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New terminologies have started to arise within the “right wing“, and by that, I am referring to terms like “alt-rightism” and “New right“. What needs to be understood about this, is that the realms of “new right“, is rather metapolitical, but with a severe lack of substance.

Now, I am not gonna denounce the “alt-right” and the “New Rightists” as being completely useless, but they are not as useful as they themselves would like to believe. To elaborate upon this sentiment, one must look into what the New Right as a whole do: Deconstruction.

Deconstructing the egalitarian world-dogma is naturally a good strategy, if one is trying to re-construct something, however, this is where the problem comes: the abstraction found within the alt-right. They lack what can only be described as “Mesapolitics“. In other words, they lack coherence, and a clear line of direction, for what they want to obtain. What needs to be included here, to give a minimal amount of credit, is the way that the alternative right can recruit new members, informing them of our people’s miserable situation, to later be spiritually strengthened to finally grab the steel, and get active on the spiritual battle-field.

When the aspect of mesapolitical understanding is brought up, one must ask, to the deepest, and most fundamental parts of ones essence: Do I wish to defend the very soil, that my forefathers for thousands of years have plowed, and cultivated? Do I wish to adhere to the deepest parts of masculine spirit, adhere to the ancient European barbarism, that still burns like glowing iron within our blood, from which comes our resilient will to resist and crush the enemies of our peoples. What I am implying with this, is the needed will for action, rather than academic verbal masturbation.

Moving on to why the alt-right is useless to build anything of great significance. Alone, the alt-right is not capable of making anything stable, due to the simple fact, that the alt-right is abstract. It doesn’t have a consistent way of defining, what it as a whole desires. It is a mix of MRA egalitarians, people further right from the republican party, ethno-monarchists, white nationalist tribal-haters, fascio-capitalists, “race realists” and “racist” liberatarians. With such a mixture of individuals, with mixed notions, without any sort of strength, consistency and dedication, it is next to impossible to create any sort of political platform, to manifest resistance to the current cowardly and disgusting system.

Now with that out of the way, the alt-right boils into a diarrhea-like substance, without consistency, or direction. If an attempt was tried, to create a final product from the metapolitical diarrhea of the alt-right, the end product would end up as an “appeasement” product, that would lose any vague sense of direction they had to begin with, in its strive towards popularity, in other words, it would end up as one of Nick Griffin’s fuck-waste projects.

For the alt-right to serve its purpose, it must give room for the more ideologically radical notions, within the realms of what is reality: National-Socialism.

With my reference for the desire of popularity comes naturally the talk of inclusiveness that is found within the alt-right today. They allow the worst of filth to have a platform, and thereby allowing the filth to misdirect youngsters with an interest in an alternative to liberal, socialist, neo-conservative and capitalist ideas. They allow dysfunctionals to step onto the high-alter of rhetorics, people like Jack Donovan, James O’meara and Buttercup “My Nationalist pony” Dew, TRDante and Millennium Woes on their platform.

Imagine White Pride rhetorics with HIV.
Imagine White Pride rhetorics with HIV.

Imagine White Pride rhetorics with HIV, this is what the alt-right has degenerated into. So, to get to the core, the alt-right needs to deal with its spiritual disease, and realise its purpose: It is a gateway ideology into something stronger.