its members was jailed for a series of anti-Semitic tweets against the Member for Liverpool Wavertree, National Action led a campaign to have him freed. It clearly supports violence to achieve its political goals and has gone well beyond the bounds of free speech, into advocating violence and engaging in acts to “compel, coerce or undermine” the Government, which is engaging in terrorism.

      However, that is a stronger definition of terrorism than in the current legislation. This definition was first advocated by my noble friend Lord Carlile of Berriew in 2008, when he was the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation. It was supported by David Anderson, the current reviewer, in 2014. National Action clearly falls within both the legal and recommended definitions of a terrorist organisation, but I wonder whether the Minister has anything in her brief about these recommendations. David Anderson also recommended that proscription should be for a limited period and subject to renewal. I would be grateful if the Minister could say whether this order is time-limited or in some way subject to review.

      As the Minister said, this is the first order against a right-wing organisation that advocates terrorism. I understand—I think these figures are from the National Police Chiefs’ Council—that the number of far-right referrals to the Prevent programme increased from 323 in 2014-15 to 561 the following year, which must be the most recent year for which we have figures. Does the Minister have any comments on that?

      These Benches support freedom of speech and this proscription, and it has occurred to me, listening to this debate, that an organisation such as this infringes the right of free speech for the rest of us.

    • On how easy it is to get round the order if an organisation is renamed or a new organisation is set up, if organisations change their name, they remain proscribed. We can, of course, also lay a name change order to clarify that they remain proscribed. We most certainly keep extreme right-wing groups under review, as we would with any other type of proscribed organisation, but we do not routinely comment on whether an organisation is under consideration. I hope that answers noble Lords’ questions. I thank noble Lords for their comments.

Motion agreed.

What is incredibly clear from this circus, is that while the faults of the traitorous British government and its crimes against its own people are plain as day for all to see for themselves in their daily lives, the supposed evidence of National Action’s “terrorist activities” amounts to nothing more than a couple of tweets and a few memes. This lack of evidence is being covered for by excuses as to how supposed “sensitive information” on NA’s actions cannot be revealed to members of either Houses!

“This bit really convinced me of the need to ban NA. What is the ZOG hiding? Did NA plan to nuke London? Or are they just unwilling to crash the value of the ultra rare Mair Pepe that started this whole thing? Only Alex Jones can solve this.”

This baseless and absurd ban imposed on National Action is clear evidence of the System shills being scared out of their wits, as they realize that they are the only guilty party in the equation. Expulsion of traitors such as them is not unlawful, let alone terrorist activity, but the duty of the native British population, which could find itself authentic leadership in National Action.
We are certain that this ban will not stop our comrades from carrying on the Struggle in ways that will not violate the ban, exposing it for the mockery that it is. However, in anticipation of the ban, National Action has disbanded before the motion was finalized in both Houses of Parliament, with Benjamin Raymond releasing an official statement as to this fact.
We’d like to reiterate our full support for our comrades in National Action and hope that they will challenge this unlawful ban in court.


Cover by SKYDAS
Cover by SKYDAS

Up until 2008 there wasn’t a real nationalist scene in Lithuania apart from some small groups, however in 2008 the country experienced a “Big Bang” of radical nationalism. The build up of fascists, skinheads and nationalists erupted and marched through the streets (which later resulted in a lot of targeting by the police). Until 2013 nationalism was on the rise with LTJS (Lithuanian nationalist youth union) at the forefront. After that everything seemed to go downhill, Lithuania turned out to be a small country with high surveillance, vicious liberal media and Israeli funded ‘nazi watch‘. There were of course groups like Blood and Honor Lithuania, which, apparently, did not last long. At present the LTJS is a legal front for nationalism, but according to our comrades it is falling apart, crumbling from the inside, so to speak, due to poor leadership and administration. As it is trying to stay in the shade of legality, it can’t show its true nature and ambitions. Enter SKYDAS.

Featuring Benjamin Raymond of National Action, bottom row, second from the left.
Featuring Benjamin Raymond of National Action, bottom row, second from the left.

Apart from SKYDAS and LTJS there are no other nationalist movements. The need for an all out fascist movement was distinctly felt in many hearts of nationalists, which led to two groups of people separately planning to create a new movement. It just so happened that one member of one group befriended the people from the other group and from that day on the two bands came together as the founding members of what we now know as Skydas. During their first ventures there was no decided name or symbolism, but a common revolutionary fire was blazing in their hearts. National Action played a big role in inspiring Skydas, as well as Generation Identitaire, Nordic Resistance and Casapound. The very idea of Skydas is a manifestation of Gabrielle D‘Annunzio‘s and Yukio Mishima‘s legacy – their ideals, symbolism, artwork can be seen in our works. We took our name after the late author’s Yukio Mishima’s militia Tatenokai (Shield Society). Speaking of inspiration, Skydas passionately acknowledge that throughout history fascism was, is and must be always tied to art, which is also a big part of their activity. The founding members are some anonymous kids, students and graduates stuck in dead end office jobs.

Below is our exclusive interview with SKYDAS. We urge everyone to check out their youtube channel for some epic nazi retrowave stylings.

Did you start out creating Skydas already knowing what you want this group to be or did it experience some changes as it developed?

We knew what our goals were and how we wanted to look like from the very beginning. Keeping the current political and social status quo in Lithuania and Europe as a whole would harm the very idea of Skydas, which is why we wanted to present people with something they have never seen before. That is why we strive to be like a living organism, always growing, not too fanatical or dogmatic. Most changes occur as we study political doctrines, philosophy and history in our circle.

What are the founding principles of Skydas and what is your overall plan of action in Lithuania?

The main goal is to establish a visible counter-culture for the youth. Freeing ourselves from all contemporary sub-cultures and uniting all youth under one idea. The idea of Fascism. For some time to come this means simply informing the youth that alternatives to the current social and political reality exist, providing alternative information sources, a space for people to discuss ideas that are officially taboo. We hope that in doing so we will help to bring up a generation that is much less likely to fall for liberal and leftist brainwashing. For now – the honest support us, the heroic join us.

What kind of activism do you do?

Our activism is mostly info warfare. Teaching kids the basics of politics and philosophy. We hold discussions, write articles, make informative videos. Currently stickering is getting us a lot of attention too. We did have some demonstrations with provocative banners, but since we hope to keep Skydas a semi-secret organisation, demos will not be a very important in our course of action. It‘s always a good idea to demonstrate what kind of activities we do, that is why we take videomaking and quality of our content very seriously. Another very important part of activism is creating humour. Internet memes are not for killing time, they are a new form of informative medium that we hope to use to its full extent.

You’ve taken up a very particular style, could you tell us about its role?

At the current state of affairs, our style is the backbone of what we are. Someone on the internet called us post-ironic meta-neo-fascists, and that sounds pretty great and goes according to our plan, to be exact – to provoke and create confusion to attract people that never had anything to do with subcultures like skinheads or metalheads, people that used to think nationalism/fascism/national-socialism is an excuse for degenerate people to gather and do degenerate things. We believe that it is a duty of every nationalist around the world to do what they can to change the image of nationalism. Now instead of associating nationalism with alcohol and beating people up the youth are bound to associate it with internet memes and aesthetic imagery.
It's called A E S T H E T I C S
It’s called A E S T H E T I C S

Does Skydas appear to be something novel on the Lithuanian nationalist scene? What was the reaction of the public so far to your appearance? What about the other nationalist groups and the police/government?

Yes. We came in like a storm to the Lithuanian nationalist scene. The nationalist and right wing groups were shocked. Getting such a reaction only proved that we are on the right path. At the moment the public barely knows about our existence, because we didn‘t receive substantial media coverage and for the time being this might be an issue. On the other hand we are always monitored by commie bastards, vatniks as they are known in this part of Europe. They already accused us of being a CIA financed lithuanian version of Maidan, counter-intelligence honeypot and so on. Speaking about other nationalist groups – we are doing everything to avoid conflicts and do not wish to be seen as competition.

How big is Skydas at the moment? Do you have multiple chapters across Lithuania or are you localized?

We have people all across Lithuania and with every video released we get new recruits asking to join our ranks. Membership is a few dozen at the moment.

Benjamin Raymond of National Action has actually met up with your group, how did that go?

Benjamin Raymond was the one who inspired us to create SKYDAS in the first place. Some founding members already know him for over two years, having met him on imageboard circles. The meeting here in Lithuania went great, with support from National Action we knew that we will do our part in contributing to the Fascist Spring that is going to start blooming across Lithuania and Europe very soon.

What is the relationship between NA and Skydas?

Relations between NA and Skydas are mutually inspirational, we are giving each other ideas for activism and visual imagery. We are constantly receiving tips for strategies of development, as NA is older and has much more experience. We try to keep close contact with our brothers in arms.

What kind of news can we expect Skydas to become associated with once you break the media barrier?

I think that once we break the media barrier, we will become the main boogeyman. But given some time, we just might succeed in changing the perspective of how the young people see Fascism and it will be a major victory for us all. Of course that would mean facing our enemies in a full-scale media war, but that is why we are starting small, to be prepared for fights to come.

Many people find it hard to actually start up an actual group and get going. Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers and fascists worldwide that could prove useful?

Revolution begins inside an individual‘s mind. Starting activism all alone requires courage, but our generation has an unique ability to organize online. We advise the readers to do just that. From imageboards to online games, one might find restless kids wishing to do something about the awful social reality anywhere. A Facebook meme page or a Youtube parody channel might prove to be the foundation of a successful organisation. One only has to learn to trust people, forgive their mistakes and act as a team. And never lose hope! “Der Sieg Wird Unser Sein!” (Victory will be ours!)



On the 30th of January, the biggest annual Greek Nationalist gathering occurred at the center of Athens, that of the Imia crisis 20th anniversary. Although the leftist regime of Tsipras and his cultural Marxist buddies tried to stop us with legal (and illegal) means, we passed and did the march as planned.

But let’s get to the story:

Things were tense and fiery two weeks before the gathering. The antifa scum announced a counter-demo (as they always do) at the original meeting place at Vasilissis Sofias Avenue near the Parliament. It seems they didn’t get the message of 2008, when the AFA scum tried to pull a number and got their asses kicked, revealing themselves to be complete cucks to their overlords – and ours since they gave us a glorious victory on the streets, an event to be remembered for years to come!

After all, as the events unfolded this year, they proved themselves as dumb as hell since they didn’t uphold the wishes of their masters and ended up looking faggier than ever, as  The System didn’t even let them have an “honorable” defeat!

Days passed, and on Thursday comes the word that 50 anarkiddies jumped some Germans at Monastiraki square. Five of them were hospitalized. It should be added that the cops didn’t arrest anyone.

The next day, and in fear of reciprocation the cops announced that no gatherings will occur at the designated area of the Imia monument from 06.00 to 24.00. The System thought that we would be some sort of cucks that would fall for that petty trap, and we would decide to call it off. But no. The event had to occur no matter what. We left things in the air that the whole thing is off so as to put the antifascists off guard and in the next morning we announced that the event will be held at GD headquarters at Mesogeion at the designated hours.

A good number of our guys arrived some hours prior, guarding the place and gradually more people started coming. Not only Greek people, but European delegations of comrades as well. At around 19.00 the event began with the cycles of speakers. The first speaker denounced the regime tactics and introduced the next speakers, comrade Karakostas MP of Voiotia made a fiery speech condemning the democratic regime of Greece, it’s exploitation of the blood of fallen heroes and it’s crimes against the Nation. Next, on behalf of the Greek soldiers, a comrade made a moving speech about heroism, self-sacrifice and faith in Race and Nation. After that, there was the speech of the president of the ELAM movement, denouncing the crimes of the regime against all Greeks and especially our Cypriot brethren.

Next, comrade Germenis spoke out against the antifa scum and pointed out what kind of mercenaries they are for the Greek anti-national establishment. After that, comrade Lagos made a salute to every Golden Dawn man and woman, that endured and ignored the terrorist intimidation of the state and was there for the struggle. Next, MP Christos Pappas took turns and pointed that this event is not just a memorial but a Rite of Memory and an Oath to Fallen Heroes of the Nation for the Struggle to keep on.

Although the most moving instance was the speech of comrade Alexandros Gerontas, the Movement Hero, survivor of the 2013 murders of our brothers Giorgos Fountoulis and Manos Kapelonis, who after having been shot and battling death itself, emerged victorious, stronger and more determined than ever. His message was simple clear: Keep the Banners High, we Never Retreat, we Never Surrender and the Struggle goes on, as Fighters and Heroes commence it.

The cycle of speeches ended with the speech of Golden Dawn Leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos. After two years of absence, due to the unlawful persecutions by the state, he returned, a symbol of new and more fierce struggles to come. In his speech he recalled past Imia memorial days, from 1996 to the landmark year of Golden Dawn’s history, 2013 when the masses attending that Imia memorial had scared the System, resulting in the persecutions that would occur later that year. But instead of stopping us, it made us a lot stronger and more determined. The national subversive policies of the establishment were also mentioned, namely how the don’t only harm our national interests, but moreover pursue the degeneration and de-nationalization of our Fatherland.

But the most intense moment of this holy rite was the Call of our Dead. The drums echoed the message of a new future that is to come, a future that holds in itself all the weight of our ancestral path, to dispel the darkness and give again the light of Victory and Regeneration. The torches were lit, that eternal symbol of the souls of our martyrs and heroes. It’s one of those moments when time stands still, past and present becomes one and our glorious dead can be felt among us, equipping us with an iron will and powerful determination. In the announcement of our dead heroes names, a strong and loud “PRESENT” filled the skies, from the rough voices of Nationalists.

The rite ended with the people at attention singing the National Anthem and the Hymn of the Movement, and then the march began towards the Ministry of Defense. Loud slogans, against the state and it’s lackeys and towards anyone who wants to destroy the National cause, and a message to every traitor and enemy that Nationalists won’t give an inch of space to their enemies and will never stop fighting until the Final Victory.  The march stopped at the Ministry, where a minute of silence for our dead was held. Overall it was a successful and loud event full of intensity, the kind that makes one’s enemies shake with fear and fills with hope our silent patriotic brethren across the Motherland and beyond it’s boundaries.  A call for a strong Fatherland and the emancipation not only of Greece but the whole of Europe from their anti-national and anti-cultural enemies!!

What was the impact of these events on our enemies? They could not handle the fact that they got cucked really hard despite all their terror tactics and outright prohibitions they just couldn’t thwart us and prevent us from holding a good and successful event, thus they attempted to strike back the next day crying about “hate speech” that was heard during the event and witnessing “nazi salutes” when there was just a simple greeting gesture to the crowd. With all these shenanigans they make it really hard for any smart person in the country to take them seriously anymore since they themselves constantly undermine their reliability in the eyes of the people. Talk about self-defeatism and degenerate weakness at it’s finest. As for the anarkiddies, they just happened to play “revolution” at Propylaia, 5 miles away from the gathering, with police monitoring them as they tried to “smash fascism” by looking for any bystander that might be a potential nationalist. They didn’t find anyone and after all these days of empty threats they looked like complete faggots since they failed to make good on their promises. We can at least hope that they managed to find some warmth in the embrace of their paki and nigger lovers.

All in all it was a victorious day for us and a day of loss and lamentations for our enemies.

Remember folks, We are Strength, they are Weakness. And where Strength marches, Weakness provokes. Strength must ignore Weakness and march on ahead to it’s Destiny. But when provoked by Weakness, Strength must not turn the other cheek.




Exactly one month ago the whole world heard Finnish nationalists. Today you'll learn why.
Exactly one month ago the whole world heard Finnish nationalists laughing. Today you’ll learn why.

The Independence Day was always my favorite day of the year, even before I became an evil nazi, everyone’s out celebrating like it’s one big fucking birthday for the entire country. Well, it is. But the independence day 2015 just blew the previous ones out of the water, period. I am a lucky bastard, I started to become really active in the nationalist scene as we started to arrange these big torch marches in Helsinki to remember our fallen heroes. Last year’s march was a success, 200 nationalists marched through Helsinki to Hietaniemi cemetery, where our heroes in the struggle against Bolshevism are buried. There was zero red opposition, absolutely none. Considering this was the first time we did this, it couldn’t have gone smoother.

So, naturally, I was extremely stoked for the next march. The hype started months before the march. And you can guess the kind. The reds threatened they’d stop the march with force, and the mainstream news were all over it instantly. “Neo nazi march holocausting minorities on the streets of our dear capital, read now“, et cetera. The cops started gearing up as well, getting armored cars and FN 303 riot guns as this sort of thing was unprecedented here.


A few years before, our nationalist media had been very marginalized, but starting 2015, there was a colossal surge, giving the established jewspapers a real scare. First they tried ignoring it, then they started a huge smear campaign, calling anyone who read the alternative media was a holocaust denying nazi, literally. One of the headlines literally read “Holocaust didn’t happen and other alternative media claims” and had a flowchart showing how all alternative media was controlled by a nazi conspiracy. But when they noticed the alternative nationalist media was just gaining more and more hits as they were losing them, they went quiet again. One of the most popular ones is in the top 40 of all sites in Finland right now, which makes it more popular than most of the ZOG controlled outlets, giving us awesome reach. So as the ZOG attacked the march, we kept promoting it all over and ripping on the reds.

The reds probably realized, all too late, that things wouldn’t go their way and they would be hopelessly, utterly outnumbered, so a day before the march the antifas released a statement on the site dedicated to opposing the march that they denounce all violence. This, after months of posting empty threats about smashing the nazis, making them collectively look like even bigger cucks than ever before. They absolutely blew handling it which just contributed to our victory.

On the day of the march, a bunch of my comrades and I arrived to the square early. Even though the march wouldn’t begin for almost an hour, there were already people everywhere and there was a huge amount of cop cars circling the area. But the time felt more like a couple of minutes as I chatted with old and new comrades, everyone felt as excited as I was – time just flew by. A little before the actual event was to begin we were joined by a big marching column of nationalist from another, earlier event, with a big flag of Finland held by the leader. They were welcomed to our ranks with huge applause. The event was about to begin, and there were nationalists beyond my wildest expectations. Last year we had 200, I assumed we’d have about 400 this year, but it turned out to be almost double that.

In addition to cops, the media started to swarm the place. As I would later find out, foreign jewish reporters had attended and had been completely shoah’d on the spot in an instant, writing how it was exactly like the Triumph of the Will all over again. We couldn’t have gotten a better compliment. One called the march as ‘frightening as it was well organized‘.


The actual event begun with a speech by Tapio Linna, speaking about the nature of true nationalism, and praising the soldiers that allowed us to be here on this day. There was no room for shilling here, even Mr. Linna had promoted Horst Mahler recently. After the speech was over, the organizers begun handing out torches, but due to the sheer amount of people, they ran out quick.

It was storming, but the spirits were so high no one seemed to notice. The march continued steady towards the cemetery, and I would notice only a few lone leftists protesting on the streets that caused much amusement to the marchers. Only at one point did the reds try to disrupt the march, but it was such an extremely pathetic attempt I only heard of it later – I thought at that time the handful of reds were just standing there like the cucks they are. Pretty much the entire march chanted “HAHAHA, ANTIFA” at them, and due to the acoustics of the downtown Helsinki, you could hear it loud and clear far away. Some antifas tried to toss rocks at the march (and failed at that, of course) and some tried throwing flares that landed right in front of their own feet, and then the reds got shot at with the riot guns. There is video material from an anarchist livestream of an obese, bald antifa manchild (imagine Uncle Fester from Addams Family) crying his eyes out about nazis, it became an instant meme in the Finnish social media.


The march flowed smoothly through Helsinki, and everyone was having simply an amazing time. The only other attempt the reds made to disrupt the march was trying to block it with a van, but they were instantly led to the side of the street. And again, the reds provided incomparable amusement to the nationalists as three masked fags sat in the van all looking fucking pissed off and got only madder as the marchers banged the side and the windows of the van as they marched by.

When we reached the cemetery, we laid wreathes and candles, and the official part of the march was nearing its end, but I would hang out for longer, chilling with a few new cool comrades I had met and later head towards home with my comrades, very fulfilled.

The weeks following the march have been constant shoah. It wasn’t supposed to happen, ZOG blew it. The threat of “NEO-NAZI FASCISM ON OUR STREETS” has been all over the news and papers, one jewish owned newspaper literally aired footage of the march side by side with torch march of the Sturmabteilung. You simply can’t grab a paper these days without a shit eating grin.

The fun was far from over though, the faggotry of the reds knows no bounds. The cops had arrested some hundred reds for trying to start shit, and housed them in cells filled with lice, and afterwards the reds released a warning to all members to make sure they weren’t infected. It, too, became instantly famous. You can probably guess the kind of jokes that circulated: “Great, now someone has to clean up the cell after the reds, smdh.” / “They had other insects up there, in addition to the antifas?” / “Having to take their bi-annual shower probably left them deeply scarred” etc.

But the pain still wouldn’t end for them. The reds held a meeting in Turku for legal advice in a cafe for all reds who were arrested. About five nationalists walked in, ordered some coffee, and just sat down to enjoy the show. The reds immediately went silent and all covered their heads and begged them to leave, not having balls to raise a finger despite of being around 40 strong. The nationalists simply sat and enjoyed themselves. Then the reds begged the staff to remove them, but they wouldn’t. Why would they? And in the end, in true System pig fashion, they called the cops. The cops checked the nationalists’ papers, and then when they turned to the reds, they all ran. Like always.

All in all, what an amazing day, what an amazing month. Couldn’t have asked for a better one. 1488

Article by a Finnish Contributor


“Only Bullets will Stop Us”

Here are the facts:

  • National Action announces its intention to hold a White Man March in Liverpool 4 months in advance (Source #1).
  • August 8th – Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson claims he received a letter from National Action, threatening that the city “will go up in flames” should the march be banned (Source #1, Source #2, Source #3).
  • August 11th – Media highlights the NA dresscode for the WMM (Source #1, Source #2, Source #3).
  • August 14th – Media highlights instagram posts of an NA member while mayor Anderson calls for free speech curbs (Source #1, Source #2).
  • August 15th – White Man March in Liverpool is canceled (Source #1, Source #2).
  • November 28th – White Man March comes back to Liverpool (Source #1, Source #2).

What we provided you with above are just the bare facts, however in the provided sources you will see the different telling of these events by System media and National Action reports. The significance of this particular event was its location, as Liverpool has a reputation as the most violent left-wing city in England. Marching through it would be a declaration of National Action’s supremacy not only to its enemies but its supremacy as the leading NS movement in Britain. The significance of this was not lost on the opposition who had mobilized all its resources to prevent this from happening.

What made you guys decide to march through Liverpool in the first place? Surely some believed that NA was not yet ready to take on the Red Citadel.

It must be understood that it is not National Action that organises the White Man Marches. They are organised by an independent body. We merely attend, but due to our presence being one of the largest and most professional, the assumption and conclusion is drawn that we are the hosts. To my understanding Liverpool was chosen by the organiser for it being known as a ‘Red city’ and we being who we are decided to accommodate that choice.
Anonymous NA member

This may very well be comparable to historic Battle of Cable Street with but one exception that cannot be overlooked. The British Union of Fascists had likewise faced a mob of mobilized antifa protesters who had been brought to the location from across the whole of Britain, but on that day it was the the large police force of 6,000 strong that had crashed against the red horde but ultimately could do nothing to secure the grounds for the lawful march to proceed as planned. National Action, on the other hand, was facing not just the red horde but the machinations of the System and its primary puppet on the scene, mayor Joe Anderson, that had mobilized the red horde in the first place. It is all too evident from the pictures and videos of the events of August 15th that the police was purposely understaffed to create the illusion that nothing could be done to secure the grounds for the lawful march to proceed as planned and thus National Action was “presented” with the “fact” that nothing can be done and hence the march cannot proceed.

What kind of opposition did you expect to face and what was everyone’s reaction to the System trap?

I was present at the official liaison with the WMM organisers. The route was planned, vulnerabilities and possible problems were identified and solutions reached to prevent such problems manifesting. The liaison officers noted these down and discussed how they would resolve issues. The System pigs told the organiser that they predicted anywhere between 200-400 counter protesters and stated how they would handle the situation, to accommodate the march but also the counter protest. What we faced was much larger than predictions, masses amounting in the thousands. The reaction from our men was pure adrenaline and excitement.
Anonymous NA member

The System had done everything to ensure that the march would fail and it had done everything to make sure that everybody was there to see it fail. Joe Anderson’s “echo” could be heard over and over, “mirrored”  in the days leading up to the event, in what was a clear attempt to create a media hype for what was to come.

It could be very well said that that the media had done a better job of advertising the event than National Action itself, making articles dedicated to the NA dress code and social media entries by its members, things that are not newsworthy on their own as dedicated articles but served a purpose to bring up the upcoming White Man March with increasing frequency in the last days before the event.

You’ve seen a flurry of media activity in the last few days leading up to WMM. Did any of you find it odd how the media has acted up and started focusing on even your social media posts to find something to inflate an article from?

This is predictable behavior of how the pig System operates. We understood the reasons behind their intent. They attempted to establish and forge a narrative ‘Nasty Nazis vs Good Goy Liverpool’. The media attempt to either belittle and embarrass or induce fear regarding groups who oppose the System. They have thus far opted for fear. I think they understand that we’ll give them something to write about it if they don’t do it themselves.
Anonymous NA member

Most noteworthy is of course the obviously fake “NA letter” to mayor Joe Anderson, the contents of which are laughable but paint a picture in conjunction with Joe’s reaction to it. In said letter the mayor is threatened with “race riots” if the White Man March is banned. With this letter in hand Joe proceeds to petition the police and Home Secretary to allow him to forbid the march, meaning that Joe never had the power to forbid the march in the first place, something that National Action was no doubt aware of due to the legal requirements of conducting a public event.

So the only party to this entire situation who had anything to gain from such a letter surfacing was Mayor Joe himself, as evident from his reaction to the letter, which is to demand more legal power for himself.


The infamous letter to Mayor Joe. Anyone with half a brain could see what was really going on there. How did everyone in NA react to this and did it bring up any concerns over something happening, like the WMM being canceled before the scheduled date or something happening on the day?

A statement was quickly put out refuting the letter, this was an obvious attempt to stop the march and attendees from proceeding and further demonizing National Action and English men. We knew the System was against the group, but by this point, with the rest of the media coverage we knew something was adrift. But we remained dedicated to the course set. I myself view things as they are, I knew something was not quite right. But I encouraged enthusiasm and dedication to our mission. Like the first battle of Ypres when the Prussian Guard come out to attack. They were found lying down in the small hollow. The young officer in charge said they could not surrender as that was against the principles of the Prussian Guard. They were exhausted, but when they recovered they would continue the advance; they were aware they had no chance. After a brief respite, they came out towards the guns, the young officer in front with his sword at the carry and all of them doing the ceremonial goose-step for the last time before they were all killed. It was a performance utterly useless and incomprehensible to the layman, but the purpose was clear to any practitioner of the science of war: troops of that spirit can and will do things which most troops cannot do, and they did. National Action will resurface the courage and nobleness of our ancient blood lines. We must do it, because no other can.
Anonymous NA member

Finally, August 15th comes around and NA walk into a System trap which was a combination of police, media and Mayor Joe’s machinations: the media hyped up the event to have all eyes on it when the day finally came, the police was purposely understaffed so that they could innocently shrug their shoulders and tell NA that nothing can be done about the red horde that was amassed by the System and, in fact, further agitated by Mayor Joe who was on the scene, making speeches before the subhuman masses. We’re not even counting the antifa horde itself as a proactive agent in this situation as they were nothing but pawns to the System who on their own, as it will become evident further down in the article, wouldn’t have been able to oppose the White Man March.

Antifa likes to talk about how they forced you into hiding in the luggage station. What really happened?

The police formed a cordon around attendees locked in a single location. They were purposefully understaffed. As the hordes grew, space dwindled. This caused us to be pushed back. Missiles were being thrown, eggs, pill bottles (seriously), rocks etc. The police line was forced back, two pigs came inside the area and ordered National Action members who were in front of the compartment to come inside. Through out the day we was faced with the option of compliance or arrest.
Anonymous NA member


How would you describe the police reaction to the predicament they were in? And was it the police who had actually told you that the march cannot proceed?

When it started to rumble the police shit themselves. I saw pigs being beaten and tenderized like a butcher would before cutting the meat. All the injuries they sustained were circumstantial and accidental due to the sheer volume of people. I saw female state agents crying and crumbling from the pressure and heat. Equipment was flying everywhere, missiles and fists. Officers screaming and crying into their radios, demanding back up and riot gear. But none came. The Reds could have broken those police lines and killed every pig agent there if they wanted too. At one point we was forced against a wall and was being crushed. At this point we decided to fuck the Police and do what was necessary. Fight. One member of National Action started barking commands and throwing people into the back of police. ‘PUSH!’ and with that we all charged into the back of police officers and propelled them forward using them as a battering ram against the horde. We cleared ourselves an area and pushed the horde back 10 meters allowing us breathing room. The police confirmed what was designed from the start. The march was not go go ahead. They shut it down.
Anonymous NA member




The authorities canceled the march. On that day National Action faced overwhelming odds and the kind of planned opposition that no nationalist movement in Britain had to face in generations. This alone speaks to the potential National Actions holds. The System struck a powerful blow that would have left any other movement shattered and dysfunctional, but this was not to be the end of NA.

Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. The media attention given by the System to the event caused a surge in NA membership. Having seen the lengths to which the enemy was ready to go in order to stop the rising star of British National Socialism, NA proceeded to launch false information about more marches to go down, mobilizing new crowds of antifa, which grew smaller in size each time.


What was the motivation behind the campaign of falsely advertised NA gatherings in Liverpool? Did they achieve the desired result?
A few reasons: To confirm it was fat Joe inciting and releasing information, liaised marches have to be confirmed with the council. To see how many scum bags would turn up with 6 days notice and to see how long they could keep this up.
Anonymous NA member
We’ve seen the memes. Did your guys literally stand off to the side somewhere, taking pictures of the antifa crowds, giggling to themselves, or did you just take pictures of the results of your ruse from online sources?
Oh yes we had men on the ground. The narrative they like to perpetuate is that National Action travel into Liverpool and are an ‘invasion force’. What they don’t understand is that a number of our men live and work in Liverpool. We had some congregate within their mob.
Anonymous NA member

Finally, November 28th – Liverpool has Fallen as National Action returns and conducts the White Man March unopposed, uninterrupted and with no consequences, legal or otherwise. And what of their enemies? It was a Blitz attack that the System had no time to address or prepare for, no time to mobilize its pawns or generate any media attention.

Did you inform the authorities or the police beforehand about your return?

No. National Action does not liaise with the police. This was one of our founding principles. To operate independent of any other body. I will re-iterate we attend the WMM, not organise. We woke up in the morning and took a few of our guys for a walk in the city, showed one of our friends from out of town around. We live in the city and out skirts. It is a familiar place. Nothing illegal about white men taking a walk. Yet.
Anonymous NA member

The only bit of news coverage that the event received was a single sad article put out exclusively for the purposes of damage control, which is self evident from the spin the author tries to put on it: that Liverpool simply didn’t notice and didn’t care. What a stark contrast to how much Liverpool cared on August 15th: it cared enough to put out articles about NA dress code and individual member’s social media posts, it cared enough to amass a red horde, it cared enough to purposely under-staff the police, it cared enough to see Mayor Joe fake himself threatening letters and stand preaching to the crowd, Liverpool cared enough to literally shut itself down for a day, with all eyes on National Action. Hell, Liverpool cared enough to fall for each and every single false message of a potential event occurring that NA put out.

This time around only police presence that could be seen was two cars and Mayor Joe  was nowhere to be seen or heard from, despite just how vocal he was the first time around. No comment was made even in the aftermath of the March going through, because Joe obviously would prefer to sweep that fact under the rug and acts accordingly.

And the antifa? The antifa on its own was never a threat to National Action and it was proved to be so on this day. The Antifa bragged how “it will never happen here“, but much like the titular 1965 movie it DID happen here. The antifa were well aware of the March taking place and yet they did not show up to oppose it, most likely spying it from the sidelines, afraid to engage as their real numbers were obviously not enough to give them the kind of boldness they demonstrated back in August.


Did you spot any antifa during your march? Any familiar faces following you guys from place to place? And did you keep an eye on the local antifa facebook page as you were marching through Liverpool unopposed?
Nope. No reds in sight. We monitored their pages and twitter feeds. They put out a call to counter. But none showed. We took our time walking. Their boast and claims are air.
Anonymous NA member
Antifa warned that the regular people of Liverpool would never allow Nazis to march through their streets. Obviously this didn’t happen but did you receive any kind of negative backlash from the locals, even if just a random insult?
There were a few who complained. Generally old people, boomer trash etc. We had a lot of interest from younger people. People coming over after speeches, and when we went to the station asking what we was all about, many recognized us and had a laugh about the WMM.
Anonymous NA member

Some might look on these events and try to rationalize how the System’s initial victory was enough and thus did not need to be followed up each time National Action tries to stir something up, however all of its actions and bold talk, same as with the loud promises of the antifa, declare a firm commitment to do exactly that. Moreover, it is absolutely necessary for them to do so, otherwise they wouldn’t have opposed NA with such careful planning as they did in the first place.

The System knows exactly what National Action represents, they knew what the taking of Liverpool would represent for NA as well and so it had to be stopped at all costs and it was done with as much media hype and fanfare as possible. Yes, had NA marched as planned on the 15th of August it would have had a much more visible victory than the one it achieved in November. However, ultimately National Action exchanged a louder victory for one that had even greater meaning. It was expected to be the end of NA and yet they came back, they came back and they were completely unopposed, shattering the fake image of the impregnable Red Citadel of Liverpool.

How did you all feel after you’ve finally marched through Liverpool
Very good. It goes to show that the such groups as Anti-fa, Communists etc. are not as organised or embedded in communities as they would like to think. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of Liverpool is a degenerate cesspit. But there are many normal, natural and healthy people there.
Anonymous NA member
Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Did NA learn something from surviving the System trap? Do you imagine something like August 15th ever happening again?
It vindicated what we already know and preach. The pig System will crush any form of true dissent against its internationalist interests.
Anonymous NA member
Now you are the Kings of the Streets in Liverpool and the Kings of the Nationalist scene in England. Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?
We are in the very beginning of a very bloody cultural war, a war between Nationalism and internationalism and we intend to win it. Join the resistance. No one else is going to do it except you. The right man in the wrong place can change the world. Step it up White man.
Anonymous NA member

Had NA let this go and moved on with other things it would have been an admission of defeat and the start of their downfall. Instead their star shines all the brighter and they are back with a vengeance, honoring their promise “only bullets will stop us” while their enemies pretend that nothing happened or that no promises to stop NA at every turn were made.

In the end National Action proved its supremacy over both its enemies and all other nationalist groups active in England.

The Red Citadel has Fallen. The King is Crowned. Long Live National Action!