Clericus Ex Machina is an attempt to give religion into a dark world of the alt-right. I’m not a priest. Just a guy invoking God trough the machine with a couple of old tomes. Concept (imperfectly) based around a Protestant mass.

Intellect can’t explain everything. That’s why we need religion. This weekly podcast-sermon is dedicated to make christianity great again.

You people should look for a good real church. Meanwhile there is this.



Before I’ve written about how slave morality really is slavery to desires. This isn’t a new thought and it has been known for a very long time. This article will attempt to expand on the concept that’s been forming in the past articles about how the intellect is limited and how freedom is to be true to one’s nature.

We have already established that will to power is to reach one’s goal. To realize one’s inherent nature. To find one’s place in the cosmic order, or whatever you want to call it. If someone is enslaved to his desires he is not free and therefore not powerful. Even if he is commanding armies he is not free unless this is his rightful place in life. He would just be a rebel against truth.

There is also more than what we can intellectually understand. We are not bodies with souls, we’re souls with bodies. If we do not stay true to our ideal which comes from our soul, we degenerate. Just look at the blobs of fat on tumblr who think they are liberating themselves from the patriarchy when in reality they are just liberating themselves from their health. They are too weak to reach any ideals trough their own free will, so they don’t.

An ideal is extreme by definition since only one thing can be that ideal and everything else is not. This non-ideal is infinite in it’s nature while the ideal is not. The ideal comes from one’s nature which comes from one’s soul which is created in God’s image.

The ideal is directly from God. Everything else is void. Everything else destroys God’s creation. Everything else is per definition Satanic. The Jews are a prime example since all they do is to erode the discipline of the dumb Goyim and dragging them down to their materialistic, Satanic level.

Since God is truth, and truth is one’s nature, one’s ideal you have to reach is literally becoming one with God. In Byzantine times this was expressed with the term theosis, which essentially is the same thing as what Julius Evola calls transcendence. This is what is really meant with ”becoming God”. You’re not supposed to rebel, you’re supposed to free yourself by being true to the ideal you have. To become the very best you are. Otherwise you would just dig down your talent.

We are made in God’s image, and God is not bound by his own creation. In the Byzantine Church, the nature was supposed to be to man as the whole of creation is to god. You’re not supposed to be enslaved to it, that would be repeating the fall, you’re supposed to overcome it. You’re made in God’s image, so act like it.

Matthew 25:18-20

But the servant who had received one talent went off, dug a hole in the ground, and hid his master’s money. After a long time, the master of those servants returned to settle accounts with them.

The reason we have free will is so that we can use that free will to achieve this goal and no longer be slaves to the world. Nothing else. Just like how Jesus freed the world from Satan’s domination trough the cross in Christianity. National Socialism is an intellectual construct that reflects this law. Nature’s laws reflects God’s laws and by looking how nature operates you can get a good idea of how the absolute laws are.

Everything strives to be true to it’s nature. From how Big Bang formed a universe so orderly as ours to how a seed turns into a flower. They don’t strive for ”power”, they strive for the truth. It is in fact the same thing since you can not have power without being free and you’re only free when you’re true to your higher nature.

With this perspective, natural selection for example would only be half-true. Animals and humans have not become how we are just because we managed to survive trough adapting to chaotic changes. We are those who we are because the essence which makes us who we are demand that we manifest it into the physical world. It was destiny that the Neanderthals would lead to us. It’s destiny that the different races are where they are. It’s destiny that the homosexual alt-righters disappear since they are not true to the nature they are supposed to be since homos engage in their sick lusts instead of creating a family. Aka chaotic desires before truth.

Race mixing is a great example of how the Jews are yet again rebelling against nature and trough nature against God/Logos/<Insert snowflake name here>. A multi-culti nation will not feel any connection to any ideal. It is as chaotic as it’s DNA is mixed. It will fall down the pit of materialism and intellectualism and that will be the end of it. The fight against these kikes is eternal since the only thing that motivates them is rebellion and destroying order. They are enslaving entire continents to their desires and trough these desires to the Jew and trough the Jew to Satan.

All sins are that which takes you away from the ideal. All good is that which makes you embody it. You can eat moderately and be fit or be a glutton and become fat. You can be humble to the truth or be high on hubris. Etc. Not Moralism but morals.

An example of this will to truth can be seen in Spengler’s philosophy (tl;dr of Spengler). Every high culture had a specific ideal which they were destined to embody trough their free will. The will is free since you are – again – not a body with a  soul but a soul with a body and since this ideal comes from the soul you are free when you achieve the ideal since the ideal is what you really want.

Eventually the culture would burn out. Most of their creations had already been created according to Spengler. You then reach a degeneration of the whole civilization. Ideals became that which is convenient (aka no ideals and slavery to desires).

As the civilization finally crash trough war and chaos, it returns to a ”fellah population”. A people without the great soul they had before. Modern examples would be Arabs, Chinese and Indians. They have traces of their once great culture, but it’s a pale frigid reflection of what they once were.

Spengler predicted that machines would eventually take over much of the jobs people had and a great immigration wave from somewhere in order to feed the great machine which the system itself has become. Man creates a false god and the false god creates man in it’s own satanic image. If I’m not mistaken, Spengler’s greatest fear was that the French would import Negros from their colonies, arm them, and send them into Germany. Not even he could have predicted the proportions of this. The best words to describe what Spengler saw coming would be a system only comparable to the system of the biblical Anti-Christ. All while we hand the machine to the Coloured races only to find that they use it as a pointed stick against us as their population boom and ours drop.

Eventually people would rebel against the system where the shekel is placed higher than the people. ”Caesarism”. This would in turn be relative to the nation’s individual ideals within the high culture. Anglos would have businessmen rebel, ”Prussians” would have generals. The wars that would result from this would be multiplied due to globalization and diminishing resources. Spengler predicted a sort of global race war between civilizations.

And he might actually be right

Some traditional Catholics talk about a great triumph of the church over the forces of Satan before the reign of the real Anti-Christ. This seems to overlap from a quick comparison.

Meanwhile, Russia would rise and start to realize their own ideal since they are a separate civilization. Dostoyevski was according to Spengler a great source of the Russian mentality that is about to rise. Raskolnikov’s confused hate in Crime and Punishment, the Brothers Karamazovs’ discussions. He was not an author but a sort of modern apostle, seeing the ideal but not quite able to define it. According to Spengler, Russia’s great goal is to establish the thousand year reign. A goal they have been prevented to do due to a sort of ”cultural imperialism” that warped Russia from the time of Peter the Great and that was cleansed in a catharsis with the fires of Bolshevism. He saw the Russians as the only truly religious people on the planet at this point. Likewise, there’s talk of Russia being consecrated among traditional Catholics which yet again seem to be hinting at the same thing.

Meanwhile in Sweden

Considering how the west is doing compared to Russia, Spengler seems to be right.

Everything is will to truth. Art is will to truth. War is will to truth. Existence is will to truth. Evolution is will to truth. Religion is will to truth. Industry is will to truth. Music is will to truth. The human body is will to truth. A farm is will to truth. Everything.

“The will-to-power of the beasts of prey is limited and practical; it is fierce but unspiritual. Man carries within him this same will-to-power, but his soul infuses into it a purely spiritual intensity that raises its demands and its performances incomparably above the level of the beast.”

-Francis Yockey Parker

Actual tolerance is not tolerance of degeneration but the realization that your personal ideal is not the same ideal as everyone else. No one is the full embodiment of logos/god/whatever. You are only a part. Dust. Ashes. The Byzantines thought that the full God/Logos/whatever is unreachable. You can only experience God though his manifestations, his energies, which create everything. Peace is when everything is a perfect manifestation of the ideal. War is when it is not. Thus life is struggle.

Evola’s ”Golden Age” would be achieving theosis/transcendence as a civilization. Reaching the ideal. Restoring the truth.

The meaning of life is to embody this ideal which you are unable to explain in intellectual terms. Intellectuals are the worst guides of a civilization ever since they reject the truth which their books are (at best) an incomplete manifestation of. They rebel. Truth is they are little better than homos.

On the other hand, the two tend to overlap. Especially within the alt-right.

You’ll learn more from a mass than from a dozen university lectures.

2+2 is always 4 no matter what color you use writing it.


Clericus Ex Machina is an attempt to give religion into a dark world of the alt-right. I’m not a priest. Just a guy with a mic invoking God trough the machine with a couple of old tomes. Concept (imperfectly) based around a Protestant mass.

Intellect can’t explain everything. That’s why we need religion. This weekly podcast-sermon is dedicated to make christianity great again.

This episode is dedicated to the alt-right, especially Dickie Spencer and Grindr Greggie.

You people should look for a good real church. Meanwhile there is this.

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Yugoslavia was in war. Majority of Croats and other minorities deserted the already demoralized royal army. The air force sacrificed itself in the skies over Serbia and those who betrayed Yugoslavia on 27th of March fled the country, taking the 17 year old king Peter II with them. They decided that their little adventure was over and didn’t want to share the fate with its own people. Dimitrije however, just like in second Balkan war and in First World War, voluntarily went to his command post in Bjeljina and called all his followers and members of ZBOR to do the same and for the movement to stop all its activities. The fatherland was to be defended! Unfortunately Yugoslavia fell in 11 days and the Axis have occupied it. Germans, Hungarians, Italians, Albanians under the protectorate of Italy and Bulgarians all took the parts they deemed historic or useful for their nation. But another state was created, as a capital punishment for the Serbs. On the lands of Bosnia, Herzegovina, Srem, Slavonia, Dalmatia and Croatia rose the Independent State of Croatia or commonly known as NDH. Ante Pavelić succeeded in creating Ustasha state.

After the ending of April War, Ljotić went to his home in Smederevo. Since the defeat of Yugoslavia, all governing bodies were shut down and new one was needed to take care of the occupied Serbia. German head of civil staff, Harald Turner, began establishing the contacts with Yugoslav politicians who were in occupied Serbia to form a civil governing body. Among those politicians was Dimitrije Ljotić. He and other prominent people and politicians, on Dimtirije’s demand, wrote a memo to the Turner, containing demands from their side for German command in order for this government to be formed. Among them were the respect of international law, to keep current civil and criminal laws, to allow Serbian Orthodox Church to continue its work and to allow government to provide any help if needed, to allow the name of king Peter II to be spoken in church services and to allow his portraits in households, to allow courts to pronounce the judgment in the name of the king Peter II and other. Turner accepted all of these, the Germans will respect the international law, the Church will continue its work, but the courts will not be allowed to deliver the verdicts in the name of the King. On 30th of April 1941 when the Commissioner government was formed, Ljotić refused to participate; instead he let two notable ZBOR members to take part. Turner was determent to have him in government, especially as minister of agriculture, but Ljotić refused, claiming he would be more of use among people. He knew that the communists would spread their propaganda against the Government and he was to spread truth among common folk about this. He was determent to teach the people and introduce to them this new situation in which they found themselves in.

His relations to Germans and occupation is best portrayed in his conversation with Karl Kraus, Chief of Gestapo Command group and SD for Serbia, and adviser to Harald Turner, where he demanded that Dimitrije go with him back to Belgrade:

Even if our people were defeated in war and even if with one international treaty, treaty of truce and capitulation it recognized its own defeat, according to the international law, the beaten and occupied don’t lose all their rights. Are German occupant authorities willing to respect the rights which Yugoslavs have under the provisions of international law?

Kraus said without a doubt that the Germans are determined to respect all international laws in the occupied country.

If it is like that, then the situation becomes serious for us, because now it’s not only about our will, but about our duty, yet I cannot go with you.

-You must!

-I’d have to only as your slave, which I might be. But as a man who has a conversation with the occupant on the basis of international law I don’t have to, because it’s not up to the occupant to decide. However, since the situation is serious I will have to consult with my friends.

Dimitrije was not an adventurer and he fully realized the situation that he and his people found themselves in. He treated the Germans as occupants, rarely, if it all, as friends. These were foreign soldiers fighting for foreign interests, but soon enough they would find the common language against the red pests.

The work of commissioner government was not good, since it was pressured by the Germans a lot. Both the administration and Ljotić sent memos to German officials to stop mass murders of Serbs in occupied parts held by Bulgarians, Ustashe and Hungarians. They would reply that nothing could be done. Germans pressured the administration to pass a law against the Jews, something that the administration refused to do. Similarly it also refused to sell Pančevački rit to the Germans. Ljotić also succeeded in releasing of 1200 Serbian prisoners from German prison in Panečvo, most of them nationalists. Government had no power over villages and small settlements, where people started organizing into militias to prepare for the rebellion. There were three different groups that began to organize; most notable was the militia around General Dragoljub Mihailović, whose actions began on 13th of May on mount Ravna Gora. One Chetnik movement was organized around Vojvoda Konstantin Pećanac, a more rational soldier than Dragoljub.

First big challenge the government faced was the huge explosion of ammunition in Smederevo fort. The government named Dimitrije commissioner for reconstruction of the city. Without a question Ljotić went to work, calling in all ZBOR members and other patriots to help in with reconstruction of the city and care for the people. Work force of 350 young men was formed, mostly out of locals and ZBOR members. This was to be a future core of Serbian anti-communist military. The man responsible for the explosion was arrested, a soviet agent named Mustafa Golubić. He was shot on 29th of July.

Fatal 22nd of June was drawing near and something far worse than Axis invasion was about to happen to the already crippled Serbian nation. The threat that both the deceased king and Ljotić though will come out and cause chaos.

“Without Kosovo, we are facing something much worse than [Battle of]Kosovo!”

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Building off the recurring theme of propaganda I’ll be exploring some recurring memes and concepts being circulated within various WN spheres, with their real world, mass propaganda implications.

The White Suicide Meme aka “we’re doing it to ourselves”

The Milgram and Asch experiments show that behavior for the majority of people is derived from authority figures and peer group consensus. If we take the implications of these studies, behavior’s vertically determined (authority) and horizontally reinforced. If repeated long enough with corresponding reward/punishment, the underlying narrative becomes internalized as a norm, serving as a reference point for future behavior. Therefore, the majority of people cannot be considered autonomous agents acting with conscious intent in regard to their political views, related behavior, and the consequences thereof.

So, “White suicide” by definition cannot be true as suicide requires conscious, explicit intent of the subject, which would have to exist on a racial-level scale in every individual, implying a unified transcontinental racial consciousness that simply doesn’t exist. Blaming the masses for their own condition is erroneous and repellent as mass propaganda, as is extrapolating the self-interested treason of White elites into some race-wide D E A T H W I S H.

A common argument in favor of the suicide meme is the drop in White birthrates. Using this as proof that we’re just doing it to ourselves and solely responsible for our conditions is wrong. Claiming that the reduction of birth rates is somehow indicative of some “White suicide” ignores how norms and consequent behavior are established and transmitted. The decline in birthrates is attributable to Jewish-led and imposed feminism, consumerism, and all the other degenerate elements of liberalism, used as a justification in the political mainstream for increased immigration. Claiming that the increase in immigration is solely consequent of the fall in birth rates however :

  1. ignores the underlying genocidal intent for Jewish-led and imposed mass immigration
  2. implies this wouldn’t be happening if birthrates were higher, completely ignoring the power structure behind this, effectively exculpating Jews and their servile White elite traitors from blame.
  3. Ignores other points in history where birthrates have tanked without a corresponding mudflood of divershitty detritus scraped from the bottom of the barrel of the third world. Such as the period between 1925-1945 in the US.
  4. Ignores that the Hart-Celler act was passed on the deliberate lie that it wouldn’t significantly change the US’s racial composition Proving that the blame ultimately lies within the JewSA’s power structure that needs to be destroyed.

Building off the lie element in point 4), anti-racist political beliefs are predicated on outright lies. Jews in academia like ((((((Franz Boas)))))), and more currently ((((((Richard Lewontin)))))) And ((((((Stephen Jay Gould)))))), all radical left wing activists, are the ones pushing false theories peddling anti-racism that form the theoretical base/justification for the wider curriculum. Those are then simplified for mass consumption to assert that race is an untenable concept with the image of authority. All other dissenting views are ruthlessly repressed and censored, therefore peddling “White suicide” is blaming the masses for being lied to while letting the liar off the hook.

Another common argument in favor of the suicide meme is the deliberate lie that Scandinavia doesn’t have a politically significant Jewish population pushing for mass immigration. Which is hilarious, considering that Jew ((((((Barbara Spectre)))))) is pretty much the name and face associated with mass immigration activism over there, along with other prominent Jewish activists such as ((((((David Schwarz)))))), a writer for the Jewish-owned (((Bonnier))) Dagens Nyheter, the largest newspaper in Sweden, who was responsible for shaping much of the immigration debate in the 1960’s . This argument also willingly lies about the stranglehold Jews have over the media there, owning the largest newspaper networks and TV stations.

The suicide meme is favored by pompous prissy parlor poofs because it allows them to expend endless time and energy splitting hairs chasing after intangible abstractions, some vague transcendent inarticulable “deathwish” that we all supposedly have but somehow aren’t aware of, as they try to impress each other on who’s the most “erudite”. That’s the whole point – the “White suicide” meme isn’t meant to be solved by closing in some identifiable behavioral trait to be targeted for change on a mass scale. Further, even if that was the case, that flies in the face of basic behavioral mechanics as explained previously with norms and related behavior being vertically determined, making all efforts on that front counterproductive and worthless until after we’ve secured a position of authority.

And on a gut level, most people continue to exhibit racial instincts independent of their political beliefs and related behavior that they probably aren’t aware of. Miscegenation remains an exception rather than the norm, people still tend to naturally self-segregate in every context, and so on. I’ll also contend that targeting parts of our nature for change that are as much of benefit as they are liability isn’t the way to go. The problem isn’t these traits themselves, its their misdirection that’s consequent of the existing power structure.

The suicide meme exists ultimately as a result of cowardice and meretricious appeal, it allows its proponents to maintain a veneer of semitically correct respectability as they recoil in narcissistic fear of being associated with anything “vulgar” or “low brow” as determined established authority figures (i.e Jews), masking their cowardice as sophistication. Its a cheap plot device allowing the season of directionless parlor palaver to continue indefinitely as they chase the revenue streams and estates of rumpled old faileocon farts in their quest to unmask the identity of the “odorless, colorless gas,” the inarticulable D E A T H W I S H.

Ultimately it lets the Jews off the hook in favor of some heady ass new age bullshit. The frame it provides prescribes no clear course of action and does nothing to address the hostile power structure pitted against us, making it a propaganda liability as it will just confuse people, directing all their attention inward and away from taking action. Why, we just have to focus inward, popping in this meditative cassette tape from Arktos and changing our thoughts, maaaan. Somehow that magically creates some sort of cascade resonating throughout the masses magically bypassing all Jewish positions of power that will somehow then magically disappear! Ohm!

We can endlessly split hairs over what some obscure monarch said in 17xx about some vague intangible D E G E N E R A C Y wafting through the air and how that theoretically led to blahblahblah, or we can focus on the fact the enemy‘s already inside the gates, in power, and focus on punching the fuck out of them, actively fighting for power so we can impose our vision.

It’s certainly one thing to tell people already within our ranks to harden up, be wary of their personal weaknesses, follow a consistent set of principles, being mindful of what they can do to help out and contribute more, and to hold themselves to higher standards. Its another to extrapolate the need for that within our existing ranks as some sort of race-wide “deathwish” providing a propaganda frame to a mass audience that lets the enemy off the hook and directs them away from action.

A functionally similar meme is pathological altruism which I’m largely not gonna go into as Zeiger’s already addressed it. The meme’s just so fucking stupid on its face, I question if Kevin MacDonald sincerely believes it or is being pressured to pursue it by others so he can keep a spot at their venues. Oh yeah, and with the rate the alt fright’s going, they’ll be declaring victory when jewfag Milo Yankalottadicks writes an article on pathological altruism to exculpate his tribe from blame. I’ll just say this – pathological altruism implies a racial-level unified consciousness of well, pathological altruism, which really could be more accurately described as a vain, status-signalling competition for Mother Theresa social media points in the context of a completely jewed culture.  I mean deep down inside, on a gut level, everyone knows Niggers suck.

But, I digress.  Let’s take Kevin MacDonald’s argument at its face.  At what point in history did the White race as a whole display:

1) “Pathological altruism”

2) A unified racial consciousness required for such

When the Cromwell starved the Irish? Andersonville Prison? When the Allies firebombed Dresden? When the Vikings sold the Slavs to the Arabs? Well shit, back to the drawing board on that one, KMac.

How come this “pathological altruism” didn’t seem to be a problem until after the kikes took over? It’s the Jews, stupid, not an “odorless, colorless gas” that mystically overcame us all. ITS THE GODDAMN JEWS. Whatever prior cultural factors paved the way for them to take their hold are inconsequential at this point in time, and are secondarily to the traitorous elite who allowed them in the door and who carry their water. The Jews are here now, they’re jewing the culture and killing us. Until we rise and kill them all in response, requiring the necessary propaganda framing beforehand, we have no way of getting our societies fixed in the direction they need to go.

The White Genocide Meme

The problem with the White genocide meme isn’t the meme itself, which is accurate, its the way that it’s framed and presented. Proponents like Bob Whitaker and David Duke always frame it in appeals to liberal concepts like human rights and accusing their opponents of being the real racists or whatever. Or in BUGS case, autistically deconstructing the term racist instead of saying “yeah so?” and getting back to the point.

The whole frame and subtext there is basically affirming enemy bogus concepts and asking their permission to exist within them, implicitly seeking their approval and granting them leverage. Its an inherently powerless, defensive position affirming every concept Jews use against us, passively begging them to stop calling us names when we try to reappropriate their bullshit and just end up confusing everyone. Above all, that approach radiates weakness which is picked up on by the audience.

Alex Linder provides a better frame that can be used for the White genocide meme: counter-exterminating Jews.  The important thing is that this frame accurately describes the situation we’re facing, names the enemy in no unmistakable terms, and outlines a clear course of action without room for confusion and misdirection.  And most importantly, it remains on the offensive, retaining leverage accordingly.

Always attack, never defend.

Holocaust Meme

Smashing the holocaust myth is the one way to bypass Jewish cultural and political programming that’s consequent of their institutional and political dominance without having those positions of power ourselves while exposing Jewish power in undeniable terms so it can be countered. We further undermine their authority while asserting ourselves in the minds of the public by destroying their credibility and related moral authority, making the Jews look like the utterly ridiculous and willfully malicious liars they are. Which is something clowns like Dick Spencer and Grindr Greggie (same kike, different loan) ignore: “countless innocent Jews surely died as well, and ultimately that’s all the Holocaust needs to survive. The gas chambers, the genocidal intent, and the rest of it could be dropped, but poor little ((((((Anne Frank)))))) and many others like her would still be dead.”Grindr “If ((((((Anne Frank)))))) died then the holocaust happened” Greggie.


The components of the Holocaust™ are:

  1. Detached, systematic industrial slaughter through gas chambers.
  2. The 6 Million™ meme.

Without 1 and 2, the Holocaust™ by definition didn’t happen. The cause and reason for death is the key here and what ultimately provides meaning to the original meme and gives it power. Without that, it doesn’t carry nearly the same emotional weight, without that weight, the meme has no power and pales in comparison to what people were originally taught, public connects the dots with everything the holohoax was used to justify and the Jew loses all moral authority, facing a justified, furious backlash that we can fuel. ((((((Anne Frank))))))’s diary being a proven forgery is just the icing on the cake, as her worthless kike of a father slandered the German doctors trying to save her life.

…therefore the holocaust happened. According to Greggie. Lol. Greggie and Kevin MacDonald, like cowards, cede ground in this fight and hand the Jew a giant victory.

With the gas chambers proven to be a hoax and the death toll reduced from 6 million to a couple hundred thousand as originally determined by the Red Cross , and those ~300,000 or so deaths proven to be the result of typhus outbreaks largely consequent of the Allies bombing supply chains, and justified executions of Jews for being violent communists organizing terrorist massacres, violent camp revolts, and so forth. People then can see the extent to which they’ve been lied to and extorted over this hoax that’s been used to guilt trip them into justifying countless wars, financial rape, and to protect kikery from facing any criticism or consequences for their own actions at the whole world’s expense.

If you need an example of the power of authority, look at all the dumb shit people actually believe on the sole virtue that some Jew said it. Like the eyewitness™ accounts found in Inside the Concentration Camps: Eyewitness Accounts of Life in Hitler’s Death Camps.


(((Alleged))) atrocities on the Eastern Front have become an increasing focal point to try to breathe life into the dying holohoax meme. Many of these have been pinned on the Germans by the Soviets, such as the Katyn massacre which is now widely-acknowledged to have been perpetrated by the Soviets. Other smaller (((alleged))) massacres, if proven to be done by the Germans, can be justified considering how communist partisans operate. Given the nature of partisan warfare, every person in a (((sympathetic))) village plays a role in an integrated firearms and explosives supply chain, and plays in a role in ambush attacks. Literally, kill or be killed. As Louis Ferdinand Celine explained to the Germans during their liberation of France, if they basically didn’t go door to door indiscriminately shooting every Jew dead on sight, they’d lose everything. As they had no intention of ever doing that, lose they did.

Countering the holohoax meme matters because it’s the only way we can bypass and reverse Jewish social conditioning without having their institutional power ourselves . Can’t reprogram culture and morality and related behavior without institutional and political power and control. Can’t get that without bulldozing the Kikes outta the way. Only possible way to bypass their programming is through attacking the holohoax to make such a power-grab possible.  The more people we get laughing at the holohoax, the closer we are to winning.