Life as it is now is a joke. You don’t even need to look out the window to see the disgusting ugliness and disorder we are in now as a civilization. Our machine-like institutions have betrayed us, and crush everything that does not confirm to them and reshape what does into it’s own rootless image. Countless drones work in skyscrapers. Useless bureaucrats paid to discuss whether we should do this or that, but most of the time these people don’t even accomplish that much. They simply sit at their desk and sign useless papers or browse Facebook all day. People’s motives are as ugly as their appearance, they don’t care about anything other than what is materially good for them in the short term. They couldn’t care less about their children or their own future. They just want an orgasmic ecstasy while destroying everything built with the sweat and  blood of their ancestors. Our ancestors, the innumerable dead, lived on in their deeds and accomplishments that we have inherited – now their deeds have been slowly withering away under the slogans of Equality, Multiculturalism and Capitalism.

What is opposite to this drone like existence is the War Hero. The war hero has become a monster because the war hero is the living archetype of the man of action. Willpower, which the drones lack. Initiative, which the drones lack. Discipline, which the drones lack. Everything that reminds the mob of their own inferiority is being despised to the tunes of mulatto ”arists” while the same mob keep whining on trivial political issues to appear sophisticated.

The mob” are materialistic hedonists who take delight in destroying the wealth and the culture so many before them have built. They love what they are doing. They love all of it. Today young men don’t go out and conquer nations, they sit at home and jerk off to hentai or play games all day. They are too lazy and too pathetic to even read a book. The exploits of Alexander the Great are unknown to these people. Few have even heard of the Gordian knot, or the legends of his visit to the oracle of Ammon. Ask the average lemming with mob mentality, who Lysander was and they will shrug their shoulders and perhaps say ”Wasn’t he some DJ?”. They are without history. They are without any sort of racial feeling. They are ugly.

You can so easily see their ugliness in everything they do, how they smile when they do something ”good” like defending Muslim rapists from evil racists, like a merchant’s smile as he tries to sell you snake oil. They are not even aware of what they are doing, making it all the worse. Or how they blindly support hip opinions while letting their arrogant pride speed off on how wise and smart they are for having the good opinions while the evil peasant racists should be educated. The same people also see themselves as Gurus or some super intellectual professors and will gladly talk for hours about all the good deeds they have done to support the cause. Even while rapefugees rape their daughters, their wives and their sisters they still masturbate about how good they are for continuing the great replacement.

The same ugliness can be seen everywhere. People don’t know their place. Some are too humble and waste their potential while others – most of people – are too prideful and think too much of themselves. It’s like a kid trying to lecture an old, experienced diplomat on foreign affairs. I can remember seeing some people here in Sweden that happily talked about how good this country would be if Swedes were a minority since we would finally be a multicultural nation free from racism. Their near autistic fixation with this ugly idea of racial equality and a non-culture of multi-racial consumerism is an idea that, if realized beyond reversal, would be a fate far worse than death. What good is a body without a soul and a reason to live?

Ugliness is everywhere, it’s the commercials and politics, study circles and trade unions, political parties and churches, money and sex, free love and weed. Only a huge cleansing fire can set things right again. Ugliness is not something you only find in art, nor is beauty. Beauty and ugliness are everywhere, and you can’t explain it, but only see it with an artist’s gaze. You can see through people and within an instant you realize what their motives are, what their vices are and just how ugly the very large majority of people are. All off this can at times be seen through the smallest of actions, like a smile at a certain time or a grin.

What all these ugly things have in common is the pure intellect without any sort of morals, racial feeling or higher goal. This rootless intellect can’t find anything wrong with things such as legalizing necrophilia, something the youth wing of the Swedish liberal party is promoting. It can’t find anything wrong with anything as long as it ”doesn’t affect you” and makes them ejaculate. They are ejaculating in the ruins of a once great and beautiful civilization. They are destroying everything beautiful in life in exchange for a more lazy and comfortable one. The mob has no goals, it just wants to cum.

Beauty can’t be explained intellectually, it just exists. You can’t scientifically create synthetic beauty, because beauty is independent of the intellect. The intellect can thus never understand it, and that is why it hates it so much. That is why this rootless intellect wants to purge it away, because it does not make sense to them. That is, if they can even bare looking at it. Most people in the mob can’t, because they are – again – reminded of their own inferiority and the fact they need to do stuff in their lives. They just want to cum and get drunk.

In a way, you can say that we know life is meaningless at this point. But what we know is irrelevant, because the intellect is limited and thus we may still have a meaning in life in that which is not intellectual – beauty. We can see society has become terribly ugly through the same non-intellectual gaze as the one the artist had when he painted a beautiful painting. You don’t need to understand it intellectually, you only need to act upon it. By making the world beautiful we’re creating our own meaning in life, and making the world beautiful is the only meaning we have in life. In a way Adolf Hitler was the greatest artist there ever was since the whole world was his canvas. Maybe god is dead, but let us then resurrect him with beauty.


  1. Brilliant article, but moreover an AMAZING blog. The style and the content are just magnificent.
    It is always darkest before the dawn; and beauty, prowess, proficiency, and brotherhood as manifestations of the European Soul are ramping up to re-enter the world stage in a big way.

    1. It’s for all, in their own ways. If they can’t make themself into what they are supposed to be, they must be morphed into something else. If you won’t sculpture yourself, you have no right to whine when someone else does it for you.

  2. The external ugliness is a manifestation of our inner natures. It was always there, curbed by external limitations in the past so it was easy ot ignore. But its always in us, its the conflict between dissolute, profligate, degenerate weakness and hard, disciplined, strength and will. The physical manifestations of the two are starkly visible. Weakness is ugly, strength is beauty.

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