On September 9th, Richard Spencer held some pretentious press conference  with Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow in an attempt to explain and justify the Alt Right to the hostile Judaic establishment.  Having lost the ability to hold the conference at the National Press  Club, and consequently losing the ability to identify with important-sounding buildings to cultivate a false image of legitimacy in lieu of having a coherent physical movement built around consistent core principles, it was held at some hotel no one cares about.

The fact that they’re even having a press conference is unnecessary as there’s no actual movement to represent, just a grab-bag of disparate elements.  If anything, this is a move by Spencer, Brimelow, and Taylor to consolidate their hold over an emerging trend and mold it to their vision for the purposes of securing the existence of the Jewish people and a future for world Kikery.  Whether that’s intended or not is beside the point.  With what transpired, I really get the idea I should be doing one of those goofy reaction videos to this god-awful mess, but whatever.

0:38 Richard Spencer : “we have to be authentic to the current year.”

You mean riding on the coattails of internet trends started by the Daily Stormer and TRS, taking credit for yourself while trying to tone police it back into your personal comfort zone of floundering irrelevance?  The same criticism applies to the other two clowns sharing the stage, along with Grindr Greggie who’s generally blacklisted from attending these events on account of his subaltern position to Spencer and his backers.   The most successful elements of the alt right are using methods that all these other clowns hysterically derided as VULGAR and COUNTER PRODUCTIVE, exactly as VNN and Iron March did years prior.

The conference clowns are just playing catch up while being too cowardly to own the ground that’s staked and still desiring the authenticity.  Amren even went out of its way to deliberately but futilely attempt to sabotage and concern troll these successful methods into derailment to protect its precious Jews.

0:46  Richard Spencer “The Alt Right is in a way conservatives who don’t have anything to conserve anymore.”

And right off the bat, lil Dick goes running back to the conservative label he’s claimed to move past while attempting to consolidate the alt right within that  prison.  He goes on to blather about how they’re ideologically different from  other variations of conservatism, how they’re the true conservatives blahblahblah, but dispositionally, they’re identical.

The conservative is a natural born loser, a contemptible punch puller forever playing on defense, a simpering queer in spirit paralyzed by propriety into believing an existential, no-holds-barred fight to the death is a gentlemen’s debate where everything’s up for sale, where they just lispily priss n’ prance their way through the marketplace of ideas in humble hopes the people will be R A T I O N A L L Y persuaded by cowardly doubletalk and buy their I D E A S.  Maintaining proper form and playing fair is more important to them than putting out the right message and actually getting in the ring, all in hopes Jews who hate them won’t call them mean names.

Spencer’s stated elsewhere his alt right will take over the republican party – like the republicans and their (((owners))) are just gonna hand it to him after he triumphantly insinuates his way through the party’s backdoors by whispering special buzzwords to them draped in vague mystifying bullshit.  In a parallel universe, Spencer’s running for office on the republican ticket.  This admission of what he is in function and now self-identification was a rare moment of honesty from Spencer.

3:16 Richard Spencer:  “I don’t think our support of Trump is really about policy at the end of the day, you can say its about style over substance.  Because, you know, policy,  what does that really matter? I think it’s really about Trump’s style, the fact that he doesn’t back down, that he’s willing to confront his enemies. “

Yeah and how’s that unrequited love working out for you?  Funnier yet, Trump’s style of over the top delivery and aggression is another living refutation to everything Spencer does and advocates with his approach.  Vicious, hilarious lampooning works. Vulgarity works.  And true to WASP form, Spencer’s afraid of actually doing what works, lacking the spirit to do so, so the best he can do is fawn at a distance while still trying to position himself as some sort of leader.

Wow, I thought the point of these conferences was to hype up and motivate people .  I feel demoralized already and I didn’t even pay whatever ridiculous fee they’re charging to attend this stupid shit.

Has it occurred to anyone else just how fucking boring this guy is to listen to?  Can’t he at least conscript his wife Tits Kouprianova to club baby seals to death with her mammarial monstrosities as some sideshow act?  Jesus Christ.

4:20 Richard Spencer “I think it would be better if we shuffled left and right and tried something dramatically different”- goes on to awkwardly ramble about meme magic to a handful of geriatrics.

The NS, Golden Dawn, the National Alliance, and countless others have all done so with great success, which Spencer runs away from because that would upset (((Miss Daisy’s))) delicate sensibilities.  Get off the ice you faggot.

6:40 Richard Spencer : “There is no one leader of the alt right so I cannot enforce anything.”

…as Spencer’s being presented as its leader and creator, with the Jewish media holding up Jew-appeasers Spencer, Brimelow, and Taylor, along with Jew Milo, as the alt-right’s key figures in order to keep it in the semitic safety zone.  Spencer  absolutely can enforce things, like barring people from his conferences for being counter-semitic, while other key figures do the same.  He can then proceed to use that as leverage for pushing and forcing a wider cultural/behavioral change within the alt right.

Meanwhile  he’s giving carte blanche to philosemites and Jews to attend his conferences, network, push their messages and promote themselves, essentially holding a Jewish (and queer) line on key defining issues.  Jew criticism’s not allowed because it wouldn’t look right with the drapes and lace, but Jews and fags are more than welcome to peddle their bullshit.

His statement here was moreso directed at the alt right to stave off attacks and maintain plausible deniability over the power he exercises within the alt right than it was at the general public, he’s the William Buckley of nationalism.

Here’s something to consider – why is the Jew media promoting Milo, Spencer, Brimelow, and Taylor as the alt rights spokesmen and directing all traffic towards them?  Spoiler alert: so its multiple subcultures can be kept within the semitically-correct plantation no matter where else they go.

8:40 : “We question some of the most basic norms, we question America’s foundingness, that’s how I would put it.  If you wanna look at the Declaration of Independence, its not just this notion of all men are created equal I would object to, its also this notion that states come into being because people want to create these entities to defend their inalienable rights.”

Probably the only vaguely useful thing he’s said.

9:00 Richard Spencer:  “I find that just total hokum nonsense.  That’s not how any government came into being.”

Bingo, they’re forged into being through the violent struggle for power and control, the exact same things you timidly prance away from out of fear Jews will call you a toothless redneck while you’re busy gluing pictures of Roman statues (like anyone even knows what those posters even fucking mean) to the Starbucks window with some useless apple polishing kiss-ass like Nathan Damigo.

9:30 Richard Spencer: “if something holds America together now, its this gobbledygook that we come from different places to achieve our dreams.”

No, dumbass, the meme is consequent of the Jewish power structure you ignore.  You know, the one that has its fingers on the triggers of every military and police weapon, the one that forced integration at gunpoint, the one that forced white women into schools filled with slobbering nigger rapists.  The credible threat and usage of state-sanctioned VIOLENCE against any and all dissenters is what holds the JewSA together.


If Spencer just pretends this all just doesn’t exist, then it plays into his fantasy he can win by taking over the republican party on account of his special I D E A S with zero regard for the amount of people he’s misdirecting with this approach.  Lisping about ideas divorced from physical reality and power structures  is the realm of the autist. Spencer’s just some dweeb.

12:40 Richard Spencer: “in terms of parentheses I would mention part of my own development was becoming aware of (((neoconservatives))), becoming aware of the way in which Zionism, I think perversely influences American foreign policy , and so the parenthesis is a way of locating people who may have a different interest than American interest.  The fact that all these people adopted the parentheses was hilarious.”

Name the Jew, dumbass.  Want to control Spencer for all eternity?  Just threaten to associate him with Jewish caricatures of toothless rednecks.

16:00 Richard Spencer: “I want to have influence,” goes on to draw a comparison to the (((neoconservatives))) and how they remade the world with I D E A S with a small core of activists, claims how its a better model.”

Jesus Christ.  The neoconservatives succeeded with those methods because they had the full backing of the present power structure, Jewry, with many being Jews and former Marxists themselves.   You don’t, and will never have that backing, no matter how much you try to appease them.

They have power, you don’t, and they’re not just gonna give it you because of your special I D E A S.  The (((neoconservatives))) were allowed in.  So was Trump because he’s phony opposition.  You won’t be, and as you have no capability for organizing widespread violence against them, you have no leverage over them that could force them to let you in.  So what are you gonna do about it?  Blow more air about I D E A S while wasting your supporter’s money on dumb pyramid schemes like Phalanx?  

17:15 – Brimelow comes on, brief autobiographical stuff, some vague shit about (((Conservatism Inc))) without naming the Jew.

20:55 Peter Brimelow:  “I actually remember when the conservative movement worked.”

…lol.  It worked?  They fumbled the ball every fucking time it was handed to them.  Did they manage to avert a single thing we’re facing now?  No?  Well, then it didn’t work.  Whether Brimelow – a self described civic nationalist – thinks he’s playing some angle here or is just legitimately clueless is beyond me. I already posted the link earlier, but in case Brimelow’s ever reading  this, for god’s sake read William Pierce’s Why Conservatives Can’t Win and actually think about the implications.

Does this guy think the John Birch Society actually achieved anything  by conducting its own purges of dreaded radicals for going anywhere near the Jewish problem?  JBS were punch-pulling pussies, as former members  going from Rockwell, Piece, and Revilo Oliver to countless others all routinely pointed out.   JBS purged and alienated everyone capable of bringing the fight to the Jew’s door in an attempt to appease the Jews, only to get themselves purged from the ranks of conservatism later.

Yeah, I guess old school faileoconservatism worked – for the Jews – exactly as it was intended to all along.

21:05 Peter Brimelow: “Reagan was a great man.”

Aaaaaand here we go with the old fogey nostalgia that shapes this guy’s entire world view.  What made Reagan a great man, the fact he granted amnesty to nonwhite illegal immigrants, or do you just like him in an unprincipled way because “aahh, yeahh, he’s my kinda guy even tho he undermined everything I claim to stand for, I just like how he says things and shits on poor people?”

Jesus Christ, no wonder he thinks conservatism actually worked.

23:30 Peter Brimelow: “all the nation states of Europe were nation states, they’ve been ethnically cleansed by the Germans.”

And here he goes out his way to bravely hold the line of Jewish lies on WWII.  Lies aside, evidently it doesn’t occur to this dolt that if Hitler had won, the immigration crisis he now acknowledges is an international problem wouldn’t be happening, at least not in Europe. Brimelow inadvertently colors himself with his own “holocaust-haunted rich” quip he’s made elsewhere and probably doesn’t even realize it.

Sweet syrupy Jesus, please shoot me.

23:35 Peter Brimelow:  “and the Russians.”

Well, at least he got that part right.  Will he mention that an inordinate amount of Soviet commissars were of a (((particular))) origin?  What about the atrocities Team Anglo committed, like the firebombing of Dresden and post-war starvation and abuse of German POWs.  I’m placing 20 niggers down on no.

24:10 Peter Brimelow:  “The political elite will not deal with this problem”

Hey Peter, how about naming that elite – Jews and White traitors serving them – instead of using all these faggy weasel words that do nothing to educate and provide direction. How about explaining WHY they won’t deal with it. What, are ya too scared to do that?

I thought the point of these things was to educate a wider audience and discuss associated topics that come up, not to nervously fumble around being as vague and evasive as possible, focusing on how to minimize criticism and name calling directed at you.

This is just wasting the money of everyone who paid to be there.

25:15 Peter Brimelow: (Goes on about how Hillary’s gonna enforce amnesty for illegal immigrants.)

Ohh, so its bad when Hillary does it, but a-ok when Ronnie Reagan does the same thing?  What about some of Trump’s statements waffling on the issue?

26:15  Peter Brimelow: “there isnt any conversation going about immigration at all among the elite.”

Well how about naming that shadowy (((elite)))? Then you’ll know why.  They aren’t simply avoiding it out of fear while being ignorant as to its effects, this is a deliberate, forced agenda of White genocide, of which the Republican party is just one of the many executioners.  They know exactly what they’re doing.

28:00 Peter Brimelow: (Goes into secession and a possible breakup of the US along racial lines , worth listening to.  One of the rare good moments of this conference.)

30:35 Peter Brimelow: “He[Putin] is a nationalist”

…as Putin, who has strong ties to organized international Jewry, is locking Russian nationalists in prison under a myriad of hate crime laws and passing further bogus laws like ones banning “holocaust denial”

inb4 Putintards try to desperately rationalize their adoration of Putin by arguing how imposing a Jewish party line is somehow running an angle on the Jews, using a reality compass made by Shaggy 2 Dope to guide them through their mental travails.

34:30 Richard Spencer: some nerdy matrix reference.  smdh 2016.

34:35 Richard Spencer: “I’ve always been a radical at heart”

Coming from the self-described true conservative who thinks he can take over and reform the republican party for White people while explicitly rejecting violence and without taking on the Jew .  LOL LOL LOL.

If you were a radical, you’d be attacking and burning the republican party to the ground, leading a solid, fanatical vanguard to take power as your enemies dropped all around you.

Pick an identity and stick with it, jesus, This guy’s more unstable in his identity than some 15 year-old wrist cutter.

34:50 Richard Spencer: “I always wanted to avoid the race issue, it  felt icky, I didn’t want to talk about it, it gave me trouble”

And that’s exactly where is mindset is on the Jewish problem, among countless other issues pertaining to our situation and how to organize viable resistance.  Still a functional conservative, paralyzed by propriety.

35:00  Richard Spencer: “I can say that Jared Taylor redpilled me”

And I can say William Pierce redpilled me because I already knew niggers sucked (most people do), hated them from an early age, and was never ashamed of that.  Guess who’s still stuck on the Semitic plantation?  You.

This goes to show the importance of ensuring that Semitically-correct racialists DO NOT serve as introductory material.  If need be, steal their sources and work but do not credit them or direct any traffic to them in any way.   Direct and frame all their information and arguments  in terms of the Jewish problem.  William Pierce should serve as the basic introductory material to set new people on their course to Hitler, and from there, the need for all out uncompromising confrontation with the system, not some lying Kike-fellating piece of shit like Jared.  Just look at Jared’s followers to see where they remain, what dumb arguments they employ,  what even stupider tactics they advocate, and the amount of damage and misdirection they do to our cause.

Look at the TYPE of people he attracts too – snobby and timid upper middle class types who try to WASP their way around everything, placing a greater importance on personal propriety and prestige than principle.  Amren boys are just cowardly, weak, stupid, useless, and above all, saturated with unwarranted self importance.  They’re the type who if they even bother joining a group will demand it be toned down to their level of ineffectiveness to personally accommodate their sensibilities, deciding that’s still too edgy, dropping everything and running away when all their damage is done.

We don’t need that type in the movement.

35:15 Jared Taylor comes on, gives usual HBD spiel, touches on forced integration and repression of scientific research while avoiding the role of the Jewish power structure.  Some useful material, use the guy for his arguments, don’t give him credit or publicity.

43:00  Jared Taylor: “Conservatism has completely abandoned these questions.”

Good, now is he gonna take this where it needs to go?

44:00 Jared Taylor points out how most people show they’re racist without realizing it while simultaneously vocalizing support for anti-racism, fails to go into the psychological dynamic behind this, pushed by the Jewish power structure he also avoids.  Avoids focusing on (((who’s))) pushing forced integration onto white neighborhoods, blames whites instead.

46:50 Jared Taylor : “Only whites have been browbeaten into thinking its some sort of virtue to march off the stage of history.”

(((Who’s))) doing the browbeating?

You know, this is so cringeworthy I cant even finish this shit.  Zeiger covers the rest of this clown show over at the Daily Stormer.  Spencer goes out of his way to praise Jews and insists we’ll have good relations with them as they’re trying to exterminate us.   Spencer then undermines his whole purpose by lying that whites aren’t going anywhere implying we aren’t facing a genocidal demographic crisis. Taylor proceeds to actively lie on a whole litany of subjects covering Jews, on and on.  If I’m feeling particularly masochistic maybe I’ll do an in depth cover of part 2 but ahh, fuck this, these people suck.

Someone please let me know if he actually uses “marketplace of ideas” in this because then the parody’s just writing itself there.

The takeaway lesson here is these are all men of varying levels of confusion, cowardice, and corruption, Brimelow seems genuinely clueless so I just kinda feel bad for him.  The other two, Spencer and Taylor, are pieces of shit.  Anyway, if these men are gonna be the front and center of representing our race, and if Jews are able to intimidate them into actively lying and misdirecting on their behalf, then its our duty to relentlessly attack all three of these men until they perform on the necessary level or are hounded into irrelevancy.

If Jews are able intimidate these men by showing them there’s a price to pay for throwing punches, then it’s our duty to show them there’s an even greater price to pay for pulling punches.



“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him.” — so declared Nietzsche to the world in his “Science of Joy,” a statement to be later popularized via “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”. Yet most people misunderstand the message Nietzsche conveyed and thus atheists and nihilists use that declaration as a message of triumph, when in reality it was a statement of despair.

Before we continue with this article, we’d like for the reader to understand what we will be talking about when referring to God in this article. In the previous articles published on NOOSE we have occasionally talked about the Ultimate Truth and the Cosmic Order – the central core of the Fascist Worldview. These same things can be understood and expressed in a number of ways, depending on the conceptual and symbolic language/narrative employed, thus they have also been referred to, for example, as the Absolute, or, more commonly, as God. What all these words have in common at their core, regardless of the narrative employed behind them (be it an abstract spiritual force, a host of pagan Gods, or the Christian God), is an understanding of a spiritual force that pervades and rules supreme over all. It governs all of life and gives it structure and order, from the physical laws of the universe to the intricate nature of the Human condition. Ultimate Truth / Cosmic Order / The Absolute / God(s) are expressions of that spiritual force by different means, which are not the subject of this article. Thus we aim to simplify the narrative presented in this article by referring to them all simply as God, not necessarily specifically the Christian or any other God, but nevertheless not excluding them either.

The deeper nature of these narratives and their correlation is something that will be explored in depth in a series of articles that will be published by IronMarch at a future date. This article, however, will be focusing on the issue of mankind losing its connection with that spiritual force, the consequences of that, and what it has to do with the Fascist Struggle. Thus, let us continue with the article proper.

God is dead” is a statement of fact, the fact being how mankind has lost its connection to the spiritual world (for if we can no longer perceive God, he might as well be dead to us), which ultimately leaves us stranded in the desacralized, material world without a guiding light towards which we could orient ourselves – with no objective, absolute law ordained from a higher source. Nietzsche did not, in fact, celebrate this state of affairs, but was horrified of it and thus sought a solution – Nietzsche was not a nihilist, but to the contrary, an anti-nihilist, seeking a solution to nihilism as a problem that mankind faced in the absence of God.

As much as he may have had his qualms with Christianity, it nevertheless presented such a guiding light to men, without which we are but rudderless ships lost in a storm. Where else could man turn to, in such a state of affairs, other than himself and his own strength? When men lose their connection with God they can do nothing else but rely on themselves – thus the man-centric conception of the world is born, which is exactly what Nietzsche had contributed to, by promoting Will to Power and the Übermensch, fine additions to what Oswald Spengler defined as Faustian culture, all things associated with the nature of Titans.

In many ways Nietzsche comes to mankind as an earthly counterpart of the Norse God Heimdallr, who blows the Gjallarhorn to signify the beginning of Ragnarök and the coming of a host of Chthonic/Elemental forces (e.g. Fenrir, Jörmungandr, the Jötunn giants, etc) that would wage war against the Gods. Whereas Heimdallr warns the Gods of the start of Ragnarök, Nietzsche comes to mankind with a message that the Twilight of the Gods has already arrived – we are living it. The world of man has been submerged into the “waters“. However, at the exact same time it is Nietzsche that promotes the coming of the Elemental Giants (Titans) via his concept of the Übermensch – man as a law onto himself.

The Bronze Age is also marked by the unleashing of the principle proper to the warriors’ caste, namely, pride, violence, war. The corresponding myth is the Titanic or Luciferian revolt, or the Promethean attempt to steal the Olympian fire. The age of “giants,” or of the Wolf, or of the “elemental beings;’ is an equivalent figuration found in various traditions and in their fragments preserved in legends and epics of various peoples.

-Julius Evola, Mystery of the Grail

Twilight of the Gods” and “God is Dead” are one and the same notion. They are different narratives for the same event of mankind losing its connection with the spiritual world, ushering in materialism, nihilism, rationalism, atheism and other concepts that lie at the heart of modern degeneracy and decay, associated with Faustian, Titanic, Promethean and Luciferian themes, unified in a simple formula: Man must become his own God and take control of God’s creation. Such a man is an Übermensch  a Titan. 

The true message of the Norse myth, along with many other similar traditional narratives, warns mankind of its inevitable downfall into ignorance of the Higher Order of life as ordained by God. This ignorance would force man to find a new absolute law to orient himself towards, and he would inevitably place it in himself. Man becomes the end in of himself, thus his own desires are of the utmost importance, his own mind and ego are the ultimate judges of his own conduct.

Let us map out the timeline of the Death of God:

  • Mankind loses sight of God and is left bereft of a guiding light.
  • Mankind begins to look inwards and cultivates the man-centric worldview. This stage is best embodied by the Enlightenment Era. This is the Luciferian/Promethean aspect, where man begins to place value in himself above all else, including God. These processes are tantamount to Lucifer’s revolt against the Christian God and to Prometheus stealing the Fire of the Gods from Mount Olympus, bringing it down to man.
  • Once this self-obsession is cultivated, it is directed outwards against nature/God’s creation as man attempts to subjugate everything to himself. This stage is best embodied by the Industrialization Era.  This is the Faustian aspect, where man uses his own reason, will power, science and technology to manipulate the world around him. Here we witness the birth of Titans, the Nietzschean Übermensch, driven by his Will to Power.

At this stage man essentially becomes the “perfect animal“, the “king of earthly beasts” so to speak. Yet this state of affairs cannot last for two major reasons. First of all, when man places value and ultimate authority within himself he can negotiate with himself and thus compromise on anything. Man cannot negotiate with a Higher Order, but he can always negotiate with himself, which is what we can witness today as people rationalize their shortcomings and degeneracy. Secondly, man becomes a slave to his own mechanical creations by means of which he exerted his dominance against nature, which helps further degenerate mankind. Man grows lazy, complacent, compliant, and his Will to Power withers away, leaving something even less than animal, something subhumanThis is the era we find ourselves in now. The Fall of Titans.

However, just as Mankind was warned of its downfall, so it was likewise foretold of its restoration by means of coming to know the Higher Order of life once again. All traditional narratives talk of how in the last and darkest age after the Death of God there would come Heroes who would dispel the darkness and restore God’s Law on Earth.

The last age is the Iron Age, or, according to the corresponding Hindu term, the Dark Age (Kali Yuga). This age includes every de consecrated civilization, every civilization that knows and extols only what is human and earthly. Against these forms of decadence there emerged the idea of a possible cycle of restoration, which Hesiod called the heroic cycle or age of heroes. Here we must employ the term heroic in a special, technical sense distinct from the usual meaning. According to Hesiod, the “generation of heroes” was created by Zeus, that is to say, by the Olympian principle, with the possibility of reattaining the primordial state and thus to give life to a new “golden” cycle.

-Julius Evola, Mystery of the Grail

Through the reconciliation of the Titan and Hero archetypes, who are cut from the same cloth, the titanic Will to Power would be directed towards the restoration of the Cosmic Order and thus it would be converted into a Will to Truth.

Heracles earns Olympian immortality after allying himself to Zeus, who is the Olympian principle, against the “giants”; according to one of the myths of this cycle, it is through Heracles that the “titanic” element (symbolized by Prometheus) is freed and reconciled with the Olympian element.


The titanic type – or, in another respect, the warrior type – is, after all, the prime matter of which heroes are made.

-Julius Evola, Mystery of the Grail

It is the overcoming of the Nietzschean Übermensch, granting Nietzsche’s legacy a positive connotation.

Freeing the doctrine of Nietzsche from its naturalistic aspects, one sees that the “superman” and the “will-to-power” are not real except as supra-biological, and, we should say, supra-natural qualities. Then this doctrine, for many, can be a path by which the great ocean can be reached – the world of the solar universality of great Nordic-Aryan traditions – from whose summit the meaning of all the misery, irrelevance and insignificance of this world of prisoners and lunatics can at last be grasped.

-Julius Evola, Heathen Imperialism

It is the appearance of what Savitri Devi called Men Against Time, those who fight for the Eternal in the world of change, counting Adolf Hitler as one in their number.

The saviours in the worldly sense of the word — those who set out to perfect not merely men’s souls but men’s collective life and government, and international relations — are what we call men “against Time.” And they are necessarily violent, although not always physically so. They may be, — in fact, they should be, — personally free from the bondage of Time, if they are to act with the maximum of foresight and efficiency. But they have to take into consideration the conditions of action “within Time” to live “in” Time, also, in a way.

-Savitri Devi, Lightning and the Sun

It is the coming of the Wildes Heer – the Wild Hunt, heroes sacrificing themselves in battle to aid Odin in Ragnarök

First of all, as is well-known, Valhalla is the centre of celestial immortality, reserved mainly for heroes fallen on the battlefield. The lord of this place, Odin-Wotan, is presented to us in the Ynglingasaga as having shown to the heroes the path which leads to the place of the gods, where immortal life flourishes. According to this tradition no sacrifice or cult is more appreciated by the supreme god, and none produces richer fruits, than that sacrifice which one offers as one falls fighting on the battlefield. In addition to this, behind the confused popular representation of the Wildes Heer this meaning is hidden: through the warriors, who, falling, offer a sacrifice to Odin the power is increased which this god needs for the ultimate battle against the Ragna-rökkr, that is, the “darkening of the divine”, which has threatened the world since ancient times. This illustrates clearly the Aryan motif of the metaphysical struggle.

-Julius Evola, The Metaphysics of War

It is, indeed, the coming of Fascists and National-Socialists – the last Heroes of the cycle, the last Titans who turned their Will to Power into a Will to Truth. We practice what is described in Buddhism as, negation of negation: in our opposition to the forces that denied God’s Law we reaffirm it once again, restoring the Cosmic Order in human affairs. It is the path of restoration on a civilizational and racial scale, rather than the path of individual salvation, yet the latter will follow suit with the former.

Such is the true essence of the Fascist struggle – to deny the forces of decay, involution and degeneracy and in that denial restore all the positive aspects of the human condition. It is nothing short of a Holy War, a spiritual and physical Crusade against the forces of materialism, secularism, atheism, rationalism, humanism, egalitarianism, hedonism, relativism, utilitarianism, nihilism, i.e. the powers of ruin that only seek “nothingness, nothingness without end“.

Thus, to Nietzsche’s desperate cry of “God is Dead!” we will give our roaring and triumphant battle cry: “God is Dead – LONG LIVE GOD!”