Sweden is a sick country. We’ve all heard the news, we’ve all seen the me-mes and all pulled the Captain Sweden joke at some point. The thing is, however, that this is more real than people may think at first. I’ve lived in this country all my life, and so have my ancestors. I still live near the farm my great great grandfather used to have before the government forcefully bought it to build on it. My blood is in the soil. What is happening here in Sweden is nothing short of sick. Like a mass psychosis, and I can’t stress this enough. The pure lunacy that is modern Sweden can’t be described by words, so instead I’ll try to give a few anecdotes of examples of how insane this country is. This is the first installment of my experience, taking up a relatively recent example. More will follow, but to be honest there is so much insanity here that I don’t know what would be most shocking for non-swedes.

The past few months have given us a lot of insight through the alt-media about what what is happening here. Much of this is due to the very high flow of rapefugees coming here (at the peak we had 2 000 coming here daily, Sweden has a population of nearly 10m). Mainly the rape stories.

At one time, not far from where I live, there was news of a 10 year old girl that was raped in a school during a school disco by two african ‘’children’’. The headmaster (a woman, as well) didn’t do anything against the 180 cm tall ‘’10 year old refugee children’’, nor did the teachers. In fact, they tried to cover it up. No call was made to her parents, and the parents got the news only after she told them herself. The dad, furious, went to the school to demand an explanation for this and got the response ‘’Well this is not very good…’’, in a frigid Swedish manner. They didn’t even want to call the police, but the dad did anyway and took his daughter to the doctor to collect the evidence from her. Since no one can be punished in Sweden until they are 15 (and even then they don’t get full punishment) the social services have the responsibility, and in local radio the police said that they are not ‘’researching a crime’’ in this case. The Swedish social service that is manned by PC social democratic feminist cunts that are more occupied with taking away normal children from loving, Christian parents than to make sure Jamal the gay nigger, who gets the care, won’t rape them. Every gay nigger deserves a living doll, after all.

The shitstorm did not end here. The political elite in this city covered it up. The lesser local politicians in the city did not get this information. It was shushed down. What can you expect from a wanna-be Arab and a social democratic pig? During the meeting where this issue was supposed to be addressed, they ambiguated the subject into ‘’Work situation at school X’’ and made sure to check the clock before this issue was taken up. In the end, they didn’t talk about this problem. Instead a Swedish mother came forward and thanked the politicians for not removing the school milk, which they apparently were planning to do. With a slam of a club they then proceeded to talk about whether to put up a sign or not on a building, for 20 minutes. Useless people.

One of the big bosses in the city.
One of the big bosses in the city.

Worthy of notice is that this subject was postponed into this meeting from the last one, where a crowd of Swedes had gathered in the city hall to demand an explanation for the cover up (which they didn’t get). A police report was also supposed to be presented during this meeting, which was a pure lie.

The mainstream media didn’t do anything with this. Well, that’s only a half truth. They did talk with the pseudo-Arab about how he got hate mail after all this, because he is the victim. Not the girl who will live with this for the rest of her life. Who will have nightmares and trouble sleeping for the rest of her life. Who will probably have issues to have a functioning relationship in the future. But who cares about that? She’s a Swede and therefore privileged. Now, a couple of months later the case is already forgotten, and there was no mainstream outrage. People still shill for rapefugees and pity them while ignoring their own countrymen. This is even with people who have had bad experience with them themselves but choose to ignore it or justify it. Kind of like that German woman who apologized for being raped. Swedes have a very Prussian trust of their government. We expect them to know best, they do their duty and we do our duty to it in return. Right now this trust has been manipulated into having us help these invaders, and believing the government will solve whatever issues that comes from it. Meanwhile, the hippies preach for peace and love while attacking people who have had experience with this filth, like I have. This gutmensch mentality is very pronounced, and if you’re not ‘’in the gang’’ you’re a racist loser. A high school popularity contest about who can be the most virtuous person. Playing the violin while Rome burns. Who needs to think about reality when you have video games, weed and bunch of facebook likes for nagging on evil racists?

There’s plenty more material, but if I would write everything I’d end up with a whole volume (or a few hundred) and not an article.

Adolf Hitler did nothing wrong.


  1. Inspite of the stereotype I have a feeling that Sweden and Germany may well put the rest of us to shame in the future. Sadly the more difficult peoples lives are the more motivated they become.

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