3 thoughts on “THIS IS THE PLAN”

  1. Power is the ability to impose your will upon the world around you. Violence and power are the same.
    Lots of factors can contribute to power or reduce power. One of the main ones is fear/courage. Fear is the main way power is applied, we do it to ourselves 90% of the time. Our own fear causes us to abdicate power. By extention courage is required to have power because without it we have no will to overcome even the superficial application of fear. If we look at our own situation, how different would it be without the limiting factor of fear? We have the power we can bear.

  2. We need the mentality of taking all the best people in all the best professions on onto our side, producing a replacement for existing systems (like a economy independent of taxable financial economy), undermining the power of the system and leaving the rest. We have all the best businesses, services, technology and men then we will by extension dominate. ATM this group seems to have no interest in programmers and tech experts. We could use experts in various fields. I don’t see why we can’t just take whats ours when people step out of line since fear is the main way power is applied when we a group has authority.

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