We National-Socialists must never under any circumstances join in the usual hurrah-patriotism of the bourgeois world.

-Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Vol. II, Chap. 14, p. 648 (Manheim); auf deutsch S. 735

In a perfect illustration of the conservative mentality and the destructive impact it can have in racial politics, the American Freedom Party has unceremoniously thrown its own presidential candidate, Bob Whitaker, under the bus. Instead of funding, supporting, and promoting their own candidate that their members have invested time and money in, they chose to devote party resources to chasing after Donald Trump like some unwanted frumpy fat girl begging for a date, ceding ground in the process and wasting already limited resources. Instead of using their candidate to play off Trump by pushing a more hard-line stance, thus radicalizing a portion of their target audience and building momentum accordingly, they chose to shit all over him.  Hell, they could have even baited Trump into a response or even a debate on live TV, putting the issues they claim to care about into the spotlight. But nope!

As harped on previously, all this will do is repel people from joining the AFP. They tell their voters that they can find a vaguely pro whitish candidate in the mainstream, who is way more likely to win, has less baggage, and who can magically fix it all from within the republican party. This impedes them from radicalizing, becoming explicitly racial, and ditching the system.  Just more of the same, really, springing from the same rotten foundation of patriotard conservatism.

This is demonstrated, in the first place, by their past actions; as an example, they fielded Merlin “I hate white people” Miller as a presidential candidate, while he was denouncing his own supporters and the Council of ((Cohen)) Cocksuckers for being too extreme. But it’s also demonstrated by the image they willingly project, and their total effective subservience to the conservatism they claim they’ve moved past.


Christ, they’ve got the geriatric lawnchair-Teabagger demographic staked out perfectly, goin’ all chips down on FULL METAL PATRIOT! Even changed their name (previously known as the American Third Position) to reflect their desire to charge straight into the patriotard gulch with such desperation, it comes across as an absurd parody.

Their whole game is to throw around meaningless patriotard platitudes so maybe one day Jeff Gordon will drive a victory lap for them in the Daytona 500 or whatever, while downplaying anything “disagreeable” instead of creating a distinct, relevant brand with an accompanying assertive leadership to capitalize off the growing political disenfranchisement of several white target audiences with the intention to actively fight for power on all levels.

The AFP seems to think the more they cede distinct ground and try to become the Tea Party, the more they’ll win. All they’re doing is becoming the Chinese knockoff version of an already shitty, pointless product. Out of out their desire for non-confrontational social propriety and adherence to savin muh cuntstitution out of some misplaced sense of duty, they refuse to radicalize and attack the conservatives as competitors. They choose to blend in instead without hammering home why conservatives aren’t a solution, thus enabling the conservative establishment to cynically exploit growing racial sentiments for its own gain, without any intention on implementing any racialist goals, Trump inclusive.

As a result, their target audience will just stay with conservatism, perceiving themselves as getting the exact same deal there with a much greater chance of success and less baggage. Successfully bringing people over from conservatism to an actual third position, opposition party requires relentlessly attacking the contemporary right – to siphon off those capable of getting it as opposed to enabling their current views, and the Jewish system as a whole.

So, not only are they not making inroads to their targeted audience, they’re also successfully alienating everyone under age 60 in their approach.   Then, by some fluke of nature, William Johnson managed to get a delegate spot, and when the story broke, stated his intention to VOLUNTARILY RESIGN, setting a godawful example to his followers to back down when challenged and demonstrating absolute groveling subservience to something that’s not even racialist in futile hopes they’ll maybe implement a couple watered down versions of policies he wants in exchange for not fucking up Trump’s campaign .  If that wasn’t bad enough, take a look at the fantasy cabinet AFP’s assembled as a recommendation to Trump , showing where their mindset’s stuck at: passive begging and glad handing a hostile anti-white system, legitimizing it to their followers.


Further, while occasional lip service is paid to being a Third Position, the AFP can’t get over being conservatives, and cannot bring themselves to recruit from the left and incorporate relevant economic aspects into their platform.

Being a grab bag of miscellaneous, conflicting interest groups- some with relevant concerns and perspectives , others entirely pointless and retarded freaks that need to be killed , and some even willing to ditch semitically-correct anti-racist narratives to attack the tenets of judeoliberalism, there’s a million different wedges that can be driven into the left to split that power base and bring the elements we want over.

Given that some on the left are realizing how much they’ve been lied to on a variety of relevant subjects , while seeking socially-safe methods of communicating racial sentiments like hipster racism, this is ripe ground for recruiting, and absolutely necessary for racial survival, something that Tom Metzger understood and applied with his organization.

Of course, the faileocons are unwilling to listen to anyone besides themselves while attempting to shoehorn an entire situation and related generation into their uninspiring and irrelevant vision for resurrecting 1950’s America by voting Republican. Scratch your average White Nationalist and you’ll just find a typical faileocon/Teabagger with more pronounced racial sentiments and the same pitiful, polite wailing about some past bygone age nobody else fucking cares about without a goddamn clue what else to do. Apparently, they think this is the future standard of racial politics, the aegis and salvation of the White European Race, the Aryan ideal! Absolutely pathetic.

4 thoughts on “PATRIOTARDS”

  1. Nailed it. As the boomers die off this strand of white nationalism will fail to take root in fresher soil. Winning, or even committing to a political punch, is unthinkable to them. The young will not abide such weakness.

  2. The alt right is not going to get a large number of leftist conversos. It’s not 1933 anymore where German leftists (who were actual leftists) realized that Hitler actually cared about workers’ rights while the KPD only cared about destroying culture and tradition and making Germany part of the JewSSR. Today’s leftists are simply anti-White. Most of those people can’t be saved. Same with the cuckservatives. We unfortunately have very little to worth with in terms of recruitment.

    1. I think that’s ignoring the class dimension – middle class and above leftists, yeah, they’re basically guaranteed to be anti white, probably irredeemably so outside the IT sector, as long as they have material comfort. I’d also place money down on hipster racism being a way for that subgroup to communicate racial sentiments while remaining in the safety zone. Now working class, a lot of them just go along with the left for economic reasons and don’t give a shit about the rest of the stuff, and tend to hold antifa types, fags, and non whites in contempt. some prominent WNs came over from the far left. Michael Omeara was a former communist, Tom Metzger was successfully recruiting people from the IWW of all places. Stranger things have happened.

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