NOOSE is an online Fascist Zine meant to promote the Fascist Lifestyle by providing the readers with articles that put the spotlight on the real life activities, hobbies and adventures of fascists out in the world, as well as provide Fascist commentary on current events and deliver “Boots on the Ground” style news from our own correspondents working with certain fascist movements in order to cover their activities and struggle.

Ideally the goal of the project is to foremost become a place where fascists can brag about their accomplishments, conquests, the fun they had and in doing so inspire their comrades to do the same, because any Fascist should firmly believe that “To us an accident would be to die in bed“.

This world is ours. We know it best. We’ll take it back and we’ll have fun doing it and no hardships, let alone lemming nay-saying, can stop us. Me ne Frego. Ours hearts demand adventure and our blood demands retribution. Day of the Rope can’t come soon enough, but until then #tiethenoose and have fun. Take part in promoting the fascist lifestyle with #ropeculture.

NOOSE Categories:

  • The Struggle – News of the Fascist Struggle straight from the frontlines! Exclusive coverages and translations of non-english articles.
  • Boots on the Ground – Ready yourself for the fighting ahead with some military knowledge.
  • Workshop – Learn a craft, a trade and Do It Yourself projects that might come in handy.
  • Spirit – Life of Adventure and the Great Outdoors! Look here for inspiration from those who had gone outside to challenge Life.
  • Fascist Art – Truth manifested through Art. See the artistic exploits of your comrades.
  • Legacy – History of Fascist movements and personalities. Find out what you’ve never known before about the history of our Struggle.
  • Worldview – This is Our World and we know it best! Read up on the full extent of our views that go beyond what is readily apparent. Updates include f101 episodes.
  • Commentary – Commentary on current events, society and life at large. Updates include our very own banter style podcast series “Hanged Fool” and a segment we call “1488 Confessions” – confessions from our contributors and fans on “How Adolf Hitler Saved my Life“.

We plan to release “monthly issues” of NOOSE in the form of .pdf files that contain all articles and materials featured on our website in a given month.

NOOSE is part of the IRONPRIDE Network of IRONMARCH online projects.