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For this weeks episode, we were scheduled to discuss Theonomy with Scott Terry. Due to technical difficulties, and the influence of the international Swedish clique, we diverted to discussion of the priesthood, personal integrity, and why Sweden is the rightful inheritor of the Roman Empire. Featured on this podcast: Florian Geyer, Natt Danelaw, Greve Hans, Doc Savage, Doc Mayhem.

Music for this week: Great Litany – Basso Profundo. Air des Chevaliers – La Nef – Perceval and the Grail, Ballade de la Pucelle d’après L’homme armé – Anon, Florian Geyer Lied.

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Name: Halvor (Raknes)
Nationality: Norwegian
Address: Herregårdsveien 6K, Oslo, Norway
Phone: none
Age: 52



Now that we’ve established that intellectuals are Kikes, it’s time to figure out what makes the Kikes what they are – Kikes.

First and foremost, we’d have to understand the concept of the body of Christ, which is the Church. The Church was supposed to contain everything. From the Emperor to the poor Macedonian peasant. They all had their specific place and function within the body of Christ. It is, in fact, more or less the same thing as the Cosmic Order. Logos manifesting into the creation. The Church itself is the whole, and its leader is God himself. With this in mind, the thought of a symphony between emperor and patriarch makes perfect sense. They are of the same will, to be true to their calling and trough that become a part of the body of Christ.

There is also in Christian theology the concept of God’s energies. As humans, we cannot really comprehend God in his fullest. This reminds one of how St. Paul did not see the face of God when he had his famous vision, renouncing Talmudism. You can visualize it as someone holding a prism in front of a light source. The light source, logos, is filtered trough the lens. Yet we’re not the full Logos, that would be impossible. We’re only a part of the whole.

The meaning of existence is to be united with God. Yet, we have free will. We can choose not to. We can choose to rebel. We can choose to ignore our calling, our ray from the prism, our lot of talents. We can choose, instead, to be of the world, devoted to base desires. Smiling as we continue to look at the shadows on the cave wall, snacking on popcorn and asking our fellow fool if we’d rather switch to another shade.

Yet, when any normal person does this, this person feels bad. If you masturbate, you feel bad afterwards. And you should. This is to abuse what you have. Your penis isn’t supposed to be jerked off by your hand and the seed flushed down. You’re supposed to make a new life with it. Because, with your own free will, you pervert that which has been given to you, you’re stepping away from God. You’re abandoning Logos in favor of cum. This is slavery to your own desires. It’s pathetic. And you are only as much of a slave to it as you choose yourself to be.

St. Ignatius of Loyala wrote of this in his Meditations, the one who does bad will eventually feel good by doing bad and very bad by doing – or seeing – good. Like an exorcism. That is why these people hate beauty. They can not stand it. Likewise the one who does good will eventually feel very bad for doing bad things – such as sodomy. The repentant homo Michael Voris is a good example of someone realizing what he was doing was horrible.

Masturbation is sodomy as well – for good reason. Raging sodomites who do not feel bad for what they are doing have with their own free will abandoned God. ”God is dead and we have killed him”. Because they have abandoned God, they have also abandoned the Holy spirit, which would function in us as the inner voice, telling us what is right and what is wrong – dragging us up to God. Since at this point you would be totally Godless you could no longer feel any love. This is because Love is recognizing the beauty in something, the spark of Logos in it, and trough that loving it. Philia, not Eros. A painting is a symbol for something deeper that hides behind it, but through the painting we can see a glimpse of that which hides behind it. The spark of Logos.

This is also why blasphemy against the Holy Spirit was seen as the one unforgivable sin, because by doing that you rebel against God and close your heart to him. Thus you are not yourself open for it. You’re abandoned to your own hell-fire. ”Dude, cum!”.

To the people who reject God – Logos – there is only power. They see no meaning in following any laws, because they have no laws. They have no laws because they have rejected God. They have rejected the Holy Spirit. They have rejected the Cosmic Order. Rejected ideals and standards. Thus for them everything is a competition for power. Power for power’s sake. This is a desire. Not a will. A desire. They desire to be powerful. They are drowning in their lust for domination. The only thing they are expanding into is an infinite void without an end.

Lucifer rebelled against God and took a third of the Angels down with him in the fall. Deprived of all power, he saw only one way to achieve what he desired, and that was to corrupt God’s creation. He saw how man had free will and successfully made Adam and Eve commit sin trough their own free will.

Here comes the difference between the city of God and the city of the Devil. The city of God is where man follows his inner calling and is content with his place. Like pillars leaning upon each other, everything is in harmony with God. The Cosmic Order.

The City of the Devil is the City whose Prince is Satan. It is true he is bound and shackled, but the Bible tells us that during the era of the thousand year reign (that is, period between Christ’s first and second coming – that is right now) Satan would still be able to influence the creation trough us willfully walking to him. He would no longer be able to oppress us trough original sin, but he would be able to drag us away from our salvation and make us linger here. And he does this trough the thirst for power. The desire to dominate.

It is trough this light we got to see the Masonic legend of the temple of Solomon, the temple which Solomon built (supposedly) trough demons. Solomon, wise as he was, was eventually seduced by the world and started to worship the Gods of his wives – all demonic entities.

The Temple of Solomon in the Masonic sense is not the same thing as the Cosmic Order – nor the temple where God dwelt. It is in fact the same thing as the Synagogue of Satan. It is dissolving everything sacred and using these very atoms as a clay to shape something else. It’s stealing the living stones we’re supposed to be in God’s temple and placing them instead in the Synagogue of Satan. They know they cannot create something by themselves, so they have to work with that which is already created and corrupt it.

This is what the kikes did. They rejected the truth by nailing Christ on the cross and choosing the Talmud over their Messiah. They chose Satan. In their Pride, they could not stand that Christ was supposed to be the savior of all, and not just their savior. Just as how Lucifer, in Catholic thought, could not stand Mary becoming the Queen of heaven. So they rebelled and built their own temple. Kikes wanted a worldly king to make them powerful for power’s sake, which we can see in Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Christ for a few sheckles for being disappointed.

This reshaping of the creation may sound very outlandish, but when you think of it we see it every day. GMO food, trannies, faggots, ”Cum-dump Paganism”, race-mixing, banking (interest rate demanding expansion at the cost of something else – that is will to power crushing the organic) and so on. Everything the Jew does is to break down the natural order created by God, imposing their own instead. They want to be God. They want power, not truth. So they level the temple and from the clay the Rabbinic sorcerer creates a Golem. With carriers and nukes.

When you think about it, this makes sense. The Jews still pray before the wailing wall, said to be a wall of Solomon’s temple. God only knows what demons would escape from it should we actually demolish it, but with this in the back of our heads Judaism makes perfect sense. Not to mention the fact that the Jews murdered Jesus – logos incarnated. By doing this the Jews have placed upon themselves a curse. They have trough this act rejected all truth. All order. God himself. And every day they repeat this act by drowning us all with their filth in an attempt to dissolve us – and God’s creation – into nothingness.

By race-mixing we distort our natures to the degree that we do not know what we are. We become a coffee-colored brown sludge, a clay Rabbi Wisenthal can forge a new man from. A Golem drone content with living in a rat-cage apartment, paying his 14% interest on his 300K$ loan with his minuscule wage from working 12 hours a day in the Goy factory. The only communion this drone will take will be the colourful pills he’ll take every morning to prevent killing himself – making him duller and duller for every day. America has become the Rabbi’s Golem fighting against God’s cosmic order. Jews see the Goyim as animals, ”not of Adam” – that is animals. The Jews alone would be the ”true humans”. To them we’re like smarter animals one can abuse to their whim. And the perfect Goy for the Kike is the urban Golem.

Reliable sources have told me that they have heard time and time again with their own ears that the military in America – at least its air force – hungers for another war so they can bomb the living crap out of people. A satanic desire to destroy, to dominate, to feel powerful. With white people there would be no collateral damage – if anything they would be praised for killing off ”evil Nazis”. Like the forest-watcher in Ernst Jünger’s ”The Marble Cliffs”. Laughing as he sends his bloodhounds on the population simply defending their way of life.

These people are beyond reason, they are beyond morals, they are beyond logos. They have shunned the holy spirit, the glue of creation itself as theologians describe it, the shining glory of God, and instead choose to become slaves to their passion to destroy and rule. They can only rule over the ashes of creation, so they must through this shun God.

The antidote to this is not a dreamy ideal of a rural nation with peasants peacefully tilling the earth. We are not safe. Unlike our forefathers we now have the machine. A terrible creation which consumes natural resources and gives titanic power. The Jews have, in their satanic thirst for power, enslaved this weapon to their usury system. Thus, it not only consumes the natural world, but it is also forced to expand it’s operations exponentially.

Now, we’re at the point where the whole of society is a machine. Computerized bureaucratic demagoguery where bureaucrats are placed upon the thrones of the Dukes, Barons and Lords of old with blinders around their face, obsessed whether giving food for the Svensson family goes against §B1.03 or has support under §A7.34. The Jew has full control of this machine, and with it the Jews seek to crush the whole of creation.

So, should we just dream away – cuddle up to a relatively healthy woman and create a family in an isolated homestead? No. The total mobilization against the Jews and the forces of Satan is being sounded. Can’t you feel it? The forest-watcher’s bloodhounds are approaching. Can’t you hear them? The matrix’s shadow is looming over your kid picking flowers outside. Can’t you see it, with it’s thousands of tendrils and it’s titanic stature, blotting out the sky itself? If we isolate ourselves now and ignore the call for total mobilization, there’s none to fight them anymore. And ZOG’s dogs can go house to house and kill, rape and abuse every single one of you. Just like they have already done. You either stand under Christ’s banner at Jerusalem or under Lucifer’s at Babylon.

So the only thing we can do is to build our own machine and crush the Jew World Order and their satanic drive for “power for power’s sake,” without us ourselves being seduced by the temptations of this power. The plough must become a gun – or more like the 5 TB of anime must be replaced with social competence, physical fitness and a preparation to head into the woods once the European governments are starting to collapse – which they will very soon (to do peaceful, democratic and purely recreational activities of course).

We are heading into another great war. Not between two empires, but between two machines. The machine trying to demolish the Synagogue of Satan and the machine which the masons carefully built up with square and compass.

The Peace of the Jew is the death of civilized humanity. The Peace of the rural pacifist is the inevitable rape and murder (not necessarily in that order) of his whole family in front of his very eyes before he is killed as a result of him abandoning the bastion.

Only with the death of ZOG and killing our internal Jew will we be able to go back to another rural age. The Machine is dependent on natural resources, and they are shrinking and getting more scarce for every day as the demand for them is becoming higher and higher. If we are to survive we must fight for our survival. We must grab all the resources we need, to drain it all, only when these have been exhausted or when we have won with our spirit intact we can return to the farm. But only then.

The New Solomon of the Kikes is taking another step towards the throne of his temple for every year. And his number is six hundred sixty-six. Can’t you see the Rabbi rocking back and forth, praying to the wall where Lucifer himself is shackled?


Florian Geyer debuts the new Podcast, Mysterium Fasces. Joining him are Andrew Anglin, Natt Danelaw, Greve Hans, James Futurist, and Spiess. We discuss the Alt-Right, Christian Fascism, and read important religious documents.

Donald Trump Comments

Shitlord Gandhi

Poz-Flavoured Ice Cream

Denver Archbishop: Catholics Who Vote Democrat Sell Out Christ

Text of Mufti Sven’s Fatwa:

In the name of Allah Ar Rahman, the most merciful, the most beneficent, Al Jabbaar, the Powerful, the Irresistible, Al Baasit, The Expander, the Munificent, him who puts to the sword all non-believers, Allah Dhu al Jalal wa al Ikram, The Lord of Majesty and Generosity, I, Mufti Seventh Son, of the TRS clerical association, superintendent and president in all reverence an d Grace, to him Allah has trusted to lead the Umma of his believers, today issue a Fatwa against the infidelous organization known as Al-Iron March. Al-Iron March and their despicable Fascist Mafia have made themselves enemies of all true believers through their disgusting lies about this most holy school, therefore, let them be cast out. All members of TRS are to disassociated with them, on pain of the most excruciating banhammer, and banishment into the outer darkness. Zeiger Al-Quebeci, propagandist and evangelist of their nefarious fascist forces is hazr. Slavros Al-Uzbeki, MOST NEFARIOUS MONGREL DOG OF INFAMOUS REKNOWN AND BACKSTABBER OF GREAT HEIGHTS is hereby HAZR. Natt Danelaw. Aka Aldhdhib, MC WOLF, is hereby HAZR. And Florian Geyer, Al-kathuliki is to be included amoung their number, HAZR. All TRS members of the Ummah of the Prophet are to shun and keep them away from the confines of this sacred school.

Fascist Mafia Response:

The Fascist Mafia to the TRS Mufti!

O Bigboy, NEET devil and damned Milo’s kith and kin, secretary to Grindr Greggie himself. What the Sodomite’s kind of knight are you, that can’t slay Sanic the hedgehog with your outstretched arse? The Sodomite excretes, and your sycophants eats. You will not, you son of a tranny, make subjects of Fascist Christians; we’ve no fear of your troll army, by shitposts and by the Bible we will battle with thee, we’ll bog you all. You San Franciscan POZ magnet, Afghan bacha bazi boy, brewer of AIDS, boy-lover of New England, conjurer of Greater and Lesser Curses, AIDS-pig of Weimerica, Jewish thief, catamite of Suburbia, banner of Greve Hans, Natt, Florian Geyer among others, and fool of all the right and alt-right, an idiot before God, grandson of the Serpent, and the shit upon Spencer’s dick. Poz-pig’s fat, faggot’s arse, POZhouse bottom, LARPagan scum, creampier of your own mother! So the Ironmarchers declare, you lowlife. You won’t even be cleaning toilets for the natural Aristocrats. Now we’ll conclude, for we don’t know the reasons and don’t care about drama; the truth is our wife, the falsehood with thee, 2+2 is always 4 no matter what colours you write it with; for this kiss our Crosses!

-Inquisitor Hans of the Fascist Inquisition.

Text of Iron March Religion Project Article:

With the increasingly polarized nature of right-wing politics in the Occident, many find themselves to be newly minted Fascists, or rather, they embrace the label which had always described their beliefs, left implacable until now. Fascism, in it’s core, is the conformity of the state and the nation it represents to the Cosmic Order, that all elements of life operate in the most optimal way determined by natural and divine law.

Christians who embrace Fascism can struggle uniquely with reconciling the Truth of their Faith, to the Truth of Fascism. This is a struggle one need not undertake, for there is no disconnect. Christianity, in its orthodox form, constitutes the formal worship of revealed Truth. This truth is discerned through the Wisdom of Tradition, and the Revelation of Scripture. For the individual, the Christian life is one of Theosis, of becoming like God, of building virtue.

Some will protest this assertion. Many, pagans and other anti-Christian far right types see Christianity as a fundamentally semitic religion and mode of spirituality. They see it as corrupting the organic Aryan tradition of paganism, and infecting Europe with a spiritual virus. They believe this makes it incompatible with the Fascist worldview and the advancement of the European peoples, that it binds one to cuckoldry for Jesus.

This notion arises typically from limited observation of modern forms of Christianity. Pagans et al view Christians cucking in the name of Jesus, and conclude that Christianity is a cuck religion. This tradition could be said to start with Nietzsche, who observed Protestantism as applied in Germany, and forms of post-revolution metropolitan Catholicism in France, and concluded that the essence of the Christian ethic was slave morality. This issue is not recent, but perennial, speaking in his Discourses in 1517 Machiavelli notes “Although it would seem that the world has become effeminate and heaven disarmed, yet this arises unquestionably from the baseness of men, who have interpreted our religion according to the promptings of indolence rather than those of virtue.” and furthermore “If we were to reflect that our religion permits us to exalt and defend our country, we should see that according to it we ought also to love and honor our country, and prepare ourselves so as to be capable of defending her.”

These expressions of the Christian religion compose impure, heretical, and deviant forms of the original Faith. True Christianity, which for brevity will be referred to as orthodox Christianity, (with a small “o”) is the Faith which was practiced universally throughout the ancient world, and did not see a serious internal challenge until the advent of the Protestant Rebellion. The core of this Faith, this correct thought (or orthodoxy) today finds expression in pure forms of the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church. Many would claim that these expressions are actually the purest form of the religion, that modern Christianity is a doctrine that has gone through a process of catharsis where it has shed away all the supposed pagan elements that it absorbed, and that what we’re seeing today is the most authentic version of the Gospel. However this is clearly and objectively false, as will be demonstrated.

Throughout antiquity and the Middle Ages, there has always been a consensus on what the Christian faith is. From the British Isles and Scandinavia, across the entirety of Europe to the reaches of Roman Africa and the Middle East, the interpretation and doctrine of the faith have been one and the same. This also applied not only geographically but also historically, as this single understanding of Christian thought has remained the same throughout most of the ancient and Medieval period, in an unbroken chain of Holy Tradition. Someone born in a highly protestant environment may be used to the idea that Christianity is some form of free for all where anyone can pick whatever interpretation he may like from the Christian creed, and that Christianity is in some sort of constant flux where no interpretation is really solid, where no dogma that would be true for all Christians exists or can exist, where it’s all “like just your opinion maaan”, but this wasn’t really the case. The writings of the most influential Christian authors from every single century of the Church’s history have been preserved, and reading and studying those we can very obviously notice this singularity of the Christian doctrine. What Christianity actually is isn’t really up to debate, all it takes to find that out is a history book and a library full of Patristic works.

Aside from being questioned on its constancy and the correct interpretation, the Christian doctrine is also questioned on its authenticity. Many see some of the more obvious elements in Christianity which have their roots in the pre-Christian traditions, but they really don’t understand how they got there or what do they represent.

In the Christian faith, there is a distinction between the dogma (meaning the Truth in Greek) and praxis (meaning practice or works). Dogma refers to the metaphysics of the faith, to its idea about God, the Cosmos, meaning of life, Salvation, etc. On this plane, adherence to the one revealed Truth from God is a must, sticking to it in the same form in which it was “once delivered to the Saints” is non-negotiable, deviation from this means certain eternal damnation. Practice however refers more to the outwards expressions of the faith, to liturgical, canonical and ascetic parts rather than the doctrinal, to the form rather than essence, to the tools rather than the goals, means rather than ends. Among other things, it refers to various forms of symbolism, aesthetics, including iconography, architecture, musical styles, formal fashion, certain customary practices that are just a spiritual aid rather than a dogmatic must and so on. On the practical plain, there isn’t really a necessity of form, the practice is allowed to organically grow and take a variety of shapes that developed from a variety of cultures and periods. Deviating from these forms isn’t and can’t really be a heresy, but it’s generally agreed not to deviate from them without a really good reason, especially how most of them are now almost two millennia old.

So with this fanatical adherence to the purity of the doctrine, where do those alleged pagan elements come in? Well they come in into the practical field. In many cases the Church “culturally appropriated” some external, formal aspect of pagan worship, and changed its meaning to apply to the worship of Christ. This is not a deviation from the faith as the core or essence of the Christian doctrine remains the same, while a new outwards tool is applied to adhere to that same unchanged essence. Both the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches have most of their aesthetics picked from one aspect of Roman culture or another, with added Germanic influences for the Occident and Slavic for the Orient. And it’s there where the supposed pagan influence on the Christian spirit begins and ends. As we established that every single Christian doctrine can be traced through its authors back to the first centuries and the Apostles, there have been no intrusions into the Christian dogma from the pagan side. Any attempts to claim otherwise end with arbitrary picking and choosing of which doctrines are somehow authentically Christian and which are not, without any factual evidence of when and how those doctrines intruded into the Christian tradition, without previously being there, or in the Old Testament.

On a societal level, many of the ideas and policies Fascists advocate are built into the philosophy of the religion. The idea of the distributist economy, or a market which serves the people and the common Good, in the official position of the Catholic Church. Organic states, based on the natural organizations of kinship and nationality find themselves entirely at home to the same degree within the confines of orthodox thought. Medieval Latin Christianity fostered the development of the Feudal polity, what some argue to be the best example of an organic state, and an undoubtedly fascistic societal schema. In the Slavic world, the notion of sobornost, deeply rooted in Christian virtue, is the basis of most Orthodox nationalist thought. The Christian state follows the principle of conformity under the Kingship of Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Logos, or the Word of God. This theology is specifically enumerated in first chapter of the Gospel of John “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.[a] 2 He was in the beginning with God; 3 all things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made. 4 In him was life,[b] and the life was the light of men. 5 The light shines in the darkness,[c] and the darkness has not overcome it.

Christians believe he is the organizing mind behind the universe, the cosmic font of all order and right accord. For a Christian, then, one could say Fascism is a requirement, that the ideology emanates directly from the theology. This is what lead Hitler to proclaim, at a speech in Passau on October 27th, 1928 “We are a people of different faiths, but we are one. Which faith conquers the other is not the question; rather, the question is whether Christianity stands or falls…. We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity… in fact our movement is Christian. We are filled with a desire for Catholics and Protestants to discover one another in the deep distress of our own people.”

On the individual level, the Christian life is the same. The Christian ought to strive for the constant cultivation of virtue, and the avoidance of vice. It is quite literally anti-degeneracy the religion, the notion that personal error and evil is so egregious that God has to die on a cross to redeem it soteriologically speaks mountains about the importance of good personal conduct. To follow Christ, one is compelled to ‘take up their cross’ to embrace suffering, struggle, to obtain virtue, to sacrifice of oneself in service of God and neighbour, racial or otherwise. Christians even believe eschatologically that Jesus will come back and put to death all the degenerates, and such will be the fury of his wrath on the day of judgement, that the “blood [will] flow from the winepress, as high as a horse’s bridle, for two-hundred miles.” Apocalypse of John 14:20.

One of the primary goals of Fascism as a worldview, if not the most primary one is freeing society from the individualist principle and its notion of self-interest, from the idea that man is an atomized individual whose goal in life is to achieve happiness by pursuing his self-interest and that society is merely a platform for achieving that. To this idea is contrasted the ideal of the organic society, where a man is called to serve the Truth and his community. And while most ancient traditions were in many respects opposed to the individualist and materialist principles, no tradition comes as close to upholding the organic principle as the Christian faith does. As its most important law “love God” ties man to complete service to the Cosmic Order, its second fundamental law “love your neighbour” is the best possible summary of the organic principle.

This commandment is nothing more than a demand for man to abolish his own self-interest and self-centeredness and to dedicate his entire being to serving his comrades. It is the idea that one’s purpose in life isn’t to see how much shekels he can squeeze out of his surroundings, but how much good he can do for his own community. This is why terms service and sacrifice are so sacred in Christian thought, as there is nothing more great then to give up your interests or life in service to the Divine Truth and Justice.

But wait, you say, doesn’t love your neighbour mean cucking against your own people in favor of some third world dump? But why would it? What is said by that commandment is to abolish personal interest, and to completely remove greed from inter-personal relations. What it does not tell you is to screw over one of your “neighbours” for another “neighbour”, as if that is somehow just. There is everything just about freely sacrificing yourself for someone else, but what can be just about letting someone else drown for the sake of someone third? Nothing, obviously. Christ  himself exhorts us otherwise in the fifteenth chapter of Matthew’s Gospel, verse twenty-six 26 And he answered, “It is not fair to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs.”  And that is exactly what filling up a country with a hostile foreign population is. It is an attack and obvious harm done to the native population around you. In what universe can destroying the native population be reasonably considered as loving thy neighbour?

The same applies to the notion of loving your enemy, as it’s basically the same commandment. In English this may need explaining, but in other languages like Greek and Latin the meaning of this is clear from the text itself, as those languages have a clear distinction between the concept of a personal enemy and a public enemy, between the one who is threatening our personal interests and the one who is a threat to our community. When Christ tells us to love our enemies, he always used the word designated for the personal enemy. And that’s why this is essentially the same commandment, because it also calls men to renounce our personal interest and not take grudges or pursue vendettas. In fact, the famous “turn the other cheek” refers to a practice of challenging someone to a duel, where a slap in the cheek is the challenge itself, and here Christ commands his followers to refuse such a challenge by turning the other cheek. None of this says anything about not defending yourself or your community. In fact, defending your community is the sacred service to the others mentioned above, in has been seen that way for the entirety of Christian history.

Some of the most ardent of Fascists in the twentieth century have been devoutly religious. The most famous of which is Corneliu Codreanu, and the Iron Guard, who were a devoutly Eastern Orthodox organization through and through. Who can doubt their bona fide as true 1488 GTKRWN boots on the ground approved? Shall we conjecture that they were not truly Christian? The religion that they practiced, was the same one practiced by the Knight’s Templar. It was the same one practiced by Charlemagne and Justinian. And it was the same one practiced by the Apostles.

This religion which has been described, which enabled Europe to thrive and, whose great waters flow freely into the well of Fascism, is true Christianity. Any other form is heresy, is perversion. The historical record speaks well for itself about the success of this religion, the effectiveness is there to observe if one cares to look. Jesus Christ is the Cosmic Order, conformity to him is Fascism. Ave Christus Rex! Salve Regina Cæli.