"Conservatives are sissies" -George Lincoln Rockwell
“Conservatives are sissies” -George Lincoln Rockwell

In response to fallout over the latest Spencerfest, I can’t say I’m surprised regarding the “content” of the National Policy Institute conference; this is Dickie Spencer after all. I guess he got bored of arrogantly parachuting in to lecture the Hungarians on how to be Hungarian and is back to his usual routine of buzzword-laden, content-devoid TED Talk nationalism and promoting repellent weirdos.

Spencer, as per his ingrained faileoconservative sentimentality, is a weak, pandering, fence-sitting coward who tries to play all sides of key issues while maintaining plausible deniability when held to any stance or standard, kinda like Grindr Greggie and the Alt-Gay Mafia in that regard, but wider in the scope of his offenses and more stupid. Spencer brings absolutely nothing to the table beyond repackaging the same old conservative/mainstreaming approach that’s been argued, tried, and refuted a million times already, pretending he’s doing something “new” and “different”, while busing in homosexual freaks and jew-appeasing cowards. Dickie blacklisting Matthew Heimbach for rightfully opposing homosexuality and allegedly supporting violence – like Dopey McGodboy is any threat to anything or anyone as he’s laying 6 million wreaths of white Christian guilt on the graves of dead niggers – was also particularly funny.

When not cucking for Trump, vouching for disgusting fags and attempting to silence all criticism on that matter, Dickie will go out of his way to exculpate jews from blame and argue for their inclusion, while throwing the occasional, vaguest insinuation in the other direction to retain the loyalty and cashflows of some of his other supporters. Weak, pretentious, and stupid. It seems that Dickieplease don’t quote paranoialil Dick Spencer was finally able to the muster the minimal amount of courage required at this latest conference to state that jews “aren’t us”, barely addressing the scope of the jewish problem and why it matters. Dickie, with all his prissy concern over the media calling him names, doesn’t need the media to look bad. He makes himself look worse than they ever could with his cowardly backtracking right in front of them like the stupid, simpering idiot he is. Whatever one may think of them, the cartoon klansmen that NPI’s branded as no matter what they do at least have the balls to stand by their convictions. Look, mom! I’m a thought criminal!

Spencer’s previous inclusion of alibi jews to avoid being called mean names by their media and continued hesitance when forced to discuss the subject bring his most recent declaration into question. With no public disavowal of his past stances and actions, and with the inclusion of Jew appeasers like Guillaume Faye, his audience is sent an unclear, confusing message to internalize regarding the role of Jews. This sets them up to be co-opted by Jewry and ultimately is the result of Dickie’s cowardice and continued prissiness when it comes to “difficult” subject matter. At the end of the day, Dickie’s more concerned about maintaining his appearance and not being even vaguely affiliated with anything remotely “fascist” than he is with the truth and leading people in the direction they need to go. For that reason alone, he’s a despicable coward and a weakling. One is left wondering where his continual, subservient fawning over jew, Paul Gottfreid, and pathetic adoration of various other jews like (((Rothbard))) and Mises fits in here, and what conclusions his audience draws from that.

It’s hilarious how alt-right postures as some radical alternative while pussing out on things like naming the Jew, attacking the holohoax, making a clean and explicit break from conservatism, and adopting anything even vaguely resembling a vanguard strategy. They just sit around and play girly little parlor word games – buzzword-laden and pretentious enough to retain their audience’s attention and $$$ but vague enough to avoid committing to anything tangible – so they can all congratulate each other on being oh-so-clever and “above” those vulgar philistines who consistently out-compete and out-achieve them in pretty much everything. They want the image without actually owning it. Repackaged faileocons. It’s a big fashion statement for them as they all play another round of pin the evasive buzzword to the champagne glass with Sam Dickson whining about equal rights for Whites.

It’s all vague, evasive bullshit defining itself on what it’s not – yeah we’re not fascists, but we’re not conservative either – and by its own big tent design, is incapable of developing any internal consensus and corresponding goals. Self-indulgent, directionless, overanalytical bullshit put out by smart people with no balls with a serving of hobby horse bullshit needlessly thrown in. It’s a big tent structure paradoxically pitched to a very narrow niche audience – a handful of nerds whining over inconsequential bullshit and arbitrarily redefining themselves to avoid being called mean names by their enemies. As a result, they can’t agree on any concrete set of standards, making them unable to mobilize any consistent platform, and unable to defend themselves from hostiles and homosexual Fifth Columnists intent on co-opting them. Hell, they can’t even agree on who their enemies are. A prime example of this in action is the vapid jewish skank Rachel Haywire, who’s allowed to fester (and generate $$$) as a result of the alt/new right’s explicit rejection of fascist politics and insistence on liberal principles like free speech – except when they’re being attacked over Haywire. Funnier yet is how the big tent idea is used to justify the inclusion of jews, jew-appeasers, faggots, and all range of unrelated tangential subcultures while radical, fascist elements are denounced as icky extremists and “disinvited.” All while they co-opt the imagery behind fascism for the purpose of vibing out to an aesthetic and maintaining a false image of radicalism while shitting all over the ideology and related goals behind it.

In the end, it ends up functioning as the same failed, capitulating conservatism it nominally opposes, minus the real world presence and institutional power. Forever on the defense; forever trying to justify itself in accord to liberal/jewish precedents; forever prefacing itself with faggy disclaimers; forever pandering to people’s existing viewpoints and getting co-opted; forever ceding ground; forever splitting hairs over irrelevant minutiae and boring everyone to fucking tears with needlessly esoteric wordplay in an attempt to make itself look profound and relevant when it has no reason to be.

The usage of the term “identitarian” as a self-descriptor is another perfect example of this chickenshit mentality in action. The term is vague and flexible enough to mean anything, to offer plausible deniability whenever called a mean name. I D E N T I D Y. Yeah well wtf’s that? Who’s identity? Who’s excluded? What clear reference points and course of action is the term establishing beside directionless, self-serving obfuscation. The original Generation Identity primer by Markus Willinger was already cringeworthy enough, going out of its way to explicitly condemn and downplay the nationalist focus on race and ethnicity in favor of I D E N T I D Y, going out of its way to condemn Germany’s National Socialists and Fascism as whole as “extremism.” These happen to be the only forces who were historically capable of resisting the Jewish-led onslaught of liberalism whom the alt-right routinely caterwauls about while marinating in a level of angst reminiscent of some fat emo bitch’s livejournal. It’s only fitting these cowards would want to emulate Generation Identity. The concept of the “Overton window” is a frequent defense used by the alt right to justify their approach.

However as correctly pointed out by Alex LinderThe alt-right shit has absolutely nothing to do with our cause, it merely sucks potential supporters away from it. Overton window is wrong. It’s a zero-sum game.

Acting in terms of the Overton window is just ceding immense ground while pretending you’re moving things in the direction you want. At the end of the day, it’s a theoretical model that nerds use to sound superficially smart while rationalizing their inability to hold a concrete, clear, consistent stance of anything. It’s a model, not an immutable law of nature. The idea that we need to gradually convince people to the point of radicalization overplays the degree to which people actually think, and ignores the fact that there’s no such thing as “gradual radicalization”. They side with whatever puts food on the table and with what they think the neighbors are doing. What people “think” they want at this immediate current point in time doesn’t really matter. People don’t think, they respond to authority, which requires acting as our own unit of authority. Stemming from that, to a large degree all politics is local. Which requires building up local, PHYSICAL on the ground units to serve a variety of community interests as well as actively challenging for power. See Golden Dawn. How did they do it? Providing community services tailored to their specific localities. Providing recreational meetups. Providing security escorts in dangerous neighborhoods. Providing food drives, medical supplies and other charity services. Staging public demos, leafeletting, and all the usual IRL promo activities. Maintaining an unwavering, unphased image of confidence and consistency while beating the living shit out of immigrant invaders and anything standing in their way. Basically acting as a state within a state and doing the exact opposite of everything the alt right claims is necessary. All while fielding candidates, who started out getting fractions of %’s of votes. But, that signaled a serious intent to actually challenge for power. They’re now the third biggest party, and because their support’s coming largely from the police and military going up to the highest levels, they can’t be shut down because they can leverage a credible threat of violence against the state if it breaks its own rules. They’re basically running the whole show now to where both the left and the right are trying to co-opt their support, and failing. What they didn’t do – publicly support figures that were hostile to their interests or sell out out of some mistaken notion of expediency. They lumped EVERYTHING that wasn’t them in with the System, populist conservatives included, and attacked it as a whole, capitalizing off the growing disenfranchisement of their voter base. A large segment of the population’s already disillusioned, voter non-participation’s on its way up. There’s an opening, if it’s acted on and taken advantage of by an unapologetically fascist vanguard. Let’s look at some numbers – when William Johnson half-assedly ran for congress in MI on nothing more than lazy robocolls, he got 0.9% of the vote in his district. Think that’s like 3,000 or so people already willing to ditch the two party system under an openly racial line. That’s a small segment of the larger population in that frame of mind. Now if ~10% of those local 3,000 were actively coordinated into an ideologically and politically relevant unit , you know where that could snowball? Going from that, what would those numbers look like decade or two down the line as conditions get worse?

The A3P wasn’t that unit, as it never sought to fully differentiate itself from failed conservatism, and increasingly tried to copy it. No one wants a shitty knockoff version of an already failing product. Its membership numbers tanked accordingly. The same applies to the alt right as it’s just another incoherent rehash of conservatism for repulsive degenerates who want to play Nietzschean crossword.

The success of Greece’s Golden Dawn, Hungary’s Jobbik, the prior organizational success of the US’s National Alliance is a direct refutation to everything these people claim, and puts them to shame. They are pandering cowards trying to rationalize their cowardice, they want the radical image without actually owning it in any capacity. All these design flaws are why all this shit will never make it past the blogosphere and occasional self-important dinner parties into any concrete organization/movement. Oh, but here’s an inspirational game of thrones reference. Dude, I’m like fuckn Voltaire or somethin.

As for Guillaume Faye’s claims on holocaust revisionism being ineffective and unnecessary, that’s demonstrably false, as several prominent figures came into racial politics via learning the truth about the holohoax and the jewish problem – which remain our primary institutional obstacles. The holohoax, in particular, is the enemy’s primary propaganda point to keep the public away from any Ethno Nationalist stance; we have the tools to counter and disprove it, exposing the enemy for what they are and further harming public sympathy for their antics, which is already tanking. The holohoax happens to be both the enemy’s strongest point of psychologically disarming whites, and their weakest point of defense. Disproving it and pointing out how the jewish control of the media allows such a lie to be institutionalized quickly opens the door for people to understand the rest of the jewish problem. When they see the extent they’ve been LIED to and EXTORTED, any sympathy towards the jews goes right out the window, being replaced by righteous contempt and distrust, opening the door for public examination of other areas of the Jewish problem. Revisionism is our greatest tool for tackling the jewish problem; sacrificing truth out of some misplaced notion of expediency is a hallmark of corruption and cowardice, only making our work harder.

Avoiding crucial material out of fear of negative framing, that will happen regardless, and has already happened simply giving the enemy power, resulting in ceded ground. If we lure people in under false pretenses and insinuations couched in plausible deniability in hopes of later radicalizing them, that just creates a risk for a hostile takeover the second the envelope is pushed too far; it creates an ideological prison, pandering to and reinforcing their current misconceptions, drives them away from the direction they need to go, and prevents them from perceiving and defending against external threats. No way out but through the jew and it’s depraved existential playground, America. The basic mechanics of media control and the holohoax can be easily understood in an hour by pretty much anyone, and is absolutely necessary introductory material. This isn’t graduate level course work, so it isn’t complexity that holds the audience back from these points, as various alt right figures sometimes claim in regard to revisionism. It’s fear of punishment from authority figures that holds them back. This requires us to champion these points and act as our own unit of authority instead of beating around the bush – which frames the subject as dirty and shamefulundermining morale and reinforcing cowardice in our audience, further making the audience even more reluctant to approach it, as well as appearing fundamentally dishonest, like we’re trying to slip poison into the food. Avoiding this subject out of fear it will alienate the audience, pandering to their misconceptions and giving that power. This isn’t a complicated subject. Snapping that the audience already knows about the jewish problem, as Dickie did when Mike Enoch briefly mentioned the subject, is a cowardly lie, especially when the alt right goes to great lengths to redirect from all aspects of the jewish problem whenever it is brought up, all out of concern of how it’ll make them look to a hostile media that hates them anyway and brands them as klansmen and dressup Nazis regardless of what they do. The inclusion of Kevin MacDonald on the panel at the recent NPI event was an attempt to retain credibility in the eyes of more radical elements and related revenue streams, an attempt to maintain plausible deniability when accused of going soft on the jewish problem. KMac’s content was devoted entirely to a fantastical “pathological altruism” with not a single word mentioned in regard to his previous primary area of focus.

As fascists, we’re responsible for setting parameters of ethnonationalism manifestations to come. This requires delineating “us” and “not us.” A jew of any kind will never be us, and will always be an alien entity both in terms of biological composition and cultural function/identity. “European Jews” may physically look closer to us due to admixture, and can outwardly mimic our cultural expressions/forms, but, internally, will still be hyper-aware of their jewish status with accompanying motives, cloaked actions, internal ruminations/content, etc. They will always act in accord with their ingroup interests at our expense. Codewords do not cover that, and leave too many loopholes, and for that reason, the jew needs to be named, excluded, and attacked as a whole. Anything that does not address this crucial aspect of ethnonationalism in full will be co-opted by jews and taken out. Initial task for Ethno Nationalists: branding the “we”, from which jews must be identified as a cohesive biological entity and unilaterally excluded. Part of the exclusion requires instilling a very clear sense in members who the “we” is, otherwise, you end up with jews getting caught in the mix and causing their usual problems, thus necessitating regular attacks on the jew. Anything that fails this will be infiltrated and co-opted by them, secessionist breakaways included. The same applies to fags, and the alt right is living proof as to why they must be treated exactly the same as jews, as their function is identical. Just like jews, fags infiltrate rising movements, form their own internal power blocs and start jockeying for positions of power and influence to ensure their interests are carried out within a new context.

The problems with Faye and Donovan should be obvious, and it speaks to White Nationalism’s lack of principles and coherent direction that aside from being rightfully attacked by Carolyn Yeager, this garbage is going on relatively unopposed, with no organized response. Spencer should be attacked until he picks a side, his conferences boycotted until he stops bringing in homos and outright enemies as shining examples for us to follow. Meanwhile, the resulting Zionist and faggot influx from the alt right needs to be spat on and shown the door in no uncertain terms. Their attempt to run with and dredge ethnonationalism with their reactionary, cowardly conservative bullshit cannot go ignored. All such efforts, when spotted, will be immediately and publicly kicked to the curb by us.


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    1. “If we’re not respectable in the eyes of Jewish people, fags, and non-whites, they win” – Richy Spencer

  1. “waah dont name the jew because that’s what the jews want you to do so you’ll look bad”


    They’re about as inspiring as Flint’s water supply.

    1. Simple – as long as the alt right and faileocon rehashes masquerading as racialism exist as the dominant forces over racial political circles with a monopoly on resources, they’ll keep sucking away and misdirecting people by presenting a risk-free environment that provides immediate gratification while eschewing any internal consensus or actual activity, that, by its own design, it will be unable to pursue. All while using its monopoly on resources to shut out and blacklist anybody who threatens its existence/cash flows in any way. At the end of the day, the alt right is a way for a small clique to make money while keeping its base captive.

      …thus, necessitating regular attacks on it to radicalize people and split them off. From that, an initial base can be constructed in turn attracting more high level/professional talent, as there will be a physical product for people to invest in. I’m thinking primarily of many ex-National Alliance people there who are waiting for a new product to invest in but are extremely hesitant to throw down on anything and get involved for obvious reasons. There needs to be a demonstrated, functioning product first. Base for that’s gonna come primarily from young people which the alt right currently has a stranglehold over.

      Had a small group going before that aside from leafleting and one public demo with about 16 people was a failure due to some increasingly hysterical, eccentric and alienating personalities involved that refused to be relegated to the background or leave. Activities were difficult to organize due to logistics problems , not having enough people in a single area, and there’s no point in doing single digit demos.

      Two main lessons learned 1. autistic cranks can’t be reasoned with and exist as an overall detriment no matter whatever positive elements they bring to the table 2. without regular activities demonstrating a physical existence, grind begins seeping into the gears, people become demoralized, snowball effect.

      Alt Right exists as a demoralizing impediment to real world action and needs to die. Whoever’s positioned to pick up the pieces from that dieoff wins. If anyone has a different solution in mind, let’s hear it.

  2. I agree with your general critique here but a lot of this seems like a strawman:

    “It’s hilarious how alt-right postures as some radical alternative while pussing out on things like naming the Jew, attacking the holohoax”

    At The Right Stuff we name the jew all the time and I didn’t even question the holocaust until getting involved with them. Though yes, there are no shortage of alt-righters who dodge the issue.

    That aside, if you build a viable alternative to the alt-right I’ll support that.

    1. Re strawman – nope, it’s dead on accurate, covering alt right as radix/npi, counter currents , related blogs and spheres of influence.

      Re trs- I’d hesitate to include them as alt right, as several staff and a portion of the userbase seem to be moving away from that model, and have scrubbed past articles bemoaning people over focusing on the jewish problem. I’d consider trs to be kinda its own thing at this point, despite Spencer’s attempts to co-opt and tone police it while taking credit for himself.

      “If you build a viable alternative to the right il support it”

      Now that’s what I like to hear!

      1. Yeah, I can’t lump TRS in with NPI. They pull no punches on the JQ and are highly critical of the “official” holocaust story. Polls of their forum base indicate that well over half of them consider themselves natsoc/fascist. A lot of them actually read and like the IM originals. There is a bit of over lap between IM and TRS.

        1. Yeah I think TRS will become much more radical in the coming years, especially if Trump doesn’t win.
          I really don’t get Richard and his thing.

          1. “I really don’t get Richard and his thing”

            Spencer’s game is simple – soliciting donations from rumpled old WASPs by presenting a superficially different product that plays on their disenchantment without violating their ingrained social mores and stuffy sense of propriety by requiring them to have any level of balls or assertiveness. He basically offers up a semitically-correct playground they can show to their jewish friends without being run out of the palaver parlour. Something where they can feel cutting edge and retain a false sense of relevance without sacrificing any degree of personal prestige by stepping outside the semetic safety zone .

            For his followers, he’s the stock character of the obnoxious entitled rich kid everyone praises and pretends to like because they all want something from him – $$$ and a platform. They can also buy tickets into his clubhouse where fellow aristocratic pillow biters of the soul can out-clever and out-refine each other as the world burns. Whoever crams the most multi syllabic buzzwords on the nationalist lawn first, wins!

            He’s a remarkable combination of stupid , cowardly , and boring that’s found a way to make money and has meretricious appeal to a similar niche demographic. Dugin may sometimes telepathically relay him word salad through his wife’s tits. Jesus Christ, she could rob a bank with those things!

      2. Thank you for your response. Yes, my own views on the jews shifted dramatically in just a year (I was one of the article writers you spoke of), we became more informed and more responsive to our critics.

      3. Late response, but I think this habit of pretense that is being exhibited in the Alt. Right may have been fomented by prior or current involvement with NRx.

        Irving has nothing but pretense behind his words. Nick BS tends to be full of himself. And the habit of pretentious intellectualism while poo-pooing on other pursuits? NRx modus ever since Social Matter went live.

        1. Oh man dont even get me started on NRx. Don’t even get me started…

          Buncha whiny ass jewish nerds mad at the universe thinking it owes them something for having high IQs and the social skills of a soapdish, wanting to enslave all the proles for laughing at their PhD in vaginal drying and not wanting to play Nietzsche with them on the internet where they’ll be crowned god kings… till some nigger divershitty fire blows out the power grid and they’re back in the asbestos mill

          Goddammit, now look what you’ve done, you got me started on NRx!

  3. ” The idea that we need to gradually convince people to the point of radicalization overplays the degree to which people actually think, and ignores the fact that there’s no such thing as “gradual radicalization”.”

    This is completely wrong. The NSDAP didn’t come to power in a vacuum. There were dozens of cultural, political, and paramilitary movements that preceeded them by decades, plus the crushing weight of the war and the spread of communism. A good comparison would be Islamic radicals in the middle east. The reason everyone in my neighborhood isn’t signing up for ISIS right now is because there’s no precedence for it. The cultural and environmental factors are not there.

  4. These attacks don’t serve any purpose. Yes, Radix is basically a somewhat more honest conservative webzine but that doesn’t impediment fascist or counter-semitic sites. If you don’t like Spencer then just ignore him. He’s not a douchebag like Derbyshire, who attacks anyone who names the jew, and I don’t think Spencer has ever attacked anyone to the right of him.

      1. No they don’t, because you aren’t in competition with Spencer, Radix, or the Alt Right. If you think you are, explain that. These attacks only sow division among racially-aware Whites.

        The left wins partly because they have a wide variety of support, from blue collar democrats, average liberals, and SJWs to outright communists and marxists. The right needs to draw from a deep well. National Socialists and fascists are the vanguard of this movement, but we need more approachable people.

        Seriously, learn how the left operates if you want to know how to win.

        1. Already addressed how the alt right’s an impediment to fascist politics and why we’re in direct competition with them. I’m watching kike-fellating Faye being given a platform. I’m watching good men like KMac being tone policed and pushed to focus on bullshit pointless topics instead of his primary area of research. I attack the alt right as a whole for strategic reasons- see Linder’s polarization strategy, I attack Spencer as a person because he’s a disgusting coward in over his head.

          What ultimately sows division at this stage is trying to smooth over relevant differences by forcing a false sense of unity in the name of maintaining some undefined, directionless big tent hugbox with no clear goals, standards, or strategy

          Once we get a clear set of standards and direction, building an initial, solid base around that, then we can begin broadening said base and assimilating others into it.

          Right now all Im seeing is a vague, hazy mess from which no movement can grow.

  5. We gotz 2 beecum who we r guyz. “If you criticize the (((enemy))), they win” – Richy Spencer.

  6. Also gonna add- for all the shit I’ve given Heimbach/Tradworker in the last, they’ve radicalized and improved substantially as an organization to the point I have no major qualms with them.

  7. Nice piece. The altright is a giant fucking meme. I knew this fairly early in their rise to prominence. All they ever seemed worried about was PR and being tolerant of fucking retards and degenerates. Which was surprising since they are all anime nerds, which would make one think they had no self awareness.

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