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Today’s episode features the Yanks, the Serb, the Swede and the Canook. We welcome all constructive feedback so we can improve the show, so let the guys know what you’d like from them and from this show!

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white nonidentity

At this point we here, on NOOSE, have already criticized White Pathology and White Nationalism. Let’s go a step further and strike at the linchpin of these topics, with a criticism of the so-called “White Identity“. It’s a concept which, naturally, could arise only in the United States, and which actively poisons pretty much everything it touches. And this is regardless of if it’s used by the “Left” or the “Right” – although it has been more beneficial to our enemies.

The only reason why the notion of “White Race” – and thus “White Identity” – exists, is because of the unique racial situation in the United States. There, you have a great collection and mixing of ethnicities and races on the same soil under the paper-citizenship identity of “American“. In some ways it could be argued that the concepts of “American” and “White” are at odds with each other. The former represents the victory of the classic liberal nation-state concept, where any citizen of the state is part of the nation, and culture is defined by the state and the man-made ideas it was built on. The latter represents an attempt to make a distinction within that body that excludes the racial and ethnic groups commonly referred to as the minorities, or the non-whites. The only way to create such a, more or less, unified, cohesive body, was to go back to a common denominator, and under such circumstances that denominator actually went back further than a biological racial conception to a supra-racial one – that’s the origins of the “White Race“. Thus you have the division between the “Whites” and “minorities” in USA.

The core problem with this, is the need for a common denominator which demands broader generalization, which is rather the goal of our enemies that repeat bullshit like “only one race – the human race“. The broader you go the more unique traits you have to deny in order to include all the groups you want, washing away any particular distinctions. Thus “White” becomes a negation of everything else. Therein lies the origin of these bullshit stereotypes that exist in the USA about how “bland” and “boring” “white people” are – because the term reduces everyone in it to a commonality devoid of any real cultural traits. This is because “white” Americans don’t have a real connection to the culture of their ancestors, and otherwise fall back on the dominant state-culture.

Another issue is how proponents of “White Identity” try to make it stretch out beyond the borders of USA to Europe as well. Had this been an attempt to create something new and organic in USA then it could be something promising. Americans need an anti-state-culture identity with “blood and soil” potential – one that will go against the entire premise of what the US stands for at the core, and will compromise on nothing less than its total destruction. However the very name does not lend itself to just being an American thing.

American SJW crowd fully exploit the concept of “Whiteness” and “White Identity” in their own narratives, from Noel Ignatiev’s infamous “we have to do away with whiteness“, to Portland Community College’s “Whiteness History Month” from April 6th, 2016, having a discussion on how kids in school are told to bring “artifacts of their culture to share with the class” and the white kids coming up to the teacher, saying “I don’t have a  culture“. Of course the jewy looking old hag that brought up this point, colored it in a narrative of how “not having a culture” gives one power as it means being “normal“. That bullshit aside, it does bring up a point of how Americans don’t have a culture in the same sense the minorities have cultures, but only because the minorities stay true to their actual ethnic cultural background (niggers are a separate issue however), while the generalized “white” Americans have only state-culture to fall back on. Nobody in their right mind would say that Germans or Anglo-Saxons don’t have a culture – yet those are two predominant groups of “whites” in the US. They are stuck between having to adhere to some imaginary “American” state-culture, or the alternative concept of “white identity” that tries to bring the two groups together under one term. But this negates their respective ethno-cultural differences entirely in favor of broader commonalities, leaving only something bland and undefined in their place, something that truly doesn’t have a culture.

The SJW criticism likewise shows how purely rooted in  the US reality all of this is: in Germany it’s perfectly imaginable for kids to be told to do a report on the culture of their own people, and German culture is the “normal” in Germany – that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a culture. This kind of confusion exists only in USA and the notion of “White Identity” is not helping matters. Worse still is how certain imbeciles now attempt to export this American notion to Europe with statements like “One of the most important trends in world history is the development of a Homogenous European Man. We need something like a European Union, or, in the east, a Russian Empire. Ethno-Nationalism is backwards-looking idea.” Take note European nationalists, you apparently have to discard ethnic nationalism entirely and strive for a European Mystery Meathomogenous man“, following the example of the American White Mystery Meat. Naturally someone with no comprehension of blood and soil nationalism and organic culture would deem those things completely unimportant, unification on generalization towards a broader common denominator will save Europe, you fools!

As we’ve covered earlier, generalization is the path of our enemies. The “White Identity” concept is but a step away from going full-on cosmopolitan: “only one race – the human race“. We follow the reverse path of particularization, going from the broader to the more specific. Yes, we’re all humans, but we’re more than that. Yes, we belong to the same race, but we’re more than that. Yes we belong  to the same ethnicity, but there’s more than that – and so it goes until we build up truly unique individuals with a specific place in this world as per their innate nature. Whomever claims that ethnic nationalism is a “backwards-looking idea” literally misses the entire point of the struggle and uses the same line of thinking as our enemies.

This is brought on by a desire to see European unity but at the expense of what actually defines Europe in favor of some generalized “Homogenous European Man“. Obviously there is nothing to fear as this idea will die back where it first appeared, in the USA. No European Nationalist will stand for rejection of their respective ethnic culture or deny blood and soil nationalism. Some scars from fraternal wars in Europe must be addressed in order to achieve unity – one can’t just pretend that they didn’t happen at all.

What Europe needs for unity has already been outlined by several European NS/Fascist figures – Europe a Nation or Europe of Fatherlands. The premise behind this unity is the sharing of a common Civilization, which is to culture what Race is to ethnicity (to an extent, there is a distinct civilizational rift between Europe and Russia, despite common racial origins). One does not come at the expense of the other, because we are not moving away from the particular to the general, but from the general to the particular. Europe is most certainly a distinct entity as a Civilization of its own, but it is made up of various cultures that have a common root.

What Europe needs is to enshrine its nature as a Civilization into the form of state, an Imperium, presenting a unified front to anything outside itself whilst maintaining internal ethno-cultural borders and a certain level of autonomy within said borders on internal matters – Europe of Fatherlands. Any European must feel that he simultaneously belongs to a certain Civilization and Race, as well as to a particular Culture and Ethnicity, and not simply feel that he’s a “European” from “Europe” in the same way that “Americans” are from “America“. Frankly, Americans should leave European nationalists to their own devices as to the future of Europe and stop trying to project their own lack of culture as some kind of virtue for unity.

The other issue to take with the notion of “White Identity” is the second word in it – identity. While the concept of “White” appealed to generalization, which is what our enemies aim for, the word identity is literally a buzzword that our enemies use on a daily basis. Identity does not represent anything concrete or rooted in reality, like blood and soil, it is an abstraction. One can thus change their identity on a whim, by choosing to identify with something, even if its fictitious. Bad enough that men identify as women and vice versa, or how some “whites” try to identify as black, some choose to identify as animals, fictional creatures like unicorns, dragons, vampires, ghosts, demons or whatever (including chimeras of different animals), or even as TV and cartoon characters (“fictionkin”).

Thus “White Identity” becomes willful identification with something fictional, making it no different from the examples given prior – the entire thing is inherently incompatible with our worldview. Probably the sole useful thing to come out of the introduction of the word “White” was its simplicity in use for discourse and debate, as opposed to the technically correct alternative that does not stray from reality: Races of Aryan descent. There can be a lot of nitpicking on the subject and this can easily become a debate over semantics. However the primary criticism on its actual use stands: as a fictional identity that leads to generalization by means of rejecting ethnic differences, which could only come from USA, where people of Aryan descent have forgotten their ethnic cultures and comes as an alternative to the soulless state-culture of the American Dream, the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, of man-made ideas, written laws and their authors.

An alternative is indeed crucial for Americans, but it must foremost seek to establish something organic as opposed to the artificial Leviathan that is the United States, thus its total destruction becomes paramount. What can come out of the ashes is anyone’s guess and there have been many ideas thrown around, from an Anglo-Saxon state being formed, to the balkanization of the country. Regardless, the only road to something real, organic, natural forming on the territory of modern-day US must come from its demise, a notion that has been outlined in some details under the name of American Futurism.

The bottom line is this: if Americans want to figure out who they actually are they must stop relying on fictional and paper identities. Just being “Whiteis not good enough.



People keep mentioning slave morality these days, but the word is often misused. What is a slave, and what morality would the slave have? The purpose of this article is to clear up just what a slave actually is, and what Nietzsche meant with Christianity being a slave religion.

To understand what a slave is, you need to first and foremost understand the difference between a will and a desire. A desire is something you want to do for the moment, something that makes you feel good and generally makes you feel comfortable and secure. A will is a higher goal you have. For example, you can choose to go for a walk rather than eating a Pizza in front of the TV. Choosing the former takes willpower though, and willpower is something that many people lack these days. In general, people just want a comfortable and secure life regardless of the consequences it gives. This is obviously harmful, and some people even realize that, but they are unable to do anything about it because they are weak.

The source of this will, your goal in life, is not intellectual. You can’t, for example, explain why you want to save the white race – you’d be dead by then anyway. But what you can intellectually understand is irrelevant because there is more than what you can intellectually understand. Beauty is an example, you can’t intellectually explain why Wagner is better than some feminists screaming into a microphone, it just is. The former awakens something in you, the latter kills it.

In ancient times a slave was more than a person working for another person, a slave was seen as a person who did not have a will of his own. Someone enslaved to his own desires, and that could not be true to a higher goal in life, a calling. The slave would not be able to save the white race, he would stay home and whine about people actually doing stuff because he doesn’t want the boat to sink. If someone can’t handle freedom, they get the shackles. If they would be ”free”, they would just sell themselves out once more to their own pathetic desires. Again, it takes will to be true to one’s nature in life. If you do not have a will, you do not deserve the freedoms. Thus you are justified to be a slave to others. If not, you wouldn’t do anything at all. In this way you would at least plow the fields or cook food so people who can be true to their nature don’t have to.

If a slave is someone who is a weak-willed slob with no will to do something greater, to find a vocation and fanatically pursue that vocation to it’s limit, then what would the slave’s morality be? It would be an effeminate desire for peace, comfort, pleasure and security. It would justify their sins with Jesus just forgiving them, something that was very common during the time of Nietzsche and our’s too. Here comes Oswald Spengler’s quote that ”Christianity is the grandmother of Bolshevism”, which is true because Christianity had become a vessel for this effeminate pseudo-morality. Today it’s mainly Liberals, Social-democrats, faggots and whatever labels the masses of slaves desire to call themselves to stroke their own ego and to fool themselves that they do something of worth.

Comfort should not be a motivation. Passion should. A burning, fierce passion for what you’re doing. A fanatic extremism of what you’re doing in life. Just like Rockwell said. Just like going to heaven should not be the motivation of Christians, but living a good life and through that become deserving of it. The primary goal should be your goal in life, your vocation. Not the rewards that it gives. Just as a leader should not care for his title, but what he can do with the power the title gives to wisely rule his people. The alternative would be to end up like the warrior who’s wife persuaded him to stay at home during the war, only to be massacred by the enemy army whom did not find enough resistance. That would be the prime example of slave morality.

It is not Christianity in and of itself which is and was the problem back in the day, it is that people themselves have become slaves to their own petty desires and have no wish to will themselves free from it. Freedom is will to power, since you need power over yourself to be free. This means that you control your desires and then find your vocation in life, master that vocation, and thus make your life worth living. In our case this would be getting rid of our desires, our dependence of the System and take over. A White Jihad, if you will (100% peaceful, spiritual thing~). An outer and inner Jihad.

You could even go as far to argue that in the Christian view, Jesus didn’t die as a martyr for forgiveness of our sins, but as a conqueror that gave us the will able to stop committing sins in the first place. In other words, to tame our desires and achieve something higher. Like Prometheus (which meant ”Foresight” in ancient Greek) giving humankind the flame. This proves that Christianity itself isn’t really a problem.

People who do see Christianity in and of itself as the problem are in fact playing right into Sheckelstein’s hands. We already see the problem in the world, some clearer than others. Calling people who do not follow the same intellectual construct ”Jew worshipers” is silly, and it’s only use is to intellectually masturbate and cause useless infighting for no good reason.

If you take this into account, the Jewish problem starts to make sense. If you think about it, everything the Jew does is designed to erode the will of the dumb Goyim and to make them into slaves. Slaves to their desires, and through their desires slaves to the Jew. Bank loans, pornography, Cultural Marxism, welfare niggs, extreme taxation, defeatism, hedonism, drugs, ”alternative lifestyles”, and the most destructive of all, tolerance. Everything is a symptom of lack of willpower, or a thing that speeds up the erosion of willpower.

Will to power is more than an edgy phrase, and ”Christianity is a slave morality” isn’t an excuse to desecrate the religion of my ancestors by making it into one as well.  You must yourselves become better people. You must liberate yourselves from your shackles. You do not even deserve any freedoms if you cannot handle them. And neither do other people.

Some people on the Right say that if we just go back to how things were a hundred years ago, everything would be alright. Wrong. First and foremost, we are in a different time now then we were back then. Not only are we at the risk of being wiped out (if it wasn’t for the fact the current System is mathematically doomed to collapse), but we’re also suffering from a severe lack of willpower. If we would will it, we could have the victory tomorrow. People don’t want that though, because the mass of people are dumb Goyim, slaves. If we go back to that time, even taking into account the fact that would be impossible, these people would just whore themselves out to the Jew again. The Jew is a direct result of our lack of willpower, and he himself speeds up the erosion of it. To defeat the Jew you must conquer yourself.

People should quite simply be enslaved en-masse, enslaved to the glorious history we have had and the glorious history we will have. To heroes and martyrs of the past, and to the infinite generations of whites that will come after us. In time, people will deserve more and more freedoms since they would actually be able to handle them. There is reason in making sure alcoholics can’t buy alcohol, but not much in banning people who drink responsibly from it, as an example. Our loyalty is to our people, and not only to the small clique of our people who are alive today. While they may dislike that, the legions of the dead and those who are still to be born scream out ”Do it!”, in a fanatical voice. And we can hear them loud and clear. We need foresight.

The fact is that Democracy is proof that most people are slaves and can’t rule themselves, and that is also why Democracy is doomed to fail. Our victory is inevitable, as long as we stay true to our nature.

There will come a time when the current night will end, but until the dawn is here our people must be guided by the torch of Prometheus.



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Today’s episode features the Yanks, the Swede, the Canook and a special guest – Omniphi of OMNIPHI MEDIA. We welcome all constructive feedback so we can improve the show, so let the guys know what you’d like from them and from this show!

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I’ve made numerous references to ferrocement in my previous articles in this series, but haven’t been too clear on what it is. The reason I couldn’t help talking about it before this article is just because ferrocement is so useful and versatile. Now we’ll see just how crucial of a tool this will be in a fascist builder’s arsenal.

This is the future.
This is the future.

The search for the perfect material

All construction materials have strengths and weaknesses. Bricks are fast and easy to lay, but expensive and relatively fragile. Cob is free and simple to make, but vulnerable to moisture and labor intensive. Concrete is tough and waterproof, but requires molds to pour into and is expensive when you use a lot of it. Wood is light and strong, but demands great precision in assembly, and is vulnerable to the elements.

The smart builder will use the materials that are the best fit for the job, and will combine materials to offset their mutual weaknesses. But there’s one material that is gaining popularity because of it’s great versatility.

After the race war is won, everything will look like this, brothers.
After the race war is won, everything will look like this, brothers.

What if you took the toughness of concrete, and removed the requirement of having a mold? What if you had the flexibility of steel, without the rust? What if you could use a fraction of the concrete to get the same result?

Ferrocement is very simple to explain. You use steel mesh (chicken fencing) and rods (rebar) to sculpt a shape. Then you manually apply concrete to this shape until the steel form is entirely covered. That’s it. Why is this so great?

The steel mesh will “wick” the cement, preventing it from dripping off. This is what allows us to avoid using a mold to “hold” the cement as it dries. Because the ratio of steel to cement is much higher than in conventional reinforced concrete, the strength of the material is very close to pure steel, yet the concrete, if there are no failures or air pockets, will protect the steel against rust. And because the strength of the material is so great, very little of it is necessary compared with poured concrete. A small water tank could have walls less than an inch thick and still withstand the water pressure.

Yeah, you'll probably want to insulate that wall though.
Yeah, you’ll probably want to insulate that wall though.

Because of all these properties, you could use ferrocement for practically anything. It’s water proof, fireproof, can withstand enormous loads, can be made to fit any shape (I knew a guy who made actual sculptures using this techniques) and is relatively simple and cheap to use. But probably the most popular use right now is making cheap and durable water tanks.

Water storage
If you live off grid and independently from the System, there’s many reasons why you’ll want to store water. Of course, if you don’t have a well or access to a stream, then you’ll need to accumulate rain water. If you’re growing your own food, storing water is necessary to water your crops in dryer times. Emergency supplies of water can be a lifesaver in the case of a fire, or if your normal source of water fails you for some reason.

Pedro is working on his mesh frame. Soon his family will be able to drink mexican water.
Pedro is working on his mesh frame. Soon his family will be able to drink mexican water, instead of mud.

You can of course buy metal or plastic tanks, although they’re expensive. And in reality, their performance is far inferior to a ferrocement tank. Steel tanks are very strong, but vulnerable to corrosion – they have a relatively short life-span. Plastic tanks can leech toxins into the water and will get degraded if exposed to UV radiation (sunlight), and thus are usually buried underground. Yet if a lightweight plastic underground water tank sits empty for too long, the air pressure will tend to push it out of the ground (in the same way an empty water bottle will float above the water.)

Art Ludwig’s Water storage has detailed instructions on building ferrocement water tanks of all sizes. I strongly recommend consulting that book before you set about building yours, as there are many pitfalls to avoid and I could never cover them all in this article.

Another interesting point is that the same design could be used for fuel storage. After all, fuel is probably the product whose price best reflects the constant inflation of our currencies, and we always need it. Storing large amounts of it would be a wise investment, sure to pay off even in the near future.

The technique
The first step of the technique, as was mentioned earlier, is to create a frame to which the cement will be applied. But in fact, for some purposes, this frame doesn’t even need to be made of steel mesh. For the smallest sized water tanks, for example (1 cubic meter/250 gallons or less), will remain structurally sound even without the steel reinforcements as long as their geometry is well designed. This would be accomplished by filling a canvas bag with sand or sawdust, then plastering it by hand with the cement. Once dried, the bag would be emptied and then removed.

It's a beauty. A couple of those and you have enough water storage for a family.
It’s a beauty. A couple of those and you have enough water storage for a family.

But in most cases, steel mesh is used to form the desired shape. Smaller projects (which won’t endure enormous loads) can be completed exclusively with chicken wire, while other will need steel rods with a greater diameter.

The wire and rebar will be bent into the desired shapes, then tied together with steel string using pliers. Some projects will require a poured footing on which to stand, however.

You could bury this roof under a good layer of earth without stressing it.
You could bury this roof under a good layer of earth without stressing it.

Once the frame is complete, the plastering begins. This is usually done in teams of 2 people. One person presses a trowel or board against the back of the mesh, while the other applies the cement against it. Thus the cement is pressed into the mesh from both sides by the two workers. This process is repeated until the whole frame is covered in cement. Then the cement is left to cure for a few days. Curing must be done slowly however; if the weather is hot, dry and sunny, it may be necessary to cover the project in plastic tarp and even spray it with water to slow the curing process. If cement dries too quickly, it can form cold joints and fail later on in it’s lifespan.

Potential uses
Ferrocement is a relatively new and unexplored technique. The sky is the limit, and experimentation will yield some interesting uses for the future. In the meantime, here’s a list of things I’ve seen and ideas I’ve had:

  • Geodesic domes
  • Wall material

    This is some Lord of the ring tier shit right there.
    This is some Lord of the ring tier shit right there.
  • Roofing material
  • Sculptures
  • Underground tunnel bracing
  • Water tanks
  • Grain, food storage
  • Furniture (tables, benches, bed frames, etc)
  • Boat hulls (already used as such for large ships)

    If the race war fails and God decides to cleanse the earth in a great flood, you'll know what to do...
    If the race war fails and God decides to cleanse the earth in a great flood, you’ll know what to do…
  • Ovens
  • Outdoor games/entertainments (skate parks, airsoft arenas, stadium seats etc)
  • Defensive structures (outdoor walls, road blocks, bunker reinforcement, etc)
  • Biogas holding cells

Go forth and experiment!


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Today’s episode features Two Yanks One Swede. We welcome all constructive feedback so we can improve the show, so let the guys know what you’d like from them and from this show!

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NOOSE – http://ropeculture.org/
IRONMARCH – http://ironmarch.org/




NOOSE magazine has arranged an exclusive interview with youtube music outlet Right Wing Death Squad. RWDS brings a fresh new approach to far-right music, donning a pop aesthetic while setting a high standard for production values and technical execution.

What was the process which led you to your current beliefs and convictions? Any specific events that changed the way you look at things?

I have always been mildly politically engaged, but my beliefs never strayed too far from a center-right position. This changed shortly after watching streams of the Ferguson riots (around August 2014) and especially now after the migrant crisis in Europe. What really stoked my fire was the ridiculous reaction of the media and the general populace, and how tame and misguided it seemed in reaction to these incredibly troubling events. There have been plenty of other events like this in my lifetime, but these two affected me the most.
Right Wing Death Squad

What gave you the idea for this project? How did you start doing these parody songs?

I’ve been writing music and singing for most of my life, so that part was already there. One day, I heard a Youtube user’s parody song called “Blink 1488 – All The Rapefugees” and although it was incredibly hilarious, I wanted to do a more serious sounding version of my own. I contacted him (Flimzim) and he said he was totally fine with it, and I ended up turning it into an album of Blink 1488 songs. I have since recorded and released 19 parody songs from various genres and artists, and I have about just as many in the works.
Right Wing Death Squad

The production quality on your material is extremely impressive. Do you have a professional background or was this ever only a hobby? If so how did you learn?

I am self-taught, and I’ve been using the same DAW [ed: digital audio workstation] for over 10 years now so the production side comes naturally. Music in general has always been a passionate hobby of mine, but I’m hoping that RWDS can turn into something serious so that I can start focusing all my time on creating content.
Right Wing Death Squad

Can you talk to us a bit about your creation process? How do you choose the songs to cover, and where do you get inspiration for your lyrics? Also, what software and equipment do you use and recommend for other aspiring musicians?

For the covers, choosing the songs is the most complex part of the process. It mostly stems from my own tastes in music, but I also consider how the tone of the song will help carry the message and how the listeners will receive it. The singer and their style of singing has to at least somewhat fit my voice. The topics I choose usually emerge from the existing lyrics and manifest themselves from there, although sometimes I do scrap the original lyrical concept if I have a specific topic in mind. As far as equipment goes, believe it or not, I’ve been using a $30 Logitech headset to record all of my vocals so far, so if I had a message to other artists it would be to not be afraid to start small. I recently ordered a Samson USB Meteor Mic (still a pretty cheap mic), and although I haven’t tried it out yet, I’m certain that the quality of my production is only going to increase as I keep releasing content. As far as recommending software goes, this all depends on your level of experience and which software fits your needs. Everyone is going to have their own unique setup, and it’s best to just experiment with what works best for you.
Right Wing Death Squad

Right now pretty much all music produced in fascist and nationalist circles is hard core and abrasive. Nothing approaching the mainstream. Yet you cover a lot of material with mainstream appeal and a catchy quality to it. What gave you the idea to make pop-style nationalist music, and is this something you’d encourage others to do?

I think it’s important that we don’t confine ourselves to one type of music. We shouldn’t hide away from mainstream culture, and instead it should be our prime focus to take it back. Making this catchy pop music with the pro-white message is, at least in my mind, a good way to go about that. I’m also dipping into abrasive genres like metal, but that’s because I love heavier music and I think that the metalheads of our movement shouldn’t be denied their fun. Over time I’m going to hit as many different genres as I possibly can, while making sure that it still suits the level of quality I’m going for with RWDS.
Right Wing Death Squad

Your channel is devoted to parodies of existing songs. Are there original pieces in the works? If not, is that something you contemplate for the future?

I absolutely plan on writing my own music. I have the instruments, but I’ve been saving up for a new digital input so that I can record my own stuff. With that said, I’m having a lot of fun doing parodies right now, so I think once I finish everything I’ve wanted to get out of my system, I’ll focus on writing my own music so that I can actually sell it and distribute physical copies.
Right Wing Death Squad

A few of your most recent songs have had a very heavy sound. Do you intend to branch more towards that direction, or are you rather committed to exploring a variety of different styles?

I am 100% committed to exploring new genres, but it will follow my own tastes in music, which I think will help to continue differentiating myself from other content creators.
Right Wing Death Squad

Are you affiliated with any group or movement (which you’d like to plug)? Are you active in any online community?

In the same way that I don’t want to confine myself to one type of music, I’m going to do my best to keep my message separate from specific groups. I did write my most recent piece from the perspective of the alt-right, but I want to make it clear that when I write songs like that, I’m not trying to be that community’s spokesman. I wrote that track because someone (Milo) was trying to subvert that community and redefine what had (from my understanding) already been defined. As a content creator just trying to push out the best message for my people, I think that confining myself to one space would be counter-productive. The message will always be pro-white and pro-European, but the angle I approach it from will be varied depending on how I feel like writing that day.
Right Wing Death Squad

Any other comments or message for the readers?

Although the general movement I’m trying to help push forward is one that is serious and somber, I want my fans to have fun with my music. I’m having fun with it, and at the end of the day, I’m just trying to help create content to help people see inside a mind that is dealing with being a white male in the current year.
Right Wing Death Squad

Support RWDS on his Patreon page.



Building infrastructure is well and good. But if you want to actually live in it, or do something in it, you’ll need energy. All activity in this world requires energy. In the modern world, we’re used to fulfilling all our energy needs simply by plugging appliances in the wall socket and paying our monthly electricity bill. It would be a grave mistake to keep that mindset when going off-grid, and expecting to just plop down some solar panels or wind turbines while maintaining the same lifestyle.

Good luck running your 3 freezers, 2 big screen tv's and you industrial oven off of a battery bank.
Good luck running your 3 freezers, 2 big screen tv’s and you industrial oven off of a battery bank.

We need to look at power from two different perspectives. First is the conserver mindset: reduce our needs as much as possible to become more free and independent. In the second place, we need to become very aware that electricity is just one form of energy, and rarely the most efficient or economical source of power for most applications.

Energy efficiency

If we want to be independent from the System, the first step is to reduce our energy needs as much as possible. This makes everything else much simpler. This may seem obvious. But it’s not. Because I’m not talking about cutting 10-20% on your energy needs. I’m talking reducing consumption by upwards of 90%. This is a transformative difference, not just a little change.

The reason this is so important, is that as your energy expenditures creep closer to zero, the effectiveness of your power supplies start being multiplied hugely. This means enormous savings in terms of money and labor. For example, a typical household will consume from 25,000 to 50,000 watt/hours in a day. A typical solar panel, costing 150$, will supply 100 watts. If you have 5 hours of sunlight in a day, that gives you 500 watt/hours per day. So each 150$ panel you buy will only supply 1-2% of your energy needs. This isn’t even considering the vast array of batteries you’ll need to keep up, and the land you’ll need to devote to them (since your roof won’t be able to hold 50-100 panels).

Inversely, if you reduce your needs to 2000 watt/hours per day (which is achievable), a 150$ panel will supply 25% of your daily energy. A little bit of money and labor will provide a much greater benefit than if you’re being wasteful.

Examples of energy saving measures

Here I’ll provide examples of drastic energy saving measures. The point is to get your imagination running in the right direction, and to help you understand that 90% savings isn’t an exaggeration.

Heating: Electric heating should be right out of the question. It’s a huge waste. With proper use of insulation, thermal mass and passive solar heating, it’s possible to keep a habitat livable without any form of heating, even in arctic weather. Add to that a rocket mass heater running on scavenged wood, and your heating costs can remain at nearly zero.
Cooking: Stoves are very wasteful appliances, whether they’re electric or use gas. Use the heating stove as a cooking surface when possible instead (the heat will end up in the house either way). Also, there are far more efficient ways to cook food: slow cookers, convection ovens and front loading toasters.
Electronics: A desktop computer can use up 300-600 watts when in use. A laptop will use less than 100 watts. Cellphones and tablets will consume a fraction of that. Any of these devices will let you check your email or read Noose, so go for the more economical one. Limit the use of televisions, powerful sound systems, etc. For any power hungry device you might want to use, there’s typically a very low power device that’ll do the same thing. Why listen to music alone on your 300 watt sound system if you can listen to it with headphones on a 20 watt mp3 player?

Root cellar: looks better than your fridge.
Root cellar: looks better than your fridge.

Appliances: Refrigerators and freezers are some of the most power hungry machines we use. This is because they run continuously, and need a compressor to keep the food cold. Most food doesn’t need to be kept in a refrigerator. The technique of root cellaring can be used instead to keep most of your food. You can use a mini-fridge for the rest, and keep it very full at all times (keeping an empty fridge cold consumes a lot more power than a full one). Adding extra insulation to the fridge would also help. For clothes washing and drying, there exist devices that use little or no power and do the job. For example, the “wonderwash” uses air pressure (and a little hand power) to clean clothes, requiring no electricity or gas. You can hang your clothes on a folding indoor rack to dry them.

A convection oven uses a fraction of the power, compared with a conventional electric oven.
A convection oven uses a fraction of the power, compared with a conventional electric oven.

Light: LED lights are more expensive, but last forever and consume a fraction of the power, compared with conventional bulbs. Your buildings should have windows anyway, so the need for light should be a negligible burden on your power system.
Tools: For many applications, quality hand tools will do the job, and will require no power. For more intensive applications, like sawing lumber, grinding, etc, it is possible to set up direct mechanical power rather than electrical. In other words, using a windmill, or water turbine to spin a flywheel connected to the tool. This is at least 2x as efficient as converting the power to electric and back again.
Pumping water: If possible, pressurize your water with gravity instead of a pump. Otherwise, get an electric pump that can turn on and off intelligently required, rather than being on continuously.

If you implement the above recommendations, living on 1000-2000 w/h per day is an easily achievable goal.

Types of power

As you could glean from the previous section, the most important concept to integrate when moving off grid is that electricity isn’t the only source of usable energy. And for many applications, it isn’t the most efficient.

All forms of energy need to be converted from one form to another to have practical utility. But each step of conversion involves a loss. Thus converting all your sources of energy to electricity and then converting your electricity into heating, cooling, mechanical power and light is very wasteful.

So our most basic strategy is to take each source of energy we have, and use it in the most direct way possible. Mechanical energy in the form of windmills and waterwheels/turbines should be used to directly power mechanical devices, before powering an electric generator. Chemical fuel like coal, wood or gas should be used to generate heat, before powering boilers or engines. And obviously, using a bicycle (human power) to generate electricity is stupid; it should be used to power devices directly.

Generating electricity

But of course, for many applications, electricity is the only choice, or the most efficient choice. So getting rid of electricity completely isn’t a good practical choice. But we need to be smart about how we generate our off-grid electric power, because many factors come into it and it’s easy to waste a great many resources. Our goal, ultimately, is to be as independent from the System as possible. Thus we don’t want our electricity to be so expensive as to require constant, large inputs of System money to keep it active.

The costs of the electric system can be split into four categories:

  • Fuel requirements
  • Initial investment for the generator
  • Maintenance costs (parts, repairs)
  • Expected lifespan

These costs can vary drastically depending on the location and time, so it’s impossible to give a definitive answer as to which system is the best. For example, if you’re living next to a stream, the “fuel cost” of hydro power is effectively zero. But if you need to rent the neighbor’s land to have access to the stream, suddenly your “fuel” has a cost. Today solar panels might cost 250$ each, but the cost is going down steadily. Repairing a diesel generator might be very expensive for one person, but another might be a skilled mechanic and be able to do it themselves.

The first step is to examine the situation, and determine what resources are available. If your land is in the woods, you probably have free access to wood. However, there will be little or no wind. In the city, it might be possible to get free used oil from restaurants who want to get rid of it. In any situation, there will be free sources of energy to be tapped.

Once you know the sources of energy that are available to you, you can make the cost/benefit analysis for each of them to find out the best one for you.

Alternative sources

Solar, wind and water power are well known, but there are other types of off-grid electricity generation methods in existence that aren’t well known. I’m going to go over them now to broaden your perspective and start you out on your research journey. Note that many of these methods can also be used to provide direct power, rather than generating electricity.

Don't actually do this.
Don’t actually do this.

Used cooking oil: A diesel engine can run on cooking oil. So if you have a source of free (or very cheap) cooking oil, this can be an attractive option. The problem is that at room temperature, cooking oil is too viscous and will not combust properly. So you need to install a device to pre-heat the oil before injecting it into the engine. Alternatively, there are systems to treat the oil chemically to reduce it’s viscosity. The advantage of the used cooking oil system is that you can use it to power vehicles as well as generate electricity.

Wood and coal: There are different ways to generate electricity using wood or coal. The most obvious is to have a steam engine. However, this is dangerous and demands constant surveilance. But you can also process them into a type of natural gas and use this gas to power a diesel generator. This is called a wood gas generator, and can be made using metal cans and welding equipment. Finally, wood gas can be converted into liquid fuel using the Fischer-Tropp process, though I’ve never heard of anyone doing this on a small scale.

A basic biogas "digestion" tank. I can't even imagine how bad it must smell in there.
A basic biogas “digestion” tank. I can’t even imagine how bad it must smell in there.

Biogas: A gas similar to wood gas, discussed above, can be made from decomposing biological matter (food waste, manure, plant matter, etc). You’ll need a air-tight containment chamber to put the biological matter into. The gas will rise up as the matter rots. You can pipe the gas into a holding tank, which will be connected to your diesel generator.

Stirling engine: A Stirling engine transforms heat into power, much like a steam engine. However, it has the advantage of not exploding if left unattended, because it’s not intensely pressurized. If you can get your hands on one, then anything that can burn will provide you with electricity, if you connect it to a generator. This is a very versatile solution. Unfortunately Stirling engines aren’t really easy to acquire, short of building it yourself.


There’s little point in creating independent enclaves to resist the System if we’re totally dependent on the System for our energy needs. Having control over the production of our energy is just as important as producing food.

If we master these various techniques, then we will be in a position to offer the people a true alternative to the System. This knowledge is, quite literally, power.