In the past I’ve written about how truth is not limited to the intellect. There are certain things which you can’t really explain, but only experience. The most obvious being art. With this fact we must expand on this train of thought, and this leads us to a clash with intellectuals.

First and foremost, an intellectual does not have to be intelligent. There are plenty of smart-looking idiots in the world. Being intellectual is more of a personality trait and anyone can have it. The most glaring examples of smart-looking idiots can be found in modern academia. Talking about how whiteness is a problem, and how we need to raise our children as genderqueer androgynous blobs of fat is very intellectual. But it’s stupid. They can talk for hours about why their special-snowflake opinion is the best opinion but they don’t say anything of worth. This is because they are borderline autistic and thus blind to anything beyond what they can just intellectually understand. They are soul-less, cold golems. It could also be because whether they realize it or not, they don’t actually care about what is true or false, but only about what would – in their view – advance their position in the world. Thus truth doesn’t really have any value for them. Most of the time, it seems to be a mix of both.

As Evola said: ‘‘Representatives of this sort of ”intellectualism” value the brilliant phrase and effective wielding of polemics and dialects far more than the truth. They use ideas as an excuse; it’s important for them to shine, to give the impression of a particularity smart person […] Without a doubt there is a measure of truth in whomever said that amongst all the varieties of idiocy the most disgusting idiocy is that of the intellectuals”, and he wasn’t wrong.

We can see these people clearly in many ”rightist” circles. They can talk for hours and hours about the metaphysical meaning of metapolitical kulturkampf within the samsatic confines of the kali yuga without really realizing what they are on about. As soon as you try to intellectualize something, you kill it. Oswald Spengler wrote that as high culture progresses towards it’s end, it eventually becomes more and more intellectualized, categorized and generally rootless. The racial feeling, the blood, dies out. Just like how de Maistre meant that a good set of laws are short laws and few since you can’t make a law for every single detail and simply need common sense instead. There is also a Chinese proverb, which claims that a virtuous society needs but a few laws, because people of virtue simply don’t have to be told right from wrong. This common sense can’t be explained in intellectual terms. Evola too wrote that intellectual knowledge is only a way to reach understanding by using it as a sort of stepping stone. Esotericism would not be simply digging into obscure books, it would be having  experiences with a higher world.

There is nothing wrong, in and of itself, with using the intellect. What is wrong is to give it an undeserved importance and status as the only way to find truth. The intellect is but a tool, nothing else. It doesn’t matter if you have an IQ of 160 if you still watch anime all day or don’t have an ability to see the actual points of the books you read. This likewise can be seen in ”rightist” circles, where many read Evola but don’t really have an understanding of his work, so they intellectually masturbate about him and warp his quest for the truth as a way to validate their quest for cummies in the brain. Another, perhaps more common example, are modern Priests remaking Jesus into a hippie communist instead of the conqueror that he was.

One of the worst things that intellectualism can do though, is to encourage people to be passive and ”engage in discourse” instead of acting. There are many people out there who when confronted by this fact will spit up an old cliché like ”Oh but National Action are LARPers”, or ”But those people are Feds!”, only to later proceed to post bad memes and circlejerk themselves about how enlightened they are and how they must lead the ”stupid skinheads” when the shit hits the fan. Intellectualism enables these people to sit at home and do nothing as Rome burns. It gives them a fake sense of superiority due to their pathetic egos demanding a boost. Most of the time, they are not more intelligent than the ”stupid skinheads”, but only more intellectual (which is a personality trait, as we established).

Intellectualist argumentation and dialectic is a bad joke. They don’t see their goal as to be humble to the truth and do their best to understand it and manifest it in the world, they care only about making sure the other guy agrees with their intellectual construct, and naturally the other guy wants the same from them. So they continue for hours, repeating the same things over and over again in overly pretentious voices and using ten times the words they need to describe their point, all to appear smarter than they actually are. In some cases they even agree with each other but don’t realize it, because they use a slightly different wording, or go at it from slightly different angles. Again – useless.

Most “paradoxes” showcase this kind of intellectualist mindset. In fact, Greek philosopher Zeno came up with a number of Paradoxes to explicitly mock his peers and their intelligence, providing intellectualist thinking that is self-evidently wrong, and we know it is wrong from experience. One could argue that this article is a Paradox as well since I use intellectual means (the written word) to combat intellectualism. But the difference here is that this article isn’t made for it’s own sake, but for the point behind it.

There is nothing wrong with spreading your ideas, if your ideas are actually true. To know what is true and what is false is not the mission of the pure intellect. It’s simply a tool, a ladder, to reach this understanding, this view. In my experience, semi-serious arguments can be good at this if you actually are motivated by finding out if something makes sense or not, but this is not what argumentation is used for anymore. It has only became a tool for intellectual masturbating and has no substance in it. You can not intellectually understand certain things – as I’ve said before – because certain things are superior to the intellect. You can’t see what’s behind a wall if you just stare at the wall, no matter how sharp your eyes are. This is where faith comes in, and how faith is regarded in Christianity. You can’t intellectually know if there is a god or not, but you can see and understand that there is one, and to do that requires this faith, this fire in your heart that tells you what’s true and what’s false, what is right and what is wrong. ”And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus” Matthew 14:29.

The funny thing is that modern intellectuals, the rapefugee huggers and the genderbender professors see themselves as wise and enlightened, as gods handing out gifts to their subjects, the sandpeople from the east. They don’t realize that these sandpeople are not harmless (in fact, we respect them more since we realize they are a threat) and this will, if they are successful, go right back at them. Could you imagine a Salafi Jihadist respecting some androgynous blob of fat’s pronouns? No, he’ll slaughter that cow. Intellectuals seem to have a tendency to simply be purged when they have served their role as useful idiots. The furries would be tossed to the furies.

With this in perspective, we simply can’t afford to hang ourselves up on details, details which really are a consequence of too much intellectualism and the inherent insecurity of people who simply want a label to show off. It doesn’t matter if you call yourself a Fascist, National Socialist, alt-righter, Traditionalist, Reactionary or TradCat. We all have the same goal, the same spirit, and the same inextinguishable fire that just demands to throw all these empty, soulless societies into fire and brimstone and create something new, something pure and beautiful. In a few years Germans will be a minority in their own country among the youth, and I would not be surprised if Swedes already are in the youngest age group.

This is not the time to sperg about semantics, this is the time to act. And that is what we should be best at doing. Intellectualism usually creates rifts that are not really there to start with among people who want to save the White Race. There is a reason why ISIS has disallowed major religious discussion among their followers, because they know that will open up a Pandora’s box of division. The intellectual constructs are irrelevant, what matters is the spirit in them.

Our society has been poisoned with this very intellectualism. It slithers in like a snake and injects it’s poison in everything sacred. Our military is cucked. Our church (in Sweden) is transexual priest tier cucked. Our art is cucked. It’s rotting away. You can be a Professor in European Art without even looking at a single Rembrandt. But as the saying goes ”A picture is worth a thousand words”.

The sick fascination some people have with the intellect is literally autism and quite frankly very semitic.




    this my uh im smrt aesthetic and u just dont get it cuz ur a based materialist pleb hi this is my internet asian gf kung pao pussy.jpg shes spiritually aryan cuz biology is modernist liberalism Im Troy Southgate and I approve this message

    1. i generally agree in the semi-direct direction of the sub-lunar point of the samsaric influences behind the fact that hitler had a 50% chanse of existing

      1. Yeah but that’s discounting the impact of the acausal substrate of Neptune ascendent in the Versace piss which modifies the angle of the herpes outbreak in the Crab Nebula by 35 degrees lol u stupid skinheads ask me my IQ I’m gonna summon the avatar of this ancient god I just read about in Wikipedia by banging on this ancestral drum I just got at Toys R Us uggh I just bought this new super NRx system and no one will play Nietzche with me in gonna go blog about deconstructing other people having fun to elevate my own status as a social failure as actually being innate superiority while contemplating the eternal twerk of the ohm I rlly liek these anime avatars I like to pet their tits uggh stop making r movement look bad


        1. Indeed, I do agree that the Neptunian midheaven out of the metaphysical realm and the external jihadi has a 50% chanse of happening with a margin of error of 50%units and therefore we must be viginalt about the acasual horsearchers from Finland and their stupid horsearchery as the direct resault of the inanimate animate of the sub-terranian telluric forces of the great dragon. Thus we have a choise of either using aids as corrosive waters or we can indeed play Spencer’s tradchad and realize the unimagineable importance of the elementary sanguinity of air. Also 1+1=3 because the earth is not a spherical shape.

          1. But if we see acausal Horse archers as cyclical manifestations of decay brought on by the entropic Demiurge of the Atlanta Falcons foretold by the ancient Hindu scholar Mazda Pradadramadahash, we can overcome them by the sheer power of navel gazing towards the primeval light of Enya as explained in the 7th Poltical Theory of Alex Dugin after doing battle with the western racist imperialist forces of chemistry and physics !

            (No joke, there’s some column Dugin wrote about how chemistry and physics are evil symptoms of modernity or whatever and need to be discarded. Funniest shit I’ve ever read. Even funnier are the people who take him seriously. Russia succumbing to Krokodil? THANKS SIR ISAAC NEWTON)

          2. *Respectfully tips Revolt Against the Modern World in your general direction*
            Well said, my fellowm neo-Evolian pan-strasserist.

            Well Dugin is Dugin. He got a good beard though. But that’s pretty much it.

          3. Uhhh actually I self identify as an Asian Atlantic airlines transcendent monarcho nazbol national anarchist Mormon. Learn my pronouns, in the tradition as established by brave warrior Yugioh Mitsubishi -” why b 2 chainz when u can be 32 chainz ” bitch im a 32nd degree chainz mason

    2. But but, experience is a manifestation of consciousness both locally and un-locally? The Aryan spirit was codified with the Sumerian God Anu but also Jiddu Krishnamurti. The human subconscious Henry Winkler (classical) compared with Aristotle’s rectum (classicism) is overtly compounded with both too much and too little dialectical abstract deconstructionism. I find Evola’s commentary to be loosely forged on grammatical principles that have existed since 100,000 BC (time of the Pa-Oht-Huk as the Egyptians called it.) The fundamental actionless of mind plus super-mind is it’s potential equals it’s complete formation. The 3rd eye and 4th eye must be opened with the gravity of Jupiter and Venus at which point your Testical Chakra will start tingling. Opinions???????????????

      1. Very insightful my fellow intellectual. I do agree with aristotelan rectumism giving Evolian 5:th eye-ism as a resault of non-masturbationry orgasm.

        1. Salutations, fellow intellectual. I have analyzed the commentary contained in your internet posting. I’m ecstatic that you wholeheartedly concur.

          Haha. But on a serious note, good article. A lot of the “New Right” groups are infested with I N T E L L E C T U A L S and Bowden-wannabe types who just want to be Right Wing versions of (((Noam Chomsky))).

  2. >are modern Priests remaking Jesus into a hippie communist instead of the conqueror that he was.
    >instead of the conqueror that he was.
    Care to elaborate in the future article?

  3. This is good shit, I like the simple truth without a side of shit-with-sprinkles ideology

  4. Great read…

    “It doesn’t matter if you call yourself a Fascist, National Socialist, alt-righter, Traditionalist, Reactionary or TradCat. We all have the same goal, the same spirit, and the same inextinguishable fire that just demands to throw all these empty, soulless societies into fire and brimstone and create something new, *something pure and beautiful*.”

  5. Intellectuals want discourse because its where they are powerfull.
    The god thing is where i think your demonstrate a weakness in what your saying, i have never ‘seen and understood’ that there is one (god) and im about as intellectual as a fart in a bath.

    Intellectualism exists in direct relation to our experience of hard reality. The more practical and immediate our life is the more healthy our view of the world is. Like i said elswhere, so many of the twisted things we do now are formerly healthy behaviours that are divorced from reality.

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