A fascist has an enormous battle ahead of him. That’s because fascists, in their commitment to truth and justice, will need to take down the system. This is to say, our goal is to take down the whole of the modern world, including most of it’s institutions, laws and culture.

Because of the nature of this monumental struggle, we must expect that only a small minority will join our cause, while the masses slumber or worse yet, fight back against us. Because of this fact, there are some who fall into despair or accuse us of “LARPing”. They cannot fathom that we can claim victory against such a powerful system without somehow getting the masses on our side or making compromises with other factions to gain allies. They accuse us of being “unrealistic” or “ideological purists” and complain that we “divide the movement”.

But in fact, our strategy and attitude is based on a very simple distinction.

Strength vs. size
Those who are still trapped in the modernist paradigm see the system as incredibly strong, because it’s so big. And they see us as weak, because we have such few people by comparison. But strength is not¬†determined by size or numbers. Our strength comes from our conviction, from our discipline and our determination to do whatever it takes.

The system isn’t as strong as it seems. This is because the system is not monolithic, but is composed of a great many factions. These factions have different interests, different values and different goals. Moreover, the human quality of their respective leadership is abysmally low; most of them are degenerate cowards who wouldn’t take responsibility for spilling their own coffee. And they’re not as smart as they’d like us to think they are.

The most basic strategy of war is to strike at the enemy’s weakness and avoid their strengths. Their strengths are numbers, weapons and money. Their weaknesses are their internal divisions, their cowardice, their refusal to take personal responsibility for anything, their obsession with comfort and safety, their mindless adherence to codes, regulations and protocols, and their total lack of mutual trust and solidarity.

A new kind of warfare
There is no question that our ultimate purpose is to see the dawn of a new order. The most direct way to establish this would be to begin implementing this new order ourselves, away from the system. We can offer people services they need (security, food, justice) where the system fails to do so. We can acquire land in remote areas to farm and develop alternative lifestyles. But the threat of system clamp-down always looms on the horizon. And the best defense is a good offense.

Because we will be ready to impose the new order once the system collapses, our best defense against it will be to accelerate its demise. But direct confrontation would be to our disadvantage. Even guerrilla warfare and terrorism will be of limited success against states with long experience and massive arsenals of spying and military technology. That is their strength. To win, we need to aim at their weakness instead, as was said before.

The blacks and moslems hate the government and the liberals. They would need very little prodding on our part to attack other parts of the system we wish to target. Revenue collection agencies are working for the banks. Their reporting procedures (and commission incentivized employees) can be set against corporations and even government departments to wreak financial havoc. Standard commercial protocols set in place to facilitate business can be utilized to bankrupt judges or other public officers.

The different parts of the system exist in an uneasy truce. The moslems and the blacks endure their grievances to continue receiving handouts. Governments and corporations obsessively follow tax codes and banking regulations to continue getting cheap loans. Courts will respect commercial procedures to keep business humming along. We can throw a monkey wrench in all this. The system will eventually adapt to these attacks, of course, but not before some damage is done. And then we can just change our methods again.

The system as a whole appears invincible, yet individual bureaucrats are feeble. Forget blackmail or intimidation, even just malpractice insurance claims would be sufficient to scare them. These people want peaceful, quiet lives pushing papers in their office. We have to make sure the only way they have to keep this peaceful office life is to ignore us and let us have our way.

Unwitting allies
We do not need to compromise with others to acquire allies, because we do not need their consent to have them do our bidding. The various ethnic groups, professional associations, corporations, government bureaus and leftist ideologues have their own desires and behavior patterns. We need to set them one against another.

Once the moslems, blacks, feminists, banking conglomerates, revenue collection agencies, SJW’s, antifa, jewish media executives, lawyers and communists are finished tearing each others throats, WE will be left standing. As such, the system is the system’s own worst enemy. It’s components will serve as our unwitting (and unwilling) allies.

A million essays, a thousand books and a hundred speeches won’t have the same effect on “public opinion” as the occurrence of moslems rioting in the streets, or food prices tripling over a few weeks. The system is desperately holding together this collapsing world, while at the same time maintaining the very policies that are destroying it. Nothing will convince the people that we are right except pulling the veil of illusionary comfort and safety from their eyes.

So what we need isn’t to broaden the appeal of our mission, but to harden ourselves and learn the new methods we will need to win this struggle. We need to attain real world¬†powers, both destructive and constructive. On the constructive side, we need the knowledge to build infrastructure to provide for the essential needs of the people. That is, in part, the idea of the fascist workshop series. And now I’m highlighting an essential weapon we must add to our arsenal of destructive tools.

6 thoughts on “UNWITTING ALLIES”

  1. The power of the system in centralized completely in monetary means, the only reason people support or don’t oppose it openly is because they are worried about losing their wealth or the means to support themselves and their families.

    Their followers are employees, their soldiers are mercenaries and their lovers are prostitutes.

    They way you most harm the system is by disrupting their finance and partaking in actions and utilizing forces that do not hold money above all other things.

  2. The problem with buying our own bit of land to farm on and to be sufficient on is that outside of America, most countries are already using their arable land.

    1. Using permaculture, you can grow food on so-called “non-arable” land. I’ve seen videos and read books describing the process of turning blazing hot and parched dry deserts into agricultural areas that produced food. This is, of course, without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Those things destroy the fertility of the land in the long term. Look into permaculture to expand your conception of what can be done in terms of food production.

      1. Yeah, I remember Gaddafi had plans to expand farming into the Sahara and increasing the arable land of Libya. I guess I have some learning to do.

  3. Our people must come to understand why these things happen. They need a conceptual framework to process the actions of fascists that is fairly accurate. They dont need to believe it, they just need to be familiar enough with it.

    The break down of society and the resulting hardships will create and release a vast amount of energy. This energy will be up for grabs and we must be the ones to direct it. If we dont prepare our people all we will do is end up inadvertantly converting everyone to islam because they will be familiar, organised, visible, get results and the alternatives may seem worse at the time.

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