Florian Geyer debuts the new Podcast, Mysterium Fasces. Joining him are Andrew Anglin, Natt Danelaw, Greve Hans, James Futurist, and Spiess. We discuss the Alt-Right, Christian Fascism, and read important religious documents.

Donald Trump Comments

Shitlord Gandhi

Poz-Flavoured Ice Cream

Denver Archbishop: Catholics Who Vote Democrat Sell Out Christ

Text of Mufti Sven’s Fatwa:

In the name of Allah Ar Rahman, the most merciful, the most beneficent, Al Jabbaar, the Powerful, the Irresistible, Al Baasit, The Expander, the Munificent, him who puts to the sword all non-believers, Allah Dhu al Jalal wa al Ikram, The Lord of Majesty and Generosity, I, Mufti Seventh Son, of the TRS clerical association, superintendent and president in all reverence an d Grace, to him Allah has trusted to lead the Umma of his believers, today issue a Fatwa against the infidelous organization known as Al-Iron March. Al-Iron March and their despicable Fascist Mafia have made themselves enemies of all true believers through their disgusting lies about this most holy school, therefore, let them be cast out. All members of TRS are to disassociated with them, on pain of the most excruciating banhammer, and banishment into the outer darkness. Zeiger Al-Quebeci, propagandist and evangelist of their nefarious fascist forces is hazr. Slavros Al-Uzbeki, MOST NEFARIOUS MONGREL DOG OF INFAMOUS REKNOWN AND BACKSTABBER OF GREAT HEIGHTS is hereby HAZR. Natt Danelaw. Aka Aldhdhib, MC WOLF, is hereby HAZR. And Florian Geyer, Al-kathuliki is to be included amoung their number, HAZR. All TRS members of the Ummah of the Prophet are to shun and keep them away from the confines of this sacred school.

Fascist Mafia Response:

The Fascist Mafia to the TRS Mufti!

O Bigboy, NEET devil and damned Milo’s kith and kin, secretary to Grindr Greggie himself. What the Sodomite’s kind of knight are you, that can’t slay Sanic the hedgehog with your outstretched arse? The Sodomite excretes, and your sycophants eats. You will not, you son of a tranny, make subjects of Fascist Christians; we’ve no fear of your troll army, by shitposts and by the Bible we will battle with thee, we’ll bog you all. You San Franciscan POZ magnet, Afghan bacha bazi boy, brewer of AIDS, boy-lover of New England, conjurer of Greater and Lesser Curses, AIDS-pig of Weimerica, Jewish thief, catamite of Suburbia, banner of Greve Hans, Natt, Florian Geyer among others, and fool of all the right and alt-right, an idiot before God, grandson of the Serpent, and the shit upon Spencer’s dick. Poz-pig’s fat, faggot’s arse, POZhouse bottom, LARPagan scum, creampier of your own mother! So the Ironmarchers declare, you lowlife. You won’t even be cleaning toilets for the natural Aristocrats. Now we’ll conclude, for we don’t know the reasons and don’t care about drama; the truth is our wife, the falsehood with thee, 2+2 is always 4 no matter what colours you write it with; for this kiss our Crosses!

-Inquisitor Hans of the Fascist Inquisition.

Text of Iron March Religion Project Article:

With the increasingly polarized nature of right-wing politics in the Occident, many find themselves to be newly minted Fascists, or rather, they embrace the label which had always described their beliefs, left implacable until now. Fascism, in it’s core, is the conformity of the state and the nation it represents to the Cosmic Order, that all elements of life operate in the most optimal way determined by natural and divine law.

Christians who embrace Fascism can struggle uniquely with reconciling the Truth of their Faith, to the Truth of Fascism. This is a struggle one need not undertake, for there is no disconnect. Christianity, in its orthodox form, constitutes the formal worship of revealed Truth. This truth is discerned through the Wisdom of Tradition, and the Revelation of Scripture. For the individual, the Christian life is one of Theosis, of becoming like God, of building virtue.

Some will protest this assertion. Many, pagans and other anti-Christian far right types see Christianity as a fundamentally semitic religion and mode of spirituality. They see it as corrupting the organic Aryan tradition of paganism, and infecting Europe with a spiritual virus. They believe this makes it incompatible with the Fascist worldview and the advancement of the European peoples, that it binds one to cuckoldry for Jesus.

This notion arises typically from limited observation of modern forms of Christianity. Pagans et al view Christians cucking in the name of Jesus, and conclude that Christianity is a cuck religion. This tradition could be said to start with Nietzsche, who observed Protestantism as applied in Germany, and forms of post-revolution metropolitan Catholicism in France, and concluded that the essence of the Christian ethic was slave morality. This issue is not recent, but perennial, speaking in his Discourses in 1517 Machiavelli notes “Although it would seem that the world has become effeminate and heaven disarmed, yet this arises unquestionably from the baseness of men, who have interpreted our religion according to the promptings of indolence rather than those of virtue.” and furthermore “If we were to reflect that our religion permits us to exalt and defend our country, we should see that according to it we ought also to love and honor our country, and prepare ourselves so as to be capable of defending her.”

These expressions of the Christian religion compose impure, heretical, and deviant forms of the original Faith. True Christianity, which for brevity will be referred to as orthodox Christianity, (with a small “o”) is the Faith which was practiced universally throughout the ancient world, and did not see a serious internal challenge until the advent of the Protestant Rebellion. The core of this Faith, this correct thought (or orthodoxy) today finds expression in pure forms of the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church. Many would claim that these expressions are actually the purest form of the religion, that modern Christianity is a doctrine that has gone through a process of catharsis where it has shed away all the supposed pagan elements that it absorbed, and that what we’re seeing today is the most authentic version of the Gospel. However this is clearly and objectively false, as will be demonstrated.

Throughout antiquity and the Middle Ages, there has always been a consensus on what the Christian faith is. From the British Isles and Scandinavia, across the entirety of Europe to the reaches of Roman Africa and the Middle East, the interpretation and doctrine of the faith have been one and the same. This also applied not only geographically but also historically, as this single understanding of Christian thought has remained the same throughout most of the ancient and Medieval period, in an unbroken chain of Holy Tradition. Someone born in a highly protestant environment may be used to the idea that Christianity is some form of free for all where anyone can pick whatever interpretation he may like from the Christian creed, and that Christianity is in some sort of constant flux where no interpretation is really solid, where no dogma that would be true for all Christians exists or can exist, where it’s all “like just your opinion maaan”, but this wasn’t really the case. The writings of the most influential Christian authors from every single century of the Church’s history have been preserved, and reading and studying those we can very obviously notice this singularity of the Christian doctrine. What Christianity actually is isn’t really up to debate, all it takes to find that out is a history book and a library full of Patristic works.

Aside from being questioned on its constancy and the correct interpretation, the Christian doctrine is also questioned on its authenticity. Many see some of the more obvious elements in Christianity which have their roots in the pre-Christian traditions, but they really don’t understand how they got there or what do they represent.

In the Christian faith, there is a distinction between the dogma (meaning the Truth in Greek) and praxis (meaning practice or works). Dogma refers to the metaphysics of the faith, to its idea about God, the Cosmos, meaning of life, Salvation, etc. On this plane, adherence to the one revealed Truth from God is a must, sticking to it in the same form in which it was “once delivered to the Saints” is non-negotiable, deviation from this means certain eternal damnation. Practice however refers more to the outwards expressions of the faith, to liturgical, canonical and ascetic parts rather than the doctrinal, to the form rather than essence, to the tools rather than the goals, means rather than ends. Among other things, it refers to various forms of symbolism, aesthetics, including iconography, architecture, musical styles, formal fashion, certain customary practices that are just a spiritual aid rather than a dogmatic must and so on. On the practical plain, there isn’t really a necessity of form, the practice is allowed to organically grow and take a variety of shapes that developed from a variety of cultures and periods. Deviating from these forms isn’t and can’t really be a heresy, but it’s generally agreed not to deviate from them without a really good reason, especially how most of them are now almost two millennia old.

So with this fanatical adherence to the purity of the doctrine, where do those alleged pagan elements come in? Well they come in into the practical field. In many cases the Church “culturally appropriated” some external, formal aspect of pagan worship, and changed its meaning to apply to the worship of Christ. This is not a deviation from the faith as the core or essence of the Christian doctrine remains the same, while a new outwards tool is applied to adhere to that same unchanged essence. Both the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches have most of their aesthetics picked from one aspect of Roman culture or another, with added Germanic influences for the Occident and Slavic for the Orient. And it’s there where the supposed pagan influence on the Christian spirit begins and ends. As we established that every single Christian doctrine can be traced through its authors back to the first centuries and the Apostles, there have been no intrusions into the Christian dogma from the pagan side. Any attempts to claim otherwise end with arbitrary picking and choosing of which doctrines are somehow authentically Christian and which are not, without any factual evidence of when and how those doctrines intruded into the Christian tradition, without previously being there, or in the Old Testament.

On a societal level, many of the ideas and policies Fascists advocate are built into the philosophy of the religion. The idea of the distributist economy, or a market which serves the people and the common Good, in the official position of the Catholic Church. Organic states, based on the natural organizations of kinship and nationality find themselves entirely at home to the same degree within the confines of orthodox thought. Medieval Latin Christianity fostered the development of the Feudal polity, what some argue to be the best example of an organic state, and an undoubtedly fascistic societal schema. In the Slavic world, the notion of sobornost, deeply rooted in Christian virtue, is the basis of most Orthodox nationalist thought. The Christian state follows the principle of conformity under the Kingship of Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Logos, or the Word of God. This theology is specifically enumerated in first chapter of the Gospel of John “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.[a] 2 He was in the beginning with God; 3 all things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made. 4 In him was life,[b] and the life was the light of men. 5 The light shines in the darkness,[c] and the darkness has not overcome it.

Christians believe he is the organizing mind behind the universe, the cosmic font of all order and right accord. For a Christian, then, one could say Fascism is a requirement, that the ideology emanates directly from the theology. This is what lead Hitler to proclaim, at a speech in Passau on October 27th, 1928 “We are a people of different faiths, but we are one. Which faith conquers the other is not the question; rather, the question is whether Christianity stands or falls…. We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity… in fact our movement is Christian. We are filled with a desire for Catholics and Protestants to discover one another in the deep distress of our own people.”

On the individual level, the Christian life is the same. The Christian ought to strive for the constant cultivation of virtue, and the avoidance of vice. It is quite literally anti-degeneracy the religion, the notion that personal error and evil is so egregious that God has to die on a cross to redeem it soteriologically speaks mountains about the importance of good personal conduct. To follow Christ, one is compelled to ‘take up their cross’ to embrace suffering, struggle, to obtain virtue, to sacrifice of oneself in service of God and neighbour, racial or otherwise. Christians even believe eschatologically that Jesus will come back and put to death all the degenerates, and such will be the fury of his wrath on the day of judgement, that the “blood [will] flow from the winepress, as high as a horse’s bridle, for two-hundred miles.” Apocalypse of John 14:20.

One of the primary goals of Fascism as a worldview, if not the most primary one is freeing society from the individualist principle and its notion of self-interest, from the idea that man is an atomized individual whose goal in life is to achieve happiness by pursuing his self-interest and that society is merely a platform for achieving that. To this idea is contrasted the ideal of the organic society, where a man is called to serve the Truth and his community. And while most ancient traditions were in many respects opposed to the individualist and materialist principles, no tradition comes as close to upholding the organic principle as the Christian faith does. As its most important law “love God” ties man to complete service to the Cosmic Order, its second fundamental law “love your neighbour” is the best possible summary of the organic principle.

This commandment is nothing more than a demand for man to abolish his own self-interest and self-centeredness and to dedicate his entire being to serving his comrades. It is the idea that one’s purpose in life isn’t to see how much shekels he can squeeze out of his surroundings, but how much good he can do for his own community. This is why terms service and sacrifice are so sacred in Christian thought, as there is nothing more great then to give up your interests or life in service to the Divine Truth and Justice.

But wait, you say, doesn’t love your neighbour mean cucking against your own people in favor of some third world dump? But why would it? What is said by that commandment is to abolish personal interest, and to completely remove greed from inter-personal relations. What it does not tell you is to screw over one of your “neighbours” for another “neighbour”, as if that is somehow just. There is everything just about freely sacrificing yourself for someone else, but what can be just about letting someone else drown for the sake of someone third? Nothing, obviously. Christ  himself exhorts us otherwise in the fifteenth chapter of Matthew’s Gospel, verse twenty-six 26 And he answered, “It is not fair to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs.”  And that is exactly what filling up a country with a hostile foreign population is. It is an attack and obvious harm done to the native population around you. In what universe can destroying the native population be reasonably considered as loving thy neighbour?

The same applies to the notion of loving your enemy, as it’s basically the same commandment. In English this may need explaining, but in other languages like Greek and Latin the meaning of this is clear from the text itself, as those languages have a clear distinction between the concept of a personal enemy and a public enemy, between the one who is threatening our personal interests and the one who is a threat to our community. When Christ tells us to love our enemies, he always used the word designated for the personal enemy. And that’s why this is essentially the same commandment, because it also calls men to renounce our personal interest and not take grudges or pursue vendettas. In fact, the famous “turn the other cheek” refers to a practice of challenging someone to a duel, where a slap in the cheek is the challenge itself, and here Christ commands his followers to refuse such a challenge by turning the other cheek. None of this says anything about not defending yourself or your community. In fact, defending your community is the sacred service to the others mentioned above, in has been seen that way for the entirety of Christian history.

Some of the most ardent of Fascists in the twentieth century have been devoutly religious. The most famous of which is Corneliu Codreanu, and the Iron Guard, who were a devoutly Eastern Orthodox organization through and through. Who can doubt their bona fide as true 1488 GTKRWN boots on the ground approved? Shall we conjecture that they were not truly Christian? The religion that they practiced, was the same one practiced by the Knight’s Templar. It was the same one practiced by Charlemagne and Justinian. And it was the same one practiced by the Apostles.

This religion which has been described, which enabled Europe to thrive and, whose great waters flow freely into the well of Fascism, is true Christianity. Any other form is heresy, is perversion. The historical record speaks well for itself about the success of this religion, the effectiveness is there to observe if one cares to look. Jesus Christ is the Cosmic Order, conformity to him is Fascism. Ave Christus Rex! Salve Regina Cæli.


  1. Good listen Florian. One thing though, the dailystormer bit about the ghandi bit is pretty questionable. He did end up falling from natural racism into an shitty egalitarian worldview expressly due to the secularization of the Independence movement. He’s a wayward man, not to be very respected.

    1. We must finally crush not only sodomy, but the root of much our social decay: alcohol. The barley jew continues to destroy the White Man. Violence, sexual depravity, infidelity, social disorder, health complications. It is an abomination.

        1. “Caucasians drink 13.9 percent more than African Americans.
          According to a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services survey, 56.7 percent of whites describe themselves as “current drinkers,” compared to 42.8 percent of African Americans, 41.7 percent of Hispanics, 37.6 percent of Asians, and 47.6 percent of multiracial people. (Other studies consistently show Caucasians consuming more alcohol than other ethnic groups.) The biggest binge-drinkers, however, are Hispanics, at 25 percent, closely followed by 24.8 percent of Caucasians, 24.1 percent of multiracials, 19.8 percent of African Americans, and 11.1 percent of Asians.
          National Survey on Drug Use and Health (2010): Volume 1, Summary of National Findings. Prepared by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuseand Mental Health Services Administration, Office of Applied Studies”

    1. One thing I’ve learned in the alt-right is that you can reconcile any two disparate ideas as long as your podcast explaining how it’s done is long and boring enough.

        1. That’s the same as the text I read below. It’s a good way of reconciling Christianity and ethnic nationalism and a very good repudiation of cucked Christianity, but that’s not exactly newsworthy. As far as reconciling Christianity and fascism, what do you even mean by fascism? You seem to be all wrapped up in the idea of fascism as some magical distillation of the rules of the universe, which is not even close to how the rest of the world defines fascism (a political ideology). Christ didn’t preach a political ideology, he showed that he was God though his words and actions.

          1. Answers to these Mysteries and more await you in the recording studio. Will you be able to comprehend these
            Mysterium Fasces?

          2. Look Florian, I was a little harsh on you below but I don’t think you’re a bad guy. But I’m not going to come on your show just so a bunch of Ironfags can pounce on me like this was an episode of Alcoholocaust or something. If you have a rebuttal, then make it in this comments section.

          3. No. IM has done nothing to prove that they can be trusted. Comment below or don’t comment at all.

          4. Florian would slam-dunk you in a philosophical discussion all by himself. You give yourself too much credit if you think Florian would need help in debating a mouth-breather like yourself.

          5. I’m not talking about the philosophical discussion, I’m talking about dogpiling. But you already knew that.

          6. You want to have a philosophical discussion with Florian but you’re scared because you think big mean IM will ambush you in a dark alleyway and beat you up.

            I’m telling you nobody cares about you. Florian will argue you one-on-one and will german suplex you with his mind. I think you know this too, which is why you’re pussying out.

          7. > avowedly hostile podcast offers chance for 1-on-1 talk
            > have no reason to trust offer, decline

            lol okay

          8. Yes, that is exactly what will happen. If you go on that podcast Florian will bitch-slap you around and you know it. This is why you act all tough and important in these comments. You’re sad, you’re boring, you’re a nobody.

          9. You’re coming off as kind of a bitch tbh fam.

            Florian has offered you the chance for a 1-on-1 conversation on-air.
            There would be absolutely nothing stopping you from walking away if you found yourself ambushed, and it would only support your present argument if such were to come about.

          10. Why do you even care about good faith or bad faith? If you had basic social skills you’d handle any hostile agitator, and not whine about having a safe space for a whole thread

          11. Nice moving the goalposts. Anyone who wants to hear my opinion on these matters has a whole podcast to listen to. You seem unable to grasp my message, so it would be best for me to explain to you over my chosen medium of media, audio.

          12. ”IM has done nothing to prove that they can be trusted.”

            By whom? Why? What are you on about LOL.

          13. I’m no Ironmarcher but I have studied Fascism for years from the primary sources, and the explanation these guys give is pretty much the original conception of fascism, fascism isn’t so much an ideology of the 1920’s so much as a state of understanding one’s place in the broader context of society, it all stems from the notion of; together we are stronger, represented by the bundle of flimsy rods, the fasces, to form a mighty faggot 😀 I don’t suppose you could tell me whats wrong with ironmarch? I usually hang around TRS but I saw this on the DS, is Ironmarch compromised?

        2. I meant specifically the NS hostility towards the Church, the Church denouncing NS and the over all overtly biological bent to NS.

          1. Go on their podcast one on one; I’m sure it’ll be a totally in good faith discussion

          2. I agree with the encyclical Mit Brennender Sorg, those are criticisms of the specific regime in Germany, which are valid. Not Fascism as a worldview and wider policy. The way it is implemented will change depending on the leadership, culture, etc.

          3. Well yes, a condemnation specific to Germany, which had a specific manifestation of Fascism, but I’m specifically asking about NS, because the IM narrative equates NS with Fascism and Fascism with Perrenialism.

          4. NS is the implementation of the worldview. Fascism is a byword for the worldview, not referring to Italian Fascism. Sometimes NS is also used as a byword for this worldview. My criticisms of NS are of the implementation of the ideology in Germany, not the worldview behind it.

          5. It is exactly the worldview behind German NS that is hostile to Christianity, if anything it was the implementation that was so redeemable.

          6. “We are a people of different faiths, but we are one. Which faith
            conquers the other is not the question; rather, the question is whether
            Christianity stands or falls…. We tolerate no one in our ranks who
            attacks the ideas of Christianity… in fact our movement is Christian. We are filled with a desire for Catholics and Protestants to discover one another in the deep distress of our own people.” Adolf Hitler

            Or should I say I identify with the worldview behind Codreanu and the Iron Guard?

          7. Well obviously it is superior since it is fundamentally based on the spirit rather then biology and darwinism, and devoid of historicism as far as I know.

  2. What is the song that is played during the interlude. It doesn’t seem to be listed among the track list. I hate to be that goy.

  3. Yeah nah. My God is eternal, not a man-made ideology from the 20s. Nice song at the beginning though.

          1. Pretty much every word of that post is a lie, including “the” and “in.” Have fun with your Uzbek dom.

          2. Nah. If there was some sort of neutral podcast where we could meet without animosity, maybe. But as far as I know there isn’t one.

          3. Again, you sound like kind of a bitch m8.
            What’s the gripe? Get in a Skype call, both record it, boom – done.
            You’re still associated with the Young Hwites, are you not? So, you’d have a platform to post the audio if you felt you’d been misrepresented, and if it turned out you got ambushed by multiple people or some shit (your argument against such a conversation seems focused upon the threat of ‘dogpiling’), you could just leave and stand proudly on the fact that you called it.

          4. It was done by a small number of people each downvoting all of my past comments, as you well know. Once a liar always a liar, eh Jim?

          5. And you’re back to arguing in bad faith again. This really is a throwback!

            I’m not a libertarian, unless you play the (((Re-Defining Words Game))) to call anything that’s not national socialism/fascism “libertarian.” This is rank dishonesty and you know it.

          6. Paleocon, libertarian, edgy republican, whatever man. You shat all over fascism and national socialism constantly and TRS shat all over your forum rep. That’s why you were disliked. As much as TRS misunderstands fascism and NS they didn’t like your constant pissing and moaning every time someone spoke positively about Hitler, NS and other fascist leaders with your “muh freedom, muh rights” shit. If you’re still butthurt about that take it up with TRS. Not us.

          7. Then why did the shitting stop after you all got kicked out? Strange coincidence, or it would be if they existed.

          8. Well man because Sven purged hundreds of accounts and about 6-10 of those were ours. Yeah, turns out plenty of TRS’s own people aren’t into the whole white classical liberal rewind, reaction thing. They purged their “1488ers” for a number of reasons. I think we know the dominant reason. The result is a forum that is much friendlier to you. Grats lol.

          9. You really like that narrative, I’ve noticed. I’m sure it fits your “TRS is a bunch of FAGGOTS that can’t handle our ETERNAL TRUTH” persona quite well.

          10. Why would we do that? Do you think IM gives a single fuck about you? You’re giving yourself too much credit, you’re a nobody.

          11. The part that matters most, about the “still in the bathhouse”, is 100% accurate.
            The limp-dicked fag-friendly “alt-right” seems to be going exactly nowhere, but into the bin of movements which have been totally subverted by the enemy.

      1. I tend to zone out when people equate man-made constructs with the Living God. Your golden calf is very shiny and pretty, but that’s all it is.

        1. So bascially you admit to intellectual dishonesty. Thats very naughty for a supreme gentleman intellectual such as yourself, I suggest you rectify this behaviour immedietly.

          1. I stoop to the level of my opponents. If I could get more people here I’d start downvote brigading if I could.

          2. But how are you gonna maintain your intellectual high ground and feel super smart if you do that? You need to elevate yourself over us simpleton plebs

          3. Nah, for all the fussing I do over IM, you guys are really not that important. I’m just here to fuck with you.

          4. Not really. I’m mostly just here to gloat. Your little coup failed, bet that stings.

          5. >coup
            Paranoia is a sign of schizophrenia
            Get that shit checked
            Or buy some water filters, both of these are appropriate for that condition

  4. Yes but there is a lot of misinfo on that. He isn’t a good man, never was, just had a few good moments.

  5. Very nice, wholesome, moral and also totally radical vanguardist.
    Also one can’t help but love Florian’s electrifying attitude.

    Dies iraeeeeee, dies illaaaaaaaaa
    Solvet saeclo in favillaaaaaaaaa
    Teste Florian cum Sybillaaaaaaaa

  6. I’m not even Christian but I fucking love you Florian. You are a fine young man and a great asset to the cause of whites everywhere. Never compromise your values and great luck with the podcast in the future.

  7. Does Iron March have an official position on alcohol use?

    Alcohol is probably one of the greatest moral scourges upon society. It is responsible for a wide range of problems from fetal alcohol syndrome to drunk driving. It’s objectively worse than sodomy in terms of overall social destruction (indeed, sodomy and alcohol often go together).

  8. Nice article. Haven’t listened to the podcast yet but I will tomorrow morning. The one problem that I still have a problem with the article however would be:

    “But wait, you say, doesn’t love your neighbor mean cucking against your own people in favor of some third world dump?”
    “Who can doubt their bona fide as true 1488 GTKRWN boots on the ground approved?”

    I’m still not convinced on the justification you give that Christianity is actually pro-white. I mean, it is pretty easy to tell that it is universalist. Any man can become a Christian; the Spaniards worked their asses off to convert the Indians. You make a compelling case that you could conceivably be isolationist and xenophobic in a Christian society, but isn’t subsidizing the population boom of black Christians in Africa the Christian thing to do? Their families are not starving, so feeding them when you have the capability is not throwing the children’s bread to the dogs.

    Wouldn’t this ultimate Truth you are writing about recognize that other racial groups are competing biological organisms that will eternally try to exploit, extinguish and assimilate our race for its benefit? How could you actually propose a final solution and say it is in line with Christian doctrine? That last segment reminded me of leftists when they throw 500 pages of disinfo and obscurity at you to try to justify why simple truths are in actuality wrong according to whatever fake abstraction of the world that they are living in.

    1. Will to power mentality is a result of lack of ideals. The truth manifests in ideals which come from God. All ideals should be directed to God. All nations. All peoples. All races. They have their place. What Europe has now is it’s final trial. Either we embrace the cross or we’ll cease to exist. If we had standards and ideals we would never be in this mess.

      Anti-chtistian is a codeword for anti-white~~

      1. I guess that sort of answers my question. “All nations. All peoples. All races. They have their place.” So even if the white race isn’t completely dead in a few generations you would be fine with this potentially happening again. As it will because it is in our nature.

        1. The machine itself must be crushed. The pious goal would be to smash and dismantle any nation which seeks to expand their power only for this new power’s sake and not for the sake of manifesting the cosmic order. I wrote a bout this a bit in the recent Synagogue of Satan article.

      2. “Either we embrace the cross or we’ll cease to exist.”
        … Doesn’t like 70%+ of the West consider themselves Christians? I mean, you could argue they aren’t actually Christians, equivalent in some sense to the Westernized mudslimes that people try to play NAxALT with… But it seems like many have accepted the cross – except at some point, the cross became a crucifix-shaped buttplug.
        I’ve got a soft-spot for Christianity, I’ll admit, but I can’t envision how anyone would honestly think “We just need to be more Christian!” will fix what is transpiring in the West.

          1. Would you be so kind as to offer a timestamp as to the specific point to which you are referring?
            I just finished listening awhile ago, and its kind of a jumble in my mind at the moment due to what I was doing while listening, but I am interested in having this discussion.
            If you’d be so kind as to offer the aforementioned clarification, I’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP – otherwise, will have to wait until I have time to listen to the entire podcast again, such that I feel more assured in offering specific commentary in this vein.

          2. I wish I could but im not quite sure myself where it was. Somewhere in the middle I think.

      3. >Either we embrace the cross or we’ll cease to exist.

        That’s quite ironic, given that most major Christian institutions are actively abetting White genocide.

  9. I like this… I think. Do it some more so I can find out for sure.

    A bit of concern however: I do not agree with your interpretation as to the importance of the current US presidential election.
    The Jew York Times are presently gloating over the fact that, should Clinton win, we are very-likely to see a full-scale demographic assault, such as will ensure no non-cucked candidate – presidential or otherwise – will be able to take office or remain there for any length of time, nor to accomplish much of anything of merit should they somehow achieve such.
    While I would suggest that its entirely possible – and IMHO, more likely than many would like to admit – that Trump would simply wind up being Reagan 2.0, complete with an absentee wall and an amnesty deal, I would similarly suggest that the uncertainty of a Trump presidency pales in comparison, in terms of likelihood of irreparable harm done, to a Clinton presidency, and I find it rather irresponsible on your behalf to suggest otherwise.

    There are so many variables in play, so many uncertainties to consider, but I find myself drawn to a singular conclusion: Though Trump will not save us, and may well damn us, Clinton will damn us, without question and with a smile on her face; this being the sort of damning from which the people, and our nation, will never recover. This election determines whether we accept our status as Brazil 2.0, or try to fight, and once we accept that fate there is no coming back – and I would reiterate that I find it rather irresponsible to have commented as in some of the manner that transpired in this piece.
    Otherwise, good stuff.

    1. I take your point about demographics, and I agree. I was exploring the possibility, not condemning Trump as useless.

  10. Wikipedia: List of Romanian Jews: Political Figures (complete, unedited):

    Martin Abern, Trotskyist activist

    Colette Avital, Israeli politician

    Olga Bancic, communist activist

    Silviu Brucan, communist politician and dissident

    Miriam Eshkol, wife of Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol

    Ghiță Moscu, communist activist and politician

    Simion Bughici, communist politician

    Gheorghe Stoica, communist activist and politician

    Iosif Chișinevschi, communist politician

    Alexandru Dobrogeanu-Gherea, communist activist

    Max Goldstein, communist activist

    Leonte Răutu, communist politician

    David Korner, Trotskyist activist

    Alex Kozinski, judge

    Mihail Roller, communist politician

    Serge Klarsfeld, anti-Nazi activist

    Leon Lichtblau, communist activist

    Samuel Leibowitz, attorney

    Vasile Luca, communist politician

    Mișu Dulgheru, communist activist, spy

    Gheorghe Gaston Marin, communist politician

    Nati Meir, politician

    Alexandru Nicolschi, communist politician

    Ana Pauker, communist politician

    Avram Bunaciu, communist politician

    Marcel Pauker, communist politician

    Mircea Răceanu, diplomat and dissident (Jewish father)

    Valter Roman, communist politician

    Petre Roman, politician (Jewish father)

    Leonte Tismăneanu, communist politician

    Ghizela Vass, communist activist

  11. Orthodox Christianity is not true apostolic Christianity.
    The Apostles went to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, as Christ told them to (Matthew 10:6).
    The promises were to Abraham and his seed forever, these promises are immutable. No man has the right to change the promises of God. The new covenant is with the same people as the old (Jeremiah 31:31, Luke 1:72). Israel alone had the Law, Israel transgressed that Law and Christ was a propitiation under that Law; it is between those particular people and God. No other people are parties to that contract.
    Thus the center of any Christian theology must be racial, you cannot be a Christian unless you are of Israel as Christ said He came for Israel at Matthew 15:24. Moreover, at the Judgement of Nations, Christ divides the Nations and the only white race is preserved. Just as the prophet Jeremiah (30:11) said that God would make a full end of all other nations.
    By denying the true identity of white people and by forsaking the message of Christ and the promises of God; you are taking what is Holy and throwing it to the dogs.

    1. I also noticed that Florian said that white people may last another thousand years in the second segment, yet I think Christ told Israel (the white race) that they would be preserved.

        1. There are many reasons, a brief summary:
          The word ‘Adam’ means to blush, become ruddy, show blood through the face. The ancient Israelites also describe themselves as white in the Bible, I could provide a list. ‘White as milk with blue veining’ etc. The countries surrounding Ancient Israel were white, as well as near ancient lands, including ancient Egypt, Persia, Assyria, Sumer/Babylon, North Africa. Christ said that His sheep hear his voice and Europe became Christian. He also sent his apostles to those lost sheep (Matthew 10:6) lands that were proto European. Paul wrote to the Romans for example and called them his ‘kinsmen according to flesh’, He spoke to the Galatians and told them that they were under the Law at one time. In addition, Bill Finck has covered the migrations and deportation of the Ancient Israelites from the classical history, I can not sum-up that information because it is copious but he does have a series called ‘German origins’ which cites ancient historians abundantly. It is also clear that no other race could have written the Bible or have a relationship with God that the white race has. We are also the ‘encampment of the saints’ (revelation) that is surrounded by the non-whites.

          I am not here to troll IronMarch or cause trouble, I simply had a small duty to speak my mind among my racial kinsmen.

  12. I enjoyed listening to this, your idealism is a welcome breath of fresh air in the materialist swamp of the alt-right. However, I think you are strawmanning arguments against Christianity, or at least dispatching the easy foes while ignoring some of the better arguments.
    The fact that you are Christian and also admire Islam is very telling. Both stem from the Hebrew worldview which gives unearned spiritual authority to a class of people who devote themselves to a religious text. You also see this with modern materialist humanism, the authorities of their creed are those who have gone through the sacred institution of the university, mulling over the dogma passed down from on high, and after enough study are allowed to take a seat among the hallowed halls of the professors. Priests, Imams, or liberal psychology professors, these are just various forms of Rabbinicism.
    Looking at some pre-Christian, Aryan societies, we find that religious authority was not monopolized by a certain group and it was not based on a text. Rather, there were conceptions of virtue as personified by a pantheon, and the throne of spiritual authority was open to any who wished to take it by proving themselves to be exemplary of virtue. Thus the priesthood and the military commanders are one in the same, because their virtue is shown through manly character in action rather than study of a text.
    Catholic Europe retained some of this idea in the doctrine of good works. Protestantism on the other hand has shed any sort of connection to our original worldview by claiming that faith alone is sufficient to enter heaven.

    The notion of hierarchy and adherence to natural order was strong pre-Christianity. Hubris was very much a “sin”, but this was not laid out in any sort of doctrine, the ancients simply realized the deleterious effects it would have on one’s character. A great hero was seen to be favored by the gods. Numerous myths tell stories of men attempting to defy the gods and being met by a cruel and fitting demise. This is a clear conception of natural order.

    I admire the writings of many of the early church philosophers, but in my opinion the most valuable of these writings could stand on their own without being linked in any way to the Bible or the supposed “Word of God”. One can arrive at their positions through reason and still not believe that a book assembled by mortal men is a comprehensive message from the ultimate divine. There are those of us out there such as myself who are not atheists or materialistic pagans, but still reject Christianity because we cannot be convinced that this faith, which is Hebrew in origin, has a monopoly on transcendence and virtue which cannot be found elsewhere without the rabbinical trappings.

      1. Whats with the attempt at character assassination?
        I’ve changed my opinion on Greg and TRS since learning new information. The Nationalist Review episode that got Florian banned really opened my eyes. I no longer want anything to do with them.

        And idk why you’re mentioning Spencer, I’ve always thought of him as the most bogworthy faggot since I first heard him.

          1. I put it in quotations because pre-Christian Europe didn’t have a concept of “sin” in the same way that Christians do. I’m not demeaning the concept of sin.
            And it obviously is an attempt at character assassination to look at my post history instead of responding to my argument, which had nothing to do with sodomizers.
            I dont mind though, because you’re giving me a chance to rescind my previous opinion and publicly disavow Greg Johnson.

          2. Sodomy has everything to do with both the argument & your character. People who have a lower view of sin tend to have a lower view of sodomy. You can say all the right words but character is everything. But yeah sure, good on you for answering the faggot question. Considering how pozzed the movement is, we need zero tolerance for these creatures at all times.

  13. Knight’s Templar where Johanite Gnostic man! Not orthodox Christian. They had a much more masculine tradition that rejected the doctrine of salvation altogether! The Church has a very long history of trying to murder anyone that interprets the doctrine in anything other than LITERAL translation ie scholasticism. Sometimes they murdered anyone that was pagan because of heresy – which is what the witch trials where about particularly after The Enlightenment. Religion was always meant to be symbolic, metaphorical and allegory endeavor, which is what gnostic, polytheism and pantheism was about including the way those religions where resolved in Roman syncretism. You can’t understand the universe, man and the natural order otherwise.

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