Well, a  few weeks later after Trump’s victory and the social media hills are alive with the sound of a million crying bulldyke cat ladies.

Yeah, I’m skeptical of Trump actually pulling off anything of value, and I maintain the best outcome for our cause is if he turns out to be just as Jewy and backstabby as everyone else, driving home the point that the System’s closed to us and we can’t rely on others to do our work for us.

I’m all for making Trump an enemy and going on the attack to push a more hardline stance. But in order for that to work, we need concrete material to go off, and he’s not in office yet. So for now, I’m reveling in the tears of social-anxiety-crippled cat ladies and despondent faggots.


Am I concerned about the alt right worshipping the guy as a savior when he’s gonna be a jewed cuckward? You bet, and I stand by my initial article calling people out to curb their enthusiasm over Trump.

No doubt many of the confused fanboys in the alt fright will start spinning excuses and rationalizing his cucking out as playing some elaborate angle so their autistic meme playtime isn’t interrupted.

No doubt Trump will fulfill his role as a ZOG shill whether by conscious intent or by inadvertent consequence of being manipulated by those around him. After all, if he couldn’t be controlled, he wouldn’t have been allowed to win.  Furthermore, the Trump victory will serve the effect of inflaming JewSA patriotard triumphalism and cultivating loyalty in a new generation to its military, the FBI, CIA, and everything those organizations  represent, (((serve))), and have done – such as framing and murdering our activists.

The second Trump actually steps into office, he becomes our enemy to be held accountable for the promises he’ll no doubt fail to deliver on.  And no, Steve Bannon of Kikebart is not gonna do our job for us either, conflating his semitically correct civic nationalism with our cause just confuses people into thinking we’ve scored more than we actually have, demoralizing them into complacency accordingly, as well as confusing newcomers as to what our cause is about.

His ties with France’s now co-opted Front Nationalis nothing to get excited over, either. Their crowning achievement under Tits LePen is putting more Jews and fags in leadership positions than the communist party while purging sincere racialists from the ranks and attacking Trump for being too extreme.

If Bannon was secretly on our side, he’d be cultivating ties with Golden Dawn and Jobbik instead of an anti-racist liberal party praised by Sarah Palin that wants to protect Jewry and cosmopolitan consumer society from Muslims who don’t want to integrate while happily assimilating the ones that do and contaminating the gene pool accordingly. If he helps us, it’ll be by accident, and I’m not sitting around waiting for hypothetical maybes in Washington when our work’s cut out for us.

Am I harshing your buzz?  Well too bad, that’s your problem.   I’m not playing the game that our side’s gotta cheerlead people in Washington tangentially aligned with us because that achieves absolutely nothing, draws a false association between our camps, and only confuses people on our side into thinking we’ve gained more than we actually have, prompting them to hunker down on cheerleading and meme sperging mode as opposed to building up viable infrastructure, while actively pushing outsiders away from radicalizing against the System.

The very fact that there’s some alt-righters who actually DO seem to believe Trump is the next Hitler, as opposed to simply being ironic, is a problem. So is the idea that therefore we can forgo all real world action (which they write off as LARPing to cover for their cowardice), and the unfortunate suckback to conservatism that’s plagued  alt-right and WN circles throughout the years. I’ll also maintain that it would have been possible to score just as much media coverage without drawing an association with Trump by praising him. 

That said, right now, it’s time to salt some wounds and rub in the faces of whiny ass liberal types how much they suck, to further demoralize them and throw them off-balance.


We still got a good two months or so for cat lady tears.

What we gotta focus on right now is getting bigger, meaner, and more vicious than ever before where we’re willing to tear out the fucking throats of anyone who dares to get in our way. And above all, we gotta be funny as hell while doing it.

For self conditioning, look up YouTube videos of deer getting mauled by bears, listen to that pathetic whining sound it makes as it slowly dies, everything that sound represents.

We gotta be that bear, and the best way to start is psychologically traumatizing an enemy at one of their greatest moments of vulnerability.  Many of them happen to have a whole litany of underlying mental illnesses that could result in multiple suicides, if faced with even the slightest amount of pressure and ridicule.

After all, these people are a grabbag of life’s losers, people begging for the entire world to conform itself to their underlying disorders and inability to function in society on any level as they seek to bulldoze the entire world into their personal no-fun zone built around endlessly rehashed ((((((((((((Jon Stewart)))))))))))) jokes blared through the global jewish loudspeakers.

Boring, lifeless, ugly people, malformed and disgusting to look at, unable to cope with existence itself, hysterically lashing out at phantoms of their own imagination. These people need to be hit and viciously harassed on every possible level. Humiliate them, bait them into saying dumb shit then get them fired, put them out on the streets, ruin their lives. They’re living, breathing human memes that exist for the sole purpose of being spit on and laughed at, people who need to be made to feel forever unsafe.

This is war, and we don’t win by maintaining some imaginary high ground. We win by going lower, fighting dirtier than our enemies, destroying them through any and all possible means without ever apologizing, without ever settling for “good enough,” without ever relenting  even for a second.

There’s no honor in losing when losing for us means death.

Even William Johnson figured that out and actually went on the attack, attacking Evan McMullin in a robocall campaign for being a fag.  Did he improve in other ways? Who knows. But at least Johnson showed a glimpse of conviction and an ability to call out and attack our enemies as opposed to being the kind grandfatherly doormat to the rest of the world he normally is. Maybe the multiple abusive emails I’ve sent Johnson throughout the years have finally paid off!

David Duke’s campaign was also a breath of fresh air, and while I maintain my political and strategic differences with him, it’s something we can build off.

Duke scored 3% of the vote in the senate race, translating to about 58,000 people in Louisiana.  That’s 58,000 people willing to side with an explicitly racialist candidate who openly names and attacks the Jew.  From that, if a portion of those, let’s say 10%, were radicalized into either joining (Trad Worker‘s been moving in a promising direction), or creating a full-fledged NS group, there’d be a hell of a lot that could be achieved, especially considering that’s all in one state.  Voter information by county could likely be pulled from public databases to determine the best neighborhoods for canvassing and recruitment operations.

And while I’m in agreement with James Mason and Michael O’Meara over what will ultimately be required, this shows that electoral politics can play a necessary auxiliary role for building up a revolutionary vanguard, provided the party/person doesn’t pull punches and try to futilely mainstream (to be henceforth called jewstream) like the American Freedom Party has.

The notion that we have to withhold information and pander to people’s existing views is wrong. What you pander to, you reinforce.

The notion that we have to gradually persuade people, that their learning moves in stages is wrong, and the overton window is a crock of nerd bullshit. People’s conscious political views and resulting behavior are the product of authority tropisms.

Plus, deep down, on an instinctual gut level,  people also show through their behavior that they possess racial instincts and that fascism is the natural organizational principle for human relations.

People don’t need to be coddled and deceptively spoonfed what they already instinctually possess that’s just been suppressed below the level of conscious awareness as the result of social conditioning and intimidation from authority figures. They need to be lead.

Consequently the meme of “White Suicide” and its ugly intellectual cousin “Pathological Altruism” need to be confronted and challenged wherever they rear their heads. The problem lies with the Jews and the White elite traitors willingly serving their agenda, not with the mass who cannot be held morally accountable for the situation we face.

Until  the Jews and traitors are all dead and buried with a new elite built in their place to lead, nothing changes.   Accordingly, our goal for 2017 should be continuing to push an uncompromising, consistent stance to radicalize our growing audience to facilitate real-world organization and action, surfing on a  wave of cat lady tears.

7 thoughts on “TRUMP VICTORY”

  1. Max, you just don’t understand! Your puny intellect simply CANNOT FATHOM the non-euclidean dimensions of the board game Trump is playing! He has already drawn up the plan for Kushner to accidentally gas himself while cooking beans. Believe me, the best plans!

    Seriously, though, delivered. While I like many of the people in the Alt and I’m convinced there’s GTKRWN material in abundance, I have to suppress a REEEEEE anytime I hear of Overton or gradualism, or unironic Godemprah belief. If nobody of the true believers makes noise over the straight up Goldman Sachs treasury kike, i don’t know what’ll take to make ’em budge.

    EDIT: oh, ffs. Trump as mountain king is now on the front page of TRS. Yep, totally like Barbarossa or Holger Danske.

    1. >Trump as mountain king is now on the front page of TRS.

          1. Yeah all the gradualist bullshit is way closer to LARPing since it basically treats public consciousness as a video game where we have to beat level one before going to 2, 3 etc. it wrongly assumes there’s some elaborate underlying structural foundation when really all there is are decontextualized memes and platitudes based around authority figures

  2. There are a lot of pros for us here. At the very least, denying the left a supreme court appointment has bought us a bit more time with easy access to guns and ability to communicate our views openly (they would have gotten hate speech laws). Another pro might be some morale boost (but this might just as easily cause complacency). Particularly, I think this might energize European nationalists. Because the media keeps saying he is literally Hitler, Euros see this and think “well, if America can have literally Hitler, then why can’t we?” Most importantly, it is a good indicator of where we are at. It shows that whites are acting more and more as a block, and more dismissive of Jew media propaganda than ever, so this gives some hope that in the future american whites can be made into a real unified political force.

    The cons are what you mentioned, that it might turn potential radicals away from us to become system loyalists instead. We already see this in a segment of the alt-right that think the FBI is secretly on our side (while they entrap our activists and gimp our organizing potential with FUD). ZOG is still ZOG, even if a part of it was humbled a bit and suffered a black eye. Obvious our problems are still very bad and might have just been prevented from becoming worse (with gun control and hate speech laws) and I think what James Mason wrote when Reagan was elected is appropriate. Also Varg was right in his Trump video, that it wasn’t a win for us so much as it was a loss for the media. We still need to translate their loss into our win by taking advantage of it to further spread our ideas (which will become more difficult as they are attempting to crack down on social media and “fake news”).

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