An unfortunate meme, predictably circulating within the alt right, is that of “good jews”.   Some alt right dullards like to even go as far as romanticizing jews for being “excellent” and “hardworking”, worshiping traits like IQ, socioeconomic status, and work ethic as universal standards for respect, inclusion, and reverence without regard for what they’re used for. And predictably, this all completely misses the points:

  1. There are nogood jews”.
  2. Jews cannot lose their status and be assimilated in accord with our standards.
  3. Jews cannot be trusted and we owe them absolutely nothing.

Jewry, at its core, is biological.  They are an identifiable race retaining a common,  identifiable genetic lineage, clustering closer to each other than the various host populations they’ve mixed with.

Jews play all sides while acting as a cohesive group

Jewry has its own internal disagreements and rivalries.  However, all these different factions and viewpoints are ultimately working for the same goal – to perpetuate jewish ethnic interests at our expense by dominating and controlling their respective niches. This essentially allows jews to play all sides, all ideologies,  to fulfill their goals in every possible context and scenario while maintaining plausible deniability when called on it.  As to how much of this is an overt, consciously coordinated conspiracy vs instinctual, biologically ingrained behavior to co-opt anything they come into contact with as a vehicle for their interests, is beside the point.

Providing any other frame than addressing jews as what they area biological race playing multiple, conflicting fronts to advance its interests in every possible context and outcome, provides the frame that they can be redeemed by their host society’s standards.  They’ll outwardly adopt its norms while maintaining their tribal networks and related behavior. An example of this would be framing the jewish problem as a religious issue as opposed to a biological problem, allowing jews to lose their jewish status and gain trust upon conversion, giving them access to positions of power while providing them cover to continue their objectives.   As a direct consequence of this frame, the Catholic Church allowed itself to become infiltrated  and subverted by jewish converts to Catholicism.

Other examples include basically every instance throughout history where jews nominally integrated into their host societies and gained their trust.  They’d change their names,  behaving better for a generation or so before invariably resuming the same behavior. These frames, born of either ignorance, cowardice, or squeamishness on the jewish problem simply play into the the hand of jewish crypsis.

Its not just the Zionists

A particularly idiotic frame is the tendency for most WN to simply attack jews as “zionists” while holding up anti-zionist jews – usually ones advancing their own anti-racist bullshit narratives, as tokens in hopes of deflecting accusations of antisemitism.  Anti-zionist jews are just as bad as zionist jews and share the same underlying motivation.  They systemically work to attack and undermine the cohesion of their host societies while existing as a tightly networked, cohesive tribe dominating their share of institutions. Their tribal existence and survival  just isn’t necessarily connected to Israel, and is usually more implicit while still  retaining some level of outward, explicit expression of jewish identity.  The common theme of “chosenness” with different forms of expression and framing runs throughout both zionist and anti-zionist camps, showing that this behavior is a biological expression rather than the result of religious and/or political indoctrination.  Look at basically every radical left movement and every jew-domnated jewnivershitty field for confirmation.

There is no separating the jewish elite from “everyday jews”

The jewish elites and community leaders play a symbiotic role with the rank and file “everyday jews“.  Unlike the case for whites, where white elites are actively working against their race’s interest in collusion with the jews, in the jewish group organism, the head is connected to the body.  This means that while on an individual level, some jews may outwardly come across as relatively normal people, claiming to not even be consciously aware of what their race is doing in full, they’re still playing an integrated role in a group organism that’s committing genocide against our race.

After all, it was street level activists and agitators that helped build Bnai Brith into what it is today , starting with only 12 fresh off the boat jewish immigrants in a cafe. It’s street level activists and volunteers that help push (((AIPAC))) proganda and recruit on college campuses. It’s everyday jews networking at the JCC, benefiting from and solidifying jewish nepotism as they become increasingly upwardly mobile. It’s everyday jews providing donations and membership dues for jewish groups that aggressively work to shut down all criticism of their actions and to actively undermine all ethnonationalist efforts at organization on our part.  Groups such as the ADL go to lengths as providing training for police forces to identify and shut down  groups in conflict with their interests.  If charges are laid, juries can be manipulated into delivering a “guilty” verdict even if no crime was committed, allowing jewish activist  groups to abuse the legal system for their own ends.

If each individual jew is consciously working to exterminate our race is beside the point – they all play an active role in a group organism that’s hellbent on killing us. Further, given the existence of established global jewish networks, wealth solidified through jewish banking, media, and corporate dynasties, and the significantly high average IQ found within jews, it’s very easy for “everyday jews” to be upwardly mobile and become elites. If those networks are destroyed, they’d be very easy to rebuild them especially if the jewish problem is framed in a manner that allows a portion of jewry to go crypto, infiltrate existing institutions, and form their own networks within there for eventual takeover. Given the existence of global jewish networks and money, it’d be very easy for them to maintain backchannel funds and connections to assist in that process.

The case for extermination

The case for exterminating jews has already been made by their behavior and past failed attempts to counter it over the course of thousands of years.  Every past attempt to deal with them has failed, and most framed the issue in an unclear light providing portions of jews cover to resume their work  The idea that jewish nationalists can be worked with is refuted by the fact Germany tried that very thing and got stabbed in the back by the World Zionist Congress. When we show jews any clemency, they reward us by sinking the USS Liberty.  They reward it by stealing our military secrets.  They reward it by blackmailing the entire world into doing their bidding through the threat of nuclear annihilation.   They reward it by lobbying for ethnonationalist movements to be crushed, a noteworthy example being Antonis Samaras meeting with members from the American Jewish Committee to proceed issuing orders to arrest and disband Greece’s Golden Dawn.

On account of their established behavior pattern, even nationalist jews cannot be trusted.  Jews claiming to be ethnonationalists who want total separation and independence from the gentile world only circulate that claim within WN and alt right spheres as a rhetorical redirection ploy to stop people form criticizing jews as a cohesive entity and attacking them as an enemy. This is further evident by the fact that Israel is dependent on a wider global network to maintain its existence and receive the weaponry to do so, the idea is a false premise from the get-go with Israel basically existing as an outgrowth of the JewSA military-industrial complex. Said redirection ploy is then used as a justification for including jews within the alt right so they can continue co-opting it.  Plus, what do these alt right retards expect? Jews are just gonna voluntarily surrender everything they’ve worked for and quietly go along with a repatriation plan without any retaliation?  Do we really want to do business with people who have a proven track record of betrayal?

The only viable, long term solution to the jewish problem is mercilessly killing them down to the very last one, exactly as they’re trying to do to us.   After all, they staked that ground in the first place. Why should we reward them on any level for their efforts to destroy us? Who retains leverage there? We don’t owe them shit, other than delivering a swift death. With Israel’s efforts at developing bioweapons designed to kill based on genetic sequences it’d be particularly hilarious and well-deserved if that technology was somehow used against them.

Instead of pretending to be working for our race’s survival, the alt right should proceed in accord with its internal destiny and make the case for allowing jews to live while protecting them from the consequences of their own actions.  It’d be a rare act of honesty from them so they can get back to stuffing their faces with Heideggerian hors d’oeuvres and spamming retarded helicopter memes.

24 thoughts on “THERE ARE NO “GOOD JEWS””

  1. Agreed. The alt right has become too stupid for its own good. They’ve fallen under the spell of philo-semite Donald Trump who for some bizarre reason they actually think is honest in his rhetoric. They’re not serious people, they’re more concerned with memes and entertainment than being an effective political or racial movement.

    1. The so called alt-right is a bunch of ‘4chan’-losers who are disorganized with no clear motive, it’s a complete joke.

      The “alt right” is for cowards who are too pussy to say they are National-Socialists and for the cancerous subvertive people who harm Nationalism by saying we have to “hide what we are”. Those people need to understand that the Lügenpresse will NEVER cease to call you “nazi” and “racisss” if you demand change to their system no matter what you call yourself.

      1. “Those people need to understand that the Lügenpresse will NEVER cease to call you “nazi” and “racisss” if you demand change to their system no matter what you call yourself”

        You got that right! I’m very proud to be a so-called “nazi” and “racisss”!

        Fuck the Left and their Jewish masters.

        Pardon my Yiddish.

  2. The Jew is only good as an enemy. We should thank God for giving us such a capable adversary, that will allow us to push the boundaries of our capabilities to defeat them.

  3. You should give an example of the Jews such as Milo Yiannopoulos and how they do things that seemingly would be for the benefit of the white race but really is detrimental. I’m having a hard time on finding why he would other than that he’s gay, and that supporting trump isn’t a good thing in the long run for the white race.

    1. Gonna work on an article about Milos attempts to co-opt the alt right and misdirect it while maintaining plausible deniability. Didn’t mention any specific names in this article for legal considerations, given the content.

  4. Jesus, a Jew, so is his Mother Mary and so also were the twelve on whom the Church was founded. The real culprits are those who say that they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. (Cf. Rv 2:9)

      1. You asked me a question and I gave you an answer whether you like it or not. I am not trying anything on you but one can’t just have a label over a whole group of people. It is neither just nor fair nor true.

          1. And look how he judged thye kikes. A few years after they killed jesus they lost their land. Fucking rekt by divine intervention.

          2. tfw gentiles were literally an afterthought for a big jew sky daddy YHWH and begrudgingly passed the mantle of semitic jewish monotheism to yeshua and mohammed to spread their poison to the indo-aryan world

    1. ashkenazim are biologically descended from middle eastern jews, so are the sephardim, and the mizrahim, with varying admixture from settling in the lands of gentiles. there are no ‘jews pretending to be jews’, except fake nazis who can’t give up their dead kike on a stick and create an entire ideology to loophole around how their jew religion is jewish through and through.

  5. To some the solution in this article may seem harsh, but you know it is the only way, we have extended our hand only to have been stabbed in the back hundreds of times over. They had their chance and they threw the first punch.

    1. Exactly. According to the Talmud, “even the best of the gentiles should be killed”, meanwhile alt fright worries about protecting “good” jews from the consequences of the actions of their tribesmen they’re facilitating anyway, as outlined in the article. When itz not busy sucking dick and whining about purity spiraling, alt fright treats jews as individuals while they’re working to exterminate us as a collective.

      To anyone who has hangups over this, killing jews is a simple matter of self-defense, they staked that ground first in their efforts to do the same to us. Why do we owe them anything more? Expelling them from their host nations will just cause them to nuke Europe ala Samson option. Why take that risk?

      Kill every last one of them. Kill their women, kill their children, because they’re doing the exact same to us and won’t stop until we’re extinct. Make them extinct first.

      Not that difficult to figure out. I mean if the first 110 times of dealing with this problem failed…

  6. I admire their apparent strong in group preference and how determined they are (is determined the right word? are parasites determined?).
    But this in no way moves me to pity or mercy, quite the opposite.

  7. Jews & Jewesses such as Susan Rosenblatt-alias-Sontag, Noel Ignatiev, Ben Wattenberg, Barbara Spectre, George Soros, Anna Baltzer, and many others have publicly called for and continue to call for the dispossession and liquidation of the White race. And are doing exactly this via open-borders insourcing of hostile Blacks, Browns, Muslims, and Yellows, and the infliction of a White birthrate-killing kosher Culture of Death: abortion, porn, miscegenation, faggotry, and Judeo-feminism. This is what’s called a zero-sum game: either we overthrow and exterminate the Jews – both Zionist and the universalist Tikkun Olas – or they will continue on their current course and most certainly exterminate us. Interestingly, when one examines the millennia of struggle between Anglo-Saxon (and prior) Hosts and the Jew-parasites, it is a fact that, when finally brought to justice, the Jews/Jewesses will actively participate in their own liquidation: (((they))) know what they are.

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