We’ve already had a couple of articles by Greve Hans that dealt with anti-intellectualism, but we’ll have one more crack at this subject. This time, however, we will present what it is that Fascism/NS prizes over intelligence and why exactly it is incompatible with intellectualism.

The prevalent default dichotomy that people just go with is that of smart vs dumb people, the former being “good” or at the very least “better” than the latter. The emphasis on this dichotomy took hold with the rise of Rationalism and the Enlightenment, when it was cemented that the “rational”, “smart” and “intelligent” people should form the social elites as the “most” capable.

Such origins alone should signal to proper Fascists that there is something suspect going on here, and for good reason. For all intents and purposes Intellectualism is fetishization of intellect, whereupon intelligence becomes a measure of social worth and thus social status. What follows, is that if one wants to rise in his social standing, he must prove himself to be intelligent, and thus achieve the title of higher social standing “intellectual”.

However, what this does, is create a proverbial rat race to prove one’s intellect even when one does not possess said intellect, for blind ambition is most often found with fools, as the Dunning–Kruger effect will attest. In fact the less a man understands a given subject, the more likely he is not to realize all the mistakes he is making, whereas someone actually knowledgeable in the subject can correctly evaluate their own shortcomings (consider all the singing competitions in the world and how many delusional people are convinced their shitty singing is amazing). Same effects apply to intellectualism – people aspire to be regarded as “intellectuals“, as smart, however they may only be smart enough to read truly intelligent or complicated texts, but not understand them – and therein lies the origin of most intellectuals. This is a problem that Adolf Hitler highlighted in Mein Kampf, when he talked of how most people don’t know how to read:

In either case, what is read shouldn’t simply be stored in the memory like a list of facts and figures. The facts, like bits of a mosaic tile, should come together as a general image of the world, helping to shape this world image in the reader’s head. Otherwise, there will be a confusion of information learned, and the worthless mix of facts gives the unhappy possessor an undeserved high opinion of himself. He seriously believes he is “cultured and learned” while thinking he has some understanding of life and is knowledgeable simply because he has a stack of books by his bed. Actually, every piece of new information takes him further away from the real world, until often he ends up either in a psychiatric hospital or as a “politician” in government.

-MK, V1, Ch2

These people, fueled foremost by the desire to achieve a certain social standing, put on a pageantry of supposed intelligence by trying to dazzle everyone with fancy and complex words or concepts that they picked up from smart books. Sometimes, not even that – as intellectuals feeds off each other, thus they will gladly regurgitate each other’s nonsense. One of the favorite maneuvers of intellectuals is to take something simple and dress it up with needlessly complex phrasing to, once again, give off the appearance of being intelligent.

The more honest term for these people is “smart idiots” as Julius Evola described them in Chapter 14 of The Bow and Club.


In short, Intellectualism is the fetishization of intellect, where intelligence becomes a goal in and of itself. It creates the desire in people of weak character to propel themselves socially by giving off the illusion of being intelligent (though often even some truly intelligent people are of weak character). In the process of striving for that social status they actually manage to fool even themselves into thinking they possesses high intellect.

Coupled with the idea of egalitarianism, this created the conditions for the “rat race of smarts“, where anyone is supposedly capable of achieving high intellect, and thus enjoy the social position from whence to sneer down on those who had not achieved the same. This being motivated, in the first place, by envy of those held in high esteem for intellect above oneself (regardless if their esteem is well earned or not).

The whole of modern society is actually built on perpetuating this misguided ambition with motivations of mass higher/academic education. An education which is, in fact, used to socialize and thus integrate people into the System, our mortal foe. Yet it is done under the guise of creating “intelligent” people, where one’s intellect and rightful social standing is proven by nothing more than a piece of paper. In USA this is also coupled with a larger usury scheme of student loans. One has to wonder how smart a person truly is, if he is willing to be duped out of his money in a simple swindle, for the promise of becoming an “intellectual“.

In psychology, the mass idea has triumphed, so that “genius” is equated with high intelligence, and the latter with “college education.” Again — no qualitative differences among persons. The commercial maxim is “You can buy brains.”

-IMPERIUM, by Francis Parker Yockey

However, one not being deluded by the System’s institutions of learning does not mean one has escaped its larger influence of placing value in intellect as a goal in of itself, hence all the “fringe” intellectuals, the self-taught and self-read wannabes who merely covet the same aspirations as the lemmings in the halls of modern academia – they simply do so “from the outside”. This, in fact, likewise gives them a sense of intellectual superiority as they believe themselves too smart to fall for the System’s influence, despite the fact that they follow the same aspirations everyone else has been told to uphold.

If a lemming intellectual is hard to get through to, because he believes himself intelligent by virtue of his diploma, then the fringe intellectual is hard to get through to, because he believes himself intelligent by virtue of “not having been fooled” by the System. In either case they will tell you of how much smarter they are than you because of a piece of paper or because of how they “know” what’s “really going on“.

The worst offenders of the latter type are the people who claim to be on the same side as ourselves, but immediately try to assume a position of superiority based on their delusion of personal intellectual grandeur, and regard the rest as their personal army of foot soldiers, whom they can “direct” with their “high intelligence“. This “intellectual vanguard” (sometimes self-described as “the brains”), that sneers down on the people who would actually get things done (“the muscle”), forgets that after any revolution the first group to be purged from society is, in fact, the intellectuals. Moreover, most ills of modern day can be traced back to ill-conceived ideas of the intellectual strata.

All of this, however, is not to say that education is wrong, but rather, to point out how its purpose has been completely perverted and transformed from cultivating useful knowledge for practical purposes, to cultivating a sense of self-worth, measured by one’s “intelligence“. Neither are we harping on intellect or intelligence itself (and thus, by extension, on the truly intelligent people), rather we oppose the transformation of those things into social credentials.

In the end, one can hardly be surprised by the Fascist/NS opposition to intellectualism and all self-professed intellectuals. The former necessitates a kind of social structure that is incompatible with our ultimate goals and allows for the rise in society of people who are unworthy of the posts they might assume. The latter presents a person of low quality trying to pass themselves off as someone worthy of your admiration, respect, and even obedience, based on their own self-evaluated “higher” intellect.

Fascism/NS outright reject the inflated importance of the smart/idiot dichotomy and opposes intellectualism with Character. Where Modern World Rationalists place Intellect, Fascism and National-Socialism places Character. This is because unlike intelligence, one cannot pretend to cultivate it artificially or pretend to have any other kind of Character than the one they truly have.

I would strongly compel everyone to read Ernst Junger’s interwar article on Character for the best insight to its nature and importance, but we will nevertheless provide some quotations from it and other Fascist/NS sources.

Unlike the Age of Enlightenment we believe character to be the highest value – that is the most important sign of our inner transformation.

-Ernst Junger

One’s Character is their true inner nature. Fascism prizes the great, strong, firm character over the weak and soft, for that is the character that can uphold our values and honor Truth. One’s intelligence comes second, for a person of great character may not be the smartest, but he will stand taller than the person of weak character, who is more intelligent. In fact, the latter is the perfect description of the intellectual, of the modern man in general.

The person of weak character desperately needs some modicum of intelligence to have the skills for rationalizing why his lack of will power (a trait of a strong character) doesn’t matter or should not be taken into account. It is these people who will try to intellectually justify degeneracy – foremost their own, and then that of others, to secure their own standing. “Faggotry is not a problem” is something only a faggot or a smart idiot will say, ignoring that faggotry is often the consequence of a small and weak character, as is the case for all degeneracy.

A simple and humble man may be far more virtuous than the intellectual, and thus we do not prize intellect itself and would not offend said man for not being the smartest. “Smart” and “dumb” do not figure in our worldview as substitutes for “good” and “bad“, nor do they rank as the all-defining human traits – only Character can fulfill that task. Thus we also do not recognize the “smart” jobs as the superior ones, instead we recognize the effort of the man fulfilling the task he was meant for, as per his Character:

“Each has his task in the community, given to him according to his gifts. Never do all have the same task, but rather each his own. His task gives him a place in the community, if he fulfills it completely, he wins the esteem of the others. He is happy, even if his task is not large in the overall scheme of things.”

“A worker on the street can stand higher in the ranks than a government minister if he has better done his duty.”

-Faith and Action, by Helmut Stellrecht

In reality, intelligence is a tool, and like any tool it can be wielded for good or ill, and what determine’s ones use of that tool is, again, Character. The small man will use intellect to justify his shortcomings and to secure his petty interests, to protect his own hide and swindle others. Thus intellect serves to create ideas like equality and communism. A great man will use intellect in service to a higher task that he seeks to realize, in service to a greater principle that dictates a necessity, rather than a personal whim. Thus intellect serves to create the Organic State.

As our spiritual experience shows, above the outer logic of reason, conditioned by the senses, rises an internal logic of fate. And we perceive it not by the brain, but by blood which uses the brain for its own goals or in spite of it. The arguments of blood are not convincing, they are compulsory. Its goals are not logical constructs but are the consequence of necessity. It’s main organ is the heart. And that which in relation to the brain we call reason, in relation to the heart we call character.

-Ernst Junger

It thus follows that we also do not recognize the notion of an “Intellectual Elite” as the leaders of State and Nation, seeing how the qualifications for such an elite would once again put men of weak and small character above men of great character (hence our laughter when self-proclaimed intellectuals deem themselves to be the “brain” to our “muscle”). The only elite possible in Fascism/NS is the natural-born leaders, men of great character, what Francis Parker Yockey called the “culture-bearing stratum“, the natural spiritual minority within any given culture who represent its absolute best:

Races and nations express themselves at their highest potential in strong individuals, who embody the prime national characteristics, and acquire immense historical symbolic significance.

Not intelligent or smart individuals, but strong individuals, men of great character, that is the primary prerequisite, what follows is their natural talents and aptitudes, including intelligence, which they can apply for the best effect:

The notion of prominence is related to the idea of the Culture-bearing stratum in this way: every man who is prominent in any field, and who also has inner gifts, of vision, appreciation, or creativeness, naturally belongs to this stratum.

Hence why it has always been Fascism/NS that attracted exactly this type of people:

Only Authority represents a step forward, and thus the strongest, most vital, creative elements in the Culture-bearing stratum are found in the service of the resurgence of Authority.

Which likewise accounts for why Fascism/NS had attracted into its ranks people from all walks of life, from all social fields and classes – something that has been a mystery to our enemies for the longest time. Our worldview did not attract people on the basis of interests or existing social standing or common secondary attributes, such as intelligence – it attracted that very culture-bearing stratum who felt the “compulsory argument of blood” to do “that which is necessary” and whose representatives are hidden throughout society:

“The Culture-bearing stratum is not recognized by its contemporaries in any way as a unity, nor does it recognize itself as one. As a stratum it is invisible, like the Culture it carries. Because it is a purely psychic stratum, it can be given no material description to satisfy the intellectuals.”

“The Culture-bearing stratum, articulated into creators and appreciators, is invisible as such. It corresponds to no economic class, no social class, no nobility, no aristocracy, no occupation. Its members are not all public figures by any means. But by its existence, this stratum actualizes a High Culture on this earth.”

One other Fascist figure who wrote on this same culture-bearing stratum, from which the elite could be formed, was Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, in his autobiography “For My Legionaries”:

A people is not capable of governing itself. It ought to be governed by its elite. Namely, through that category of men born within its bosom who possess certain aptitudes and specialties.

Furthermore, when he qualified the necessary characteristics of an elite, he does not once mention intellect, instead listing qualities that are also properties of Character:

On what must an elite be founded?
a) Purity of soul.
b) Capacity of work and creativity.
c) Bravery.
d) Tough living and permanent warring against difficulties facing the nation,
e) Poverty, namely voluntary renunciation of amassing a fortune.
f) Faith in God.
g) Love.

Finally, Codreanu talks about how a new elite may be born only in a direct confrontation:

And if a nation has no real elite – a first one to designate the second? I answer by a single phrase which contains an indisputable truth: in that case, the real elite is born out of a war with the degenerate elite, the false one. And that, also on the principle of selection.

Anyone familiar with the history of Fascist/NS movements can clearly see how all of these things have been proven in practice, that it were men of great character and natural gifts, which were used in service to that character and the higher goal, that made up the ranks of our movements, and in their struggle against the enemy in power a new elite was formed, forged by fire and in various trials and tribulations. The kind of trials and tribulations that would leave weak men of intellect crushed underfoot and tossed to the curb.

When George Lincoln Rockwell put a new recruit to the test, it wasn’t a test of intelligence, but a test of Character, as the second chapter of White Power will attest:

He actually convinced me he wanted to try to be a Storm trooper!

As a matter of policy, whenever I hear that (as I do every day), I do all I can to discourage the applicant. We want no dabblers, but dedicated, fanatical fighters who will STICK through hell itself. With this crazy character, I went even further. I made fun of him. I told him he’d never make it, that we’d run him off the first day.

He rose to the challenge.

“You name it, and I’ll make it!” he said.

Strangely, I could sense a fiercely burning WILL behind the words. I told him he couldn’t come up to try life as a Nazi Storm-trooper until he was eighteen. He left, vowing to return in a few months. He did return – without the beatnik get-up. He turned out to be a blonde, young Viking, built for combat.

We poured it to him.

There was no place left inside for him to sleep. So he was assigned to a wrecked car out back. It was still winter and cold. But the kid moved into the wrecked car with a couple of blankets. We put him to work cleaning the toilets, and yard.

He worked.

Spring came, and then a broiling summer. He was still in the wrecked car, eaten alive by mosquitoes. I tried him on the printing press, and never saw such a bear for work. He was all dried out of booze, off the pills and dope, exercising plenty, and showing every sign of “making it.”

A weak intellectual would never submit himself to such treatment, for his character wouldn’t be able to take it, and he would rationalize that this was all either beneath him or did not test his “true” value to the cause, that of his “high-brow” “intelligence“. The intellectual would rather prove himself with a smartly written program, but as we know from, again, Codreanu: “This country is dying of lack of men, not of lack of programs…”

What we lack is men of great, strong character, whom the weak-willed intellectuals will disregard as “dumb” “muscle” that requires their “guidance“.  For our enemy doesn’t fear the intellectual, someone who deals with rationalizing all their life is easy pray for coopting and molding into something that can be worked with or even outright ignore, whereas a man of character will stand on principle no matter what and will not accept anything less than the complete satisfaction of the compulsory demand in his blood:

They fear an impotent, weak-willed genius less than they fear a forceful nature with only modest intellect.

-MK, V1, Ch2

No matter whom you look at in the Pantheon of Fascist champions, you cannot in all honesty declare any of them “intellectuals“, rather you see men of great Character who also possessed great intellect, and not necessarily academic smarts, but worldly knowledge of how the world around them operates. That intellect was subservient to their goals and their character, establishing them foremost as Men of Action, rather than men of pen and paper. Even well educated people like William Luther Pierce spoke without pretense of intellectual superiority, and the content of their speeches was always that of Action, as opposed to the kind of speaking one might hear during various “think tank” get-togethers.

These people spoke plainly but they spoke of things of great magnitude, something that is impossible for an intellectual, for his instinct drives him towards either analyzing and dismantling and picking away at things until there is nothing left; or towards making mountains out of molehills as they proceed to over-intellectualize the most basic of things. Intellect left to its own devices is a tool for tearing at the very fabric of reality or satisfying one’s own ego, whereas the intellect subservient to great character is a creative force that helps us return closer to the Truth.

These types think themselves to be the next social elite, whereupon they can occupy stuffy cabinets with leather chairs and sip wine whilst stroking each other’s egos over meaningless yammering coated in complex wording. Well let them dream. Reality of the matter is, however, that history shall repeat itself once again, as these intellectuals will find themselves trampled underneath the jackboots of “low brow” “thugs” (the favored insult towards fascists in the past, all of them, from Hitler and Mussolini to Sir Oswald Mosley and Rockwell, to Codreanu, Italo Balbo, Joseph Tommasi and etc) – the very ones they thought would be doing their bidding.

And from the ranks of those “thugs” the new elite will come forth.


  1. “as these intellectuals will find themselves trampled underneath the jackboots of “low brow” “thugs” (the
    favored insult towards fascists in the past, all of them, from Hitler
    and Mussolini to Sir Oswald Mosley and Rockwell, to Codreanu, Italo
    Balbo, Joseph Tommasi and etc) – the very ones they thought would be doing their bidding.”

    Kind of chilling to read when you think about who the “thugs” and “intellectuals” are when considering modern America.

  2. I have a weak characer AND im stupid!
    I suppose i will be relegated to cleaning up other peoples shit for the rest of my miserable life, meh.
    The problem i have with entry ordeals/hazing is that i can never quite shake the suspicion that the people putting you through it are just cunts.
    It would be nice to get to know THEIR character first, in the interests of making an informed decision. . .

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