This week in the first part of the show, Florian Geyer is joined by Greve Hans, James Futurist, and Zeiger to interview the Traditionalist Workers Party Chairman, Matthew Heimbach, much to our honour and gratitude. For the second part of the show, Marcus Rhodes and Doc Mayhem join the Mystery Cult to bring a very special edition of the Kali Yuga News. In this special Kali Yuga Report, top investigator and tiger rider James ‘Rockwell’ Futurist presents his findings vis a vis the developing international pedophilia scandal known as PizzaGate. Soul Warning: Contents in the second part of the show are highly disturbing, and are not for the spiritually immature. For citations regarding anything mentioned in the special report, James can be found on Twitter here:

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I had gotten to know Richard Spencer some years back after a long an disappointing career in right-wing conservative politics, however he sold me on the idea of the “Alt-Right” right off the bat as I thought that FINALLY something would get done, FINALLY a dynamic new movement that would do away with the conservative cowardice that I had been battling for decades, what has been since popularly described as “cuckservatism”. What happened instead, however, was a repeat of all the mistakes, errors and problems I’ve seen before. This inescapable realization is what led me to abandon Spencer’s group and forego attending the post-Trump-victory NPI meeting.

I was made aware of the Jewish Question at a relatively young age, however it took me a few years to absorb this knowledge before I would attempt to actively participate in politics. By this time, I had plenty of opportunity to look over the activity of the “right wing” – the conservatives – and had come to the conclusion, in my total ignorance of the real nature of the case, that all they needed to succeed was an organizatonal drive to get them “together”, with a business-like PLAN. I had found that there were dozens and maybe hundreds of well established and respected men in society, who felt much as I did, and who, together, could pool enough money and resources to swamp the Marxist-Zionist Jewsand leftwingers. There seemed to be plenty of talent and ability – and actually a majority of our people over on my side of politics, so that common sense seemed to force the conclusion that it was only a lack of determined effort to put this TOGETHER which permitted the left-wing minority, sparked by the sub-minority of Jews, to keep winning victory after victory and send America down the path to Marxist socialism and racial disintegration.

But I reckoned without any knowledge of the human content of the “right-wing.”

From the financially well-to-do to the scared little people who attend the endless pitiful “conservative,” “100% American,” “old-fashioned,” “constitutional,” “state’s rights” – meetings – I learned by bitter experience, that the human material of the right wing consists 90% of cowards, dopes, nuts, one-track minds, blabber-mouths, boobs, incurable tight-wads and – worst of all – hobbyists – people who have come to enjoy a perverted, masochistic pleasure in telling each other forever how we are all being raped by the “”shhh–you-know-whos,” but, who, under no conditions, would think of risking their two cars, landscaped homes, or juice jobs to DO something about it.

Nevertheless, at the time I was full of optimism and eagerness to get to work, and with the help of some old and newfound friends with similar outlooks, organized a number of behind-closed-doors meetings. I addressed such meetings in the best “conservative” style, lecturing “nicely” on the need “to get together” more than anything else, and receiving little flurries of polite applause.

UGH! How I shudder now to think of all that feeble, useless, and stupid “niceness” – while our race and our whole world are being brutally destroyed!

Back then it was still considered dangerous to attack the Jew directly, thus we had to tip-toe around the subject. From time to time somebody in the audience would ask “what about the Jews!” – and there would be snickers and shifting around of feet, like grammar school kids when somebody mentioned the word “sex”. Then I would scold this “bold” character for such a “disgusting display of prejudice”, making my righteous love of the wonderful Jews very clear, and even sharing knowing winks with some close friends at my “clever” deception.

The Jews would not have disturbed such a meeting for anything in the world. We, like a million other “conservatives” were giving ourselves the illusion of “fighting” treason, subversion, communism and race-mixing (the Jews) without DOING anything and without HURTING the enemy himself. If we did NOT have such silly little secret meetings, we would eventually build up such a pressure of frustrated patriotism that we just MIGHT have done something forceful – and therefore effective.

The conclusion of these events was always a sort of after-party as we all stood around babbling, as is the inevitable custom after such “battles” with the enemy.

Once the audience of these clandestine soirees had swelled to a couple of hundred people I poured out my time and money in an all-out effort to organize the right-wing “nicely,” as the “American Federation of Conservative Organizations,” and published a conservative paper – not at all unlike Spencer’s NPI and Radix journal. Now having gone public, we held meetings in different hotels, I had a beautiful stationary engraved in gold. I used all my skill in art, writing, organizing, promoting and leading – but they were useless. The basic premise – the premise of conservatism – was wrong.

Although it is made to appear so, the battle between the “conservatives” and “liberals” is NOT a battle of ideas or even of political organizations. It is a battle of FORCE, TERROR and POWER. The Jews and their accomplices and dupes are not running our Country and its people because of the excellence of their IDEAS or the merit of their work, or the genuine majority of people behind them. They are in power in SPITE of the lack of these things, and only because they have DRIVEN their way into power by daring MINORITY TACTICS. They can stay in power only because people are AFRAID to oppose them – afraid they will be socially ostracized, afraid they will be smeared in the press, afraid they will lose their jobs, afraid they will not be able to run their businesses, afraid they will lose political offices. It is FEAR, and FEAR alone which keeps these filthy left-wing sneaks in power – NOT ignorance by the American people as the “conservatives” keep telling each other. Our right-wing “fighters” keep assuring each other “ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” – when the truth is that any SLAVE knows the truth – that he is a slave – but he is NOT free in spite of knowing this truth, unless he can somehow get the POWER to FORCE his way to freedom. It is not the truth which will make us free in America, because millions already know the truth and hate bitterly what is going on, but they are AFRAID even to admit they know the truth. As long as the right wing spends all its time and money trying to “win” millions instead of getting the thousands we already have to STAND UP! We have plenty of people, money and facilities to take America back from the traitors TOMORROW MORNING if all the people who already know what is going on, were not AFRAID anymore and would STAND UP!

As long as the right-wing confines its fighting to being “nice”, the great masses of the public will bow down like the sheep they are to the left-wing which is NOT nice – which uses smear, economic persecution, legal harassment, and finally physical terror to maintain its domination of our national life and culture by FORCE. The force is disguised, of course, in checkbooks, judge’s robes, rigged party conventions, etc. – but it is still either the force itself, or the threat of force which has America down and AFRAID.

No amount of papers and pamphlets, or podcasts and memes that this new generation relies on today, were they all masterpieces of propaganda – and no amount of talk and meetings can stop this growing left wing force and POWER and the FEAR it inspires – much less drive it back and finally destroy it.

And I was as much a part of this childish illusion as anybody else. I spent literally hundreds of hours discussing the methods for legal revolution – and the only thing I gained from it all was the final discovery that it was – and always has been – impossible to unseat the terrorists by talk. One must dislodge such evil usurpers by the same weapon which got them IN – POWER. Theirs was and is secret and disguised. Ours, by nature, must be open and honest. But it must still be POWER – not talk or pamphlets or sneaky dreams – and it involves, therefore RISK.

I also learned to know the perennial “patriots”, the eternal attenders of meetings, the inexhaustible talkers and babblers, the super-clever know-it-alls who are going to “throw the election into the house this time”, etc., etc., etc., and the disgusting hobbyists who discharged their pent-up “patriotism” once a week or so in the masochistic orgasm they seemed to obtain by flagellating themselves with the latest outrages of the Jews. These people seemed to have been “fighting” the Jews all their lives – years and years and years. Their standard reaction to anything they didn’t think up themselves – a new plan for sneaking up on the Jews – was “I was fighting this thing before you were born, son” – and this was supposed to send the upstart packing. As if people who had spent forty or fifty years fighting so monstrously unsuccessfully had any business daring to open their mouths at all. Which is exactly why I was taken by Spencer’s pitch for me to join the Altright – here was someone with a much bolder and open approach than that of the past several decades (or so I first thought), during which many others, including myself, had been failing and tripping over our own feet.

In my own time our meetings were better and better attended, but there was no result at all – nothing accomplished.

Only now do I realize that the idea that there is ANYTHING EASY that can be done, which will send the Jew traitors scurrying for Israel like rats, while we walk triumphantly into the White House, is one of the worst self-delusions which has been keeping the right wing babbling and conspiring while the Jews have been laughing at us and trampling all over our Constitution, our rights, our traditions, our dignity and our White Race. Any man who spends thirty or forty years pretending to imagine there is such an easy way, while our Country and our White Race go down and down and down – is not a dreamer – or ignorant – he is a Coward! And this very well applies to myself.

“Conservatives” are the world’s champion ostriches, muttering to each other down under the sand in “secret,” while their plumed bottoms wave in the breezes for the Jews to kick at their leisure. They are fooling nobody but themselves.

My own political undertakings were finally crushed when during, what was to be the last conference of the “American Federation of Conservative Organizations,” I planned a new “Declaration of Independence”. The result was absolutely nil – nothing. There were a good many compliments and pleasant remarks, but no real progress or offers to help build such an organization. I knew the situation for our people and Nation was desperate, and everybody agreed that it was. But nobody would DO anything No matter how hard I tried, I ran into a solid, blank, silent wall. With the idea gaining no traction the AFCO and myself were fated to fade away into obscurity.

I still cherished the hope that we could save ourselves by some easy way when I was approached by Richard Spencer, who had learned of my exploits from some dug up copies of the conservative magazine I used to publish.

We talked over the “movement”, as patriotic leaders inevitably do upon meeting, and agreed that what was needed was what he called a “hard core”. His concept of creating an alternative right-wing to that of the conservative sphere was intriguing, and as I have established earlier, I felt I was in no position to scold someone with a bold new idea, my own practice having been an abysmal failure.

However the reality had finally hit me, when I came to realize that I was reliving my own failure all over again, this time with Spencer at the wheel. What seemed to be a brand new direction, by virtue of but a few superfluous changes, was in reality MORE OF THE SAME. The Altright felt like it would not fall into the trap of being “nice” by virtue of attacking the conservatives for being exactly that, and yet in practice Spencer and all other persons affiliated with the Altright label whom I had since learned about, were doing the same exact thing, except instead of “niceness” they would talk of maintaining a “respectable” image, of the need to be “presentable”. IN FACT Spencer himself was one of the most guilty parties in this regard, professing respect for Jews, while Jared Taylor was bending over backwards to seemingly prove his utmost devotion to them. Even the “bold” ones who dared to openly criticize and “name” the Jew were otherwise doing everything exactly the same way as when we did it.

I confronted Spencer some days before the election as to these issues and told him I would depart from the Altright altogether if the present state of affairs were to continue. He had assured me, that should Trump win, we’d be able to act even more boldly than before and live up to the full promise of the Altright as he had presented it to be at our first encounter. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, though certain people warned me that he would welch on his promise, and instead double down on the disgusting niceness.

It is probably an insult to the reader’s intelligence to state bluntly what happened. Men do not suddenly change their pattern. Spencer DID welch. I prompty departed from the Altright and refused to attend the latest NPI conference, instead focusing my efforts on exposing all these frauds who were simply repeating the same mistakes that have plagued the right-wing for generations.

Many right-wingers are sincerely concerned, I know, about my current battles with men such as Spencer, Greg Johnson, et al., and my revelations of what they really are. “They are doing good”, I am told, “why not let them go about their business their own way. They are helping. Don’t hurt them”.

I maintain they are only giving the APPEARANCE of helping – and are actually hurting. To which I can already predict a “meme” response and accusation of “purity spiraling”.

Before a mass of people will rise up and DO anything effective and forceful about a tyrannical situation, there must be built up a certain emotional PRESSURE. A fire-cracker has not the force of a rifle bullet because it explodes harmlessly in all directions. But the gas from a rifle bullet cannot escape. except by forcing the bullet out at terrific speed, because it is CONFINED, DIRECTED INTO USEFUL CHANNELS.

The Jews know this, and in my day would PERMIT these hundreds and hundreds of harmless little right-wing organizations to spout endlessly in silence behind the Jewish “paper-curtain”. They don’t reach any significant number of people OUTSIDE their own group, and when they do, their approach is so feeble and so psychologically wrong that they win only a few odd-balls. They NEVER, NEVER get out into the public, into the streets – and reach the MASSES with an INSPIRING and DRIVING masculine movement, which alone can win the HEARTS of the MASSES! And the same is happening now to the Altright, despite possible appearances. The Jews allow these public venting sessions and allow their lapdogs to throw some protest, but don’t take any REAL action against Spencer and his ilk, proving how little of a threat they pose, how much they lack any of those qualities I list above. 

Which is where I had finally learned my lesson that there will be NO easy ways out, that niceness does NOT work and NEITHER does the Altright’s “not-niceness”. Only a RADICAL approach can do the job that we MUST do: we must stiffen the backbones of enough people so that they prefer to lose their jobs, they prefer to be unjustly jailed and fined, be railroaded to the insane asylum, or even to be beaten before they will permit Jew tyrants to advance one more fraction of an inch into our last frontiers of racial pride and National freedom.

Radix journal, online podcasts and blogs perhaps “inform” a lot of people. But we don’t need any more informed people WHO WON’T STAND UP AND FIGHT TO OPPOSE TYRANNY!

Such things as Radix also keep the “steam pressure” of emotions down in thousands or millions of Americans who are already informed – who feel that as long as Radix is published, “something” is being done, who are fooled into imagining that we can somehow petition or talk our way out of tyranny.

These false right-wing leaders, who, for forty or fifty years have been preaching a million different tricks to avoid the desperate, dangerous FIGHT which is always the price of any victory, are approaching the end of the road. They can not much longer pretend that we can save ourselves with their sugary nostrums, when the patient feels the death rattle in his chest, as White America can feel it now.

It is for this reason, not personal animosity, that I consciously and calculatingly expose these political frauds. The doctor cannot cure as long as the patient is chasing after quacks, and imagines himself “getting better”. The patient, our White Race, is DYING – the situation is desperate! And it is viciously CRIMINAL to be loaded and then take sincere little people’s dimes and dollars for sugar syrup!

We intend to make it impossible for the fakes to keep up their medicine show. Sooner or later, our mastery of the right-wing is assured. Exposing the simple truth about such men as Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, Greg Johnson, etc., is part of that cruel but utterly necessary conquest. No matter how we are cursed and hated by the short-sighted, we will win all sincere Americans and White Men when they SEE that we have DONE what they have so long prayed for – united the right-wing, and driven steel into its backbone, even if we have to force this unity upon them. The process is never easy or pleasant, but we mean to SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND RACE. The hurt feelings of a few rich kids, hobbyists and incompetent leaders will not deter us from that holy mission.

No, American, it is not wicked to attack and expose Spencer and his ilk. They have been wrecking the movement they are supposed to be creating for many, many years – and until they pitch in with their money, their brains, their guts and their blood – they are FRAUDS, and I intend to drive them out of our way.

What you have just read above is not, in fact, a contributed article by a nameless American patriot who desperately fought against the Jews for the last 50 years dating back from 2016. Instead, you have just read the words of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell of the American Nazi Party, from his autobiography “This Time the World“, referring to a period of his life in the 50s (events addressed by Rockwell in the original text happened prior to 1956) when he had just entered politics, but before he became an open National-Socialist.

The text was adapted to create a narrative that would showcase you how much beating around the bush is truly going on with the American “right-wing” – of which the Altright is but a new manifestation, despite its claims to be an alternative to it. It practices all of the same damned mistakes that had been made for 50 years, as Rockwell puts it, in his own time. Hence these mistakes and errors have been repeating themselves for well over a 100 years. Every part of the text in cursive is not the words of Commander Rockwell, but our edits and additions, added to form the character of the “Missing NPI Speaker”.

One has to wonder how it could be that each generation of “right-wingers” keep making these exact same mistakes. Not only that, but how is it possible to make these mistakes at all, when someone had already written down their own experience with these issues and setbacks, as they were present 50 years ago. Do these supposed allies to the National-Socialist cause simply ignore one of the greatest Americans to have ever lived? Apparently so. And why do they do that? Because Commander Rockwell was a Nazi.

The only person to have been a successful heir to Rockwell’s legacy is perhaps James Mason, who had likewise offered the same warnings as Rockwell, and beyond, whilst also giving us a new plan of action for this day and age in SIEGE. Despite these two great Champions of our Struggle giving all ample warnings, the cycle of a new generation of “right wingers” cucking themselves in some self-induced delusion as to the effectiveness and uniqueness of their methods (which had not been, supposedly, tried before) has continued to perpetuate itself through the decades.

And the verdict has been already passed, Commander Rockwell rightfully called these people cowards and sissies, for they refuse to learn and refuse to let go of their delusions for an easy victory, as they are too AFRAID of engaging in any REAL form of action that would lead to nothing less than Total Aryan Victory.

Even if we were allies with these imbeciles, they would be utterly useless to our cause for the very reason of their play-safe cowardice that dooms them to repeating the same mistakes, which is indicative of their inherent mentality.  A Fascist/National-Socialist cannot be a coward, cannot be a sissy, it is intrinsically against our character and is an intrinsic part of theirs.

It is well overdue that someone honors Commander Rockwell’s legacy, his contribution to our cause and carries on the fight which he had started, and which James Mason brought up to speed with our current conditions. One thing is becoming increasingly clear: to break the cycle of same old mistakes and stop the American “right-wing” from stepping on the same rake time and again, a new and openly Nazi movement must rise and build itself up as a conqueror of the “right-wing”, by bringing everyone else into the fold by force if necessary, thus driving out all the cowards and forcing them to forsake their fraudulent labels. It’s time to bring these fakers and hobbyists to heel. It is time for America to remember what REAL NAZIS LOOK LIKE.



Florian Geyer is joined this week by Natt ‘adjectives are for cowards’ Danelaw, Greve Hans, Doc Savage, and special guest, Matthew Raphael Johnson, PhD. We discuss, as the title suggests, issues pertinent both to nationalism and Orthodoxy, along with the North American political situation writ large. Several polemic calls to actions are delivered, and Raphael Johnson finds a new best friend in Natt.

Music used for this week: Basso Profundo – God Save the Czar, Wardruna – Radio, Florian Geyer Lied



The Review

The past week I’ve been reading Serrano’s Golden Cord and have to say, it’s quite a ride. If this book was Serrano himself talking to you, you’d hold up your hands defensively and cower away slowly while saying: “Why dontcha backoff Serrano! Don’t steamroll over me with this plox, how about yah take it easy for a second?”

Firstly: I absolutely and categorically ward off anyone reading this unless they have read all of the following Evola books first, in the order that I give them here:

  1. Mystery of the Grail
  2. Hermetic Tradition
  3. Doctrine of Awakening
  4. Yoga of Power

It’ll be beneficial as well if you’ve read Guenon and Schuon most likely as well (I haven’t read anything at all by Schuon yet, but I can say that having as much perennial/esoteric reading under your belt as possible will be of absolute necessity). Furthermore, you need Florian-tier (our comrade and host of the Mysterium Fasces podcast) knowledge of Christianity and various christian heresies. Without these you will be all but lost reading this book, I myself had been lucky enough to have finished reading the Yoga of Power not too long before I decided to tackle the Golden Cord.

Reason for this warning is that Serrano’s style, as far as this book is concerned at least, is hard to deal with – it is very heavy with various references and names and concepts without providing in-depth understanding of them, so it’s heavy in content but at the same time light in explanations. Basically, unless you’ve read the books above this will be a wasted read as you won’t understand any of the words, concepts and names utilized, which he borrows from all those subjects and beyond. He often strews together several concepts that are symbolically describing one and the same thing, and later in the book mixes them up to create a narrative built out of several languages. Hence, it does describe one process but using different narratives, like speaking one sentence but with words from different languages.

The Golden Cord has a peculiar structure of several major portions divided into multitudes of very short segments. Most of these segment don’t last longer than a page and a half. The forward alone, as one portion, contains 21 segments. The other portions are named after the Cathars, Druids, Templars and the Rosenkreuz. The titles of the portions, and in some cases of the segments, are misleading, as he does not go into the in-depth background of each group. Sometimes, he barely mentions them at all in certain segments, while mentioning the other groups, and groups that don’t get their own titles (Minnesangers and Fedele d’Amore for example).

Word of warning (of sorts): pretty much everything up until you start reading the second half of the Templar portion will appear to be extremely wAcky. Conspiracy-theory-tinfoil-hat meets ancient-aliens+DaVinci-Code-History-Channel-documentary-series-marathon-special wacky. Most of the Hollow Earth and UFO stuff will be in the Forward segment, complete with questionable science claims, followed by the History Channel special in the rest of it.

It’ll be kind of like this:

oh the Druids? Yeah mages of hyperborea, and the Cathars were their descendants, kind of? Templars followed in their footsteps and so did the SS, btw jews aren’t jews and the 10 commandments that we know of were a second set of commandments that are false, the original ones are the for real ones and who was Moses anyway, oh an Egyptian priest-mage actually, vikings and Templars had been to South America btw, in fact one Aztek “White God” is actually a depiction of a Templar.

It might be hard for some people to take him seriously, absolutely impossible even, unless they read the ‘must read books’ listed at the start of this review. Problem is that one may easily get lost figuring out how much of this Serrano presents literally as supposed historical facts and real science, and how much of it he presents symbolically and allegorically. With the more historic stuff it becomes a question of the legitimacy of the narrative that he builds depending on what can be believed to be historically true, that might in fact be completely erroneous (as he constantly references other people for the basis of some of his points).

However the historic validity may be completely unimportant as the symbolism takes primacy for Serrano, thus legend becomes more important and more real than factual history – his take on Druids and Catharism for example. Still, Serrano presents this information for those who would like to test the historic accuracy of these things, but their symbolic value as myths/legends would nevertheless prevail – he leaves it up to you to make the call if you want to believe these things as just symbols or as symbols rooted in reality. The myth/legend narrative that Serrano weaves, however, does seem to be legitimate and in line with everything we know from traditional teachings.

As an example:

>otherworldly beings from other planets
Okay, well is that symbolic of transcendental beings, or is this tied to a literal aliens/UFO interpretation?

-Is it aliens or not, Serrano? What are you saying?
-I’m not saying it’s not aliens, but it is totally angels. They could be aliens tho.
-Oh… o-okay?

Serrano also comes from the anti-christian perspective – which is a lot more muddied, however, with these concepts of Jesus having a twin brother. Or, of there being another prophet, which brought more Buddhist/tantric concepts to Christianity, whereas the first one was merely a Jewish nationalist concerned with politics.

Serrano also goes into a concept of how Christianity “inverted” positive symbols into negative ones and vice versa per its lunar antiaryan roots, ergo Lucifer at the center of the earth is not HELL, it’s actually Paradise of Hollow Earth. Overall Lucifer is used as a positive figure in this book, equaled to Apollo and others, referred to as the “God of the Defeated who would come back Victorious” ergo he’s also the god of Esoteric Hitlerism in this narrative.

Apparently this is something that Alfred Rosenberg goes into in his Myth of the XXth Century, a book I, personally, am yet to read. But I did play around with this kind of narrative myself in my kike-on-a-stick phase. Regardless, if you can get past the antichristian/heretical implications you can still see the basic point and narrative being delivered, which isn’t wrong, but the delivery method may be off-putting to our Christian comrades. Of course, I’m saying this from the newfound viewpoint of Christianity being fully in line with traditional, solar/hyperborean esoterical teachings, a stance some of our comrades may not share, and thus be partial to this Rosenberg interpretation.

As far as the Hollow Earth / UFO science is concerned, I did have my theory prior to actually reading the Golden Cord, that in a world fully explored by science, the only way to give life to certain symbols again is to circumvent modern science by introducing some pseudo-scientific claims, and I was curious to see if that is what Serrano was going for. There is one portion of the text preceding all the Hollow Earth science that partially validates this suspicion. The portion in question is, in fact, something one should keep in mind while reading the entire book (italic highlights – Serrano’s, bold highlights – mine):

Before I begin laying out the arguments and theories of those who believe in the existence of hollow Earth, it is important to point out that in all of them I see but a repetition or resurgence of an ancient idea, manifested in many myths and legends which have a significant meaning to humanity, as I will discover and showcase in the course of this work.

Scientific explanations provided below are of no significance in themselves, and it is only interesting to show them here as oddities and extravagances. I see the truth in all of this only in the manifestation of the archetype in a more Platonic sense of the word than a Jungian one.

Myth and legend are indivisible, just as the prototype, archetype. They do not take hold of one specific place on the planet, but rather engulf it whole, instantly, so as to cover it with their influence from both within and without, in a unified world  (Unus Mundus). Only in certain historic times do they firmly plant themselves in some center of the Earth’s living body and act from there, manifesting themselves in a human being, in order to declare their message within the scope of the occurring fatal development…

In short, Serrano’s position is this: it doesn’t have to be literally real because it is still a valid archetype/symbol/Truth, but one can speculate that these things are also quite literally real.

So there’s all sorts of issues with reading this book that may drive people away or give them a false understanding of some things, it’s all up to your level of erudition in this field of knowledge, hence why its important to read all the Evola books that were listed at the start of this review as a bare minimum before getting into the Golden Cord.

However: all is not so bad, and from the second half of the Templar portion until the very end the book becomes a lot more comprehensible with some good stuff in it. Moreover, for me at least, it kind of helped distill and organize everything that was in the book up to that point into a coherent base narrative.

Serrano later talks about the “Three fundamental positions of Esoteric Hitlerism,” which can be summed up thusly:

  1. The position that all of these concepts and narratives are purely symbolic for the inner processes of the soul towards liberation/transcendence
  2. The position that these things are the “as above” equivalents for the real world “so below” concepts that do/did really exist, like Hyperborea and Atlantis, and this position drives people to establish a Golden Age on Earth (he associates Evola’s direction with this via Evola’s promotion of an esoteric order/aristocracy establishing an organic state and etc)
  3. Lastly: “besides these two directions which seem to be different, there is also a third one, that contains the previous ones and reconciles them”

Serrano does not explicitly say which “position” he subscribes to, but it would seem all but certain to be the third one. This doesn’t do much to say how much of the stuff he talks about he himself takes as purely symbolic and how much as being symbolic with a physical/samsaric world counterpart. He is only delivering the “as above” symbol, and leaves the possibility of its “so below” manifestation an open subject of discussion, while providing you will all the relevant information.

Ultimately how much of this he himself believes to be factual history and literally real is unimportant, hence why he doesn’t go into much detail, leaving that much open for debate and open for you to decide (depending on which of these 3 positions you subscribe to yourself) – he just provides all the relevant materials via which you may conduct your own research.

Personally, I have a point of disagreement with this division: there is nothing to reconcile between positions 1 and 2 as they do not oppose one another to any degree (Serrano certainly doesn’t provide any examples of how they would be contradictory enough to be different), thus position 3 is the only, sole position that exists. One can argue that somebody might subscribed to a 100% symbolic interpretation as per the first position, however I doubt such a stance would be possible to maintain once somebody starts reading into these materials. So in reality there are not 3 positions, there’s only the one  the first 2 positions are rather practices, first one for personal transcendence and the second one for establishing the rule of Truth on earth, ushering in the next Golden Age.

An interesting aside is how he introduces the idea of two Grails, one being the initiatory process of the Templars and the other one being the path to immortality, except that they are technically one and the same thing – the ritual of initiation into the order follows the motif of the process towards transcendence. He also thus makes one of the Grails the Templars pursue to be the establishing of Truth on Earth, so the difference of the two Grails is that of the internal struggle for liberation and the outer struggle for establishing Order in human affairs. It is kind of like splitting hairs and at the same time provides just slightly more clarity and a whole new narrative one can take with the same symbol, which can be useful in presentation.

To conclude: this book is a wild ride, and not for beginners. The sheer amount of stuff Serrano hits you over the head with can be overwhelming and disorientating, I myself forgot his earlier warning in the book, the quote provided above, and thus was rather blindsided. I only got the narrative towards the end, which is indeed the same narrative we all follow regardless, but with a whole new style of presentation which is kind of frankensteinian in the way it merges concepts from different symbolic languages as well as ancient and more immediate history together to strew one story. Ultimately you won’t lose much by not reading this book, but it can provide some insight to those who can stomach it.

Its biggest goal, I’d say, is to showcase how Nazi Germany was following an archetypal path, that Hitler, NSDAP and the SS were avatars/reemergence of forces that had manifested themselves prior in history, however out of all his proposed parallels only the Templar one warrants the comparison I think, since the other ones are very dubious in their historic validity. However, since the goal was to have a symbolic connection and to create a new Myth, that can be excused. Being yet another manifestation in a long line of such manifestation is what makes Hitler and Nazi Germany another link in the titular Golden Cord of these manifestations of the solar/hyperborean tradition.

Something that Evola covered in Mystery of the Grail much more succinctly to be honest:

When considered from the above-mentioned perspective, Arthur’s saga appears to be one of the many forms of the general myth of the Emperor or invisible Universal Ruler and of his manifestations. It is a theme that dates back to the most ancient times and that bears a certain relation to the doctrine of the “cyclical manifestations” or avatars, namely, the manifestation, occurring at special times and in various forms, of a single principle, which during intermediate periods exists in an unmanifested state. Thus every time a king displayed the traits of an incarnation of such a principle, the idea arose in the legend that he has not died but has withdrawn to an inaccessible seat whence one day he will manifest himself, or that he is asleep and will awaken one day. And just as the suprahistorical element in these cases overlaps the historical element, by turning a real figure into a symbolic one, likewise the opposite occurs; that is, the names of these real figures sometimes survive, yet designate something that transcends them.

But Serrano seems to have tried to establish a narrative that leads all the way from the mythical Hyperborean prehistory to Nazi Germany via myths and (questionable) historic events in a kind of line of succession, with some other elements involved, hence the idea of Golden Cord, which is a metaphor for Tradition. In a lot of ways the same thing we’ve all been subscribing to for a while now anyway, hence why you won’t lose much by not reading it. However it can be useful for those who want to come up with an esoteric Hitlerist myth themselves.

The final and best suggestion for reading this book is something that our comrade Greve Hans keeps saying “don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story”, which can be altered to be more appropriate for the book so: “don’t let the questionable claims get in the way of their symbolic meaning”.

In other words, don’t fret about the historic and scientific accuracy of anything offered in this book, you can look into them if you so like, but that will not take away from the Truth hidden in their role as symbolic links in The Golden Cord.

Hitler, The Sleeping King at the Center of Hollow Earth

The archetypal narrative that Serrano associates with the idea of Hitler escaping to Antarctica and from there to Hollow Earth, waiting for the day of his return with a large force behind him in the last war to usher in the next Golden Age, is that of the King sleeping in the Mountain. The major themes of this narrative contain a wounded, poisoned, sleeping Hero/King who exists in a state of sleep/paralysis/unconsciousness in some locations that impart the meaning of centrality, like inside a Mountain or on an Island. He awaits the predestined hero who searches for the Grail and passes on the mantle of the King to this hero, becoming the new avatar of this function.

Hollow Earth = Center of the Earth = theme of centrality.

Hitler losing the war = theme of the Wounded King.

Some of the relevant passages from Evola‘s “Mystery of the Grail“, with particular elements highlighted by myself.

First on how Hollow Earth is another symbol of the inaccessible hidden place where the wounded/sleeping King has been taken to.

This is how the traditional notion of an invisible “King of Kings;’ or “Universal Ruler;’ or “King of the World;’ came to be associated with specific symbols, some of which derive directly from analogies, while others are mythologized memories of the land or lands where the primordial Olympian cycle unfolded. 

These are first and foremost symbols of centrality: the center, the pole, the region in the middle of the earth, the central stone or the foundation, the magnet. Then, symbols of stability: the island surrounded by the waters, the rock, the unshakable stone. Finally, symbols of inviolability and inaccessibility; the invisible or not-to-be-found castle or land, a wild mountain peak, a subterranean region. Moreover, the “Land of Light,” the “Land of the Living,” the “Holy Land.” Yet again, all the variations of the golden symbolism, which, on the one hand, includes all the notions of solarity, light, regality, immortality, and incorruptibility while, on the other hand, it has always had some relationship with the primordial tradition and with the age characterized by gold. Other symbols point to “life” in the higher sense of the word (e.g., the “perennial food;’ the “Tree of Life”), to a transcendent knowledge, to an invincible power; everything appears variously mixed in the fantastic, symbolic, or poetic representations that in the various traditions have foreshadowed this constant theme of the invisible regnum and of the Supreme Center of the world, in itself or in its emanations and reproductions.


The Leabhar gabhala (Book of invasions) mentions the advent in Ireland of a new race, that of the “sons of Mileadh;’ whose physiognomy is not clear. In this race the warrior element predominates – it seems that Mileadh has the same root as miles (soldier) – yet it is not distinct from residues of the highest tradition proper to the previous cycle of the Tuatha. Thus even in the civilization of Mileadh we find the symbolism of the “central seat.” The constitution of this people is feudal, with a supreme regality established in Tara, in the “Land of the Middle” (Meadhon), which already had been a sacred center of the Tuatha. Their king used to be consecrated by the “stone of destiny” (lia-fail), more on which later. This too belonged to the tradition of the Tuatha. As for the Tuatha themselves, according to some texts they allegedly left the country, assuming an invisible form as the inhabitants of marvelous “subterranean” palaces or of mountainous caves inaccessible to mortal men, among whom they appear only in exceptional cases. According to other texts, they returned to their original home in Avalon.


… while Arthur is attempting to realize his legendary world empire and to conquer even Rome in order to be crowned emperor therein, his nephew Modred, who remained at home, usurps the throne and takes possession of Arthur’s woman, Guinevere. In the war that ensues the traitor is killed, but the best knights of the Round Table also die. Arthur himself is mortally wounded; he is taken to Avalon, that the health-restoring techniques of the women inhabiting that land (especially Morgande’s) may heal him and allow him to resume his function. But Arthur’s wounds (especially the one produced by a poisoned spear, according to some writers) open up again every year while his faithful subjects at home vainly await his return. There is a tradition, however, according to which one day Arthur will return from Avalon to resume his reign: this is why the Britons, since then, never wanted to appoint another king. In other forms of the legend-for instance, in the Otia imperialia by Gervasius of Tilbury-Arthur is portrayed lying in bed in a wonderful palace located on top of a mountain.


In the Hindu tradition we encounter the theme of Mahakasyapa, who sleeps in a mountain but will awaken at the sound of shells at the time of the new manifestation of the principle that previously manifested itself in the form of Buddha. Such a period is also that of the coming of a Universal Ruler (cakravartin) by the name of Sarpkha. Since sarpkha means “shell;’ this verbal assimilation expresses the idea of the awakening from sleep of the new manifestation of the King of the World and of the same primordial tradition that the above-mentioned legend conceives to be enclosed (during the intermediate periods of crisis) in a shell. An analogous Iranian tradition refers to the hero Kereshaspa, who, having been wounded by an arrow while he was immersed in a state of slumber (here we find again the same symbolism), survives in a lethargic state through the centuries, being nurtured by the fravashi (like the wounded Arthur, who is tended by women expert in healing techniques); he will come back to life at the time of Saoshyant’s advent and will fight on his side. Saoshyant is the lord of a future, triumphal kingdom of the God of Light and the slayer of the Arhimanic dark forces…


ParaSu-Rama never died, but withdrew to a mountain named Mahendra to live as an ascetic. When the right time comes, in conformity with the cyclical laws, a new manifestation from above will occur (Kalki-avatara) in the form of a sacred king who will triumph over the Dark Age. Kalki is symbolically thought to be born in Sambhala, one of the names that in the Hindu and Tibetan traditions designated the sacred Hyperborean center. His spiritual teacher is Parasu-Rama, and after being initiated into the sacred sciences he receives the regal investiture. From Siva he receives a white winged horse (which in the legend is so important that it came to be identified with Kalki himself), an omniscient parrot, and a bright sword. Recall that Arthur is believed to return one day on a white horse and that this symbol also plays a famous part in the Revelation of Saint John the Divine; recall also Excalibur, the lost sword that Arthur will one day yield again and that from time to time emerges from the bottom of a lake.


The “knight of the swan;’ named Elias or Lohengrin, comes from a place that is portrayed as the earthly paradise where the Grail is located (annales quosdam veteres volunt prodidisse, Heliam istum e paradysi terrestris loco quodam fortunatissimo, cui Graele nomen esset, navigatio tali venisse), as Arthur’s seat, and as a mountain.


The images of the seat of the Rosicrucians and of their emperor correspond to those of the center: this seat is the “solar citadel;’ the “mountain in the middle of the earth;’ simultaneously “close and far away;’ the “Palace of the Spirit at the further end of the earth, on top of a mountain, surrounded by clouds;’ almost a facsimile of Montsalvatsche.

Next, on the theme of the King.

The awaited, hidden emperor, who never died and who withdrew to an invisible or inaccessible center, is here transformed into one of the major representatives of the Holy Roman Empire: Charlemagne, Frederick I, or Frederick II. The complementary theme of a devastated or sterile kingdom awaiting renewal finds its equivalent in the theme of the Dry Tree. The Dry Tree, associated with the seat of the Universal Ruler, will blossom again at the time of a new imperial manifestation and of the victory against the forces of the Dark Age that are represented, in conformity to the new biblical and Christian religion, by the people of Gog and Magog, who will launch their attack at the time of the advent of the Antichrist.


In this case we have also the interference of a further motive, namely, that of the kings who, as they await a predestined avenger or restorer, are artificially kept alive by the Grail.


Wolfram has portrayed in Amfortas the type of the wounded king who awaits the hero who will heal him and to whom he will transmit the mandate of the Grail’s kingship.

Thus we come to the Esoteric Hitlerist Myth/Legend of the Fuhrer taken to Hollow Earth, where he awaits the Hero to whom he will give his title and command of the Last Battalion that will usher in the Golden Age in the final war against their enemies.

This theme mimics perfectly the Hindu narrative followed and presented by Savitri Devi (following quotes taken from “Lightning and the Sun“), in which Hitler represents one of the divine Avatars or incarnations of the Gods, one that precedes the final incarnation, the Hero to whom Hitler passes his title, the Hero being the equivalent of Kalki the Avenger:

They live and wait. Knowingly or unknowingly, they are waiting for Kalki; Kalki the last Man Against Time; the Avenger who will give them– or their children– the world.


That last, great individual – an absolute harmonious blending of the sharpest of all opposites; equally sun and lightning– is the one whom the faithful of all religions and the bearers of practically all cultures await; the one of whom Adolf Hitler (knowingly or unknowingly) said in 1928: “I am not he; but while nobody comes forward to prepare the way for him, I do so.




On 22nd June operation Barbarossa begun, triggering all communist cells in occupied Yugoslavia that were mostly based in Serbia. Work and propaganda of Commissioner Government, police raids and speeches and lectures held by Dimitrije didn’t prevent communist revolt. In early July, communist bandits have begun taking actions against Commissioner Government and Germans in central and western parts of Serbia. They were so sudden and fatal that it caused the government to fall. Ljotić ordered that two of ZBOR members resign from such an incapable government, as he saw it do more damage than good and didn’t want any part in a governing body that was partially responsible for German retaliations.

Serbia was on verge of being under absolute German control. Many of the former participants of Commissioner Government would prefer that, but some, including Ljotić, found out that that wouldn’t be an option. Germans were now busy on Eastern Front and had no time or resources to establish peace and order in occupied Serbia. Under the threat that what was left of Serbia would be given to absolute rule of Bulgarians, Albanians, Ustashe and Hungarians, Serbian politicians were forced to find a man that would take the leading role. Dimitrije Ljotić was the first choice for the Germans of someone to occupy that lead position. He had proven himself capable as a politician, had good relation with the Germans in the interwar period and was generally a man who would be easy to work with. Ljotić denied the offer and instead named army general Milan Nedić for the role. He explained that Serbs needed someone with authority and respect among the common folk, someone without a background in any political party and Nedić was the right person for the job. Germans protested, saying that he was a German enemy as he commanded parts of Yugoslav army during the April War. Ljotić dismissed it saying:

“You declared war to us, you attacked us and Nedić, as former minister of war and commander of army group, had a duty to defend his fatherland. Besides, all of us did that, except for communists.”

This was true as many communists refused or even in some cases greeted German forces, honoring the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. Germans had to agree and on 27th of August, Ljotić invited Nedić to accept his new assignment. He was greeted in a presence of 80 representatives of different parties, science, economy and other fields. He demanded that Germans allow them to form an armed force to establish peace and order in the country. It was to be made up of 10 000 gendarme and reinforcement units of 30 000 men. It was also requested that all sick captives, invalids and individuals over 55 years be released from their captivity back to Serbia and for the end of persecution of Serbs in places occupied by Hungarians, Bulgarians and Ustashe. Special request was that the fight against communism be entirely a matter of Serbian people and its government and that in case of sabotage against Germans, innocents must be spared from occupant retaliations. The very next day Germans agreed and the government was formed on the 29th of August. Two ZBOR members took part in it as ministers of justice and economy.

It is safe to say Ljotić was responsible for this Government of National Salvation. In truth Nedić wasn’t really interested in politics, let alone a role of a nation’s leader. But because Ljotić put him on spot, thus facing reality of danger his people found themselves in, he took the responsibility for Serbia.

Fighting the communists was one of the main goals of new government and it begun badly. As city of Šabac was taken by joint communist – “chetnik” attack, Nedić sent the gendarme. Instead of combating them, almost the entire gendarme joined “chetniks” of Dragoljub Mihailović.  This was a total failure and embarrassment for the government. Germans were already planning to dismantle the government and leave Serbia to the mercy of their neighbors. On the 15th of September, Nedić called a session asking for the government to resign, but this catastrophe was prevented by a member of ZBOR and Minister Mihailo Olćan. He proposed that a special anti-communist armed force be formed from ZBOR members. He claimed that in 24 hours he can have up to 500 armed men ready to combat communists everywhere and that those first couple of hundred men will be a core that would later gather more volunteers. Ljotić accepted this idea and more than 200 men answered his call to volunteers. This elite armed force would be named Serbian Volunteer Corps, and their members simply as “Volunteers”.

This was the last chance for Serbs to establish peace and order in their crippled country .

Men of Serbian Volunteer Corps (SDK), members of ZBOR and „students“ of their great Teacher – Dimitrije Ljotić, went to their first combat operation on 17th September 1941. Before their departure to combat, Ljotić held a speech to them:

I feel sorry for your youth, because many of you will die. But more than that, I feel sorry that you have to kill. You were given weapons, but you must know it is powerful and blessed only in the hands of Heroes. Don’t riot with it and never use it as thugs or even worse as murderers. You are fighting to establish peace and order in your country and that your people do not suffer anymore. You must know your place: every morning that you wake up, you must tell yourselves that you are slaves to your fatherland.

Out-gunned, they entered a village of Dražanj that was in grip of communists. Very quickly they have beaten the Partisan unit and declared that the communists are not unbeatable as they claimed to be. This was the beginning of great cleansing in Serbia and civil war has officially begun. Where both German and previous gendarme failed, men of SDK prevailed. They were taught and trained to fight the communists. Many of them combated them on universities before the war. The communists in Serbia finally met their match, an elite armed force dedicated to eradicating Communism in their fatherland!

Village after village was cleansed of red pest: Dubona, Rudnik, Gornji Milanovac, Volunteers were claiming victory after victory. Battle at Varovnica was a major victory against communist partisans, where the Volunteers after 3 hour long combat liberated the place from communists, captured a large amount of ammo and machine guns and many prisoners among whom couple were foreigners and two of them Germans. This would show to the German occupant that the partisans are not made up of pure Serbian population and would have more understanding toward new Serbian leadership and SDK.

In very short time, during September and October of 1941, 12 SDK detachments were created and 4 000 men were armed to combat the reds. Their uniforms were the uniforms of royal Yugoslav army. On the right side of their chest, every volunteer carried a cross with St. George on it, shape inspired by Serbian “Takovo cross”. Around the image of the saint it was inscribed With faith in God, for King and Fatherland – Volunteers. A common Serbian motto. The Cross was always present on their flags which didn’t had Yugoslavian but Serbian colors. The new elite armed force also took St. George as their patron saint and as tradition requires, they commemorated it with Slava. Some special assault squadrons had skull and crossbones badge on their black collars of uniform, inspired by chetnik insignia.

The army was clerical; Svetosavlje was imbued in its men through the spiritual and moral teachings of Dimitrije Ljotić. Officially he had no power or command over the volunteers, but all of them looked up to him as true Christian teacher. The army even received its own priests who would keep the moral and spirit high among the men while simultaneously encouraging the Christian way of life. They were the God’s army, new crusaders that have taken on the new enemy. Serbia has finally joined in the great crusade against Bolshevism!

First victories of the volunteers sparked hope and encouraged other national armed groups such as chetniks of voivode Kosta Pećanac to engage into combat against the communists. Civilians and peasants found hope after getting rid of their Bolshevik oppressors.

But as these victories seemed to mark something big and good for the Serbian people, deep in the Serbian forests, general Draža Mihailović was about to meet with Josip Broz Tito, he will be signing a pact with the Devil himself.

Optimism of Ljotić and Serbs and a relief of Germans was about to be shaken again.

“The one thing that gives me strength to overcome all these troubles is a sense of duty and faith that our fate is still in our hands and that we can and must struggle to make things right! “

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Florian is joined by Doc Mayham, Zeiger, Slavros, James Futurist and Greve Hans to discuss the Jews, Hebrews, and Spirit Cooking.

Music for this week: Vladimir Pasjukov – Do not reject me in my old age, Mes Aieux – Ça va mal, Florian Geyer Lied

Kali Yuga News:–399126471.html

Text of Article

By: Akhnaton, Florian Geyer.

If Jews are our principal enemy, if they are the ones who are responsible for so many ills that plague us today, how can you fascist Christians follow a religion that is so deeply rooted in Judaism? This is a question that a Christian fascist encounters often, and to answer it, we need to look at what exactly Judaism is, and who and what Jews are. So let’s start at the beginning then.

In the beginning, God made the first humans. He didn’t want to create some kind of robot that follows given instructions like a mindless automaton, so He gave them free will, he made them able to choose whether to follow his Law or not. How could their loyalty to God be of any worth if they didn’t even have an ability to rebel? So He gave them that ability, and gave them a simple command; and they broke it. They rebelled against God’s Law and his Divine Order, they rebelled against the One who created them in his own image, even though they existed only through and because of his Grace.

Their rebellion severed their ties to God, and their sin left quite a lasting effect on their souls. Their own nature became fallen, tainted, it became alienated from God and they were no longer able to dwell in the abode of God, eternal life in Lord’s Grace became impossible for them, and they were doomed to a wretched mortal life. This one sin, changed the entirety of human nature and convicted the fledgling mankind to eternal damnation. But God, in his infinite Love and mercy, decided to fix this. A Divine Plan was formulated, for a special event, a ritual that will counteract the effects of the Fall, a ritual that will serve as kind of a new creation though a New Adam, and return mankind to its proper path.

Even though humanity did fall, people could still be loyal to God, to which He responded in kind. At the earliest time in human history, He instituted the practice of sacrifice. People would sacrifice animals in His name, for His blessings and to be brought closer to Him. At first, all of humanity carried with them the memory of God, but as time went on and people spread over huge distances, this memory became diluted, and while some elements of this primordial unity remained in many of the world’s religions, they became corrupted to the point that they were no longer valid. Sacrifices continued all over the world, but they were not legitimate before God, as people started worshipping all kinds of animals, natural forces, demons, and other created things instead of God Himself. But small pockets of proper Tradition remained here and there, and one of them was in Chaldea, in the family of Abraham.

Being one of the very few who stilled kept the undiluted faith, and being a very just man, Abraham was chosen by God to help preserve this faith through his descendants, and he was told by God to go and settle into a new land, where his descendants could thrive. After some trials and tribulations, God wanted to test Abraham’s faith, and asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac to the Lord, and as Abraham decided to do so, an angel of God stopped him as God was pleased with his faith, and promised him that his descendant shall be numerous, and that he will have the honor that through his seed the great Divine Plan will come to fruition.

Abraham would end up being the father of many nations, but the progeny of his son Isaac would be the line that carried on the proper faith. Isaac would become father to the twins Esau and Jacob, who would engage in rivalry over their birthright and the inheritance of the covenant promised to their grandfather and father. Esau, older twin, would eventually sell his birthright to Jacob, and would later be renamed by God to Israel, meaning one who wrestles alongside God. He will have 12 sons, who would father the 12 tribes of Israel.

Even though they were blessed with the monumental historical task of being the sole keepers of the faith in God, the sons of Israel were already having difficulty in living up to that task. Power struggle began among his sons, and his favorite son, Joseph, ended up being sold to Egyptian slavers by his own brothers. In Egypt, God gave Joseph the gift of interpreting dreams, and this helped Joseph get freedom and become the pharaoh’s right hand man. A few years later his brothers came to trade with him, and recognizing that they’ve repented and became better men, asked them to move in with him in Egypt, which they did alongside their aging father. Across several generations they multiplied in Egypt and became a nation of their own, but Egyptians perceived them as a threat, and forgetting the great tasks Joseph completed for Egypt, gradually enslaved the descendants of Israel.

The Jews suffered a lot under Egyptian tyranny, and cried out to God to liberate them from this. The Lord answered their prayers, and Moses was born among the Israelites. He eventually became their spiritual leader, and with the help of God, lead them out of Egypt. They came across Mount Sinai, where God called Moses to climb its peak and receive the Law. There, God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, among many other religious and secular laws. This marked the beginning of a special covenant between God and the nation of Israel. They became the people of God, specially chosen by Him to receive and preserve his Law, until the Divine Plan was to be completed. This Law however was not the fullness of God’s Law, but was part of the teaching process through which God guided humanity from their fallen state to the final fulfillment of the Law that was yet to come. The established sacrifices were there for blessings, bringing people closer to God and atonement, where the sins of the one making the sacrifice would be transferred to the sacrificial animal and washed away. While this could wash away some sins, their souls were still fallen and barred from partaking in God’s Grace and dwelling with him after death.

The Israelites themselves however, were to struggle more and more in their efforts to live up to this destiny. As Moses was receiving the law on Sinai, the Israelites crafted a Golden Calf and abandoned God, and were later punished for this. They also whined and complained against their leaders and God. For all of this, they were barred from entering their promised land and wandered the desert for 40 days. After that they passed the river Jordan and settled into the land allotted to them by God, which was named Israel. They began also to be known as Hebrews, meaning those who travel through, or cross over.

Eventually a Kingdom was established for the Hebrews, and King (((((Solomon))))) built the First Temple at the same place where Abraham tried to sacrifice Isaac. The Temple was the central piece of the Hebrew religion, and sacrifices would take place there. The Temple and the Tabernacle that served the same purpose before the Temple’s construction, were foreshadowing the establishment of the Church that would come later.

They would continue to fail in their task quite a lot, general decadence and abandoning God for some foreign idol became commonplace amongst them. God started sending them Prophets to set them back on the right path, but they would have only short lived success as the Hebrews would quickly go back to their standard ways. The Prophet Hosea describes Israel as an “adulterous woman.” Many of the Prophets also talked about the coming of an anointed figure, a Messiah, the one who would bring glory to Israel and through whom would be fulfilled the promise given to Abraham that all of nations would blessed through him.

After a few monarchs the Kingdom was split in two, the northern Israel and southern Judah. Kingdom of Israel would fully switch to pagan sacrifices, while Judah would some just kings but also a good amount of godless ones. For this, God would punish the Northern Kingdom, which was conquered by the Assyrians in 733BC. The remaining Kingdom of the Judah, in the south, would be punished in kind for it’s own transgressions.being conquered by the Babylonians in 605BC. The result was the whole of Israel being taken as slaves and brought to Babylon, with their Temple in Jerusalem destroyed along with the city. After 70 years they would be allowed to return, upon the ascension of Cyrus the Great, and became vassals of the Persians who had conquered Babylonians. They rebuilt the Temple, and began codifying their oral laws, fearing that they might be lost of a similar event was to take place. Alongside with the scrolls written at the time of Moses, these would become what we know as the Old Testament.

In 334BC, Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Achaemenid Empire and died without a strong heir, leading to his generals establishing their own kingdoms throughout his conquered territories. The land of the Hebrews came under the dominion of the Ptolemaic dynasty ruling from Egypt, and they fared well under them. The Greek kings didn’t bother them and even took interest in their religion, leading to a creation of a Greek canon of Hebrew texts, famously known as the Septuagint, or LXX. This wouldn’t last long as the Seleucids conquered Israel and tried to enforce their religion and culture on them, forcing them to speak Greek and worship Greek gods, with Antiochus IV Epiphanes even defiling the Hebrew temple. A Hebrew revolt lead by the Maccabees broke out and they managed to win independence and maintain a sovereign dynasty until the Roman conquests. In 63 BC Pompey Magnus invaded the Hebrew Kingdom and made it a puppet of Rome.

Desiring liberation, the Hebrews began to wait with high anticipation for the coming of the promised Messiah, seeing in him a hero who would lead a revolt against Rome and make Israel free and glorious again. Various political and spiritual movements gained prominence at the time. The largest of these were the Pharisees and the Sadducees. These groups would come to promulgate lot of banal superstition in their teachings, and while being very dedicated to the Law, they viewed it in a very literal and profane sense, focusing too much on its wording and ignoring much of its spirit. They followed the Law, but their souls were dead and they were themselves very corrupt and hypocritical. They all vied for power and struggled against the Romans, waiting for the Messiah to come. Many rebel leaders would claim that they are the Messiah, but they all turned out to be false. God would eventually send them the Messiah, but He would not be what they expected.

They expected in him a glorious general in the image of Joshua, David, Maccabees and others, someone who would establish a political kingdom with them in charge, and bring again material prosperity to Israel. But it was not meant to be, as the time had finally come for the Divine Plan to be executed, for that act that would counteract the Fall itself, the time had come for the most important event in the history of mankind. The Messiah would not be some blessed man or a Prophet, but the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, the Divine Logos, who would incarnate as a man, named Jesus and called Christ.

As the old law was not the full law but only a teaching law, Christ started preaching the law in its fullness, as He was preparing to complete His task. He preached to many, but the established parties were too entrenched in their superstitions and hypocrisies to understand His message. He preached that the fulfillment of the promise was not a materially prosperous earthly kingdom but that He is opening a path to undo the very fall of the first man, and to lead humanity back into paradise. The kingdom that was promised was spiritual and eternal, it was life everlasting in God’s Grace. While they were unable to comprehend and accept this, Christ’s movement grew and the ruling rabbis slandered Him before the Romans, and demanded his arrest and execution.

This would happen, but through this, his task, and the great Divine Plan would be completed. He was arrested, triald and crucified, but His death served as something far greater. His death was a sacrifice, one great final sacrifice to end all sacrifices, a ritual to undo the very fall of mankind. Through His death the sins of the world were washed away, and the fall of mankind was atoned before God. As He rose from the dead on the third day, he shattered the very force of death and through Him all of human nature was renewed, and eternal life in Him was once again possible. He established the Holy Sacrament of Eucharist, which is a ritual through which one takes part in His sacrifice, as His sacrifice is eschatologically present in all of space and time, as He is. With this, the Mosaic Law, the institution of sacrifice, and the Temple, were made obsolete as they were fulfilled in Him.

Part 2

When Jesus Christ was crucified on Calvary, the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 27 verse 51 informs us 51 And behold, the curtain of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom; and the earth shook, and the rocks were split;”. If we understand why the curtain of the temple was rent asunder, we will understand why the Jews are as they are. The temple curtain separated the Holy of Holies, where the presence of the Lord resided from the rest of the temple. This tearing is the sign of the supersession of the New Covenant over the Old.

With the sacrifice of Our Lord on the cross, this new covenant was established. Christ himself acted as both High Priest and sacrificial offering, and in his blood was established a new spiritual order, a new alliance, covenant between him and his people Israel. With the inauguration of the New Covenant, and the rejection of Christ by the Jews, Israel became a new people. Indeed, their rejection is central to understanding why they behave the way they do. As E. Michael Jones outlines in his Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, when Pilate presented the mob of the Jews the prisoners of Jesus and Barabbas, promising to free one, they chose Barabbas. The Gospel of Mark, chapter fifteen, verse seven informs us as to Barabbas’ character “One of the prisoners at that time was Barabbas, a revolutionary who had committed murder in an uprising.” The Jews rejected Christ, both before Pilate and at their Sanhedrin council. Rather than choosing the Logos, the Cosmic Order, they chose revolution. They chose revolt against God in the same way their spiritual Father, Satan, has.

With this rejection of the Logos, no longer was membership in the nation of God, Israel, (from Hebrew Yisra’el “he that striveth with God”) restricted to the ethnos of the Hebrew people, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In this way, the Old Covenant was superseded in the New.

This was, and is, central to the orthodox Christian worldview. This is the very reason the Apostles preached to the gentiles, the reason Christians don’t have to keep Kosher, or to circumcise their young. As Saint Paul says in the tenth chapter and fourteenth verse of his letter to the Hebrews “For by a single offering he has perfected for all time those who are sanctified.“ It is because the New Covenant is in our hearts, by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. It is because our blood sacrifice has been offered on Calvary, and at every Mass unceasingly is Christ in his Body and Blood is offered once again to the Father for the remission of sins. Many Christians today are completely unaware of these facts, and do not hold fast to this traditional orthodox doctrine. Instead, they have bought the lie which the modern Jew pedals. They correlate our curly sideburned friends to the Hebrew people of their own Old Testament, conferring on them some special place in God’s plan for salvation.

This is heresy of the first order, as has already been demonstrated. But to understand why the Goyim think this, it is useful to examine the origins of Rabbinic Judaism. To understand where it comes from, one must understand the Siege of Jerusalem. In the nineteenth chapter of Luke, our Lord cries for the future of the city: “And when he drew near and saw the city he wept over it, 42 saying, “Would that even today you knew the things that make for peace! But now they are hid from your eyes. 43 For the days shall come upon you, when your enemies will cast up a bank about you and surround you, and hem you in on every side, 44 and dash you to the ground, you and your children within you, and they will not leave one stone upon another in you; because you did not know the time of your visitation.”

The Siege of Jerusalem was famously prosecuted by the future emperor Titus Flavius, in 70AD. It was of exceptional brutality and viciousness. The Jewish historian Flavius (((((Josephus))))) provides an excellent and detailed eyewitness account, which is too detailed to quote at length, but here is a taste “Throughout the city people were dying of hunger in large numbers, and enduring unspeakable sufferings. In every house the merest hint of food sparked violence, and close relatives fell to blows, snatching from one another the pitiful supports of life. No respect was paid even to the dying; the ruffians [anti-Roman zealots] searched them, in case they were concealing food somewhere in their clothes, or just pretending to be near death. Gaping with hunger, like mad dogs, lawless gangs went staggering and reeling through the streets, battering upon the doors like drunkards, and so bewildered that they broke into the same house two or three times in an hour. Need drove the starving to gnaw at anything. Refuse which even animals would reject was collected and turned into food. In the end they were eating belts and shoes, and the leather stripped off their shields. Tufts of withered grass were devoured, and sold in little bundles for four drachmas.

Titus apparently refused the laurel wreath, claiming he was enacting the vengeance of the divine.

The destruction of the Temple, and the subsequent defeat of the false Messiah Bar Kokhba in the Second Jewish War(132-136AD) amounted to an antique holocaust in the minds of the survivors. It was such an abject defeat and humiliation, and descerationand loss on a scale that is difficult to imagine for us. In light of both these calamities, of the major Jewish theological cliques in the second Temple period, namely the Zealots, the Sadducees, and the Pharisees, only the later remained. The Roman procurator appointed a leading Pharisee, Yohanan ben Zakkai, as the religious leader of the Jews in the wake of the destruction of the Temple. Zakkai reformed the Sanhedrin, the same high council which had put Christ to death, which was now entirely controlled by the Pharisees. This new Sanhedrin began to focus on the synagogue, instruction Jews to donate their tithes to their local Rabbi. This dramatically expanded the power and the influence of the synagogues. After the conclusion of the Second Jewish-Roman war in 136, all the Jews were sent into Diaspora. It is at this time, several very important things occurred.

The first is that the Mishnah, or the Oral Law of the Pharisees, was codified into a text. The Pharisees, now the Rabbi’s, believed you could not understand the Written Law of Moses without the Oral Law. These are the same traditions Christ warns us about in the fifteenth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew “15 Then Pharisees and scribes came to Jesus from Jerusalem and said, 2 “Why do your disciples transgress the tradition of the elders? For they do not wash their hands when they eat.” 3 He answered them, “And why do you transgress the commandment of God for the sake of your tradition? 4 For God commanded, ‘Honor your father and your mother,’ and, ‘He who speaks evil of father or mother, let him surely die.’ 5 But you say, ‘If any one tells his father or his mother, What you would have gained from me is given to God,[a] he need not honor his father.’[b] 6 So, for the sake of your tradition, you have made void the word[c] of God. 7 You hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy of you, when he said:

8 ‘This people honors me with their lips,

but their heart is far from me;

9 in vain do they worship me,

teaching as doctrines the precepts of men.’”

The Mishnah is accompanied by the Gemara, which is the commentary on the Oral Law, to form the Talmud, of which so many in our circles are familiar. The new codification of the Oral Law also went hand in hand with a redaction of their own canon of scripture. The binding and authoritative canon, or set of books, for the Old Testament before the fall of the Temple had been the Greek Septuagint already mentioned. This version was widely used by diaspora Jews to study scripture, and was acknowledged everywhere as being legitimate and valid. The Jews tossed out books from their own canon of scripture, because they pointed too closely to the messianic claims of the Christians about Jesus.

This religion of Rabbinic Judaism, centered around the synagogue, whose matter and constitution are composed of post-temple oral traditions is what the current religion of Judaism is, and has been for eighteen-hundred years. The religion of the Old Testament was radically different, being centered around the physical Kingdom of Israel, centered on the Temple in Jerusalem, administered by a Levitical Priesthood who offered sacrifices to God. These features, which define the religion of Moses’ descendants, are all lacking in Judaism, yet they are present in their spiritual forms in the orthodox Christian faith.

This new religion which was created by the Pharisean Rabbi’s, this new Synagogue, is spoken of by our Lord in the book of the Apocalypse In the second chapter, ninth verse ““‘I know your tribulation and your poverty (but you are rich) and the slander of those who say that they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.”

He promises to us, in the third chapter, ninth verse. “Behold, I will make those of the synagogue of Satan who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie—behold, I will make them come and bow down before your feet, and learn that I have loved you.”


Today on a very spooky episode of Mysterium Fasces, a variety of topics are discussed, such as Esoteric Hitlerlism. Rosicrucianism and the Jewish-Kabbalistic origins of the the scientific method, and the general world of conspiracy theories. Appearing on this episode are: Florian Geyer, Doc Savage, Spiess, Natt ‘adjectives are for cowards’ Danelaw, Baleygr, and Dagon Greyjoy.

Music used for this episode: Orthodox Singers Male Choir – We Bow before Thy Cross, Priya Shankar- Mahishasura Mardini, and Florian Geyer Lied.



One of our favorite fascist quotes is that of Corneliu Zelea Codreanu: “A country has the Jews it deserves. Just as mosquitoes can thrive and settle only in swamps, likewise the former can only thrive in the swamps of our sins.”

The basic message of the quote is that much like how a decaying and disease-ridden body attracts flies and parasites, only a weak and decaying society can allow the jews to latch onto it and accelerate the decomposition of the festering gaping wounds, leading to its ultimate demise. Healthy societies have expelled the jews time and time again throughout history, whereas sick societies had fallen victim to them and faced ultimate destruction, least they managed to once again find their inner strength.

Thus arises the obvious question: where does the initial decay come from, where does the first sore appear, inviting in the jews and leading us on the path to the degeneracy we see today? Those of us who understand history to be cyclical, know that the engine of history is that of conflict and complacency. Conflict breeds strength, aspirations and leads to prosperity. Prosperity, however, becomes the inheritance of people who never knew conflict and that begets complacency – people who were handed that, which was fought for with blood, treat it as a given, leading to decay. This is something we have briefly touched upon in relation to conservatism in one of our earlier articles, and is likewise the premise of the antique Greek concept of Anacyclosis, one that we bring up regularly.


This constitutes the short and fundamental answer to the question of “where does initial decay come from?” and this is the answer that will remain relevant throughout all of time for it strikes at the fundamental premise of the problem. What follows below, however, is a look at our own immediate history, to discover how this process played itself out in our times, which can serve as an example for future generations of what to watch out for. Moreover, this analysis will help us better identify who is responsible for the current state of affairs we face today, so that we may hold them accountable and not allow them to escape retribution.

In our immediate history the face of decay first began to take shape with the Bourgeoisie, who rose up against the traditional societal order and spearheaded ideas that would culminate in the French Revolution. Much of this is already widely known in our circles and doesn’t really need further prodding or elaborating, except for one particular element, which is the core of what one may call the “Bourgeoisie mentality”, for though the word is largely discarded nowadays, the mentality lives on and has been at the forefront of the social decay that allowed for jews and degeneracy to creep in and bloom. This mentality lives on in the liberal middle class.

This mentality is the natural consequence of living in prosperity without having ever known its price first hand: conquest, war, blood, strength of character. These are the things that are also closely linked to supremacy, hence prosperity is their reward. The following generations, however, inherit this prosperity, and a warped understanding arises, one that associates prosperity with not having to do anything at all, thus breeding decadence and a false sense of arrogant “supremacy“.

Prosperity is the consequence of true Supremacy – yet here the situation is reversed, and prosperity is deemed to be the evidence of supremacy. This is the trademark of the Bourgeoisie moralistic outlook, where wealth serves as proof of one’s supremacy, even if one merely inherited it and has not proven himself to be capable of living up to the legacy of those who procured that wealth in the first place. Sure, the Bourgeoisie do enjoy wealth they themselves accumulate through economic means, however they wouldn’t be able to do so in the first place, had conquerors not carved out a safe space for them beforehand (note, when we talk of the Bourgeoisie we don’t criticize them on an economic basis, but on the basis of moral outlook definitive of the Bourgeoisie, the very mentality we are addressing in this article). One can likewise easily see how this mentality is at the basis of the Calvinist heresy and its notion of material wealth being a sign of God’s favor.

Which leads us to the other important aspect of this mentality that has to do with inherited security that comes with prosperity. One who has not experienced any sort of hardships and proven himself to be truly Superior by overcoming said hardships is incredibly likely to be a weakling that would prefer to avoid any hardships at all – and thankfully he doesn’t have to in his inherited prosperity. Presence of prosperity without actions necessary to acquire it leads to a moralistic interpretation of supremacy, that simply dictates one being superior “just because he is good“, or rather “just because“, since “goodness” is often defined by such people as “not having done anything bad/wrong“.

This false sense of “supremacy” (in reality nothing more than pretentious smugness) breeds a particular kind of moralistic narcissism and moralistic hedonism, of being “morally superior” by virtue of not doing anything wrong. They get a literal psychological high off of the image of themselves that they construct in their minds: “I am such a good and virtuous person“. However, should this self-image come to be challenged (should someone “harsh their buzz” with some inconvenient truths) or start to wane, such people will quickly jump into “action” so as to sustain said image, for no other reason than to keep their self-appraising delusion going. This “action” is well known and defined now as virtue signalling. You are all well familiar with this kind of behavior and the many ways that it has been depicted and made fun of (prepare for a lot of South Park clips).

We can now summarize the mentality in question thusly:  I have all this wealth and prosperity, and I have not hurt anyone in achieving it, hence I am a good, righteous, morally superior person! I love myself so much for this!

Funny and relevant South Park clips aside, though, one might ask how exactly could this mentality have undermined, let alone led to the downfall of our Race and Civilization. Well simply look at the historical example of Gandhi, who had exploited this very mentality against the British Empire in order to provoke a virtue-signalling reaction from them that was favorable to his goals. You can pick up Robert Greene‘s 33 Strategies of War[pdf] for more details on how this unfolded. Below is the audiobook reading of Chapter 32, “Passive Aggression“, which deals with Gandhi’s tactic of exploiting the British Bourgeoisie mentality and need to virtue signal in the face of a threat to their self-image.

Mind you all, that Gandhi was by no means a true pacifist, he would have used violent means if it were plausible, but India was hopelessly inferior to the British Empire where conventional warfare was concerned, yet had he the means, by his own admission, he would have used them:

Had we adopted non-violence as the weapon of the strong, because we realised that it was more effective than any other weapon, in fact the mightiest force in the world, we would have made use of its full potency and not have discarded it as soon as the fight against the British was over or we were in a position to wield conventional weapons. But as I have already said, we adopted it out of our helplessness. If we had the atom bomb, we would have used it against the British.

-Speech (16 June 1947) as the official date for Indian independence approached (15 August 1947),
as quoted in Mahatma Gandhi: The Last Phase (1958) by Pyarelal Nayyar, p. 326.

But India had no atom bombs, and thus Robert Greene’s analysis comes to the forefront, solidifying what we have established thus far (highlights mine):

Gandhi was a deceptively clever strategist whose frail, even saintly appearance constantly misled his adversaries into underestimating him. The key to any successful strategy is to know both one’s enemy and oneself, and Gandhi, educated in London, understood the English well. He judged them to be essentially liberal people who saw themselves as upholding traditions of political freedom and civilized behavior. This self-image – though riddled with contradictions, as indicated by their sometimes brutal behavior in their colonies – was deeply important to the English. The Indians, on the other hand, had been humiliated by many years of subservience to their English overlords. They were largely unarmed and in no position to engage in an insurrection or guerrilla war. If they rebelled violently, as other colonies had done, the English would crush them and claim to be acting out of self-defense; their civilized self-image would suffer no damage. The use of nonviolence, on the other hand – an ideal and philosophy that Gandhi deeply valued and one that had a rich tradition in India – would exploit to perfection the English reluctance to respond with force unless absolutely necessary. To attack people who were protesting peacefully would not jibe with the Englishman’s sense of his own moral purity. Made to feel confused and guilty, the English would be paralyzed with ambivalence and would relinquish the strategic initiative.


Many people today are as ambivalent as the English were about having power and authority. They need power to survive, yet at the same time they have an equally great need to believe in their own goodness. In this context to fight people with any kind of violence makes you look aggressive and ugly. And if they are stronger than you are, in effect you are playing into their hands, justifying a heavy-handed response from them. Instead it is the height of strategic wisdom to prey upon people’s latent guilt and liberal ambivalence by making yourself look benign, gentle, even passive. That will disarm them and get past their defenses. If you take action to challenge and resist them, you must do it morally, righteously, peacefully. If they cannot help themselves and respond with force, they will look and feel bad; if they hesitate, you have the upper hand and an opening to determine the whole dynamic of the war. It is almost impossible to fight people who throw up their hands and do not resist in the usual aggressive way. It is completely confusing and disabling.

This analysis is correct when dealing with the modern mindset, the Bourgeoisie and liberal mindset, however it would be entirely incorrect if one were dealing with true conquerors who establish empires like the British one in the first place. Such people know the price of their own prosperity and security, including hardships that must be overcome and blood that must be spilled, your own and that of those who refuse to submit. Furthermore, we would do well to recall the words of Clausewitz, who stated that conquerors prefer submission and peace – it is the victim who makes the war, by refusing to submit. The nature of the refusal, peaceful or otherwise, is irrelevant. Gandhi had set out to wage war against the British Empire with the only means he had, but with full knowledge of their impact. Had Gandhi faced an opponent who was not muddled with petty narcissistic ideas like “self-image” he would have been utterly powerless and faced assured defeat.

That is how the inheritors of Empires, built up with blood and sacrifice, come to lose those Empires, as they grow complacent and overly concerned with their own self-image, motivated by their inherited prosperity and security. This is the starting point for ruin.

Yet this is but one example, however one can easily trace a parallel between the old Bourgeoisie mindset that lost Gandhi and the mindset of the modern liberal that is allowing degeneracy and muslim immigrants to overrun the West today. The quintessential face of this new Bourgeoisie is the American Dream family of the 1950s.

There are two fundamental issues with this visage that is being upheld by American conservatives (who are factually classical liberals as opposed to the American democratic neoliberals).

The first one being its standardized nature. The “American Dream” is a one size fits all model of having a suburban home with a white picket fence, a family of 4, at least one car and, optionally at no extra cost, a dog. The ideal American life is a husband doing his job, wife supporting the home, obedient kids, barbeques on the 4th of July and weekend wine mixers alternating with book club for the wives from the neighborhood. This is not an ideal to aspire to, this is standard to fall in line with. It seemingly maintains all the hallmarks of a traditional family, but in reality acts as a subversion of it in order to produce identical atomized individuals who fully comply with the expectations of the Jew-ridden System.

In the 2nd part (“The Engineering of Consent“) of the Adam Curtis documentary series “Century of the Self” it is well documented how in the 50s Americans were conditioned even psychologically to fit a certain standard model of behavior that was meant to be one of perpetual mindless happiness and conformity to the American “standard”. Below you will find the entire series comprised of 4 parts in one video.

The amount of various comical PSA (Public Service Announcement) films on topics including the “Do’s and Don’ts of Dating, “Family Dinner Etiquette“, “Are you Popular?and even “How to Undress” are further testament to how the entire population was being pigeonholed to fit a unified, standardized model most suited for the atomized individualist structure (it is also highly amusing to consider how American conservatives who love these PSA’s complain about State intrusion in private life). Lastly, we can turn to Francis Parker Yockey‘s IMPERIUM for further insight on the creation of the American standard (highlights mine):

A contest was recently held in America to find “Mr. Average Man.” General statistics were employed to find the center of population, marital distribution of the population, family-numbers, rural and urban distribution, and so forth. Finally a man and wife with two children in a medium-sized town were chosen as the “Average Family.” They were then given a trip to New York, were interviewed by the press, feted, solicited to endorse commercial products, and held up for the admiration of all those who fell short in any way of the desirable quality of averageness. Their habits at home, their life-adjustments generally were the subject of investigation, and then of generalizing. Having found the average man from the top down, his ideas and feelings were then generalized as the imperative-average thoughts and feelings.

To drive home the point of difference between an ideal that is to be aspired to and the standard to fall in line with, one must realize that the absolute ideal is different for each individual based on their particular nature, whereas a standard is based on a common denominator – one is fundamentally rooted in quality, the other in its universality and thus lack of quality. The American Dream is but the common denominator, a single digit in an atomized structure. This in of itself is bad enough from an authentic Fascist perspective.

However there is something else fundamentally wrong with this image, and that is how this American standard of American Life and Family are likewise rooted in a complete lack of awareness of the price of security and prosperity that they enjoy. And this was the model upheld and promoted for all Americans as the standard to comply with, compounding the problem of self-image faced by the old Bourgeoisie with a whole new layer of what constitutes one’s morality and “goodness“. This would later evolve into the turmoil of the 60s, when, much like Gandhi, the African-American Civil Rights Movement would stage numerous peaceful (and not so peaceful) protests that would provoke White Americans, who care about their self-image, into helping the jew and negro ruin their country even further. And they would do it for the sole reason of virtue signalling foremost to themselves that they truly are “good people”. Some may protest and say that the 60s were a clear break from the standard of the 50s, hence the rise of Hippies, and yet hippies are a direct tie-in to the same Bourgeoisie/Liberal mindset of virtue signalling one’s own goodness to themselves. They did, partially, breakaway from the american standard, but only so as to virtue signal to the niggers that they are no longer part of the “system” (what these opponents of surface-level politics call the “system”, and not the far more sinister enemy that we call by the same name with a capitol S). You can check the 3rd part (“There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads; He Must Be Destroyed”) of the Century of the Self documentary on how a new psychological conditioning was employed that helped the 60s unfold as they did, this time feeding directly into the narcissistic aspect of the mentality we are discussing and the beloved “freedom” narrative, which would form the more familiar to us today strands of deviant and degenerate behavior.

In reality, however, the entire struggle of the time was done with American values in toe, and just as how Gandhi used Britain’s self-image, so did the jews, blacks and faggots use the American values and Constitution and the self-image cultivated and derived from them in order to undermine power in their favor (and said values were easy to exploit from the start anyway as said values had always been the values of materialists, rationalists, atheists and others, who are the jew’s prime customers).

The 50s are directly responsible for the 60s and thus for all other subsequent degeneracy (in as much as the 50s were a result of other events going back further than the French Revolution – the point being that the 50s were in no way some ideal of traditional values). This holy cow of american conservatism had always been a lie. The transition from the 50s to 60s seems to be a radical one only to people who have a limited scope and conform to an outlook that is incompatible with the Fascist/NS one, to us however, the change is insignificant qualitatively, from one lie to another, but all lies share a common aversion to Truth and thus fundamentally share certain points of negation of the Truth. Moreover, the supposed change did not stick, and everything was reversed back to the 50s model by the 90s, but with a contemporary face. Former hippies were now back in the mold of the American standard, further proving lack of any true qualitative difference.

This model persists today, but the standard has been generalized further for export worldwide, thus this form of decay finds itself nowadays in countries which did not experience the kind of prerequisite decay through prosperity that was necessary for countries which are now exporting degeneracy worldwide.

However, we are not done, for there had been developments in this mentality which has led it towards subversion of our movement, and that is the primary reason why we must come to understand the difference and uniqueness of the Fascist mindset, derived from our Worldview, as opposed to the Bourgeosie/Liberal mindset, derived from narcissism and hedonism – seemingly something obvious, and yet during this US presidential election we’ve clearly come to see a danger that must be addressed.

As an introduction to this point, we’ll once again address the topic of “White Pathology” or “pathological white altruism“. This concept could only have come from the mindset that we are discussing and criticizing here – the idea that the downfall of the White Race is the result of Whites being pathologically altruistic is nothing else but a form of virtue signalling – it is tantamount to asking a political candidate “what do you think is your greatest weakness?” and them responding with “I work too hard“.

The way this argument was born can be traced back to the American Dream, a whole society consisting of the same standard copied over millions of times. However not all can fit the mold, and those who do fit the mold would rather not have to see these “malformed” people, even if they are homeless whites.


While it is clearly the pretension of this mindset to think of yourself as a good and moral person by some liberal standard, in practice these people are extremely offended by the presence of anything they don’t like – they like helping the homeless and the starving in theory, as a nominal act that is mostly done to satisfy their own ego with some insignificant token action, which is worth a lot more to them as an act of virtue signaling. However, they do not like the homeless and the starving in their own immediate vicinity. They are dirty, smell bad, look ugly, it ruins the carefully constructed standardized image to have something that disrupts the illusion. In an all white or majority white country it is easy to maintain that illusion and throw caution to the wind when it comes to token gestures, until the jew slips in a gesture that has far reaching consequences, but is sold to the dumb goyim as a way to satisfy their own ego, feeds their narcissism and makes them feel good about themselves in their subtle, psychological hedonism.

Let’s help the starving niglets in Africa, why not? We’ll never see one in person, but we’ll feel so very good about ourselves for sending some nominal help that doesn’t inconvenient us in the slightest but gives us such a rush of feeling good about ourselves.

“Oh those poor refugees on boats, we can’t deny them access to our country, I’m sure I’ll never have to actually live next to one of them, but I’ll feel so good about myself!”

Oh, a Black President! Politics never affected me in any tangible way so I doubt this will have directly tangible and readily apparent negative consequences, but what a rush, I’ll be able to brag about how progressive I am and feel good about myself!

That 50s American family standard thought in exactly the same patterns, hence why we have further decay today as this same thought pattern continues to destroy our Race and Civilization. Some of these people do manage to live with the consequences of their actions and continue on their merry ride on the “progressive” train to further ruin. Others, however, don’t, and have to resolve to means of removing themselves from the vicinity of the problem, rather than trying to remove the problem itself. Too many non-whites and homeless? We’ll set up a gated community – problem solved! For the moment. In reality the problem grows exponentially until such a point in time where you can no longer keep the undesirables out – “there’s niggers in tennis and golf clubs now as full fledged members for God’s sake! I can’t not invite them to the next cocktail mixer, WHAT WILL THE NEIGHBORS THINK? THAT I’M A BAD PERSON, A BIGOT, A RACIST!

The panic and realization of the newfound reality sets in for such people and they finally start wondering “how did it come to this?“, and the only “logical” conclusion such ilk can come to is “pathological altruism“, which is, in fact, yet another act of virtue signalling – “it’s because I am fundamentally too kind, I am such a good person that I’m too good! Who says there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing?” – “I’m too good“, “I work too hard“. What is pathological isn’t the altruism – because there is no authentic altruism here to begin with – but the blind and delusional narcissism. And how can they change this unfortunate state of affairs?

They can accept it and keep giving in to the demands of the increasingly entitled, arrogant and aggressive subraces and degenerates, until it reaches the sadomasochistic daze of an overdosed drug user that would, had Christianity not become a target of disdain for such people, compare themselves to Jesus in how much suffering they are willing to submit themselves to, as part of their orgiastic virtue-signaling delirium (so they result to comparing themselves to… Gandhi, obviously).


Or, the ones among them who are not yet high enough off their own farts to completely throw caution to the wind and forget about their own basic survival, they can drop some of their pretentious bullshit to try and salvage the rest of it. It is these “disillusioned” liberals, who suddenly begin preaching against multiculturalism and for the “white ethnostate“. They are only disillusioned in the liberal narrative as much as one of these gated community liberals would be upset about a homeless person walking down their street, hence the vagueness of their end goal of “white ethnostate“, which simply translates to a nation-wide gated community where they would carry on with the rest of their liberal bullshit, but without the undesirables to ruin the view. In throwing out the multicultural and multiracial narrative they are left no other option but to side with white nationalism, not because they feel any real racial kinship or understand higher values, but simply as a matter of securing their own, personal interests – “I happen to be white, so I have to throw in with the white nationalists”. They simply seek strength in numbers, they project their individual interest via a common denominator to a larger group.

It is thus, that these liberal minded vermin worked their way into the movement and began injecting it with false narratives like “white pathology“, likewise done by means of the same projection: “I’m white, and I’m such a good person, the very best, and these other white guys say whites are superior, and I know that I’m the best so it must be true, and you know why this is happening? It’s because I’m too good of a person, that’s what went wrong, in fact that’s the problem with our whole race really – we are just pathologically altruistic as a race, that’s what the problem is.

No. Whites are not “pathologically altruistic” – you are just pathologically narcissistic and you are the cause of this: decadent, hedonistic, virtue signaling scum that never had any intentions of living up to the deeds of your ancestors and the call of your blood, you are the face of our decay, a spiritual and physical weakling, result of the prosperity and security attained by men infinitely greater than yourself and you simply took all they built for granted and let it burn with a braindead smile on your face saying “This is fine” as the fire consumed the world around you. But so long as you felt good about yourself it didn’t matter, and only now, after having thrown everything to shit, you suddenly decide to “join the struggle” that you share no fundamental values with, and in reality stand for everything that we despise which had led to this state of affairs in the first place? No.

You will be held accountable as much as the jew, if not more so, because the jew simply acts according to his nature and we cannot expect different from him. The traitor always gets the bullet before the enemy.

And if we now discuss most recent history, we have to look to the appearance of the “Altright“, which we likewise have criticized time and again, and one of the articles by Max Macro had likewise drawn that distinct parallel between its advocates and those of the liberal mindset, using the “elegant dinner party” simile.

The Altright represents a new wave of “former” liberals who discovered undesirables in their gated community and who want to change the state of affairs, however they have presented themselves in such vague terms while using our themes, symbols and parts of our narratives  to such a degree that it became unclear at first glance as to whether they are our allies or not. However the real nature of Altright revealed itself quick enough during the course of this US presidential election, namely that of being the same liberals who are just more internet savvy and who, for some reason, were utilizing our materials, but ultimately not to uphold our values but to secure their own petty, personal interests.

The actions of the Altright do seem to have a parallel with another action of gated community liberals, namely of white flight and gentrification: “Well we ruined this place with our liberal bullshit and can’t keep these undesirables out, time to uproot move to a new place with low property value and gentrify it, make a new gated community out of it. Oh look at that spot, it’s kind of backwards and quaint isn’t it? Let’s spruce it up a bit, what a project! Are you excited? I know I am!

The Altright is the first ever attempt at “movement gentrification“, of attempting to subvert the tools and message of an existing movement in order to plant and secure their own petty agenda within it: “Well we ruined conservatism with our bullshit and can’t keep these niggers out, time to uproot and move to a new place, something with next to no respectability and gentrify it, make it more presentable. Oh look at that, Fascists! That’s kind of backwards and quaint isn’t it? Le’ts spruce it up a bit, what a project! I guess I don’t like democracy too much either, I’m so fashy tee-hee!

Thus the Altright attempt to use our tools and message but then proceed to harp on issues of “presentability” and “respectability“, try to declaw and defang our methods. To an extent this is a calculated method of self-preservation against the inevitable accusations of being Nazi if you don’t keep up fast enough with the progressive parade, hence the existence of the gay term “fashy“, as a kind of cute and quaint way of belittling the idea as being no more than a joke or a meme in order to deflect the accusation. This, obviously, never works, and these people get branded as “evil nazi white supremacists” regardless, but they do serve to confuse and steer people with potential away from becoming true and full fledged Fascists and National-Socialists, offering them that last easy way out of breaking with the System and the decaying society that holds them hostage.

Below is an accurate video presentation of Altright movement gentrification, complete with parody of Dickie Spencer’s Phalanx:

We’ve even had one crystal clear example of this, when one startup movement had stolen the design of another movement’s poster and after changing the name, logos and links, “gentrified” it by removing the swastika and the word “jews” from the poster – “NOW it’s presentable!” Look up any pictures of Dickie Spencer and his attempt at a 1950s Average Man braindead smile, or the Identity Evropa rally where they all look like they are protesting shortage of caviar at their golf/tennis club, listen to the pretentious intellectual voice of Jar Jar Taylor with his retarded little bow-tie.

Other obvious tell tale signs include the attempts to pander to the mainstream media, the exultation of intellectualism over character, defense or apologetics of faggotry, which is not surprising in the least – faggots are the ultimate bourgeoisie and thus the envy of straight bourgeoisie, who would love nothing more than to get the fag couple on the block to come over to their next wine mixer and hear their comments on the newly refurbished living room, and all the wives in the gated community have been just dying for a gay best friend to be a faghag to.

So long as the fags are white they are ALT-RIGHT with me, haha, yes, such witty banter!

Thankfully, one doesn’t have to worry about the Altright too much as its demise is inevitable, and just as the hippie protesters of the 60s seamlessly converted back to the American standard and the jewish narrative, so too will the Altright convert back to mainstream politics by means of its representatives actively seeking that and them being overrun with mainstream Trump supporters who are claiming the title for themselves. However one must avoid the danger of these liberals gentrifying potential Fascist/NS movements, while potential individual Fascists must hear loud and clear that Fascism and the Altright are in no way the same and cannot be allies by definition – a true Fascist/NS is not simply a racist liberal with bourgeoisie mindset, morality and sentimentalities and we shall not stand for people muddying our message and standing in its way as a detour that obscures the one and only path to the Truth:


And there are those that are by no means that way, and whose authors, far from being true followers of the doctrines, of which they display the visible symbols, represent in reality only themselves and use the prestige of the doctrine and the authority that it confers on them to promote their own interests, to satisfy personal grudges, or simply to give free reign to their passions.

-Savitri Devi, “The Religion of the Strong”

And for those that accuse us of “purity spiraling“, know this – we do as one of the great champions of our Worldview had instructed us to, thus proving once and for all, who we are, and who you are:

The greatness of any powerful organization, which embodies an idea in this world, depends on the absolutely religious fanaticism with which it establishes itself when compared to others. It must be fanatically convinced that it is right and just, and it must be absolutely intolerant of any idea or organization that is counter to its own teaching. If an idea is right and it takes up the sword of battle with this mind-set, it is invincible and any persecution only strengthens it.

-Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf V1, Ch12

We are the movement for the Worldview of Truth and Cosmic Order, the rest are nothing.