Corneliu Zelea Codreanu said something to the effect that a society gets the jews it deserves, as jews fester in the swamp of our sins. Another way to say the same thing is to proclaim that jews (and other parasites) are only a symptom of a fundamental problem with white behavior and psychology. This is often referred to as “white pathology“. Kevin Macdonald has gone into great detail to explain this pathology as being a european survival strategy, contrasted with the middle eastern clannishness based on blood relations.

It seems that increasingly, this subject is a source of debate and criticism in our circles. In one camp, we have those who claim our problems are internal (the flaws of the white race), and that focusing on jews or muslims is counterproductive until we’ve “solved” our issues, because the population won’t be receptive to that message before then. On the other side, there are those who say that we have no significant problems and that we have to focus on the foes in front of us, those we can see, not abstract weaknesses we can’t do anything about.

Which position is on the side of truth? Which is the correct strategy?

The nature of “white pathology”
It’s true that the aryan man is endowed with a sense of empathy that doesn’t exist among other races, at least not to the same extent. The white man has the imagination and perceptiveness required to “feel” the pain of others. In some, this ability is so developed that they even feel empathy for the lowest animals and are reluctant to hurt them.

And it’s true other races have used this attribute of ours to exploit us and demoralize us. The question here is, is our sense of universal empathy a fundamental weakness of ours? If so, why is it that, for example, the ancient Spartans or the bronze age Germanics didn’t seem to be hindered by this trait? Could slimy middle-eastern types have shamed a group of Roman republican citizens into allowing them rights in their city? Obviously not. If today’s race baiters tried their rhetoric on our bronze age ancestors, their impaled bodies would have adorned the city walls.

These distant ancestors had the same basic genetic makeup that we have today. So what’s the difference? Let’s take an even simpler and obvious example. The average person today, the average office clerk living in the city, would be too squeamish to kill an animal and butcher it himself. In fact, he would probably feel queasy just seeing it done on video. Yet just a few hundred years ago, european peasants did this without blinking.

The abundance of comfort and safety is the key difference between the whites of today and the whites of yesteryear. Today, we’re isolated from the harsh realities of life, disconnected from nature. Our ancestors, even if they had the same capacity for empathy that we have, learned to steel themselves and do what was necessary for survival. We never had to do so. Very few people have had to face the choice of kill or starve, much less of kill or be killed.

Our strategy
Fascists are in the minority of people who, for one reason or another, are ready to do what is necessary for the survival of our people and the establishment of truth and justice in human affairs. And it’s fairly obvious that “what is necessary” will involve violence and hardships for a lot of people. But what about the rest of the population?

This is where the issue of this debate becomes clear. Do we tell the people about the hard things we need to do to resolve the problems of our society? Or do we pretend the future will be rosy and friendly to accommodate their delusional empathy?

The answer is that the “rest of the population” is mostly irrelevant, and that our goal isn’t to “convince” people, it’s to destroy the System. Once the System is sufficiently hurt, and the living standards are dropped, the masses of weak-willed whites will be whipped into shape in short order. The System and it’s comforts are at the source of this so called “white pathology“. The System is also under the control and influence of our enemies, including both foreign elements and white traitors. Everything is thus tied together beautifully and simply: destroy the System, and you make whites stronger and root out their enemies at the same time.

Fools and cowards will read Codreanu’s quote above and use it as an excuse to wallow in self pity and avoid confronting their very real enemies. The irony being, of course, that Codreanu was a militant anti-semite who in no way shared their effeminate attitude.

On strength
Before we can make the average whites stronger, we need to be strong ourselves. Mental strength, spiritual strength, can only come to us when we have clear goals and no self-doubt. Endless prattering about “white pathology” undermines both of these things. The strong man focuses on rooting out his enemies. The strong man doesn’t worry about the righteousness of his cause, or about any “inherent weakness” he might have. We need absolute dedication and absolute clarity of purpose. This purpose can be summed up in three simple words: Destroy the System. You could even reduce it to two words: uphold truth.

There is no secret propaganda approach, no self-help technique, no magic bullet that will allow us to make the general population strong and healthy before we have power. All we have control over is ourselves. Each of us has the responsibility to strengthen ourselves both physically and mentally. In nature’s struggle, might makes right. And nothing is stronger than a man with a clear purpose and unwavering dedication.

As such, we have to shed everything which makes us doubt. We have to shed everything that encourages inaction. We can’t afford to pussyfoot around any issue or entertain any notion of compromise with our enemies. We don’t need the acceptance of the average lemming in order to accomplish our objective. We don’t need the cooperation of the System we seek to dismantle. Any strategy that relies on either of those things is delusional and doomed to fail.

Being outcasts from the System is good for us. It will make us tougher, stronger, it will teach us to rely on ourselves and build the tools we will need to replace the system once it’s gone.

This debate about “white pathology” and the need to appeal to white people’s so called weaknesses is a meaningless waste of time. Let us hear nothing more of it among fascists.


    1. You have to be careful there. It’s true we must focus on defeating the enemy. That was the central point of my article. But the “enemy” is something wider than just jews. It’s even wider than the mass of traitors, infiltrators and cultural marxist scholars. The enemy is the system. The enemy is modern thinking.

      The danger here is the idea that if we just got rid of the jews and traitors, everything would be fine. It wouldn’t. In fact, if we had a magic button we could press that would make the jews disappear instantly, it would probably spell our doom. We need to take care of this problem ourselves.

      If all external sources of conflict are gone, and we keep our degenerate modern ways, our comforts and safety, then decadence will get worse and worse and there will be nothing to “wake us up”.

      All this isn’t meant to excuse the jews or take our focus away from our enemies. But it’s crucial to keep in mind the bigger picture lest we let history repeat itself in the future. Once the jews are gone, there will eventually be others to take their place.

      1. jews run the system. White traitors and collaborators are paid to oppress their fellow Whites and destroy any resistance to jews. The traitor class is what prevents Whites from fixing their nations. If jews and their collaborators were to be vanquished, things would quickly return to normal, because the current system is unnatural and inverted. Without jews, no one would think that White women screwing non-Whites would be good, no one would think that it’s evil to have pride in your race, no one would think that the concept of gay marriage made any sense, and no one would support third world immigration into White homelands.

      2. I don’t think anyone’s advocating for removing the enemy while maintaining its culture and the current system, which would negate the whole reason for removing them. I think we’re pretty much on the same page here

        eliminate the jews and traitors > change the language/memes > change/fix the culture and related behavior which is consequent of jewish domination.

        Gotta shut the door before you can heat the house.

  1. Kevin MacDonald believes that Whites are easily exploited by jews because we’re more trusting of strangers than most other races due to our specific evolution. There might be some truth to that, but it doesn’t change the fact that we can’t save ourselves without smashing jewish power. Codreanu was a Christian traditionalist and his Iron Guard spent more time fighting his fellow Romanians who had been infected by the jewish parasite than the jewish parasite itself.

    1. I find KMac’s argument hard to believe, given the amount of internecine white conflicts throughout history and previous standards for exclusion/segregation of nonwhites who were imported for economic reasons, as well as for other white ethnicities. Was Cromwell displaying pathological altruism when he starved the Irish? The Vikings when they raped and pillaged? This “pathological altruism” didnt seem to be a problem until after jews took over, it’s an absurd argument designed to exculpate jews from agency and blame that KMac’s being pressured to pursue by other people.

      1. For me it’s basically about decay vs degeneracy, the former being something slow that creeps up on you whilst the latter is blatant and rampant. Decay comes from complacency, the whole essence vs form argument from my own argument against conservatism. People lose focus of what’s truly important and focus on the comfy material benefits they inherited. At some point this grows bad enough that foreign elements can infiltrate the society and exploit this complacency, hence the jews being mosquitos in the swamps of our sins. After that degeneracy kicks in and we all know how that goes.

        So I never regarded it as an altruism thing. If anything it’s self-interest rather than altruism, because true altruism died with the heroes and conquerors that built everything we inherited. Modern altruism is either virtue signalling or self-interest projected through the “golden rule” bullshit: “treat others as you’d like to be treated” – “ME? BUT I LOVE ME! OKAY!” Fuck that.

        It comes down to us letting our guard down and then an infection spreads, if we were vigilant it wouldn’t have taken root in the first place, so it does start with us, but the answer introspection to the point of inaction, rather its action against the infection through which we will purify ourselves as well. Another Codreanu quote that hints to this same point is that “new elites are formed in the struggle”. Which is basically the point of Zeiger’s article – fight, and you’ll fix what’s wrong with you as well, though what’s wrong isn’t as sad and pathetic as “boohoo we were too kind, darn it”.

    2. “Codreanu was a Christian traditionalist and his Iron Guard spent more time fighting his fellow Romanians who had been infected by the jewish parasite than the jewish parasite itself.”

      I’ve found that to be very true both online and in real life. Most of our people are basically “Jews between the ears”, as William Finck calls them. They will defend the Jewish agenda, unknowingly, e.g., “gay” rights and open borders, rather than give you the benefit of the doubt that what you are trying to tell them is correct (and it is) and for their very own good.

  2. “Destroy the System” – what system? Who built said system? replace said system with what?
    Pure loser bullshit, whites never got along, it took great effort to organize groups to get them to accomplish anything.
    You are just too damn lazy to do the needed heavy lifting, it’s just too damn EZ to blame other groups, undefinable concepts (da system man).
    You are suicidal, in the old days you would do the honorable thing and kill your damn self before the society did as part of a natural healthy eugenics program.

  3. The general qualities of our people evolved to match our setting. Like the ability to store body fat, our capacity for empathy was tempered by hard reality and mostly worked well. But in the abscence of hard times and nature our qualities have grown distorted and bloated and this has been exploited by others. Our civilisation bears no resemblance to reality. We are zoo animals.

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