“I am not free to think as I wish. I can only live in relation to the dead of my race. They, and my country’s soil, tell me how I should live.” -Auguste-Maurice Barrès

For as far back as can be recorded Europeans have been a people of contrasts, compassionate and contentious, selfless and greedy, loyal and opportunistic.

The One thing we have never been is unified. Even the farthest expanses of Rome only covered half of Europe at its peak,  Napoleon’s conquests not being as widespread and nowhere near as long lived, and Hitler’s German Reich (along with it’s allies), while covering most of Europe, was also in the scope of history very short lived.

And all of these, of course, were paid for and lost by war; Europeans had, with the greatest will, savagery and sophistication in the arts of war, soaked the very soil of Europe in so much Aryan blood that no one could call the land of Europe anything other than a part of our very race itself. We share more blood with her than we do to our mothers, fathers, siblings and children. We don’t simply have roots in Europe, Europe is an inseparable part of who we are as a people.

Every border, every straight line, bulge and angle on the map of European civilization was consecrated in our blood. We knew the importance of blood then, guarding it and expending it as we may to secure the interests of our kin: dead, living and not yet born. Gold, land and faith were all means to strengthen our blood, our families.

Eventually, as the populations grew greater, so did the wars and the lives lost. The Goals and costs of war changed and many started to question the sense to it. In the Age of Discovery Europeans found that there were fertile lands far outside the confines of Europe that could be gained at a far lesser cost, though we still warred with one another for these overseas possessions.

Without a doubt Europe was the master of the vast majority of the world and only other Europeans could rival our might. People became arrogant in their imperial might and prosperity, and a rot was allowed to fester in our very bodies. Liberalism, Pacifism and Internationalist sentiments grew in the minds of the ungrateful and foolish.

Concerns, Economic, National and Internationalist eventually culminated in one of the most horrific periods of fratricidal bloodshed in world history, The Great War where Europeans slaughtered each other by the millions for little substantial gain. This is often famed by modernists as being purely the result of “Nationalism and Militarism”. But for anyone looking at history with a true eye, they can see the hand that International Finance war profiteers played in starting, perpetuating and enlarging the war. This was explained in Smedley Butler’sWar is a racket”.

In spite of the bloodshed and resentments held, many veterans of the war understood this and a sentiment started to grow out of the wellspring of Nationalism, that in a world who’s power structures were rapidly flocking to internationalist/anti-nationalist causes, In its relationship to the rest of the world and waning of its power and spirit sapped by the Great War, Europeans started to understand and act not just in the interests of their own nations but of Europe as an united force against the evils of international plutocracy and Marxism.

This wave of thought was given a name – Fascism. For that is what Fascists of all the Nations of Europe fought for – a Europe aware of it’s history and a people who were aware of the obligation they owed their descendants. To ensure the survival of a world of nations and particularly of a Europe of nations – the only world that can ensure the health of the people and give them any knowledge of who they are, where they come from and where they are going. Something that internationalism with its ambivalence and endorsement of mongrelization, relativism and egotism would doom the future mass of humanity to go without, blind of their history, blind of who they are, blind to the Truth.

In the struggle over the minds of the people, Fascism never promised utopia the way the internationalists did – they simply promised the best society that could be achieved by the continuous striving of Europeans to better themselves with each generation and mobilize society into achieving that end. But because it did not and does not promise this instant gratification, especially within one lifetime or with ease, the sentimentalists label it “oppressive and “reactionary”. We don’t allow idealism to stifle our understanding of reality or vice versa. Ours is the best path, the only true path.

Of Course the old resentments didn’t just pass away.

Even at the current time of existentially threatening massive influx of alien blood into our ancient homeland and outright acts of war and defilement by the invaders in our sacred Europe many young white men are still killing each other (or desiring to) over lesser grudges, as the piece written by my compatriot on the conflict in Northern Ireland, the constant bickering’s of the Balkans as well as the war in the Donbas currently being waged, where you have supporters of a “White Europe”, nationalists and fascists on both sides putting bullets into each other’s skulls while accusing the other of serving the interests of world Jewry. Men whose dedication and bravery would be best utilized against our true enemies.

But this great crisis that Europe faces, that it has faced since the end of the second World War, has been the impetus and rallying cry for unity. Fascists of all nations express solidarity and provide support to one another for our common good, and as the enclaves of white flight collapse and reality is exposed more and more to the passive masses, the brave and noble prove who they are. In a time where all noble and honorable things are inconvenient we see who in our society has true bravery and honor.

When we win we will know who the defenders of our people were and so will all of the world. One will not be able to fake bravery and honor as they did in ages past when these were desirable virtues.

We’ll know who the traitors and cowards were as well and for the first time in European history we will have a war between Good and Evil, the nationalists and the traitors.

In our common cause and our solidarity the true sons of Europe will be united from Lisbon to Moscow along their brothers in the frontier too. A Europe united not by borders but by brotherhood, aware of who we are and purged of evil will usher us into a Golden Age the likes of which are yet unseen by the world in  all its history.

Article by Aquila


  1. >Balkans

    Besides bickering between white europeans for land, we do have an awful lot of non-european elements (Moslems, Albos, Turks etc.)

    Great article Aquila, 10/10, good read.

  2. Fascism is the living spirit of a people.

    To awaken it and then tell it to forget its old grudges is unrealistic, the best we can hope for is a truce im afraid.

    Well written though.

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