In Sweden we have something called ”värdegrund”. This word is a bit like ”lagom”, in that it’s hard to translate into English. The literal translation would be ”value-ground”, or ”value-base”. This word is used in different mission statements and other documents in Swedish institutions as well as in articles and in normal speech. This word implies that we all share certain opinions, and that we have a consensus about these, and that if you go against them you’re not ”one of us”, you’re not a part of ”democratic” Sweden. You’re more foreign than Ogabooboo from Sudan in the eyes of the värdegrund-Swedes if you do not share these ideas. Which are these ideas then, you might ask?

One idea, which is pushed throughout the west, is everyone’s equal worth. For example, the Swedish army has a värdegrund where it says that they should ”[…]protect everyone’s equal worth, justice, equality and support democracy and human rights’‘. In the same document they say themselves that a värdegrund is a base from which you should act in everyday situations. In other words, they are forcing a certain perspective to see the world upon others, and if you disagree you’re ostracized for not ”believing in everyone’s equal worth”. Note the word ”believe”. These people are members of a literal cult. The cult of equality.

As I said before, as far as I am aware, every government institution has a certain ”värdegrund”. This is true for the schools as well (which are controlled by the multiplicities who often use them as a cash cow, but that’s another subject), where students are supposed to be of the same sectarian belief, that everyone are of equal worth, in order to get grades. In my philosophy class for example, I had an assignment about ”Questioning something”, so I had to use hypothetical wording in order to be able to write about if everyone really are of equal worth. Otherwise I would get an F, and my Marxist (literally) teacher made several red lines under the assignment and wrote ”You’re on very thin ice now, Hans” and was quite harsh with the grading as well, compared to other students in the class. Someone who wrote about being a human as a privilege got an “A” if I am not mistaken.

What you also have to understand with Swedish schools is that they are mandatory for 9 years. You are not allowed to homeschool your children. If you do, the child ”protection” service takes away your child with the police. Probably to be given away to a couple HIV-positive Nigerian sodomites. But in most cases, these children are just left to care homes. Care homes which in many cases appears to be owned by people in the friendship sphere of the politicians. Oh, but don’t worry. This government report says that Sweden is one of the least corrupt nations in the world!

Things in Sweden have sped up at an insane pace. When I was a kid in the early 00’s, I remember playing our national anthem outside on my trumpet as someone else raised the flag during our national day. You would never see something like that now, and if you do you can be sure the värdegrund has corrupted it beyond recognition. You would see something like a national day in celebration of multiculture. Thanks to the värdegrund, we have also been forbidden (in practice) to celebrate this national holiday in church, as it was tradition to do. If they do, they are not allowed to mention god, and are limited to talk about love and common humanity, while blowing soap bubbles and making post modern remakes of ”Den blomstertid nu kommer” If it looks too white, that’s because it’s from 6 years ago, you know when Sweden hasn’t fully made this transformation that must take place. Since then we have taken in around 500 000 more rapefugees, according to the official numbers.

I can personally attest to that the amount of immigrants have increased insanely much. My old school had around 30% immigrants in my estimation when I went there, now it’s 70% (official numbers). I left that place years ago. I have also seen more and more of them as I’ve grown older. In my daycare center there was only one immigrant, a Greek. In middle school, roughly 6 in my class. In the later stages, 12+. Now, as I said, 70%.

Since children are the most impressionable, you cannot separate värdegrund from the school. Värdegrund enables the current system to brainwash the youth, all in the name of democracy, to the degree that has been done in Sweden. Swedes allow it, because Swedes always want consensus. Consensus in itself implies that all the people who are a part of the “consensus making” are equally intelligent, which of course isn’t the case. But most of the time it is just an empty word, to be abused to scare Swedes away from stepping out of the little political correct sphere. If they do, they just jump out a bit. Like to the Swedish Democrats who think Somalis can become Swedish. It’s fitting that ”consensus” was created by Jewish Rabbis in order to establish what the Jews hold as truth, which can be read in the Talmud, not the Torah.

Another important and very related word is ”människosyn”, which means roughly ”view on humans”. Unless you have a good människosyn that is the same as everyone else’s, you’re probably a stupid peasant Nazi that needs some education. Or, as we have established, brainwashing. ”It doesn’t seem we share the same view on humans”, a liberal can say mockingly, while verbally masturbating about how intelligent he is for soaking up the brainwashing more than an arab soaks up wellfare money.

In other words, värdegrund is a way to abuse the Swedish need for a consensus in order to establish the liberal values as the dominant ones. Instead of chopping off heads, the modern day Jacobins use social exclusion and useful idiots to do their bidding. You cannot argue against a liberal with a liberal mentality yourself, something that became painfully clear in the recent debate Millenial Woes had with Sargon of Akkad. Thus you must reject their entire world view. You must break this värdegrund conditioning which you have had since childhood. A good place to start is to realize that tolerance is apathy, since you can only be tolerant against things which you don’t approve of. Tolerance is thus spiritual castration. We don’t need spiritual castration, we need a fanatic will to power. Freedom doesn’t come at the end of a bottle, it comes from throwing that bottle away and doing something with the life you have. This is something Swedes have been brainwashed since childhood to reject.

The conditioning combined with the Swedish consensus mentality has brought this insanity into being and morphed the ”Prussian” in the Swede into working for ”a multicultural peaceful world”. Once this conditioning is broken, which it must be, Swedes will be just as fanatical on the other extreme. It’s a matter of time.


  1. That bit about Tolerance at the end is an eye opener. You can only tolerate what you are against. And that means to abandon your convictions. It’s very clear that the word tolerance and its meaning are one of the tools used to subdue the west and make us more subservient. You could probably write a whole article on tolerance and what it has done to the western spirit.

  2. I really enjoyed your article. We visited Sweden in 2007 when my daughters played ( Prussian Blue) there, At the time we saw a huge group of screaming muslims having some sort of riot over a soccer game in the town square of Kristianstaad. It was surreal to see the locals stand around stoically watching these Third World people acting crazed, loud and obnoxious.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Keep in mind Sweden has changed a lot since 2007. We have probably gotten 1m+ more of them now, plus tons of Swedes moving – many of whom are the more educated ones.

  3. “You cannot argue against a liberal with a liberal mentality yourself”
    Something ‘clicked’ in my head when i read that.

    As for tolerance, its a combination of two things:
    1. Not liking something.
    2. Recognising that correctness isnt based on personal taste.

    That doesnt rule out something we dont like being wrong, it just recognises that they arnt the same.

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