Within the broad circle of White Nationalism, the subject of violence is a contentious topic due to the prevalence of System informants  and the unrealistic expectations that we can win by staying entirely within our own risk free comfort zones.  The idea that violence is inherently a big no no misses a crucial point: simply having semitically incorrect views is inherently predicated on the threat of violence.

The Jewish System will not voluntarily relinquish power if we somehow “win” by playing by its own rules. The System has proven time and time again that its rules are devised to keep other players out of the game, and  will break its own rules whenever it can to eliminate rivals it cannot control. Simply put, the law isn’t some magic force of impartiality and objective judgement that majestically swoops down and rewards people for coloring inside its lines while punishing bad guys. It’s an expression of institutionalized power, also predicated on the threat of violence. The law will break its own rules whenever it can, contradicting itself at every turn to further its own end of protecting the multinational Jewish conglomerate it serves.

If you think you’re safe because you follow the rules, you’re wrong. If you think a semitically incorrect political cause will be allowed to take power because it perfectly followed the law that somehow magically binds the Jews and their servants , you’re retarded.  And if you’re one of those paranoid movement burnouts looking for informants under your bed so you can still feel relevant despite contributing jackshit, your retirement home is over here.  Wow, I can hear the burnouts already! I’s gots maaah magnifyin glass!  I’s founds anotha clue!  Is that Matlock over there?  Gramma’s eyes can’t see too good!

Of course, we’re not advocating any unlawful or criminal acts nor should any statement be taken as incitement, threat, or conspiracy to commit any illegal acts.  The operative phrase here is “credible threat” after all, which doesn’t necessarily imply instigation of violent or illegal actions, nor does it condemn them should the necessary circumstances arise.  Furthermore, anyone advocating any specific action against a specific place or specific person, or who is offering to procure illegal items is probably up to no good and someone who should be avoided.  The case of federal operative Hal Turner, with his repeated calls to specifically murder specific individuals serves as an obvious example of the sort of individuals to avoid.  The purpose of this piece will be to analyze the role violence plays both as political propaganda in radicalizing a target audience and as a deterrent to illegal state aggression.

Violence as Propaganda

The Breivik shooting was probably the most infamous example of nationalist violence in recent times, and spawned endless debates over his motives, ideology, and so forth.  None of it matters, aside from the fact that the false flag camp are retards who need to be driven from our ranks.  I don’t care why he did it or what his beliefs were at the time – which is a matter of debate.   And no, I don’t care about your shitty youtube videos. The fact that he blew away the next generation of anti white MPs, community organizers, and street level agitators is reason enough to celebrate.  And contrary to the Jew media’s lies that many White Nationalist swallowed in hopes of futilely gaining their approval, these weren’t kids, they were established activists, the majority in their 20’s.

This was really just fucking great. Breivik showed the amount of damage one man can do, the amount of power one man can have to set the stage for the whole world, even if for a day, paving the way to inspire future attacks. The shooting happened to be one of the most effective counter-terrorism operations undertaken in Europe, radicalizing more nationalists, forcing anti immigration talking points into the political mainstream where they were previously suppressed by state action up to and including incarceration, and framed the enemy/target as being internal, as being the System itself, while striking fear into the hearts of the enemy and showing them that their actions actually do have consequences.

At the end of the day, they bleed just the same.

Support for mass immigration dropped accordingly.   And as usual, the alt right  MUH PR fags were proven wrong, again, despite all their the sky is falling hysterics about how BREIVIKS GONNA BE THE END OF US MAAAN. Instead, the exact opposite happened, now nationalists are torching refugee centers, thwarting  their construction with organized mass riots – further proving that violence works, and righteously knifing elected officials throughout Europe, with Jo Cox and Henriette Riker being two of many to come. Successful acts of violence simply radicalize and embolden people to carry out future attacks all while sending the enemy the message “fuck with us, you die”, effectively undermining their morale and making them more hesitant at taking overreaching actions, while also undermining the public’s faith in the System to both protect them and to punish them. 

A similar dynamic occurred with the Tommy Mair’s heroic action against Jo Cox.  And as usual, the nationalist reaction of wailing apologies and feigned sympathy to Jo Cox’s death has been pathetic and disgusting, in addition to being completely wrong. All this apologizing bullshit just radiates weakness and submission, effectively driving potential supporters away as it puts us on the defense and providing ammunition to the enemy to morally shame us as we attempt to justify ourselves to them and seek their permission, legitimizing their authority.

No matter what, we apologize for absolutely nothing.  We don’t answer to them, they answer to us, we retain leverage and act as out own center of gravity under all circumstances.  They seek our total annihilation and will stop at nothing to attain it, they need to be met on the ground they’ve staked.  That cunt was part of a larger system working for the goal of white genocide, working for the global organization Oxfam that employs people such as Guido Van Hecken, who was involved in anti-white bombing attacks that killed several innocent people in South Africa.

That shitty pig slut deserved every gunshot, every knife plunged into her now desiccated useless corpse. Her death is a reason to celebrate.   As a result of her policies, who knows how many people she’s impoverished, how many children  were raped as the result of pro-refugee activism and the atmosphere she contributed to preventing investigation of the arab-perpetrated organized mass rape in Rotherham. Her death was a positive achievement for our cause.  To top it off, The Brexit  referendum passed the popular vote (although it may very well be struck down by state action) and proved the point – violence doesn’t damage our cause. Jo Cox’s only memorable achievement is being eaten by the worms as her fellow MPs use her as prop for their own egos and careers.  All the namby pamby whiners finger wagging about how violence damages our cause are proven wrong, again. Will they learn?  Probably not.

Successful acts of violence against a political target radicalize a segment of supporters and pave the way for future action. More moderate supporters simply shrug it off, unaffected. People will look the other way or rationalize “immoral” behavior committed for causes they believe in.   And if you think any of these were false flags, you’re a fucking idiot.  Mentally ill conspiracy crackpots, you are absolute cancer and need to go bang on your HAARPsicord  somewhere else, we don’t care about your dumb theories about nothing.

The right response, the only response our camp should have to the death of an enemy is celebration and hammering home why that piece of shit deserved to die.

Even in the case of Dylann Roof,  which predictably, most White Nationalists fumbled the ball on, again.

The Roof shooting sent a message to the niggers that people are tired of their shit and will start hitting them back. Nigger mob goes on rampage in Charleston, Roof shoots their enablers dead and they stop chimpin’ in that area.  Niggers are basically big dumb animals (though probably more deadly). They only respond to pain and fear.   Yeah, sure, there’s the element out there advocating for allying with black nationalists against the Jew and theoretically some like Tom Metzger may have a point. But for the bulk of the niggers, go ahead, just try to explain to the charging bull nigger how he’ll be better off amongst his own people without getting free shit from you, like the dumb fucking thing can even understand what you’re saying or cares.

“waah u mean go back to Africa I cnt git Jay-z on muh phon dere WHUUR MUH FRIES AT BIOTCH WHURR STARR WHURR STARR”

Niggers are actively engaging in a race war against whites enabled by the state and financed by Jewish oligarchs. Any negotiations at this point are unrealistic until they’re knocked down a few pegs and/or thrown under the bus by their Jewish masters.  Even then, it’s a long shot.  A race war may theoretically not be the best course of action on account of Jew-wise nationalists of different races being baited into killing each other, but ultimately, that’s the direction we’re heading and needs to be taken into account.   Once that shit breaks out, it won’t stop.  If it comes to that, kill ’em all.

The target Roof picked was spot on – he smoked a state senator and BLM organizer along with several others involved, hitting their financial support network and sending them a direct message, along with demonstrating that JewSA government officials are just as vulnerable as ordinary people. If he just shot some inconsequential and easily replaceable gangbangers it wouldn’t have had nearly the same impact. Wasting the people who provide funding, organization, and a respectable facade to dumb animals makes way more sense.

Then to top it off, Roof forced conservatives, who dupe their constituencies by dog whistling racial sentiments for their own electoral gain without any intention of implementing related goals, to come out and condemn the confederate flag in the most heavy handed and over the top manner, showing their true colors in no unmistakable terms, effectively pushing thousands of White Southerners off the JewOP plantation and radicalizing them against the System. Meanwhile, through mass media coverage, Roof effectively implanted the “you rape our women” and “race war” memes into the consciousness of millions of white people worldwide, juxtaposed with the existing imagery of feral chimping swarms torching city blocks and beating the shit out of white people in the name of free Air Jaaaawdans, their subhuman stupidity syncopating every syllable of the sentences they can barely form for the cameras. All while a significant portion of WNs completely missed all this engaged in their usual whining and condemnations of violence, completely taking the Jew media bait and whining about how this hurts our cause because some dead nigger church ladies make us look bad 🙁

Bitch, your submissive whining is what makes us look bad.  I’m sure there’s plenty of nice old nigger church ladies in South Africa helping finance the ongoing slaughter of Whites over there, too.

All the poor black church ladies the kike medias crying about were involved in that BLM bullshit either directly or by implication, and at the very least, financially, and were putting a sanitized face on typical nigger behavior. Therefore, fair game. How many rapists and murderers have these (now dead) church ladies fought to protect with the whole “aww sheeit he wuz a gud boy he dindu nuffin” spiel? How many crimes have they indirectly facilitated via financial support to Black Lives Matter? Were these nice old black church ladies doing anything to provide positive guidance to niggers and rein in their destructive aspects or were they bankrolling a church with an established history of radical activism so it can bankroll BLM so they can burn dis bitch down, reinforcing and providing justification to all the absolute worst aspects of nigger behavior? If they play guilt by association games with us, why shouldn’t we do the same to them and make them actually own the ground they stake? Did any of these niggers actively go out of their way to apologize to us for the constant crimes they commit against our race? Fuck no.  They’re animals.

Hell, da preacha man hisself was actively organizing this kind of shit. So fuck ’em. I’m glad they’re dead. The only thing that matters when dealing with them is leverage, the only things niggers understand are pain and fear, any compassion we show them is just weakness they’ll exploit and use to extort more free shit from us. The idea that we need to retain some moral high ground when dealing with an enemy too stupid to even know what that is is so retarded on its face I question the motives of anyone advocating that approach.

So, we have Southern conservative politicians showing their true colors – actively alienating and radicalizing their constituencies, Roof demonstrating the vulnerability of System officials to the wider and increasingly angry population, dissemination of important memes throughout the mass media,  all while sending niggers several hot lead servings of go fuck yourself.  What’s not to like? No need to cry over spilled niggers. Learn how to celebrate a victory for once and write in PILES OF DEAD NIGGERS for president instead of whining about it.

Now on occasion, there’s botched jobs, like the case of Glenn Miller, who acted with noble intent to take out Jewish parasites attempting to genocide our race, but tragically missed his mark and killed three whites instead.

…and you guess it, a lot of White Nationalists fucked this one up too.

Whatever else can or cannot be said about Miller being a federal informant is beside the point at this point in time, the action’s already in play to be used against us, the only thing we can control is how we react to it.  If enemies ever bring him up and try to use him to guilt trip us, we just redirect back to the Jew and blame them accordingly – what could Jews possibly be doing that would cause a man to try killing them? If Jews weren’t trying to exterminate our race, Miller wouldn’t have had a cause for action, and his victims wouldn’t have been caught in the crossfire. Bottom line, we retain leverage. Handwringing condemnations and attempts to distance from Miller will only make our enemies draw further association and use him as ammo to shame our cause, keeping us in a defensive position where we’re left attempting to justify ourselves to them.

Retain leverage.  Always.  No matter what.  Always attack.  Never defend.  Never explain, never apologize.

Violence as a Deterrent 

Antifa are willing to firebomb buildings, stab people as the cops stand idly by and let them, and as shown in Greece,  conduct ambush shootings to further their cause. Meanwhile, the floppy haired wine and cheese faggots intent on being our self proclaimed leaders – like that Nathan Damigo dipshit, throw their own supporters under the bus, attempting to purge them and initiating smear campaigns all in a vain, self-serving attempt to appease the column writers in Vanity Fair who hate them anyway.  Nathan’s coordinated smear campaign and purge of an NPI attendant who will go unnamed due to having left the movement, who heroically beat the shit out of an antifa that was about to seriously harm another NPI attendant unprepared for a fight, is too telling of the cowardly mentality of too many WN.

Poor Nathan was also probably envious he got upstaged while being the head of some self-important pretentious bullshit no one cares about, looking for a way to maintain legitimacy when he’s not busy attending  a “Twinks for Trump” event which had the explicit and only purpose of recruiting fags.

Now which side’s gonna win with that dynamic?

Poor Nathan.  May 6 million towelhead cab drivers be robbed in his name.

The Nathan’s and Spencer’s of the world also believe in unquestioningly following the law like its on our side somehow. The law isn’t impartial. The law’s just used to keep other players out of the game – again, they break their own rules all the time whenever they can get away with it. They’re not just gonna voluntarily cede power because we followed the rules and won fair and square. It’s a rigged game. Any movement that can’t leverage a credible threat of violence against the law to make it play by its own rules will just be infiltrated, framed, and/or entrapped on a whole litany of bullshit charges, with activists thrown in the slammer just as if they were baited by the feds into doing something illegal. “WAAAAAH KEEP IT LEGAL UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES” is suicidal stupidity and ensures our people are unable to defend themselves against an enemy that doesn’t play by its own rules.

Obviously, anyone running around bragging about blatantly illegal shit or trying to push someone into committing any specific act is up to no good. Especially if it’s anyone trying to push you or anyone else into committing a specific action at a specific place and time against a specific person or building.  This isn’t to say that’s the only way feds operate; but for every unwarranted self-important cry of “AGENT PROVOCATEUR,” I’ll yell DEVOCATEUR. In the end, both achieve the exact same thing.  Matt Hale sits in prison due to being framed by an informant.  Edgar Steele died in prison after being framed by an informant.  Michael Weaver was convicted by a jury on account of his political beliefs for defending himself from nigger carjackers. Chester Doles was convicted on bullshit weapons charges for weapons that his wife legally owned.  All four followed the law.

Any political movement unable to leverage a credible threat of violence against the state by having a foothold in the police and military will be shut down the second it grows too successful.  And in that occurrence, any movement unwilling to drag the responsible parties from their homes and butcher them in the streets as a deterrent to further crackdowns will have no way to defend itself.

And conservatives, being pussies, are paralyzed by propriety. And they encompass a broad majority of the alt right/WN. They will loudly moralize and condemn the decline of semitically-correct civilized debate into criminal violence, congratulating themselves for holding onto the elusive  vapor that is the moral high ground as they proceed to lose everything they claim to care about because of their dispositional inability to break their form. They make a virtue out of their own loserdom.

People are forming violent gangs to wreck your shit? Well maybe you should fuck theirs up even worse instead of inertly whining about it.

Spencer getting punched in the face by antifa is another hilarious illustration of this dynamic in play. See, this is why we need the skinheads that so many alt fright faggots talk shit about out of fear the skinheads will make their faggy alligator shirts look bad for the cameras. Relying on cops to do their jobs is dumb. The cops protect antifa, utilizing them as useful idiots to help illegally suppress dissident movements. The cops are mad at you for making them work more. They’re not gonna protect you.  If a political movement can’t defend itself without relying on the enemy System then its not a serious movement, and not a serious contender for power.

If we had the skinheads coordinated into private security teams, this wouldn’t be happening. If we had the many under-utilized military veterans in this scene providing hand to hand combat training and various other self defense courses at regularly attended workshops – instead of everyone blowing a grand over the course of weekend to listen to the same buzzword buffet bloviating speech everyone’s heard a million times already and still doesn’t care about, this wouldn’t be happening.  

No, Dickie, getting your ass kicked doesn’t make people sympathetic to our cause.  They’re either laughing at you or pitying you. No one follows the defenseless nerd with the KICK ME sign on his back. People don’t rationally evaluate ideas, they internalize memes based on power dynamics. TradWorker understands this and admirably kicked ass in Sacramento, winning a streetfight against 200 or so worthless antifa junkies and probable FBI operative Yvette Felarca.

What Dickie doesn’t get is that getting your ass handed to you over and over again looks a million times worse than having people who don’t review chai teas on yelp around. Hell, if we wanna play the optics game, I’ll contend the trendy Yelp 401k clutching element looks a million times worse than the skinheads. Their stupid  “Implicit Themes of Whiteness in Finding Nemo” thinkpieces makes me wanna punch them in the face.

Antifa aren’t afraid of all you cheerleading autistic faggots posting stupid frog memes, they grow bolder by the day and only pretend to be afraid for the purpose of smearing you as the violent thugs you refuse to be. Give ’em what they’re asking for   if they were actually afraid they wouldn’t fuck with you.

“Waaah the left r violent thugs waaah double standard waaaah they won’t debate meee waaah they won’t listen to my precious logic” croons the conservative alt fright queer.

The conservative thinks he’s winning because he makes a point no one gives a shit about. The leftist knows he’s won because he has the ability to invoke underlying impulses and archetypes and translate them into real world action of bloodsoaked proportions while understanding the concept of leverage and remaining on the attack.

The left understands human psychology. Tthe right’s just some autistic nerd getting covered in spitballs trying to show its Pokemon cards to no one who cares.

Gut the right which just gets in the way and confuses people, holding them back while providing safe releases for pent up frustration. Alt-lite? Ripping itself apart exactly as I said it would a year ago. Gayvin McKikens Proud Fags? Cucking out and ripping itself apart exactly as I said it would a year ago. Alt fright? Floundering in the face of opposition and ripping itself apart exactly as I said it would a year ago. All of these have proven to be false contenders, exactly as I said they would.

Throw them all in the fucking trash 

Ignore the worthless novelty seekers attached to those trends who protest that action. They’ll just snarkily trend hop to the next shitty hipster trend. They’re nothing. Spit on them in utter contempt for trying to hold the movement back into their personal comfort zone of autistic playtime while indignantly screeching over purity spiraling threatening that. Laugh at them and shame them for being do-nothing cowards. Laugh at them for languishing beneath you. Laugh at them for no reason other than you can.

Gut the false opposition judeoright – both in neocohen and alt kike variants, then the no-holds-barred fight to the death with the kike System backed left begins in no unmistakable terms. If you aren’t willing to kill these people, then get involved in legal political organizations. If you’re involved in one, then you have absolutely no business getting involved in illegal activities. If you aren’t willing to do either then you’re willing to go extinct. If you were going to do something illegal, you wouldn’t be dumb enough to say anything or leave any indication whatsoever, because if you were actually serious you’d recognize that successfully completing the act would bring a million times more glory and satisfaction than bragging to your stupid internet “friends.” If you can’t source military grade weaponry the trade-off probably isn’t worth it. If you can, you wouldn’t advertise that fact. Killers don’t talk, they act. No one needs to know anything but you.

And this is the part where some alt fright conservative chimes in about there being good people in the FBI we can rely on to save the day. No, the FBI isn’t on your side, retard. Their job is to get as many people arrested for the dumbest shit so they can get more funding for their departments translating into pay raises in the name of saving the puppies and children from drugs and terrorism. Its a way for criminals to make money, nothing more.  You’re a potential revenue source to them, they don’t give a shit about you, they want their goddamn Porsche.

Cops aren’t on your side either. Different tentacle, same semitic squid. They protect antifa in all but the most extreme cases – and those are only to maintain credibility in the eyes the a public that’s losing trust and confidence in them, not because they’re opposing forces. They’re not gonna do your job for you. Trump’s not gonna do it either, at absolute best he’ll buy us a couple extra years. At worst, he’ll pacify our side into relying on him and the cops to do all the work for us, which they never will.  Trump’s move to remove WN groups from terrorist classifications will not actually take much heat off us, there’s still a million other reasons and angles from which we can and will be spied on and attacked by the System.

That said,  vets turned National Socialists are a great and very under utilized asset who should take a more prominent role in the scene, especially if they still have connections and spheres of influence inside the military.  We need more military types as leaders, fewer intellectuals. The intellectual is a disease that obfuscates purpose and meaning. Cops are irredeemable scum and I’ll never trust them in any capacity. Every cop’s dream is becoming a shitty enough person to make it to the FBI. The FBI exists to make money off you by manufacturing nonexistent crimes out of thin air and making the charges stick so they can get more department money and pay raises. Anyone who thinks those pieces of shit can be dealt with in any capacity is probably on their payroll.

In order to challenge the System’s monopoly on violence to ensure we can operate without being imprisoned and killed by them, we need to co-opt and get cops on our side while ensuring they remain in their positions working in their own context to help us while remaining entirely separate from our groups. Any correspondence trying to turn them, or any correspondence at all, is a real bad idea.  That’s been tried and just gets people framed and arrested so the piggie can get its pay raise and promotion.  It also sets a bad behavioral example for others to follow.   Anyone talking to the cops for any reason is either stupid or up to no good as an informant, even if they aren’t doing anything illegal.

The way to pull this off is fielding political candidates through a vanguard party on the promise of giving police unions immunity to operate and exempting them from any budget and benefit cuts. Considering their unions are on the chopping block from both the judeoleft for reasons of alleged racism and from the judeoright for reasons of implementing fiscal conservatism and setting a further precedent for union busting, this could work. No one likes losing their paycheck and retirement plan. This approach has the advantage of probing for sympathetic support and mobilizing it accordingly within the police without requiring dissident groups compromise themselves by having any communication with the police.  Cops are corrupt pieces of shit that can’t be trusted but we need to get them on our side somehow.

As far as the military goes, I’m not convinced its possible for us to pull a Golden Dawn styled infiltration and takeover of the military. It’s probably too big for that to work. Anyone joining with the intent to infiltrate would just get lost within the machine and is just needlessly putting their life at risk to serve the enemy, rationalizing it as pulling off some infiltration scheme they’ll probably never pull off. That said, I don’t have a military background so I obviously can’t say for sure.

We do need a way to reach and recruit people already inside though. I think it’d be more effective for veterans already networked to start recruiting from within. Our numbers are too small with too many possible major wars on the horizon and too much groundwork to be done elsewhere to risk our lives joining the military for some infiltration scheme with a minuscule chance of success. While I liked Steven Barry’s article he did for the National Alliance on getting skinhead groups into the military for infantry training and the idea itself was great, I’m not convinced it worked as advertised. Ultimately, we need to draw from the military’s ranks without adding to it.

Again, any political movement without a presence in the police and military to leverage against the System will be taken out by them if it gets too successful, regardless if it follows their rules.

The onus is on us to increase pressure. We need to keep increasing momentum and push shit further instead of settling for good enough. When dissidents begin striking physical blows against the enemy  while providing services where the collapsing systems failed its constituents through entirely separate, legal political organizations – also using those for public demos, private security functions, and so forth, that’s when we start winning for real.

The fight ain’t finished until we’re in actual power and every Jew and traitor serving them is exterminated in a torrential fury of bloodshed and vengeance.  If you just sit around complaining and aren’t actively involved in any groups, fuck you, coward. I’m sure special little you has some really important excuse.

23 thoughts on “VIOLENCE”

  1. What, you don’t think writing articles like “Pro-White Metapolitics In The Age Of Trump” will convert people to our cause?

  2. Max Macro reminding me why I love his articles. Simple, direct, true. This one should be rubbed in the faces of the more aware and salvageable part of the frogomemeosphere until they get it. In many ways it’s similar to “zero tolerance” but it’s super short and direct.

    Also, I hate, hate, HATE when someone makes the terse, generic and undeniable statement ‘”yeah, this shit won’t be solved without huge amounts of violence”, and the Internet nationalist immediately goes “oh hai FBI”.

    I would say I’d like more Macroposting, but I won’t because I’m sure he does NS networking IRL. And that’s good.

  3. Breivik was a zionist the reason why he didnt want muslims coming into Norway was because they are anti-semitic read his manifesto lool. On a Side note would you qualify The “BASED STICKMAN” breaking his bat over an ANTIFA’s head at berkeley as violence propaganda meme win? everyone loves Violence really, except for Paul Joseph Cuckson

    1. Why are people still buying this retarded narrative? It’s been a while now that he revealed he despised the philosemitic counterjewhad and mentioned them in his writings explicitly to put them in a hot spot and make them squirm under media scrutiny.

        1. What breiviks personal beliefs and intentions were is utterly irrelevant. The actions already in play. We can waste time splitting hairs over what category he fits in when he’s already off the playing field as a person, or we can capitalize off the attack by celebrating and hammering home what it demonstrates and why it was needed.

          1. His actions were anti-nationalistic, and if you get off on the idea of slaughtering innocent civilians you’re nothing but a LARPing faggot. Kill yourself lmao.

          2. No lol are u trolling? Did you even read. Nigga please you play Second Life. His actions were nationalistic. I listened to your podcast on breivik axle, they are not Innocent they are traitors. The young man who joins a political party is a traitor to his race and nation. Read SIEGE by James Mason.

          3. Yeah if someone does or suggests anything that you are too much of a coward to do then its “larping”.

    2. What MariusMannaz said. Breivik has made it clear since the first trial that he has always considered himself a national socialist and an odinist. His affiliation with christianity, counterjihad and lolbertarianism was just a ruse, and judging by the whole uproar in the Norwegian media after the massacre it worked. Christfags went out of their way to suck nigger dicks, as did members of the party he affiliated himself with, Fremskrittspartiet (kinda like Norway’s answer to the Sweden Democrats, but even more cucked).

  4. Fact is, writing on the internet and leafleting in person isn’t going to do it. Neither will marching or protesting or whatever. It might reach some people but it’s not going to change much on its own. “Peaceful protests” get you nowhere.

    The idea is not to get out and be a hooligan and smash people for no reason, but when you show up in numbers, people are going to try to stop you. You’re either going to tuck your tail between your legs and walk away or you’re gonna stand up and not take shit. You either stand or fall, so expect violence. You can be against violence all you want but no one is going to care about your ability to turn the other cheek when you’re getting smashed in the street. Being passive won’t do shit. Plain and simple.

  5. All in all really solid article, though your opinions on the military I disagree with. I don’t think we should have military types as leaders. Not because our organizations shouldnt be militant, simply because the modern military is a institution meant to break your spirit, makes you into a golem for the Jewish world conglomerate. I’ve yet to meet a Vet or current military member, who is a white nationalist, that has the mentality of someone who is willing to commit anti system violence. I would recommend anyone thinking about joining the military to not. Breivik didn’t join the ZOG corps and you don’t have to either.

  6. “I’ve yet to meet a Vet…commit anti system violence.”

    Glenn Miller. National Alliance also had Steven Barry who openly defied orders and deliberately worked to undermine operations within the military. NA scored a ton of Iraq vets too.

    “I would recommend anyone thinking about joining to not”

    I absolutely agree with this. Anyone who joins at this point- whether for training, benefits, whatever when the game’s so obvious and we’re at this crucial opening phase is a despicable piece of shit and has absolutely no excuse. Our side needs to be devoted to keeping our people out of the military, spitting on and shaming anyone who does join. We need to draw from their ranks without adding any of our own to them.

  7. And you know, the more I think it about it, the more it really incenses me how many people on our side will go off about ZOG while crawling to them like some lowly worthless nigger begging for their benefits first chance they get, attempting to rationalize it. If financial hardship’s enough to break them – which isn’t a valid excuse for joining the military, there’s plenty of other ways to make money out there, it just makes me wonder how easily they’d break under other circumstances and if they’re even that committed. Like, have some goddamn dignity.

  8. This is a very good article. The more pro-Whites that can absorb the major points in this article the better. Far too much pussified/faggy/wimpy propaganda & actions in this struggle. The author of this article has the proper attitude. He understands that we need more people on our side that have a revolutionary spirit. We need to radicalize as many of our folk as possible. We have more softies than we need. We need near zero.

  9. That was a very gratifying read. Straightforward, punchy, and well-reasoned. Much prefer this to any NPI speech.

  10. One of the best articles I’ve read to date. People who counter-signal Breivik and Roof are either too cowardly to actually fight for their race and nation, or too dumb to get the entire picture.

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