99 Years ago one of the Great Champions to our Struggle, and indeed, one of the truly Great Americans, was born – Commander George Lincoln Rockwell.

Most everyone in our ranks have heard the Commander speak, for some it were his words that got them involved in our Cause in the first place, however not that many have familiarized themselves with his written works. We sought to rectify that, starting with ourselves, and the consequences should be familiar to regular NOOSE readers and those who follow the IM twitter. We’ve grown even more uncompromising and steadfast in our hardline loyalty to the principles of Fascism/National Socialism and seek to advance the eternal work of its Champions, like Commander Rockwell.

To our amazement, shock and righteous anger we discovered that nothing had changed since Rockwell’s time, that he had faced all the same tired, fraudulent, disingenuous and cowardly criticisms and whining that we’ve come face to face with ourselves. The conclusion was self-evident: we cannot afford to be gentle with the various right-wing sissies and frauds that pretend to be our allies in order to avoid getting what’s coming to them, all the while desperately holding us back from success into the quagmire of their own ineptitude. We must be resolute and destroy anything and anyone who so much as raises a finger in objection to our actions, least we insult and trample the memory of Commander Rockwell, who had suffered and persevered despite everything that was tossed at him, until he was finally killed by an idiot-puppet of our enemies.

To commemorate George Lincoln Rockwell’s memory, and to make sure that his life’s story and invaluable lessons for our Struggle become widely known and recognized, it is with great honor that we release an official IronMarch edition PDF of the Commander’s autobiography:


We urge everyone to read this book, regardless if you are American or not. It is a matter of principle and duty for any faithful Fascist and National-Socialist to read it, for in it one will find what true dedication to our Struggle looks like, and we dare you not to tear up, grow angry, and find boundless inspiration in the life of this great Man, who had dedicated himself, mind, body and soul, to the eternal cause of the Swastika Banner and to Total Aryan Victory worldwide!

On this day we salute the Commander and promise to fulfill his glorious charge: This Time – THE WORLD!

Your White Aryan brothers in England, Sweden, Nigeria, Iceland, America, South Africa, Italy, France, Denmark, Argentina – EVERYWHERE – hear you! We are COMING! MARCHING! FIGHTING! The Great Day of JUSTICE DRAWS NIGH!

THIS TIME the traitors will not be able to find any group of White Men anywhere who will listen to their lies and go and murder the Jews’ enemies for them. There will be no place to hide. place to start their eternal game of friendly subversion of their unsuspecting hosts … no place to generate their infernal hates and fratricidal wars … no place to set up their anvil of capitalist exploitation and their hammer of Communist revolution and slaughter.

THIS TIME the traitors will have only one place left in which they can at last find respite from the insane hate- monster which has been eating out their diseased hearts for six thousand years! … And we shall provide that final solace. With deadly, incredible irony, fate is now repeating what happened in Germany — on a world — wide scale!

THIS TIME we shall not be softhearted and gentle like the Great Man who refused to use his tanks to slaughter the helpless British at Dunkirk because he believed even Churchill had some honor and loyalty to Britain and the White Race left.

THIS TIME we shall not be content with “minding our own business”here while the Jews stir up another, world war to wash us away in oceans of irreplaceable White blood!

THIS TIME we shall not permit traitors to “escape” so that they can move in and betray them as the German Communist Jews did to America. None shall pass or escape retribution, not one!

THIS TIME we shall not put our faith in anything or anybody but our-selves, and our unshakable will, impelled onward by an inscrutable des-tiny which has already demonstrated its determination to resurrect the good whenever it is crucified by evil, as it is now all over the wretched planet.

THIS TIME we shall not rest nor lower our arm until the very last human rat and red snake is beaten to death, no matter how they squirm and crawl from pole to pole or from mountain top to jungle swamp!

THE LAST TIME our leader showed the way to victory in one single area of the earth. “Today Germany!” he predicted “TOMORROW THE WORLD!!”

Now it is TOMORROW! Now is the time, White Men!



5 thoughts on “THIS TIME THE WORLD – GLR99”

  1. Rockwell is pretty much one of the greatest. It’s baffling how he’s not gospel for many American NS. A man of supreme quality, he sits right below Hitler (and that’s why he was killed. Saw someone on Twitter today saying he’did have GONE FURTHER if he’d ditched the Swazi. Pfff). READ TTTW IF YOU HAVEN’T, visitors to this humble zine!

    1. Bro we havent talked in a while. How’s life?

      Btw, why are you not on IM yet? Smh.

      P.S. NOOSE will get it’s disqus nuked soon.

      1. All’s well, esteemed breh. Beginning of 2017 was somewhat busy, shit happening. Hopefully putting personal business in order. Also planning to apply for gun license and stop being nogunz, among other stuff. As far as other stuff goes, I’m half sick of the fecking internet and I’m scouting for local groups. If there are none, might have to drag the few like minded pepo I know IRL to form one. I want to fucking live the SIEGE life to the fullest extent.
        Not registered to IM since I don’t see much of a point, no close users and the useful material I read anyway (might change idea in future, who knows).

        Funny episode from today, just for you: my brother dragged me in a kebab shop for his lunch (I didn’t get any, had already eaten and I stopped financing the wrapped-meat jihad long ago on principle) when two scummy looking mofos enter, sit down, and start speaking in the balcanic parlance loud as fuck. Bosnian muzzies, in Italy.

        Would have screamed KOSOVO JE SRBIJA tbh fam

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