Ypervoreia is the 7th full album released by Wolfnacht, which is one of Hellas’ most notorious one-man NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal) projects. It’s fronted by Athalwolf, who is a veteran in the Greek NSBM scene – he was behind numerous one-man projects, Zofos and Wolfnacht being the most famous. He is also known for his work as a session/live drummer for another of Hellas’ most famous NSBM acts, Der Stürmer.

In the early years of Wolfnacht, he played a healthy mix of RAC (Rock Against Communism) and NSBM, although the RAC influence is almost entirely gone at this point. Wolfnacht’s early works were in German, which slowly transitioned into English. This album, Ypervoreia is almost entirely in English, save for several verses and the track “Ypervoreia Acropolis”, which is in Greek.

Ypervoreia is Wolfnacht’s first concept album telling the story of a group of SS soldiers who are tasked with finding the mythical land of Hypervoreia. The story keeps the listener captivated as the soldiers make their way and arrive to the fabled land. You can image yourself riding the waves, braving the storms, and moving through the coldest reaches of the world to reach Hypervoreia.

The album comes with a booklet containing the English lyrics, but sadly the Greek lyrics were not included. Inside the booklet one will also find artwork of SS troops, a Kriegsmarine, and Greek architecture on the last two pages. The CD case also comes with a “thank you” note to the German authorities, for their decision to ban previous Wolfnacht albums.

The album pulls no punches. Right from the beginning of “Chasing Chimera” you get screaming rasps to kick off the album. You can envision the gloomy weather in which the soldiers are preparing to set sail. The first Greek verses rear their head during “Entrance to the Frigid Zone,” followed by the groovy “Surrounded by Fimbulwinter,” with an acoustic intermission, which are present throughout the album. The drum solo is joined by the distorted spoken word on “Penetrating the Cosmic Bonds,” creating a contrasting calm. The stand out “Ypervoreia Acropolis” is a hybrid of Ancient Greek music reminiscent of the Hymns to Apollo, mixed with black metal. “Isle of the Blessed” describes what wonders are to be seen in the land of Hypervoreia, which leads to the journey’s end, “At the Threshold of Madness.”

The album is full of atmosphere that transports the listener to the ends of the world: the music sets the tone of crushing waves and blistering winds at the journey’s onset, to the land of Hypervoreia itself and the captivating final moments of the story, where the SS troops find what awaits them.

Athalwolf certainly isn’t lacking when it comes to his musical ability. He’s proficient at everything he plays. There are no weak spots where he compensates one instrument over the other. Those who know of his previous works will enjoy the familiar sounds found on Project Ordensburg and Zeit der Cherusker. The bass guitar is present throughout the album, which is very similar to the bass work of Project Ordensburg. The lyrics are very audible and easy to comprehend even to those who are unfamiliar with metal. The blatant NS lyrics that are commonplace, do not appear on this album, with the very few mentions of the SS, swastikas, and U-Boats. The drum work is great as always, with the trudging mid-paced guitars setting the vibe of the album. The 4 year gap between releases has really allowed Athalwolf to polish the little details.

This is definitely an album I’d suggest even for those not usually into NSBM. The atmosphere is great, the story is enjoyable, and it certainly was worth the long wait between releases. This is likely one of Wolfnacht’s most accessible albums, which could be a nice starting point for one’s own journey to become familiar with NSBM. The official sample track for the album can be found here:

The album can be purchased in North America via Behold Barbarity, which offers decent shipping for our friends down under and in Europe through Christhunt Productions.

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