When IronMarch discovered James Mason’s book SIEGE, it was something of an “ah ha!” moment for us. Mason, a veteran in the American fascist movement, had deep insights into the various strategies that had been used by various people and groups.

Studying his work allowed us to consolidate our understanding of the practical aspects of the struggle, and clear up the way forward. We quickly got to work making a new, sleeker and more readable version of SIEGE in order to spread the message.

We also set about to find out more about the author, who seemed to have completely disappeared after his last known interview in 2003. Had he started new projects? Did he write new books? Would he be willing to communicate with us? These questions got us started on our quest to track down James Mason in search for answers.

This has turned out to be a long and difficult process, which stretched out over several years.

But after being frustrated by multiple dead ends in our research, the members of the AtomWaffen Division have finally managed to find Mason and thus make this interview possible.

Most of this interview was conducted during the first meeting between an AWD representative and Mason, which occurred on the 25th of March in 2017.

AWD search party on deployment.
Alive and well!


There’s been a revival in interest in your book, SIEGE, in recent years. We’ve counted 16,000 downloads and 10,000 online consultations on our server alone.

“Jesus Christ, that’s amazing.”

Since the book is hard to find now, a new version was released by IronMarch. Thoughts on that?

“Yeah, fine with me. The object isn’t to make money, any money you make wouldn’t be much, anyway.”

What have you been up to since your last public interview in 2003? Are there any particular stories that you’re willing to share?

“That’s when the second edition of Siege came out. I tried to get “The Theocrat” published, but that never materialized. I was also the head of security for several K-Marts, I guess that they didn’t realize that they were hiring the Gestapo. Also, I saved some money, and self-published books, but they never got much circulation. In 2002, I saw William Luther Pierce on TV, and I called his number, and we planned dinner. The same evening that we planned dinner, he died. They (the National Alliance) had me come to their next meeting, to give Dr. Pierce’s eulogy. I produced 3 documentaries on George Rockwell, and 3 on me. Now, I’m waiting for somebody to step up. I’m trying to work with people, but they are all dead, or out of the movement”.

Have these documentaries been released? If not, do you have the tapes, so we can release them on the internet, at least?

“These documentaries aired on DCTV. And yes, I can give you some copies.”

Do you use the internet to keep up with events? How familiar are you with the political scene online?

“No, and not at all. All I know, is that it has changed a lot of minds.”

In your 2003 interview, you mentioned your move towards Christianity. Are you still Christian? Can you shed some light on this change?

“Well, like I said about “The Theocrat” and “Mein Kampf,” Mein Kampf is the third testament. I started out NS, and I’ll die NS. When I wrote the Theocrat, I said “These stupid bastards who call themselves Christians don’t know what they’re talking about.” About twenty years ago I stopped worrying, because we know how it ends, we’ve read it in the book of Revelation. I know that there are parallel universes, that’s how deja vu exists. I had an experience on Capitol Hill, a feeling that made me know that parallel universes are real”.

There’s been an upsurge in interest in so-called “Esoteric Hitlerism” in the past few years, including the works of Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano (as well as Evola). Considering your opinion that Mein Kampf is the third testament, how do you view this direction of National Socialism as a self-contained religion?

“Hitler himself is the Elijah spoken of in the final verses in the old testament. Hitler is right in line with any of the prophets in the bible.”

What’s your opinion on Savitri Devi, and Rockwell’s admiration for her work? You did have some quotes from her in Siege – are you very familiar with her works?

“If anybody was Esoteric, it was her. Savitri Devi, or anybody who is pro-Hitler, Esoteric or not, is as good as gold.”

Are you willing to share the aforementioned experience on capitol hill?

“I wrote about that in my book “Revisiting Revelation.” So, my answer is Yes.”

What was your relationship like/what was your opinion of William Luther Pierce?

“Dr. Pierce was a great guy, he was my mentor, even my savior. A friend of mine introduced me to the idea of doing lectures to kids in school. I told the kids, and this really got their attention – I told the kids “When I was 16, I was trying like hell to get out of school. I was going to be sent to Boys’ industrial (pretty much a lockup). My dad had an arsenal, and I was going to go into the school, and blow myself and the staff up. I called Arlington, called the ANP, and only Dr. Pierce was there, he picked up. I asked him if he needed any help, and he said yes. He saved my life and other people’s lives. I said this at the eulogy. Dr. Pierce was a giant, 6’5, and a family man. He got divorced, sadly, no family can handle that level of stress”.

Harold Covington, who’s widely considered as a slanderer, has said some negative things about Pierce. Can you debunk them here for posterity since you’ve known him personally?

“Covington has said negative things about everyone, including me. After he failed in all of his endeavors, he became a slanderer just to keep himself in print.”

What do you consider to have been the most crucial political events in that period (2003 to present day) in the USA and Europe?

“Probably the election of Obama, that was a big step down. Not that things changed, but that was one of the darkest moments. What a terrible, terrible signal”

Some have considered that Obama’s election has been a huge boon the the nationalist cause. Do you think that, from the SIEGE mindset, his election could have been positive, in that it made the situation worse?

“Rockwell started out by saying “When things get bad enough, they’ll come flocking to our door”. They didn’t come out in those days, and they’re not coming out now.”

What is your opinion on Anders Breivik and his actions?

“The guy was dead on. I’m never gonna disown anybody who does something like that. But, you’ve gotta understand, doing something like that, it’s the end of your life. You’re not gonna start a revolution, and nothing is gonna change. You might be a hero, you might be a martyr, but you won’t start anything.”

Have your views on Charles Manson changed? Was any of your promotion of him “played up” to gain attention? Did you stay in contact with him all these years?

“My views on Manson have not changed. We had a society post-WW2 that was disintegrating, a mile a minute. We had a hippie generation, a country that was heading headlong into National Suicide. Manson’s commune was solidly, solidly White. Then, after the arrests took place, the Left, the Jewish left, tried to make him a symbol. And, as a reaction to that, he carved a big Swastika into his forehead. Dr. Pierce first realized that. My opinion of Manson has not changed. All of the institutions of our system have been changed, they’re being used against us. Manson dropped out of this. Also, Lynette Fromme’s attempt on President Ford was not a serious attempt, it was a protest against not being able to correspond with Manson”.

Can you tell us more about what Pierce thought about Manson? We’ve never come across his comments in his lectures or writings.

“Well, I used to get his newspaper ‘Attack’ every month. I always looked forward to each issue of that. Soon after the Manson thing, Pierce said that, after Manson carved the swastika into his forehead, he said “The Jewish/leftist Peanut gallery that had been cheering Manson on fell silent.” After I dedicated SIEGE to Manson, he called me on the phone and said “Maybe we ought to distance ourselves from Charles Manson.”

What’s your opinion on Trump? How similar is the Trump phenomenon to the Ronald Reagan situation?

“I think it’s a lot deeper, a lot more radical. In that sense, I’m mildly encouraged by it. Trump is certainly no answer.”

Some people in the alt-right believe that Trump is swaying people towards National Socialism. Do you think there’s any chance of that?

“Not a chance in hell. Trump is probably a ringer. The Jews will realize that a lot of hate and resentment needs to be let out, and they’ll send out a phony like Trump.”

We’ve shown you some footage of National Action in the UK and their banning by the authorities. What is your opinion of this phenomenon?

“How many times was Hitler banned in Germany? They banned the brownshirts, so they wore white shirts. They banned Hitler from speaking, so he sent out Rosenberg or Dr. Goebbels.”

What do you think is the way forward for nationalist groups?

“Forget about legalities, forget about economics. It’s about demographics. The nations of the west are being purposefully made non-white. Just like the Caananite tribes, when they decided that they couldn’t take Israel head-on, they decided to intermix with them. You need to focus on demographics, not legalities or Economics. Illegal Immigrant, Legal immigrant, doesn’t matter how they got here, just that they’re here.”

Is there hope for America? What is your prognosis on the future – are we looking at balkanization, collapse, or something else?

“Well, you know, Balkanization is not gonna be allowed to happen. They want us all in one bucket, so we can all go down nice and easily together. You’ve heard of those Nazi groups in the Northwest, right? They’re being murdered by the FBI. The future is not bright for this country. Most of what it has done by the US government over the past centuries, has been anti-civilization. The prognosis for this place is disaster.”

Do you plan on publishing or releasing the books that you’ve written since SIEGE was released?

“Well, I’ve tried. I’m just one guy.”

You know how Rockwell talked about “Sneaky Nazis,” (i.e. racist conservatives who pretend to otherwise be “politically correct”)? Those are still around. What’s your opinion on the phenomenon?

“It’s just cowardice. Rockwell also said “You can’t outsneak the master sneaks”. “

One thing that’s been happening in the past few years (and to a lesser extent, the last few decades) is the extreme normalization of homosexuality and other perversions. Some on the current “right wing” are going along with this, under the logic that perverts can be nationalists too (or just useful as promoters). Thoughts on this?

“Rockwell used to say “No civilization has survived that tolerated that very long”. If a society allows that, it’ll also allow things like race-mixing, and other perversions. There’s this idiot Yiannoupoulos, and he goes out there and makes a fool of himself, and the movement.”

Much has happened since this initial interview was conducted, AWD had experienced what is likely going to be its darkest moment, however it was not broken, and now, today, on James Mason’s 65th Birthday, one of its greatest achievements is being brought to light.

AWD remained in regular contact with Mr. Mason, and along with IRONMARCH.ORG, had pledged him our full support in publishing and promoting the various works he’s authored in the past years. These include multiple books and video documentaries. James Mason had also agreed to write a foreword for the IM edition of SIEGE [DOWNLOAD NOW!]

More importantly still, from these past few months of communications and exchanging of materials (including certain materials published on NOOSE itself!), James Mason has been so impressed with what he had learned of AWD and IM exploits, that he has decided to once again continue the SIEGE newsletter, which will be released, along with all other exclusive materials he is handing over to AWD and IM, on the official SIEGE websiteWe urge everyone to give their support to this project, to make a good deal of these materials available for purchase in print.




If you want to keep your principles constant, your course of action will necessarily change as the circumstances evolve.

And the circumstances are definitely “evolving.”

It would be wise, at this stage, to ask ourselves what has changed for us since the Trump election, if it affects us in any way, and ponder on how we might tweak our tactics to adapt to this new reality.

While these changes would be particularly noticeable and effective in north America, they may have repercussions everywhere in the West eventually. But as of now, the tactical discussions will be more oriented towards the situation of Yanks and Leafs.

I’ll begin by discussing what has changed. I’m not passing judgement here on whether any of this is “good” or “bad” for us, simply noting how the situation is evolving. It’s up to us to turn these events into either problems or opportunities.

Changes in the media

The mainstream media and its relationship to us, the state and the public might be the thing that changed the most in the past year.

For one, tv-watching and newspaper reading has gone down steadily, and all studies show that public trust in the media is in free fall. In their enthusiasm to promote Hillary and sink Trump (and then get him impeached), the media’s been caught lying again and again, further lowering their credibility.

This has led to a bizarre new effect, in which people the media attack become more popular in polls while people the media praise lose public approval. The latest example of this is Jared Kushner, who has the lowest popularity score in Trump’s family, yet is the only one the media has praised consistently.

The second effect of this is that the media is on financial life support, relying mainly on sensationalism in order to boost their ratings. This means, for the most part, attacking Trump and his supporters through various scandals.

However, Trump’s constant attacks on the media have left them in a state of acute paranoia and fear, leading to frequent grave errors in judgement, especially in the form of over-reaching. The latest example of that was their public threatening of the guy who made that CNN wrestling GIF.

Parallel to all of this, and partly because of it, we’ve seen an explosion in the viewership and importance of alternative media sources, as well as a significant right-ward shift by popular internet figures (PewDiePie, Jon Tron and various twitter personalities come to mind).

All this, I believe, has changed the media’s relationship to outright Fascist and National Socialist groups. We used to be a Boogeyman helpful in demonizing the people the media didn’t like, or for reminding people that anyone who doesn’t like Blacks or Homos are literal Nazis. Because the entire political establishment was basically fully liberal, they latched on to any manifestation of Nazi-ism as proof that a continued “revolution” against straight White males was still necessary.

But now, the media firmly and sincerely believes that the Nazis are in power. Of course, liberals have no idea what Fascism actually is, so they can’t distinguish real Nazis from Trump and his supporters. But that doesn’t matter. In the eyes of the shitlibs writing local and national news reports, there is no meaningful difference between a guy in a MAGA hat who wants to kick out Moslems and Beaners, and a guy in a swastika shirt who wants a new Reich.

So while they tried early on to hurt Trump by associating him with Nazis and White supremacists, this was just a ploy. Now, however, they really believe it. This changes things. They won’t promote small right-wing groups in order to attack Trump, as they no longer believe that could serve any purpose.

Changes in the State

I’m not going to discuss the Trump administration’s social policies or whatever, as those don’t really matter to our strategy or our long term goals.

It’s the unspoken things that are more interesting to us.

The first thing is that Soros and subversive NGO’s seem to have stopped funding negro chimp-outs, while the media seem to have stopped agitating for them. This would seem to indicate that our enemies firmly believe the state would now crack down on these riots, unlike all previous governments.

Because, obviously, when minorities riot against the majority and the government simply lets them burn everything with no consequences, this is deeply demoralizing to the people, and encourages individualism. If, on the other hand, the government cracks down on minorities who misbehave, this instead emboldens the majority.

Of course, we don’t know for sure that the Trump government could or would bring in the military if a category 8 chimpout were to occur, Ferguson-Style. But our enemies seem to fear that.

Another change in the state is that there appears to be an effort to redirect resources previously used to investigate and monitor “hate groups” (Nazis, Fascists, White nationalists, etc) and use those to fight Islam or whatever else. In other words, our types of organizations will probably be under less scrutiny (and be less targeted for infiltration) in the next few years. That, of course, doesn’t mean that there will be no efforts at all by the Feds to mess with us.

Additionally, information has recently come out indicating that there were definite plans to abolish free speech in America and clamp down on internet freedom in the case of a Hillary win. Those plans have been put on hold for now.

Changes in the lemming masses

The masses are more polarized than at any other time in recent history. On one side is the group who sincerely believes that Trump is literally Hitler (and that it’s somehow a bad thing). These people are enthusiastic about every form of POZ imaginable. On the other, you have Trump’s vaguely nationalistic (in the civic sense) supporters. They’re nostalgic for a less degenerate past (the 60’s/80’s or whatever) and pretty much hate Moslems and Mexicans.

None of these people are sympathetic to Fascism at this point.

However, while the Trump supporters don’t love Hitler, they’re so used to being called Nazis by this point by their opponents throughout the campaign that they no longer take it very seriously. In other words, the shock-value of “Nazism” and “Fascism” has gone down considerably in the past year, due to how much the terms have been thrown around as attacks at such a large part of the population. Outside of ultra-liberal centers like New York or Los Angeles, it’s much less likely that a random person being accused of being a “fascist” will lose his job or suffer serious consequences.

But probably the biggest and most important change in the masses of people is the radicalization of the very young “generation z.” The media is currently framing this as the youth being “more conservative” but in fact, they’re imbibing the new counter-culture, which is racist, hates Fags and trannies, and makes fun of whinorities in general.

Poor little Shaneequa.

These young people aren’t watching TV or reading news papers, obviously. They’re consuming massive amounts of online content, however, and this translates into a very different attitude towards the world.

Don’t forget that lemmings adapt their behaviors, attitudes and opinions based on social expectations. In the past, this meant  the opinions of the immediate community. Then, the Jewish media formed an artificial community at the national scale. But these young lemmings (pretty much everyone is a lemming before reaching maturity) are getting their “social pressure” from the internet instead of getting straight from the Jews.

And the internet is teaching them that the mainstream media is deceptive and evil, SJW’s are stupid and annoying, and liberalism is boring and square.

Meanwhile, the antifa – who are the militant branch of the liberal lemmings – are shifting their attention away from groups like ours and towards normie Trump supporters instead, favoring softer targets to the “tough meat” that they’ve been experiencing defeat after defeat fighting against in the past few years.

They’re still getting their asses kicked by regular republicans though.

This means that the antifa’s resources will be stretched even thinner than before, keeping track of both the large numbers of regular rallies by republicans and Fascist activism.

Our Tactics

Those, I believe, are some of the most important things that have changed in the past few months, and that could potentially influence our tactics from now on.

Let’s now examine what problems and opportunities this new situation affords us.


There’s currently a significant reliance on the mass media when it comes to publicizing our groups to the masses. By doing various type of pranks or demonstrations, we try to get the easily offended liberals to make a scene and thus generate television news coverage. This has worked consistently in the past.

However, the various factors discussed previously mean that the media is far less likely to cover anything we do, both because they’re more focused on Trump and his supporters, and they now have to worry that attacking us will actually make us likable in the eyes of the large proportion of Americans who distrust the media.

Moreover, the banalization of Nazism means that there’s less shock value (and thus lower ratings) in covering mere swastika posters or talking against immigration and whatnot.

Those who use the swastika and nazi imagery mainly for the purpose of shocking may need to start using other symbols as well. In America, I think the KKK might actually have maintained a greater power to trigger liberals, though it’s a bit goofy. If the aesthetic could be modernized and made more “hip,” the tactic of postering universities might be used for a bit more time.

But generally, going for bigger pranks may be necessary. The only nationalist stunt that was given significant, sustained media attention in the past few months was the identitarian’s ploy to rent ships to go intercept refugee boats and turn them around. Regardless of what you may think of these groups, as a PR stunt it worked very well, by playing into the shitlib journalist’s fears about Nazi pirates going around sinking boats full of their precious niggers.

Similar things could be done in the USA at the Mexican border, for example. You could launch a crowdfunding campaign to set up motion sensors (or mines, lol) at the border to catch invading Beaners. Or, you could do videos where you spot illegals working in restaurants or getting health care or whatever and call ICE on them, cutting the footage up into slick propaganda videos to trigger liberals. Basically, use the current climate of fear and paranoia about deportations to generate buzz.

A last strategy to garner media coverage would be to use their obsession with Trump and their paranoia to trick them into giving you a platform. For example, feeding them false information damaging to Trump and then using the ensuing shitfest to promote yourselves. Or attacking the media directly in your propaganda in order to play on their new fear of being “victimized” (for example, with posters showing journalists being hung during the day of the rope).

Use their delusions against them.

However, because of the clear trend towards the media losing its reach and credibility, especially with the younger generation, it might be wiser in the long term to forget about getting media coverage at all and focus on social media buzz.

Because of the mainstream media’s decline, they are now forced to cover social media trends anyway, as a last-ditch attempt to stay relevant. So getting one gets the other.

In order for something to trend on social media, an element of humor, irony or absurdity is helpful, as well as relations to famous people. So it’s necessary to go beyond just doing something shocking, but instead go got stuff that is more likely to get facebook shares. In this sense, postering a celebrity’s house is more likely to get a viral response than doing the same thing with a university. Or doing a video where you publicly shame a race-mixing celebrity and posting that online with your group’s logo.

As an aside, our research indicates that attacking race-mixing has a better viral effect than just attacking minorities. Do with that as you will. Shaming specific women also has a good potential to get those social shares going.

But in any case, studying viral marketing and implementing those principles in the publicity stunts will definitely be a winning strategy from now on.


Until now, the main focus for recruitment has been young men in their 20’s. Those are the men who have the energy to fight for something, while not yet being too invested in the system to be afraid of the consequences.

That is still the case.

However, the unforeseen radicalization of the younger generation Z presents us with new opportunities. He who possesses the youth, gains the future. Some groups may find that reaching out to young teenagers and teaching them, while acting as role models as they grow up, could be extremely effective in the long run.

Fascist groups today are essentially in the same position as older beatniks were in the 60’s; we can lead the youth in a rebellious cultural upheaval against the previous generations of stuck up, boring adults. If we can help mold a social movement like the hippies did, that should give us a huge source of radicalized and militant recruits to bolster our ranks in the next five years.

The hippies had their love bus…

… but we’ll have our hate bus.

In the more immediate term, it’s possible to use the Trump/alt-right phenomenon to gather and recruit comrades. If you organize “alt-right” and “pro-Trump” parties and social events (for young people), you can expect that 5-15% of those who attend will either already identify as National Socialists and be in general alignment with our ideas, or will be amenable to be radicalized. Whether you’re willing to do so or not is a different matter.

Keeping regular social events not officially related to your group will allow you to see a lot of new faces and with some sorting you may get some recruits over time out of these meetings/parties.

Otherwise, if you follow the viral outreach strategy outlined above and keep a public blog or faceook page where people can contact you, that should give you some candidates pre-selected for radicalism.

Advanced “Pranks”

The more devious pranks, as discussed in Colin Jordan’s Uprising, could probably trigger large chimpouts much more easily in the current climate than ever before, as minorities are feeling stressed and paranoid about the “evil Nazis” in power.

However, as discussed, we note that most organized efforts to agitate minorities have stopped, for fear of giving more power to Trump’s administration.

There is no doubt that if you do Soros’ work for him and get Blacks really angry about whatever, there’s a very real possibility that the Trump administration could come down hard on them and strengthen his position. Whether you see this as a positive or a negative is a question of tactics.

The System is currently divided into two camps. Activities aimed at destabilizing it will almost certainly help one of those two camps. If the “establishment” camp succeeds in ousting the Trump administration, the political climate will change and all the tactics discussed here will have to be revised. For example, restrictions would probably be set on the internet, making viral promotion much more difficult. But other opportunities might arise from that too.

Resource gathering

If you’ve heard my podcast “this is the plan,” you’ll know that I advocate a two-pronged approach to the struggle. On one hand, we have the “destructive” activism which involves destabilizing the System’s institutions of power and weakening the positions of our enemies, while on the other you have the “constructive” activism which builds up our own power base.

This cultivation of our own power involves accumulating resources, in the form of land, money, businesses, non-profit organizations, and so on.

This is where the reduction in surveillance and infiltration by the System could prove to be a boon if it pans out. The reason for that is that building our own institutions is greatly facilitated when we can make use of the System’s resources. But if the people involved are already identified as enemies of ZOG and tracked closely, the system may interfere with their attempts.

For example, if you want to create a church as a cover for gathering donations, acquiring land and doing charitable works, you’ll need system approval to get all the tax benefits. If they know you’re Nazis they could easily decline your application for tax-exemption on some technicality. This is why the power-building aspect of the struggle could greatly benefit from the increased secrecy that comes from being taken off the “terror watchlists” or whatever.

This aspect is sorely lacking in North America, if we compare our movements with what you see in Europe. Golden Dawn, Casa Pound and the NRM are much better organized in terms of creating their own parallel social institutions, even in their much more difficult situation. Hopefully we can grasp this window of opportunity (which could easily close right back within a few years) to make up the slack and acquire as many resources as possible.

And so…

The current climate, created by the bizarre election campaign and now Trump’s presidency, creates both challenges and opportunities for nationalists.

It’s up to us to adapt to the new reality and grab as much “territory” as we can under the new rules of the game, which are liable to change at any moment.

Even if Trump were the new incarnation of Hitler himself, there’s very little he could do, surrounded as he is with the swamp of Kikes and shills which have festered at the heart of America for decades. As such, his presidency doesn’t change our goals and the task at hand.

It’s our duty to make our movement grow as large and as strong as possible, as quickly as possible, getting new members, additional resources, better public outreach, and expanded tactical options.

We don’t know what tomorrow brings. So we have to be ready for anything.