Today Florian Geyer is joined by Dr. Mayhem, Greve Hans, Natt, and Zeiger to discuss the Fascist Worldview, along with additional news stories from the Kali Yuga.

Skip to 17 minutes for the start of the discussion.

Music for this week:  The Male Choir of St. Petersburg – Cherubic Hymn (Remastered), Forward – zxz, and Florian Geyer Lied.


  1. Florian, you should invite Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson of The Orthodox Nationalist to do an episode with you.

        1. Heimbach believes that all ‘people’ have a right to their own nation, that is contrary to the Bible and the will of God. It is easily shown to be incorrect at Jeremiah 30:11 and Matthew 25:31, just to start. Obadiah is also clear, the Revelation. Wow, I could go on.

          These people are forsaking the message of Christ for political expediency. They are ashamed of Him.

          1. But if Jesus came to preserve his people, then by definition he was there to preserve a bunch of non-Whites.
            Because his people weren’t White.
            If you’re honestly going to try to argue otherwise…. Oosh tbh fam.

          2. I can argue otherwise, very strongly, you are probably one of those imbeciles who accepts that ancient Egypt and Sumer were white (they were) yet thinks that ancient Israel to the North was non-white. Assyria, Persia (modern Iran) were also white.

            The Israelites themselves describe themselves as White.

    1. I would honestly like to hear Matthew Johnson’s explanation of how the promise to the seed of Abraham for preservation became “and everyone else too”. Universalism is wrong, those who gather goats to the sheepfold are betraying Christ and His people.

  2. Can you explain what is to be achieved by the “#whitegirlsfuckdogs” stickers? I know the story behind it but what is the aim of the stickering?

    1. CF is trying to bring back something the western society seems to lack of late. That is SHAME. Without shame you don’t have a conscience and your conscience is the Word of God that speaks to you, trying to put you on the patch of righteousness.
      He’s also trying to show us that being white isn’t enough, because as you can clearly observe all around you, for the so called superior race we sure don’t act like it.

      1. You’re not going to ‘bring back shame’ by shaming people who get off on shame.
        I’m just saying… The same people to whom you’re trying to appeal via the “fucking dogs” shit are the same people who get off on shit like cuckoldry – they know no legitimate shame, and what shame they do feel has been totally fetishized.

        All you’re basically doing via such routes is pushing shame onto people who do not need to feel shame, but rather, pride in their folk.
        Seems counter-productive tbh fam, at least how CF is employing it: if you want to put actual shame back into these people who fetishize shame, you’re not going to do it with weird bumperstickers decrying Whites in general, you’re going to do it by decrying them directly (ie not via some shitty sticky which such degenerate folk can associate the message of with someone other than themselves) in the streets while being visibly and unquestionably superior to them.
        When it comes to shame, Domination > Passive-Aggression.

        1. You fail to understand things, but don’t worry, it’s common among your peer.
          I’ll try to explain common sense to you, in the hopes it can still reach those already damned.
          We do not appeal to those already damned. We appeal to the common folk. There will always be those among us with certain mental issues(more so in the west), but they should never be tolerated. Right now, in the west, people with certain mental issues(gays, furries, TRS members etc) not only are they tolerated, but they are encouraged. This happens because people have lost the sense of shame, the sense of decency and some can only be shocked back into it by stickers like this. Think of the said stickers like a wake up call, an alarm signal, that things have decayed so bad that we feel the need to inform the people not to fuck household animals.
          As regarding your last lines, it’s the same rhetoric employed but those without any solid guidelines and principles rooted in real life. Stupid reasoning from those that never tried anything worthwhile in their life and think Might is Right makes for solid advice and a functional society. I do believe you may have wallowed in too much meme and chans ‘tbh fam’.

  3. Do you go to church? I can’t imagine a church that you would feel comfortable going to. What are people supposed to do if all the churches are pozzed.

    1. Maybe the churches in your region or country, but don’t try to make the assumption that all are pozzed. If you want to experience something truly unique and spiritual, try an Orthodox church in Eastern Europe. The experience will leave a mark on you. You will understand why those of that region are so fanatic in defending the faith and their way of life.

  4. Great podcast Florian, glad you didn’t sell out to stay at TRS. If I could offer one criticism Im not sure that reading articles verbatim is as effective as summarizing and discussing them. The articles are good but in the podcast format it seems like discussion and summary fits better. Anyway thanks for doing what you’re doing, as a lapsed Christian your work is a breath fresh air and very much needed in the current pozzed disgusting year where pretty much all christians simply worship mammon.

    1. Thank you for your feedback, and I agree. I think we will be more brief in our descriptions, or else leave the formal reading to the end and just give notes for the discussion.

  5. Orthodox Christianity is not true apostolic Christianity.
    The Apostles went to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, as Christ told them to (Matthew 10:6).
    The promises were to Abraham and his seed forever, these promises are
    immutable. No man has the right to change the promises of God. The new
    covenant is with the same people as the old (Jeremiah 31:31, Luke 1:72).
    Israel alone had the Law, Israel transgressed that Law and Christ was a
    propitiation under that Law; it is between those particular people and
    God. No other people are parties to that contract.

    Thus the center of any Christian theology must be racial, you cannot be a Christian unless
    you are of Israel as Christ said He came only for Israel at Matthew
    15:24. Moreover, at the Judgement of -Nations-, Christ divides the
    Nations and the only white race is preserved. Just as the prophet
    Jeremiah (30:11) said that God would make a full end of all other
    By denying the true identity of white people and by
    forsaking the message of Christ and the promises of God; you are taking
    what is Holy and throwing it to the dogs.

    1. Sounds like white talmudism. Sodom was burned and so will we be. If whites act retarded, whites deserve death. Romans 1:28-32. That’s why we need RaHoWa to set things straight. Literally white jihad.

      1. I am a Christian Identist, if that is your question. We are not justified by the Law since Christ came, though we should still seek His Law. I do not attend a church, though the true congregation is the body of white people, not a building.

        1. so you don’t eat His Body and drink His Blood in a true Church? What about baptism, does your congregation practice sacramental life? What about the episcopacy? Does your congregation have bishops? All of these are New Testament realities.

          1. The sacrifices were done away with, to continue in that would be to deny Christ. Christ’s propitiation cleansed His people. John 17:17, Acts 1:5 Ephesians 5:26. My first post was more important than this. The true church, look up the word in Strong’s, is His people. As I have said.

          2. 1 Peter 3:21: “The like figure whereunto even
            baptism doth also now save us (not the putting away of the filth of the
            flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward Yahweh,) by the
            resurrection of Yahshua Christ,”

          3. The Levitical priesthood was ended, even Paul speaks of this in Hebrews. The rituals and the Law with it …yet this clown thinks he can refute me by whining about Bishops/episcopacy etc.
            WHERE is that in the Bible ‘Son of Rome’, you say it is in the NT, well where. He has a preternse of authority while speaking about this, but his authority certainly is not the Bible!

          4. Theology is the study of the word of God, and there is no other God other than the God of the Bible (Isaiah 43:11 for one). This is a very short reply, I am hoping this one will be approved, but I could support my answer more thoroughly.

  6. I would certainly like to hear Florian explain why he thinks the white race won’t be preserved forever, as he stated in the second segment of his first podcast. To me, it is denying the promise of God and Christ to preserve His people. It is just about the Bible.

  7. Well I am on mod, I answered Florian question well. I did not plan to troll the comment section, just answer that one question. I would appreciate it if that comment would be approved out of interest of honesty and integrity …since it is not like I bailed because of that question, which seems to be the impression that others will get.

    Even the first sentence of my answer destroys Florian LOL

  8. Cosmic order and natural law are basically buzzwords at this point, there never seems to be a definition to accompany them. Are we talking about a natural law that underpins a eugenics program or the natural law of Aquinas? The cosmic order common to the world religions or the cosmic order envisioned by neopagans?

  9. Excellent podcast, I will keep you all in my prayers.

    Never lose courage, never lose faith, we will come out on top.

  10. Great show m88’s! What do you think of reading The Question & Answer: Catholic Catechism by John Hardon, to get a basic understanding of Catholic doctrine ?

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