The sky rained down upon me with a fresh downpour of water, fresh off the southern ocean the wind howled across my face and the mountain in front of me reached above a misty fog, my mind burned with a desire, iron-will and discipline, the hooked cross burned in my mind as my lungs did the same, triumph of the will, the aesthetics of an era, the aesthetics of nature, excelled me through the pain of the mountain ascent, my legs become like bolts of lightening, excelling me through the stages I had trained for and wrought my body through for months prior. I was alive.

A year before I was buried, by the weight of years of nihilistic hatred and intolerance but of a kind devoid of love, of meaning, of discipline. I smoked weed, drank and ate, my body reflected this and I were 136 kgs in weight, the lifestyle pushed on our generation was of, do as what feels good, what makes you happy, succumb to temptation! In fact, live a life of temptation, lust, degeneracy! Oh yes, the time of living simply and having only what you need was gone, just do what feels good they said, I became dis-enfranchised with this world, I hated it, including myself.

I had always harboured a violent persona, fighting my way through school, I was a bully, I hated niggers, I hated everyone ‘equally‘, we were all born equal we were indoctrinated… I went to a catholic school and I hated God, Jesus the priests, faith was pathetic, life was meaningless.

I had always known of Hitler, national socialism, it were ‘hate‘, it offended people to draw swastikas and joke about the ovens, thus it drew me toward it, even if it were misunderstood youthful rebellion, ‘willpower‘, ‘truth‘ and ‘discipline‘ were devoid of the reason I drifted that way, it wasn’t until I watched ‘Triumph of the Will‘ and read ‘Mein Kampf‘, that my world came crashing down, the weight of years of degeneracy and nihilistic thought trains were replaced with truths, of a higher meaning to life and I weren’t going to succumb to the lifestyle imparted on us by the Jewish social revolution.

I crafted my body, to a more healthy 78 kgs, my mind, I had a yearning for knowledge and I began to love, I had learnt to hate but to channel it in the right direction, to love the race and what we have created, to the levels we can reach within us, for myself, how I was inside, I became on the outside.

People would ask ‘how did you do it‘ I would say ‘triumph of the will‘, is that a motivational film they would reply!? A guide? I would laugh, knowing the meekness of their character, brings them to ‘look‘, where in the nature of the strong, the fascist man, we don’t have to look, the power of the will is within us from the start.

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