Around every election season, a significant portion of American White Nationalists and their Alt-Fright faileocon interlopers seem to forget everything they have claimed to learn about presenting a clean ideological and strategic break from failed conservatism, and crawl slobbering back to their favorite Republican candidate of choice. By doing so, this self-declared vanguard displays its own ignorance as to what a functioning vanguard actually is and how they are oblivious to what this approach signals to the public they are trying to reach. More importantly, they show their own cowardice towards the necessary act of stepping outside their own nostalgic, sentimental comfort zone, ensuring this behavior and accompanying nonperformance is bound to continue.

The desperate embrace of Donald Trump possibly trumps the previous desperate embrace of the Tea Party by patriotard conservative WNs in terms of comedic value and cowardice. All the support for him’s just desperation for there to be an easy quick solution and to rationalize political non-involvement.

This speaks volumes to White Nationalism lacking any unified, coherent set of principles and accompanying ideological worldview, existing simply as a vague sentiment to be co-opted and misdirected. This season, we are honored with Donald Trump being the object of their unrequited affections, rank and file WNs being hilariously oblivious to the fact that Donnie would have absolutely no problem Ruby Ridging these people’s families on behalf of his Jewish friends.

Then again, what should we expect from people who cheer on Ann Coulter as she barely scratches the surface of the reality of the jewish problem by complete accident, and then immediately backpedals like crazy? What should we expect from people who fail to see the implications there? A turnstile of conservative cowardice and unrelenting fuckups, with cuckservative-in-denial, Dickie Spencer, leading the charge.

Donald Trump functions as a jewish measuring stick for emerging racial consciousness – the objective is for him to act as a relief valve and to keep all related discourse within a semitically-correct, patriotard frame, preventing it from reaching a point of explicit racial consciousness and organization. By getting the GOP nomination, he makes the system look more open than it really is, keeping an emerging, explicitly racial segment of the population on the GOP plantation, effectively assimilating them into that wide base where they can have no power and nullifying them as any oppositional entity. In the event he was ever to go third party, he ensures valuable resources, time, and money are misdirected from building any viable fascist vanguard. Semitically-correct frame applies across the board in both scenarios.

In the off chance that Trump wins the presidency and the wall gets built, that does absolutely jackshit to get rid of all the non-whites here, does nothing to lower their birthrates, does nothing to raise white birth rates, does nothing to repeal gunpoint-enforced integration, does nothing to stop niggers from raping and killing everything in sight, does nothing to eliminate the Jewish problem or change the accompanying power structure that’s pitted against us. It’s a symbolic victory that will simply render an increasingly disillusioned, angry segment of the population complacent all over again, knocking us all back to square one. It simply delays the point we reach minority status by a couple of years while reversing all of our efforts of radicalizing the public.

Meanwhile, The Donald will be in place to lecture the public on the virtues of hardworking legal nonwhite immigrants, why jews are the best thing ever, and the evils of racism, conditioning the public accordingly. Donald’s audience isn’t developing their views as a result of Trump, those views were already in place; they already had them, just as Donnie’s in place to keep them from going further and radicalizing. He feeds them, gives them validation at their current point, and makes them feel secure. Hell, a Trump victory could very well be the thing that kills us.

Given statements made by Trump and his son, he still wants mexcrement flowing into the JewSA, just as long as its through his claimed beaner wall he’s probably lying about and integrated into the tax system. This is also assuming the wall even gets built. It’s not like a billionaire mogul filled to the brim with jews has ever lied before, right?

A Trump victory will simply serve the purpose of making a jew-rigged system look open to a segment of the population reaching racial consciousness without ever implementing any of their goals. This will keep them loyal to the GOP under the impression they can take it over, it will keep them from radicalizing. If Trump loses, he will lose fairly and the system will still look open, despite some superficial, ineffective attempts to shut him out that were designed to make him look like legitimate opposition. His audience will then remain in place waiting for the next populist cohenservitve candidate to come along and blow smoke up their asses instead of going full vanguard.

Yet all these goddamn fucking tools are fawning over the guy “oh buh buh buh we can play off him” yeah no shit by FUCKING ATTACKING HIM AS A HOSTILE INTERLOPER and splitting off a 10–20 percent chunk of his audience, radicalizing them, not hopelessly fellating him over his every word, which drives away his audience from our ethnonationalist stances and reinforces their current misconceptions. Pulling discourse and action in our direction requires attacking everything and everyone that doesn’t pass a litmus test, actively asserting talking points around a consistent set of standards and drawing distinctions, acting as our own unit of authority; not ceding ground and pandering to and reinforcing current views and policies that are wrong. These retards, moved entirely by dopey conservative sentiment and nostalgia don’t stop for a second to think what they’re signaling and reinforcing to their audience by voicing support for Trump. At the end of the day, they wish to cling to their sentimental attachments and personalities rather than actually owning the vanguard stance they superficially purport to.

Even funnier are the alt-right gaywads claiming he’s somehow secretly on our side. If he was on our side, he’d be naming the jew and concerned with radicalizing his supporters in an explicitly racial direction, not with adopting enemy talking points (and reinforcing those talking points to the public) for the purpose of winning a single, largely symbolic, presidential office which would do nothing to improve our ethno-racial situation and would make an emerging racially conscious segment of the population complacent all over again, keeping them on the JewOP plantation where they can have no power. If you think billionaire Donnie isn’t some sort of JewOP insider, you’re a cuckservative.

His alt-fright fanbase uses his statements to the republican jewish coalition and his statements made in his interview with jewtool Alex Jones that he’s somehow secretly on our side. The statements made to the coalition are just him blowing smoke, the claimed anti-jewish nature of his statements is by implication, likely the result of reading too deep into them spurred on by wishful thinking. Yeah never mind he has jews active in all levels of his campaign going up to the very top, has more jewish connections than any other candidate, holds their line on Iran and other foreign policy areas, and has been taking their money for decades. If the jews thought Trump was any threat, they would have deep sixed his business empire long ago. Jews play all sides, Trump inclusive, ensuring that no matter the outcome and related cosmetic differences, their objectives are fulfilled. His statements made to Alex Jones regarding an unnamed country funding ISIS were of a similar nature – he never actually named the jew or the country. He’s just tossing a bone to the conspiracy crowd to obtain their support without actually committing to anything controversial or semitically incorrect. And as usual, his alt-right fanbase reads too deeply into his statements as “proof” he’s somehow on their side so they don’t have to do anything or assume any personal risk beyond pulling a level at the voting booth and jerking off to anime. Voting for Trump is their way of rationalizing the fact they do absolutely nothing, their way of justifying staying with their zero risk personal comfort zone.

Both the main parties are closed out too, so vanguard party approach is required. You can’t somehow sneak someone non-kosher into the very top of the System. The idea that he’s somehow *not* a JewOP insider is laughable, people are taking the whole scripted entertainment too seriously at face value. Trump’s a relief valve, nothing more. Thinking we’re running an angle on the jews with him is just the jews running an angle on us.

As the twitter account Young White Family put it, WNs are desperate for SOMEONE ELSE to wipe their ass and do all their work for them, and they can’t see why whites trusting the government again as a result of a Trump victory is a bad thing. That “WNs who know better will still push Trump “to gain ground” b/c they want to pretend it’s not a script to get Whites to be pro-gov’t again.” This is like the same shit WNs were doing when they were clamoring for Romney to win because “ANYONE BUT OBAMA I DON’T WANT DAT GOT DAMMNED BLACK BLOODED TOWEL NIGGER IN DUH WHAYT HOUSE RUININ’ MUH MURIKA”.

That nigger in the white house was the single best recruiting tool we’ve ever had and these fags were all whining about it like it’s the worst thing to ever happen.


If you support Donald Trump, you’re a cuckservative. This struggle requires and will be won by fanatics, not by reactionary, nostalgic cowards pining for the reform of a hostile system. This struggle is entirely winnable, but requires a much higher level of dedication and personal risk than simply laying in bed and dreaming of Trump, which is the equivalent of retards claiming that Putin “is the savior of the white race”. Draw very clear distinctions between us Fascists and failed conservatism of all variants, Trump and Coulter inclusive. Attack relentlessly around those, start radicalizing their supporters by doing so.

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  1. Another top-tier article, hope to see more of this. Max, have you ever read SIEGE by James Mason? It’s an exceptional work and hammers away at a lot of the same things you do.

  2. your like the agorists of the far right. some people just don’t like to win and treat politics as a fantasy or as a form of escapism. GG ghetto goth #gothDad

      1. trump is our Ron Paul. libertarianism hit a ground swell during the Ron Paul campaign and increased awareness and sympathy for liberty oriented ideas, even still a ton of autistic, counter signalers and other narcissists wrote simalair articles to these denouncing Ron as a statist. people like this are cancer to a movement, this is the type of intersectionality you would normally only see out of a leftist. Donald trump is a valuable tool in destigmitizing white identity politics. i think most people who support him in the WN circles aren’t naive about their expectations, but he does objectively want to do things that would be in the clear interest of white people.

        1. Possibly, but while i agree that out of pragmatism’s sake he may be the best mainstream option, that’s only if he actual keeps half his promises. Which he may do as a plutocrat is the only type of person in a western country that could realistically seek high office without being patronized by international finance. Trump is what Oswald Spengler referred to a Caesarian figure, supported because of his personality more so than his positions, and cultivates a crude populism based on it rather than any pure ideal that a Good Leader inspires.

          The Article takes issue with how so many people will abandon their positions ,their principles and personal activism for the sake of the tiniest of “victories” which of course is a losing strategy. For example take Frances’ Front National and how they denounced Trump when he called for a ban on Muslims entering the us for a period of time, and they still didn’t win with all their gains, granted that was because the system was stacked against them but this is a running theme of nationalist mainstream politics for the last 60 years.

          Then look at Greece where a Blatantly National Socialist Golden Dawn is the third largest part in the country, not because they “moderated” but because they do just speak they act and they don’t betray their people or principles for offers of power.

          You can vote for him if you want, the point of the article though is “curb you enthusiasm”. Because he’s not going the heal the fatal wound at best he will put pressure on it and slow the bleeding.

        2. ” Donald trump is a valuable tool in destigmitizing white identity politics”

          Alright, so how are you playing off that to radicalize his supporters?

          >pull lever, do nothing


          1. im not really sure why you have this notation that if everybody is not completely radicalized immediately everything’s worthless. Trump seems like an obvious way to build momentum and a easy thing to piggy back off of. why is public opinion shifting further and further right a bad thing again? dose not really even matter so much if trump wins or looses, hes great at making people more sympathetic towords racialism. i mean look at how scared the left is. Max Macrostein wishes we went around in tinfoil hats chest saluting in nazi uniforms like the tards in the American nazi party. sorry MR.Ghetto Goth your either a Jewish shill or an individual with high functioning aspurgers trying to devide people so your site can get more attention.

        3. He has made his fortune by surrounding himself with people like Felix Sater. How could he possibly have the interests of whites in mind?

        4. > Donald trump is a valuable tool in destigmitizing white identity politics.

          I wish this were true…but in Internet comment debates in 2008/12, there was much discussion of libertarian ideas prompted by Paul; the same could hardly be said this year. You read lots of ‘blacks like Trump too,” very little to no discussion on mainstream sites about Trump representing the original ethnic groups of the USA.

        1. This isn’t even click bait. Click bait is when an article or topic has an incredibly misleading title by adding something seemingly untrue in it or requires you to read the topic (usually clicking through a “slideshow” while fighting off pop-up ads) to find out what happens. Like “so and so did this and you’ll NEVER guess what happened next. Click here to find out now!” An article titled Trumpcucks seems pretty straightforward…

    1. “some people just don’t like to win and treat politics as a fantasy or as a form of escapism”

      You must be an alt-faggot. If you think your ideas will “win” with Trump you’re highly mistaken.

      It isn’t fantasy or escapism, it’s just reality.

  3. We should keep our heads level on this
    Trump is moving the overton window for us, towards nationalism, granted it’s civic (cuck) nationalism, but’s more ground that has been gained for the far right and that’s good, the difference between him and Putin is that Putin isn’t doing us any favors in his home country, trump is, and as long as he keeps pushing the overton window our way it’s good for us.
    Of course now he will eventually stop, he will only go so far right, but we can live with that, how long has nationalism survived without it being promoted 24/7 on the zog tv, it can and will survive without him, and if it gets the boast I know it will from trump, it will grow stronger.
    Heil Victory brother good article either way.

      1. You have to keep shit in context, is this like spencer, who is trying to get us to go to the left (muh respectability), or is this pushing others to the right, (and by right I mean us and not the libertards and shit) if it is the first one they have no fucking clue what the overton window is, and need to be gassed for being so retarded as to fuck over our cause, if it is the later position itn is good for us, no mater how small the push is, it moved a few people closer to the truth.

        As for triggering you, I am deeply sorry, just the other day I talked to a girl at my community college about safe spaces, so I know what it’s like to be triggered, wanting to curl up in a ball and to larp about rahowa, while praying for the triggering to stop.

        1. I always see Overton window being used by alt frighters as an excuse as to why we can’t say this or do that, so that’s where I’m coming from here. That there’s some limited range of opinions and approaches we can use, that we have to cede ground and move in increments pretending to be our competition etc. which is fucking stupid and oblivious to how power dynamics work.

          I don’t see how it’s a useful concept in relation to what we’re trying to pull.

          Trump has supporters we want. I don’t see how fawning over the guy nonstop and pretending he’s the savior brings them from the point they’re at to where they need to be.

          1. Right now they have a point in which we won’t win shit, no one will support us, but their tactics of moderation, only seek to weaken our cause. What we need to do is let others push towards the right, and also make our own pushes towards the right. Look at golden dawn, the farthest a fascist party has gone in recent memory, did they moderate the message? No, what they did was they cleaned up their image by helping the Greek people, the cleaned up fascism’s image by marching and activism, and they are now the second most powerful party in Greece, DESPITE zog’s interference.
            Nat action/Golden dawn are the best ways we can move forward, amrand has gotten us nowhere.

            TLDR they have a point, we aren’t popular right now, but the way they plan on unfucking our position, is to weaken our position until it’s indistinguishable from popular “conservatism”

            We shouldn’t fawn over him, I agree, but as it stands right now, he is pushing people in our direction, why stop him.

          2. agreed re golden dawn being the textbook example. We need an equivalent vanguard that pulls no punches.

            Why not push it further by attacking him and using that to hammer home the following points to his audience while driving them to an explicitly racial direction:

            1. jews are hostile to white interests
            2. jews play and control all sides and by doing so, keep the system closed.
            3. Because the systems closed, there’s no reforming it

            We can break away and radicalize a small amount you doing that. For the rest, the meme gets out there and planted somewhere within their consciousness which will come into play later.

            What do we lose?

          3. Solid sounding plan, but we first need said group, unfortunately the retards over at the NSM aren’t up to the job, and nat alliance is pretty dead

          4. The overton window concept always struck me as wishful thinking, as if we’re going to have a ‘long march through the institutions’ like the cultural marxists did in the 60s and 70s, gradually changing this putrid society into a fascist one over the decades by introducing new policies piecemeal.

            The enemy aren’t idiots in this regard like the cuckservatives back then were, they don’t believe in any of this “I may disagree with what you say but will defend your right to say it” bullshit. Focusing on the public is a waste of time, they’ll continue to sit on their asses so long as their can have their bread and circuses/shekels and gadgets.

          5. We don’t have time for a long march unfortunately, especially here in the states, otherwise we will have to count spics as whites soon.

            We don’t need to win your average person, the one that doesn’t even fucking vote, we just need to turn enough cuckservatives (it’s not gonna be liberals let’s be honest) into fascists so we can get a nice fascist block of voters/people ready to fight if shit goes down and the rope option is required, if we can get either of those, we can actually start gaining ground and turning shit around in america, no moderation required.

  4. He’s just going to provide a steady flow of delicious liberal tears for a few years if he gets elected (lol). Anyone actually expecting a wall and mass deportation is pretty delusional though. I am pretty rustled that white nationalists are excited that they now “have permission” to talk about these issues through Trump. That’s a level of pathetic that I can’t get my head around.

  5. Voting for Trump doesn’t make you a cuckservative because it’s not about him personally or even his brand of politics, it’s simply about voting for the guy who’s going to do the most damage to the system. There’s a reason why leftists, cuckseravtives, and jews are foaming at the mouth over him, which is something they didn’t do for the Tea Party candidates or Ron Paul.

    Trump is doing his thing, we’re doing ours. He’s not our ally but that doesn’t mean he isn’t useful. If you’re not supporting Trump, you’re basically giving the election to two psychotic bolsheviks in the form of Hillary and Bernie, and how the hell does that make sense from a pro-White perspective?

    “Worse is better” is simply wrong. Look at South Africa. Has the stifling oppression and violent murder of its White minority done anything to build White consciousness? No. When you put pressure on people, most of them fold, they don’t fight back. America is already half non-White, and 8 years of Clinton or Sanders will basically annihilate what little resistance there is.

    Better is better. Trump is the best candidate running and even if he doesn’t follow through on the wall or deportations, he’ll cause so much rancor among the left that it’ll take some pressure off the fascist/alt right and give us some room to breath.

    1. To be Fair in South Africa they were always a Minority and they had places to flee too, There is nowhere to flee to anymore.

      1. Yeah was gonna say SA’s kinda a false equivalence there.

        re “giving the election to two psychotic bolsheviks in the form of Hillary and Bernie”

        And Trump’s promises if followed through on would have a negligible impact on our demographic situation. My concern is that said victory would placate otherwise increasingly angry and disillusioned white people in conjunction w/ that, which would be doing damage to us.

        Point is, Trump has something going we can play off, the question is how. I dont see how mindlessly cheerleading him as the alt fright’s been doing is bringing his supporters over to us and radicalizing them. I say the angle to run with would be lumping him in w/ the system and attacking him, tying that back to the jew (controlled op? How come jewtools Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly are defending him?) Maybe there’s some other angles, let’s hear ’em.

        1. My point is that Trump has little or nothing to do with the alt right. The alt right was here before Trump’s run and it’ll be here after, regardless whether he wins or not. In the mean time, supporting him makes more sense than opposing him and giving the White House to the democrats.

    2. re ” If you’re not supporting Trump, you’re basically giving the election to two psychotic bolsheviks in the form of Hillary and Bernie ” as pointed out in the article, Trump will have a negligible impact on our demographic situation, buying like a couple years tops. Illegal immigration isnt the primary problem there

      “and how the hell does that make sense from a pro-White perspective?”

      When people are pissed off and desperate, more radicalize quicker. Obama was our best recruiting tool, the numbers show this.

      You’re still thinking in the box.

  6. Because the real political enlightened don’t vote they only signal boost through social media. Also, you mistake American Nationalism for white Nationalism. I don’t care what happens to European whites. America is the top and almost only priority.

    1. America is lost as a country. It was lost decades ago. If you disagree, what do you propose to do to 150 million non-White Americans? Europeans have a better chance of waking up than American Whites, but it’s important that when that happens, America has a president that is sympathetic to what is happening to them. That’s why Trump is the best bet. Hillary, Bernie, or any other GOP will happily bomb Europeans who revolt against the genocidal EU and their muslim and nigger minions.

      1. “America is lost as a country.”

        Yep. There’s no saving it, but there is saving the race that inhabits it and starting something better.

        ” what do you propose to do to 150 million non-White Americans? ”

        We have way more and better guns than they do. Re what to do, see ethnic cleansing operations PDF, assuming we won’t be able to negotiate with them to stake out turf and ally against the jew. Race war is probably inevitable at this point. Minus support of the police and military, requiring the creation of a Golden Dawn-styled vanguard party, nothing happens in our favor.

        ” Europeans have a better chance of waking up than American Whites ”

        On a gut level, most whites are already awake and display it with their behavior.

    2. “I don’t care what happens to European whites. America is the top and almost only priority.”

      Well, those Europeans are your ancestors and cousins so you’re just an idiot.

  7. here we have another guy obsessing about the jew. i don’t give a shit if trump is real or not, he is the least bad, and it’s not him whos gonna save the country, its the white and black nationalist men, by gaining local power and shaming weak men!

          1. You jew chasers most probably have some sort of daddy issues. I think you actually enjoy putting the Jew on a piedestal, because you have Stockholms Syndrome. Your line of thought is purely cultural Marxist without even realizing it: You take the victime role, and the jew boogeyman is the authority that must be “crushed”, but at the same time you like the jew because he gives you some sort of marxist purpose in your lives. The cause of white problems is enemy Nr 1: Weak White Men!! Now go listen to David Duke and jerk of because that’s the only place Jew chasing has ever lead.

          2. LOL OKAY.

            You fear jews more than you love your own people, so much you’re willing to tell lies to deliberately obscure the jewish cause of white problems.

          3. I’m sorry, the cause of white problems are white men and white men only. not the boogeyman. the boogeyman just set the stage.

          4. I’m openly questioning your motives for pursuing this underhanded talking point that we ignore attacking our enemies in favor of chasing after an “odorless, colorless gas” of white pathology

          5. Because attacking the jew boogeyman is completely retarded, counter productive and does nothing to save the white race. In fact, the less the boogeyman is mentioned the better, tp the point he’s not even mentioned at all. Who gives a shit if jews control this or that? How are you going to win the sympathy of regular people by acting as some paranoid hitler stereotype? My motive is to eridicate jew-hunting marxist strategy from nationalist circles and focus on the main problem: the lack of REAL men and bringing back the patriarchy. And that’s exactly why Trump is good for us.

            And I agree pathological altruism is pure bogus. Pathological altruism is a female trait and a female trait only. The decline of our society began when whites gave women the right to vote, thats when the pathological altruism started. And don’t pull that jew card now!

          6. Yeah, because strong white men allow foreigners to control all their shit… Ridiculous. The white pathology notion is a stupid waste of time. Not because whites are blameless in their own destruction, but that our “pathology” is that we’re too nice and tolerant. So what would we do if we were free of this “white pathology”? We’d kick out the jew, take back control of all our institutions, and have a no-compromise stance on our national and racial sovereignty.

            See, the difference between your spineless position and the fascist one is that you’re still under the influence of white pathology, and we’re not. You say the problem is weak white men. Here’s a news flash, buddy: strong white men are racist, anti-semitic, nationalist and they don’t compromise their views to pander to weaker people.

            So you can keep trying to “save the white race” through self-help techniques, or whatever the fuck you think turns “weak white men” into “strong white men”. In the meantime, ACTUAL strong men will skip the chase and ACT to strip the traitors and jews of their power by undermining the system.

          7. “the white pathology notion is a stupid waste of time.”

            Yup. An “odorless, colorless gas”

            Remove the pathogen that has a name and a face, and no pathology.

          8. Jews are an institutional obstacle and political enemy. You don’t change the culture on a large scale without gaining control of that infrastructure and removing them.

            “How are you going to win sympathy of regular people”

            Same way golden dawn and jobbik did.

            Same way David duke did when he, you know, actually WON office.

            The conservative “shut up, cede all ground and pretend to be your competition” ideas been refuted elsewhere

            You’re an unknown anonymous entity of unknown origin posting underhanded talking points that have been refuted a million times with a vested interest in silencing all criticism of the jew.

          9. Do you ever get tired of seeing Jews in your cornflakes? Honestly. Is it a way to feel self-important? You really must be undermining the Jew, he’s sending his agents to your comment threads to disagree you. Someone who thinks Nazi revivalism will relegate whites to oblivion = JIDF shill. No other explanation is possible! After all, don’t you know that the eternal Jew is responsible for all our woes? How dare anyone suggest otherwise!?

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  9. Aaaaand looks like Trump’s backpedaling on his whole immigration stance. I’m gonna be a smug asshole to everyone spinning excuses for this guy and drop a big ole I TOLD YOU SO right here. Y’all niggas got PLAYED.

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