When IronMarch discovered James Mason’s book SIEGE, it was something of an “ah ha!” moment for us. Mason, a veteran in the American fascist movement, had deep insights into the various strategies that had been used by various people and groups.

Studying his work allowed us to consolidate our understanding of the practical aspects of the struggle, and clear up the way forward. We quickly got to work making a new, sleeker and more readable version of SIEGE in order to spread the message.

We also set about to find out more about the author, who seemed to have completely disappeared after his last known interview in 2003. Had he started new projects? Did he write new books? Would he be willing to communicate with us? These questions got us started on our quest to track down James Mason in search for answers.

This has turned out to be a long and difficult process, which stretched out over several years.

But after being frustrated by multiple dead ends in our research, the members of the AtomWaffen Division have finally managed to find Mason and thus make this interview possible.

Most of this interview was conducted during the first meeting between an AWD representative and Mason, which occurred on the 25th of March in 2017.

AWD search party on deployment.
Alive and well!


There’s been a revival in interest in your book, SIEGE, in recent years. We’ve counted 16,000 downloads and 10,000 online consultations on our server alone.

“Jesus Christ, that’s amazing.”

Since the book is hard to find now, a new version was released by IronMarch. Thoughts on that?

“Yeah, fine with me. The object isn’t to make money, any money you make wouldn’t be much, anyway.”

What have you been up to since your last public interview in 2003? Are there any particular stories that you’re willing to share?

“That’s when the second edition of Siege came out. I tried to get “The Theocrat” published, but that never materialized. I was also the head of security for several K-Marts, I guess that they didn’t realize that they were hiring the Gestapo. Also, I saved some money, and self-published books, but they never got much circulation. In 2002, I saw William Luther Pierce on TV, and I called his number, and we planned dinner. The same evening that we planned dinner, he died. They (the National Alliance) had me come to their next meeting, to give Dr. Pierce’s eulogy. I produced 3 documentaries on George Rockwell, and 3 on me. Now, I’m waiting for somebody to step up. I’m trying to work with people, but they are all dead, or out of the movement”.

Have these documentaries been released? If not, do you have the tapes, so we can release them on the internet, at least?

“These documentaries aired on DCTV. And yes, I can give you some copies.”

Do you use the internet to keep up with events? How familiar are you with the political scene online?

“No, and not at all. All I know, is that it has changed a lot of minds.”

In your 2003 interview, you mentioned your move towards Christianity. Are you still Christian? Can you shed some light on this change?

“Well, like I said about “The Theocrat” and “Mein Kampf,” Mein Kampf is the third testament. I started out NS, and I’ll die NS. When I wrote the Theocrat, I said “These stupid bastards who call themselves Christians don’t know what they’re talking about.” About twenty years ago I stopped worrying, because we know how it ends, we’ve read it in the book of Revelation. I know that there are parallel universes, that’s how deja vu exists. I had an experience on Capitol Hill, a feeling that made me know that parallel universes are real”.

There’s been an upsurge in interest in so-called “Esoteric Hitlerism” in the past few years, including the works of Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano (as well as Evola). Considering your opinion that Mein Kampf is the third testament, how do you view this direction of National Socialism as a self-contained religion?

“Hitler himself is the Elijah spoken of in the final verses in the old testament. Hitler is right in line with any of the prophets in the bible.”

What’s your opinion on Savitri Devi, and Rockwell’s admiration for her work? You did have some quotes from her in Siege – are you very familiar with her works?

“If anybody was Esoteric, it was her. Savitri Devi, or anybody who is pro-Hitler, Esoteric or not, is as good as gold.”

Are you willing to share the aforementioned experience on capitol hill?

“I wrote about that in my book “Revisiting Revelation.” So, my answer is Yes.”

What was your relationship like/what was your opinion of William Luther Pierce?

“Dr. Pierce was a great guy, he was my mentor, even my savior. A friend of mine introduced me to the idea of doing lectures to kids in school. I told the kids, and this really got their attention – I told the kids “When I was 16, I was trying like hell to get out of school. I was going to be sent to Boys’ industrial (pretty much a lockup). My dad had an arsenal, and I was going to go into the school, and blow myself and the staff up. I called Arlington, called the ANP, and only Dr. Pierce was there, he picked up. I asked him if he needed any help, and he said yes. He saved my life and other people’s lives. I said this at the eulogy. Dr. Pierce was a giant, 6’5, and a family man. He got divorced, sadly, no family can handle that level of stress”.

Harold Covington, who’s widely considered as a slanderer, has said some negative things about Pierce. Can you debunk them here for posterity since you’ve known him personally?

“Covington has said negative things about everyone, including me. After he failed in all of his endeavors, he became a slanderer just to keep himself in print.”

What do you consider to have been the most crucial political events in that period (2003 to present day) in the USA and Europe?

“Probably the election of Obama, that was a big step down. Not that things changed, but that was one of the darkest moments. What a terrible, terrible signal”

Some have considered that Obama’s election has been a huge boon the the nationalist cause. Do you think that, from the SIEGE mindset, his election could have been positive, in that it made the situation worse?

“Rockwell started out by saying “When things get bad enough, they’ll come flocking to our door”. They didn’t come out in those days, and they’re not coming out now.”

What is your opinion on Anders Breivik and his actions?

“The guy was dead on. I’m never gonna disown anybody who does something like that. But, you’ve gotta understand, doing something like that, it’s the end of your life. You’re not gonna start a revolution, and nothing is gonna change. You might be a hero, you might be a martyr, but you won’t start anything.”

Have your views on Charles Manson changed? Was any of your promotion of him “played up” to gain attention? Did you stay in contact with him all these years?

“My views on Manson have not changed. We had a society post-WW2 that was disintegrating, a mile a minute. We had a hippie generation, a country that was heading headlong into National Suicide. Manson’s commune was solidly, solidly White. Then, after the arrests took place, the Left, the Jewish left, tried to make him a symbol. And, as a reaction to that, he carved a big Swastika into his forehead. Dr. Pierce first realized that. My opinion of Manson has not changed. All of the institutions of our system have been changed, they’re being used against us. Manson dropped out of this. Also, Lynette Fromme’s attempt on President Ford was not a serious attempt, it was a protest against not being able to correspond with Manson”.

Can you tell us more about what Pierce thought about Manson? We’ve never come across his comments in his lectures or writings.

“Well, I used to get his newspaper ‘Attack’ every month. I always looked forward to each issue of that. Soon after the Manson thing, Pierce said that, after Manson carved the swastika into his forehead, he said “The Jewish/leftist Peanut gallery that had been cheering Manson on fell silent.” After I dedicated SIEGE to Manson, he called me on the phone and said “Maybe we ought to distance ourselves from Charles Manson.”

What’s your opinion on Trump? How similar is the Trump phenomenon to the Ronald Reagan situation?

“I think it’s a lot deeper, a lot more radical. In that sense, I’m mildly encouraged by it. Trump is certainly no answer.”

Some people in the alt-right believe that Trump is swaying people towards National Socialism. Do you think there’s any chance of that?

“Not a chance in hell. Trump is probably a ringer. The Jews will realize that a lot of hate and resentment needs to be let out, and they’ll send out a phony like Trump.”

We’ve shown you some footage of National Action in the UK and their banning by the authorities. What is your opinion of this phenomenon?

“How many times was Hitler banned in Germany? They banned the brownshirts, so they wore white shirts. They banned Hitler from speaking, so he sent out Rosenberg or Dr. Goebbels.”

What do you think is the way forward for nationalist groups?

“Forget about legalities, forget about economics. It’s about demographics. The nations of the west are being purposefully made non-white. Just like the Caananite tribes, when they decided that they couldn’t take Israel head-on, they decided to intermix with them. You need to focus on demographics, not legalities or Economics. Illegal Immigrant, Legal immigrant, doesn’t matter how they got here, just that they’re here.”

Is there hope for America? What is your prognosis on the future – are we looking at balkanization, collapse, or something else?

“Well, you know, Balkanization is not gonna be allowed to happen. They want us all in one bucket, so we can all go down nice and easily together. You’ve heard of those Nazi groups in the Northwest, right? They’re being murdered by the FBI. The future is not bright for this country. Most of what it has done by the US government over the past centuries, has been anti-civilization. The prognosis for this place is disaster.”

Do you plan on publishing or releasing the books that you’ve written since SIEGE was released?

“Well, I’ve tried. I’m just one guy.”

You know how Rockwell talked about “Sneaky Nazis,” (i.e. racist conservatives who pretend to otherwise be “politically correct”)? Those are still around. What’s your opinion on the phenomenon?

“It’s just cowardice. Rockwell also said “You can’t outsneak the master sneaks”. “

One thing that’s been happening in the past few years (and to a lesser extent, the last few decades) is the extreme normalization of homosexuality and other perversions. Some on the current “right wing” are going along with this, under the logic that perverts can be nationalists too (or just useful as promoters). Thoughts on this?

“Rockwell used to say “No civilization has survived that tolerated that very long”. If a society allows that, it’ll also allow things like race-mixing, and other perversions. There’s this idiot Yiannoupoulos, and he goes out there and makes a fool of himself, and the movement.”

Much has happened since this initial interview was conducted, AWD had experienced what is likely going to be its darkest moment, however it was not broken, and now, today, on James Mason’s 65th Birthday, one of its greatest achievements is being brought to light.

AWD remained in regular contact with Mr. Mason, and along with IRONMARCH.ORG, had pledged him our full support in publishing and promoting the various works he’s authored in the past years. These include multiple books and video documentaries. James Mason had also agreed to write a foreword for the IM edition of SIEGE [DOWNLOAD NOW!]

More importantly still, from these past few months of communications and exchanging of materials (including certain materials published on NOOSE itself!), James Mason has been so impressed with what he had learned of AWD and IM exploits, that he has decided to once again continue the SIEGE newsletter, which will be released, along with all other exclusive materials he is handing over to AWD and IM, on the official SIEGE websiteWe urge everyone to give their support to this project, to make a good deal of these materials available for purchase in print.



9 thoughts on “JAMES MASON IS BACK!”

  1. Really interested in finding out more about James Mason’s experience on capital hill. Would anyone be able to please point me in the right direction in order to find his book “Revisiting Revelation”?

  2. Amazing! Cant wait to read more and see the docs. Congratulations on tracking this legend down. Hail Mason!

  3. Is he open to correspondence? I would like to shoot him a letter. I have some original Universal Order stuff I could scan for the site. But it’s nothing that didn’t appear in SIEGE.

  4. Manson first carved an “X” into his forehead to signify that he had “dropped out” of society. He did this when his rights were being taken away in court, where he was denied the right to speak, literally. The girls copied him and followed suit. He later changed it to a swastika.

  5. Thanks for making Siege available. Just started reading it. Soul shaking, life changing reality. Thanks James Mason. BTW,never to late to learn!

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