People keep mentioning slave morality these days, but the word is often misused. What is a slave, and what morality would the slave have? The purpose of this article is to clear up just what a slave actually is, and what Nietzsche meant with Christianity being a slave religion.

To understand what a slave is, you need to first and foremost understand the difference between a will and a desire. A desire is something you want to do for the moment, something that makes you feel good and generally makes you feel comfortable and secure. A will is a higher goal you have. For example, you can choose to go for a walk rather than eating a Pizza in front of the TV. Choosing the former takes willpower though, and willpower is something that many people lack these days. In general, people just want a comfortable and secure life regardless of the consequences it gives. This is obviously harmful, and some people even realize that, but they are unable to do anything about it because they are weak.

The source of this will, your goal in life, is not intellectual. You can’t, for example, explain why you want to save the white race – you’d be dead by then anyway. But what you can intellectually understand is irrelevant because there is more than what you can intellectually understand. Beauty is an example, you can’t intellectually explain why Wagner is better than some feminists screaming into a microphone, it just is. The former awakens something in you, the latter kills it.

In ancient times a slave was more than a person working for another person, a slave was seen as a person who did not have a will of his own. Someone enslaved to his own desires, and that could not be true to a higher goal in life, a calling. The slave would not be able to save the white race, he would stay home and whine about people actually doing stuff because he doesn’t want the boat to sink. If someone can’t handle freedom, they get the shackles. If they would be ”free”, they would just sell themselves out once more to their own pathetic desires. Again, it takes will to be true to one’s nature in life. If you do not have a will, you do not deserve the freedoms. Thus you are justified to be a slave to others. If not, you wouldn’t do anything at all. In this way you would at least plow the fields or cook food so people who can be true to their nature don’t have to.

If a slave is someone who is a weak-willed slob with no will to do something greater, to find a vocation and fanatically pursue that vocation to it’s limit, then what would the slave’s morality be? It would be an effeminate desire for peace, comfort, pleasure and security. It would justify their sins with Jesus just forgiving them, something that was very common during the time of Nietzsche and our’s too. Here comes Oswald Spengler’s quote that ”Christianity is the grandmother of Bolshevism”, which is true because Christianity had become a vessel for this effeminate pseudo-morality. Today it’s mainly Liberals, Social-democrats, faggots and whatever labels the masses of slaves desire to call themselves to stroke their own ego and to fool themselves that they do something of worth.

Comfort should not be a motivation. Passion should. A burning, fierce passion for what you’re doing. A fanatic extremism of what you’re doing in life. Just like Rockwell said. Just like going to heaven should not be the motivation of Christians, but living a good life and through that become deserving of it. The primary goal should be your goal in life, your vocation. Not the rewards that it gives. Just as a leader should not care for his title, but what he can do with the power the title gives to wisely rule his people. The alternative would be to end up like the warrior who’s wife persuaded him to stay at home during the war, only to be massacred by the enemy army whom did not find enough resistance. That would be the prime example of slave morality.

It is not Christianity in and of itself which is and was the problem back in the day, it is that people themselves have become slaves to their own petty desires and have no wish to will themselves free from it. Freedom is will to power, since you need power over yourself to be free. This means that you control your desires and then find your vocation in life, master that vocation, and thus make your life worth living. In our case this would be getting rid of our desires, our dependence of the System and take over. A White Jihad, if you will (100% peaceful, spiritual thing~). An outer and inner Jihad.

You could even go as far to argue that in the Christian view, Jesus didn’t die as a martyr for forgiveness of our sins, but as a conqueror that gave us the will able to stop committing sins in the first place. In other words, to tame our desires and achieve something higher. Like Prometheus (which meant ”Foresight” in ancient Greek) giving humankind the flame. This proves that Christianity itself isn’t really a problem.

People who do see Christianity in and of itself as the problem are in fact playing right into Sheckelstein’s hands. We already see the problem in the world, some clearer than others. Calling people who do not follow the same intellectual construct ”Jew worshipers” is silly, and it’s only use is to intellectually masturbate and cause useless infighting for no good reason.

If you take this into account, the Jewish problem starts to make sense. If you think about it, everything the Jew does is designed to erode the will of the dumb Goyim and to make them into slaves. Slaves to their desires, and through their desires slaves to the Jew. Bank loans, pornography, Cultural Marxism, welfare niggs, extreme taxation, defeatism, hedonism, drugs, ”alternative lifestyles”, and the most destructive of all, tolerance. Everything is a symptom of lack of willpower, or a thing that speeds up the erosion of willpower.

Will to power is more than an edgy phrase, and ”Christianity is a slave morality” isn’t an excuse to desecrate the religion of my ancestors by making it into one as well.  You must yourselves become better people. You must liberate yourselves from your shackles. You do not even deserve any freedoms if you cannot handle them. And neither do other people.

Some people on the Right say that if we just go back to how things were a hundred years ago, everything would be alright. Wrong. First and foremost, we are in a different time now then we were back then. Not only are we at the risk of being wiped out (if it wasn’t for the fact the current System is mathematically doomed to collapse), but we’re also suffering from a severe lack of willpower. If we would will it, we could have the victory tomorrow. People don’t want that though, because the mass of people are dumb Goyim, slaves. If we go back to that time, even taking into account the fact that would be impossible, these people would just whore themselves out to the Jew again. The Jew is a direct result of our lack of willpower, and he himself speeds up the erosion of it. To defeat the Jew you must conquer yourself.

People should quite simply be enslaved en-masse, enslaved to the glorious history we have had and the glorious history we will have. To heroes and martyrs of the past, and to the infinite generations of whites that will come after us. In time, people will deserve more and more freedoms since they would actually be able to handle them. There is reason in making sure alcoholics can’t buy alcohol, but not much in banning people who drink responsibly from it, as an example. Our loyalty is to our people, and not only to the small clique of our people who are alive today. While they may dislike that, the legions of the dead and those who are still to be born scream out ”Do it!”, in a fanatical voice. And we can hear them loud and clear. We need foresight.

The fact is that Democracy is proof that most people are slaves and can’t rule themselves, and that is also why Democracy is doomed to fail. Our victory is inevitable, as long as we stay true to our nature.

There will come a time when the current night will end, but until the dawn is here our people must be guided by the torch of Prometheus.

6 thoughts on “SLAVE MORALITY”

  1. Great piece, needed a better way of articulating the Christianity bit and this one’sit.

  2. I found this very illuminating, thankyou.
    On the christian issue, (im atheist) my concern is the possible devided loyalties of christians. What do you do with non white christians?
    Will isnt fixed in us, its like a muscle and it can get stronger or weaker through behaviour/circumstances. Some are naturally stronger willed but we can all have our will degraded through our own inner degeneracy and the things they spoon feed us from birth to make us docile. The reverse is true also, we can strengthen our will through sucessfully using it, experiencing its results in us and through motivation.
    Anyway, well written mr Hans.

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