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Now that we’ve established that intellectuals are Kikes, it’s time to figure out what makes the Kikes what they are – Kikes.

First and foremost, we’d have to understand the concept of the body of Christ, which is the Church. The Church was supposed to contain everything. From the Emperor to the poor Macedonian peasant. They all had their specific place and function within the body of Christ. It is, in fact, more or less the same thing as the Cosmic Order. Logos manifesting into the creation. The Church itself is the whole, and its leader is God himself. With this in mind, the thought of a symphony between emperor and patriarch makes perfect sense. They are of the same will, to be true to their calling and trough that become a part of the body of Christ.

There is also in Christian theology the concept of God’s energies. As humans, we cannot really comprehend God in his fullest. This reminds one of how St. Paul did not see the face of God when he had his famous vision, renouncing Talmudism. You can visualize it as someone holding a prism in front of a light source. The light source, logos, is filtered trough the lens. Yet we’re not the full Logos, that would be impossible. We’re only a part of the whole.

The meaning of existence is to be united with God. Yet, we have free will. We can choose not to. We can choose to rebel. We can choose to ignore our calling, our ray from the prism, our lot of talents. We can choose, instead, to be of the world, devoted to base desires. Smiling as we continue to look at the shadows on the cave wall, snacking on popcorn and asking our fellow fool if we’d rather switch to another shade.

Yet, when any normal person does this, this person feels bad. If you masturbate, you feel bad afterwards. And you should. This is to abuse what you have. Your penis isn’t supposed to be jerked off by your hand and the seed flushed down. You’re supposed to make a new life with it. Because, with your own free will, you pervert that which has been given to you, you’re stepping away from God. You’re abandoning Logos in favor of cum. This is slavery to your own desires. It’s pathetic. And you are only as much of a slave to it as you choose yourself to be.

St. Ignatius of Loyala wrote of this in his Meditations, the one who does bad will eventually feel good by doing bad and very bad by doing – or seeing – good. Like an exorcism. That is why these people hate beauty. They can not stand it. Likewise the one who does good will eventually feel very bad for doing bad things – such as sodomy. The repentant homo Michael Voris is a good example of someone realizing what he was doing was horrible.

Masturbation is sodomy as well – for good reason. Raging sodomites who do not feel bad for what they are doing have with their own free will abandoned God. ”God is dead and we have killed him”. Because they have abandoned God, they have also abandoned the Holy spirit, which would function in us as the inner voice, telling us what is right and what is wrong – dragging us up to God. Since at this point you would be totally Godless you could no longer feel any love. This is because Love is recognizing the beauty in something, the spark of Logos in it, and trough that loving it. Philia, not Eros. A painting is a symbol for something deeper that hides behind it, but through the painting we can see a glimpse of that which hides behind it. The spark of Logos.

This is also why blasphemy against the Holy Spirit was seen as the one unforgivable sin, because by doing that you rebel against God and close your heart to him. Thus you are not yourself open for it. You’re abandoned to your own hell-fire. ”Dude, cum!”.

To the people who reject God – Logos – there is only power. They see no meaning in following any laws, because they have no laws. They have no laws because they have rejected God. They have rejected the Holy Spirit. They have rejected the Cosmic Order. Rejected ideals and standards. Thus for them everything is a competition for power. Power for power’s sake. This is a desire. Not a will. A desire. They desire to be powerful. They are drowning in their lust for domination. The only thing they are expanding into is an infinite void without an end.

Lucifer rebelled against God and took a third of the Angels down with him in the fall. Deprived of all power, he saw only one way to achieve what he desired, and that was to corrupt God’s creation. He saw how man had free will and successfully made Adam and Eve commit sin trough their own free will.

Here comes the difference between the city of God and the city of the Devil. The city of God is where man follows his inner calling and is content with his place. Like pillars leaning upon each other, everything is in harmony with God. The Cosmic Order.

The City of the Devil is the City whose Prince is Satan. It is true he is bound and shackled, but the Bible tells us that during the era of the thousand year reign (that is, period between Christ’s first and second coming – that is right now) Satan would still be able to influence the creation trough us willfully walking to him. He would no longer be able to oppress us trough original sin, but he would be able to drag us away from our salvation and make us linger here. And he does this trough the thirst for power. The desire to dominate.

It is trough this light we got to see the Masonic legend of the temple of Solomon, the temple which Solomon built (supposedly) trough demons. Solomon, wise as he was, was eventually seduced by the world and started to worship the Gods of his wives – all demonic entities.

The Temple of Solomon in the Masonic sense is not the same thing as the Cosmic Order – nor the temple where God dwelt. It is in fact the same thing as the Synagogue of Satan. It is dissolving everything sacred and using these very atoms as a clay to shape something else. It’s stealing the living stones we’re supposed to be in God’s temple and placing them instead in the Synagogue of Satan. They know they cannot create something by themselves, so they have to work with that which is already created and corrupt it.

This is what the kikes did. They rejected the truth by nailing Christ on the cross and choosing the Talmud over their Messiah. They chose Satan. In their Pride, they could not stand that Christ was supposed to be the savior of all, and not just their savior. Just as how Lucifer, in Catholic thought, could not stand Mary becoming the Queen of heaven. So they rebelled and built their own temple. Kikes wanted a worldly king to make them powerful for power’s sake, which we can see in Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Christ for a few sheckles for being disappointed.

This reshaping of the creation may sound very outlandish, but when you think of it we see it every day. GMO food, trannies, faggots, ”Cum-dump Paganism”, race-mixing, banking (interest rate demanding expansion at the cost of something else – that is will to power crushing the organic) and so on. Everything the Jew does is to break down the natural order created by God, imposing their own instead. They want to be God. They want power, not truth. So they level the temple and from the clay the Rabbinic sorcerer creates a Golem. With carriers and nukes.

When you think about it, this makes sense. The Jews still pray before the wailing wall, said to be a wall of Solomon’s temple. God only knows what demons would escape from it should we actually demolish it, but with this in the back of our heads Judaism makes perfect sense. Not to mention the fact that the Jews murdered Jesus – logos incarnated. By doing this the Jews have placed upon themselves a curse. They have trough this act rejected all truth. All order. God himself. And every day they repeat this act by drowning us all with their filth in an attempt to dissolve us – and God’s creation – into nothingness.

By race-mixing we distort our natures to the degree that we do not know what we are. We become a coffee-colored brown sludge, a clay Rabbi Wisenthal can forge a new man from. A Golem drone content with living in a rat-cage apartment, paying his 14% interest on his 300K$ loan with his minuscule wage from working 12 hours a day in the Goy factory. The only communion this drone will take will be the colourful pills he’ll take every morning to prevent killing himself – making him duller and duller for every day. America has become the Rabbi’s Golem fighting against God’s cosmic order. Jews see the Goyim as animals, ”not of Adam” – that is animals. The Jews alone would be the ”true humans”. To them we’re like smarter animals one can abuse to their whim. And the perfect Goy for the Kike is the urban Golem.

Reliable sources have told me that they have heard time and time again with their own ears that the military in America – at least its air force – hungers for another war so they can bomb the living crap out of people. A satanic desire to destroy, to dominate, to feel powerful. With white people there would be no collateral damage – if anything they would be praised for killing off ”evil Nazis”. Like the forest-watcher in Ernst Jünger’s ”The Marble Cliffs”. Laughing as he sends his bloodhounds on the population simply defending their way of life.

These people are beyond reason, they are beyond morals, they are beyond logos. They have shunned the holy spirit, the glue of creation itself as theologians describe it, the shining glory of God, and instead choose to become slaves to their passion to destroy and rule. They can only rule over the ashes of creation, so they must through this shun God.

The antidote to this is not a dreamy ideal of a rural nation with peasants peacefully tilling the earth. We are not safe. Unlike our forefathers we now have the machine. A terrible creation which consumes natural resources and gives titanic power. The Jews have, in their satanic thirst for power, enslaved this weapon to their usury system. Thus, it not only consumes the natural world, but it is also forced to expand it’s operations exponentially.

Now, we’re at the point where the whole of society is a machine. Computerized bureaucratic demagoguery where bureaucrats are placed upon the thrones of the Dukes, Barons and Lords of old with blinders around their face, obsessed whether giving food for the Svensson family goes against §B1.03 or has support under §A7.34. The Jew has full control of this machine, and with it the Jews seek to crush the whole of creation.

So, should we just dream away – cuddle up to a relatively healthy woman and create a family in an isolated homestead? No. The total mobilization against the Jews and the forces of Satan is being sounded. Can’t you feel it? The forest-watcher’s bloodhounds are approaching. Can’t you hear them? The matrix’s shadow is looming over your kid picking flowers outside. Can’t you see it, with it’s thousands of tendrils and it’s titanic stature, blotting out the sky itself? If we isolate ourselves now and ignore the call for total mobilization, there’s none to fight them anymore. And ZOG’s dogs can go house to house and kill, rape and abuse every single one of you. Just like they have already done. You either stand under Christ’s banner at Jerusalem or under Lucifer’s at Babylon.

So the only thing we can do is to build our own machine and crush the Jew World Order and their satanic drive for “power for power’s sake,” without us ourselves being seduced by the temptations of this power. The plough must become a gun – or more like the 5 TB of anime must be replaced with social competence, physical fitness and a preparation to head into the woods once the European governments are starting to collapse – which they will very soon (to do peaceful, democratic and purely recreational activities of course).

We are heading into another great war. Not between two empires, but between two machines. The machine trying to demolish the Synagogue of Satan and the machine which the masons carefully built up with square and compass.

The Peace of the Jew is the death of civilized humanity. The Peace of the rural pacifist is the inevitable rape and murder (not necessarily in that order) of his whole family in front of his very eyes before he is killed as a result of him abandoning the bastion.

Only with the death of ZOG and killing our internal Jew will we be able to go back to another rural age. The Machine is dependent on natural resources, and they are shrinking and getting more scarce for every day as the demand for them is becoming higher and higher. If we are to survive we must fight for our survival. We must grab all the resources we need, to drain it all, only when these have been exhausted or when we have won with our spirit intact we can return to the farm. But only then.

The New Solomon of the Kikes is taking another step towards the throne of his temple for every year. And his number is six hundred sixty-six. Can’t you see the Rabbi rocking back and forth, praying to the wall where Lucifer himself is shackled?


Clericus Ex Machina is an attempt to give religion into a dark world of the alt-right. I’m not a priest. Just a guy invoking God trough the machine with a couple of old tomes. Concept (imperfectly) based around a Protestant mass.

Intellect can’t explain everything. That’s why we need religion. This weekly podcast-sermon is dedicated to make christianity great again.

You people should look for a good real church. Meanwhile there is this.


Clericus Ex Machina is an attempt to give religion into a dark world of the alt-right. I’m not a priest. Just a guy invoking God trough the machine with a couple of old tomes. Concept (imperfectly) based around a Protestant mass.

Intellect can’t explain everything. That’s why we need religion. This weekly podcast-sermon is dedicated to make christianity great again.

You people should look for a good real church. Meanwhile there is this.



Before I’ve written about how slave morality really is slavery to desires. This isn’t a new thought and it has been known for a very long time. This article will attempt to expand on the concept that’s been forming in the past articles about how the intellect is limited and how freedom is to be true to one’s nature.

We have already established that will to power is to reach one’s goal. To realize one’s inherent nature. To find one’s place in the cosmic order, or whatever you want to call it. If someone is enslaved to his desires he is not free and therefore not powerful. Even if he is commanding armies he is not free unless this is his rightful place in life. He would just be a rebel against truth.

There is also more than what we can intellectually understand. We are not bodies with souls, we’re souls with bodies. If we do not stay true to our ideal which comes from our soul, we degenerate. Just look at the blobs of fat on tumblr who think they are liberating themselves from the patriarchy when in reality they are just liberating themselves from their health. They are too weak to reach any ideals trough their own free will, so they don’t.

An ideal is extreme by definition since only one thing can be that ideal and everything else is not. This non-ideal is infinite in it’s nature while the ideal is not. The ideal comes from one’s nature which comes from one’s soul which is created in God’s image.

The ideal is directly from God. Everything else is void. Everything else destroys God’s creation. Everything else is per definition Satanic. The Jews are a prime example since all they do is to erode the discipline of the dumb Goyim and dragging them down to their materialistic, Satanic level.

Since God is truth, and truth is one’s nature, one’s ideal you have to reach is literally becoming one with God. In Byzantine times this was expressed with the term theosis, which essentially is the same thing as what Julius Evola calls transcendence. This is what is really meant with ”becoming God”. You’re not supposed to rebel, you’re supposed to free yourself by being true to the ideal you have. To become the very best you are. Otherwise you would just dig down your talent.

We are made in God’s image, and God is not bound by his own creation. In the Byzantine Church, the nature was supposed to be to man as the whole of creation is to god. You’re not supposed to be enslaved to it, that would be repeating the fall, you’re supposed to overcome it. You’re made in God’s image, so act like it.

Matthew 25:18-20

But the servant who had received one talent went off, dug a hole in the ground, and hid his master’s money. After a long time, the master of those servants returned to settle accounts with them.

The reason we have free will is so that we can use that free will to achieve this goal and no longer be slaves to the world. Nothing else. Just like how Jesus freed the world from Satan’s domination trough the cross in Christianity. National Socialism is an intellectual construct that reflects this law. Nature’s laws reflects God’s laws and by looking how nature operates you can get a good idea of how the absolute laws are.

Everything strives to be true to it’s nature. From how Big Bang formed a universe so orderly as ours to how a seed turns into a flower. They don’t strive for ”power”, they strive for the truth. It is in fact the same thing since you can not have power without being free and you’re only free when you’re true to your higher nature.

With this perspective, natural selection for example would only be half-true. Animals and humans have not become how we are just because we managed to survive trough adapting to chaotic changes. We are those who we are because the essence which makes us who we are demand that we manifest it into the physical world. It was destiny that the Neanderthals would lead to us. It’s destiny that the different races are where they are. It’s destiny that the homosexual alt-righters disappear since they are not true to the nature they are supposed to be since homos engage in their sick lusts instead of creating a family. Aka chaotic desires before truth.

Race mixing is a great example of how the Jews are yet again rebelling against nature and trough nature against God/Logos/<Insert snowflake name here>. A multi-culti nation will not feel any connection to any ideal. It is as chaotic as it’s DNA is mixed. It will fall down the pit of materialism and intellectualism and that will be the end of it. The fight against these kikes is eternal since the only thing that motivates them is rebellion and destroying order. They are enslaving entire continents to their desires and trough these desires to the Jew and trough the Jew to Satan.

All sins are that which takes you away from the ideal. All good is that which makes you embody it. You can eat moderately and be fit or be a glutton and become fat. You can be humble to the truth or be high on hubris. Etc. Not Moralism but morals.

An example of this will to truth can be seen in Spengler’s philosophy (tl;dr of Spengler). Every high culture had a specific ideal which they were destined to embody trough their free will. The will is free since you are – again – not a body with a  soul but a soul with a body and since this ideal comes from the soul you are free when you achieve the ideal since the ideal is what you really want.

Eventually the culture would burn out. Most of their creations had already been created according to Spengler. You then reach a degeneration of the whole civilization. Ideals became that which is convenient (aka no ideals and slavery to desires).

As the civilization finally crash trough war and chaos, it returns to a ”fellah population”. A people without the great soul they had before. Modern examples would be Arabs, Chinese and Indians. They have traces of their once great culture, but it’s a pale frigid reflection of what they once were.

Spengler predicted that machines would eventually take over much of the jobs people had and a great immigration wave from somewhere in order to feed the great machine which the system itself has become. Man creates a false god and the false god creates man in it’s own satanic image. If I’m not mistaken, Spengler’s greatest fear was that the French would import Negros from their colonies, arm them, and send them into Germany. Not even he could have predicted the proportions of this. The best words to describe what Spengler saw coming would be a system only comparable to the system of the biblical Anti-Christ. All while we hand the machine to the Coloured races only to find that they use it as a pointed stick against us as their population boom and ours drop.

Eventually people would rebel against the system where the shekel is placed higher than the people. ”Caesarism”. This would in turn be relative to the nation’s individual ideals within the high culture. Anglos would have businessmen rebel, ”Prussians” would have generals. The wars that would result from this would be multiplied due to globalization and diminishing resources. Spengler predicted a sort of global race war between civilizations.

And he might actually be right

Some traditional Catholics talk about a great triumph of the church over the forces of Satan before the reign of the real Anti-Christ. This seems to overlap from a quick comparison.

Meanwhile, Russia would rise and start to realize their own ideal since they are a separate civilization. Dostoyevski was according to Spengler a great source of the Russian mentality that is about to rise. Raskolnikov’s confused hate in Crime and Punishment, the Brothers Karamazovs’ discussions. He was not an author but a sort of modern apostle, seeing the ideal but not quite able to define it. According to Spengler, Russia’s great goal is to establish the thousand year reign. A goal they have been prevented to do due to a sort of ”cultural imperialism” that warped Russia from the time of Peter the Great and that was cleansed in a catharsis with the fires of Bolshevism. He saw the Russians as the only truly religious people on the planet at this point. Likewise, there’s talk of Russia being consecrated among traditional Catholics which yet again seem to be hinting at the same thing.

Meanwhile in Sweden

Considering how the west is doing compared to Russia, Spengler seems to be right.

Everything is will to truth. Art is will to truth. War is will to truth. Existence is will to truth. Evolution is will to truth. Religion is will to truth. Industry is will to truth. Music is will to truth. The human body is will to truth. A farm is will to truth. Everything.

“The will-to-power of the beasts of prey is limited and practical; it is fierce but unspiritual. Man carries within him this same will-to-power, but his soul infuses into it a purely spiritual intensity that raises its demands and its performances incomparably above the level of the beast.”

-Francis Yockey Parker

Actual tolerance is not tolerance of degeneration but the realization that your personal ideal is not the same ideal as everyone else. No one is the full embodiment of logos/god/whatever. You are only a part. Dust. Ashes. The Byzantines thought that the full God/Logos/whatever is unreachable. You can only experience God though his manifestations, his energies, which create everything. Peace is when everything is a perfect manifestation of the ideal. War is when it is not. Thus life is struggle.

Evola’s ”Golden Age” would be achieving theosis/transcendence as a civilization. Reaching the ideal. Restoring the truth.

The meaning of life is to embody this ideal which you are unable to explain in intellectual terms. Intellectuals are the worst guides of a civilization ever since they reject the truth which their books are (at best) an incomplete manifestation of. They rebel. Truth is they are little better than homos.

On the other hand, the two tend to overlap. Especially within the alt-right.

You’ll learn more from a mass than from a dozen university lectures.

2+2 is always 4 no matter what color you use writing it.


Clericus Ex Machina is an attempt to give religion into a dark world of the alt-right. I’m not a priest. Just a guy with a mic invoking God trough the machine with a couple of old tomes. Concept (imperfectly) based around a Protestant mass.

Intellect can’t explain everything. That’s why we need religion. This weekly podcast-sermon is dedicated to make christianity great again.

This episode is dedicated to the alt-right, especially Dickie Spencer and Grindr Greggie.

You people should look for a good real church. Meanwhile there is this.

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In the past I’ve written about how truth is not limited to the intellect. There are certain things which you can’t really explain, but only experience. The most obvious being art. With this fact we must expand on this train of thought, and this leads us to a clash with intellectuals.

First and foremost, an intellectual does not have to be intelligent. There are plenty of smart-looking idiots in the world. Being intellectual is more of a personality trait and anyone can have it. The most glaring examples of smart-looking idiots can be found in modern academia. Talking about how whiteness is a problem, and how we need to raise our children as genderqueer androgynous blobs of fat is very intellectual. But it’s stupid. They can talk for hours about why their special-snowflake opinion is the best opinion but they don’t say anything of worth. This is because they are borderline autistic and thus blind to anything beyond what they can just intellectually understand. They are soul-less, cold golems. It could also be because whether they realize it or not, they don’t actually care about what is true or false, but only about what would – in their view – advance their position in the world. Thus truth doesn’t really have any value for them. Most of the time, it seems to be a mix of both.

As Evola said: ‘‘Representatives of this sort of ”intellectualism” value the brilliant phrase and effective wielding of polemics and dialects far more than the truth. They use ideas as an excuse; it’s important for them to shine, to give the impression of a particularity smart person […] Without a doubt there is a measure of truth in whomever said that amongst all the varieties of idiocy the most disgusting idiocy is that of the intellectuals”, and he wasn’t wrong.

We can see these people clearly in many ”rightist” circles. They can talk for hours and hours about the metaphysical meaning of metapolitical kulturkampf within the samsatic confines of the kali yuga without really realizing what they are on about. As soon as you try to intellectualize something, you kill it. Oswald Spengler wrote that as high culture progresses towards it’s end, it eventually becomes more and more intellectualized, categorized and generally rootless. The racial feeling, the blood, dies out. Just like how de Maistre meant that a good set of laws are short laws and few since you can’t make a law for every single detail and simply need common sense instead. There is also a Chinese proverb, which claims that a virtuous society needs but a few laws, because people of virtue simply don’t have to be told right from wrong. This common sense can’t be explained in intellectual terms. Evola too wrote that intellectual knowledge is only a way to reach understanding by using it as a sort of stepping stone. Esotericism would not be simply digging into obscure books, it would be having  experiences with a higher world.

There is nothing wrong, in and of itself, with using the intellect. What is wrong is to give it an undeserved importance and status as the only way to find truth. The intellect is but a tool, nothing else. It doesn’t matter if you have an IQ of 160 if you still watch anime all day or don’t have an ability to see the actual points of the books you read. This likewise can be seen in ”rightist” circles, where many read Evola but don’t really have an understanding of his work, so they intellectually masturbate about him and warp his quest for the truth as a way to validate their quest for cummies in the brain. Another, perhaps more common example, are modern Priests remaking Jesus into a hippie communist instead of the conqueror that he was.

One of the worst things that intellectualism can do though, is to encourage people to be passive and ”engage in discourse” instead of acting. There are many people out there who when confronted by this fact will spit up an old cliché like ”Oh but National Action are LARPers”, or ”But those people are Feds!”, only to later proceed to post bad memes and circlejerk themselves about how enlightened they are and how they must lead the ”stupid skinheads” when the shit hits the fan. Intellectualism enables these people to sit at home and do nothing as Rome burns. It gives them a fake sense of superiority due to their pathetic egos demanding a boost. Most of the time, they are not more intelligent than the ”stupid skinheads”, but only more intellectual (which is a personality trait, as we established).

Intellectualist argumentation and dialectic is a bad joke. They don’t see their goal as to be humble to the truth and do their best to understand it and manifest it in the world, they care only about making sure the other guy agrees with their intellectual construct, and naturally the other guy wants the same from them. So they continue for hours, repeating the same things over and over again in overly pretentious voices and using ten times the words they need to describe their point, all to appear smarter than they actually are. In some cases they even agree with each other but don’t realize it, because they use a slightly different wording, or go at it from slightly different angles. Again – useless.

Most “paradoxes” showcase this kind of intellectualist mindset. In fact, Greek philosopher Zeno came up with a number of Paradoxes to explicitly mock his peers and their intelligence, providing intellectualist thinking that is self-evidently wrong, and we know it is wrong from experience. One could argue that this article is a Paradox as well since I use intellectual means (the written word) to combat intellectualism. But the difference here is that this article isn’t made for it’s own sake, but for the point behind it.

There is nothing wrong with spreading your ideas, if your ideas are actually true. To know what is true and what is false is not the mission of the pure intellect. It’s simply a tool, a ladder, to reach this understanding, this view. In my experience, semi-serious arguments can be good at this if you actually are motivated by finding out if something makes sense or not, but this is not what argumentation is used for anymore. It has only became a tool for intellectual masturbating and has no substance in it. You can not intellectually understand certain things – as I’ve said before – because certain things are superior to the intellect. You can’t see what’s behind a wall if you just stare at the wall, no matter how sharp your eyes are. This is where faith comes in, and how faith is regarded in Christianity. You can’t intellectually know if there is a god or not, but you can see and understand that there is one, and to do that requires this faith, this fire in your heart that tells you what’s true and what’s false, what is right and what is wrong. ”And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus” Matthew 14:29.

The funny thing is that modern intellectuals, the rapefugee huggers and the genderbender professors see themselves as wise and enlightened, as gods handing out gifts to their subjects, the sandpeople from the east. They don’t realize that these sandpeople are not harmless (in fact, we respect them more since we realize they are a threat) and this will, if they are successful, go right back at them. Could you imagine a Salafi Jihadist respecting some androgynous blob of fat’s pronouns? No, he’ll slaughter that cow. Intellectuals seem to have a tendency to simply be purged when they have served their role as useful idiots. The furries would be tossed to the furies.

With this in perspective, we simply can’t afford to hang ourselves up on details, details which really are a consequence of too much intellectualism and the inherent insecurity of people who simply want a label to show off. It doesn’t matter if you call yourself a Fascist, National Socialist, alt-righter, Traditionalist, Reactionary or TradCat. We all have the same goal, the same spirit, and the same inextinguishable fire that just demands to throw all these empty, soulless societies into fire and brimstone and create something new, something pure and beautiful. In a few years Germans will be a minority in their own country among the youth, and I would not be surprised if Swedes already are in the youngest age group.

This is not the time to sperg about semantics, this is the time to act. And that is what we should be best at doing. Intellectualism usually creates rifts that are not really there to start with among people who want to save the White Race. There is a reason why ISIS has disallowed major religious discussion among their followers, because they know that will open up a Pandora’s box of division. The intellectual constructs are irrelevant, what matters is the spirit in them.

Our society has been poisoned with this very intellectualism. It slithers in like a snake and injects it’s poison in everything sacred. Our military is cucked. Our church (in Sweden) is transexual priest tier cucked. Our art is cucked. It’s rotting away. You can be a Professor in European Art without even looking at a single Rembrandt. But as the saying goes ”A picture is worth a thousand words”.

The sick fascination some people have with the intellect is literally autism and quite frankly very semitic.




People keep mentioning slave morality these days, but the word is often misused. What is a slave, and what morality would the slave have? The purpose of this article is to clear up just what a slave actually is, and what Nietzsche meant with Christianity being a slave religion.

To understand what a slave is, you need to first and foremost understand the difference between a will and a desire. A desire is something you want to do for the moment, something that makes you feel good and generally makes you feel comfortable and secure. A will is a higher goal you have. For example, you can choose to go for a walk rather than eating a Pizza in front of the TV. Choosing the former takes willpower though, and willpower is something that many people lack these days. In general, people just want a comfortable and secure life regardless of the consequences it gives. This is obviously harmful, and some people even realize that, but they are unable to do anything about it because they are weak.

The source of this will, your goal in life, is not intellectual. You can’t, for example, explain why you want to save the white race – you’d be dead by then anyway. But what you can intellectually understand is irrelevant because there is more than what you can intellectually understand. Beauty is an example, you can’t intellectually explain why Wagner is better than some feminists screaming into a microphone, it just is. The former awakens something in you, the latter kills it.

In ancient times a slave was more than a person working for another person, a slave was seen as a person who did not have a will of his own. Someone enslaved to his own desires, and that could not be true to a higher goal in life, a calling. The slave would not be able to save the white race, he would stay home and whine about people actually doing stuff because he doesn’t want the boat to sink. If someone can’t handle freedom, they get the shackles. If they would be ”free”, they would just sell themselves out once more to their own pathetic desires. Again, it takes will to be true to one’s nature in life. If you do not have a will, you do not deserve the freedoms. Thus you are justified to be a slave to others. If not, you wouldn’t do anything at all. In this way you would at least plow the fields or cook food so people who can be true to their nature don’t have to.

If a slave is someone who is a weak-willed slob with no will to do something greater, to find a vocation and fanatically pursue that vocation to it’s limit, then what would the slave’s morality be? It would be an effeminate desire for peace, comfort, pleasure and security. It would justify their sins with Jesus just forgiving them, something that was very common during the time of Nietzsche and our’s too. Here comes Oswald Spengler’s quote that ”Christianity is the grandmother of Bolshevism”, which is true because Christianity had become a vessel for this effeminate pseudo-morality. Today it’s mainly Liberals, Social-democrats, faggots and whatever labels the masses of slaves desire to call themselves to stroke their own ego and to fool themselves that they do something of worth.

Comfort should not be a motivation. Passion should. A burning, fierce passion for what you’re doing. A fanatic extremism of what you’re doing in life. Just like Rockwell said. Just like going to heaven should not be the motivation of Christians, but living a good life and through that become deserving of it. The primary goal should be your goal in life, your vocation. Not the rewards that it gives. Just as a leader should not care for his title, but what he can do with the power the title gives to wisely rule his people. The alternative would be to end up like the warrior who’s wife persuaded him to stay at home during the war, only to be massacred by the enemy army whom did not find enough resistance. That would be the prime example of slave morality.

It is not Christianity in and of itself which is and was the problem back in the day, it is that people themselves have become slaves to their own petty desires and have no wish to will themselves free from it. Freedom is will to power, since you need power over yourself to be free. This means that you control your desires and then find your vocation in life, master that vocation, and thus make your life worth living. In our case this would be getting rid of our desires, our dependence of the System and take over. A White Jihad, if you will (100% peaceful, spiritual thing~). An outer and inner Jihad.

You could even go as far to argue that in the Christian view, Jesus didn’t die as a martyr for forgiveness of our sins, but as a conqueror that gave us the will able to stop committing sins in the first place. In other words, to tame our desires and achieve something higher. Like Prometheus (which meant ”Foresight” in ancient Greek) giving humankind the flame. This proves that Christianity itself isn’t really a problem.

People who do see Christianity in and of itself as the problem are in fact playing right into Sheckelstein’s hands. We already see the problem in the world, some clearer than others. Calling people who do not follow the same intellectual construct ”Jew worshipers” is silly, and it’s only use is to intellectually masturbate and cause useless infighting for no good reason.

If you take this into account, the Jewish problem starts to make sense. If you think about it, everything the Jew does is designed to erode the will of the dumb Goyim and to make them into slaves. Slaves to their desires, and through their desires slaves to the Jew. Bank loans, pornography, Cultural Marxism, welfare niggs, extreme taxation, defeatism, hedonism, drugs, ”alternative lifestyles”, and the most destructive of all, tolerance. Everything is a symptom of lack of willpower, or a thing that speeds up the erosion of willpower.

Will to power is more than an edgy phrase, and ”Christianity is a slave morality” isn’t an excuse to desecrate the religion of my ancestors by making it into one as well.  You must yourselves become better people. You must liberate yourselves from your shackles. You do not even deserve any freedoms if you cannot handle them. And neither do other people.

Some people on the Right say that if we just go back to how things were a hundred years ago, everything would be alright. Wrong. First and foremost, we are in a different time now then we were back then. Not only are we at the risk of being wiped out (if it wasn’t for the fact the current System is mathematically doomed to collapse), but we’re also suffering from a severe lack of willpower. If we would will it, we could have the victory tomorrow. People don’t want that though, because the mass of people are dumb Goyim, slaves. If we go back to that time, even taking into account the fact that would be impossible, these people would just whore themselves out to the Jew again. The Jew is a direct result of our lack of willpower, and he himself speeds up the erosion of it. To defeat the Jew you must conquer yourself.

People should quite simply be enslaved en-masse, enslaved to the glorious history we have had and the glorious history we will have. To heroes and martyrs of the past, and to the infinite generations of whites that will come after us. In time, people will deserve more and more freedoms since they would actually be able to handle them. There is reason in making sure alcoholics can’t buy alcohol, but not much in banning people who drink responsibly from it, as an example. Our loyalty is to our people, and not only to the small clique of our people who are alive today. While they may dislike that, the legions of the dead and those who are still to be born scream out ”Do it!”, in a fanatical voice. And we can hear them loud and clear. We need foresight.

The fact is that Democracy is proof that most people are slaves and can’t rule themselves, and that is also why Democracy is doomed to fail. Our victory is inevitable, as long as we stay true to our nature.

There will come a time when the current night will end, but until the dawn is here our people must be guided by the torch of Prometheus.



In Sweden we have something called ”värdegrund”. This word is a bit like ”lagom”, in that it’s hard to translate into English. The literal translation would be ”value-ground”, or ”value-base”. This word is used in different mission statements and other documents in Swedish institutions as well as in articles and in normal speech. This word implies that we all share certain opinions, and that we have a consensus about these, and that if you go against them you’re not ”one of us”, you’re not a part of ”democratic” Sweden. You’re more foreign than Ogabooboo from Sudan in the eyes of the värdegrund-Swedes if you do not share these ideas. Which are these ideas then, you might ask?

One idea, which is pushed throughout the west, is everyone’s equal worth. For example, the Swedish army has a värdegrund where it says that they should ”[…]protect everyone’s equal worth, justice, equality and support democracy and human rights’‘. In the same document they say themselves that a värdegrund is a base from which you should act in everyday situations. In other words, they are forcing a certain perspective to see the world upon others, and if you disagree you’re ostracized for not ”believing in everyone’s equal worth”. Note the word ”believe”. These people are members of a literal cult. The cult of equality.

As I said before, as far as I am aware, every government institution has a certain ”värdegrund”. This is true for the schools as well (which are controlled by the multiplicities who often use them as a cash cow, but that’s another subject), where students are supposed to be of the same sectarian belief, that everyone are of equal worth, in order to get grades. In my philosophy class for example, I had an assignment about ”Questioning something”, so I had to use hypothetical wording in order to be able to write about if everyone really are of equal worth. Otherwise I would get an F, and my Marxist (literally) teacher made several red lines under the assignment and wrote ”You’re on very thin ice now, Hans” and was quite harsh with the grading as well, compared to other students in the class. Someone who wrote about being a human as a privilege got an “A” if I am not mistaken.

What you also have to understand with Swedish schools is that they are mandatory for 9 years. You are not allowed to homeschool your children. If you do, the child ”protection” service takes away your child with the police. Probably to be given away to a couple HIV-positive Nigerian sodomites. But in most cases, these children are just left to care homes. Care homes which in many cases appears to be owned by people in the friendship sphere of the politicians. Oh, but don’t worry. This government report says that Sweden is one of the least corrupt nations in the world!

Things in Sweden have sped up at an insane pace. When I was a kid in the early 00’s, I remember playing our national anthem outside on my trumpet as someone else raised the flag during our national day. You would never see something like that now, and if you do you can be sure the värdegrund has corrupted it beyond recognition. You would see something like a national day in celebration of multiculture. Thanks to the värdegrund, we have also been forbidden (in practice) to celebrate this national holiday in church, as it was tradition to do. If they do, they are not allowed to mention god, and are limited to talk about love and common humanity, while blowing soap bubbles and making post modern remakes of ”Den blomstertid nu kommer” If it looks too white, that’s because it’s from 6 years ago, you know when Sweden hasn’t fully made this transformation that must take place. Since then we have taken in around 500 000 more rapefugees, according to the official numbers.

I can personally attest to that the amount of immigrants have increased insanely much. My old school had around 30% immigrants in my estimation when I went there, now it’s 70% (official numbers). I left that place years ago. I have also seen more and more of them as I’ve grown older. In my daycare center there was only one immigrant, a Greek. In middle school, roughly 6 in my class. In the later stages, 12+. Now, as I said, 70%.

Since children are the most impressionable, you cannot separate värdegrund from the school. Värdegrund enables the current system to brainwash the youth, all in the name of democracy, to the degree that has been done in Sweden. Swedes allow it, because Swedes always want consensus. Consensus in itself implies that all the people who are a part of the “consensus making” are equally intelligent, which of course isn’t the case. But most of the time it is just an empty word, to be abused to scare Swedes away from stepping out of the little political correct sphere. If they do, they just jump out a bit. Like to the Swedish Democrats who think Somalis can become Swedish. It’s fitting that ”consensus” was created by Jewish Rabbis in order to establish what the Jews hold as truth, which can be read in the Talmud, not the Torah.

Another important and very related word is ”människosyn”, which means roughly ”view on humans”. Unless you have a good människosyn that is the same as everyone else’s, you’re probably a stupid peasant Nazi that needs some education. Or, as we have established, brainwashing. ”It doesn’t seem we share the same view on humans”, a liberal can say mockingly, while verbally masturbating about how intelligent he is for soaking up the brainwashing more than an arab soaks up wellfare money.

In other words, värdegrund is a way to abuse the Swedish need for a consensus in order to establish the liberal values as the dominant ones. Instead of chopping off heads, the modern day Jacobins use social exclusion and useful idiots to do their bidding. You cannot argue against a liberal with a liberal mentality yourself, something that became painfully clear in the recent debate Millenial Woes had with Sargon of Akkad. Thus you must reject their entire world view. You must break this värdegrund conditioning which you have had since childhood. A good place to start is to realize that tolerance is apathy, since you can only be tolerant against things which you don’t approve of. Tolerance is thus spiritual castration. We don’t need spiritual castration, we need a fanatic will to power. Freedom doesn’t come at the end of a bottle, it comes from throwing that bottle away and doing something with the life you have. This is something Swedes have been brainwashed since childhood to reject.

The conditioning combined with the Swedish consensus mentality has brought this insanity into being and morphed the ”Prussian” in the Swede into working for ”a multicultural peaceful world”. Once this conditioning is broken, which it must be, Swedes will be just as fanatical on the other extreme. It’s a matter of time.



Life as it is now is a joke. You don’t even need to look out the window to see the disgusting ugliness and disorder we are in now as a civilization. Our machine-like institutions have betrayed us, and crush everything that does not confirm to them and reshape what does into it’s own rootless image. Countless drones work in skyscrapers. Useless bureaucrats paid to discuss whether we should do this or that, but most of the time these people don’t even accomplish that much. They simply sit at their desk and sign useless papers or browse Facebook all day. People’s motives are as ugly as their appearance, they don’t care about anything other than what is materially good for them in the short term. They couldn’t care less about their children or their own future. They just want an orgasmic ecstasy while destroying everything built with the sweat and  blood of their ancestors. Our ancestors, the innumerable dead, lived on in their deeds and accomplishments that we have inherited – now their deeds have been slowly withering away under the slogans of Equality, Multiculturalism and Capitalism.

What is opposite to this drone like existence is the War Hero. The war hero has become a monster because the war hero is the living archetype of the man of action. Willpower, which the drones lack. Initiative, which the drones lack. Discipline, which the drones lack. Everything that reminds the mob of their own inferiority is being despised to the tunes of mulatto ”arists” while the same mob keep whining on trivial political issues to appear sophisticated.

The mob” are materialistic hedonists who take delight in destroying the wealth and the culture so many before them have built. They love what they are doing. They love all of it. Today young men don’t go out and conquer nations, they sit at home and jerk off to hentai or play games all day. They are too lazy and too pathetic to even read a book. The exploits of Alexander the Great are unknown to these people. Few have even heard of the Gordian knot, or the legends of his visit to the oracle of Ammon. Ask the average lemming with mob mentality, who Lysander was and they will shrug their shoulders and perhaps say ”Wasn’t he some DJ?”. They are without history. They are without any sort of racial feeling. They are ugly.

You can so easily see their ugliness in everything they do, how they smile when they do something ”good” like defending Muslim rapists from evil racists, like a merchant’s smile as he tries to sell you snake oil. They are not even aware of what they are doing, making it all the worse. Or how they blindly support hip opinions while letting their arrogant pride speed off on how wise and smart they are for having the good opinions while the evil peasant racists should be educated. The same people also see themselves as Gurus or some super intellectual professors and will gladly talk for hours about all the good deeds they have done to support the cause. Even while rapefugees rape their daughters, their wives and their sisters they still masturbate about how good they are for continuing the great replacement.

The same ugliness can be seen everywhere. People don’t know their place. Some are too humble and waste their potential while others – most of people – are too prideful and think too much of themselves. It’s like a kid trying to lecture an old, experienced diplomat on foreign affairs. I can remember seeing some people here in Sweden that happily talked about how good this country would be if Swedes were a minority since we would finally be a multicultural nation free from racism. Their near autistic fixation with this ugly idea of racial equality and a non-culture of multi-racial consumerism is an idea that, if realized beyond reversal, would be a fate far worse than death. What good is a body without a soul and a reason to live?

Ugliness is everywhere, it’s the commercials and politics, study circles and trade unions, political parties and churches, money and sex, free love and weed. Only a huge cleansing fire can set things right again. Ugliness is not something you only find in art, nor is beauty. Beauty and ugliness are everywhere, and you can’t explain it, but only see it with an artist’s gaze. You can see through people and within an instant you realize what their motives are, what their vices are and just how ugly the very large majority of people are. All off this can at times be seen through the smallest of actions, like a smile at a certain time or a grin.

What all these ugly things have in common is the pure intellect without any sort of morals, racial feeling or higher goal. This rootless intellect can’t find anything wrong with things such as legalizing necrophilia, something the youth wing of the Swedish liberal party is promoting. It can’t find anything wrong with anything as long as it ”doesn’t affect you” and makes them ejaculate. They are ejaculating in the ruins of a once great and beautiful civilization. They are destroying everything beautiful in life in exchange for a more lazy and comfortable one. The mob has no goals, it just wants to cum.

Beauty can’t be explained intellectually, it just exists. You can’t scientifically create synthetic beauty, because beauty is independent of the intellect. The intellect can thus never understand it, and that is why it hates it so much. That is why this rootless intellect wants to purge it away, because it does not make sense to them. That is, if they can even bare looking at it. Most people in the mob can’t, because they are – again – reminded of their own inferiority and the fact they need to do stuff in their lives. They just want to cum and get drunk.

In a way, you can say that we know life is meaningless at this point. But what we know is irrelevant, because the intellect is limited and thus we may still have a meaning in life in that which is not intellectual – beauty. We can see society has become terribly ugly through the same non-intellectual gaze as the one the artist had when he painted a beautiful painting. You don’t need to understand it intellectually, you only need to act upon it. By making the world beautiful we’re creating our own meaning in life, and making the world beautiful is the only meaning we have in life. In a way Adolf Hitler was the greatest artist there ever was since the whole world was his canvas. Maybe god is dead, but let us then resurrect him with beauty.



Sweden is a sick country. We’ve all heard the news, we’ve all seen the me-mes and all pulled the Captain Sweden joke at some point. The thing is, however, that this is more real than people may think at first. I’ve lived in this country all my life, and so have my ancestors. I still live near the farm my great great grandfather used to have before the government forcefully bought it to build on it. My blood is in the soil. What is happening here in Sweden is nothing short of sick. Like a mass psychosis, and I can’t stress this enough. The pure lunacy that is modern Sweden can’t be described by words, so instead I’ll try to give a few anecdotes of examples of how insane this country is. This is the first installment of my experience, taking up a relatively recent example. More will follow, but to be honest there is so much insanity here that I don’t know what would be most shocking for non-swedes.

The past few months have given us a lot of insight through the alt-media about what what is happening here. Much of this is due to the very high flow of rapefugees coming here (at the peak we had 2 000 coming here daily, Sweden has a population of nearly 10m). Mainly the rape stories.

At one time, not far from where I live, there was news of a 10 year old girl that was raped in a school during a school disco by two african ‘’children’’. The headmaster (a woman, as well) didn’t do anything against the 180 cm tall ‘’10 year old refugee children’’, nor did the teachers. In fact, they tried to cover it up. No call was made to her parents, and the parents got the news only after she told them herself. The dad, furious, went to the school to demand an explanation for this and got the response ‘’Well this is not very good…’’, in a frigid Swedish manner. They didn’t even want to call the police, but the dad did anyway and took his daughter to the doctor to collect the evidence from her. Since no one can be punished in Sweden until they are 15 (and even then they don’t get full punishment) the social services have the responsibility, and in local radio the police said that they are not ‘’researching a crime’’ in this case. The Swedish social service that is manned by PC social democratic feminist cunts that are more occupied with taking away normal children from loving, Christian parents than to make sure Jamal the gay nigger, who gets the care, won’t rape them. Every gay nigger deserves a living doll, after all.

The shitstorm did not end here. The political elite in this city covered it up. The lesser local politicians in the city did not get this information. It was shushed down. What can you expect from a wanna-be Arab and a social democratic pig? During the meeting where this issue was supposed to be addressed, they ambiguated the subject into ‘’Work situation at school X’’ and made sure to check the clock before this issue was taken up. In the end, they didn’t talk about this problem. Instead a Swedish mother came forward and thanked the politicians for not removing the school milk, which they apparently were planning to do. With a slam of a club they then proceeded to talk about whether to put up a sign or not on a building, for 20 minutes. Useless people.

One of the big bosses in the city.
One of the big bosses in the city.

Worthy of notice is that this subject was postponed into this meeting from the last one, where a crowd of Swedes had gathered in the city hall to demand an explanation for the cover up (which they didn’t get). A police report was also supposed to be presented during this meeting, which was a pure lie.

The mainstream media didn’t do anything with this. Well, that’s only a half truth. They did talk with the pseudo-Arab about how he got hate mail after all this, because he is the victim. Not the girl who will live with this for the rest of her life. Who will have nightmares and trouble sleeping for the rest of her life. Who will probably have issues to have a functioning relationship in the future. But who cares about that? She’s a Swede and therefore privileged. Now, a couple of months later the case is already forgotten, and there was no mainstream outrage. People still shill for rapefugees and pity them while ignoring their own countrymen. This is even with people who have had bad experience with them themselves but choose to ignore it or justify it. Kind of like that German woman who apologized for being raped. Swedes have a very Prussian trust of their government. We expect them to know best, they do their duty and we do our duty to it in return. Right now this trust has been manipulated into having us help these invaders, and believing the government will solve whatever issues that comes from it. Meanwhile, the hippies preach for peace and love while attacking people who have had experience with this filth, like I have. This gutmensch mentality is very pronounced, and if you’re not ‘’in the gang’’ you’re a racist loser. A high school popularity contest about who can be the most virtuous person. Playing the violin while Rome burns. Who needs to think about reality when you have video games, weed and bunch of facebook likes for nagging on evil racists?

There’s plenty more material, but if I would write everything I’d end up with a whole volume (or a few hundred) and not an article.

Adolf Hitler did nothing wrong.