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    1. Actually, they’re all good criticisms. I can’t think of a single rebuttal to him. He’s completely right about how WN’s have far too much weakness. He especially nailed it with the sickening amount of white knight nationalists who seem to think that our women have any real goddamn loyalty at all and keep supplicating like pathetic pussy beggars.

      Never thought I’d hear reasonable arguments from Iron March…

      1. “Never thought I’d hear reasonable arguments from Iron March…”

        Really? Then I guess you’ve never been on iron march.

        1. I glanced at it. Between the esoteric Hitler LARPing and some insufferable retards, I was turned off. Zeiger however, is changing my mind. Especially when he wrote “Hammer of the Patriot.” A book which I consider a must-read for anyone in the Alt-Right.

  1. Good points. I agree that White Nationalism isn’t clearly defined just like White Identity and this is troublesome.

    The main problem with both White Nationalism and White Identity is the lack of White Men. Society has been producing Pale Males for far too long. Most have forgotten what it means to be White or a Man, let alone a White Man.

  2. WTF did I just listen to? That all made very little sense. Also, please do not describe anything which is not Italian or not based on capitalist authoritarianism as ‘Fascism’. William Pierce would never have identified as Fascist.

    1. Aye, yousa implyin’s I ain’t Italian? Get this fella’s some cement boots and give ’em a tour of the old sea floor, boys!

      1. White Sharia is helping to purge the feminism from the WN movement I think. So this is being solved. Also please respond to your PM’s Zeiger. I’ve tried to get you add some more things to the Antimony archive but alas no response yet.

  3. I thought that the white genocide thing was just a motivational meme like a wakeup call to what is happening to us. At least thats what it was for me; a gateway.
    I previously thought that WN/fascism/NS were the same thing, mostly because i had (and to some extent still have) no clear idea of what these things are in themselves. Lately i have come to see that the the 14 word are more than just a physical goal, it is a battle against degeneracy.
    I went through my ‘racist liberal’ phase a while ago and you are correct, it does describe many WN quite well.

  4. A lot of white nationalists are libertarians and neocons.

    I used to be a stormfronter, about a decade ago. That’s where I started when I realized that there was a forum that challenged the diversity cult. That’s basically all they did was talk about the problems with niggers though. I realized most were just libertarians and neocons who think they can just vote for the right person and fix everything, as you mentioned. Many will use the swastika and raise their palm up and say “sieg heil.” But these same people would argue that Hitler was a socialist (as in Marxist), say they’re libertarian, vote as if it’s helping their cause, etc. Too many hypocrites. Too many people just trying to conform.

    Stormfront was just a gateway for many of us. As Wutra said, I also used to confuse WN with NS, because that’s what everyone on there talked about. Only after really reading into the ideology, understanding it and realizing *that* is more what I belonged to, I realized that they don’t actually believe it in most cases. They just use the symbolism and some similar terms. It was a good start because there are other people who realize this too, and realize they don’t fit in well with that crowd. They network, talk and, hopefully, become more ideologically sound, read more about actual national socialism and nationalism and break apart from the racist libertarian hivemind that is stormfront. There are definitely good people on there, occasional gems of posts, actual national socialists, but hopefully they find the right path and realize they don’t belong there and reject the white internationalist libertarian mindset.

    White nationalism is essentially just “a nation within a nation,” a group banding together within an existing state. This is common in the US because there is no actual nation, ethnically. Some argue that it was founded by white protestants, the English, so that’s the original culture… Whatever, the current situation and how it has been is the “melting pot” mentality. This is why american white nationalism exists, and their only unifying characteristic is being white. They have no goals, unifying ideology, or really motivation. They just talk about how niggers are parasites online, occasionally rally against immigration and that’s it.

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