On the 30th of January, the biggest annual Greek Nationalist gathering occurred at the center of Athens, that of the Imia crisis 20th anniversary. Although the leftist regime of Tsipras and his cultural Marxist buddies tried to stop us with legal (and illegal) means, we passed and did the march as planned.

But let’s get to the story:

Things were tense and fiery two weeks before the gathering. The antifa scum announced a counter-demo (as they always do) at the original meeting place at Vasilissis Sofias Avenue near the Parliament. It seems they didn’t get the message of 2008, when the AFA scum tried to pull a number and got their asses kicked, revealing themselves to be complete cucks to their overlords – and ours since they gave us a glorious victory on the streets, an event to be remembered for years to come!

After all, as the events unfolded this year, they proved themselves as dumb as hell since they didn’t uphold the wishes of their masters and ended up looking faggier than ever, as  The System didn’t even let them have an “honorable” defeat!

Days passed, and on Thursday comes the word that 50 anarkiddies jumped some Germans at Monastiraki square. Five of them were hospitalized. It should be added that the cops didn’t arrest anyone.

The next day, and in fear of reciprocation the cops announced that no gatherings will occur at the designated area of the Imia monument from 06.00 to 24.00. The System thought that we would be some sort of cucks that would fall for that petty trap, and we would decide to call it off. But no. The event had to occur no matter what. We left things in the air that the whole thing is off so as to put the antifascists off guard and in the next morning we announced that the event will be held at GD headquarters at Mesogeion at the designated hours.

A good number of our guys arrived some hours prior, guarding the place and gradually more people started coming. Not only Greek people, but European delegations of comrades as well. At around 19.00 the event began with the cycles of speakers. The first speaker denounced the regime tactics and introduced the next speakers, comrade Karakostas MP of Voiotia made a fiery speech condemning the democratic regime of Greece, it’s exploitation of the blood of fallen heroes and it’s crimes against the Nation. Next, on behalf of the Greek soldiers, a comrade made a moving speech about heroism, self-sacrifice and faith in Race and Nation. After that, there was the speech of the president of the ELAM movement, denouncing the crimes of the regime against all Greeks and especially our Cypriot brethren.

Next, comrade Germenis spoke out against the antifa scum and pointed out what kind of mercenaries they are for the Greek anti-national establishment. After that, comrade Lagos made a salute to every Golden Dawn man and woman, that endured and ignored the terrorist intimidation of the state and was there for the struggle. Next, MP Christos Pappas took turns and pointed that this event is not just a memorial but a Rite of Memory and an Oath to Fallen Heroes of the Nation for the Struggle to keep on.

Although the most moving instance was the speech of comrade Alexandros Gerontas, the Movement Hero, survivor of the 2013 murders of our brothers Giorgos Fountoulis and Manos Kapelonis, who after having been shot and battling death itself, emerged victorious, stronger and more determined than ever. His message was simple clear: Keep the Banners High, we Never Retreat, we Never Surrender and the Struggle goes on, as Fighters and Heroes commence it.

The cycle of speeches ended with the speech of Golden Dawn Leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos. After two years of absence, due to the unlawful persecutions by the state, he returned, a symbol of new and more fierce struggles to come. In his speech he recalled past Imia memorial days, from 1996 to the landmark year of Golden Dawn’s history, 2013 when the masses attending that Imia memorial had scared the System, resulting in the persecutions that would occur later that year. But instead of stopping us, it made us a lot stronger and more determined. The national subversive policies of the establishment were also mentioned, namely how the don’t only harm our national interests, but moreover pursue the degeneration and de-nationalization of our Fatherland.

But the most intense moment of this holy rite was the Call of our Dead. The drums echoed the message of a new future that is to come, a future that holds in itself all the weight of our ancestral path, to dispel the darkness and give again the light of Victory and Regeneration. The torches were lit, that eternal symbol of the souls of our martyrs and heroes. It’s one of those moments when time stands still, past and present becomes one and our glorious dead can be felt among us, equipping us with an iron will and powerful determination. In the announcement of our dead heroes names, a strong and loud “PRESENT” filled the skies, from the rough voices of Nationalists.

The rite ended with the people at attention singing the National Anthem and the Hymn of the Movement, and then the march began towards the Ministry of Defense. Loud slogans, against the state and it’s lackeys and towards anyone who wants to destroy the National cause, and a message to every traitor and enemy that Nationalists won’t give an inch of space to their enemies and will never stop fighting until the Final Victory.  The march stopped at the Ministry, where a minute of silence for our dead was held. Overall it was a successful and loud event full of intensity, the kind that makes one’s enemies shake with fear and fills with hope our silent patriotic brethren across the Motherland and beyond it’s boundaries.  A call for a strong Fatherland and the emancipation not only of Greece but the whole of Europe from their anti-national and anti-cultural enemies!!

What was the impact of these events on our enemies? They could not handle the fact that they got cucked really hard despite all their terror tactics and outright prohibitions they just couldn’t thwart us and prevent us from holding a good and successful event, thus they attempted to strike back the next day crying about “hate speech” that was heard during the event and witnessing “nazi salutes” when there was just a simple greeting gesture to the crowd. With all these shenanigans they make it really hard for any smart person in the country to take them seriously anymore since they themselves constantly undermine their reliability in the eyes of the people. Talk about self-defeatism and degenerate weakness at it’s finest. As for the anarkiddies, they just happened to play “revolution” at Propylaia, 5 miles away from the gathering, with police monitoring them as they tried to “smash fascism” by looking for any bystander that might be a potential nationalist. They didn’t find anyone and after all these days of empty threats they looked like complete faggots since they failed to make good on their promises. We can at least hope that they managed to find some warmth in the embrace of their paki and nigger lovers.

All in all it was a victorious day for us and a day of loss and lamentations for our enemies.

Remember folks, We are Strength, they are Weakness. And where Strength marches, Weakness provokes. Strength must ignore Weakness and march on ahead to it’s Destiny. But when provoked by Weakness, Strength must not turn the other cheek.




  1. The men of the Golden Dawn are an inspiration for all the Soldiers of the Ideal, they have proven that integrity and honor in modern politics is something uniquely Fascist.

    And that all that need be done to gain the support of the people is to dedicate your cause to their upliftment and they in turn will be loyal to their brothers who aided them in their time of greatest need. that is true service to the people.

    Action! Not empty promises.

  2. We are Strength, they are Weakness. And where Strength marches, Weakness provokes. Strength must ignore Weakness and march on ahead to it’s Destiny. But when provoked by Weakness, Strength must not turn the other cheek.


    Now thats a quote!

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