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In this episode, Florian Geyer is joined by Zeiger, Doc Savage, and Fr. Matthew Raphael Johnson Ph.D. to discuss Spiritual Warfare. Freelance Autist assists in the Kali Yuga News.

Music used for this week:Blessed Art Thou O Lord – Ευλογιτάρια (Byzantine Chant) Pl. 1st Tone, O Virgin Pure/Agni Parthene, Mahishasura Mardini – Mata Bhajan Priya Shankar, Florian Geyer lied.

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In this week’s special episode, Florian Geyer returns from his holiday hiatus, and is joined by Natt Danelaw, Zeiger, Doc Savage, Vass, Andrew Anglin, and Matthew Heimbach to discuss the topic of American Futurism.  The patron of the program, Moishe ben Tel-Aviv, also makes a special appearance, to present Kali Yuga News.

In celebration of American culture, we used an extra track for the interlude this week.

Music Used: Walther von der Vogelweide- Nu alrest lebe ich mir werde (aka Palastinalied), John the Revelator – Curtis Stringers and the Forest Rangers, I’m a Good Ol’ Rebel – 2nd South Carolina String Band, Hatikva – National Anthem of Israel, Florian Geyer lied.


In this episode, Florian Geyer is joined by Natt Danelaw, Greve Hans, Doc Savage, Zeiger, and special guest, Matthew Raphael Johnson to discuss the Philosophy of the Synagogue of Satan. The this special second edition of Aryo-Occult Theater Mysterium 1488, we dive deep into the esoteric, trying to get a grip on what our enemies think and believe. Featuring Kali Yuga News.

Orthodox Nationalist Podcast on Killing of the King – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrmwKUK3VPE&feature=youtu.be

Music used for this week: Als I Lay on Yoolis Night – Martin Best Ensemble, Odal – Warduna, Dégénération – Mes Aïeux, Florian Geyer Lied.



In this weeks episode, Florian Geyer is joined by Doc Savage, Natt ‘adjectives are for cowards’ Danelaw, and Greve Hans to interview three enterprising members of SKYDAS (Vytautas – video maker. Jurgis – guy, who spoke most of the time. Kazimieras – propaganda creator(posters, etc.), Lithuania’s premier National Socialist direct action organization. We discusss the history and context of nationalism in Lithuania, and in the second hour, discuss the group itself. Featuring Kali Yuga News.

SKYDAS Propaganda Material: skydas.info, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Kg5ioRa850

Music used for this week: Kyrie – Le Jeu des Pèlerins d’Emmaüs, [REDACTED], Florian Geyer Lied


This week in the first part of the show, Florian Geyer is joined by Greve Hans, James Futurist, and Zeiger to interview the Traditionalist Workers Party Chairman, Matthew Heimbach, much to our honour and gratitude. For the second part of the show, Marcus Rhodes and Doc Mayhem join the Mystery Cult to bring a very special edition of the Kali Yuga News. In this special Kali Yuga Report, top investigator and tiger rider James ‘Rockwell’ Futurist presents his findings vis a vis the developing international pedophilia scandal known as PizzaGate. Soul Warning: Contents in the second part of the show are highly disturbing, and are not for the spiritually immature. For citations regarding anything mentioned in the special report, James can be found on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/natfuturist

Music used for this week: Schderick – Male Choir of St. Petersburg, Supplicatory Canon to the Most Holy Theotokos Part Three, Florian Geyer Lied.


Florian Geyer is joined this week by Natt ‘adjectives are for cowards’ Danelaw, Greve Hans, Doc Savage, and special guest, Matthew Raphael Johnson, PhD. We discuss, as the title suggests, issues pertinent both to nationalism and Orthodoxy, along with the North American political situation writ large. Several polemic calls to actions are delivered, and Raphael Johnson finds a new best friend in Natt.

Music used for this week: Basso Profundo – God Save the Czar, Wardruna – Radio, Florian Geyer Lied