Trigger Warning: Higher shitposting levels than normal.

For this weeks episode, we were scheduled to discuss Theonomy with Scott Terry. Due to technical difficulties, and the influence of the international Swedish clique, we diverted to discussion of the priesthood, personal integrity, and why Sweden is the rightful inheritor of the Roman Empire. Featured on this podcast: Florian Geyer, Natt Danelaw, Greve Hans, Doc Savage, Doc Mayhem.

Music for this week: Great Litany – Basso Profundo. Air des Chevaliers – La Nef – Perceval and the Grail, Ballade de la Pucelle d’après L’homme armé – Anon, Florian Geyer Lied.

Potential Debate Partner:

Name: Halvor (Raknes)
Nationality: Norwegian
Address: Herregårdsveien 6K, Oslo, Norway
Phone: none
Age: 52


  1. Hey there Florian, I just wanted to say that I love the show! I know that you come from everything from an Orthodoxy point of view, I myself come at everything from a reformed Presbyterian point of view. I think you should give Protestantism more credit for all of the original reformers believed that there was only one truth and that everyone’s opinions can’t all be correct. If you look at some historic branches of Presbyterianism there were documents written such as the Westminster Standards that required that all members of the church should subscribe to everything within the documents. But anyway, I still think you spread many truths! One recommendation though is that I think you should try and stay on scheduled better like you did in the original two episodes. In this episode itseemed like it got kind of out of hand after Scott Terry got kicked off of the air, however don’t be discouraged! I look forward to listening to the next podcast next week!

    1. Yes, we had to improvise our content and our previous schedule was completely thrown out. Hopefully things like this will not happen in the future. As to your points on Protestantism, it is likely these topics will be discussed in the future.

  2. Irony is when one denounces figurative interpretations of Scripture immediately after taking great liberties to reinterpret the second book of Timothy to an extremely figurative point, rendering it meaningless. All to fit a particular Catholic doctrine that contradicts exactly what is written.

    Like the podcast though. Even if your biases and misunderstandings of non-RCC doctrine makes me cringe. Far better than the poz that invests that… other site.

    Keep up the good work, papist.

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  3. Please continue making these, this podcast is completely changing my outlook on Christianity.

    Also curious as to what your disagreement with Hitler is on the subject of Eugenics?

    Thanks Florian.

  4. That transhumanism stuff is creepy af. Weird that the neo-reactionaries are so obsessed with it (and the Alt Right too it seems).

  5. You’re right that the line of European pagan tradition has been broken. But how can you base your religion off of such earthly circumstances?
    If the Christian tradition were severed, would Christianity no longer be valid to you?
    It seems to me that the only basis on which one should choose a religion is truth, and if that requires building a new tradition, well then that’s preferable to participating in a flawed one.
    You describe someone like myself, a religious non-Christian, as only serving the will to power, of being what you call a Satanist. Satan was confronted with God, the ultimate truth, and rejected it, resulting in his fall. So in order for my choice to be satanic, I would have to have been confronted with ultimate truth and knowingly reject it. This is my point of contention with Christianity: you believe that the teachings of the Bible are the infallible Word of God, and embody ultimate truth, but there is no possible way to prove this claim, because to do so would be to chain the eternal and unknowable God to a finite and testable reality.
    So I think you are wrong in accusing me of being ‘satanic’ or motivated by a will to power. My rejection of Christ is done so on the basis of a will to truth. You can only accuse me of operating under a will to power if you can first prove that your Bible is the Word of God and I still continue to reject it.

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