Today on a very spooky episode of Mysterium Fasces, a variety of topics are discussed, such as Esoteric Hitlerlism. Rosicrucianism and the Jewish-Kabbalistic origins of the the scientific method, and the general world of conspiracy theories. Appearing on this episode are: Florian Geyer, Doc Savage, Spiess, Natt ‘adjectives are for cowards’ Danelaw, Baleygr, and Dagon Greyjoy.

Music used for this episode: Orthodox Singers Male Choir – We Bow before Thy Cross, Priya Shankar- Mahishasura Mardini, and Florian Geyer Lied.


  1. Interesting in relation to ‘the esoteric idea of the craft’ and the various subversions western civilization has suffered, Jonathon Bowden said that at the heart of Marxist theory was the idea that intellectuals can totally dominate society, “[Karl Marx] believed that theory could dominate life and social process to such a degree that it could change the world and even human nature for ever . . . Mao believed that man is a piece of paper, man is a white sheet. You can take a man and torture him to a gibbering wreck. You can take a man and say he’s a god and then shoot him afterwards. Man is changeable and plastic and can be molded by struggle, or what they called dialectic, ideology in life and in language and in history”

    The cardinal subversion of modernity is that we mistake the magician for the intellectual, a foil for devilry. Putting aside what Natt says about parliamentarism being worthless to our cause, even if we could form some kind of real political resistance we are so far over our heads in terms of the fruit of the historical processes that are just now being identified as roots of subversion (everything mentioned on this show) that you basically have to accept the idea of riding the tiger or be completely indifferent, because the best we are able to do in the current year is elect someone like Trump who is kiked beyond belief but will probably construct the fa├žade of a “healthy society” (on the U.S side of his border wall which he or his successors will let tens of thousands of Hispanics pass through legally each year).
    The Daily Shoah & Co are shallow optimists who eat a da poo poo

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