To find yourself, the ability in which you hold within you, the strength and purpose to live, you must drive yourself to heights and places far from the comfort of your usual surroundings, your workplace, office or home-town.

Dive to the depths of our oceans, where the primal organic nature of life is untouched, where all things are pitted against you and as in war, every last breath may be your last. That feeling is paramount to being alive for the man who sits comfortable and out of danger, who will forever be meek in his dedication to his family, race, people and to himself.

Here, beyond the oceans that I have spent so much time exploring and harvesting from, not only its fruit but adventure, the options for pitting the world against you are found in the peaks, the earths pillars to the sky, the heights that break all comfort on terra firma.

The mountain captures us in all it’s majesty as it seems to reach to the sun, to conqueror a mountain takes pain, discipline but also a reward in reaching it’s peak, something in the modern world we are devoid of, we work hard to pay off loans and mortgages, work jobs to buy shit we don’t need but very few of us reach a sublime level in which we are rewarded with complete mastery over something, and in doing so we loose the element of fun that nature offers us in all her elements. The snowy hills of Ontario’s blue mountains are an excellent place to delve into the fun Mother Nature has to offer us.

Upon awakening, the sun glistened amongst the pines, the White of the newly felled snow stung the eyes, the majesty of a northern hemisphere winter were upon us, as we ventured outside, lucky to have had a good few days of -10 temperatures, the snow machines weren’t working too hard, the slopes were to be well covered and a good day of fun and adventure on the slopes was to be had.

Reaching the heights upon the old ski lifts, the beauty of The Great Lake could be seen on the horizon, the steep slope of the Niagara escarpment were Natures offering to us, capped with the pure white snow of the rugged Canadian winter solstice.

Strapping on the board, my glasses started to fog with the excitement of departing the boring slow clad moment of the past few days, for a few seconds you are free from the world as your adrenaline pumps, in speed you feel alive, you don’t hesitate, as one would usually do before embarking into a dangerous activity, you give yourself to the mountain and to speed, eb and flow as water down a stream.

It is the spirit and lust to conquer, in which our ancestors harvested to build our nations and the same thought train is essential to the adventurous soul, to have fun and make the most of what nature has to offer us. Wherever you are in the world, get speed, have fun and if you fall, get back up with your head up high and your arms down low.

Article by Anonymous


  1. There seems to be an unquenchable thirst for new adventure and new challenge in the spirit of white Europeans (hence the creation of all the extreme sports by white Europeans). All the extreme sports, skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX, skydiving, wakeboarding, surfing, rock climbing, etc, seem to be an expression of that spirit. Great article.

  2. The universe will eventually murder us so i think its only right and proper that we at least sink our teeth into life and find out what all our suffering gets us.

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