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Exactly one month ago the whole world heard Finnish nationalists. Today you'll learn why.
Exactly one month ago the whole world heard Finnish nationalists laughing. Today you’ll learn why.

The Independence Day was always my favorite day of the year, even before I became an evil nazi, everyone’s out celebrating like it’s one big fucking birthday for the entire country. Well, it is. But the independence day 2015 just blew the previous ones out of the water, period. I am a lucky bastard, I started to become really active in the nationalist scene as we started to arrange these big torch marches in Helsinki to remember our fallen heroes. Last year’s march was a success, 200 nationalists marched through Helsinki to Hietaniemi cemetery, where our heroes in the struggle against Bolshevism are buried. There was zero red opposition, absolutely none. Considering this was the first time we did this, it couldn’t have gone smoother.

So, naturally, I was extremely stoked for the next march. The hype started months before the march. And you can guess the kind. The reds threatened they’d stop the march with force, and the mainstream news were all over it instantly. “Neo nazi march holocausting minorities on the streets of our dear capital, read now“, et cetera. The cops started gearing up as well, getting armored cars and FN 303 riot guns as this sort of thing was unprecedented here.


A few years before, our nationalist media had been very marginalized, but starting 2015, there was a colossal surge, giving the established jewspapers a real scare. First they tried ignoring it, then they started a huge smear campaign, calling anyone who read the alternative media was a holocaust denying nazi, literally. One of the headlines literally read “Holocaust didn’t happen and other alternative media claims” and had a flowchart showing how all alternative media was controlled by a nazi conspiracy. But when they noticed the alternative nationalist media was just gaining more and more hits as they were losing them, they went quiet again. One of the most popular ones is in the top 40 of all sites in Finland right now, which makes it more popular than most of the ZOG controlled outlets, giving us awesome reach. So as the ZOG attacked the march, we kept promoting it all over and ripping on the reds.

The reds probably realized, all too late, that things wouldn’t go their way and they would be hopelessly, utterly outnumbered, so a day before the march the antifas released a statement on the site dedicated to opposing the march that they denounce all violence. This, after months of posting empty threats about smashing the nazis, making them collectively look like even bigger cucks than ever before. They absolutely blew handling it which just contributed to our victory.

On the day of the march, a bunch of my comrades and I arrived to the square early. Even though the march wouldn’t begin for almost an hour, there were already people everywhere and there was a huge amount of cop cars circling the area. But the time felt more like a couple of minutes as I chatted with old and new comrades, everyone felt as excited as I was – time just flew by. A little before the actual event was to begin we were joined by a big marching column of nationalist from another, earlier event, with a big flag of Finland held by the leader. They were welcomed to our ranks with huge applause. The event was about to begin, and there were nationalists beyond my wildest expectations. Last year we had 200, I assumed we’d have about 400 this year, but it turned out to be almost double that.

In addition to cops, the media started to swarm the place. As I would later find out, foreign jewish reporters had attended and had been completely shoah’d on the spot in an instant, writing how it was exactly like the Triumph of the Will all over again. We couldn’t have gotten a better compliment. One called the march as ‘frightening as it was well organized‘.


The actual event begun with a speech by Tapio Linna, speaking about the nature of true nationalism, and praising the soldiers that allowed us to be here on this day. There was no room for shilling here, even Mr. Linna had promoted Horst Mahler recently. After the speech was over, the organizers begun handing out torches, but due to the sheer amount of people, they ran out quick.

It was storming, but the spirits were so high no one seemed to notice. The march continued steady towards the cemetery, and I would notice only a few lone leftists protesting on the streets that caused much amusement to the marchers. Only at one point did the reds try to disrupt the march, but it was such an extremely pathetic attempt I only heard of it later – I thought at that time the handful of reds were just standing there like the cucks they are. Pretty much the entire march chanted “HAHAHA, ANTIFA” at them, and due to the acoustics of the downtown Helsinki, you could hear it loud and clear far away. Some antifas tried to toss rocks at the march (and failed at that, of course) and some tried throwing flares that landed right in front of their own feet, and then the reds got shot at with the riot guns. There is video material from an anarchist livestream of an obese, bald antifa manchild (imagine Uncle Fester from Addams Family) crying his eyes out about nazis, it became an instant meme in the Finnish social media.


The march flowed smoothly through Helsinki, and everyone was having simply an amazing time. The only other attempt the reds made to disrupt the march was trying to block it with a van, but they were instantly led to the side of the street. And again, the reds provided incomparable amusement to the nationalists as three masked fags sat in the van all looking fucking pissed off and got only madder as the marchers banged the side and the windows of the van as they marched by.

When we reached the cemetery, we laid wreathes and candles, and the official part of the march was nearing its end, but I would hang out for longer, chilling with a few new cool comrades I had met and later head towards home with my comrades, very fulfilled.

The weeks following the march have been constant shoah. It wasn’t supposed to happen, ZOG blew it. The threat of “NEO-NAZI FASCISM ON OUR STREETS” has been all over the news and papers, one jewish owned newspaper literally aired footage of the march side by side with torch march of the Sturmabteilung. You simply can’t grab a paper these days without a shit eating grin.

The fun was far from over though, the faggotry of the reds knows no bounds. The cops had arrested some hundred reds for trying to start shit, and housed them in cells filled with lice, and afterwards the reds released a warning to all members to make sure they weren’t infected. It, too, became instantly famous. You can probably guess the kind of jokes that circulated: “Great, now someone has to clean up the cell after the reds, smdh.” / “They had other insects up there, in addition to the antifas?” / “Having to take their bi-annual shower probably left them deeply scarred” etc.

But the pain still wouldn’t end for them. The reds held a meeting in Turku for legal advice in a cafe for all reds who were arrested. About five nationalists walked in, ordered some coffee, and just sat down to enjoy the show. The reds immediately went silent and all covered their heads and begged them to leave, not having balls to raise a finger despite of being around 40 strong. The nationalists simply sat and enjoyed themselves. Then the reds begged the staff to remove them, but they wouldn’t. Why would they? And in the end, in true System pig fashion, they called the cops. The cops checked the nationalists’ papers, and then when they turned to the reds, they all ran. Like always.

All in all, what an amazing day, what an amazing month. Couldn’t have asked for a better one. 1488

Article by a Finnish Contributor



I am young, I will not go into too much detail as to how young for anonymity’s sake, so all I will say is I am under eighteen. A few years ago I was very fat, I had no real friends and all I did was play video games. I was the typical American loser. I knew a guy, let’s call him S, he was one of the “cool kids“. He was known for doing drugs and being someone you do not want to fuck with. I really wanted to be his friend. One day he and my old friend J walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to hang out after school. I obliged of course. Now, at this time in my adolescence I really had no morals or beliefs, I’d do anything that would make me fit in.

After school that day I hung out with S and J and they offered me some weed. I had never done anything like that and I have always liked to try new things, plus it would help me ingratiate myself with them, so I decided to try it. I liked it. As I started to hang out with them more and more I started to try more things with them, I started to smoke cigarettes, drink, drop acid etc. It got to the point where I did nothing but spend all my money on drugs. Couple all that with my general nihilistic outlook and terrible obesity, and you have a real problem on your hands. It got so bad that the school’s scale didn’t accurately measure my weight because I was almost three hundred fucking pounds. Instead of feeling any sort of shame, I embraced it. I didn’t care how fat and pathetic I was, nor did I care that I had a dependence on narcotics and literally zeros in most of my classes. I didn’t realize it at the time, but deep down I hated myself.

The only thing I could say was partially a good quality about myself was my intelligence, but I didn’t ever use it. I was starting my life off in the worst way possible and that’s not what anyone in their right mind wants. After a year of living like that, I realized there was a problem. I was not happy. Luckily, my epiphany coincided with my discovery of George Lincoln Rockwell and William Luther Pierce. At first I listened to them because I had always been racist, and I thought it would be funny to hear how racist Neo-Nazis were. I was surprised to find that instead of humor, I found truth. Everything I heard or read was so enlightening, and I quickly became consumed with racial politics. This, however, did NOT save me. In fact it made my life worse. I was weak and couldn’t handle the truth. I didn’t want to live in a sick society because that would mean I would have to rise above it, and I would’ve much rather simply revel in the decay. It took a long time to make myself change. I knew the person I was should’ve been gassed, but I didn’t want to give up the only things that made me happy. The thing about doing drugs, drinking and binge eating is, it makes your life miserable. But you don’t want to stop because these things are the only things that you enjoy. After sufficient research and enough time to think, I decided that was done. That me was gone, and from now on I was going to focus on productive things to do with my time.

I decided to tackle substance abuse first as I felt like it would be easiest. After a lot of struggling, I had dropped my most of my dependence on drugs and found pleasure from reading, or drawing. I messed up a few times but by distancing myself from my degenerate friends I had cut off my supply and had no way to get drugs even if I wanted them. At this point I was halfway on the road to health, and it was almost summer.

I decided that I would be fit come September the next year. In actuality, dropping over one hundred pounds in three months is impossible, but at the time I did not know that. I started with just running, I hated it at first. I couldn’t run five paces without getting tired. Thankfully though I kept at it, and doing it made me feel good. It felt like I was making a positive impact on myself, nothing I had really felt before. I used NS propaganda as motivation to better myself, and it worked. It actually worked. Thinking about being superior to everyone else certainly was a good motivator. The inequality of the outlook really made me feel like a lesser being, and I hated that. I wanted to be the best I could be and I’d do anything to achieve those ends.

By the time September rolled around, I was sitting at about two hundred and thirty pounds, a good twenty to thirty pounds less than when I started. I may have still been a blimp, but I weighed less than I did before and I was proud of that.

It was the new school year, and I started to see less and less of J and S. They hardly even came to school at this point and they just seemed pathetic, I did not want to be anything like them. From then on my social life was dominated by politics, all I did was read or listen, constantly scrutinizing myself and trying to find things to improve. Fast forward a few years and here I am, I haven’t even so much as touched a cigarette for a year, and I am no longer overweight. I am in a committed relationship with my girlfriend, I had real, healthy friendships, and I am happy with myself.

I owe it all to NS politics giving me a positive outlook on life that drastically changed who I am.

By Anonymous
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On the 12th Day of the Rope
My comrades gave to me

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Come together one and all
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Hitler’s word sent from above
Guide us on our way
We raise our voice as we rejoice
We’ll keep the foe at bay

Zog-state shall be undone
Race War has just begun

To the voices no one hears
We have come to guide you
With your laughter and your tears
Honor, strength and virtue

Our Race and folk, our land and Sun
Each a treasure be
Truth’s shining light dispels the night
Now our eyes can see

Burning brighter than the sun
Race War has just begun
Zog-state shall be undone
Race War has just begun

Come together one and all
In the fascist spirit
Beneath the banners standing tall
Joyously we feel it

Our Race and folk, our land and Sun
Each a treasure be
Truth’s shining light dispels the night
Now our eyes can see

Burning brighter than the sun
Race War has just begun
Zog-state shall be undone!
Race War has just begun!

Finally, the Ghost of Kikemas Future wants your pledge, that in the coming year you’ll do all you can to draw closer the Race War New Year and not let the Jew-Grinch steal it from us . For Blood and Soil, Kin and Folk, the 14 Words and Truth, from all of us and to you and yours – a Mery Kikemas and a Race War New Year!

Sieg Heil!


Art Submission – “Hardship” by Odin

“Struggle and hardship is a part of every victory, and every step we take. Throughout history and into the future struggle has and will be with us, it will only make us stronger and we must remember all who died for Fascism.”

Hardship” is a painting submitted by Odin of the Atomwaffen Division.


First try of reading from the script. Feels more dull as opposed to the free-speeking episodes I did before. What’s your take?


Go and check out the “Next Leap Anthology“, a collection of IM articles by myself, Zeiger and other IM users regarding the fascist worldview, it will cover a lot of the same ground that you will hear on f101 but obviously the channel will go further. Check it out here:…

Also, presenting a short novel/greek dialogue we wrote that introduces people to the fascist worldview in the most basic terms possible, good introduction material for the uninitiated:…

For those who are already in the know but only at the start of their journey into the fascist worldview have a look at the “Open Letter to the White Man“:…

Want to argue against our enemies? Have a look at Zeiger’s “Hammer of the Patriot“, a guide to how win an argument against the modern shill:…


“Would you truly consider him mad who’d want to revive chivalry?”
“Would you truly consider him mad who’d want to revive chivalry?”

“Encounter of a lifetime comes around exactly that often – only once in a lifetime, and it can change everything. Some people miss their chance completely, perhaps without even realizing what it is that they have missed, while others waste no time in seizing the moment and enjoy the rewards.

And can there be any greater reward than realizing that there is a whole other horizon stretching out before us all, that lays obscured by a bleak man-made scenery?”

A Squire’s Trial” is a ‘Greek dialogue’ framed in a  fictional story, retelling the encounter between an average person and a Fascist during the course of which the Fascist worldview is unraveled in the simplest terms possible.

Based on a real conversation, edited and reworked to create the characters of Don and his newfound friend, infused with symbols, hints and quotes, this story was written with the intention of becoming the perfect way to introduce someone to Fascism in broad strokes.

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I wouldn’t have written this article without the active pestering of the admin because this isn’t something I’m particularly proud of. Love it or hate it, you can blame him. I’m not mentioning any names to not to mix up any of my comrades. They know, but addicts are bad PR, even the ex-ones.

There isn’t really a clear starting point for my story or one event I could pinpoint that “caused” me to became a degenerate. I developed extreme chronic pains at twelve, and since kids don’t receive practically no pain relief, at least where I live, I started to self-medicate in the only way I knew, by drinking. Fast forward nine years, if you could get it here, I had done it and even if you couldn’t get it here I probably had done it as well. I didn’t give a fuck, I even racemixed a few times, I didn’t even care to rationalize my drug use, but hospitals being extremely stingy with any sort of pain relief gave a neat excuse. If you don’t wanna help, fine, easier to find better stuff from the streets anyway. If you use hard drugs every single day for years, you turn into a zombie and days blend together and events became hard to tell apart, I found myself asking people what month it was currently.

I’m not going to lie, some of the best experiences of my life were on drugs, and they were absolutely amazing. But between chasing those moments, I was pretty miserable, concentrating on finding something to do, anything, to make it through the day.

One of the few benefits of growing up like this is that you’re automatically aware of the acute race problem. The stereotype of a open borders pot smoking hippie might be true, but I’m talking about hard drugs here, muds were always, without fail involved, and everybody fucking hated them. I saw a friend of mine going from a non-racist to praising Einsatzgruppen for exterminating gypsies in the space of few months, a sentiment I wholly shared and share.

I could write a tome on all the shit I’ve had to witness from the non-whites, and I still wouldn’t get even close, but if you’re reading Noose, you too are probably aware of the race problem, so I don’t need to preach to the choir. Avoided death by stabbing by a gang of somalians neatly, had gypsies pull a gun on me, seen dozens of people end up in hospital for various reasons. The list goes on.

I had had a bunch of NS friends who were a massive positive influence on me, but for the longest time all they could do is poke me in the right direction. You can’t quit drugs unless you truly desire it yourself, that’s how you hear stories of people going to rehab ten times. My moment came when I had a good friend visit me and I binged hardcore for almost two months, and the comedown, well, the comedown felt like you had binged for two months. And that’s the first time I really questioned if there was any sense in this.

The entire country was going to shit, I knew this before the first invader centers opened with the grand mudflood. They just made the problem too huge to ignore anymore for the average person, but due to wallowing in the filth of the society, it had been obvious to me for a far longer time, and I knew only radical measures could turn it around. I couldn’t remain idle any longer, I had the desire to do something, help in any way I can. But I also knew that as a prime roping candidate, at worst I’d be useless, crippled by addiction and at best a massive hypocrite. I knew then that I need to kick the drugs before I got any business hanging out with real national socialists and actually being of any use.

Coincidentally a good friend of mine was also cutting down on drugs and another one had lost his house and had upped his drug use tremendously. We had a small two man support group, we just had to force ourselves to come up with something non-drug related to do, anything, even if it was fucking playing tic-tac-toe, anything else than drugs. At the beginning we couldn’t stop talking about drugs, literally. When your entire life has revolved around drugs for years and nothing else, you can’t even talk about anything else. Slowly but surely as I could lower doses there and drop something else entirely here and visit a friend and maybe only smoke a bit and drink a few cans of beer, things got better. And watching how my friend’s life, who started doing drugs even more just got progressively worse as mine improved was a great motivator as well. Now and then got calls about getting arrested, getting shanked by shitskins, gyppos robbing him, so forth, I was just so glad I had made the right decision.

At the point when I had successfully kicked addiction to anything else than opiates, I felt I was ready to contact the NS friends who I barely knew and ask if they’d be willing to hang out. And from there, my life started to improve in huge steps, as I could much more easily fill my weeks with non-drug related activities, even if it was just leafleting I’d be so totally up for that. I kept trying to hang out with the NS crowd as much as possible, it was a massive positive influence, if you have something smart to do, you don’t even think about drugs. And my comrades being generally all around hilarious people and joy to be around was just a bonus.

But, I was still hooked on opiates. They’re the best and the worst. There isn’t truth in television. Heroin – and other opiates – don’t really hit you with this orgasmic feel that leaves you incapacitated а la Trainspotting. It’s much more subtle, and it really makes it worse. They make the world seem like a great place, and like everything’s alright and the best thing is, you can function almost perfectly normally on them. Drive a car, go to work, go shopping, whatever. You couldn’t do this rushing or on psychedelics. And unlike with other drugs, there are no downsides, no comedown. Only the physical addiction if you do it for a week or two. And I had done them for, I don’t know, three years or so.

Leaving the other drugs really aggravated the opiate addiction. Even though I had decided to improve and kick the old habits, I allowed myself leeway with opis. I gotta eat them anyway, so is it really so bad if I take some extra, if I’m feeling really down? And since all my friends would be strung out on speed anyway, taking a small dose of opiates would remove the temptation to do any speed…if there’s temptation, you will find a way to rationalize it to yourself. That addiction had to go as well.

My comrades called and asked if I was up to some healthy wholesome hiking in a wintery forest the next day. I was feeling like shit, but sure I was. The absolutely worst thing you can do is stay home and do nothing, because that’s when the temptation strikes.

One of the good sides of opiates, they make you unable to feel cold, which is heavenly in the arctic circle. Only, as with all drugs, it’s borrowed time. The next day, I took only strictly my prescribed amount which is so laughable an amount compared to what I was actually doing I can’t even write it down. Practically it was the same thing as taking nothing.

Opiate withdrawals often get compared to a terrible flu, but it doesn’t really cut it. It really is borrowed time, all the pain the drugs took away comes back, with a vengeance. The walk can’t have been more than 5 kilometers one way. But the snow was above our knees, and the only physical activity I had done during the last year was running from the cops or the security, so I was not off to a good start. Every step was like jumping into a bathtub filled with sweat, and in -25C [-13F] it flash froze. I wished I was in the Bataan Death March, they didn’t have to deal with snow.

When I got home, I took one shower with clothes on and one with clothes off. Hadn’t promised to meet up with the comrades for several days, so I counted I had good time to get rid of the WDs and save the opiates. A few days in, I was afraid I’d die. A few more days in, I was afraid that I wouldn’t die. Got a call from a comrade if I wanted to attend, had to decline. Felt bad about it, but so far it’s been the only time I’ve had to decline due to drugs. I managed to kick the opis cold turkey, the fact I was too sick to crawl out of my house probably contributed as well. Not wanting repeat that nightmare was a decent motivator as well. After that for a month or so I was afraid to take opis even when I actually needed them. Goes without saying, but not having to go to bed wondering how you make it through the next day alone improves your life so much.

And the more time I spent with my comrades, the more obvious the differences between them and the degenerate crowd became. One of the biggest differences is trust. I would trust these people with my life, and if they say something, they’ll do exactly that. That’s something I have enormous respect for. In the junkie crowd, there was overwhelming lack of trust between everyone. Like little children, you couldn’t and wouldn’t leave them unattended for a second, I’ve seen a dozen junkies outdo a bulldozer in sheer destruction too many times, so I know better than that.

I’m not gonna pretend I’m a monk and say “I was lost but now I’m saved, heil Hitler“, I lapsed a few times, but luckily they were small missteps and I never again fell into total binging anymore. As I kept hitting the gym and attending hand to hand training, I got into much better shape and I could slowly cut down on the small amount of opiates I still ate. I was feeling better physically and mentally than I had, well, ever.

95% of my friends were junkies on some level, so my days were pretty much filled with punching the bag and punching it some more, to avoid temptation. The worst thing in trying to quit is that when you need drugs, there aren’t any, and when you DON’T want drugs, every place is just bursting with free drugs and people are giving them out left and right. At some point punching the bag and beating your dick just became a bit dull, and then I got a call from an old friend of mine. I rationalized I had been so good for so long I deserved to have a little fun, don’t wanna have a burnout here, do we?

Long story short, a couple of my friends and one junkie whore were having a chill night at one of my friend’s place, high as shit on speed and watching old comedies and spending the night. After I was done nailing her, we all hit the sauna. The girl left after about five minutes in, didn’t think much about it, she probably couldn’t take heat and we were having good time. Another five minutes in I took a break to grab a few cans of beer, and noticed she was gone. The speed paranoia kicked in immediately, and for the only time in my life I’m glad it did. Checked my jeans and noticed my wallet was gone. I cursed and quickly put my pants on and out of the apartment. My friend was living in a block of flats and I noticed she had taken an elevator, so I ran the stairs down and when the elevator doors opened, I jumped in grabbed her and demanded the wallet. Of course she lied, but pretty soon she folded.

After that, I remembered what I had left behind and why. This really highlights the pervasive lack of trust. Even your “friends” try to steal from you. I was a bit disappointed, in myself the most, but my goals were crystal clear again and the next months I spent rigorously improving myself, didn’t have the slightest desire to start using again.

Now, a year later, I can say I did the right choice. Obviously. I went through the shit, and now I’m reaping the benefits. I hang out with comrades who I trust, and who trust me, I’m in good shape, and I’m fighting for something greater than my own basic survival.

Hitler taught me how to rise above what you once were. I’ll end this little story with a quote from Rockwell, who described his ex-degenerate Stormtrooper, whom I immediately identified with:

The young man escaped the vicious circle of despair, boredom and degeneracy of millions of “modern youth” ONLY because he happened upon the spiritual life-preserver of Nazi love of Race and Nation before he sank forever into the putrid slime of modern spiritual syphilis. There will be many who will say that he could have been saved, perhaps even more effectively by religion. Fifty years ago, yes. But I have had five years of experience seeing these lost kids on college campuses all over America. And I can assure the reader that most of these young people are far too cynical and hardened to be able to open their ears and heart even for a moment to ACCEPT a religious approach. Start talking about religion to such hard-case cynics and you drive them further and further away, no matter how hard you try. It takes a new and SHOCKING approach, a dramatic and powerful approach to have any hope of making an impression on such lost, bitter kids. We have it, and it works. Millions and millions of the youth of all Western nations are sinking into various degrees of the misery and degradation of the young “beat” who came to our door in beard, blanket and sandals.” –GLR, White Power, Chapter 2 (Spiritual Syphilis)

By Anonymous
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The origin of the “IT’S THE CURRENT YEAR” mantra.


Go and check out the “Next Leap Anthology“, a collection of IM articles by myself, Zeiger and other IM users regarding the fascist worldview, it will cover a lot of the same ground that you will hear on f101 but obviously the channel will go further. Check it out here:…

Also, presenting a short novel/greek dialogue we wrote that introduces people to the fascist worldview in the most basic terms possible, good introduction material for the uninitiated:…

For those who are already in the know but only at the start of their journey into the fascist worldview have a look at the “Open Letter to the White Man“:…

Want to argue against our enemies? Have a look at Zeiger’s “Hammer of the Patriot“, a guide to how win an argument against the modern shill:…


“Only Bullets will Stop Us”

Here are the facts:

  • National Action announces its intention to hold a White Man March in Liverpool 4 months in advance (Source #1).
  • August 8th – Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson claims he received a letter from National Action, threatening that the city “will go up in flames” should the march be banned (Source #1, Source #2, Source #3).
  • August 11th – Media highlights the NA dresscode for the WMM (Source #1, Source #2, Source #3).
  • August 14th – Media highlights instagram posts of an NA member while mayor Anderson calls for free speech curbs (Source #1, Source #2).
  • August 15th – White Man March in Liverpool is canceled (Source #1, Source #2).
  • November 28th – White Man March comes back to Liverpool (Source #1, Source #2).

What we provided you with above are just the bare facts, however in the provided sources you will see the different telling of these events by System media and National Action reports. The significance of this particular event was its location, as Liverpool has a reputation as the most violent left-wing city in England. Marching through it would be a declaration of National Action’s supremacy not only to its enemies but its supremacy as the leading NS movement in Britain. The significance of this was not lost on the opposition who had mobilized all its resources to prevent this from happening.

What made you guys decide to march through Liverpool in the first place? Surely some believed that NA was not yet ready to take on the Red Citadel.

It must be understood that it is not National Action that organises the White Man Marches. They are organised by an independent body. We merely attend, but due to our presence being one of the largest and most professional, the assumption and conclusion is drawn that we are the hosts. To my understanding Liverpool was chosen by the organiser for it being known as a ‘Red city’ and we being who we are decided to accommodate that choice.
Anonymous NA member

This may very well be comparable to historic Battle of Cable Street with but one exception that cannot be overlooked. The British Union of Fascists had likewise faced a mob of mobilized antifa protesters who had been brought to the location from across the whole of Britain, but on that day it was the the large police force of 6,000 strong that had crashed against the red horde but ultimately could do nothing to secure the grounds for the lawful march to proceed as planned. National Action, on the other hand, was facing not just the red horde but the machinations of the System and its primary puppet on the scene, mayor Joe Anderson, that had mobilized the red horde in the first place. It is all too evident from the pictures and videos of the events of August 15th that the police was purposely understaffed to create the illusion that nothing could be done to secure the grounds for the lawful march to proceed as planned and thus National Action was “presented” with the “fact” that nothing can be done and hence the march cannot proceed.

What kind of opposition did you expect to face and what was everyone’s reaction to the System trap?

I was present at the official liaison with the WMM organisers. The route was planned, vulnerabilities and possible problems were identified and solutions reached to prevent such problems manifesting. The liaison officers noted these down and discussed how they would resolve issues. The System pigs told the organiser that they predicted anywhere between 200-400 counter protesters and stated how they would handle the situation, to accommodate the march but also the counter protest. What we faced was much larger than predictions, masses amounting in the thousands. The reaction from our men was pure adrenaline and excitement.
Anonymous NA member

The System had done everything to ensure that the march would fail and it had done everything to make sure that everybody was there to see it fail. Joe Anderson’s “echo” could be heard over and over, “mirrored”  in the days leading up to the event, in what was a clear attempt to create a media hype for what was to come.

It could be very well said that that the media had done a better job of advertising the event than National Action itself, making articles dedicated to the NA dress code and social media entries by its members, things that are not newsworthy on their own as dedicated articles but served a purpose to bring up the upcoming White Man March with increasing frequency in the last days before the event.

You’ve seen a flurry of media activity in the last few days leading up to WMM. Did any of you find it odd how the media has acted up and started focusing on even your social media posts to find something to inflate an article from?

This is predictable behavior of how the pig System operates. We understood the reasons behind their intent. They attempted to establish and forge a narrative ‘Nasty Nazis vs Good Goy Liverpool’. The media attempt to either belittle and embarrass or induce fear regarding groups who oppose the System. They have thus far opted for fear. I think they understand that we’ll give them something to write about it if they don’t do it themselves.
Anonymous NA member

Most noteworthy is of course the obviously fake “NA letter” to mayor Joe Anderson, the contents of which are laughable but paint a picture in conjunction with Joe’s reaction to it. In said letter the mayor is threatened with “race riots” if the White Man March is banned. With this letter in hand Joe proceeds to petition the police and Home Secretary to allow him to forbid the march, meaning that Joe never had the power to forbid the march in the first place, something that National Action was no doubt aware of due to the legal requirements of conducting a public event.

So the only party to this entire situation who had anything to gain from such a letter surfacing was Mayor Joe himself, as evident from his reaction to the letter, which is to demand more legal power for himself.


The infamous letter to Mayor Joe. Anyone with half a brain could see what was really going on there. How did everyone in NA react to this and did it bring up any concerns over something happening, like the WMM being canceled before the scheduled date or something happening on the day?

A statement was quickly put out refuting the letter, this was an obvious attempt to stop the march and attendees from proceeding and further demonizing National Action and English men. We knew the System was against the group, but by this point, with the rest of the media coverage we knew something was adrift. But we remained dedicated to the course set. I myself view things as they are, I knew something was not quite right. But I encouraged enthusiasm and dedication to our mission. Like the first battle of Ypres when the Prussian Guard come out to attack. They were found lying down in the small hollow. The young officer in charge said they could not surrender as that was against the principles of the Prussian Guard. They were exhausted, but when they recovered they would continue the advance; they were aware they had no chance. After a brief respite, they came out towards the guns, the young officer in front with his sword at the carry and all of them doing the ceremonial goose-step for the last time before they were all killed. It was a performance utterly useless and incomprehensible to the layman, but the purpose was clear to any practitioner of the science of war: troops of that spirit can and will do things which most troops cannot do, and they did. National Action will resurface the courage and nobleness of our ancient blood lines. We must do it, because no other can.
Anonymous NA member

Finally, August 15th comes around and NA walk into a System trap which was a combination of police, media and Mayor Joe’s machinations: the media hyped up the event to have all eyes on it when the day finally came, the police was purposely understaffed so that they could innocently shrug their shoulders and tell NA that nothing can be done about the red horde that was amassed by the System and, in fact, further agitated by Mayor Joe who was on the scene, making speeches before the subhuman masses. We’re not even counting the antifa horde itself as a proactive agent in this situation as they were nothing but pawns to the System who on their own, as it will become evident further down in the article, wouldn’t have been able to oppose the White Man March.

Antifa likes to talk about how they forced you into hiding in the luggage station. What really happened?

The police formed a cordon around attendees locked in a single location. They were purposefully understaffed. As the hordes grew, space dwindled. This caused us to be pushed back. Missiles were being thrown, eggs, pill bottles (seriously), rocks etc. The police line was forced back, two pigs came inside the area and ordered National Action members who were in front of the compartment to come inside. Through out the day we was faced with the option of compliance or arrest.
Anonymous NA member


How would you describe the police reaction to the predicament they were in? And was it the police who had actually told you that the march cannot proceed?

When it started to rumble the police shit themselves. I saw pigs being beaten and tenderized like a butcher would before cutting the meat. All the injuries they sustained were circumstantial and accidental due to the sheer volume of people. I saw female state agents crying and crumbling from the pressure and heat. Equipment was flying everywhere, missiles and fists. Officers screaming and crying into their radios, demanding back up and riot gear. But none came. The Reds could have broken those police lines and killed every pig agent there if they wanted too. At one point we was forced against a wall and was being crushed. At this point we decided to fuck the Police and do what was necessary. Fight. One member of National Action started barking commands and throwing people into the back of police. ‘PUSH!’ and with that we all charged into the back of police officers and propelled them forward using them as a battering ram against the horde. We cleared ourselves an area and pushed the horde back 10 meters allowing us breathing room. The police confirmed what was designed from the start. The march was not go go ahead. They shut it down.
Anonymous NA member




The authorities canceled the march. On that day National Action faced overwhelming odds and the kind of planned opposition that no nationalist movement in Britain had to face in generations. This alone speaks to the potential National Actions holds. The System struck a powerful blow that would have left any other movement shattered and dysfunctional, but this was not to be the end of NA.

Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. The media attention given by the System to the event caused a surge in NA membership. Having seen the lengths to which the enemy was ready to go in order to stop the rising star of British National Socialism, NA proceeded to launch false information about more marches to go down, mobilizing new crowds of antifa, which grew smaller in size each time.


What was the motivation behind the campaign of falsely advertised NA gatherings in Liverpool? Did they achieve the desired result?
A few reasons: To confirm it was fat Joe inciting and releasing information, liaised marches have to be confirmed with the council. To see how many scum bags would turn up with 6 days notice and to see how long they could keep this up.
Anonymous NA member
We’ve seen the memes. Did your guys literally stand off to the side somewhere, taking pictures of the antifa crowds, giggling to themselves, or did you just take pictures of the results of your ruse from online sources?
Oh yes we had men on the ground. The narrative they like to perpetuate is that National Action travel into Liverpool and are an ‘invasion force’. What they don’t understand is that a number of our men live and work in Liverpool. We had some congregate within their mob.
Anonymous NA member

Finally, November 28th – Liverpool has Fallen as National Action returns and conducts the White Man March unopposed, uninterrupted and with no consequences, legal or otherwise. And what of their enemies? It was a Blitz attack that the System had no time to address or prepare for, no time to mobilize its pawns or generate any media attention.

Did you inform the authorities or the police beforehand about your return?

No. National Action does not liaise with the police. This was one of our founding principles. To operate independent of any other body. I will re-iterate we attend the WMM, not organise. We woke up in the morning and took a few of our guys for a walk in the city, showed one of our friends from out of town around. We live in the city and out skirts. It is a familiar place. Nothing illegal about white men taking a walk. Yet.
Anonymous NA member

The only bit of news coverage that the event received was a single sad article put out exclusively for the purposes of damage control, which is self evident from the spin the author tries to put on it: that Liverpool simply didn’t notice and didn’t care. What a stark contrast to how much Liverpool cared on August 15th: it cared enough to put out articles about NA dress code and individual member’s social media posts, it cared enough to amass a red horde, it cared enough to purposely under-staff the police, it cared enough to see Mayor Joe fake himself threatening letters and stand preaching to the crowd, Liverpool cared enough to literally shut itself down for a day, with all eyes on National Action. Hell, Liverpool cared enough to fall for each and every single false message of a potential event occurring that NA put out.

This time around only police presence that could be seen was two cars and Mayor Joe  was nowhere to be seen or heard from, despite just how vocal he was the first time around. No comment was made even in the aftermath of the March going through, because Joe obviously would prefer to sweep that fact under the rug and acts accordingly.

And the antifa? The antifa on its own was never a threat to National Action and it was proved to be so on this day. The Antifa bragged how “it will never happen here“, but much like the titular 1965 movie it DID happen here. The antifa were well aware of the March taking place and yet they did not show up to oppose it, most likely spying it from the sidelines, afraid to engage as their real numbers were obviously not enough to give them the kind of boldness they demonstrated back in August.


Did you spot any antifa during your march? Any familiar faces following you guys from place to place? And did you keep an eye on the local antifa facebook page as you were marching through Liverpool unopposed?
Nope. No reds in sight. We monitored their pages and twitter feeds. They put out a call to counter. But none showed. We took our time walking. Their boast and claims are air.
Anonymous NA member
Antifa warned that the regular people of Liverpool would never allow Nazis to march through their streets. Obviously this didn’t happen but did you receive any kind of negative backlash from the locals, even if just a random insult?
There were a few who complained. Generally old people, boomer trash etc. We had a lot of interest from younger people. People coming over after speeches, and when we went to the station asking what we was all about, many recognized us and had a laugh about the WMM.
Anonymous NA member

Some might look on these events and try to rationalize how the System’s initial victory was enough and thus did not need to be followed up each time National Action tries to stir something up, however all of its actions and bold talk, same as with the loud promises of the antifa, declare a firm commitment to do exactly that. Moreover, it is absolutely necessary for them to do so, otherwise they wouldn’t have opposed NA with such careful planning as they did in the first place.

The System knows exactly what National Action represents, they knew what the taking of Liverpool would represent for NA as well and so it had to be stopped at all costs and it was done with as much media hype and fanfare as possible. Yes, had NA marched as planned on the 15th of August it would have had a much more visible victory than the one it achieved in November. However, ultimately National Action exchanged a louder victory for one that had even greater meaning. It was expected to be the end of NA and yet they came back, they came back and they were completely unopposed, shattering the fake image of the impregnable Red Citadel of Liverpool.

How did you all feel after you’ve finally marched through Liverpool
Very good. It goes to show that the such groups as Anti-fa, Communists etc. are not as organised or embedded in communities as they would like to think. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of Liverpool is a degenerate cesspit. But there are many normal, natural and healthy people there.
Anonymous NA member
Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Did NA learn something from surviving the System trap? Do you imagine something like August 15th ever happening again?
It vindicated what we already know and preach. The pig System will crush any form of true dissent against its internationalist interests.
Anonymous NA member
Now you are the Kings of the Streets in Liverpool and the Kings of the Nationalist scene in England. Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?
We are in the very beginning of a very bloody cultural war, a war between Nationalism and internationalism and we intend to win it. Join the resistance. No one else is going to do it except you. The right man in the wrong place can change the world. Step it up White man.
Anonymous NA member

Had NA let this go and moved on with other things it would have been an admission of defeat and the start of their downfall. Instead their star shines all the brighter and they are back with a vengeance, honoring their promise “only bullets will stop us” while their enemies pretend that nothing happened or that no promises to stop NA at every turn were made.

In the end National Action proved its supremacy over both its enemies and all other nationalist groups active in England.

The Red Citadel has Fallen. The King is Crowned. Long Live National Action!



“It is not possible to root out desire, to fight passion is to sin against life.” -Gabriele d’Annunzio
Fiume is a city located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. It is also the key port in the north of the Quarnaro Bay, which separates the Istra peninsula from the eastern coast of the Adriatic. Today this city bears the name Rijeka and belongs to Croatia, however in the first years after the First World War it was a topic of heated discussions. Before the war the city was part of the so called “Transleithania” – lands of the Hungarian crown which were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

After the end of the war, with the collapse of the Empire, the city fell in the hands of the Yugoslavian Committee. Then, when on November 4th, 1918 the Italian cruiser “Emanuele Filiberto” had entered the harbor, control over the city falls to the Italian National Council. France and England also send their forces to establish allied control.

The fate of the city became one of the most controversial topics during the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. Both sides, Italy and and Yugoslavs were part of a heated debate as to whom the city belongs. Italians pointed to the fact that they were the majority population. Indeed, according to the official 1910 census 24,212 Italians, 15,687 Yugoslavs, 6,493 Hungarians and 3,383 other nationals lived in Fiume. Opponents objected that while there was indeed an Italian majority in the city, all surrounding territories were populated by Slavs. Both sides argued how the land was rightfully theirs, utilized various arguments of historic and economic nature, talked about “national interests” and called for justice. One of the issues was the secret 1915 London agreement which layed out the conditions for Italy to join the war. In it Italy made no claims for Fiume. However, nobody had expected the total collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Another important factor was the principle position of the US president Woodrow Wilson, who insisted on Fiume becoming part of the newly created Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. Regardless, the situation was at a standstill. It even came down to the Italian delegation of Prime Minister Orlando leaving the Paris Peace Conference in protest, but returned after persuasion from the Allies.

A rather peculiar solution was proposed by the Italian poet and author Gabriele D’Annunzio. On September 12th, 1919 he led 40 vehicles with volunteers to Fiume. As the New York Times wrote, when the “army” of 2,300 people departed in a column from Ronchi, the commander of the Italian garrison in Fiume, general Pittaluga with a detachment of gunners at his back declared that he must fulfill his duty. However after the Poet replied, that if the general is going to shoot “his own brothers” then he’d have to shoot D’Annunzio first, Pittaluga exclaimed “Viva Fiume!” and joins D’Annunzio. Then when the militia entered the city some of the inhabitants and sailors joined them as well and the allied garrison was locked in the barracks. D’Annunzio proclaimed the city joining Italy, presenting the government with fait accompli. But the Italian government of Prime Minister Nitti had instead established a land and sea blockade of Fiume. Thus D’Annunzio became the absolute master of the city.

The Poet’s biography in of itself deserves a separate story, much needed to understand his action. We’ll restrict ourselves to a brief retelling of the most interesting moments. Being a big celebrity prone to shocking his audience D’Annunzio led a luxurious and lavish lifestyle in Italy: he had his own entourage, there was a great collection of statues and tapestries in his villa and, of course, the author never had a shortage of women. Naturally, Gabriele amassed exorbitant debts. To get rid of them the Poet agreed to do a tour with public lectures across Latin America, proposed by the Argentine millionaire Giovanni Del Guzzo, who in return would take care of D’Annunzio’s creditors. Agreeing, D’Annunzio fled from Del Guzzo to Paris, where his literary triumph continued. In France he lived it up with an even greater flare, having an entire harem in his home. When the war began, the famous writer, who was already over 50, finally sides with the irredentists, using his popularity as a means of pressuring the government. Even during the war D’Annunzio does not betray his lifestyle. Wile hundreds of thousands of soldiers die, the Poet, holding the opinion of his superiors to little regard, satisfies his own ego. He conducts risky raids, first on torpedo boats, and then after becoming an aviator, in between his flights continues to live in his luxurious palace. To his credit it is worth noting that he waged war successfully – in August of 1918 he made the first air raid on the capital of the enemy state of Vienna. The author meets the end of the war in the rank of lieutenant colonel, a lost eye as a result of an unsuccessful landing, and with a foreboding anticipation of “the stench of peaceful life“. The ideal candidate to lead the Fiume adventure.

Taking control of an entire city D’Annunzio has no plans of stopping. More and more Arditi flock under his wing and soon their numbers reach 11,000. After several planes deserted to Fiume the Italian government had to take out of commission its entire fleet to avoid this in the future. This army did not lack weapons, as the crew of gunship with artillery, 30 thousand rifles and ammo on board, all meant for Russian Admiral Kolchak, mutinied and changed course for the Poet’s domain. In November D’Annunzio with a force of a thousand volunteers on board of 4 destroyer ships arranges another sortie – to Zara (now Zadar), a local Italian commander joins him. Zadar was later taken by Italian regular army. The Poet has plans to take Split and invade Montenegro. A year after Zara the Poet expands his domain, taking over the islands in the Kvarner Gulf and several villages to the east of Fiume.

One of D’Annunzio’s first orders was the introduction of food cards. However as the city was under siege, surrounded by mountainous terrain with no place to grow food and no banks or factories working in the city, piracy becomes Fiume’s new major industry after its capture by the Poet. Some weeks after its takeover the Arditi seize a ship with provisions headed for Pola and steer it back home. Such instances repeat in the future. For instance in April 1920 with the help of motor boats a steamship with provisions is captured and after being unloaded let go. It should be remembered that the Poet payed his soldiers, and piracy was one of the ways of getting the funds. In the same month Fiume is gripped by a general strike caused by a decrease in rations. The Poet himself, however, lived in luxury. When he’s not busy renaming streets, hotels and restaurants, he works on creating new liquor, feasts at banquets and the piano is played in his house.

Not everything was as smooth for the rest of the city. After its capture D’Annunzio produces a proclamation declaring a martial law in Fiume and threatens the death penalty to all who oppose “Fiume’s Cause“. Then the poet holds elections for the city council under the watchful eye of the troops. The entire populace is called upon to fulfill their patriotic duty – vote. However to limit the participation of the slavic citizens on election day the bridge separating the suburb of Sussak where they were a majority was raised. Moreover only one political force was allowed to participate in the elections, Unione Nazionale, so if anyone wanted to vote differently they had to write in the candidate’s name by hand. As a result the Italian annexationists get 6,999 votes out of 7,150. But D’Annunzio has a hard relationship even with this loyal National Council. First the council protests the Poet, standing in support of the Italian government, then they change their mind, allowing his forces to stay in the city until its unification with Italy. This question was to be addressed in a plebiscite in late December. To ensure the desired outcome the Arditi take control of the ballot boxes, and the Poet declares that he will not leave the city, until he achieves his goal and annulled the results of the vote. There are differences in the army as well, particularly between the Carabinieri and the Arditi. In May 1920 when a squad of the former along with their commander attempted to leave the city they were met with Arditi machine gun fire on the border – this grew into an hour long confrontation until general Ceccherini had arrived to resolve the matter. In the end 12 people were killed and 50 wounded. The end of summer and beginning of autumn of 1920 marked another break between D’Annunzio and the council, resulting with the dismissal of the latter on the grounds of proclaiming Fiume’s independence and the adoption of the “Italian Regency of Carnaro” constitution. A provisional government was formed where, of course, none other but Gabriel D’Annunzio himself became the Prime Minister. In the end, after the Poet’s declarations the national council had to once again assemble and express a vote of confidence for the new government.

D’Annunzio’s opposition was very active. The dissatisfied with the high indemnity imposed by him on the business community in order to pay his troops, they organized around Riccardo Zanella, a former Fiume MP to the Hungarian parliament, who was championing the idea of an independent Fiume under Italian protectorate. Faced with D’Annunzio he was forced to leave the city and act from Trieste. During the mentioned plebiscite Zanella and his supporters spread leaflets and manifests calling to support the proposals of the Italian government, which was met with repressions, searches and arrests from the Arditi. Later the conspirators were hoping to bribe D’Annunzio’s soldiers to overthrow him, but their plan was uncovered. Socialists were also in opposition to the new regime. In their manifesto printed in the official party newspaper Avanti they called D’Annunzio a “mad despot” and blamed the Arditi for bringing hunger, imprisonment and torture.

While D’Annunzio’s men beat up political opponents in Trieste and kidnap generals that caused dissatisfaction, others, like general Ceccherini, having received the post of the Poet’s commander in chief, join him voluntarily. One of the author-aventurer’s comrades was another adventurer – captain Luigi Rizzo, war hero who had sunk the Hungarian super-dreadnought “St. Istvan” with a torpedo boat. The Poet appointed him admiral. An Italian “Patriot senator” Casagrande joins him as well, having abandoned for this his newly wed wife in Nice. The grateful Poet appointed him commander of aviation. Another public figure, the Belgian Leon Kohnitsky, assigned by the Poet to be the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, organized the “Anti-League of Nations“. The government was headed by Alceste De Ambris, a former member of the anarcho-syndicalist trade union in the Italian syndicalist union, who was expelled from it for supporting Italy joining the First World War, afterwards becoming one of the founders of the Fascist movement and co-author of the first fascist manifesto along with the father of Futurism Filippo Marinetti. All in all the city is visited by many guests. For instance during Fiume’s anniversary celebration an American delegation was present with senators and judges, among the guests of honor were the great tenor of the time Enriko Caruso, who became the star of the evening, and Giovanni Caproni, famous aircraft designer and veteran of Salvator Palladino’s Garibaldi movement.

After the city’s declaration of independence De Ambris along with D’Annunzio wrote the constitution of the “Italian Regency of Carnaro“. Let’s look at its unique aspects. It is most known for the special role it gives to music, which was declared a “social and religious institution”. Every village of the province had to have an acting choir and orchestra, subsidized by the state, and in Fiume itself a concert hall with at least 10 thousand seats was to be built. The education system also had to pay attention to music, with choir practice and by creating a number of art schools. Another institution of higher education was to be a University free of interference from the law. All in all the goal of education had to be the exaltation of Latin culture, Italian was declared the primary language of education, however it should be noted that in every commune primary education had to be conducted in the language of the majority residents.

In general, the constitution could be said to have been progressive for its time in regards to rights and freedoms. In addition to various guarantees for non-Italians (which looks fairly strange on the background goals of the Poet’s adventure), such civil rights were introduced as women’s suffrage and equality before the law of everyone regardless of race, sex, language and faith. There were rules about a referendum on popular initiative, recall of elected MPs by the voters and etc. The State guaranteed to all citizens, male and female, primary education in healthy schools with physical education classes in public schools under the open sky, minimal wage jobs, benefits and pensions. Property was regarded as a social function for which one needs to take responsibility. Convicted under the law or tax evaders were deprived of civil rights, since according to the constitution only those who strengthened the wealth and power of the state were regarded as full citizens. The port and railways were nationalized.

An important feature of the Fiume constitution was also that it was the first attempt to establish a corporate state in practice. Everyone depending on their occupation had to be a member of one of the ten corporations. Each corporation has its own number and represents in itself a particular class of society. The first – wage workers, peasants and small craftsmen; second – managers and technicians; third – financial officers; fourth – owners of enterprises; fifth – utility workers; sixth represented the intellectuals: teachers, students, people of art; seventh was comprised of people in liberal professions; eighth included workers in cooperatives; ninth – sailors. The most interesting was the tenth corporation which had no official name and consisted of “the mysterious forces of progress and adventure“, people of the future, a kind of elite. This system of corporations affected virtually all branches of power: they form one of the houses of parliament, elect certain ministerial posts, have courts dedicated to sort out labor disputes, representing all corporations except for the tenth, thus providing, according to the authors, the harmonious functioning of society.

Let’s take a closer look at the relation of powers which were to be established by the constitution. Their particular feature was a clear separation of functions. The Parliament consisted of two houses: Council of Senators and Council of “Provvisori“. The first were elected by universal secret ballot for a period of ten years under the quote of one senator per thousand inhabitants. The Senate were to meet once a year for a short session and pass laws and decrees regarding  the criminal and civil codes, police, defense, secondary education, art, relations between the communes and the state, appoint ministers of defense, interior and justice. The “Provvisori” was to consist of 60 delegates and proportionately represent all corporations (except the tenth) in more or less equal proportions, and just as the senate have well-defined powers within the scope of economic management, labor relations, appointment of Ministers of Economy and Labor. Once a year both houses were to sit together forming the Grand National Council called “Arengo del Carnaro” which handled foreign relations and financial policy, higher education and constitutional reforms. Joined meetings also were to appoint ministers of foreign affairs, finances, education, noting that the foreign affairs minister was also the Prime Minister. All seven ministers were elected for one year. Every seven years the “Arengo” assembles for a special session – to discuss constitutional reforms even though those could take place at any time if that were the desire of a third of the populace.

Communes would have considerable autonomy. They handled primary education, appointed communal judges and police, could collect taxes, enforce the laws and handle all affairs beyond the competence of local branches of the legislative, executive and judicial powers. Communes could also pass local laws approved by the province and enter into agreements with each other with approval of central government. The armed forces  were milita in nature and during peace time  there is no regular army but regular exercises were to take place. Everyone were obliged to serve: men in the armed forces while women in hospitals and factories.

However this whole system of checks and balances and the complex distribution of power loses all meaning if the national council decides to appoint the Commandant. This position was inspired by the dictators of the Roman republic. When the state is in danger one person is given all power: legislative, executive and military. “Arengo” defines the period for which a dictator is appointed, “whilst not forgetting that in the Roman republic dictatorship lasted for 6 months“. At the end of the dictatorial period the national council can leave the Commandant in office, appoint a different person as Commandant or even punish him. However until that point the dictator’s power was absolute.

While D’Annunzio was the ruler of Fiume the Great Powers did not stop arguing about the status of the city. In the end this question was left to be decided immediately by Italy and Yugoslavia, whose efforts lead to a compromise. Fiume was supposed to be come a free city under Italian protectorate. The Italian government sent the Poet’s forces an ultimatum, demanding they abandon the city and return to their units. In responce D’Annunzio declared war on Italy on December 1st, 1920. After heavy fighting, on December 29th the regular forces occupy the city and the Poet, first declaring his readiness to die, departed on an airplane. Thus ended the adventure which lasted for 15 months.

It is difficult to give a clear assessment of D’Annunzio’s regime based purely on its constitution without paying heed to the context in which it was signed. Being the real power in the city the Poet was not hesitant to prove that might makes right, repressing all opposition and annulling results of the plebiscites when they were not in his favor. To understand the ideology of the regime one must add another piece to the puzzle. D’Annunzio declared his mission to be saving Italy from the socialists. The Poet believed in the greatness of national spirit, which in his opinion communism kills. According to this view the Belgian Leon Kohnitsky, who became Secretary of Foreign Affairs, together with the Poet-adventurer, started organizing the “Anti-League of Nations” which was to include “all the oppressed peoples” and a conference was called which was attended by invited delegates from Egypt, India, Turkey, Ireland, Hungary and Persia. Critics sarcastically noted that this league could’ve been attended by surviving Young Turks, successful in eliminating the Greeks, Syrians, Armenians and Arabs; exiled Egyptian Pasha; some Brahmans with their love for the lower castes and “untouchables“; and the oppressed people of Montenegro would have been represented by the former King Nicholas and his thirty pro-german sons.

Could the socialists have declared D’Annunzio in their proclamation anything but a “mad despot“? He was much closer to the Fascists of that era. In fact this relationship was not kept secret. At the first Fascist congress in Milan in the spring of 1919, before the capture of Fiume by D’Annunzio, Benito Mussolini in his speech proclaimed “we cannot remain deaf to the struggle for Fiume.” After its takeover the Fascist leader states his solidarity with the Poet: “Fiume is the rebellion of the great proletarian woman (Italy) against the new holy alliance of the world plutocracy. Proletarian! Socialists are selling themselves to Nitti and the big banks!” The official newspaper of the Fascist movement, Popolo d’Italia prints the slogan “Fiume or death!

Regarding the constitution itself, the laws such as women’s suffrage are well in line with the Fascist demands of 1919, however they never went through with that, while the concept of the corporate state was not only adopted by the Fascists but realized into practice. It should be noted however, that the corporate harmony brought by Fascists with equal representation of both capitalist and working interests in practice worked against the latter. Class collaboration is the most that national-syndicalism of De Ambrisa could offer with the Poet’s blessing, while in Italy itself, unification with which they longed for so much, a revolution was brewing with demands for total worker’s control over the enterprises. The constitution, a kind of “fascism with a human face“, in practice could prove to be a useless scrap of paper at a mere whim of D’Annunzio. However the adventure came to an end before any conclusions could be made regarding its application in practice, and the Poet himself after his retirement was surrounded by great honor and luxury in the Fascist regime until his death.

Original article “Italian Regency of Carnaro: city-state ruled by the poet D’Annunzio
Source: “Tolkovatel” [Толкователь]
Translated by Alexander Slavros