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Within the broad circle of White Nationalism, the subject of violence is a contentious topic due to the prevalence of System informants  and the unrealistic expectations that we can win by staying entirely within our own risk free comfort zones.  The idea that violence is inherently a big no no misses a crucial point: simply having semitically incorrect views is inherently predicated on the threat of violence.

The Jewish System will not voluntarily relinquish power if we somehow “win” by playing by its own rules. The System has proven time and time again that its rules are devised to keep other players out of the game, and  will break its own rules whenever it can to eliminate rivals it cannot control. Simply put, the law isn’t some magic force of impartiality and objective judgement that majestically swoops down and rewards people for coloring inside its lines while punishing bad guys. It’s an expression of institutionalized power, also predicated on the threat of violence. The law will break its own rules whenever it can, contradicting itself at every turn to further its own end of protecting the multinational Jewish conglomerate it serves.

If you think you’re safe because you follow the rules, you’re wrong. If you think a semitically incorrect political cause will be allowed to take power because it perfectly followed the law that somehow magically binds the Jews and their servants , you’re retarded.  And if you’re one of those paranoid movement burnouts looking for informants under your bed so you can still feel relevant despite contributing jackshit, your retirement home is over here.  Wow, I can hear the burnouts already! I’s gots maaah magnifyin glass!  I’s founds anotha clue!  Is that Matlock over there?  Gramma’s eyes can’t see too good!

Of course, we’re not advocating any unlawful or criminal acts nor should any statement be taken as incitement, threat, or conspiracy to commit any illegal acts.  The operative phrase here is “credible threat” after all, which doesn’t necessarily imply instigation of violent or illegal actions, nor does it condemn them should the necessary circumstances arise.  Furthermore, anyone advocating any specific action against a specific place or specific person, or who is offering to procure illegal items is probably up to no good and someone who should be avoided.  The case of federal operative Hal Turner, with his repeated calls to specifically murder specific individuals serves as an obvious example of the sort of individuals to avoid.  The purpose of this piece will be to analyze the role violence plays both as political propaganda in radicalizing a target audience and as a deterrent to illegal state aggression.

Violence as Propaganda

The Breivik shooting was probably the most infamous example of nationalist violence in recent times, and spawned endless debates over his motives, ideology, and so forth.  None of it matters, aside from the fact that the false flag camp are retards who need to be driven from our ranks.  I don’t care why he did it or what his beliefs were at the time – which is a matter of debate.   And no, I don’t care about your shitty youtube videos. The fact that he blew away the next generation of anti white MPs, community organizers, and street level agitators is reason enough to celebrate.  And contrary to the Jew media’s lies that many White Nationalist swallowed in hopes of futilely gaining their approval, these weren’t kids, they were established activists, the majority in their 20’s.

This was really just fucking great. Breivik showed the amount of damage one man can do, the amount of power one man can have to set the stage for the whole world, even if for a day, paving the way to inspire future attacks. The shooting happened to be one of the most effective counter-terrorism operations undertaken in Europe, radicalizing more nationalists, forcing anti immigration talking points into the political mainstream where they were previously suppressed by state action up to and including incarceration, and framed the enemy/target as being internal, as being the System itself, while striking fear into the hearts of the enemy and showing them that their actions actually do have consequences.

At the end of the day, they bleed just the same.

Support for mass immigration dropped accordingly.   And as usual, the alt right  MUH PR fags were proven wrong, again, despite all their the sky is falling hysterics about how BREIVIKS GONNA BE THE END OF US MAAAN. Instead, the exact opposite happened, now nationalists are torching refugee centers, thwarting  their construction with organized mass riots – further proving that violence works, and righteously knifing elected officials throughout Europe, with Jo Cox and Henriette Riker being two of many to come. Successful acts of violence simply radicalize and embolden people to carry out future attacks all while sending the enemy the message “fuck with us, you die”, effectively undermining their morale and making them more hesitant at taking overreaching actions, while also undermining the public’s faith in the System to both protect them and to punish them. 

A similar dynamic occurred with the Tommy Mair’s heroic action against Jo Cox.  And as usual, the nationalist reaction of wailing apologies and feigned sympathy to Jo Cox’s death has been pathetic and disgusting, in addition to being completely wrong. All this apologizing bullshit just radiates weakness and submission, effectively driving potential supporters away as it puts us on the defense and providing ammunition to the enemy to morally shame us as we attempt to justify ourselves to them and seek their permission, legitimizing their authority.

No matter what, we apologize for absolutely nothing.  We don’t answer to them, they answer to us, we retain leverage and act as out own center of gravity under all circumstances.  They seek our total annihilation and will stop at nothing to attain it, they need to be met on the ground they’ve staked.  That cunt was part of a larger system working for the goal of white genocide, working for the global organization Oxfam that employs people such as Guido Van Hecken, who was involved in anti-white bombing attacks that killed several innocent people in South Africa.

That shitty pig slut deserved every gunshot, every knife plunged into her now desiccated useless corpse. Her death is a reason to celebrate.   As a result of her policies, who knows how many people she’s impoverished, how many children  were raped as the result of pro-refugee activism and the atmosphere she contributed to preventing investigation of the arab-perpetrated organized mass rape in Rotherham. Her death was a positive achievement for our cause.  To top it off, The Brexit  referendum passed the popular vote (although it may very well be struck down by state action) and proved the point – violence doesn’t damage our cause. Jo Cox’s only memorable achievement is being eaten by the worms as her fellow MPs use her as prop for their own egos and careers.  All the namby pamby whiners finger wagging about how violence damages our cause are proven wrong, again. Will they learn?  Probably not.

Successful acts of violence against a political target radicalize a segment of supporters and pave the way for future action. More moderate supporters simply shrug it off, unaffected. People will look the other way or rationalize “immoral” behavior committed for causes they believe in.   And if you think any of these were false flags, you’re a fucking idiot.  Mentally ill conspiracy crackpots, you are absolute cancer and need to go bang on your HAARPsicord  somewhere else, we don’t care about your dumb theories about nothing.

The right response, the only response our camp should have to the death of an enemy is celebration and hammering home why that piece of shit deserved to die.

Even in the case of Dylann Roof,  which predictably, most White Nationalists fumbled the ball on, again.

The Roof shooting sent a message to the niggers that people are tired of their shit and will start hitting them back. Nigger mob goes on rampage in Charleston, Roof shoots their enablers dead and they stop chimpin’ in that area.  Niggers are basically big dumb animals (though probably more deadly). They only respond to pain and fear.   Yeah, sure, there’s the element out there advocating for allying with black nationalists against the Jew and theoretically some like Tom Metzger may have a point. But for the bulk of the niggers, go ahead, just try to explain to the charging bull nigger how he’ll be better off amongst his own people without getting free shit from you, like the dumb fucking thing can even understand what you’re saying or cares.

“waah u mean go back to Africa I cnt git Jay-z on muh phon dere WHUUR MUH FRIES AT BIOTCH WHURR STARR WHURR STARR”

Niggers are actively engaging in a race war against whites enabled by the state and financed by Jewish oligarchs. Any negotiations at this point are unrealistic until they’re knocked down a few pegs and/or thrown under the bus by their Jewish masters.  Even then, it’s a long shot.  A race war may theoretically not be the best course of action on account of Jew-wise nationalists of different races being baited into killing each other, but ultimately, that’s the direction we’re heading and needs to be taken into account.   Once that shit breaks out, it won’t stop.  If it comes to that, kill ’em all.

The target Roof picked was spot on – he smoked a state senator and BLM organizer along with several others involved, hitting their financial support network and sending them a direct message, along with demonstrating that JewSA government officials are just as vulnerable as ordinary people. If he just shot some inconsequential and easily replaceable gangbangers it wouldn’t have had nearly the same impact. Wasting the people who provide funding, organization, and a respectable facade to dumb animals makes way more sense.

Then to top it off, Roof forced conservatives, who dupe their constituencies by dog whistling racial sentiments for their own electoral gain without any intention of implementing related goals, to come out and condemn the confederate flag in the most heavy handed and over the top manner, showing their true colors in no unmistakable terms, effectively pushing thousands of White Southerners off the JewOP plantation and radicalizing them against the System. Meanwhile, through mass media coverage, Roof effectively implanted the “you rape our women” and “race war” memes into the consciousness of millions of white people worldwide, juxtaposed with the existing imagery of feral chimping swarms torching city blocks and beating the shit out of white people in the name of free Air Jaaaawdans, their subhuman stupidity syncopating every syllable of the sentences they can barely form for the cameras. All while a significant portion of WNs completely missed all this engaged in their usual whining and condemnations of violence, completely taking the Jew media bait and whining about how this hurts our cause because some dead nigger church ladies make us look bad 🙁

Bitch, your submissive whining is what makes us look bad.  I’m sure there’s plenty of nice old nigger church ladies in South Africa helping finance the ongoing slaughter of Whites over there, too.

All the poor black church ladies the kike medias crying about were involved in that BLM bullshit either directly or by implication, and at the very least, financially, and were putting a sanitized face on typical nigger behavior. Therefore, fair game. How many rapists and murderers have these (now dead) church ladies fought to protect with the whole “aww sheeit he wuz a gud boy he dindu nuffin” spiel? How many crimes have they indirectly facilitated via financial support to Black Lives Matter? Were these nice old black church ladies doing anything to provide positive guidance to niggers and rein in their destructive aspects or were they bankrolling a church with an established history of radical activism so it can bankroll BLM so they can burn dis bitch down, reinforcing and providing justification to all the absolute worst aspects of nigger behavior? If they play guilt by association games with us, why shouldn’t we do the same to them and make them actually own the ground they stake? Did any of these niggers actively go out of their way to apologize to us for the constant crimes they commit against our race? Fuck no.  They’re animals.

Hell, da preacha man hisself was actively organizing this kind of shit. So fuck ’em. I’m glad they’re dead. The only thing that matters when dealing with them is leverage, the only things niggers understand are pain and fear, any compassion we show them is just weakness they’ll exploit and use to extort more free shit from us. The idea that we need to retain some moral high ground when dealing with an enemy too stupid to even know what that is is so retarded on its face I question the motives of anyone advocating that approach.

So, we have Southern conservative politicians showing their true colors – actively alienating and radicalizing their constituencies, Roof demonstrating the vulnerability of System officials to the wider and increasingly angry population, dissemination of important memes throughout the mass media,  all while sending niggers several hot lead servings of go fuck yourself.  What’s not to like? No need to cry over spilled niggers. Learn how to celebrate a victory for once and write in PILES OF DEAD NIGGERS for president instead of whining about it.

Now on occasion, there’s botched jobs, like the case of Glenn Miller, who acted with noble intent to take out Jewish parasites attempting to genocide our race, but tragically missed his mark and killed three whites instead.

…and you guess it, a lot of White Nationalists fucked this one up too.

Whatever else can or cannot be said about Miller being a federal informant is beside the point at this point in time, the action’s already in play to be used against us, the only thing we can control is how we react to it.  If enemies ever bring him up and try to use him to guilt trip us, we just redirect back to the Jew and blame them accordingly – what could Jews possibly be doing that would cause a man to try killing them? If Jews weren’t trying to exterminate our race, Miller wouldn’t have had a cause for action, and his victims wouldn’t have been caught in the crossfire. Bottom line, we retain leverage. Handwringing condemnations and attempts to distance from Miller will only make our enemies draw further association and use him as ammo to shame our cause, keeping us in a defensive position where we’re left attempting to justify ourselves to them.

Retain leverage.  Always.  No matter what.  Always attack.  Never defend.  Never explain, never apologize.

Violence as a Deterrent 

Antifa are willing to firebomb buildings, stab people as the cops stand idly by and let them, and as shown in Greece,  conduct ambush shootings to further their cause. Meanwhile, the floppy haired wine and cheese faggots intent on being our self proclaimed leaders – like that Nathan Damigo dipshit, throw their own supporters under the bus, attempting to purge them and initiating smear campaigns all in a vain, self-serving attempt to appease the column writers in Vanity Fair who hate them anyway.  Nathan’s coordinated smear campaign and purge of an NPI attendant who will go unnamed due to having left the movement, who heroically beat the shit out of an antifa that was about to seriously harm another NPI attendant unprepared for a fight, is too telling of the cowardly mentality of too many WN.

Poor Nathan was also probably envious he got upstaged while being the head of some self-important pretentious bullshit no one cares about, looking for a way to maintain legitimacy when he’s not busy attending  a “Twinks for Trump” event which had the explicit and only purpose of recruiting fags.

Now which side’s gonna win with that dynamic?

Poor Nathan.  May 6 million towelhead cab drivers be robbed in his name.

The Nathan’s and Spencer’s of the world also believe in unquestioningly following the law like its on our side somehow. The law isn’t impartial. The law’s just used to keep other players out of the game – again, they break their own rules all the time whenever they can get away with it. They’re not just gonna voluntarily cede power because we followed the rules and won fair and square. It’s a rigged game. Any movement that can’t leverage a credible threat of violence against the law to make it play by its own rules will just be infiltrated, framed, and/or entrapped on a whole litany of bullshit charges, with activists thrown in the slammer just as if they were baited by the feds into doing something illegal. “WAAAAAH KEEP IT LEGAL UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES” is suicidal stupidity and ensures our people are unable to defend themselves against an enemy that doesn’t play by its own rules.

Obviously, anyone running around bragging about blatantly illegal shit or trying to push someone into committing any specific act is up to no good. Especially if it’s anyone trying to push you or anyone else into committing a specific action at a specific place and time against a specific person or building.  This isn’t to say that’s the only way feds operate; but for every unwarranted self-important cry of “AGENT PROVOCATEUR,” I’ll yell DEVOCATEUR. In the end, both achieve the exact same thing.  Matt Hale sits in prison due to being framed by an informant.  Edgar Steele died in prison after being framed by an informant.  Michael Weaver was convicted by a jury on account of his political beliefs for defending himself from nigger carjackers. Chester Doles was convicted on bullshit weapons charges for weapons that his wife legally owned.  All four followed the law.

Any political movement unable to leverage a credible threat of violence against the state by having a foothold in the police and military will be shut down the second it grows too successful.  And in that occurrence, any movement unwilling to drag the responsible parties from their homes and butcher them in the streets as a deterrent to further crackdowns will have no way to defend itself.

And conservatives, being pussies, are paralyzed by propriety. And they encompass a broad majority of the alt right/WN. They will loudly moralize and condemn the decline of semitically-correct civilized debate into criminal violence, congratulating themselves for holding onto the elusive  vapor that is the moral high ground as they proceed to lose everything they claim to care about because of their dispositional inability to break their form. They make a virtue out of their own loserdom.

People are forming violent gangs to wreck your shit? Well maybe you should fuck theirs up even worse instead of inertly whining about it.

Spencer getting punched in the face by antifa is another hilarious illustration of this dynamic in play. See, this is why we need the skinheads that so many alt fright faggots talk shit about out of fear the skinheads will make their faggy alligator shirts look bad for the cameras. Relying on cops to do their jobs is dumb. The cops protect antifa, utilizing them as useful idiots to help illegally suppress dissident movements. The cops are mad at you for making them work more. They’re not gonna protect you.  If a political movement can’t defend itself without relying on the enemy System then its not a serious movement, and not a serious contender for power.

If we had the skinheads coordinated into private security teams, this wouldn’t be happening. If we had the many under-utilized military veterans in this scene providing hand to hand combat training and various other self defense courses at regularly attended workshops – instead of everyone blowing a grand over the course of weekend to listen to the same buzzword buffet bloviating speech everyone’s heard a million times already and still doesn’t care about, this wouldn’t be happening.  

No, Dickie, getting your ass kicked doesn’t make people sympathetic to our cause.  They’re either laughing at you or pitying you. No one follows the defenseless nerd with the KICK ME sign on his back. People don’t rationally evaluate ideas, they internalize memes based on power dynamics. TradWorker understands this and admirably kicked ass in Sacramento, winning a streetfight against 200 or so worthless antifa junkies and probable FBI operative Yvette Felarca.

What Dickie doesn’t get is that getting your ass handed to you over and over again looks a million times worse than having people who don’t review chai teas on yelp around. Hell, if we wanna play the optics game, I’ll contend the trendy Yelp 401k clutching element looks a million times worse than the skinheads. Their stupid  “Implicit Themes of Whiteness in Finding Nemo” thinkpieces makes me wanna punch them in the face.

Antifa aren’t afraid of all you cheerleading autistic faggots posting stupid frog memes, they grow bolder by the day and only pretend to be afraid for the purpose of smearing you as the violent thugs you refuse to be. Give ’em what they’re asking for   if they were actually afraid they wouldn’t fuck with you.

“Waaah the left r violent thugs waaah double standard waaaah they won’t debate meee waaah they won’t listen to my precious logic” croons the conservative alt fright queer.

The conservative thinks he’s winning because he makes a point no one gives a shit about. The leftist knows he’s won because he has the ability to invoke underlying impulses and archetypes and translate them into real world action of bloodsoaked proportions while understanding the concept of leverage and remaining on the attack.

The left understands human psychology. Tthe right’s just some autistic nerd getting covered in spitballs trying to show its Pokemon cards to no one who cares.

Gut the right which just gets in the way and confuses people, holding them back while providing safe releases for pent up frustration. Alt-lite? Ripping itself apart exactly as I said it would a year ago. Gayvin McKikens Proud Fags? Cucking out and ripping itself apart exactly as I said it would a year ago. Alt fright? Floundering in the face of opposition and ripping itself apart exactly as I said it would a year ago. All of these have proven to be false contenders, exactly as I said they would.

Throw them all in the fucking trash 

Ignore the worthless novelty seekers attached to those trends who protest that action. They’ll just snarkily trend hop to the next shitty hipster trend. They’re nothing. Spit on them in utter contempt for trying to hold the movement back into their personal comfort zone of autistic playtime while indignantly screeching over purity spiraling threatening that. Laugh at them and shame them for being do-nothing cowards. Laugh at them for languishing beneath you. Laugh at them for no reason other than you can.

Gut the false opposition judeoright – both in neocohen and alt kike variants, then the no-holds-barred fight to the death with the kike System backed left begins in no unmistakable terms. If you aren’t willing to kill these people, then get involved in legal political organizations. If you’re involved in one, then you have absolutely no business getting involved in illegal activities. If you aren’t willing to do either then you’re willing to go extinct. If you were going to do something illegal, you wouldn’t be dumb enough to say anything or leave any indication whatsoever, because if you were actually serious you’d recognize that successfully completing the act would bring a million times more glory and satisfaction than bragging to your stupid internet “friends.” If you can’t source military grade weaponry the trade-off probably isn’t worth it. If you can, you wouldn’t advertise that fact. Killers don’t talk, they act. No one needs to know anything but you.

And this is the part where some alt fright conservative chimes in about there being good people in the FBI we can rely on to save the day. No, the FBI isn’t on your side, retard. Their job is to get as many people arrested for the dumbest shit so they can get more funding for their departments translating into pay raises in the name of saving the puppies and children from drugs and terrorism. Its a way for criminals to make money, nothing more.  You’re a potential revenue source to them, they don’t give a shit about you, they want their goddamn Porsche.

Cops aren’t on your side either. Different tentacle, same semitic squid. They protect antifa in all but the most extreme cases – and those are only to maintain credibility in the eyes the a public that’s losing trust and confidence in them, not because they’re opposing forces. They’re not gonna do your job for you. Trump’s not gonna do it either, at absolute best he’ll buy us a couple extra years. At worst, he’ll pacify our side into relying on him and the cops to do all the work for us, which they never will.  Trump’s move to remove WN groups from terrorist classifications will not actually take much heat off us, there’s still a million other reasons and angles from which we can and will be spied on and attacked by the System.

That said,  vets turned National Socialists are a great and very under utilized asset who should take a more prominent role in the scene, especially if they still have connections and spheres of influence inside the military.  We need more military types as leaders, fewer intellectuals. The intellectual is a disease that obfuscates purpose and meaning. Cops are irredeemable scum and I’ll never trust them in any capacity. Every cop’s dream is becoming a shitty enough person to make it to the FBI. The FBI exists to make money off you by manufacturing nonexistent crimes out of thin air and making the charges stick so they can get more department money and pay raises. Anyone who thinks those pieces of shit can be dealt with in any capacity is probably on their payroll.

In order to challenge the System’s monopoly on violence to ensure we can operate without being imprisoned and killed by them, we need to co-opt and get cops on our side while ensuring they remain in their positions working in their own context to help us while remaining entirely separate from our groups. Any correspondence trying to turn them, or any correspondence at all, is a real bad idea.  That’s been tried and just gets people framed and arrested so the piggie can get its pay raise and promotion.  It also sets a bad behavioral example for others to follow.   Anyone talking to the cops for any reason is either stupid or up to no good as an informant, even if they aren’t doing anything illegal.

The way to pull this off is fielding political candidates through a vanguard party on the promise of giving police unions immunity to operate and exempting them from any budget and benefit cuts. Considering their unions are on the chopping block from both the judeoleft for reasons of alleged racism and from the judeoright for reasons of implementing fiscal conservatism and setting a further precedent for union busting, this could work. No one likes losing their paycheck and retirement plan. This approach has the advantage of probing for sympathetic support and mobilizing it accordingly within the police without requiring dissident groups compromise themselves by having any communication with the police.  Cops are corrupt pieces of shit that can’t be trusted but we need to get them on our side somehow.

As far as the military goes, I’m not convinced its possible for us to pull a Golden Dawn styled infiltration and takeover of the military. It’s probably too big for that to work. Anyone joining with the intent to infiltrate would just get lost within the machine and is just needlessly putting their life at risk to serve the enemy, rationalizing it as pulling off some infiltration scheme they’ll probably never pull off. That said, I don’t have a military background so I obviously can’t say for sure.

We do need a way to reach and recruit people already inside though. I think it’d be more effective for veterans already networked to start recruiting from within. Our numbers are too small with too many possible major wars on the horizon and too much groundwork to be done elsewhere to risk our lives joining the military for some infiltration scheme with a minuscule chance of success. While I liked Steven Barry’s article he did for the National Alliance on getting skinhead groups into the military for infantry training and the idea itself was great, I’m not convinced it worked as advertised. Ultimately, we need to draw from the military’s ranks without adding to it.

Again, any political movement without a presence in the police and military to leverage against the System will be taken out by them if it gets too successful, regardless if it follows their rules.

The onus is on us to increase pressure. We need to keep increasing momentum and push shit further instead of settling for good enough. When dissidents begin striking physical blows against the enemy  while providing services where the collapsing systems failed its constituents through entirely separate, legal political organizations – also using those for public demos, private security functions, and so forth, that’s when we start winning for real.

The fight ain’t finished until we’re in actual power and every Jew and traitor serving them is exterminated in a torrential fury of bloodshed and vengeance.  If you just sit around complaining and aren’t actively involved in any groups, fuck you, coward. I’m sure special little you has some really important excuse.



Well, a  few weeks later after Trump’s victory and the social media hills are alive with the sound of a million crying bulldyke cat ladies.

Yeah, I’m skeptical of Trump actually pulling off anything of value, and I maintain the best outcome for our cause is if he turns out to be just as Jewy and backstabby as everyone else, driving home the point that the System’s closed to us and we can’t rely on others to do our work for us.

I’m all for making Trump an enemy and going on the attack to push a more hardline stance. But in order for that to work, we need concrete material to go off, and he’s not in office yet. So for now, I’m reveling in the tears of social-anxiety-crippled cat ladies and despondent faggots.


Am I concerned about the alt right worshipping the guy as a savior when he’s gonna be a jewed cuckward? You bet, and I stand by my initial article calling people out to curb their enthusiasm over Trump.

No doubt many of the confused fanboys in the alt fright will start spinning excuses and rationalizing his cucking out as playing some elaborate angle so their autistic meme playtime isn’t interrupted.

No doubt Trump will fulfill his role as a ZOG shill whether by conscious intent or by inadvertent consequence of being manipulated by those around him. After all, if he couldn’t be controlled, he wouldn’t have been allowed to win.  Furthermore, the Trump victory will serve the effect of inflaming JewSA patriotard triumphalism and cultivating loyalty in a new generation to its military, the FBI, CIA, and everything those organizations  represent, (((serve))), and have done – such as framing and murdering our activists.

The second Trump actually steps into office, he becomes our enemy to be held accountable for the promises he’ll no doubt fail to deliver on.  And no, Steve Bannon of Kikebart is not gonna do our job for us either, conflating his semitically correct civic nationalism with our cause just confuses people into thinking we’ve scored more than we actually have, demoralizing them into complacency accordingly, as well as confusing newcomers as to what our cause is about.

His ties with France’s now co-opted Front Nationalis nothing to get excited over, either. Their crowning achievement under Tits LePen is putting more Jews and fags in leadership positions than the communist party while purging sincere racialists from the ranks and attacking Trump for being too extreme.

If Bannon was secretly on our side, he’d be cultivating ties with Golden Dawn and Jobbik instead of an anti-racist liberal party praised by Sarah Palin that wants to protect Jewry and cosmopolitan consumer society from Muslims who don’t want to integrate while happily assimilating the ones that do and contaminating the gene pool accordingly. If he helps us, it’ll be by accident, and I’m not sitting around waiting for hypothetical maybes in Washington when our work’s cut out for us.

Am I harshing your buzz?  Well too bad, that’s your problem.   I’m not playing the game that our side’s gotta cheerlead people in Washington tangentially aligned with us because that achieves absolutely nothing, draws a false association between our camps, and only confuses people on our side into thinking we’ve gained more than we actually have, prompting them to hunker down on cheerleading and meme sperging mode as opposed to building up viable infrastructure, while actively pushing outsiders away from radicalizing against the System.

The very fact that there’s some alt-righters who actually DO seem to believe Trump is the next Hitler, as opposed to simply being ironic, is a problem. So is the idea that therefore we can forgo all real world action (which they write off as LARPing to cover for their cowardice), and the unfortunate suckback to conservatism that’s plagued  alt-right and WN circles throughout the years. I’ll also maintain that it would have been possible to score just as much media coverage without drawing an association with Trump by praising him. 

That said, right now, it’s time to salt some wounds and rub in the faces of whiny ass liberal types how much they suck, to further demoralize them and throw them off-balance.


We still got a good two months or so for cat lady tears.

What we gotta focus on right now is getting bigger, meaner, and more vicious than ever before where we’re willing to tear out the fucking throats of anyone who dares to get in our way. And above all, we gotta be funny as hell while doing it.

For self conditioning, look up YouTube videos of deer getting mauled by bears, listen to that pathetic whining sound it makes as it slowly dies, everything that sound represents.

We gotta be that bear, and the best way to start is psychologically traumatizing an enemy at one of their greatest moments of vulnerability.  Many of them happen to have a whole litany of underlying mental illnesses that could result in multiple suicides, if faced with even the slightest amount of pressure and ridicule.

After all, these people are a grabbag of life’s losers, people begging for the entire world to conform itself to their underlying disorders and inability to function in society on any level as they seek to bulldoze the entire world into their personal no-fun zone built around endlessly rehashed ((((((((((((Jon Stewart)))))))))))) jokes blared through the global jewish loudspeakers.

Boring, lifeless, ugly people, malformed and disgusting to look at, unable to cope with existence itself, hysterically lashing out at phantoms of their own imagination. These people need to be hit and viciously harassed on every possible level. Humiliate them, bait them into saying dumb shit then get them fired, put them out on the streets, ruin their lives. They’re living, breathing human memes that exist for the sole purpose of being spit on and laughed at, people who need to be made to feel forever unsafe.

This is war, and we don’t win by maintaining some imaginary high ground. We win by going lower, fighting dirtier than our enemies, destroying them through any and all possible means without ever apologizing, without ever settling for “good enough,” without ever relenting  even for a second.

There’s no honor in losing when losing for us means death.

Even William Johnson figured that out and actually went on the attack, attacking Evan McMullin in a robocall campaign for being a fag.  Did he improve in other ways? Who knows. But at least Johnson showed a glimpse of conviction and an ability to call out and attack our enemies as opposed to being the kind grandfatherly doormat to the rest of the world he normally is. Maybe the multiple abusive emails I’ve sent Johnson throughout the years have finally paid off!

David Duke’s campaign was also a breath of fresh air, and while I maintain my political and strategic differences with him, it’s something we can build off.

Duke scored 3% of the vote in the senate race, translating to about 58,000 people in Louisiana.  That’s 58,000 people willing to side with an explicitly racialist candidate who openly names and attacks the Jew.  From that, if a portion of those, let’s say 10%, were radicalized into either joining (Trad Worker‘s been moving in a promising direction), or creating a full-fledged NS group, there’d be a hell of a lot that could be achieved, especially considering that’s all in one state.  Voter information by county could likely be pulled from public databases to determine the best neighborhoods for canvassing and recruitment operations.

And while I’m in agreement with James Mason and Michael O’Meara over what will ultimately be required, this shows that electoral politics can play a necessary auxiliary role for building up a revolutionary vanguard, provided the party/person doesn’t pull punches and try to futilely mainstream (to be henceforth called jewstream) like the American Freedom Party has.

The notion that we have to withhold information and pander to people’s existing views is wrong. What you pander to, you reinforce.

The notion that we have to gradually persuade people, that their learning moves in stages is wrong, and the overton window is a crock of nerd bullshit. People’s conscious political views and resulting behavior are the product of authority tropisms.

Plus, deep down, on an instinctual gut level,  people also show through their behavior that they possess racial instincts and that fascism is the natural organizational principle for human relations.

People don’t need to be coddled and deceptively spoonfed what they already instinctually possess that’s just been suppressed below the level of conscious awareness as the result of social conditioning and intimidation from authority figures. They need to be lead.

Consequently the meme of “White Suicide” and its ugly intellectual cousin “Pathological Altruism” need to be confronted and challenged wherever they rear their heads. The problem lies with the Jews and the White elite traitors willingly serving their agenda, not with the mass who cannot be held morally accountable for the situation we face.

Until  the Jews and traitors are all dead and buried with a new elite built in their place to lead, nothing changes.   Accordingly, our goal for 2017 should be continuing to push an uncompromising, consistent stance to radicalize our growing audience to facilitate real-world organization and action, surfing on a  wave of cat lady tears.



On September 9th, Richard Spencer held some pretentious press conference  with Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow in an attempt to explain and justify the Alt Right to the hostile Judaic establishment.  Having lost the ability to hold the conference at the National Press  Club, and consequently losing the ability to identify with important-sounding buildings to cultivate a false image of legitimacy in lieu of having a coherent physical movement built around consistent core principles, it was held at some hotel no one cares about.

The fact that they’re even having a press conference is unnecessary as there’s no actual movement to represent, just a grab-bag of disparate elements.  If anything, this is a move by Spencer, Brimelow, and Taylor to consolidate their hold over an emerging trend and mold it to their vision for the purposes of securing the existence of the Jewish people and a future for world Kikery.  Whether that’s intended or not is beside the point.  With what transpired, I really get the idea I should be doing one of those goofy reaction videos to this god-awful mess, but whatever.

0:38 Richard Spencer : “we have to be authentic to the current year.”

You mean riding on the coattails of internet trends started by the Daily Stormer and TRS, taking credit for yourself while trying to tone police it back into your personal comfort zone of floundering irrelevance?  The same criticism applies to the other two clowns sharing the stage, along with Grindr Greggie who’s generally blacklisted from attending these events on account of his subaltern position to Spencer and his backers.   The most successful elements of the alt right are using methods that all these other clowns hysterically derided as VULGAR and COUNTER PRODUCTIVE, exactly as VNN and Iron March did years prior.

The conference clowns are just playing catch up while being too cowardly to own the ground that’s staked and still desiring the authenticity.  Amren even went out of its way to deliberately but futilely attempt to sabotage and concern troll these successful methods into derailment to protect its precious Jews.

0:46  Richard Spencer “The Alt Right is in a way conservatives who don’t have anything to conserve anymore.”

And right off the bat, lil Dick goes running back to the conservative label he’s claimed to move past while attempting to consolidate the alt right within that  prison.  He goes on to blather about how they’re ideologically different from  other variations of conservatism, how they’re the true conservatives blahblahblah, but dispositionally, they’re identical.

The conservative is a natural born loser, a contemptible punch puller forever playing on defense, a simpering queer in spirit paralyzed by propriety into believing an existential, no-holds-barred fight to the death is a gentlemen’s debate where everything’s up for sale, where they just lispily priss n’ prance their way through the marketplace of ideas in humble hopes the people will be R A T I O N A L L Y persuaded by cowardly doubletalk and buy their I D E A S.  Maintaining proper form and playing fair is more important to them than putting out the right message and actually getting in the ring, all in hopes Jews who hate them won’t call them mean names.

Spencer’s stated elsewhere his alt right will take over the republican party – like the republicans and their (((owners))) are just gonna hand it to him after he triumphantly insinuates his way through the party’s backdoors by whispering special buzzwords to them draped in vague mystifying bullshit.  In a parallel universe, Spencer’s running for office on the republican ticket.  This admission of what he is in function and now self-identification was a rare moment of honesty from Spencer.

3:16 Richard Spencer:  “I don’t think our support of Trump is really about policy at the end of the day, you can say its about style over substance.  Because, you know, policy,  what does that really matter? I think it’s really about Trump’s style, the fact that he doesn’t back down, that he’s willing to confront his enemies. “

Yeah and how’s that unrequited love working out for you?  Funnier yet, Trump’s style of over the top delivery and aggression is another living refutation to everything Spencer does and advocates with his approach.  Vicious, hilarious lampooning works. Vulgarity works.  And true to WASP form, Spencer’s afraid of actually doing what works, lacking the spirit to do so, so the best he can do is fawn at a distance while still trying to position himself as some sort of leader.

Wow, I thought the point of these conferences was to hype up and motivate people .  I feel demoralized already and I didn’t even pay whatever ridiculous fee they’re charging to attend this stupid shit.

Has it occurred to anyone else just how fucking boring this guy is to listen to?  Can’t he at least conscript his wife Tits Kouprianova to club baby seals to death with her mammarial monstrosities as some sideshow act?  Jesus Christ.

4:20 Richard Spencer “I think it would be better if we shuffled left and right and tried something dramatically different”- goes on to awkwardly ramble about meme magic to a handful of geriatrics.

The NS, Golden Dawn, the National Alliance, and countless others have all done so with great success, which Spencer runs away from because that would upset (((Miss Daisy’s))) delicate sensibilities.  Get off the ice you faggot.

6:40 Richard Spencer : “There is no one leader of the alt right so I cannot enforce anything.”

…as Spencer’s being presented as its leader and creator, with the Jewish media holding up Jew-appeasers Spencer, Brimelow, and Taylor, along with Jew Milo, as the alt-right’s key figures in order to keep it in the semitic safety zone.  Spencer  absolutely can enforce things, like barring people from his conferences for being counter-semitic, while other key figures do the same.  He can then proceed to use that as leverage for pushing and forcing a wider cultural/behavioral change within the alt right.

Meanwhile  he’s giving carte blanche to philosemites and Jews to attend his conferences, network, push their messages and promote themselves, essentially holding a Jewish (and queer) line on key defining issues.  Jew criticism’s not allowed because it wouldn’t look right with the drapes and lace, but Jews and fags are more than welcome to peddle their bullshit.

His statement here was moreso directed at the alt right to stave off attacks and maintain plausible deniability over the power he exercises within the alt right than it was at the general public, he’s the William Buckley of nationalism.

Here’s something to consider – why is the Jew media promoting Milo, Spencer, Brimelow, and Taylor as the alt rights spokesmen and directing all traffic towards them?  Spoiler alert: so its multiple subcultures can be kept within the semitically-correct plantation no matter where else they go.

8:40 : “We question some of the most basic norms, we question America’s foundingness, that’s how I would put it.  If you wanna look at the Declaration of Independence, its not just this notion of all men are created equal I would object to, its also this notion that states come into being because people want to create these entities to defend their inalienable rights.”

Probably the only vaguely useful thing he’s said.

9:00 Richard Spencer:  “I find that just total hokum nonsense.  That’s not how any government came into being.”

Bingo, they’re forged into being through the violent struggle for power and control, the exact same things you timidly prance away from out of fear Jews will call you a toothless redneck while you’re busy gluing pictures of Roman statues (like anyone even knows what those posters even fucking mean) to the Starbucks window with some useless apple polishing kiss-ass like Nathan Damigo.

9:30 Richard Spencer: “if something holds America together now, its this gobbledygook that we come from different places to achieve our dreams.”

No, dumbass, the meme is consequent of the Jewish power structure you ignore.  You know, the one that has its fingers on the triggers of every military and police weapon, the one that forced integration at gunpoint, the one that forced white women into schools filled with slobbering nigger rapists.  The credible threat and usage of state-sanctioned VIOLENCE against any and all dissenters is what holds the JewSA together.


If Spencer just pretends this all just doesn’t exist, then it plays into his fantasy he can win by taking over the republican party on account of his special I D E A S with zero regard for the amount of people he’s misdirecting with this approach.  Lisping about ideas divorced from physical reality and power structures  is the realm of the autist. Spencer’s just some dweeb.

12:40 Richard Spencer: “in terms of parentheses I would mention part of my own development was becoming aware of (((neoconservatives))), becoming aware of the way in which Zionism, I think perversely influences American foreign policy , and so the parenthesis is a way of locating people who may have a different interest than American interest.  The fact that all these people adopted the parentheses was hilarious.”

Name the Jew, dumbass.  Want to control Spencer for all eternity?  Just threaten to associate him with Jewish caricatures of toothless rednecks.

16:00 Richard Spencer: “I want to have influence,” goes on to draw a comparison to the (((neoconservatives))) and how they remade the world with I D E A S with a small core of activists, claims how its a better model.”

Jesus Christ.  The neoconservatives succeeded with those methods because they had the full backing of the present power structure, Jewry, with many being Jews and former Marxists themselves.   You don’t, and will never have that backing, no matter how much you try to appease them.

They have power, you don’t, and they’re not just gonna give it you because of your special I D E A S.  The (((neoconservatives))) were allowed in.  So was Trump because he’s phony opposition.  You won’t be, and as you have no capability for organizing widespread violence against them, you have no leverage over them that could force them to let you in.  So what are you gonna do about it?  Blow more air about I D E A S while wasting your supporter’s money on dumb pyramid schemes like Phalanx?  

17:15 – Brimelow comes on, brief autobiographical stuff, some vague shit about (((Conservatism Inc))) without naming the Jew.

20:55 Peter Brimelow:  “I actually remember when the conservative movement worked.”

…lol.  It worked?  They fumbled the ball every fucking time it was handed to them.  Did they manage to avert a single thing we’re facing now?  No?  Well, then it didn’t work.  Whether Brimelow – a self described civic nationalist – thinks he’s playing some angle here or is just legitimately clueless is beyond me. I already posted the link earlier, but in case Brimelow’s ever reading  this, for god’s sake read William Pierce’s Why Conservatives Can’t Win and actually think about the implications.

Does this guy think the John Birch Society actually achieved anything  by conducting its own purges of dreaded radicals for going anywhere near the Jewish problem?  JBS were punch-pulling pussies, as former members  going from Rockwell, Piece, and Revilo Oliver to countless others all routinely pointed out.   JBS purged and alienated everyone capable of bringing the fight to the Jew’s door in an attempt to appease the Jews, only to get themselves purged from the ranks of conservatism later.

Yeah, I guess old school faileoconservatism worked – for the Jews – exactly as it was intended to all along.

21:05 Peter Brimelow: “Reagan was a great man.”

Aaaaaand here we go with the old fogey nostalgia that shapes this guy’s entire world view.  What made Reagan a great man, the fact he granted amnesty to nonwhite illegal immigrants, or do you just like him in an unprincipled way because “aahh, yeahh, he’s my kinda guy even tho he undermined everything I claim to stand for, I just like how he says things and shits on poor people?”

Jesus Christ, no wonder he thinks conservatism actually worked.

23:30 Peter Brimelow: “all the nation states of Europe were nation states, they’ve been ethnically cleansed by the Germans.”

And here he goes out his way to bravely hold the line of Jewish lies on WWII.  Lies aside, evidently it doesn’t occur to this dolt that if Hitler had won, the immigration crisis he now acknowledges is an international problem wouldn’t be happening, at least not in Europe. Brimelow inadvertently colors himself with his own “holocaust-haunted rich” quip he’s made elsewhere and probably doesn’t even realize it.

Sweet syrupy Jesus, please shoot me.

23:35 Peter Brimelow:  “and the Russians.”

Well, at least he got that part right.  Will he mention that an inordinate amount of Soviet commissars were of a (((particular))) origin?  What about the atrocities Team Anglo committed, like the firebombing of Dresden and post-war starvation and abuse of German POWs.  I’m placing 20 niggers down on no.

24:10 Peter Brimelow:  “The political elite will not deal with this problem”

Hey Peter, how about naming that elite – Jews and White traitors serving them – instead of using all these faggy weasel words that do nothing to educate and provide direction. How about explaining WHY they won’t deal with it. What, are ya too scared to do that?

I thought the point of these things was to educate a wider audience and discuss associated topics that come up, not to nervously fumble around being as vague and evasive as possible, focusing on how to minimize criticism and name calling directed at you.

This is just wasting the money of everyone who paid to be there.

25:15 Peter Brimelow: (Goes on about how Hillary’s gonna enforce amnesty for illegal immigrants.)

Ohh, so its bad when Hillary does it, but a-ok when Ronnie Reagan does the same thing?  What about some of Trump’s statements waffling on the issue?

26:15  Peter Brimelow: “there isnt any conversation going about immigration at all among the elite.”

Well how about naming that shadowy (((elite)))? Then you’ll know why.  They aren’t simply avoiding it out of fear while being ignorant as to its effects, this is a deliberate, forced agenda of White genocide, of which the Republican party is just one of the many executioners.  They know exactly what they’re doing.

28:00 Peter Brimelow: (Goes into secession and a possible breakup of the US along racial lines , worth listening to.  One of the rare good moments of this conference.)

30:35 Peter Brimelow: “He[Putin] is a nationalist”

…as Putin, who has strong ties to organized international Jewry, is locking Russian nationalists in prison under a myriad of hate crime laws and passing further bogus laws like ones banning “holocaust denial”

inb4 Putintards try to desperately rationalize their adoration of Putin by arguing how imposing a Jewish party line is somehow running an angle on the Jews, using a reality compass made by Shaggy 2 Dope to guide them through their mental travails.

34:30 Richard Spencer: some nerdy matrix reference.  smdh 2016.

34:35 Richard Spencer: “I’ve always been a radical at heart”

Coming from the self-described true conservative who thinks he can take over and reform the republican party for White people while explicitly rejecting violence and without taking on the Jew .  LOL LOL LOL.

If you were a radical, you’d be attacking and burning the republican party to the ground, leading a solid, fanatical vanguard to take power as your enemies dropped all around you.

Pick an identity and stick with it, jesus, This guy’s more unstable in his identity than some 15 year-old wrist cutter.

34:50 Richard Spencer: “I always wanted to avoid the race issue, it  felt icky, I didn’t want to talk about it, it gave me trouble”

And that’s exactly where is mindset is on the Jewish problem, among countless other issues pertaining to our situation and how to organize viable resistance.  Still a functional conservative, paralyzed by propriety.

35:00  Richard Spencer: “I can say that Jared Taylor redpilled me”

And I can say William Pierce redpilled me because I already knew niggers sucked (most people do), hated them from an early age, and was never ashamed of that.  Guess who’s still stuck on the Semitic plantation?  You.

This goes to show the importance of ensuring that Semitically-correct racialists DO NOT serve as introductory material.  If need be, steal their sources and work but do not credit them or direct any traffic to them in any way.   Direct and frame all their information and arguments  in terms of the Jewish problem.  William Pierce should serve as the basic introductory material to set new people on their course to Hitler, and from there, the need for all out uncompromising confrontation with the system, not some lying Kike-fellating piece of shit like Jared.  Just look at Jared’s followers to see where they remain, what dumb arguments they employ,  what even stupider tactics they advocate, and the amount of damage and misdirection they do to our cause.

Look at the TYPE of people he attracts too – snobby and timid upper middle class types who try to WASP their way around everything, placing a greater importance on personal propriety and prestige than principle.  Amren boys are just cowardly, weak, stupid, useless, and above all, saturated with unwarranted self importance.  They’re the type who if they even bother joining a group will demand it be toned down to their level of ineffectiveness to personally accommodate their sensibilities, deciding that’s still too edgy, dropping everything and running away when all their damage is done.

We don’t need that type in the movement.

35:15 Jared Taylor comes on, gives usual HBD spiel, touches on forced integration and repression of scientific research while avoiding the role of the Jewish power structure.  Some useful material, use the guy for his arguments, don’t give him credit or publicity.

43:00  Jared Taylor: “Conservatism has completely abandoned these questions.”

Good, now is he gonna take this where it needs to go?

44:00 Jared Taylor points out how most people show they’re racist without realizing it while simultaneously vocalizing support for anti-racism, fails to go into the psychological dynamic behind this, pushed by the Jewish power structure he also avoids.  Avoids focusing on (((who’s))) pushing forced integration onto white neighborhoods, blames whites instead.

46:50 Jared Taylor : “Only whites have been browbeaten into thinking its some sort of virtue to march off the stage of history.”

(((Who’s))) doing the browbeating?

You know, this is so cringeworthy I cant even finish this shit.  Zeiger covers the rest of this clown show over at the Daily Stormer.  Spencer goes out of his way to praise Jews and insists we’ll have good relations with them as they’re trying to exterminate us.   Spencer then undermines his whole purpose by lying that whites aren’t going anywhere implying we aren’t facing a genocidal demographic crisis. Taylor proceeds to actively lie on a whole litany of subjects covering Jews, on and on.  If I’m feeling particularly masochistic maybe I’ll do an in depth cover of part 2 but ahh, fuck this, these people suck.

Someone please let me know if he actually uses “marketplace of ideas” in this because then the parody’s just writing itself there.

The takeaway lesson here is these are all men of varying levels of confusion, cowardice, and corruption, Brimelow seems genuinely clueless so I just kinda feel bad for him.  The other two, Spencer and Taylor, are pieces of shit.  Anyway, if these men are gonna be the front and center of representing our race, and if Jews are able to intimidate them into actively lying and misdirecting on their behalf, then its our duty to relentlessly attack all three of these men until they perform on the necessary level or are hounded into irrelevancy.

If Jews are able intimidate these men by showing them there’s a price to pay for throwing punches, then it’s our duty to show them there’s an even greater price to pay for pulling punches.



We National-Socialists must never under any circumstances join in the usual hurrah-patriotism of the bourgeois world.

-Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Vol. II, Chap. 14, p. 648 (Manheim); auf deutsch S. 735

In a perfect illustration of the conservative mentality and the destructive impact it can have in racial politics, the American Freedom Party has unceremoniously thrown its own presidential candidate, Bob Whitaker, under the bus. Instead of funding, supporting, and promoting their own candidate that their members have invested time and money in, they chose to devote party resources to chasing after Donald Trump like some unwanted frumpy fat girl begging for a date, ceding ground in the process and wasting already limited resources. Instead of using their candidate to play off Trump by pushing a more hard-line stance, thus radicalizing a portion of their target audience and building momentum accordingly, they chose to shit all over him.  Hell, they could have even baited Trump into a response or even a debate on live TV, putting the issues they claim to care about into the spotlight. But nope!

As harped on previously, all this will do is repel people from joining the AFP. They tell their voters that they can find a vaguely pro whitish candidate in the mainstream, who is way more likely to win, has less baggage, and who can magically fix it all from within the republican party. This impedes them from radicalizing, becoming explicitly racial, and ditching the system.  Just more of the same, really, springing from the same rotten foundation of patriotard conservatism.

This is demonstrated, in the first place, by their past actions; as an example, they fielded Merlin “I hate white people” Miller as a presidential candidate, while he was denouncing his own supporters and the Council of ((Cohen)) Cocksuckers for being too extreme. But it’s also demonstrated by the image they willingly project, and their total effective subservience to the conservatism they claim they’ve moved past.


Christ, they’ve got the geriatric lawnchair-Teabagger demographic staked out perfectly, goin’ all chips down on FULL METAL PATRIOT! Even changed their name (previously known as the American Third Position) to reflect their desire to charge straight into the patriotard gulch with such desperation, it comes across as an absurd parody.

Their whole game is to throw around meaningless patriotard platitudes so maybe one day Jeff Gordon will drive a victory lap for them in the Daytona 500 or whatever, while downplaying anything “disagreeable” instead of creating a distinct, relevant brand with an accompanying assertive leadership to capitalize off the growing political disenfranchisement of several white target audiences with the intention to actively fight for power on all levels.

The AFP seems to think the more they cede distinct ground and try to become the Tea Party, the more they’ll win. All they’re doing is becoming the Chinese knockoff version of an already shitty, pointless product. Out of out their desire for non-confrontational social propriety and adherence to savin muh cuntstitution out of some misplaced sense of duty, they refuse to radicalize and attack the conservatives as competitors. They choose to blend in instead without hammering home why conservatives aren’t a solution, thus enabling the conservative establishment to cynically exploit growing racial sentiments for its own gain, without any intention on implementing any racialist goals, Trump inclusive.

As a result, their target audience will just stay with conservatism, perceiving themselves as getting the exact same deal there with a much greater chance of success and less baggage. Successfully bringing people over from conservatism to an actual third position, opposition party requires relentlessly attacking the contemporary right – to siphon off those capable of getting it as opposed to enabling their current views, and the Jewish system as a whole.

So, not only are they not making inroads to their targeted audience, they’re also successfully alienating everyone under age 60 in their approach.   Then, by some fluke of nature, William Johnson managed to get a delegate spot, and when the story broke, stated his intention to VOLUNTARILY RESIGN, setting a godawful example to his followers to back down when challenged and demonstrating absolute groveling subservience to something that’s not even racialist in futile hopes they’ll maybe implement a couple watered down versions of policies he wants in exchange for not fucking up Trump’s campaign .  If that wasn’t bad enough, take a look at the fantasy cabinet AFP’s assembled as a recommendation to Trump , showing where their mindset’s stuck at: passive begging and glad handing a hostile anti-white system, legitimizing it to their followers.


Further, while occasional lip service is paid to being a Third Position, the AFP can’t get over being conservatives, and cannot bring themselves to recruit from the left and incorporate relevant economic aspects into their platform.

Being a grab bag of miscellaneous, conflicting interest groups- some with relevant concerns and perspectives , others entirely pointless and retarded freaks that need to be killed , and some even willing to ditch semitically-correct anti-racist narratives to attack the tenets of judeoliberalism, there’s a million different wedges that can be driven into the left to split that power base and bring the elements we want over.

Given that some on the left are realizing how much they’ve been lied to on a variety of relevant subjects , while seeking socially-safe methods of communicating racial sentiments like hipster racism, this is ripe ground for recruiting, and absolutely necessary for racial survival, something that Tom Metzger understood and applied with his organization.

Of course, the faileocons are unwilling to listen to anyone besides themselves while attempting to shoehorn an entire situation and related generation into their uninspiring and irrelevant vision for resurrecting 1950’s America by voting Republican. Scratch your average White Nationalist and you’ll just find a typical faileocon/Teabagger with more pronounced racial sentiments and the same pitiful, polite wailing about some past bygone age nobody else fucking cares about without a goddamn clue what else to do. Apparently, they think this is the future standard of racial politics, the aegis and salvation of the White European Race, the Aryan ideal! Absolutely pathetic.



Building off the recurring theme of propaganda I’ll be exploring some recurring memes and concepts being circulated within various WN spheres, with their real world, mass propaganda implications.

The White Suicide Meme aka “we’re doing it to ourselves”

The Milgram and Asch experiments show that behavior for the majority of people is derived from authority figures and peer group consensus. If we take the implications of these studies, behavior’s vertically determined (authority) and horizontally reinforced. If repeated long enough with corresponding reward/punishment, the underlying narrative becomes internalized as a norm, serving as a reference point for future behavior. Therefore, the majority of people cannot be considered autonomous agents acting with conscious intent in regard to their political views, related behavior, and the consequences thereof.

So, “White suicide” by definition cannot be true as suicide requires conscious, explicit intent of the subject, which would have to exist on a racial-level scale in every individual, implying a unified transcontinental racial consciousness that simply doesn’t exist. Blaming the masses for their own condition is erroneous and repellent as mass propaganda, as is extrapolating the self-interested treason of White elites into some race-wide D E A T H W I S H.

A common argument in favor of the suicide meme is the drop in White birthrates. Using this as proof that we’re just doing it to ourselves and solely responsible for our conditions is wrong. Claiming that the reduction of birth rates is somehow indicative of some “White suicide” ignores how norms and consequent behavior are established and transmitted. The decline in birthrates is attributable to Jewish-led and imposed feminism, consumerism, and all the other degenerate elements of liberalism, used as a justification in the political mainstream for increased immigration. Claiming that the increase in immigration is solely consequent of the fall in birth rates however :

  1. ignores the underlying genocidal intent for Jewish-led and imposed mass immigration
  2. implies this wouldn’t be happening if birthrates were higher, completely ignoring the power structure behind this, effectively exculpating Jews and their servile White elite traitors from blame.
  3. Ignores other points in history where birthrates have tanked without a corresponding mudflood of divershitty detritus scraped from the bottom of the barrel of the third world. Such as the period between 1925-1945 in the US.
  4. Ignores that the Hart-Celler act was passed on the deliberate lie that it wouldn’t significantly change the US’s racial composition Proving that the blame ultimately lies within the JewSA’s power structure that needs to be destroyed.

Building off the lie element in point 4), anti-racist political beliefs are predicated on outright lies. Jews in academia like ((((((Franz Boas)))))), and more currently ((((((Richard Lewontin)))))) And ((((((Stephen Jay Gould)))))), all radical left wing activists, are the ones pushing false theories peddling anti-racism that form the theoretical base/justification for the wider curriculum. Those are then simplified for mass consumption to assert that race is an untenable concept with the image of authority. All other dissenting views are ruthlessly repressed and censored, therefore peddling “White suicide” is blaming the masses for being lied to while letting the liar off the hook.

Another common argument in favor of the suicide meme is the deliberate lie that Scandinavia doesn’t have a politically significant Jewish population pushing for mass immigration. Which is hilarious, considering that Jew ((((((Barbara Spectre)))))) is pretty much the name and face associated with mass immigration activism over there, along with other prominent Jewish activists such as ((((((David Schwarz)))))), a writer for the Jewish-owned (((Bonnier))) Dagens Nyheter, the largest newspaper in Sweden, who was responsible for shaping much of the immigration debate in the 1960’s . This argument also willingly lies about the stranglehold Jews have over the media there, owning the largest newspaper networks and TV stations.

The suicide meme is favored by pompous prissy parlor poofs because it allows them to expend endless time and energy splitting hairs chasing after intangible abstractions, some vague transcendent inarticulable “deathwish” that we all supposedly have but somehow aren’t aware of, as they try to impress each other on who’s the most “erudite”. That’s the whole point – the “White suicide” meme isn’t meant to be solved by closing in some identifiable behavioral trait to be targeted for change on a mass scale. Further, even if that was the case, that flies in the face of basic behavioral mechanics as explained previously with norms and related behavior being vertically determined, making all efforts on that front counterproductive and worthless until after we’ve secured a position of authority.

And on a gut level, most people continue to exhibit racial instincts independent of their political beliefs and related behavior that they probably aren’t aware of. Miscegenation remains an exception rather than the norm, people still tend to naturally self-segregate in every context, and so on. I’ll also contend that targeting parts of our nature for change that are as much of benefit as they are liability isn’t the way to go. The problem isn’t these traits themselves, its their misdirection that’s consequent of the existing power structure.

The suicide meme exists ultimately as a result of cowardice and meretricious appeal, it allows its proponents to maintain a veneer of semitically correct respectability as they recoil in narcissistic fear of being associated with anything “vulgar” or “low brow” as determined established authority figures (i.e Jews), masking their cowardice as sophistication. Its a cheap plot device allowing the season of directionless parlor palaver to continue indefinitely as they chase the revenue streams and estates of rumpled old faileocon farts in their quest to unmask the identity of the “odorless, colorless gas,” the inarticulable D E A T H W I S H.

Ultimately it lets the Jews off the hook in favor of some heady ass new age bullshit. The frame it provides prescribes no clear course of action and does nothing to address the hostile power structure pitted against us, making it a propaganda liability as it will just confuse people, directing all their attention inward and away from taking action. Why, we just have to focus inward, popping in this meditative cassette tape from Arktos and changing our thoughts, maaaan. Somehow that magically creates some sort of cascade resonating throughout the masses magically bypassing all Jewish positions of power that will somehow then magically disappear! Ohm!

We can endlessly split hairs over what some obscure monarch said in 17xx about some vague intangible D E G E N E R A C Y wafting through the air and how that theoretically led to blahblahblah, or we can focus on the fact the enemy‘s already inside the gates, in power, and focus on punching the fuck out of them, actively fighting for power so we can impose our vision.

It’s certainly one thing to tell people already within our ranks to harden up, be wary of their personal weaknesses, follow a consistent set of principles, being mindful of what they can do to help out and contribute more, and to hold themselves to higher standards. Its another to extrapolate the need for that within our existing ranks as some sort of race-wide “deathwish” providing a propaganda frame to a mass audience that lets the enemy off the hook and directs them away from action.

A functionally similar meme is pathological altruism which I’m largely not gonna go into as Zeiger’s already addressed it. The meme’s just so fucking stupid on its face, I question if Kevin MacDonald sincerely believes it or is being pressured to pursue it by others so he can keep a spot at their venues. Oh yeah, and with the rate the alt fright’s going, they’ll be declaring victory when jewfag Milo Yankalottadicks writes an article on pathological altruism to exculpate his tribe from blame. I’ll just say this – pathological altruism implies a racial-level unified consciousness of well, pathological altruism, which really could be more accurately described as a vain, status-signalling competition for Mother Theresa social media points in the context of a completely jewed culture.  I mean deep down inside, on a gut level, everyone knows Niggers suck.

But, I digress.  Let’s take Kevin MacDonald’s argument at its face.  At what point in history did the White race as a whole display:

1) “Pathological altruism”

2) A unified racial consciousness required for such

When the Cromwell starved the Irish? Andersonville Prison? When the Allies firebombed Dresden? When the Vikings sold the Slavs to the Arabs? Well shit, back to the drawing board on that one, KMac.

How come this “pathological altruism” didn’t seem to be a problem until after the kikes took over? It’s the Jews, stupid, not an “odorless, colorless gas” that mystically overcame us all. ITS THE GODDAMN JEWS. Whatever prior cultural factors paved the way for them to take their hold are inconsequential at this point in time, and are secondarily to the traitorous elite who allowed them in the door and who carry their water. The Jews are here now, they’re jewing the culture and killing us. Until we rise and kill them all in response, requiring the necessary propaganda framing beforehand, we have no way of getting our societies fixed in the direction they need to go.

The White Genocide Meme

The problem with the White genocide meme isn’t the meme itself, which is accurate, its the way that it’s framed and presented. Proponents like Bob Whitaker and David Duke always frame it in appeals to liberal concepts like human rights and accusing their opponents of being the real racists or whatever. Or in BUGS case, autistically deconstructing the term racist instead of saying “yeah so?” and getting back to the point.

The whole frame and subtext there is basically affirming enemy bogus concepts and asking their permission to exist within them, implicitly seeking their approval and granting them leverage. Its an inherently powerless, defensive position affirming every concept Jews use against us, passively begging them to stop calling us names when we try to reappropriate their bullshit and just end up confusing everyone. Above all, that approach radiates weakness which is picked up on by the audience.

Alex Linder provides a better frame that can be used for the White genocide meme: counter-exterminating Jews.  The important thing is that this frame accurately describes the situation we’re facing, names the enemy in no unmistakable terms, and outlines a clear course of action without room for confusion and misdirection.  And most importantly, it remains on the offensive, retaining leverage accordingly.

Always attack, never defend.

Holocaust Meme

Smashing the holocaust myth is the one way to bypass Jewish cultural and political programming that’s consequent of their institutional and political dominance without having those positions of power ourselves while exposing Jewish power in undeniable terms so it can be countered. We further undermine their authority while asserting ourselves in the minds of the public by destroying their credibility and related moral authority, making the Jews look like the utterly ridiculous and willfully malicious liars they are. Which is something clowns like Dick Spencer and Grindr Greggie (same kike, different loan) ignore: “countless innocent Jews surely died as well, and ultimately that’s all the Holocaust needs to survive. The gas chambers, the genocidal intent, and the rest of it could be dropped, but poor little ((((((Anne Frank)))))) and many others like her would still be dead.”Grindr “If ((((((Anne Frank)))))) died then the holocaust happened” Greggie.


The components of the Holocaust™ are:

  1. Detached, systematic industrial slaughter through gas chambers.
  2. The 6 Million™ meme.

Without 1 and 2, the Holocaust™ by definition didn’t happen. The cause and reason for death is the key here and what ultimately provides meaning to the original meme and gives it power. Without that, it doesn’t carry nearly the same emotional weight, without that weight, the meme has no power and pales in comparison to what people were originally taught, public connects the dots with everything the holohoax was used to justify and the Jew loses all moral authority, facing a justified, furious backlash that we can fuel. ((((((Anne Frank))))))’s diary being a proven forgery is just the icing on the cake, as her worthless kike of a father slandered the German doctors trying to save her life.

…therefore the holocaust happened. According to Greggie. Lol. Greggie and Kevin MacDonald, like cowards, cede ground in this fight and hand the Jew a giant victory.

With the gas chambers proven to be a hoax and the death toll reduced from 6 million to a couple hundred thousand as originally determined by the Red Cross , and those ~300,000 or so deaths proven to be the result of typhus outbreaks largely consequent of the Allies bombing supply chains, and justified executions of Jews for being violent communists organizing terrorist massacres, violent camp revolts, and so forth. People then can see the extent to which they’ve been lied to and extorted over this hoax that’s been used to guilt trip them into justifying countless wars, financial rape, and to protect kikery from facing any criticism or consequences for their own actions at the whole world’s expense.

If you need an example of the power of authority, look at all the dumb shit people actually believe on the sole virtue that some Jew said it. Like the eyewitness™ accounts found in Inside the Concentration Camps: Eyewitness Accounts of Life in Hitler’s Death Camps.


(((Alleged))) atrocities on the Eastern Front have become an increasing focal point to try to breathe life into the dying holohoax meme. Many of these have been pinned on the Germans by the Soviets, such as the Katyn massacre which is now widely-acknowledged to have been perpetrated by the Soviets. Other smaller (((alleged))) massacres, if proven to be done by the Germans, can be justified considering how communist partisans operate. Given the nature of partisan warfare, every person in a (((sympathetic))) village plays a role in an integrated firearms and explosives supply chain, and plays in a role in ambush attacks. Literally, kill or be killed. As Louis Ferdinand Celine explained to the Germans during their liberation of France, if they basically didn’t go door to door indiscriminately shooting every Jew dead on sight, they’d lose everything. As they had no intention of ever doing that, lose they did.

Countering the holohoax meme matters because it’s the only way we can bypass and reverse Jewish social conditioning without having their institutional power ourselves . Can’t reprogram culture and morality and related behavior without institutional and political power and control. Can’t get that without bulldozing the Kikes outta the way. Only possible way to bypass their programming is through attacking the holohoax to make such a power-grab possible.  The more people we get laughing at the holohoax, the closer we are to winning.



An unfortunate meme, predictably circulating within the alt right, is that of “good jews”.   Some alt right dullards like to even go as far as romanticizing jews for being “excellent” and “hardworking”, worshiping traits like IQ, socioeconomic status, and work ethic as universal standards for respect, inclusion, and reverence without regard for what they’re used for. And predictably, this all completely misses the points:

  1. There are nogood jews”.
  2. Jews cannot lose their status and be assimilated in accord with our standards.
  3. Jews cannot be trusted and we owe them absolutely nothing.

Jewry, at its core, is biological.  They are an identifiable race retaining a common,  identifiable genetic lineage, clustering closer to each other than the various host populations they’ve mixed with.

Jews play all sides while acting as a cohesive group

Jewry has its own internal disagreements and rivalries.  However, all these different factions and viewpoints are ultimately working for the same goal – to perpetuate jewish ethnic interests at our expense by dominating and controlling their respective niches. This essentially allows jews to play all sides, all ideologies,  to fulfill their goals in every possible context and scenario while maintaining plausible deniability when called on it.  As to how much of this is an overt, consciously coordinated conspiracy vs instinctual, biologically ingrained behavior to co-opt anything they come into contact with as a vehicle for their interests, is beside the point.

Providing any other frame than addressing jews as what they area biological race playing multiple, conflicting fronts to advance its interests in every possible context and outcome, provides the frame that they can be redeemed by their host society’s standards.  They’ll outwardly adopt its norms while maintaining their tribal networks and related behavior. An example of this would be framing the jewish problem as a religious issue as opposed to a biological problem, allowing jews to lose their jewish status and gain trust upon conversion, giving them access to positions of power while providing them cover to continue their objectives.   As a direct consequence of this frame, the Catholic Church allowed itself to become infiltrated  and subverted by jewish converts to Catholicism.

Other examples include basically every instance throughout history where jews nominally integrated into their host societies and gained their trust.  They’d change their names,  behaving better for a generation or so before invariably resuming the same behavior. These frames, born of either ignorance, cowardice, or squeamishness on the jewish problem simply play into the the hand of jewish crypsis.

Its not just the Zionists

A particularly idiotic frame is the tendency for most WN to simply attack jews as “zionists” while holding up anti-zionist jews – usually ones advancing their own anti-racist bullshit narratives, as tokens in hopes of deflecting accusations of antisemitism.  Anti-zionist jews are just as bad as zionist jews and share the same underlying motivation.  They systemically work to attack and undermine the cohesion of their host societies while existing as a tightly networked, cohesive tribe dominating their share of institutions. Their tribal existence and survival  just isn’t necessarily connected to Israel, and is usually more implicit while still  retaining some level of outward, explicit expression of jewish identity.  The common theme of “chosenness” with different forms of expression and framing runs throughout both zionist and anti-zionist camps, showing that this behavior is a biological expression rather than the result of religious and/or political indoctrination.  Look at basically every radical left movement and every jew-domnated jewnivershitty field for confirmation.

There is no separating the jewish elite from “everyday jews”

The jewish elites and community leaders play a symbiotic role with the rank and file “everyday jews“.  Unlike the case for whites, where white elites are actively working against their race’s interest in collusion with the jews, in the jewish group organism, the head is connected to the body.  This means that while on an individual level, some jews may outwardly come across as relatively normal people, claiming to not even be consciously aware of what their race is doing in full, they’re still playing an integrated role in a group organism that’s committing genocide against our race.

After all, it was street level activists and agitators that helped build Bnai Brith into what it is today , starting with only 12 fresh off the boat jewish immigrants in a cafe. It’s street level activists and volunteers that help push (((AIPAC))) proganda and recruit on college campuses. It’s everyday jews networking at the JCC, benefiting from and solidifying jewish nepotism as they become increasingly upwardly mobile. It’s everyday jews providing donations and membership dues for jewish groups that aggressively work to shut down all criticism of their actions and to actively undermine all ethnonationalist efforts at organization on our part.  Groups such as the ADL go to lengths as providing training for police forces to identify and shut down  groups in conflict with their interests.  If charges are laid, juries can be manipulated into delivering a “guilty” verdict even if no crime was committed, allowing jewish activist  groups to abuse the legal system for their own ends.

If each individual jew is consciously working to exterminate our race is beside the point – they all play an active role in a group organism that’s hellbent on killing us. Further, given the existence of established global jewish networks, wealth solidified through jewish banking, media, and corporate dynasties, and the significantly high average IQ found within jews, it’s very easy for “everyday jews” to be upwardly mobile and become elites. If those networks are destroyed, they’d be very easy to rebuild them especially if the jewish problem is framed in a manner that allows a portion of jewry to go crypto, infiltrate existing institutions, and form their own networks within there for eventual takeover. Given the existence of global jewish networks and money, it’d be very easy for them to maintain backchannel funds and connections to assist in that process.

The case for extermination

The case for exterminating jews has already been made by their behavior and past failed attempts to counter it over the course of thousands of years.  Every past attempt to deal with them has failed, and most framed the issue in an unclear light providing portions of jews cover to resume their work  The idea that jewish nationalists can be worked with is refuted by the fact Germany tried that very thing and got stabbed in the back by the World Zionist Congress. When we show jews any clemency, they reward us by sinking the USS Liberty.  They reward it by stealing our military secrets.  They reward it by blackmailing the entire world into doing their bidding through the threat of nuclear annihilation.   They reward it by lobbying for ethnonationalist movements to be crushed, a noteworthy example being Antonis Samaras meeting with members from the American Jewish Committee to proceed issuing orders to arrest and disband Greece’s Golden Dawn.

On account of their established behavior pattern, even nationalist jews cannot be trusted.  Jews claiming to be ethnonationalists who want total separation and independence from the gentile world only circulate that claim within WN and alt right spheres as a rhetorical redirection ploy to stop people form criticizing jews as a cohesive entity and attacking them as an enemy. This is further evident by the fact that Israel is dependent on a wider global network to maintain its existence and receive the weaponry to do so, the idea is a false premise from the get-go with Israel basically existing as an outgrowth of the JewSA military-industrial complex. Said redirection ploy is then used as a justification for including jews within the alt right so they can continue co-opting it.  Plus, what do these alt right retards expect? Jews are just gonna voluntarily surrender everything they’ve worked for and quietly go along with a repatriation plan without any retaliation?  Do we really want to do business with people who have a proven track record of betrayal?

The only viable, long term solution to the jewish problem is mercilessly killing them down to the very last one, exactly as they’re trying to do to us.   After all, they staked that ground in the first place. Why should we reward them on any level for their efforts to destroy us? Who retains leverage there? We don’t owe them shit, other than delivering a swift death. With Israel’s efforts at developing bioweapons designed to kill based on genetic sequences it’d be particularly hilarious and well-deserved if that technology was somehow used against them.

Instead of pretending to be working for our race’s survival, the alt right should proceed in accord with its internal destiny and make the case for allowing jews to live while protecting them from the consequences of their own actions.  It’d be a rare act of honesty from them so they can get back to stuffing their faces with Heideggerian hors d’oeuvres and spamming retarded helicopter memes.



Around every election season, a significant portion of American White Nationalists and their Alt-Fright faileocon interlopers seem to forget everything they have claimed to learn about presenting a clean ideological and strategic break from failed conservatism, and crawl slobbering back to their favorite Republican candidate of choice. By doing so, this self-declared vanguard displays its own ignorance as to what a functioning vanguard actually is and how they are oblivious to what this approach signals to the public they are trying to reach. More importantly, they show their own cowardice towards the necessary act of stepping outside their own nostalgic, sentimental comfort zone, ensuring this behavior and accompanying nonperformance is bound to continue.

The desperate embrace of Donald Trump possibly trumps the previous desperate embrace of the Tea Party by patriotard conservative WNs in terms of comedic value and cowardice. All the support for him’s just desperation for there to be an easy quick solution and to rationalize political non-involvement.

This speaks volumes to White Nationalism lacking any unified, coherent set of principles and accompanying ideological worldview, existing simply as a vague sentiment to be co-opted and misdirected. This season, we are honored with Donald Trump being the object of their unrequited affections, rank and file WNs being hilariously oblivious to the fact that Donnie would have absolutely no problem Ruby Ridging these people’s families on behalf of his Jewish friends.

Then again, what should we expect from people who cheer on Ann Coulter as she barely scratches the surface of the reality of the jewish problem by complete accident, and then immediately backpedals like crazy? What should we expect from people who fail to see the implications there? A turnstile of conservative cowardice and unrelenting fuckups, with cuckservative-in-denial, Dickie Spencer, leading the charge.

Donald Trump functions as a jewish measuring stick for emerging racial consciousness – the objective is for him to act as a relief valve and to keep all related discourse within a semitically-correct, patriotard frame, preventing it from reaching a point of explicit racial consciousness and organization. By getting the GOP nomination, he makes the system look more open than it really is, keeping an emerging, explicitly racial segment of the population on the GOP plantation, effectively assimilating them into that wide base where they can have no power and nullifying them as any oppositional entity. In the event he was ever to go third party, he ensures valuable resources, time, and money are misdirected from building any viable fascist vanguard. Semitically-correct frame applies across the board in both scenarios.

In the off chance that Trump wins the presidency and the wall gets built, that does absolutely jackshit to get rid of all the non-whites here, does nothing to lower their birthrates, does nothing to raise white birth rates, does nothing to repeal gunpoint-enforced integration, does nothing to stop niggers from raping and killing everything in sight, does nothing to eliminate the Jewish problem or change the accompanying power structure that’s pitted against us. It’s a symbolic victory that will simply render an increasingly disillusioned, angry segment of the population complacent all over again, knocking us all back to square one. It simply delays the point we reach minority status by a couple of years while reversing all of our efforts of radicalizing the public.

Meanwhile, The Donald will be in place to lecture the public on the virtues of hardworking legal nonwhite immigrants, why jews are the best thing ever, and the evils of racism, conditioning the public accordingly. Donald’s audience isn’t developing their views as a result of Trump, those views were already in place; they already had them, just as Donnie’s in place to keep them from going further and radicalizing. He feeds them, gives them validation at their current point, and makes them feel secure. Hell, a Trump victory could very well be the thing that kills us.

Given statements made by Trump and his son, he still wants mexcrement flowing into the JewSA, just as long as its through his claimed beaner wall he’s probably lying about and integrated into the tax system. This is also assuming the wall even gets built. It’s not like a billionaire mogul filled to the brim with jews has ever lied before, right?

A Trump victory will simply serve the purpose of making a jew-rigged system look open to a segment of the population reaching racial consciousness without ever implementing any of their goals. This will keep them loyal to the GOP under the impression they can take it over, it will keep them from radicalizing. If Trump loses, he will lose fairly and the system will still look open, despite some superficial, ineffective attempts to shut him out that were designed to make him look like legitimate opposition. His audience will then remain in place waiting for the next populist cohenservitve candidate to come along and blow smoke up their asses instead of going full vanguard.

Yet all these goddamn fucking tools are fawning over the guy “oh buh buh buh we can play off him” yeah no shit by FUCKING ATTACKING HIM AS A HOSTILE INTERLOPER and splitting off a 10–20 percent chunk of his audience, radicalizing them, not hopelessly fellating him over his every word, which drives away his audience from our ethnonationalist stances and reinforces their current misconceptions. Pulling discourse and action in our direction requires attacking everything and everyone that doesn’t pass a litmus test, actively asserting talking points around a consistent set of standards and drawing distinctions, acting as our own unit of authority; not ceding ground and pandering to and reinforcing current views and policies that are wrong. These retards, moved entirely by dopey conservative sentiment and nostalgia don’t stop for a second to think what they’re signaling and reinforcing to their audience by voicing support for Trump. At the end of the day, they wish to cling to their sentimental attachments and personalities rather than actually owning the vanguard stance they superficially purport to.

Even funnier are the alt-right gaywads claiming he’s somehow secretly on our side. If he was on our side, he’d be naming the jew and concerned with radicalizing his supporters in an explicitly racial direction, not with adopting enemy talking points (and reinforcing those talking points to the public) for the purpose of winning a single, largely symbolic, presidential office which would do nothing to improve our ethno-racial situation and would make an emerging racially conscious segment of the population complacent all over again, keeping them on the JewOP plantation where they can have no power. If you think billionaire Donnie isn’t some sort of JewOP insider, you’re a cuckservative.

His alt-fright fanbase uses his statements to the republican jewish coalition and his statements made in his interview with jewtool Alex Jones that he’s somehow secretly on our side. The statements made to the coalition are just him blowing smoke, the claimed anti-jewish nature of his statements is by implication, likely the result of reading too deep into them spurred on by wishful thinking. Yeah never mind he has jews active in all levels of his campaign going up to the very top, has more jewish connections than any other candidate, holds their line on Iran and other foreign policy areas, and has been taking their money for decades. If the jews thought Trump was any threat, they would have deep sixed his business empire long ago. Jews play all sides, Trump inclusive, ensuring that no matter the outcome and related cosmetic differences, their objectives are fulfilled. His statements made to Alex Jones regarding an unnamed country funding ISIS were of a similar nature – he never actually named the jew or the country. He’s just tossing a bone to the conspiracy crowd to obtain their support without actually committing to anything controversial or semitically incorrect. And as usual, his alt-right fanbase reads too deeply into his statements as “proof” he’s somehow on their side so they don’t have to do anything or assume any personal risk beyond pulling a level at the voting booth and jerking off to anime. Voting for Trump is their way of rationalizing the fact they do absolutely nothing, their way of justifying staying with their zero risk personal comfort zone.

Both the main parties are closed out too, so vanguard party approach is required. You can’t somehow sneak someone non-kosher into the very top of the System. The idea that he’s somehow *not* a JewOP insider is laughable, people are taking the whole scripted entertainment too seriously at face value. Trump’s a relief valve, nothing more. Thinking we’re running an angle on the jews with him is just the jews running an angle on us.

As the twitter account Young White Family put it, WNs are desperate for SOMEONE ELSE to wipe their ass and do all their work for them, and they can’t see why whites trusting the government again as a result of a Trump victory is a bad thing. That “WNs who know better will still push Trump “to gain ground” b/c they want to pretend it’s not a script to get Whites to be pro-gov’t again.” This is like the same shit WNs were doing when they were clamoring for Romney to win because “ANYONE BUT OBAMA I DON’T WANT DAT GOT DAMMNED BLACK BLOODED TOWEL NIGGER IN DUH WHAYT HOUSE RUININ’ MUH MURIKA”.

That nigger in the white house was the single best recruiting tool we’ve ever had and these fags were all whining about it like it’s the worst thing to ever happen.


If you support Donald Trump, you’re a cuckservative. This struggle requires and will be won by fanatics, not by reactionary, nostalgic cowards pining for the reform of a hostile system. This struggle is entirely winnable, but requires a much higher level of dedication and personal risk than simply laying in bed and dreaming of Trump, which is the equivalent of retards claiming that Putin “is the savior of the white race”. Draw very clear distinctions between us Fascists and failed conservatism of all variants, Trump and Coulter inclusive. Attack relentlessly around those, start radicalizing their supporters by doing so.


"Conservatives are sissies" -George Lincoln Rockwell
“Conservatives are sissies” -George Lincoln Rockwell

In response to fallout over the latest Spencerfest, I can’t say I’m surprised regarding the “content” of the National Policy Institute conference; this is Dickie Spencer after all. I guess he got bored of arrogantly parachuting in to lecture the Hungarians on how to be Hungarian and is back to his usual routine of buzzword-laden, content-devoid TED Talk nationalism and promoting repellent weirdos.

Spencer, as per his ingrained faileoconservative sentimentality, is a weak, pandering, fence-sitting coward who tries to play all sides of key issues while maintaining plausible deniability when held to any stance or standard, kinda like Grindr Greggie and the Alt-Gay Mafia in that regard, but wider in the scope of his offenses and more stupid. Spencer brings absolutely nothing to the table beyond repackaging the same old conservative/mainstreaming approach that’s been argued, tried, and refuted a million times already, pretending he’s doing something “new” and “different”, while busing in homosexual freaks and jew-appeasing cowards. Dickie blacklisting Matthew Heimbach for rightfully opposing homosexuality and allegedly supporting violence – like Dopey McGodboy is any threat to anything or anyone as he’s laying 6 million wreaths of white Christian guilt on the graves of dead niggers – was also particularly funny.

When not cucking for Trump, vouching for disgusting fags and attempting to silence all criticism on that matter, Dickie will go out of his way to exculpate jews from blame and argue for their inclusion, while throwing the occasional, vaguest insinuation in the other direction to retain the loyalty and cashflows of some of his other supporters. Weak, pretentious, and stupid. It seems that Dickieplease don’t quote paranoialil Dick Spencer was finally able to the muster the minimal amount of courage required at this latest conference to state that jews “aren’t us”, barely addressing the scope of the jewish problem and why it matters. Dickie, with all his prissy concern over the media calling him names, doesn’t need the media to look bad. He makes himself look worse than they ever could with his cowardly backtracking right in front of them like the stupid, simpering idiot he is. Whatever one may think of them, the cartoon klansmen that NPI’s branded as no matter what they do at least have the balls to stand by their convictions. Look, mom! I’m a thought criminal!

Spencer’s previous inclusion of alibi jews to avoid being called mean names by their media and continued hesitance when forced to discuss the subject bring his most recent declaration into question. With no public disavowal of his past stances and actions, and with the inclusion of Jew appeasers like Guillaume Faye, his audience is sent an unclear, confusing message to internalize regarding the role of Jews. This sets them up to be co-opted by Jewry and ultimately is the result of Dickie’s cowardice and continued prissiness when it comes to “difficult” subject matter. At the end of the day, Dickie’s more concerned about maintaining his appearance and not being even vaguely affiliated with anything remotely “fascist” than he is with the truth and leading people in the direction they need to go. For that reason alone, he’s a despicable coward and a weakling. One is left wondering where his continual, subservient fawning over jew, Paul Gottfreid, and pathetic adoration of various other jews like (((Rothbard))) and Mises fits in here, and what conclusions his audience draws from that.

It’s hilarious how alt-right postures as some radical alternative while pussing out on things like naming the Jew, attacking the holohoax, making a clean and explicit break from conservatism, and adopting anything even vaguely resembling a vanguard strategy. They just sit around and play girly little parlor word games – buzzword-laden and pretentious enough to retain their audience’s attention and $$$ but vague enough to avoid committing to anything tangible – so they can all congratulate each other on being oh-so-clever and “above” those vulgar philistines who consistently out-compete and out-achieve them in pretty much everything. They want the image without actually owning it. Repackaged faileocons. It’s a big fashion statement for them as they all play another round of pin the evasive buzzword to the champagne glass with Sam Dickson whining about equal rights for Whites.

It’s all vague, evasive bullshit defining itself on what it’s not – yeah we’re not fascists, but we’re not conservative either – and by its own big tent design, is incapable of developing any internal consensus and corresponding goals. Self-indulgent, directionless, overanalytical bullshit put out by smart people with no balls with a serving of hobby horse bullshit needlessly thrown in. It’s a big tent structure paradoxically pitched to a very narrow niche audience – a handful of nerds whining over inconsequential bullshit and arbitrarily redefining themselves to avoid being called mean names by their enemies. As a result, they can’t agree on any concrete set of standards, making them unable to mobilize any consistent platform, and unable to defend themselves from hostiles and homosexual Fifth Columnists intent on co-opting them. Hell, they can’t even agree on who their enemies are. A prime example of this in action is the vapid jewish skank Rachel Haywire, who’s allowed to fester (and generate $$$) as a result of the alt/new right’s explicit rejection of fascist politics and insistence on liberal principles like free speech – except when they’re being attacked over Haywire. Funnier yet is how the big tent idea is used to justify the inclusion of jews, jew-appeasers, faggots, and all range of unrelated tangential subcultures while radical, fascist elements are denounced as icky extremists and “disinvited.” All while they co-opt the imagery behind fascism for the purpose of vibing out to an aesthetic and maintaining a false image of radicalism while shitting all over the ideology and related goals behind it.

In the end, it ends up functioning as the same failed, capitulating conservatism it nominally opposes, minus the real world presence and institutional power. Forever on the defense; forever trying to justify itself in accord to liberal/jewish precedents; forever prefacing itself with faggy disclaimers; forever pandering to people’s existing viewpoints and getting co-opted; forever ceding ground; forever splitting hairs over irrelevant minutiae and boring everyone to fucking tears with needlessly esoteric wordplay in an attempt to make itself look profound and relevant when it has no reason to be.

The usage of the term “identitarian” as a self-descriptor is another perfect example of this chickenshit mentality in action. The term is vague and flexible enough to mean anything, to offer plausible deniability whenever called a mean name. I D E N T I D Y. Yeah well wtf’s that? Who’s identity? Who’s excluded? What clear reference points and course of action is the term establishing beside directionless, self-serving obfuscation. The original Generation Identity primer by Markus Willinger was already cringeworthy enough, going out of its way to explicitly condemn and downplay the nationalist focus on race and ethnicity in favor of I D E N T I D Y, going out of its way to condemn Germany’s National Socialists and Fascism as whole as “extremism.” These happen to be the only forces who were historically capable of resisting the Jewish-led onslaught of liberalism whom the alt-right routinely caterwauls about while marinating in a level of angst reminiscent of some fat emo bitch’s livejournal. It’s only fitting these cowards would want to emulate Generation Identity. The concept of the “Overton window” is a frequent defense used by the alt right to justify their approach.

However as correctly pointed out by Alex LinderThe alt-right shit has absolutely nothing to do with our cause, it merely sucks potential supporters away from it. Overton window is wrong. It’s a zero-sum game.

Acting in terms of the Overton window is just ceding immense ground while pretending you’re moving things in the direction you want. At the end of the day, it’s a theoretical model that nerds use to sound superficially smart while rationalizing their inability to hold a concrete, clear, consistent stance of anything. It’s a model, not an immutable law of nature. The idea that we need to gradually convince people to the point of radicalization overplays the degree to which people actually think, and ignores the fact that there’s no such thing as “gradual radicalization”. They side with whatever puts food on the table and with what they think the neighbors are doing. What people “think” they want at this immediate current point in time doesn’t really matter. People don’t think, they respond to authority, which requires acting as our own unit of authority. Stemming from that, to a large degree all politics is local. Which requires building up local, PHYSICAL on the ground units to serve a variety of community interests as well as actively challenging for power. See Golden Dawn. How did they do it? Providing community services tailored to their specific localities. Providing recreational meetups. Providing security escorts in dangerous neighborhoods. Providing food drives, medical supplies and other charity services. Staging public demos, leafeletting, and all the usual IRL promo activities. Maintaining an unwavering, unphased image of confidence and consistency while beating the living shit out of immigrant invaders and anything standing in their way. Basically acting as a state within a state and doing the exact opposite of everything the alt right claims is necessary. All while fielding candidates, who started out getting fractions of %’s of votes. But, that signaled a serious intent to actually challenge for power. They’re now the third biggest party, and because their support’s coming largely from the police and military going up to the highest levels, they can’t be shut down because they can leverage a credible threat of violence against the state if it breaks its own rules. They’re basically running the whole show now to where both the left and the right are trying to co-opt their support, and failing. What they didn’t do – publicly support figures that were hostile to their interests or sell out out of some mistaken notion of expediency. They lumped EVERYTHING that wasn’t them in with the System, populist conservatives included, and attacked it as a whole, capitalizing off the growing disenfranchisement of their voter base. A large segment of the population’s already disillusioned, voter non-participation’s on its way up. There’s an opening, if it’s acted on and taken advantage of by an unapologetically fascist vanguard. Let’s look at some numbers – when William Johnson half-assedly ran for congress in MI on nothing more than lazy robocolls, he got 0.9% of the vote in his district. Think that’s like 3,000 or so people already willing to ditch the two party system under an openly racial line. That’s a small segment of the larger population in that frame of mind. Now if ~10% of those local 3,000 were actively coordinated into an ideologically and politically relevant unit , you know where that could snowball? Going from that, what would those numbers look like decade or two down the line as conditions get worse?

The A3P wasn’t that unit, as it never sought to fully differentiate itself from failed conservatism, and increasingly tried to copy it. No one wants a shitty knockoff version of an already failing product. Its membership numbers tanked accordingly. The same applies to the alt right as it’s just another incoherent rehash of conservatism for repulsive degenerates who want to play Nietzschean crossword.

The success of Greece’s Golden Dawn, Hungary’s Jobbik, the prior organizational success of the US’s National Alliance is a direct refutation to everything these people claim, and puts them to shame. They are pandering cowards trying to rationalize their cowardice, they want the radical image without actually owning it in any capacity. All these design flaws are why all this shit will never make it past the blogosphere and occasional self-important dinner parties into any concrete organization/movement. Oh, but here’s an inspirational game of thrones reference. Dude, I’m like fuckn Voltaire or somethin.

As for Guillaume Faye’s claims on holocaust revisionism being ineffective and unnecessary, that’s demonstrably false, as several prominent figures came into racial politics via learning the truth about the holohoax and the jewish problem – which remain our primary institutional obstacles. The holohoax, in particular, is the enemy’s primary propaganda point to keep the public away from any Ethno Nationalist stance; we have the tools to counter and disprove it, exposing the enemy for what they are and further harming public sympathy for their antics, which is already tanking. The holohoax happens to be both the enemy’s strongest point of psychologically disarming whites, and their weakest point of defense. Disproving it and pointing out how the jewish control of the media allows such a lie to be institutionalized quickly opens the door for people to understand the rest of the jewish problem. When they see the extent they’ve been LIED to and EXTORTED, any sympathy towards the jews goes right out the window, being replaced by righteous contempt and distrust, opening the door for public examination of other areas of the Jewish problem. Revisionism is our greatest tool for tackling the jewish problem; sacrificing truth out of some misplaced notion of expediency is a hallmark of corruption and cowardice, only making our work harder.

Avoiding crucial material out of fear of negative framing, that will happen regardless, and has already happened simply giving the enemy power, resulting in ceded ground. If we lure people in under false pretenses and insinuations couched in plausible deniability in hopes of later radicalizing them, that just creates a risk for a hostile takeover the second the envelope is pushed too far; it creates an ideological prison, pandering to and reinforcing their current misconceptions, drives them away from the direction they need to go, and prevents them from perceiving and defending against external threats. No way out but through the jew and it’s depraved existential playground, America. The basic mechanics of media control and the holohoax can be easily understood in an hour by pretty much anyone, and is absolutely necessary introductory material. This isn’t graduate level course work, so it isn’t complexity that holds the audience back from these points, as various alt right figures sometimes claim in regard to revisionism. It’s fear of punishment from authority figures that holds them back. This requires us to champion these points and act as our own unit of authority instead of beating around the bush – which frames the subject as dirty and shamefulundermining morale and reinforcing cowardice in our audience, further making the audience even more reluctant to approach it, as well as appearing fundamentally dishonest, like we’re trying to slip poison into the food. Avoiding this subject out of fear it will alienate the audience, pandering to their misconceptions and giving that power. This isn’t a complicated subject. Snapping that the audience already knows about the jewish problem, as Dickie did when Mike Enoch briefly mentioned the subject, is a cowardly lie, especially when the alt right goes to great lengths to redirect from all aspects of the jewish problem whenever it is brought up, all out of concern of how it’ll make them look to a hostile media that hates them anyway and brands them as klansmen and dressup Nazis regardless of what they do. The inclusion of Kevin MacDonald on the panel at the recent NPI event was an attempt to retain credibility in the eyes of more radical elements and related revenue streams, an attempt to maintain plausible deniability when accused of going soft on the jewish problem. KMac’s content was devoted entirely to a fantastical “pathological altruism” with not a single word mentioned in regard to his previous primary area of focus.

As fascists, we’re responsible for setting parameters of ethnonationalism manifestations to come. This requires delineating “us” and “not us.” A jew of any kind will never be us, and will always be an alien entity both in terms of biological composition and cultural function/identity. “European Jews” may physically look closer to us due to admixture, and can outwardly mimic our cultural expressions/forms, but, internally, will still be hyper-aware of their jewish status with accompanying motives, cloaked actions, internal ruminations/content, etc. They will always act in accord with their ingroup interests at our expense. Codewords do not cover that, and leave too many loopholes, and for that reason, the jew needs to be named, excluded, and attacked as a whole. Anything that does not address this crucial aspect of ethnonationalism in full will be co-opted by jews and taken out. Initial task for Ethno Nationalists: branding the “we”, from which jews must be identified as a cohesive biological entity and unilaterally excluded. Part of the exclusion requires instilling a very clear sense in members who the “we” is, otherwise, you end up with jews getting caught in the mix and causing their usual problems, thus necessitating regular attacks on the jew. Anything that fails this will be infiltrated and co-opted by them, secessionist breakaways included. The same applies to fags, and the alt right is living proof as to why they must be treated exactly the same as jews, as their function is identical. Just like jews, fags infiltrate rising movements, form their own internal power blocs and start jockeying for positions of power and influence to ensure their interests are carried out within a new context.

The problems with Faye and Donovan should be obvious, and it speaks to White Nationalism’s lack of principles and coherent direction that aside from being rightfully attacked by Carolyn Yeager, this garbage is going on relatively unopposed, with no organized response. Spencer should be attacked until he picks a side, his conferences boycotted until he stops bringing in homos and outright enemies as shining examples for us to follow. Meanwhile, the resulting Zionist and faggot influx from the alt right needs to be spat on and shown the door in no uncertain terms. Their attempt to run with and dredge ethnonationalism with their reactionary, cowardly conservative bullshit cannot go ignored. All such efforts, when spotted, will be immediately and publicly kicked to the curb by us.