Before I’ve written about how slave morality really is slavery to desires. This isn’t a new thought and it has been known for a very long time. This article will attempt to expand on the concept that’s been forming in the past articles about how the intellect is limited and how freedom is to be true to one’s nature.

We have already established that will to power is to reach one’s goal. To realize one’s inherent nature. To find one’s place in the cosmic order, or whatever you want to call it. If someone is enslaved to his desires he is not free and therefore not powerful. Even if he is commanding armies he is not free unless this is his rightful place in life. He would just be a rebel against truth.

There is also more than what we can intellectually understand. We are not bodies with souls, we’re souls with bodies. If we do not stay true to our ideal which comes from our soul, we degenerate. Just look at the blobs of fat on tumblr who think they are liberating themselves from the patriarchy when in reality they are just liberating themselves from their health. They are too weak to reach any ideals trough their own free will, so they don’t.

An ideal is extreme by definition since only one thing can be that ideal and everything else is not. This non-ideal is infinite in it’s nature while the ideal is not. The ideal comes from one’s nature which comes from one’s soul which is created in God’s image.

The ideal is directly from God. Everything else is void. Everything else destroys God’s creation. Everything else is per definition Satanic. The Jews are a prime example since all they do is to erode the discipline of the dumb Goyim and dragging them down to their materialistic, Satanic level.

Since God is truth, and truth is one’s nature, one’s ideal you have to reach is literally becoming one with God. In Byzantine times this was expressed with the term theosis, which essentially is the same thing as what Julius Evola calls transcendence. This is what is really meant with ”becoming God”. You’re not supposed to rebel, you’re supposed to free yourself by being true to the ideal you have. To become the very best you are. Otherwise you would just dig down your talent.

We are made in God’s image, and God is not bound by his own creation. In the Byzantine Church, the nature was supposed to be to man as the whole of creation is to god. You’re not supposed to be enslaved to it, that would be repeating the fall, you’re supposed to overcome it. You’re made in God’s image, so act like it.

Matthew 25:18-20

But the servant who had received one talent went off, dug a hole in the ground, and hid his master’s money. After a long time, the master of those servants returned to settle accounts with them.

The reason we have free will is so that we can use that free will to achieve this goal and no longer be slaves to the world. Nothing else. Just like how Jesus freed the world from Satan’s domination trough the cross in Christianity. National Socialism is an intellectual construct that reflects this law. Nature’s laws reflects God’s laws and by looking how nature operates you can get a good idea of how the absolute laws are.

Everything strives to be true to it’s nature. From how Big Bang formed a universe so orderly as ours to how a seed turns into a flower. They don’t strive for ”power”, they strive for the truth. It is in fact the same thing since you can not have power without being free and you’re only free when you’re true to your higher nature.

With this perspective, natural selection for example would only be half-true. Animals and humans have not become how we are just because we managed to survive trough adapting to chaotic changes. We are those who we are because the essence which makes us who we are demand that we manifest it into the physical world. It was destiny that the Neanderthals would lead to us. It’s destiny that the different races are where they are. It’s destiny that the homosexual alt-righters disappear since they are not true to the nature they are supposed to be since homos engage in their sick lusts instead of creating a family. Aka chaotic desires before truth.

Race mixing is a great example of how the Jews are yet again rebelling against nature and trough nature against God/Logos/<Insert snowflake name here>. A multi-culti nation will not feel any connection to any ideal. It is as chaotic as it’s DNA is mixed. It will fall down the pit of materialism and intellectualism and that will be the end of it. The fight against these kikes is eternal since the only thing that motivates them is rebellion and destroying order. They are enslaving entire continents to their desires and trough these desires to the Jew and trough the Jew to Satan.

All sins are that which takes you away from the ideal. All good is that which makes you embody it. You can eat moderately and be fit or be a glutton and become fat. You can be humble to the truth or be high on hubris. Etc. Not Moralism but morals.

An example of this will to truth can be seen in Spengler’s philosophy (tl;dr of Spengler). Every high culture had a specific ideal which they were destined to embody trough their free will. The will is free since you are – again – not a body with a  soul but a soul with a body and since this ideal comes from the soul you are free when you achieve the ideal since the ideal is what you really want.

Eventually the culture would burn out. Most of their creations had already been created according to Spengler. You then reach a degeneration of the whole civilization. Ideals became that which is convenient (aka no ideals and slavery to desires).

As the civilization finally crash trough war and chaos, it returns to a ”fellah population”. A people without the great soul they had before. Modern examples would be Arabs, Chinese and Indians. They have traces of their once great culture, but it’s a pale frigid reflection of what they once were.

Spengler predicted that machines would eventually take over much of the jobs people had and a great immigration wave from somewhere in order to feed the great machine which the system itself has become. Man creates a false god and the false god creates man in it’s own satanic image. If I’m not mistaken, Spengler’s greatest fear was that the French would import Negros from their colonies, arm them, and send them into Germany. Not even he could have predicted the proportions of this. The best words to describe what Spengler saw coming would be a system only comparable to the system of the biblical Anti-Christ. All while we hand the machine to the Coloured races only to find that they use it as a pointed stick against us as their population boom and ours drop.

Eventually people would rebel against the system where the shekel is placed higher than the people. ”Caesarism”. This would in turn be relative to the nation’s individual ideals within the high culture. Anglos would have businessmen rebel, ”Prussians” would have generals. The wars that would result from this would be multiplied due to globalization and diminishing resources. Spengler predicted a sort of global race war between civilizations.

And he might actually be right

Some traditional Catholics talk about a great triumph of the church over the forces of Satan before the reign of the real Anti-Christ. This seems to overlap from a quick comparison.

Meanwhile, Russia would rise and start to realize their own ideal since they are a separate civilization. Dostoyevski was according to Spengler a great source of the Russian mentality that is about to rise. Raskolnikov’s confused hate in Crime and Punishment, the Brothers Karamazovs’ discussions. He was not an author but a sort of modern apostle, seeing the ideal but not quite able to define it. According to Spengler, Russia’s great goal is to establish the thousand year reign. A goal they have been prevented to do due to a sort of ”cultural imperialism” that warped Russia from the time of Peter the Great and that was cleansed in a catharsis with the fires of Bolshevism. He saw the Russians as the only truly religious people on the planet at this point. Likewise, there’s talk of Russia being consecrated among traditional Catholics which yet again seem to be hinting at the same thing.

Meanwhile in Sweden

Considering how the west is doing compared to Russia, Spengler seems to be right.

Everything is will to truth. Art is will to truth. War is will to truth. Existence is will to truth. Evolution is will to truth. Religion is will to truth. Industry is will to truth. Music is will to truth. The human body is will to truth. A farm is will to truth. Everything.

“The will-to-power of the beasts of prey is limited and practical; it is fierce but unspiritual. Man carries within him this same will-to-power, but his soul infuses into it a purely spiritual intensity that raises its demands and its performances incomparably above the level of the beast.”

-Francis Yockey Parker

Actual tolerance is not tolerance of degeneration but the realization that your personal ideal is not the same ideal as everyone else. No one is the full embodiment of logos/god/whatever. You are only a part. Dust. Ashes. The Byzantines thought that the full God/Logos/whatever is unreachable. You can only experience God though his manifestations, his energies, which create everything. Peace is when everything is a perfect manifestation of the ideal. War is when it is not. Thus life is struggle.

Evola’s ”Golden Age” would be achieving theosis/transcendence as a civilization. Reaching the ideal. Restoring the truth.

The meaning of life is to embody this ideal which you are unable to explain in intellectual terms. Intellectuals are the worst guides of a civilization ever since they reject the truth which their books are (at best) an incomplete manifestation of. They rebel. Truth is they are little better than homos.

On the other hand, the two tend to overlap. Especially within the alt-right.

You’ll learn more from a mass than from a dozen university lectures.

2+2 is always 4 no matter what color you use writing it.

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  1. No, you have lost me here. Any idea can be seen as correct if we accept the underlying assumptions. I dont, (god) so the rest is devoid of meaning. It isnt animated by belief so its just empty words to me. I cant tell if your correct or not.
    When in doubt i always look to practical reality as a guide. It doesnt appear to give a shit, only what works matters. The observable truth is that reality wont notice if we become extinct, truth doesnt care.

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