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I am young, I will not go into too much detail as to how young for anonymity’s sake, so all I will say is I am under eighteen. A few years ago I was very fat, I had no real friends and all I did was play video games. I was the typical American loser. I knew a guy, let’s call him S, he was one of the “cool kids“. He was known for doing drugs and being someone you do not want to fuck with. I really wanted to be his friend. One day he and my old friend J walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to hang out after school. I obliged of course. Now, at this time in my adolescence I really had no morals or beliefs, I’d do anything that would make me fit in.

After school that day I hung out with S and J and they offered me some weed. I had never done anything like that and I have always liked to try new things, plus it would help me ingratiate myself with them, so I decided to try it. I liked it. As I started to hang out with them more and more I started to try more things with them, I started to smoke cigarettes, drink, drop acid etc. It got to the point where I did nothing but spend all my money on drugs. Couple all that with my general nihilistic outlook and terrible obesity, and you have a real problem on your hands. It got so bad that the school’s scale didn’t accurately measure my weight because I was almost three hundred fucking pounds. Instead of feeling any sort of shame, I embraced it. I didn’t care how fat and pathetic I was, nor did I care that I had a dependence on narcotics and literally zeros in most of my classes. I didn’t realize it at the time, but deep down I hated myself.

The only thing I could say was partially a good quality about myself was my intelligence, but I didn’t ever use it. I was starting my life off in the worst way possible and that’s not what anyone in their right mind wants. After a year of living like that, I realized there was a problem. I was not happy. Luckily, my epiphany coincided with my discovery of George Lincoln Rockwell and William Luther Pierce. At first I listened to them because I had always been racist, and I thought it would be funny to hear how racist Neo-Nazis were. I was surprised to find that instead of humor, I found truth. Everything I heard or read was so enlightening, and I quickly became consumed with racial politics. This, however, did NOT save me. In fact it made my life worse. I was weak and couldn’t handle the truth. I didn’t want to live in a sick society because that would mean I would have to rise above it, and I would’ve much rather simply revel in the decay. It took a long time to make myself change. I knew the person I was should’ve been gassed, but I didn’t want to give up the only things that made me happy. The thing about doing drugs, drinking and binge eating is, it makes your life miserable. But you don’t want to stop because these things are the only things that you enjoy. After sufficient research and enough time to think, I decided that was done. That me was gone, and from now on I was going to focus on productive things to do with my time.

I decided to tackle substance abuse first as I felt like it would be easiest. After a lot of struggling, I had dropped my most of my dependence on drugs and found pleasure from reading, or drawing. I messed up a few times but by distancing myself from my degenerate friends I had cut off my supply and had no way to get drugs even if I wanted them. At this point I was halfway on the road to health, and it was almost summer.

I decided that I would be fit come September the next year. In actuality, dropping over one hundred pounds in three months is impossible, but at the time I did not know that. I started with just running, I hated it at first. I couldn’t run five paces without getting tired. Thankfully though I kept at it, and doing it made me feel good. It felt like I was making a positive impact on myself, nothing I had really felt before. I used NS propaganda as motivation to better myself, and it worked. It actually worked. Thinking about being superior to everyone else certainly was a good motivator. The inequality of the outlook really made me feel like a lesser being, and I hated that. I wanted to be the best I could be and I’d do anything to achieve those ends.

By the time September rolled around, I was sitting at about two hundred and thirty pounds, a good twenty to thirty pounds less than when I started. I may have still been a blimp, but I weighed less than I did before and I was proud of that.

It was the new school year, and I started to see less and less of J and S. They hardly even came to school at this point and they just seemed pathetic, I did not want to be anything like them. From then on my social life was dominated by politics, all I did was read or listen, constantly scrutinizing myself and trying to find things to improve. Fast forward a few years and here I am, I haven’t even so much as touched a cigarette for a year, and I am no longer overweight. I am in a committed relationship with my girlfriend, I had real, healthy friendships, and I am happy with myself.

I owe it all to NS politics giving me a positive outlook on life that drastically changed who I am.

By Anonymous
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New terminologies have started to arise within the “right wing“, and by that, I am referring to terms like “alt-rightism” and “New right“. What needs to be understood about this, is that the realms of “new right“, is rather metapolitical, but with a severe lack of substance.

Now, I am not gonna denounce the “alt-right” and the “New Rightists” as being completely useless, but they are not as useful as they themselves would like to believe. To elaborate upon this sentiment, one must look into what the New Right as a whole do: Deconstruction.

Deconstructing the egalitarian world-dogma is naturally a good strategy, if one is trying to re-construct something, however, this is where the problem comes: the abstraction found within the alt-right. They lack what can only be described as “Mesapolitics“. In other words, they lack coherence, and a clear line of direction, for what they want to obtain. What needs to be included here, to give a minimal amount of credit, is the way that the alternative right can recruit new members, informing them of our people’s miserable situation, to later be spiritually strengthened to finally grab the steel, and get active on the spiritual battle-field.

When the aspect of mesapolitical understanding is brought up, one must ask, to the deepest, and most fundamental parts of ones essence: Do I wish to defend the very soil, that my forefathers for thousands of years have plowed, and cultivated? Do I wish to adhere to the deepest parts of masculine spirit, adhere to the ancient European barbarism, that still burns like glowing iron within our blood, from which comes our resilient will to resist and crush the enemies of our peoples. What I am implying with this, is the needed will for action, rather than academic verbal masturbation.

Moving on to why the alt-right is useless to build anything of great significance. Alone, the alt-right is not capable of making anything stable, due to the simple fact, that the alt-right is abstract. It doesn’t have a consistent way of defining, what it as a whole desires. It is a mix of MRA egalitarians, people further right from the republican party, ethno-monarchists, white nationalist tribal-haters, fascio-capitalists, “race realists” and “racist” liberatarians. With such a mixture of individuals, with mixed notions, without any sort of strength, consistency and dedication, it is next to impossible to create any sort of political platform, to manifest resistance to the current cowardly and disgusting system.

Now with that out of the way, the alt-right boils into a diarrhea-like substance, without consistency, or direction. If an attempt was tried, to create a final product from the metapolitical diarrhea of the alt-right, the end product would end up as an “appeasement” product, that would lose any vague sense of direction they had to begin with, in its strive towards popularity, in other words, it would end up as one of Nick Griffin’s fuck-waste projects.

For the alt-right to serve its purpose, it must give room for the more ideologically radical notions, within the realms of what is reality: National-Socialism.

With my reference for the desire of popularity comes naturally the talk of inclusiveness that is found within the alt-right today. They allow the worst of filth to have a platform, and thereby allowing the filth to misdirect youngsters with an interest in an alternative to liberal, socialist, neo-conservative and capitalist ideas. They allow dysfunctionals to step onto the high-alter of rhetorics, people like Jack Donovan, James O’meara and Buttercup “My Nationalist pony” Dew, TRDante and Millennium Woes on their platform.

Imagine White Pride rhetorics with HIV.
Imagine White Pride rhetorics with HIV.

Imagine White Pride rhetorics with HIV, this is what the alt-right has degenerated into. So, to get to the core, the alt-right needs to deal with its spiritual disease, and realise its purpose: It is a gateway ideology into something stronger.



I wouldn’t have written this article without the active pestering of the admin because this isn’t something I’m particularly proud of. Love it or hate it, you can blame him. I’m not mentioning any names to not to mix up any of my comrades. They know, but addicts are bad PR, even the ex-ones.

There isn’t really a clear starting point for my story or one event I could pinpoint that “caused” me to became a degenerate. I developed extreme chronic pains at twelve, and since kids don’t receive practically no pain relief, at least where I live, I started to self-medicate in the only way I knew, by drinking. Fast forward nine years, if you could get it here, I had done it and even if you couldn’t get it here I probably had done it as well. I didn’t give a fuck, I even racemixed a few times, I didn’t even care to rationalize my drug use, but hospitals being extremely stingy with any sort of pain relief gave a neat excuse. If you don’t wanna help, fine, easier to find better stuff from the streets anyway. If you use hard drugs every single day for years, you turn into a zombie and days blend together and events became hard to tell apart, I found myself asking people what month it was currently.

I’m not going to lie, some of the best experiences of my life were on drugs, and they were absolutely amazing. But between chasing those moments, I was pretty miserable, concentrating on finding something to do, anything, to make it through the day.

One of the few benefits of growing up like this is that you’re automatically aware of the acute race problem. The stereotype of a open borders pot smoking hippie might be true, but I’m talking about hard drugs here, muds were always, without fail involved, and everybody fucking hated them. I saw a friend of mine going from a non-racist to praising Einsatzgruppen for exterminating gypsies in the space of few months, a sentiment I wholly shared and share.

I could write a tome on all the shit I’ve had to witness from the non-whites, and I still wouldn’t get even close, but if you’re reading Noose, you too are probably aware of the race problem, so I don’t need to preach to the choir. Avoided death by stabbing by a gang of somalians neatly, had gypsies pull a gun on me, seen dozens of people end up in hospital for various reasons. The list goes on.

I had had a bunch of NS friends who were a massive positive influence on me, but for the longest time all they could do is poke me in the right direction. You can’t quit drugs unless you truly desire it yourself, that’s how you hear stories of people going to rehab ten times. My moment came when I had a good friend visit me and I binged hardcore for almost two months, and the comedown, well, the comedown felt like you had binged for two months. And that’s the first time I really questioned if there was any sense in this.

The entire country was going to shit, I knew this before the first invader centers opened with the grand mudflood. They just made the problem too huge to ignore anymore for the average person, but due to wallowing in the filth of the society, it had been obvious to me for a far longer time, and I knew only radical measures could turn it around. I couldn’t remain idle any longer, I had the desire to do something, help in any way I can. But I also knew that as a prime roping candidate, at worst I’d be useless, crippled by addiction and at best a massive hypocrite. I knew then that I need to kick the drugs before I got any business hanging out with real national socialists and actually being of any use.

Coincidentally a good friend of mine was also cutting down on drugs and another one had lost his house and had upped his drug use tremendously. We had a small two man support group, we just had to force ourselves to come up with something non-drug related to do, anything, even if it was fucking playing tic-tac-toe, anything else than drugs. At the beginning we couldn’t stop talking about drugs, literally. When your entire life has revolved around drugs for years and nothing else, you can’t even talk about anything else. Slowly but surely as I could lower doses there and drop something else entirely here and visit a friend and maybe only smoke a bit and drink a few cans of beer, things got better. And watching how my friend’s life, who started doing drugs even more just got progressively worse as mine improved was a great motivator as well. Now and then got calls about getting arrested, getting shanked by shitskins, gyppos robbing him, so forth, I was just so glad I had made the right decision.

At the point when I had successfully kicked addiction to anything else than opiates, I felt I was ready to contact the NS friends who I barely knew and ask if they’d be willing to hang out. And from there, my life started to improve in huge steps, as I could much more easily fill my weeks with non-drug related activities, even if it was just leafleting I’d be so totally up for that. I kept trying to hang out with the NS crowd as much as possible, it was a massive positive influence, if you have something smart to do, you don’t even think about drugs. And my comrades being generally all around hilarious people and joy to be around was just a bonus.

But, I was still hooked on opiates. They’re the best and the worst. There isn’t truth in television. Heroin – and other opiates – don’t really hit you with this orgasmic feel that leaves you incapacitated а la Trainspotting. It’s much more subtle, and it really makes it worse. They make the world seem like a great place, and like everything’s alright and the best thing is, you can function almost perfectly normally on them. Drive a car, go to work, go shopping, whatever. You couldn’t do this rushing or on psychedelics. And unlike with other drugs, there are no downsides, no comedown. Only the physical addiction if you do it for a week or two. And I had done them for, I don’t know, three years or so.

Leaving the other drugs really aggravated the opiate addiction. Even though I had decided to improve and kick the old habits, I allowed myself leeway with opis. I gotta eat them anyway, so is it really so bad if I take some extra, if I’m feeling really down? And since all my friends would be strung out on speed anyway, taking a small dose of opiates would remove the temptation to do any speed…if there’s temptation, you will find a way to rationalize it to yourself. That addiction had to go as well.

My comrades called and asked if I was up to some healthy wholesome hiking in a wintery forest the next day. I was feeling like shit, but sure I was. The absolutely worst thing you can do is stay home and do nothing, because that’s when the temptation strikes.

One of the good sides of opiates, they make you unable to feel cold, which is heavenly in the arctic circle. Only, as with all drugs, it’s borrowed time. The next day, I took only strictly my prescribed amount which is so laughable an amount compared to what I was actually doing I can’t even write it down. Practically it was the same thing as taking nothing.

Opiate withdrawals often get compared to a terrible flu, but it doesn’t really cut it. It really is borrowed time, all the pain the drugs took away comes back, with a vengeance. The walk can’t have been more than 5 kilometers one way. But the snow was above our knees, and the only physical activity I had done during the last year was running from the cops or the security, so I was not off to a good start. Every step was like jumping into a bathtub filled with sweat, and in -25C [-13F] it flash froze. I wished I was in the Bataan Death March, they didn’t have to deal with snow.

When I got home, I took one shower with clothes on and one with clothes off. Hadn’t promised to meet up with the comrades for several days, so I counted I had good time to get rid of the WDs and save the opiates. A few days in, I was afraid I’d die. A few more days in, I was afraid that I wouldn’t die. Got a call from a comrade if I wanted to attend, had to decline. Felt bad about it, but so far it’s been the only time I’ve had to decline due to drugs. I managed to kick the opis cold turkey, the fact I was too sick to crawl out of my house probably contributed as well. Not wanting repeat that nightmare was a decent motivator as well. After that for a month or so I was afraid to take opis even when I actually needed them. Goes without saying, but not having to go to bed wondering how you make it through the next day alone improves your life so much.

And the more time I spent with my comrades, the more obvious the differences between them and the degenerate crowd became. One of the biggest differences is trust. I would trust these people with my life, and if they say something, they’ll do exactly that. That’s something I have enormous respect for. In the junkie crowd, there was overwhelming lack of trust between everyone. Like little children, you couldn’t and wouldn’t leave them unattended for a second, I’ve seen a dozen junkies outdo a bulldozer in sheer destruction too many times, so I know better than that.

I’m not gonna pretend I’m a monk and say “I was lost but now I’m saved, heil Hitler“, I lapsed a few times, but luckily they were small missteps and I never again fell into total binging anymore. As I kept hitting the gym and attending hand to hand training, I got into much better shape and I could slowly cut down on the small amount of opiates I still ate. I was feeling better physically and mentally than I had, well, ever.

95% of my friends were junkies on some level, so my days were pretty much filled with punching the bag and punching it some more, to avoid temptation. The worst thing in trying to quit is that when you need drugs, there aren’t any, and when you DON’T want drugs, every place is just bursting with free drugs and people are giving them out left and right. At some point punching the bag and beating your dick just became a bit dull, and then I got a call from an old friend of mine. I rationalized I had been so good for so long I deserved to have a little fun, don’t wanna have a burnout here, do we?

Long story short, a couple of my friends and one junkie whore were having a chill night at one of my friend’s place, high as shit on speed and watching old comedies and spending the night. After I was done nailing her, we all hit the sauna. The girl left after about five minutes in, didn’t think much about it, she probably couldn’t take heat and we were having good time. Another five minutes in I took a break to grab a few cans of beer, and noticed she was gone. The speed paranoia kicked in immediately, and for the only time in my life I’m glad it did. Checked my jeans and noticed my wallet was gone. I cursed and quickly put my pants on and out of the apartment. My friend was living in a block of flats and I noticed she had taken an elevator, so I ran the stairs down and when the elevator doors opened, I jumped in grabbed her and demanded the wallet. Of course she lied, but pretty soon she folded.

After that, I remembered what I had left behind and why. This really highlights the pervasive lack of trust. Even your “friends” try to steal from you. I was a bit disappointed, in myself the most, but my goals were crystal clear again and the next months I spent rigorously improving myself, didn’t have the slightest desire to start using again.

Now, a year later, I can say I did the right choice. Obviously. I went through the shit, and now I’m reaping the benefits. I hang out with comrades who I trust, and who trust me, I’m in good shape, and I’m fighting for something greater than my own basic survival.

Hitler taught me how to rise above what you once were. I’ll end this little story with a quote from Rockwell, who described his ex-degenerate Stormtrooper, whom I immediately identified with:

The young man escaped the vicious circle of despair, boredom and degeneracy of millions of “modern youth” ONLY because he happened upon the spiritual life-preserver of Nazi love of Race and Nation before he sank forever into the putrid slime of modern spiritual syphilis. There will be many who will say that he could have been saved, perhaps even more effectively by religion. Fifty years ago, yes. But I have had five years of experience seeing these lost kids on college campuses all over America. And I can assure the reader that most of these young people are far too cynical and hardened to be able to open their ears and heart even for a moment to ACCEPT a religious approach. Start talking about religion to such hard-case cynics and you drive them further and further away, no matter how hard you try. It takes a new and SHOCKING approach, a dramatic and powerful approach to have any hope of making an impression on such lost, bitter kids. We have it, and it works. Millions and millions of the youth of all Western nations are sinking into various degrees of the misery and degradation of the young “beat” who came to our door in beard, blanket and sandals.” –GLR, White Power, Chapter 2 (Spiritual Syphilis)

By Anonymous
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REAL Muslims ARE terrorists. Opinion of lemmings doesn't matter.
REAL Muslims ARE terrorists. Opinion of lemmings doesn’t matter.

#EnoughWithTheSilence. The “correct” Muslims are launching a campaign under this name with a simple message of “Islam =/= Terrorism” or even “Terrorism has no religion“. Which is of course nothing new as that message gets hammered in by mainstream media almost immediately after any Muslim terrorist attack in order to protect the System’s assets, that is to say it’s lemmings. This argument is brought up every single time, but it’s a lemming appeal to other lemmings. As Commander Rockwell once said, between the Nazis and the Communists, the fanatics, there is a sea of non-fanatics, the TV-watchers and the comic book readers – the lemmings. The same thing applies to other fields.

Most modern Christians are foremost lemmings of the System and subscribe to its “values” that are entirely centered on the provision of security and pleasure so long as you play by the System’s rules. Thus your average Christian, who is not really all that versed in his own religion, and even those who know the religious texts very rarely understand their actual message, begin to bend the rules of their faith until it fits the narrative of the lemming. “God loves everyone so you can love faggots“. This is essentially proof that the majority of modern “christians” are not truly Christian, they are foremost loyal to their desires of security and pleasure and thus are willing to compromise on their faith that becomes more so a tool to reaffirm that their lemming life is the correct way, the good and moral way – go along to get along. In reality they are Christians in name alone by the simple force of inertia – they were born into it, much like one is born into a certain culture, and we clearly see today how little value lemmings place in culture and thus regard it as a mere background to their life. Christianity has suffered the same fate and is now upheld in any meaningful sense only by radicals who are shunned by the System and its drones for it.. A lemming is only loyal to his materialistic desires and needs and thus will be loyal to the System that provides those things for him.

However the same applies to Muslims, they have lemmings all the same who will be ready to rationalize Islam to a point that would be reconcilable with life in a Western liberal society. These people likewise seek merely security and comfort, the only real difference is that coming predominantly from the Third World they have a very basic manifestation of those needs, they want that which in the West today is taken largely for granted as the Western lemming is no longer satisfied with material safety and seeks emotional safety as well as the next logical step – “your rights end where my feelings begin” (enter “first world problems“). Likewise arises a need for more “extravagant” forms of pleasure which manifests in degeneracy.

So the Western lemming is one that is born into a secure society that promises him pleasure and he builds up a sense of entitlement to more than what he already has, whereas the Third World lemming wants the very basic version of security and comfort. Thus it is no wonder that the Third World lemming is attempting to get into First World countries where such things are already assured and, moreover, where the liberal values and System interests openly invite refugees and in fact offers them more benefits than it would offer its own people. What lemming would say no to that?

Yes, yes, there are in fact calm and nonviolent Muslims, the kind that liberals advertise as the ONLY kind of real Muslims in existence, the happy, calm Muslim “poster family” that will compromise Islam in the face of the liberal narrative in order to reap the benefits of society they live in and they will indeed go along to get along, they will teach their children to be grateful for what they have in a First World country and not to rock the boat in the least. But there are other types of Muslims. It is unavoidable that second generation Muslims born in Western societies will be socialized within the liberal narrative, the one that breeds entitlement and talks about oppression, and these Muslims will be taken in by that kind of education and they will take to heart what they are taught, especially about Islam, how it is good and can do no wrong, how it is constantly oppressed and marginalized and stereotyped and they will learn to be good, angry, entitled identity politics Muslims. They will become a kind of Muslim “radical” but only in the same sense of the word as there are feminist “radicals”.

There will always be, however, the real radicals, the true fanatics that exist outside the sea of lemmings, who will adhere to their faith as the central most important axis of their lives and they will promote its enforcement and be openly, truly radical about it in Western societies. They seek to change the West from within, as opposed to the ISIS kind of radicals that seek to change it by forceful means. Only the very last get branded as the “incorrect” Muslims, but this judgement is being passed down by lemmings. Imagine hearing some snotty white lemming kid tell a Nazi “you’re not a real white man, a real white man is kind and accepting and would never resolve to violence“. Of course you’ll never hear it since the dominant narrative is how the privileged cishet white male is the source of all evil in the world since the beginning of time, but if you were to hear such an argument you wouldn’t be able to restrain yourself from laughing. This is the exact same kind of judgement being passed on the “incorrect” Muslims, who actually place their faith above all else, by the lemming Muslims who readily compromise their faith for security and comfort. Thus, barring discussions in differences of the many denominations of Islam, a question arises: who’s the real Muslim here?

Adam Curtis, a British documentary filmmaker, created several very interesting documentaries and one of them deals in part with the history of the modern Islamist movement: The Power of Nightmares (2004). In this documentary we are taken back to the origins of modern Islamist movement’s narrative of opposition to the Western society (American in particular) as a society of vices and corruption that may poison the minds of the good Muslim people. In essence it is the same degeneracy that we, Nazis and Fascists, oppose as well, and seek to eradicate as cancer from the body of the Nation, whilst in the Islamist narrative they wish to destroy the source of possible corruption of their own people and Faith by whatever means. We wish to rescue our nations from the cancer, they wish to destroy our nations to prevent the cancer from spreading over to them. They call this cancer “Jahiliyyah” – “a state of barbarous ignorance” or “ignorance of divine guidance“. According to the Islamist narrative people affected by the Jahiliyyah can be justifiably killed even if they were Muslims, because they themselves are not aware of their own corruption. This was at first only directed at political leaders in their native countries, but later it was broadened to all people of Muslim faith. This is their comprehension of dealing with their own lemmings.

Naturally lemmings, whatever their supposed religious persuasion, are afraid and opposed to anything that will take away their material security and pleasure, so to them indeed “Terrorism has no religion” and they see no distinction between Nazis and Islamist terrorists, and whilst I did provide a parallel in our respective narratives, the core of the issue is still in our racial and civilizational difference – Islamists think this degeneracy is by default inherent to Western societies and they will attempt to destroy us by whatever means. We want to save our civilization from degeneracy and outright destruction so we absolutely must oppose Islam’s presence in Europe. The only case being made here, is that it is the Terrorists who are the “real” Muslims, and not these lemmings concerned with their security and comfort, which is indeed put under threat by the Terrorists, because they fear the negative reaction of the society on which they are now reliant for said security and comfort. In the black rights narrative this would be called “uncle tom” behavior.

If that is not so, and they do value their Faith foremost but also wish to run away from the violence to somewhere peaceful and prosperous, then it is baffling why these refugees don’t try fleeing to Saudi Arabia or other such rich Muslim countries, where Islam is upheld and you are also provided with security and comfort. There are conflicting reports on how many refugees have actually been let into these states, but then again, Adam Curtis points out in his other documentary “Bitter Lake” (2015) that Saudi Arabia purposely directs the ire of its religious leaders and radicals outwards into the world at large in order to maintain its own internal stability, so it would make little sense for it to accept many refugees that would put a strain on its stability, and less sense to accept the radical elements that it actively attempts to send outwards. But this is a separate topic, though this small bit of information once again points to why the West ends up with all the refugees and migrants who come along with them.

Just as there is a sea of comic book readers between Nazis and Communists there is a sea of lemmings between Nazis and Islamists. We are the real radicals and fanatics, fighting for our causes, whilst the lemmings are not “real” anything other than slaves to the System. Yes there are parallels because we are fanatics, but that is where the parallels end. The conflict between us, despite the subject matter explored here in relation to lemmings, is foremost a racial one. Race War is inevitable, and in time Western lemmings will have no other choice but that of being killed or hiding behind the backs of the “big bad” Nazis.

As for the Muslim lemmings – #EnoughWithTheSilence? #DontMakeMeLaugh