This week, Florian Geyer is joined by Slavros, Zeiger, James Futurist, Greve Hans, and Doc Mayham to discuss the plan, what we ought to be doing. Featuring Kali Yuga news.

Music used for this week: Basso Profundo – Anathema, Werkraum – Wir Rufen Deine Wolfe, Florian Geyer Lied.


  1. Yes, creation of alternative structures is the most important strategy.
    True goodness can only come from CREATION, and this is the only strategy that works for the right. The left works through the evil methods of corruption and subterfuge, these methods are not applicable to us. Sure we might try to speed up the downfall, but Im not convinced we can really make any progress in this. The left progressively degraded traditional society by eroding cultural standards, but they have no real cultural standards of their own that we might attack. The current world order is completely dominated by Mammon, and so it’s downfall will be a material one. The beast is so huge, any strategies we might try to employ in hastening it’s downfall is futile with our current numbers. Even 100,000 people abstaining from taxes and collecting welfare will hardly wound the beast, and our numbers are far less than 100,000.
    Lawrence Murray from TRS has gotten a lot of praise for his recent article on Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Besides thinking the article is very overrated(it amounts to not much more than a book summary and the simple observation of ‘hey guys we can do this too’… and is subsequently hailed as a masterpiece by the aut-right) I disagreed with Murray on the premise. The left’s methods of cultural warfare will not work for us because the left has no standards to tear down… for example our side developed beauty in art through immense effort, and the left tore it down by promoting the low-effort degenerate modern art. How do we reverse this? We can’t really attack modern art in any meaningful way, there’s no substance there to tear down. We can only CREATE the beautiful art once again through effort. I believe that this also applies to the political realm, due to the fact that right wing systems require people to personally exert effort, while left wing systems are seductively liberating to a modern materialistic hedonist.

    Another, less important, point: I really don’t agree with the idea of hiding our ideals to attract recruits… Zeiger hit the nail square on the head earlier on in the podcast when talking about the futility of hiding ideals to gain political office, but then later on contradicted himself by saying one should hide their extreme ideas when trying to grow an organization. I don’t see how the two situations are different in any way, if you suddenly change your character and outward beliefs as the leader of the group your subjects will see that as very suspect.

  2. I would like to correct some things on the whole Waco situation.

    Koresh and his group were accused of having M-16 parts that could be used to convert AR15’s to fully automatic. The sherrif of Waco said after the seige that if the FBI or ATF had talked to him he could have just arrested Koresh the next time he was in town but the Federal agencies never consulted him. The reason the town never did anything was because the ATF had roadblocks going out several miles from the compound and wouldn’t say what was happening. Also afaik the accusations about children only started spreading after the seige went to shit.

    Most of my knowledge on this came from the gun communty and most will say it was just the ATF showing some muscle to keep their funding and not expecting the shitshow that ensued. All of the people I know who have any knowledge about this absolutly hate the ATF because of Waco.

    On an unrelated note, in a previos ep Florian said he was converting to Orthodoxy. Does he still plan to be a priest? and if so would he perhaps plan to go to Manitoba? I know there is a significant East Europe population and I bet there is a Church there in need of a priest. Also your plans on buying property with a church as the front sounds a lot like Ruralite version of cohousing.

    1. I do still plan to be a priest. I’m sorry, but Manitoba is the last fucking place in the world I want to be. I’m really serious, I would rather go to Africa than Winnipeg. Sorry fam.

      1. Is it because of the Injuns or are you just afraid of the cold.

        Also I didn’t mean Winnipeg, I meant somewhere more rural.

        1. The Cold, the golf-ball sized mosquitoes, the metis, the humid heat. It’s like Ottawa but worse in every way.

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