4 thoughts on “THE ROOT OF EVIL”

  1. Materialism is observable reality. Cant people risk everything for material things? Money, family, their people, power . . . We can observe that they can. Why does materialism rule out our inner motives? Materialism is not the same as cowardice.
    As for the jews hold on us (32min) this has arisen at least as much through non material motives such as virtue signalling. We are being morally/emotionally blackmailed not bribed. The fear of punishment isnt even the jews main method.

    1. No materialism is the accepting of personal gain, greed, comfort, conformity or material pursuit as being more important than ideals, beliefs or the transcendental, masculine, gender roles, tradition, religion and Aryan virtues amongst the NS/Fascism and the right-wing as a whole. The pursuit of money or power is material pursuits. As for family, blood and soil based world-view and ideals are all virtue’s that have great meaning that place is in a eternal struggle & part of a grand order that is ultimately about the survival of our race. Finding our place in that order and the sanctity of our lands is not merely something that is about YOU, what you have to personally gain from it (that its all temporal & therefore physical). Materialism or rationalism does not see any value in any of these things except when its directly about personal gain thus materialists reject gender roles, tradition, nationalism, ethnicity/race and religion that reveals perennial truth and a universal order. It is about your ancestors and future people, the knowledge inherent to them that has inherent value, which is to say, it is about natural and divine laws that stand the test of time. Rationalists will only adopt anything that benefits them. That is of no value to the movement.

      1. Another ideal that someone on our recognizes is that of civilization, people who seek materialism will ultimately not care about things relating to that truth either because its not something they will likely see the fruit of. If they fight to protect or uphold it they may merely die, be maimed or scarred and if they do succeed then there will still be much damage and losses that they will have to play a role in rebuilding. Those future benefits will be largely to those multiple generations afterwards that will see their civilization grow with inter-generational goals and cooperation – these things also produce a basis for their identity and association with other like-minded ethnic groups or for heroism amongst veterans and past warriors. There is a bond there that is forged in the fire, difficult to undermine even by the most subversive groups. That produces a harmony and building blocks for a grand order. You know how many NS/Fascist used the word brother and comrade, it wasn’t just for pissing off Marxists, they truly meant these things because that bond and understanding of the eternal struggle, how that represents itself in virtues, something that is so strong that we find can hardly find words to express it.

    2. Using our empathy & white guilt to our disadvantage is mostly about how we will benefit from it by being culturally enriched, economic gains by moving jobs overseas, hiring cheap labor that “no one else wants to do” or by meeting dominant Islamic men that our women can have relations with, again nothing about eternal truths, making meaningful sacrifices or struggles – its all just about how great it is for the economy and culture which are completely deranged due to the false ideals that leftists hold like equality.

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