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Today’s episode features a mix up of hosts, only the Swede and the Yank make a return appearance with their new cohosts Another Yank and Frenchman. We welcome all constructive feedback so we can improve the show, so let the guys know what you’d like from them and from this show!

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NOOSE – http://ropeculture.org/
IRONMARCH – http://ironmarch.org/




In Sweden we have something called ”värdegrund”. This word is a bit like ”lagom”, in that it’s hard to translate into English. The literal translation would be ”value-ground”, or ”value-base”. This word is used in different mission statements and other documents in Swedish institutions as well as in articles and in normal speech. This word implies that we all share certain opinions, and that we have a consensus about these, and that if you go against them you’re not ”one of us”, you’re not a part of ”democratic” Sweden. You’re more foreign than Ogabooboo from Sudan in the eyes of the värdegrund-Swedes if you do not share these ideas. Which are these ideas then, you might ask?

One idea, which is pushed throughout the west, is everyone’s equal worth. For example, the Swedish army has a värdegrund where it says that they should ”[…]protect everyone’s equal worth, justice, equality and support democracy and human rights’‘. In the same document they say themselves that a värdegrund is a base from which you should act in everyday situations. In other words, they are forcing a certain perspective to see the world upon others, and if you disagree you’re ostracized for not ”believing in everyone’s equal worth”. Note the word ”believe”. These people are members of a literal cult. The cult of equality.

As I said before, as far as I am aware, every government institution has a certain ”värdegrund”. This is true for the schools as well (which are controlled by the multiplicities who often use them as a cash cow, but that’s another subject), where students are supposed to be of the same sectarian belief, that everyone are of equal worth, in order to get grades. In my philosophy class for example, I had an assignment about ”Questioning something”, so I had to use hypothetical wording in order to be able to write about if everyone really are of equal worth. Otherwise I would get an F, and my Marxist (literally) teacher made several red lines under the assignment and wrote ”You’re on very thin ice now, Hans” and was quite harsh with the grading as well, compared to other students in the class. Someone who wrote about being a human as a privilege got an “A” if I am not mistaken.

What you also have to understand with Swedish schools is that they are mandatory for 9 years. You are not allowed to homeschool your children. If you do, the child ”protection” service takes away your child with the police. Probably to be given away to a couple HIV-positive Nigerian sodomites. But in most cases, these children are just left to care homes. Care homes which in many cases appears to be owned by people in the friendship sphere of the politicians. Oh, but don’t worry. This government report says that Sweden is one of the least corrupt nations in the world!

Things in Sweden have sped up at an insane pace. When I was a kid in the early 00’s, I remember playing our national anthem outside on my trumpet as someone else raised the flag during our national day. You would never see something like that now, and if you do you can be sure the värdegrund has corrupted it beyond recognition. You would see something like a national day in celebration of multiculture. Thanks to the värdegrund, we have also been forbidden (in practice) to celebrate this national holiday in church, as it was tradition to do. If they do, they are not allowed to mention god, and are limited to talk about love and common humanity, while blowing soap bubbles and making post modern remakes of ”Den blomstertid nu kommer” If it looks too white, that’s because it’s from 6 years ago, you know when Sweden hasn’t fully made this transformation that must take place. Since then we have taken in around 500 000 more rapefugees, according to the official numbers.

I can personally attest to that the amount of immigrants have increased insanely much. My old school had around 30% immigrants in my estimation when I went there, now it’s 70% (official numbers). I left that place years ago. I have also seen more and more of them as I’ve grown older. In my daycare center there was only one immigrant, a Greek. In middle school, roughly 6 in my class. In the later stages, 12+. Now, as I said, 70%.

Since children are the most impressionable, you cannot separate värdegrund from the school. Värdegrund enables the current system to brainwash the youth, all in the name of democracy, to the degree that has been done in Sweden. Swedes allow it, because Swedes always want consensus. Consensus in itself implies that all the people who are a part of the “consensus making” are equally intelligent, which of course isn’t the case. But most of the time it is just an empty word, to be abused to scare Swedes away from stepping out of the little political correct sphere. If they do, they just jump out a bit. Like to the Swedish Democrats who think Somalis can become Swedish. It’s fitting that ”consensus” was created by Jewish Rabbis in order to establish what the Jews hold as truth, which can be read in the Talmud, not the Torah.

Another important and very related word is ”människosyn”, which means roughly ”view on humans”. Unless you have a good människosyn that is the same as everyone else’s, you’re probably a stupid peasant Nazi that needs some education. Or, as we have established, brainwashing. ”It doesn’t seem we share the same view on humans”, a liberal can say mockingly, while verbally masturbating about how intelligent he is for soaking up the brainwashing more than an arab soaks up wellfare money.

In other words, värdegrund is a way to abuse the Swedish need for a consensus in order to establish the liberal values as the dominant ones. Instead of chopping off heads, the modern day Jacobins use social exclusion and useful idiots to do their bidding. You cannot argue against a liberal with a liberal mentality yourself, something that became painfully clear in the recent debate Millenial Woes had with Sargon of Akkad. Thus you must reject their entire world view. You must break this värdegrund conditioning which you have had since childhood. A good place to start is to realize that tolerance is apathy, since you can only be tolerant against things which you don’t approve of. Tolerance is thus spiritual castration. We don’t need spiritual castration, we need a fanatic will to power. Freedom doesn’t come at the end of a bottle, it comes from throwing that bottle away and doing something with the life you have. This is something Swedes have been brainwashed since childhood to reject.

The conditioning combined with the Swedish consensus mentality has brought this insanity into being and morphed the ”Prussian” in the Swede into working for ”a multicultural peaceful world”. Once this conditioning is broken, which it must be, Swedes will be just as fanatical on the other extreme. It’s a matter of time.



In our struggle visual presentation and aesthetics had always played a big role, though in recent history there has been a significant shortage of talented people to produce quality work, with only the music scene maintaining its vigor. The situation on the British scene serves as a good example of how bad things have gotten with visual propaganda until the appearance of National Action, who’ve pointed out this very issue in one of their early materials and later on set a high bar for quality propaganda. It is harder still, however, to find people talented in the art of the moving picture – there’s certainly pleanty of people with good basic editing skills but few who’d take it to the next level. Today we’re conducting an exclusive interview with someone, who just like National Action, set a high bar with his amazing work in this field – Omniphi Media.

Hello Omniphi, thank you for your time. To start off, let’s make it clear to everyone: are you a National-Socialist/Fascist? How exactly did you find yourself on this path?

I subscribe to the Americanized National Socialism set forth by George Lincoln Rockwell and Dr. William L. Pierce. When I was in the 8th grade our English teacher had a unit on the “Holocaust” and I was curious to hear the National Socialist’s motivations for their actions but couldn’t find the other side of the story in any main stream media or from my teachers. So I turned to a friend of mine who was a self proclaimed Fascist/NS and he pointed me towards the work of William Pierce and David Duke and a lot of other information in regards to WW2, The Third Reich, Eugenics, Race, and the Jewish Question.

So what came first, Omniphi the Nazi or Omniphi the aspiring video editor? Were you a Nazi who had to learn how to produce great videos for the cause or were you someone with a hobby and a talent and decided to put it to use in our struggle once you’ve come to share our Worldview?

It was the latter. A few months after becoming red pilled I had some interest in game development to get a Pro-White video game out there since we didn’t have anything besides Ethnic Cleansing or ZOG’s Nightmare. At some point it got frustrating and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted so I took up video editing for an organization called Aryan Legacy at that time. A contact of mine had also commissioned me to make a series out of Cosmotheism Trilogy, and I later re-released the series under Omniphi when AL disbanded.

Who or what serves as your inspiration for making videos?

In my initial awakening to a lot of these issues the videos of Ares and Norsewolf were also quite influential. People have told me it shows and some have even thought that I’m Ares with a new channel (how flattering!) I also watch ОКеям Нет for inspiration when it comes to aesthetics and technique, though I’m not the biggest fan of Putin.

It’s highly likely that you are the best out there, among people with our worldview, when it comes to video editing. Was this just an interest that you developed on your own or do you have any formal introduction and education in this field?

This was just an interest I had picked up toward the end of my Sophomore year looking up tutorials on youtube. I don’t have a formal education on this but I’ve picked up a few books and online courses that go into composition, color, photorealism, etc that will give your work a more polished touch.

Could you possibly take us through your process of making one video from conception of the idea for a video to when you click “Publish video” on YouTube?

My workflow starts with trying to find some work of prominent Racialist figures that resonates with me and imagining how that work work when captured with an animation. After that I start compiling imagery and brainstorming scenery I want to capture that will fit with what’s said. Then I actually go into After Effects and make the graphics and edit. From there I’ll make a soundtrack to go with it. Finally I’ll send it to a few friends for constructive criticism in case I’ve missed anything, when you work on anything for an extended period of time it’s easy to feel attached and get tunnel vision so an external opinion is quite useful at times

Are you formally a member of any group or movement, or do you work completely independently?

In the past few years I’ve actually been associated with several groups to get our message out there. I see it as advantageous to work with multiple groups because in the event that my platform were to be censored by our chosen friends I can still get more videos out there. It can be as exhausting as it is rewarding.

Would you join an organization if one that seemed legit were to appear or would you rather carry on as the ‘Lone Wolf‘ of video propaganda?

I enjoy working with organizations 😉

What tips or suggestions would you give to any video editing enthusiasts in our ranks? Also could you share with our readers exactly what software you use yourself?

I use the Adobe CS6 collection which will give you photoshop, AE, and other useful tools for video production. Techrodd and VideoCopilot have great tutorials that will quickly get you started in VFX.

Maybe you’d be willing to share with our readers what to expect from you in the future, like your next 3 videos?

I don’t usually announce future projects just in case there’s a technical issue or something else comes up. But the next Omniphi videos in queue are one from a portion of Wilmot Robertson‘s Dispossessed Majority, and another on White Guilt. I’ve also got a few going at once for other platforms that I’ll share on social media when they’re out.

Where do you go from here? Do you plan to just keep going as you do now or are there any plans for some kind of expansion? Can we expect an NS nemesis to jew-infested Hollywood in the form of “Omniphi Studios” down the road?

For now I plan to keep putting videos out there for Omniphi Media and other platforms but next year I’m going to university for Computer Science. Programming is going to be a useful career for a lot of us in the cause and it helps that it pays damn well too. In the future it would be nice to expand into a company that produces media of the highest quality that promotes the culture and heritage of our people.

Once again, thank you Omniphi for giving us this exclusive interview, hopefuly your words of encouragement, suggestion and tips will serve to inspire more people to step up their game and produce more high quality visual propaganda for the cause.

Thanks for having me, hails!




Okay, so the hidden earth-sheltered habitat we saw last week works pretty well when it comes to not being found. But what if you want to go one step further? After all, someone sniffing around your land will eventually find it if he persists long enough and stumbles upon the entrance. And also, if anyone visits your location while you’re building the thing, it’ll be obvious what you’re doing.

The only real solution to these possibilities is to go completely underground, both during the construction and the operation of your building. This will obviously take longer, be more complicated and involve some danger, unlike all the previous concepts we’ve covered. But since secrecy is a crucial aspect of what we’re doing, in some scenarios it’ll be worthwhile to explore the possibility of completely underground construction.

Tunnel digging

At the core, building underground is about tunneling. And while digging is simple, not dying in a cave-in is less simple, and something you’ll want to avoid.

This is your future, white man. If you don't take into account soil type and build shoddy support frames.
This is your future, white man. If you don’t take into account soil type and build shoddy support frames.

A underground hideout will be constructed out of a series of tunnels linking larger rooms together. For illustration, observe the tunnels built by the Vietcong during the Vietnam war; the tunnels were dug by hand, had rooms to live in, storage areas, medical centers and so on. The Vinh Moc tunnels in particular are a great example, since they were used to house civilians as well as military staff, and were buried 30 meters underground to protect them against American bombings. If building such a thing is possible during war time with no resources, then it should also be possible for us to do it in our advantageous conditions.

The asian hive mentality at it's finest: they instinctively build underground colonies like ants.
The asian hive mentality at it’s finest: they instinctively build underground colonies like ants.

The Vinh Moc tunnels, and Vietcong tunnels in general, were excavated by hand and did not use wooden supports. This is because the soil was mostly sandstone, which is solid enough to avoid cave-ins if the tunnel geometry is intelligent, while also soft enough to dig by hand quickly. If you find a location with sandstone soil, you can directly copy the method of the vietcong tunnelers, without too much risk. But in many cases, additional security measures will be necessary.


The most basic form of support is to shape the tunnel into a vault as you dig it. A vault, by virtue of it’s geometry, has a very high ability to withstand a load. Thus a vaulted cavity is much less likely to cave in than a cavity with straight edges. But this will only work if you have a soil with very high clay content (or you’re digging through stone).

A man could stand on that arch and it wouldn't budge.
A man could stand on that arch and it wouldn’t budge.

In order to dig a tunnel into a proper vault shape, you’ll want to create a frame (a bent metal rod will work) with the right curve, and place it against the wall you’re going to dig into. Use a tool to mark the curve into the soil, and carefully dig according to that mark. Every few feet of digging, reapply the frame to make sure sure you’re staying on track.

A room in the Vinh-Moc tunnels. Those commie vietcongs sure understood the arch concept.
A room in the Vinh-Moc tunnels. Those commie vietcongs sure understood the arch concept.

As an added security, make sure there’s plenty of soil above the ceiling. Some sources say that there should be twice the thickness of earth above the tunnel as the height of the tunnel itself. Digging a shallow tunnel is inviting a cave-in.

But what if the soil you’re digging into isn’t so strong? You’ll have to add support beams as you dig, at least every 6 feet or so (2 meters). Of course, if you start to come across less stable soil, you might have to increase the frequency of support braces to avoid a cave-in. Tunneling braces are typically made with 6×6 inch lumber, but you can probably do with small trees cut around the construction area if you’re low on resources.

Looks straight out of a horror movie. But it should keep you from dying, probably.
Looks straight out of a horror movie. But it should keep you from dying. Probably.

An interesting alternative, which I’ve thought about, but which is untested as far as I know, would be to dig a vaulted tunnel and erect a ferrocement shell over the ceiling and walls after every few feet of progress. Ferrocement, as mentioned before, is almost as strong as steel, is totally waterproof, and when built in the shape of a vault, should endure enormous amounts of pressure. It’s a concept that has definite potential, enabling strong tunnels to be dug in even very poor conditions (sandy soil, shallow depth, etc). This will have to be tested however.

Living in raw mineshafts, while romantic, would probably wear thin after a while. So it’s a good idea to finish the floors, walls and ceilings with some sort of plaster to make the tunnels more habitable. A simple compound to plaster with would be a mix of cement and dirt (1:4 ratio), which will make your walls smooth with a nice beige color. If you used the ferrocement shell method, then you could just paint the cement surface, which should already be smooth anyway.

The vietcong tunnels didn’t feature doors, apparently. Indeed, it would be very inefficient to dig passageways large enough to accommodate a standard sized door. Not to mention, standard doors are square, which will not match our vaulted corridors and rooms. A simple substitute would be to just use drapes as doors, hanging from the top of the doorframe. Otherwise, you’ll have to make your own doors with appropriate shapes.

Like this... but not as fancy.
Like this… but not as fancy. You don’t want to kill the dim tunnel aesthetic.

Since our ideal is stealth, windows are obviously out of the questions. Light wells are possible, but are difficult to build. So for the most part, using energy efficient led lights will be your best bet, combined with well hidden solar panels on the surface.

As you dig deeper into the ground, surface temperature stops influencing the tunnel’s climate and you start to get nearer to a constant 13 degrees celsius all year round. This is a cold but livable temperature, if you’re well dressed, making heating not entirely necessary. But building rocket mass heaters will still make the place more comfortable. It would be a good idea to heat at least one larger room, for eating and relaxation. The heater can double as a cooking stove. You’ll probably want to have a propane cooker as well though.

Trust me, goyim, this graph perfectly illustrates my point.
Trust me, goyim, this graph perfectly illustrates my point.

Rudimentary toilets can be implemented by simply digging a deep hole and putting a seat on top. Composting toilets are also a possibility, but an extra hassle (you’ll have to have storage space for 6 or more waste barrels, because it can take months for the human waste to become compost). We may cover the subject of composting toilets in greater detail in a future article. Stuff like septic tanks and drain fields are out of the question underground since you won’t have an excavator to make the gigantic holes necessary to install such a system.

Ventilation is essential for any building, but doubly so for underground construction. The potential for condensation and mildew is very high in a shut off bunker. Good airflow will prevent that. You’ll want to implement a convection based ventilation system. Basically, you get a pipe running below the tunnel for a bit, where it’s colder. The air in the pipe will be cooled. Then the pipe goes to the surface, where it’s hotter. The temperature difference will create a suction effect, and thus an airflow. In the winter, where it’s actually colder outside than down below, you can help the convection along by painting the chimney black and placing it in view of the sun, making it heat up even if it’s freezing outside.

Basically this, but underground.
Basically this, but underground.


Digging a secret underground network of tunnels is both dangerous and difficult. It’s not something that should be done lightly. But it’s a proven strategy in times of struggle. “Tunnel clearing” was probably the most feared and dangerous type of battle for the American forces fighting during the Vietnam war. That’s something to think about.

As with all the articles in this series, this isn’t meant to be a complete guide, but just an overview and a taste of the subject. Tunnel digging, because of the dangers involved, should be the subject of particular research and preparation.

And as such, tunnel digging should be the last resort. Building above-ground structures, or even earth sheltered ones, will be faster, easier and less dangerous, and it will result in more convenient habitats. But if the heat from the system is too intense, even the most well hidden and well camouflaged structure can be found, especially if helicopters and spy satellites are involved. A hidden tunnel entrance could only be found by large teams going over vast expanses of land with a fine tooth comb. Something else to think about.

Good luck finding this entrance in the middle of the fucking forrest, feds!
Good luck finding this entrance in the middle of the fucking forest, feds!



Life as it is now is a joke. You don’t even need to look out the window to see the disgusting ugliness and disorder we are in now as a civilization. Our machine-like institutions have betrayed us, and crush everything that does not confirm to them and reshape what does into it’s own rootless image. Countless drones work in skyscrapers. Useless bureaucrats paid to discuss whether we should do this or that, but most of the time these people don’t even accomplish that much. They simply sit at their desk and sign useless papers or browse Facebook all day. People’s motives are as ugly as their appearance, they don’t care about anything other than what is materially good for them in the short term. They couldn’t care less about their children or their own future. They just want an orgasmic ecstasy while destroying everything built with the sweat and  blood of their ancestors. Our ancestors, the innumerable dead, lived on in their deeds and accomplishments that we have inherited – now their deeds have been slowly withering away under the slogans of Equality, Multiculturalism and Capitalism.

What is opposite to this drone like existence is the War Hero. The war hero has become a monster because the war hero is the living archetype of the man of action. Willpower, which the drones lack. Initiative, which the drones lack. Discipline, which the drones lack. Everything that reminds the mob of their own inferiority is being despised to the tunes of mulatto ”arists” while the same mob keep whining on trivial political issues to appear sophisticated.

The mob” are materialistic hedonists who take delight in destroying the wealth and the culture so many before them have built. They love what they are doing. They love all of it. Today young men don’t go out and conquer nations, they sit at home and jerk off to hentai or play games all day. They are too lazy and too pathetic to even read a book. The exploits of Alexander the Great are unknown to these people. Few have even heard of the Gordian knot, or the legends of his visit to the oracle of Ammon. Ask the average lemming with mob mentality, who Lysander was and they will shrug their shoulders and perhaps say ”Wasn’t he some DJ?”. They are without history. They are without any sort of racial feeling. They are ugly.

You can so easily see their ugliness in everything they do, how they smile when they do something ”good” like defending Muslim rapists from evil racists, like a merchant’s smile as he tries to sell you snake oil. They are not even aware of what they are doing, making it all the worse. Or how they blindly support hip opinions while letting their arrogant pride speed off on how wise and smart they are for having the good opinions while the evil peasant racists should be educated. The same people also see themselves as Gurus or some super intellectual professors and will gladly talk for hours about all the good deeds they have done to support the cause. Even while rapefugees rape their daughters, their wives and their sisters they still masturbate about how good they are for continuing the great replacement.

The same ugliness can be seen everywhere. People don’t know their place. Some are too humble and waste their potential while others – most of people – are too prideful and think too much of themselves. It’s like a kid trying to lecture an old, experienced diplomat on foreign affairs. I can remember seeing some people here in Sweden that happily talked about how good this country would be if Swedes were a minority since we would finally be a multicultural nation free from racism. Their near autistic fixation with this ugly idea of racial equality and a non-culture of multi-racial consumerism is an idea that, if realized beyond reversal, would be a fate far worse than death. What good is a body without a soul and a reason to live?

Ugliness is everywhere, it’s the commercials and politics, study circles and trade unions, political parties and churches, money and sex, free love and weed. Only a huge cleansing fire can set things right again. Ugliness is not something you only find in art, nor is beauty. Beauty and ugliness are everywhere, and you can’t explain it, but only see it with an artist’s gaze. You can see through people and within an instant you realize what their motives are, what their vices are and just how ugly the very large majority of people are. All off this can at times be seen through the smallest of actions, like a smile at a certain time or a grin.

What all these ugly things have in common is the pure intellect without any sort of morals, racial feeling or higher goal. This rootless intellect can’t find anything wrong with things such as legalizing necrophilia, something the youth wing of the Swedish liberal party is promoting. It can’t find anything wrong with anything as long as it ”doesn’t affect you” and makes them ejaculate. They are ejaculating in the ruins of a once great and beautiful civilization. They are destroying everything beautiful in life in exchange for a more lazy and comfortable one. The mob has no goals, it just wants to cum.

Beauty can’t be explained intellectually, it just exists. You can’t scientifically create synthetic beauty, because beauty is independent of the intellect. The intellect can thus never understand it, and that is why it hates it so much. That is why this rootless intellect wants to purge it away, because it does not make sense to them. That is, if they can even bare looking at it. Most people in the mob can’t, because they are – again – reminded of their own inferiority and the fact they need to do stuff in their lives. They just want to cum and get drunk.

In a way, you can say that we know life is meaningless at this point. But what we know is irrelevant, because the intellect is limited and thus we may still have a meaning in life in that which is not intellectual – beauty. We can see society has become terribly ugly through the same non-intellectual gaze as the one the artist had when he painted a beautiful painting. You don’t need to understand it intellectually, you only need to act upon it. By making the world beautiful we’re creating our own meaning in life, and making the world beautiful is the only meaning we have in life. In a way Adolf Hitler was the greatest artist there ever was since the whole world was his canvas. Maybe god is dead, but let us then resurrect him with beauty.



A fascist has an enormous battle ahead of him. That’s because fascists, in their commitment to truth and justice, will need to take down the system. This is to say, our goal is to take down the whole of the modern world, including most of it’s institutions, laws and culture.

Because of the nature of this monumental struggle, we must expect that only a small minority will join our cause, while the masses slumber or worse yet, fight back against us. Because of this fact, there are some who fall into despair or accuse us of “LARPing”. They cannot fathom that we can claim victory against such a powerful system without somehow getting the masses on our side or making compromises with other factions to gain allies. They accuse us of being “unrealistic” or “ideological purists” and complain that we “divide the movement”.

But in fact, our strategy and attitude is based on a very simple distinction.

Strength vs. size
Those who are still trapped in the modernist paradigm see the system as incredibly strong, because it’s so big. And they see us as weak, because we have such few people by comparison. But strength is not determined by size or numbers. Our strength comes from our conviction, from our discipline and our determination to do whatever it takes.

The system isn’t as strong as it seems. This is because the system is not monolithic, but is composed of a great many factions. These factions have different interests, different values and different goals. Moreover, the human quality of their respective leadership is abysmally low; most of them are degenerate cowards who wouldn’t take responsibility for spilling their own coffee. And they’re not as smart as they’d like us to think they are.

The most basic strategy of war is to strike at the enemy’s weakness and avoid their strengths. Their strengths are numbers, weapons and money. Their weaknesses are their internal divisions, their cowardice, their refusal to take personal responsibility for anything, their obsession with comfort and safety, their mindless adherence to codes, regulations and protocols, and their total lack of mutual trust and solidarity.

A new kind of warfare
There is no question that our ultimate purpose is to see the dawn of a new order. The most direct way to establish this would be to begin implementing this new order ourselves, away from the system. We can offer people services they need (security, food, justice) where the system fails to do so. We can acquire land in remote areas to farm and develop alternative lifestyles. But the threat of system clamp-down always looms on the horizon. And the best defense is a good offense.

Because we will be ready to impose the new order once the system collapses, our best defense against it will be to accelerate its demise. But direct confrontation would be to our disadvantage. Even guerrilla warfare and terrorism will be of limited success against states with long experience and massive arsenals of spying and military technology. That is their strength. To win, we need to aim at their weakness instead, as was said before.

The blacks and moslems hate the government and the liberals. They would need very little prodding on our part to attack other parts of the system we wish to target. Revenue collection agencies are working for the banks. Their reporting procedures (and commission incentivized employees) can be set against corporations and even government departments to wreak financial havoc. Standard commercial protocols set in place to facilitate business can be utilized to bankrupt judges or other public officers.

The different parts of the system exist in an uneasy truce. The moslems and the blacks endure their grievances to continue receiving handouts. Governments and corporations obsessively follow tax codes and banking regulations to continue getting cheap loans. Courts will respect commercial procedures to keep business humming along. We can throw a monkey wrench in all this. The system will eventually adapt to these attacks, of course, but not before some damage is done. And then we can just change our methods again.

The system as a whole appears invincible, yet individual bureaucrats are feeble. Forget blackmail or intimidation, even just malpractice insurance claims would be sufficient to scare them. These people want peaceful, quiet lives pushing papers in their office. We have to make sure the only way they have to keep this peaceful office life is to ignore us and let us have our way.

Unwitting allies
We do not need to compromise with others to acquire allies, because we do not need their consent to have them do our bidding. The various ethnic groups, professional associations, corporations, government bureaus and leftist ideologues have their own desires and behavior patterns. We need to set them one against another.

Once the moslems, blacks, feminists, banking conglomerates, revenue collection agencies, SJW’s, antifa, jewish media executives, lawyers and communists are finished tearing each others throats, WE will be left standing. As such, the system is the system’s own worst enemy. It’s components will serve as our unwitting (and unwilling) allies.

A million essays, a thousand books and a hundred speeches won’t have the same effect on “public opinion” as the occurrence of moslems rioting in the streets, or food prices tripling over a few weeks. The system is desperately holding together this collapsing world, while at the same time maintaining the very policies that are destroying it. Nothing will convince the people that we are right except pulling the veil of illusionary comfort and safety from their eyes.

So what we need isn’t to broaden the appeal of our mission, but to harden ourselves and learn the new methods we will need to win this struggle. We need to attain real world powers, both destructive and constructive. On the constructive side, we need the knowledge to build infrastructure to provide for the essential needs of the people. That is, in part, the idea of the fascist workshop series. And now I’m highlighting an essential weapon we must add to our arsenal of destructive tools.



The same year that ZBOR was founded, new elections were announced for 5th May. The leadership of ZBOR decided it will partake in them and was expecting good results considering major discontent among people with the current state of the country. The action committee of the movement used the great authority of Dimitrije, his connections to Karađorđević dynasty, and his honest role in previous government as a minister for their election campaign. But this would not go well for them since the law favored the Yugoslav National Party, which had more resources and members to achieve victory. The elections ended in favor of the Yugoslav National Party, but with much controversy concerning vote theft and the strong-arming of people to prevent them from voting for ZBOR or United Opposition.

On the 24th June of the same year, Milan Stojadinović, now leader of new political party (Yugoslav Radical Union), took the position of Prime Minister. He was one of the people who opposed the 6th of January dictatorship and was regarded as an anti-monarchist, so it comes as no surprise that he and Ljotić couldn’t stand one another. Unfortunately for Dimitrije, Milan was now the one in power. Their animosity culminated on 23rd July 1937, when Stojadinović managed to pass the ratification of Concordat in the parliament. He pushed this in order to please Italy and get Yugoslavia closer to its Fascist ally, as Milan himself started copying Mussolini and the National Fascist Party. This came as a shock for the Yugoslav public, especially the Serbian Orthodox Church. Many political parties opposed this; among them was ZBOR with Dimitrije. As an honest Christian and a loyal Yugoslav, he didn’t want one faith to prevail over others and have special status in the country. This isn’t to say that he was following the interests of Serbian Orthodox Church; many members of ZBOR were Croats and Slovenes, and thus Catholic Christians. Many demonstrations took place, and one would stand out.

When Patriarch Varnava fell sick, news spread that he was poisoned because of his opposition of Concordant and the government. And thus the priesthood of the church held a procession on 19th July, days before the ratification. ZBOR took part in this procession and vocally supported it. The police first tried to ban it and when that failed during the procession, the gendarmerie used force to prevent the procession, which erupted with violence. The attack on the protesters was made on the order of Anton Korošec, a catholic priest and minister for the interior. Many bishops and civilians were harmed by armed gendarmerie officers, and  church banners were torn apart. To make it all worse for Milan and his government, the news of patriarch’s death the next day made the people more furious. This event came to be known as “The Bloody Procession”.

When he received this news, Ljotić gave a speech in his hometown of Smederevo. He condemned the usage of force against the priesthood and civilians, demanding that the government abandon their game with Concordant. The government didn’t pay any attention to the opposition and continued with the ratification.

Since the rise of Stojadinović, there was no doubt that Yugoslavia would become closer with the Axis powers. Although he proclaimed himself as being ideologically on the right, Milan didn’t agree with Ljotić on any key political questions. Since the first day of his reign, Stojadinović persecuted ZBOR and its members. In his brochure to Milan Stojadinović “A letter to the fascist apprentice”, Ljotić wrote:

“The work of ZBOR has indeed been hindered. In the months of June and July, of 212 rallies planned, only two were allowed, while the rest had been banned. Our papers have to be printed in secrecy. It will come as no surprise to us if Stojadinović fulfills his word and bans our movement all together.”

And Milan made clear his intention to ban Dimitrije’s movement, saying:

ZBOR is redundant. Even if you were to fulfill all lawful formalities your work will never be approved. ZBOR must be banned! Everyone else can remain, but ZBOR cannot, because what ZBOR wants is what I want anyway, so there is no place for ZBOR.”

Yet Ljotić always made it clear that ZBOR and Milan pursue entirely different goals. Milan constantly tried to support Fascism and National-Socialism but always for the wrong reasons. He only wanted to mimic great men in uniforms, he dreamed of large rallies where everyone would salute him as an ultimate leader. He failed to grasp the spirit of fascism, thinking it was just another international ideology like communism.

When in May he was preparing to visit Rome and Berlin to study the works of Il Duce and the Fuhrer, Ljotić commented saying:

We are not Fascists. Fascism isn’t our thought. Countless times we showed and proved this. Stojadinović is going to Rome to copy Fascism or to Berlin to copy Hitlerism, he is not adopting our own national thought, but a foreign one.”

Dimitrije always viewed Italian Fascism and German National-Socialsm as something characteristically for Italian or German folk and defended their governments when attacked by other parties in Yugoslavia. But when it came to Serbian and Yugoslavian people he always dismissed these ideas as foreign, and said that only ZBOR embodies the spirit of its people – the Yugoslav people.

The government of Milan Stojadinović and he himself personally accused Ljotić of being an agent of Hitler, spreading German propaganda and working in their interests – a populist move at that time. The government was disbanded in October and new elections were declared. At the wake of the political campaign, Milan ordered that ZBOR should be banned and Ljotić arrested. This happened, but only after the gendarmerie opened fire on a ZBOR rally, wounding many and killing one. Because of public pressure, Ljotić was released from prison, but this didn’t mean persecution of ZBOR and its members would stop. They were constantly interrupted on their rallies. United opposition offered Ljotić to join them, but he refused since no one shared his vision of the new Yugoslavia – no compromise. ZBOR and United Opposition lost, and Yugoslav Radical Union took most of the parliament seats and formed the government, though Milan Stojadinović was replaced by a new political figure: Dragiša Cvetković, a man who promised to solve the “Croatian question” and fix the nation’s foreign policy.

Dimitrije opposed this new government just like he did the former one. He saw no change coming for Yugoslavia. The partisans would continue to leech off the country and he couldn’t do anything about it.

The new government would be harder still on both the movement and its prominent leader. Unfortunately for the nation, Dimitrije Ljotić was among the few who saw the War slowly coming, aware that it will play differently than the last one. But no one would listen to him.

“We don’t go on elections to pick up mandates, but to gather all the right people in one circle, so that we can begin with purification and liberation from this unbearable state.”

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Many times in past installments, I’ve emphasized the importance of doing things discreetly. That’s because anything you do as a fascist is subject to interference by the system. Just because they don’t prosecute moslem rapists or try to police migrant crime doesn’t mean system thugs won’t spend millions of dollars and countless man-hours tracking down people who want to live away from the system, and doubly so if they have politically incorrect opinions.

When it comes to stealth, the gold standard is invisibility. What we really want is for ZOG troops to stand right in front of our base of operations and still fail to find us. This can only be achieved by digging underground and hiding the entrance. The problem, of course, is that conventional underground construction requires heavy machinery, enormous amounts of concrete and masonry units and makes an absolute mess of the area being excavated and built on. Isn’t there a way to create underground spaces without spending a fortune and attracting a lot of attention? In fact, there’s several.

Mike Oehler’s PSP system

In the 70’s, a hardcore hippie named Mike Oehler published a book called “The $50 and up underground house”. He advocated a return to nature, and a method of building houses that made them blend into the environment, which was a good thing because he mostly built them illegally and wanted to avoid attention.

Arch-hippie Oehler giving a tour of his 500$ house.
Arch-hippie Oehler giving a tour of his $500 house. That’s the fancy, upgraded version from his original 50$ home. In today’s money, that’s like a few hundred grand I guess…

The basic idea of his construction method is to dig a little bit in the earth, then build a wooden frame to keep the dirt from collapsing in on the house, with some polyethylene sheeting to keep the moisture out. The structure is then buried under dirt, keeping the entrance pretty well hidden.

His system is clever, but he had some very different priorities from us, and as such we can make significant improvements on his design in terms of both stealth, durability and performance. But let’s start with an explanation of the original system.

Post, shoring and polyethylene
There are several big problems when trying to build anything underground. First is that the dirt wants to cave in on you. Which, obviously, will really mess up your day. The second problem is that the underground tends to be a damp place, which rots wood and other organic construction materials. This is why underground areas are normally built of stone, concrete or bricks. The third problem is that excavating dirt is a real pain, especially if you’re doing it by hand.

A side view of the PSP system. Blame 70's hippie technology for the blury image.
A side view of the PSP system. Blame 70’s hippie technology for the blurry image.

The moisture problem can be solved fairly effectively by the use of polyethylene sheets, also called tarps. These are the blue sheets usually used to cover vehicles and cord wood from the rain and snow. Polyethylene is an absolute moisture barrier and will last for millennia if not exposed to UV rays. So the basic idea is to cover the wall and floor with these tarps, then shore up the wall with wooden planks. The planks are held in place with big wooden beams that are planted in the ground (over poly tarps, of course) and buried. The floor is then covered in either carpets or wooden planks. The roof gets similar treatment.

If you ignore that stupid chimney, this is damn near invisible to most passer-by's.
If you ignore that stupid chimney, this is damn near invisible to most passer-by’s.

The site is dug in a hill, with the entrance facing uphill. This makes the entrance (and thus the rest of the house) completely invisible to people who are downhill from it. With some clever design, it can make it very stealthy even from uphill as well, as well as from the air. The problem of excavation is also lessened, since the construction is merely embedded into an existing slope rather than dug out completely from a flat area. The excavated dirt can simply be piled up on the roof and the sides of the house later to completely hide the structure.

Mike Oehler is a romantic, not a fascist revolutionary. He places more value on aesthetics than on immediate practicality. His design is based on the necessity of having great light, a good view and his abhorrence to concrete. We share none of those prejudices.

While having no windows (relying on led bulbs for illumination) may not be romantic, it sure beats being found out by the system. Ventilation can be managed with a simple convection-operated chimney that can be manually opened and closed as required (more on this concept in a later installment).

Also, while wood is not that expensive, it’s prone to rotting and is very weak. It’s weak because it can only be assembled in rectilinear shapes. The key to making solid underground structures is the “vault” shape, where a round shape is used to support vastly more weight than a straight edge. Thus, if larger structures are to be built in this style, using the wooden shoring method would make them much more vulnerable to collapse from earth pressure.

Potential improvements

Each wall which will be subject to pressure from the surrounding earth should be rounded rather than straight. Of course, this could be easily accomplished using the cob technique, but since cob is vulnerable to moisture, it would be unwise to rely on it for underground construction. The ideal material for this, short of highly skilled vault masonry, would be ferrocement. Ferrocement is cheap and relatively simple to make, and is extraordinarily strong (almost as strong as solid steel!).

Ferrocement: steel mesh covered in cement.
Ferrocement: steel mesh covered in cement.

Windows should be kept to a minimum, both for heat conservation and stealth considerations. The conventional stove he recommends should be replaced with the high efficiency rocket mass heater covered in an earlier installment. The rocket stove will also be used to power the ventilation system, which is crucial underground to prevent mold.

Tamped dirt floor, with linseed oil for waterproofing. Looks pretty classy!
Tamped dirt floor, with linseed oil for waterproofing. Looks pretty classy!

The floor could be made cheaper by foregoing the wood and the carpeting altogether, and simply compressing the earth with a tamper and soaking in some linseed oil to make it waterproof. Wall to wall carpeting is a nightmare anyway, and a dust and mold accumulator.

Next time…
Oehler’s ideas are a strong basis to build a hidden underground space. He builds cheap, simple, hidden and functional designs. Combined with the many newer ideas floating around in the off-grid building community, you have a lot of potential.

Dwarves are pretty fash... right?
Dwarves are pretty fash… right?

Next time, we’ll take a look at the ultimate in secrecy, the underground tunnel. Most underground designs involve digging a large hole in the ground, building a structure in there and then burying it. How hard would it be to just start digging straight into the side of a hill and carve out a space for yourself?



Beggars can’t be choosers. Fascists, however, are neither. We are Demanders, and we can’t afford to be anything less.


Politicians are prostitutes. They go on stages, on TV, shake your hand and kiss your baby, they say sweet nothings in your ear and essentially prostrate before you in the hope of getting your vote. They go around begging for as many votes as they can get. “I want to be your first” –Jeb! Bush. But once they get into office they are done with their voters, much like how a prostitute loses all feigned interest in the client once she pockets the money. They use you and discard you, because inevitably elections end and thus the need to grovel. That is how the political system operates for those involved in it. For those that are in fact kept at arm’s length away from it and attempt to go the “mass movement” approach the ride of begging and groveling never ends.

So you’ve decided you’re going to “rally the masses“, wake up the “silent majority” and get their support and thus change the political climate. What that translates to in practice is a nonstop process of begging people to join your cause. It doesn’t stop, because by virtue of this approach it cannot stop until you’ve actually won. And the truth is that you will be forever stuck in a vicious cycle: to win you need the support of the masses, the masses won’t join you until you can show them that you are in fact going to win, but you need the masses to win, but the masses need to see you as a winner to join you. Beggars are not winners.

Mind you, the masses are prostitutes same as the politicians. They whore themselves out to a candidate in hopes that he will give them something back in return, something in his policies or stage promises, and they only give their vote to the candidate that they believe can win and therefor actually pay them back for their prostration to him. The only people whom they think can win are those that are part of the political system and thus have the leverages of power in their hands to dispense the promised goods for their whored out votes. It’s an illusion, as we’ve already established, politicians stop giving any fucks once the election is over, regardless if they lost or won. But if they do win they don’t do shit of what they promised to their voters, and either pursue their own agenda, party politics or the desires of their financial backers.

The mass movement approach is bullshit because you can’t offer the people even an illusion of being able to give them something back. What do you have? You can’t enter the political system and those who still fancy the tactic of entryism can keep stepping on the same rake and look just as pathetic as Nick Griffin did on Question Time. Let the BNP stand as a shining example of why entryism will always fail.

And so will the mass movement approach. Amazingly, we’ve been provided all the answers on our Struggle long ago by its Champions from Hitler and Mein Kampf to James Mason and SIEGE. We should already know all this, and yet here we are again going over all this. It’s a more  or less accepted metaphor by now that the masses are like a woman, and you are going to win her over by begging? The mass approach calls of “[please] join our movement“, “show up for our rally“, “read our policies, you’ll like them” and “see, we’re presentable!” sound no different than “Oh please give me a chance, go out on a date with me, I promise you’ll like it, I’m such a good guy!

The saying “beggars can’t be choosers” really is the slogan of the mass movement, as the goal is to increase quantity, so what does it matter who joins? It’s still a +1, right? That wouldn’t be a problem for any other movement – but ours? In our Struggle? It is devastating as it goes entirely against our principles. The desire for quantity means casting a wide net, it means compromises, it means softening one’s principles and making exceptions, every possible step back until you are left with something bigger but less defined, an amorphous gray blob with no real power to it.

It is this mentality that leads to inconceivably retarded propositions such as the bronies being a source of supporters for the cause. Thus the mass movement approach becomes the preaching of an inclusive tent, to harbor quantity rather than quality, where principles are cast aside in favor of the misguided utilitarian belief in the “strength of the many“. This is fundamentaly based on begging: it is a position of weakness from the start, the position of someone who has no control, no power, no leverage and no strength. Thus, he seeks strength in numbers, and is willing to compromise, whore himself, lower his standards (if he had any to begin with), and essentially extend a hand with a cup out to the world and say out loud “please give me a chance“… And the world simply passes you by with a look of disdain, disgust, sympathy or pity, and the second two won’t grant you victory any more than the first.


The appropriate slogan for choosers would be “it’s better than nothing“. This is when you are presented two shit options and you concede that at least one is not as shitty as the other, so might as well grab it. This is begging when you pretend to care for quality. This is the sort of mentality that allows for exceptions to the rules to become the driving principle in gaining support. “Oh this guy is degenerate, but not as degenerate as the rest of them, so I’ll choose him, it’s better than nothing!” “Not all faggots are degenerate, there are homosexuals who are okay, so I’ll choose them, better than nothing!Such bullshit.

More often this is seen in the mentality of voters who can’t seem to find their dreamy candidate on a white horse, so they choose either the next best thing, “the lesser of two evils” or vote for some candidate purely out of protest for another – in Russian Federation State Duma (parliament) elections many people vote for the communist party purely out of protest against Putin regime’s “United Russia” party, because they know the commies won’t ever win majority of the seats or achieve anything of consequence, but so long as United Russia doesn’t get their vote they’re alright with that (despite the fact that the CPRF is controlled opposition so it doesn’t matter anyway). In the United States certain people fell, yet again, for this mentality with the way they now fawn over Trump.

Choosing is the path of least resistance, seeking easy options and a quick way out. If presented with the mere illusion of an opportunity for an easier win they’ll gladly take it to avoid having to do any real work to achieve their goals. Vote for a supposedly based candidate or armed struggle? “Well shucks I’m against democracy/know that it’s a sham but this sure would be an easier way to resolve the problem!” And when it doesn’t resolve one can always justify their bad decisions by saying that some minor progress was made that can be built off of, without realizing that you’ve essentially done nothing and achieved nothing instead of making your own progress to build off.

This is the path of the lazy, of those who lack true conviction and are thus ready to settle at a moment’s notice, whereas people of conviction don’t need a choice, the only choice that matters was already made: do you stand by these principles or not? Regardless of what options may be presented after that point, those who chose integrity will disregard all the illusionary options that would lead them astray and say loudly “it is all or nothing!“. “Better than nothing” is not good enough for our Struggle.


Beggars can’t be choosers because they will accept anyone and anything, such is the nature of begging. Choosers choose from whatever is available even if they are only given shit options. Neither is good enough for our struggle and that already speaks to who we Fascists and National-Socialists actually are – we are demanders. We demand quality. We demand integrity, we demand strength.

We don’t go out and beg people to join us, because we know that the majority of people are useless to our cause, they are lemmings and moreover they are weak, they will go along to get along. Most of them won’t provide us any help and will gladly stand to the side, pretending they don’t know us should we lose. We don’t care about public opinion because their opinion is shaped by the status quo, it is shaped by our enemy. Those who concern themselves with presentability and respectability in order to appeal to the masses in practice are trying to appeal to System standards, to the standards of the enemy, thus they have already lost. The only respectability the masses truly care about at the core is strength. The only presentability they care about is vision. When the masses see us as strong and possessing a sense of direction, a vision, they will admire and fear us.

Yet even then they won’t be of any use to us, because they are incapable of parting ways with the society as it stands today. That is because, again, they fear failure and will only gravitate to someone whom they think will win. They are opportunistic in this regard because their own safety and security on an individual level is paramount to them. They might support you from the sidelines but never enough to actually start marching with you, because they fear the System’s punishment. At the end of the day they will still go along to get along and thus they will join us only when our victory is all but assured.

Thus the masses are useless in achieving victory. It is always a small elite, a vanguard, a group of fanatics that do most of the fighting and spearhead the way. “In between the Nazis and the Communists is the great mass of non-fanatics, the TV watchers and the comic book readers” –George Lincoln Rockwell. That is why we don’t beg and we don’t chooseWE DEMAND. A fanatic adheres to a vision and does so without compromises, because he knows that compromise leads to the erosion of his vision. A fanatic doesn’t want just anyone to stand beside him because he knows quantity in itself mean nothing, he wants someone like himself beside him, someone who will fight tooth and nail and will not take a step back. The fanatic declares “you’re either with us or against us” because he has standards, his vision doesn’t allow him to accept anything less than the total and absolute.

To beg people to join and cast a wide net means to obscure and water down that vision and poison the quality and strength of the few with the weakness of the bloated many, thus quantity doesn’t play to strength but to weakness.

To choose between shit options with a conceded “better than nothing” leads to exactly the same thing whilst pretending that it could be worse.

Fanatics demand that one meets the standards of his vision, to maintain its strength and purity. The beggar’s mass movement attempting to appeal to everyone or many different groups has no vision at all by virtue of it becoming obscured by the interests of all other participants. The chooser’s mass movement picking the least unfavorable option available is one that compromises on its vision, which ultimately means that it likewise has no vision.

Compromise is where the Truth goes to Die. One doesn’t argue that 2+2=4 with someone who thinks that it’s 7 and then compromises with them that 2+2=5. Thus alliances likewise don’t work, as they are built on the same method of compromising on your ideals, on your principles, on that vision in favor of quantity.

Mein Kampf, Volume II, Chapter 8: The Strong Man is Mightiest When Alone:

Above all, the new race-based state will never be created by the compromising indecisiveness of a racialist worker-coalition, but only by the iron will of a single movement that has fought its way through all that opposed it.

Hence why we don’t seek quantity. The real fighting is up to the few fanatics, some of the masses may cheer them on but they’ll calmly dispense and say “well it was a good show while it lasted” should the fanatics fail. Sure we make our intentions clear and our message loud, because we want the whole world to hear us. As a result people who have even a tiny bit of initiative in them will seek us out. We don’t wander the streets with an outstretched hand begging. We let everyone know we are here and then wait for those interested to come to us, but we don’t choose from what’s available when they do come – we demand. Prove that you are up to the challenge, prove that you are loyal to our vision and have what it  takes.

This isn’t an inclusive tent. This is an exclusive club. You think you’re getting in this house? You’re never getting in this house. You’re too fucking old, fatty, and you… you’re too fucking… BLOND! GET OFF MY PORCH!

White Power, Chapter 2: Spiritual Syphilis:

“He actually convinced me he wanted to try to be a Storm trooper!

As a matter of policy, whenever I hear that (as I do every day), I do all I can to discourage the applicant. We want no dabblers, but dedicated, fanatical fighters who will STICK through hell itself. With this crazy character, I went even further. I made fun of him. I told him he’d never make it, that we’d run him off the first day.

He rose to the challenge.

“You name it, and I’ll make it!” he said.

Strangely, I could sense a fiercely burning WILL behind the words. I told him he couldn’t come up to try life as a Nazi Storm-trooper until he was eighteen. He left, vowing to return in a few months. He did return – without the beatnik get-up. He turned out to be a blonde, young Viking, built for combat.

We poured it to him.

There was no place left inside for him to sleep. So he was assigned to a wrecked car out back. It was still winter and cold. But the kid moved into the wrecked car with a couple of blankets. We put him to work cleaning the toilets, and yard.

He worked.

Spring came, and then a broiling summer. He was still in the wrecked car, eaten alive by mosquitoes. I tried him on the printing press, and never saw such a bear for work. He was all dried out of booze, off the pills and dope, exercising plenty, and showing every sign of ‘making it.’ “

Our policy must be always that of exclusion, hence, let me say this again, why we are not beggars or choosers, we are DEMANDERS. We must spread our word far and wide so that people come to us and when they do we must make sure they are up to the task. By forcing them to come to us rather than trying to include everyone we make sure that only the truly interested come, thus excluding the go along to get along crowd of lemmings.  What must happen next is further weeding out of undesirable elements, the degenerates, the cowards, the LARPers and the mentally handicapped. The true fanatic of our struggle will face hardship sooner or later – he may face imprisonment, bodily harm, his family disowning him, exclusion from the System (losing their job or getting booted from their place of education) and finally death. These are the very real possible consequences of being a man of conviction and these are exactly the things that all undesirable elements are afraid of unless they are delusional.

Take the mentioned above method of testing applicants, consider the various traditions of hazing, or look to the informal approach of National Action, which drives away the hardcore LARPers who think they’re about to join something like the American NSM, thinking they’ll get to march in fancy uniforms and roleplay hard before going back home and resuming their lemming life. This is how you forge a movement of real fanatics that will actually go out and take ACTION against the enemy. “[Action] has the effect of leaving the fakers and the parasites standing alone and exposed as in the middle of a forty-acre field. It is electrifying. It is unifying. It builds the confidence to on towards even greater things” –James Mason.

Want to see what happens when your movement is made up of unknown variables that you let through the open door? Look at what happened to the antifa in Dover. Once the police line was broken only the fanatics remained who were at the very front of the crowd – the rest ran, because the rest were hobbyists and LARPers, who had only come out because they thought it was going to be a fun event where they can strut around and feel important, nice and safe behind the police line, and later they’d all hit the pub and have fun. The antifa that stayed around for the real confrontation experienced this for themselves:

“Unfortunately, despite some on twitter claiming “victory” because a handful of fascist got bloodied by rocks and stones, the fact is this wasn’t a victory at all. Part of the reason for this is because so many of the antifascists present were not street fighters and were not up for engaging the fascists in hand-to-hand fighting. Playing the big boy behind the police, when the fascists broke through many of them turned tail and fled leaving the few such as myself willing to stand toe-to-toe with them to get outnumbered and take a beating.”


Funny as it is to witness happen to the antifa, those who kid themselves with notions of inclusive tents, alliances and mass movement appeal will inevitably end up in the exact same predicament. The hobbyists, the LARPers, the degenerates will run, they will always run. Only the fanatics will stay. Unfortunately for our enemies they are entirely rooted in notions of inclusiveness. We, however, are not.

If you still need more convincing then I suggest you read the first IronMarch Revolutionary Fascist Manual – Mental Liberation, as well as James Mason’s SIEGE, or fuck it, any real hardline Fascist/NS materialsthey all point to the same answers.

But try to take away at least this much: beggars project great weakness, choosers project lack of integrity. No one is coming to help us, we are all there is and it is time to rise up to that challenge instead of seeking strength in numbers. Stop being self-conscious about how you are seen when the enemy dictates what looks presentable and respectable, that game is rigged against you. The only things that have universal and deep rooted presentability and respectability are Strength and Vision – the hallmarks of a fanatic, the hallmarks of someone who doesn’t accept what he sees around him, of someone who doesn’t accept anything less than total commitment to a singular vision, of someone who doesn’t conform or compromise. We are demanders. We demand from ourselves, we demand from others, we demand from life itself.

You are either with us or against us.