We recently published an article advocating the final solution to our little hebrew problem. Reading the words of Max Macro made me reflect on this issue, and I’d like to share some of the insights I’ve had.

The struggle is eternal

There’s a certain satisfaction to be had in contemplating the absolute destruction of those who are sucking us dry and plotting our destruction. It’s a natural and healthy reflex. The only danger in it is the notion that by destroying our current enemies and competitors, we would be creating a new, eternal age of prosperity and freedom for our people.

Struggle and hardship is something we must always contend with. In all our endeavors, we have to seek to be stronger than the obstacles in front of us, not to make those obstacles disappear. Our current predicament isn’t that we have horrible conditions. Yes, we’re being invaded by third worlders. Yes, we’re being fleeced by jews and traitors. Yes, our economies are being dismantled and shipped to third-world shit-holes. But those problems pale in comparison to the kind of hellish problems our ancestors had to deal with.

The fact is that our woes are rather insignificant, in the grand scheme of things. The invasion could be stopped overnight with some suitably muscular law enforcement. The brown hordes could be deported in a year or two with our current organisational prowess and transport technology. The jews were kicked out countless times in the past, and nothing concrete is preventing us from doing so again. The problem isn’t our situation. We have more resources, technology and manpower than ever before in the past. We just need to harden ourselves to DO IT.

The jew fills an ecological niche

Our civilization is based on trust and hard work. This combination of trust and wealth, however, creates a ecological niche for parasites who can survive by leeching our resources away from us by exploiting our trusting nature.

Jews, as a race, basically became hyper-specialized to inhabit this ecological niche. Their instincts and biological traits got refined over thousands of years to better exploit our society. But hypothetically getting rid of the jews wouldn’t make that ecological niche disappear. It would leave a vacuum just waiting to be filled.

If jews were to somehow disappear, the most likely scenario would be for the worst elements of our own race to fill the niche now vacant. The cycle would then start again, but this time far more difficult to escape, since the enemy would wear the mask of our own people. If we’re close to disaster now, imagine what our descendants will have to deal with when they won’t be able to distinguish between the subversive leeches and their own people.

A long term strategy

Rather than worrying about “exterminating” our enemies down to the last (not that there’s anything morally wrong with that), we should be worrying about removing this ecological niche that springs up as a result of our nature.

The very existence of the jew is helpful in a certain sense. The knowledge of jewish duplicity makes us more vigilant and skeptical. Experience with these hebrews hardens our heart in a way that’s very desirable, if we’re to survive. Their disappearance would ensure that our vigilance would drop and make us vulnerable again to just such corruption in the future.

Perhaps a more fruitful approach would be to shape our culture around the notion of an eternal struggle between the forces of corruption and decay (embodied by the jew) and the aryan spirit of truth and heroism (which the nation does it’s best to inherit). This obviously would not involve having jews within our society. But if they were to exist in some reserve somewhere, under close watch, it would help avoid complacency.


There’s often a conflict between what is expedient and feels right on one hand, and what is ultimately wise on the other hand. It’s very hard for us mortal men to think of the consequences of our actions on future generations, in times when we personally will be long gone. But thinking only of what is immediately convenient is the mentality that’s given us the modern liberal mindset and our present problems.

It’s not within our power at this moment to enact any significant policy, one way or the other. As such discussions about these distant decisions are mainly thought experiments at this point. And of course, in the realm of propaganda there’s not space for subtle distinctions or moderation. But NOOSE isn’t a propaganda outlet destined for the masses, and we can afford to ponder on these far reaching questions as an exercise for future leaders of the various movements engaged in our struggle. One day some of us (or our sons) may have to make these decision. Let us hope we have the wisdom then to make the right one, and avoid letting history repeat itself too soon.



  1. Good points throughout, but this point, that after the Enemy is removed, the new “…enemy would wear the mask of our own people,” isn’t really any more dangerous than our current situation, as this already the case in regards to the self presentation of the Jew.

  2. The fight against the jew doesnt exist in a vacuum- there is no magic button. So, if we’re in the position to take out jews, then it naturally it follows we’d be taking out all the white traitors-who’d make themselves readily apparent, and seizing power as a consequence so we can begin putting our societies back on the right track, ensuring our people’s better instincts aren’t misdirected. If we have the power to expose and expel jews and traitors, then we have the power to kill them. If the goal is to harden our people’s resolve, then why not provide them the redemptive task of seeing an unpleasant job through to the very end? Sparing such a fanatical enemy would undermine that purpose, I’m concerned about the precedent that would set- jews bring world domination and genocide to the table, in response we bring??? Thats basically teaching our people to pull punches when faced with an existential threat.

    If we need to keep an example of utmost depravity around for educational purposes, since jews are already making an Anne Frank virtual reality game (I shit you not…) maybe someone can make an Oculus Rift thing about why jews suck. Or maybe one of them rides at Disney World after they finish the part that takes them to blackest africa, replete with jeering jungle faces

  3. I suppose the most pratical thing to do is kill our enemies and teach our people the hard lessons needed for their survival.
    As luck would have it, thats whats a’comin!

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