Corneliu Zelea Codreanu said something to the effect that a society gets the jews it deserves, as jews fester in the swamp of our sins. Another way to say the same thing is to proclaim that jews (and other parasites) are only a symptom of a fundamental problem with white behavior and psychology. This is often referred to as “white pathology“. Kevin Macdonald has gone into great detail to explain this pathology as being a european survival strategy, contrasted with the middle eastern clannishness based on blood relations.

It seems that increasingly, this subject is a source of debate and criticism in our circles. In one camp, we have those who claim our problems are internal (the flaws of the white race), and that focusing on jews or muslims is counterproductive until we’ve “solved” our issues, because the population won’t be receptive to that message before then. On the other side, there are those who say that we have no significant problems and that we have to focus on the foes in front of us, those we can see, not abstract weaknesses we can’t do anything about.

Which position is on the side of truth? Which is the correct strategy?

The nature of “white pathology”
It’s true that the aryan man is endowed with a sense of empathy that doesn’t exist among other races, at least not to the same extent. The white man has the imagination and perceptiveness required to “feel” the pain of others. In some, this ability is so developed that they even feel empathy for the lowest animals and are reluctant to hurt them.

And it’s true other races have used this attribute of ours to exploit us and demoralize us. The question here is, is our sense of universal empathy a fundamental weakness of ours? If so, why is it that, for example, the ancient Spartans or the bronze age Germanics didn’t seem to be hindered by this trait? Could slimy middle-eastern types have shamed a group of Roman republican citizens into allowing them rights in their city? Obviously not. If today’s race baiters tried their rhetoric on our bronze age ancestors, their impaled bodies would have adorned the city walls.

These distant ancestors had the same basic genetic makeup that we have today. So what’s the difference? Let’s take an even simpler and obvious example. The average person today, the average office clerk living in the city, would be too squeamish to kill an animal and butcher it himself. In fact, he would probably feel queasy just seeing it done on video. Yet just a few hundred years ago, european peasants did this without blinking.

The abundance of comfort and safety is the key difference between the whites of today and the whites of yesteryear. Today, we’re isolated from the harsh realities of life, disconnected from nature. Our ancestors, even if they had the same capacity for empathy that we have, learned to steel themselves and do what was necessary for survival. We never had to do so. Very few people have had to face the choice of kill or starve, much less of kill or be killed.

Our strategy
Fascists are in the minority of people who, for one reason or another, are ready to do what is necessary for the survival of our people and the establishment of truth and justice in human affairs. And it’s fairly obvious that “what is necessary” will involve violence and hardships for a lot of people. But what about the rest of the population?

This is where the issue of this debate becomes clear. Do we tell the people about the hard things we need to do to resolve the problems of our society? Or do we pretend the future will be rosy and friendly to accommodate their delusional empathy?

The answer is that the “rest of the population” is mostly irrelevant, and that our goal isn’t to “convince” people, it’s to destroy the System. Once the System is sufficiently hurt, and the living standards are dropped, the masses of weak-willed whites will be whipped into shape in short order. The System and it’s comforts are at the source of this so called “white pathology“. The System is also under the control and influence of our enemies, including both foreign elements and white traitors. Everything is thus tied together beautifully and simply: destroy the System, and you make whites stronger and root out their enemies at the same time.

Fools and cowards will read Codreanu’s quote above and use it as an excuse to wallow in self pity and avoid confronting their very real enemies. The irony being, of course, that Codreanu was a militant anti-semite who in no way shared their effeminate attitude.

On strength
Before we can make the average whites stronger, we need to be strong ourselves. Mental strength, spiritual strength, can only come to us when we have clear goals and no self-doubt. Endless prattering about “white pathology” undermines both of these things. The strong man focuses on rooting out his enemies. The strong man doesn’t worry about the righteousness of his cause, or about any “inherent weakness” he might have. We need absolute dedication and absolute clarity of purpose. This purpose can be summed up in three simple words: Destroy the System. You could even reduce it to two words: uphold truth.

There is no secret propaganda approach, no self-help technique, no magic bullet that will allow us to make the general population strong and healthy before we have power. All we have control over is ourselves. Each of us has the responsibility to strengthen ourselves both physically and mentally. In nature’s struggle, might makes right. And nothing is stronger than a man with a clear purpose and unwavering dedication.

As such, we have to shed everything which makes us doubt. We have to shed everything that encourages inaction. We can’t afford to pussyfoot around any issue or entertain any notion of compromise with our enemies. We don’t need the acceptance of the average lemming in order to accomplish our objective. We don’t need the cooperation of the System we seek to dismantle. Any strategy that relies on either of those things is delusional and doomed to fail.

Being outcasts from the System is good for us. It will make us tougher, stronger, it will teach us to rely on ourselves and build the tools we will need to replace the system once it’s gone.

This debate about “white pathology” and the need to appeal to white people’s so called weaknesses is a meaningless waste of time. Let us hear nothing more of it among fascists.



Sweden is a sick country. We’ve all heard the news, we’ve all seen the me-mes and all pulled the Captain Sweden joke at some point. The thing is, however, that this is more real than people may think at first. I’ve lived in this country all my life, and so have my ancestors. I still live near the farm my great great grandfather used to have before the government forcefully bought it to build on it. My blood is in the soil. What is happening here in Sweden is nothing short of sick. Like a mass psychosis, and I can’t stress this enough. The pure lunacy that is modern Sweden can’t be described by words, so instead I’ll try to give a few anecdotes of examples of how insane this country is. This is the first installment of my experience, taking up a relatively recent example. More will follow, but to be honest there is so much insanity here that I don’t know what would be most shocking for non-swedes.

The past few months have given us a lot of insight through the alt-media about what what is happening here. Much of this is due to the very high flow of rapefugees coming here (at the peak we had 2 000 coming here daily, Sweden has a population of nearly 10m). Mainly the rape stories.

At one time, not far from where I live, there was news of a 10 year old girl that was raped in a school during a school disco by two african ‘’children’’. The headmaster (a woman, as well) didn’t do anything against the 180 cm tall ‘’10 year old refugee children’’, nor did the teachers. In fact, they tried to cover it up. No call was made to her parents, and the parents got the news only after she told them herself. The dad, furious, went to the school to demand an explanation for this and got the response ‘’Well this is not very good…’’, in a frigid Swedish manner. They didn’t even want to call the police, but the dad did anyway and took his daughter to the doctor to collect the evidence from her. Since no one can be punished in Sweden until they are 15 (and even then they don’t get full punishment) the social services have the responsibility, and in local radio the police said that they are not ‘’researching a crime’’ in this case. The Swedish social service that is manned by PC social democratic feminist cunts that are more occupied with taking away normal children from loving, Christian parents than to make sure Jamal the gay nigger, who gets the care, won’t rape them. Every gay nigger deserves a living doll, after all.

The shitstorm did not end here. The political elite in this city covered it up. The lesser local politicians in the city did not get this information. It was shushed down. What can you expect from a wanna-be Arab and a social democratic pig? During the meeting where this issue was supposed to be addressed, they ambiguated the subject into ‘’Work situation at school X’’ and made sure to check the clock before this issue was taken up. In the end, they didn’t talk about this problem. Instead a Swedish mother came forward and thanked the politicians for not removing the school milk, which they apparently were planning to do. With a slam of a club they then proceeded to talk about whether to put up a sign or not on a building, for 20 minutes. Useless people.

One of the big bosses in the city.
One of the big bosses in the city.

Worthy of notice is that this subject was postponed into this meeting from the last one, where a crowd of Swedes had gathered in the city hall to demand an explanation for the cover up (which they didn’t get). A police report was also supposed to be presented during this meeting, which was a pure lie.

The mainstream media didn’t do anything with this. Well, that’s only a half truth. They did talk with the pseudo-Arab about how he got hate mail after all this, because he is the victim. Not the girl who will live with this for the rest of her life. Who will have nightmares and trouble sleeping for the rest of her life. Who will probably have issues to have a functioning relationship in the future. But who cares about that? She’s a Swede and therefore privileged. Now, a couple of months later the case is already forgotten, and there was no mainstream outrage. People still shill for rapefugees and pity them while ignoring their own countrymen. This is even with people who have had bad experience with them themselves but choose to ignore it or justify it. Kind of like that German woman who apologized for being raped. Swedes have a very Prussian trust of their government. We expect them to know best, they do their duty and we do our duty to it in return. Right now this trust has been manipulated into having us help these invaders, and believing the government will solve whatever issues that comes from it. Meanwhile, the hippies preach for peace and love while attacking people who have had experience with this filth, like I have. This gutmensch mentality is very pronounced, and if you’re not ‘’in the gang’’ you’re a racist loser. A high school popularity contest about who can be the most virtuous person. Playing the violin while Rome burns. Who needs to think about reality when you have video games, weed and bunch of facebook likes for nagging on evil racists?

There’s plenty more material, but if I would write everything I’d end up with a whole volume (or a few hundred) and not an article.

Adolf Hitler did nothing wrong.


Muh filters!

The first human need, after breathing, is drinking water. You can’t last long without it. While it’s not something we really need to think about if we live in a city, water is a problem that you’ll have to address if you’re living off-grid. The thing is that water pretty much always has some nasty bacteria in it. Fecal bacteria. And while a little fecal bacteria won’t kill you, if your source of water isn’t pristine, you can get pretty sick on it.

Cities, of course, regularly test their water and add a bunch of chemicals to it to kill the bacteria. They often also have filtering systems. Most people who live away from cities will rely on wells pumping from aquifers below their land (aquifers are large underground reservoirs of water refilled by rain). But increasingly, even aquifer water is getting contaminated. So homeowners will typically have it tested once in a while.

Better hope this doesn't break!
Better hope this doesn’t break!

All this is a pain, obviously. Ensuring your land has an aquifer is a pain. Digging a well is a pain. Testing the water is a pain (you need a lab to do this). Using and maintaining a commercial water filter is a pain. Adding chemicals to your water is a pain. Isn’t there a simpler way?


Rainwater is usually quite pure and immediately drinkable. Plus, it falls on our head for free. Why not avoid messing with wells altogether and just collect rainwater?

Don't let that roof be a freeloader. Make it work for you.
Don’t let that roof be a freeloader. Make it work for you.

By having your own water tanks, you’ll be in full control of your water reserves. There’s no chance of some other asshole over-pumping your aquifer and leaving you dry. There’s no chance of some nearby pig farm contaminating your well. You know exactly how much water you have, and you know exactly where it comes from.

If you're about to drink this water... you might be a negro.
If you’re about to drink this water… you might be a negro.

However, there is still one small problem. To collect rainwater, you need a large surface (like your building’s roof). And that surface will probably eventually collect stuff like bugs, leaves and bird shit along with water. So you’re going to have a mild but constant bacteriological contamination.


While the water will still be good for most household purposes, it will be a bit short of being acceptable drinking water. Most types of filtering systems will get it clean enough to drink. The problem, of course, is that filtering systems cost money to buy, and need constant purchases of cartridges to remain functional. Additionally, they can’t really be repaired without buying spare parts, let alone be built from scratch in a home workshop.

So ideally, because water is such a basic essential need, our water filtering system would need to meet these criteria:

You won't be laughing once you get disentry, retard!
You won’t be laughing once you get dysentery, retard!
  • You won’t die from dysentery.
  • Will purify enough water to meet the needs of a group of 5-10 people.
  • Can be built from scratch from cheap or free low-tech materials.
  • Won’t break, but could be repaired easily.

Fight fire with fire

You’re going to see a pattern here, but ingenious white people have recently developed a method to allow brown third-worlders to stop drinking shit infused water and die from dysentery by the millions. Why they would do such a thing is still a mystery (I mean, help the third-worlders). But in any case, I’m sure they’ll be happy to know Nazis will benefit from their work.

Enter the biological filtering system. The concept is to basically grow and maintain a large colony of bacteria which feeds on the fecal bacteria found in water. You pour your shitty water in the colony, and as it passes through the based bacteria devour the shitty bacteria. That’s the gist of it.

This may sound like something that involves test tubes and petri dishes. But it’s not. It’s so simply even an African could do it. Well, maybe not, after all, the aid workers really overestimate the Africans. But Africans COULD do it if they didn’t have 60pt IQ’s.

The structure

The filter is a tall box filled with sand of various coarseness. The box it topped with a stainless steel bowl full of small holes. At the bottom of the box is an output pipe, out of which comes the pure water. Simple as that.

So simply even a child could do it. Not a black child though!
So simply even a child could do it. Not a black child though!

The water is poured in the steel bowl, whose small holes diffuse the water slowly and gently, to avoid disturbing the bacterial colony. The water then slowly percolates from the finer sand, which is at the top, to the coarser sand and gravel at the bottom.

Once the water reaches the bottom, it comes out of the pipe and into your container.

Starting a colony

There is no need to find special bacteria to “start” the colony. The appropriate bacteria will already be present in the air and in the sand, though in very small quantities. Thus the filter won’t be very efficient at first.

You will have to feed the colony daily so that the based bacteria will reproduce and multiply. After about 30 days of pouring unclean water in the filter, the colony will be strong enough to kill 90% of fecal bacteria passing through it. The result will be safe drinking water. As with most biological systems, it will only get better with time.

On the other hand, you can’t continuously pour water through the filter; it needs to rest for a few hours in between each “feeding”. And if you fail to feed the colony for a few days, they could die and you’ll have to start over. Thus daily use and proper maintenance is necessary. But you need drinking water every day anyway, so this shouldn’t cause any problems.


Why bother with this? After all, for a few hundred dollars you can have a similarly effective commercial system you can install in your building. The problem is that these things add up quickly. The more of your essential infrastructure you can get for free and build independently of the system, the less interaction with the system you’ll be forced to have.

In a upcoming episode... how to build your own water tank. Doesn't it look fun?
In a upcoming episode… how to build your own water tank. Doesn’t it look fun?

If you decide to use the system to purify your water, I recommend you check out the following manual:

Sand biofilter implementation guide

It should answer all your questions. The manuals are meant for aid workers who will mass produce these things for African peasants.  Happy filtering!



I never particularly got the whole “cuckservative” thing, I did get it’s value to shock conservatives with the realization that they are whiny, pathetic and repeatedly give up ground to the enemy. However at the end of the day that is what a conservative is by definition. As George Lincoln Rockwell had already said seemingly so long ago: “Conservatives are sissies“. That behavior is the very core of conservatism, but here we can look at the other implication of this new title – attempt at differentiation. Upset rank and file conservatives saying to their establishment representatives “you failed us, you’re no real conservative, you’re a CUCKservative, you betrayed what we stand for, you’re a sell-out“. And yet the people using that title are the same, they just realize how badly they are losing and they don’t see that their very position is premised on inevitable defeat, so they put the blame elsewhere to hang on to their delusions.

So I’d like to give you a run down of what conservatism actually is, then we can also look at the reactionary position and finally the Revolutionary position and dispel some illusions around those terms as well.

Conservatism comes from the word conserve. The entire point of conservatism is to conserve or preserve something – that’s it. As such this concept is entirely relative to whatever has been established prior, most likely by people of strong character and vision or principles, like conquerors and revolutionaries. Their descendants inherit these things but they never worked to get them in the first place, however the first few generations fight to build on and expand from there because they still have a direct connection to that original glory. Yet as time marches on descendants become more and more disconnected from that original glory and take their position for granted though they certainly still enjoy  that position, purely for the benefits they receive – they no longer understand the glory, they only understand the formal benefits and comforts. This is the downward slope of the inherently losing position that carries the name of conservatism. It’s an attempt to stop something that is destined to die from dying just for the sake of its formal benefits. The glory, the living spirit that established the structure that provides said benefits has long since left, it’s but an empty carcass that is falling apart, however this carcass is the most precious thing to those who never knew the glory in the first place.

To put it simply: someone builds an Empire, their immediate descendants build or expand its spirit and glory, inevitably the spirit and glory fade and what is left is but a formal structure inhabited by people who never knew the spirit and glory and only knew the benefits of the structure – the positions and titles, the basic political power and thus they don’t get the point of why the Empire was built in the first place. When the spirit and glory are gone the Imperium becomes merely an Empire. So they are focused solely on keeping the structure and they want to preserve it. This is the very premise of the ancient teachings on the cycles of rise and fall in societies, for instance the Greek Anacyclosis.

This is something that the German thinker Ernst Niekisch had spoken of after Germany’s defeat in the First World War, describing the conflict between the generations, namely the generation of old men who lost the Empire and the young generation who never got to know the Empire of their ancestors:  “These young hearts have never been impressed and inspired directly by the proud grandeur of their Fatherland. Political anger, social poverty, economic decline – that is what is self-evident to them, always in their face, their personal experience. Prewar Germany was nothing more than historical memory, akin to the memory of the Empire of Otto I, Frederick Barbarossa, with the memory of the great and incomparable state of Prussian King Friedrich. But if the old generation were to chide the youth for such “historical” viewpoint of Bismarck’s empire, it might have received a reply in the form of bold and impertinent questions: Wasn’t the fate of this empire in your hands? Were you not the ones who lost this empire in the first place? How do you have the audacity to still so arrogantly claim your own importance on the political scene?

However, again, conservatism has no core of it’s own. It is always relative to what preceded it, thus conservatism isn’t inherently “right-wing“, if you still buy into that formal differentiation. Conservatism is always different from place to place. In the United States conservatism stands to conserve the Constitution, the ideas of the Founding Fathers and so on. Which all happen to be liberal in the classic sense of the word, of the government as being nothing more than a “guard dog” of society, with little to no involvement in the economy and social affairs, only enforcing the law and protecting it from enemies without. Is this not the american conservative/republican motto of small government? Compare that to conservatism in the British Empire that at one point defended absolute monarchy against constitutional monarchy, defending the big government, conserving its power. Hell, look at USSR, think there was no Soviet Conservatism? It stood against Gorbachev‘s reforms, attempting to conserve the old soviet system, which later became reactionary, but more on that specific example later.

Conservatism is always a defensive position of what had been established prior, thus it is always relative and has no core of its own and it differs from place to place and time to time. It defends the formal structure that has lost it’s real core, what gave it life in the first place. Conservatism defends the purely material, formal outer shell, it mistakes the outward form for the essence. Just as when the animating energies or the soul leaves the body, once the essence is gone, once the life force that created the form in the first place is gone, the form is already as good as dead and it’s decay and death are inevitable. But the conservative grasps hold of it in desperation, not wanting to lose what he has, but inevitably failing and coming to terms with their failure but he’ll just try again: “Well we lost some ground, but not a step back from here on in! Oh, we lost again. Well no mo-oh, it happened again. Well this will be the las-damn it!” Slowly but surely, they give ground and what they try to conserve is chipped away at, piece by piece. They can’t defend it, because they fight for something temporary and that is fated to pass away, mistaking it for the end all and be all.

Thus all conservatives, by definition, are cuckservatives and sissies. The name is a nice zinger, but it doesn’t do much in of itself other than feed the delusion of those who use it to signify that they are different, that they are the “real” conservatives who will uphold the “conservative values“. Mind you that with the United States we do have a special case, namely that it was built entirely on the ideas of the founding fathers, which from the get go do not reflect the values that we Fascists uphold. Defending them is no better than defending the Soviet values, which likewise came about from man-made ideas. It’s simply a choice between a liberal republic and a state socialist republic. And still both concepts decayed over time into merely formal structures, not even the original ideas remained.

Here we move on to Reactionaries. The difference between conservatives and reactionaries is purely in their stance, the former one being defensive (conserving and preserving), the latter is offensive (attempting to restore the old structure). At the end of the day, however, it is a thin line and one could say that reactionaries are at the very least admirable for being more pro-active, yet it is still a fight for an empty husk – not reanimating the corpse, just trying to rebuild it from  the rot it decayed into. To give an example of actual reactionaries you can once again look to USSR, reinforcing the point of how it is likewise a relative position with no core of its own. The old guard of the Soviet system formed the State Committee on the State of Emergency and attempted to stop Gorbachev’s reforms during the August Coup of 1991. Some people in Russia like to entertain the idea that the USSR could have lasted a while longer had the coup succeeded, but it’s decay and collapse were inevitable, because likewise the spirit and ideas that built it in the first place were no longer present in the political elite that was simply engaged in basic politics.

Reactionaries are but a braver kind of conservative, someone who is willing to take real action to retake the husk, but again, they place the value into something that itself only gained value from elsewhere, from the essence that had built it in the first place and without it, it is surely doomed. Reactionaries may even use violent means but their fight is nevertheless destined to fail, which was best explained by the Russian thinker Nikolay Vasilyevich Ustryalov, who likewise wrote on the difference of form and essence: “Violence cannot save a dying idea, but it can provide immeasurable help to the rising idea.

And the rising idea always comes in the form of Revolution, regardless of the means for it’s rise, but again, violence can provide it immeasurable help. Whilst man-made ideas are by their nature lies, figments of the imagination, as opposed to the Natural Order and Truth that we as Fascists and National-Socialists uphold, they still have power to them and have a certain spirit which can sway masses of people and the course of history.

Thus Revolutions are inhabited by something living, they have some essence to them (the Truth or Idea), when talking about real revolutions that is, like the March on Rome which was a revolution through a show of force, or Hitler’s rise to power which was a revolution made through entry and reform. Even the Russian October Revolution, which was a violent, living revolution (as opposed to the February Revolution of decay or the events of Black October). We’re not talking here about “revolutions” that are orchestrated by (geo)political interests or which happen as a slow decay, like the Social Justice Warrior degeneracy we see today. Revolutions are always passionate, they breathe fire, fire that destroys and creates, regardless of what it is that it creates. SJW and modern liberal/democratic change is more akin to a parasite or growing rot than a fire-breathing dragon.

Revolutions are always aimed at the decaying husk, they burn away the husk and create space for something new, which can be either good or bad but it is nevertheless full of life rather than decay and death. You can’t compare modern commies and SJW’s to the original communist revolutionaries, the latter would probably kill the former had they ever met. But the original communist is long since dead, and he was a worthy foe, unlike the scum we face today which don’t deserve the title of enemy – you can respect an enemy for his dedication to his beliefs and readiness to die for them, even if he is dead wrong. SJW/PC/Feminist/etc scum are just parasites that can be easily crushed underfoot, they don’t wish to die because what they fight for is comfort and pleasure which cannot be enjoyed while dead – they’re merely pawns to our real enemies who profit from the decay they create.

What’s more important, however, is that real Revolutions are all about essence, they will destroy any form that stands in the way of the victory for their essence, whatever form doesn’t oppose them will be infused with the victorious essence, though essence of ideas will always be at odds with the essence of Truth. And here comes into play the difference between Ideas and Truth. Ideas are lies of the imagination, man-made concepts of how the world should be. The Truth is how the world actually is. Ideas can substitute one another, rather reflective of Marx’s view of how history is a continuous cycle of revolutions, which in turn takes cues from the concept of cycles of rise and fall in societies that we spoke of earlier. Thus the essence of an idea is temporary, though they may reoccur over time. The Truth, however, is eternal, it is always one and the same. Forms may come and go, regardless of the essence that lives and fades in them, but the Truth remains the same. Thus our struggle is an eternal one.

We don’t fight for forms, and that is our primary difference from the conservatives and reactionaries. We do not fight for mere ideas, even if they are revolutionary. We fight for the Truth. It is eternal but forms are not and so the Truth may fade from a given form and a revolution becomes necessary to bring back the essence of Truth. Which is what puts us at odds with conservatives and reactionaries – they protect a decaying husk, they protect something dead and lifeless. They defend the product of essence, whereas we fight for restoring essence itself even if its old form must be destroyed. What puts us at opposition with revolutions of Ideas is that they are lies. We have no allies in conservatives and reactionaries, or revolutionaries who do not share our loyalty to the Truth.

Let’s clear up something else, however, before we draw this to a close. Namely the confusion around the title of Conservative Revolutionaries, which is essentially just a clumsy way of explaining a Revolutionary struggle for essence, as it is again confused with the form. It was probably the first attempt made to articulate this direction in some categorical terms and thus a rather clumsy title was formed, driven by the desire so signify that this is a living, revolutionary force that wants to defend that, which made the old form great, back when it used to be infused with essence. At the end of the day, however, it is the same force as us Fascists and National-Socialists, though it was more concerned with self-analysis than action. I’m adding this part to make it perfectly clear to people who would use this title to differentiate themselves from “those bad fascists and nazis” that you won’t fool anyone but yourselves – we fascists know what it actually is and our enemy can smell that it is something related to us. It is not some other “third position“.

Using these terms to differentiate from Fascism and National-Socialism is futile, just as futile as it is to attempt to differentiate between “real” conservatives and “cuckservatives” – the former a delusion indulged in an attempt to protect oneself from the enemy’s criticism, the latter a delusion indulged in an attempt to protect oneself from admitting that he stands for something that is doomed to fail and fall. And this is why Fascism always was and forever will be a Revolutionary force – it fears not the destruction of forms, of what exists purely on paper fading away. So long as there is essence it can make manifest new forms, ones infused with living spirit, appropriate for a new time and a new place. That is our struggle, to carry on the Flame of Truth, from one torch to another, while the conservatives fawn over burnt wood that the Flame had already departed from.

There are no conservative or reactionary principles, they have none. We carry the principles, they obsess with the byproduct. The only driving “principle” behind these notions is that of the walking dead – to keep something lifeless from collapsing.


"Our greatest weakness is our belief in our weakness." -Joseph Tommasi
“Our greatest weakness is our belief in our weakness.” -Joseph Tommasi

Few things disgust me more than defeatism. It is the combination of cowardice, laziness and egotism, where the impotent think that their worthless self deprecating thoughts have any value to them.

Throughout all recorded human history and applied universally without exception, defeatism during times of war was a crime punishable by incarceration at the very least. While those who claim to be vanguards for liberty and free speech may decry this, their outrage has no foundation. When the nation is under threat every muscle fiber is strained and reserve of energy expended to claim victory and avoid defeat.

Some will feign moralism “oh it is moral because the war is wrong and it will save lives!” Preaching defeat saves nothing. The men will die all the same simply abandoned by their people, left alone in the fields of battle with their last thoughts of futility and betrayal.

The wounds will last long after the war. Unlike the temporary pain of a honorable defeat, the spiritual energy of the nation will be sapped greatly by such a moral collapse. Only with Faith in itself can a nation rebuild – never without it. The Triumph of the Will makes anything possible for a people with faith in itself and it’s leader!

The most despicable thing about such an attitude is that it comes exclusively from people with our views. They see the hell around them, acknowledge it is hell and then proceed to give up without a fight! They will decry the damage done as irreparable and irreversible. They will bemoan the crimes against us and then proceed to remain silent! “Oh Germany is doomed, Europe is doomed… It’s all over!” they’ll say in a youtube comment section.

They will cry that “no one is doing anything!” and then proceed to do nothing themselves. A useless, hypocritical nihilism more scornful than the traitors because at least the traitors “think” that they are correct and fight to that end.

We do not call for weak sympathizers, we call for fighters, those who die if final victory demands it! Those who will give their wealth, labor, food , clothes, blood and very lives to our brothers and sisters in need. Those willing to risk imprisonment and possible death in service of the cause.

The excuses will flow. “I have a job  I don’t want to lose , I have a family that relies on me, it’s just not convenient for me right now to express my views.” None of these are adequate because if you do not act in order to make your family’s life comfortable now you will doom your children and grandchildren to hell. Every day you hold back from the fight is one more day your descendants will have to fight 10 fold as hard for your cowardice.

If that is what you truly feel and you believe it’s the truth, if you love your people, then you will keep your nihilist mouth shut and not spread your fatal virus to anyone else! We must be willing to go to Hell to ensure our children live in Heaven!

It is said that if everyone with our sympathies rose up today it’d be enough to overthrow the rotten international clique that rules over us. This is true. But it is also no reason to despair that it hasn’t happened yet. The faithful of our cause will commit to action, not just words, in order to enlighten and uplift our people  and liberate them from their chains. For we have seen the light outside the modern day Plato’s cave – the cafe – and we will not return no matter the ridicule and violence.

No one man can do everything. But everyone can do something to help the cause, whether it’s speaking out, activism, charity or confrontation.

Mass movements with a cause never just spring up from under the ground, they are molded and directed by an elite or a singular being, who embody the spiritual consciousness of the masses and have the personal courage to give all of themselves to it’s victory. But none of those beings would have been able to accomplish anything if the masses did not volunteer their labor and will to the great causes of history.

Article by Aquila



Around every election season, a significant portion of American White Nationalists and their Alt-Fright faileocon interlopers seem to forget everything they have claimed to learn about presenting a clean ideological and strategic break from failed conservatism, and crawl slobbering back to their favorite Republican candidate of choice. By doing so, this self-declared vanguard displays its own ignorance as to what a functioning vanguard actually is and how they are oblivious to what this approach signals to the public they are trying to reach. More importantly, they show their own cowardice towards the necessary act of stepping outside their own nostalgic, sentimental comfort zone, ensuring this behavior and accompanying nonperformance is bound to continue.

The desperate embrace of Donald Trump possibly trumps the previous desperate embrace of the Tea Party by patriotard conservative WNs in terms of comedic value and cowardice. All the support for him’s just desperation for there to be an easy quick solution and to rationalize political non-involvement.

This speaks volumes to White Nationalism lacking any unified, coherent set of principles and accompanying ideological worldview, existing simply as a vague sentiment to be co-opted and misdirected. This season, we are honored with Donald Trump being the object of their unrequited affections, rank and file WNs being hilariously oblivious to the fact that Donnie would have absolutely no problem Ruby Ridging these people’s families on behalf of his Jewish friends.

Then again, what should we expect from people who cheer on Ann Coulter as she barely scratches the surface of the reality of the jewish problem by complete accident, and then immediately backpedals like crazy? What should we expect from people who fail to see the implications there? A turnstile of conservative cowardice and unrelenting fuckups, with cuckservative-in-denial, Dickie Spencer, leading the charge.

Donald Trump functions as a jewish measuring stick for emerging racial consciousness – the objective is for him to act as a relief valve and to keep all related discourse within a semitically-correct, patriotard frame, preventing it from reaching a point of explicit racial consciousness and organization. By getting the GOP nomination, he makes the system look more open than it really is, keeping an emerging, explicitly racial segment of the population on the GOP plantation, effectively assimilating them into that wide base where they can have no power and nullifying them as any oppositional entity. In the event he was ever to go third party, he ensures valuable resources, time, and money are misdirected from building any viable fascist vanguard. Semitically-correct frame applies across the board in both scenarios.

In the off chance that Trump wins the presidency and the wall gets built, that does absolutely jackshit to get rid of all the non-whites here, does nothing to lower their birthrates, does nothing to raise white birth rates, does nothing to repeal gunpoint-enforced integration, does nothing to stop niggers from raping and killing everything in sight, does nothing to eliminate the Jewish problem or change the accompanying power structure that’s pitted against us. It’s a symbolic victory that will simply render an increasingly disillusioned, angry segment of the population complacent all over again, knocking us all back to square one. It simply delays the point we reach minority status by a couple of years while reversing all of our efforts of radicalizing the public.

Meanwhile, The Donald will be in place to lecture the public on the virtues of hardworking legal nonwhite immigrants, why jews are the best thing ever, and the evils of racism, conditioning the public accordingly. Donald’s audience isn’t developing their views as a result of Trump, those views were already in place; they already had them, just as Donnie’s in place to keep them from going further and radicalizing. He feeds them, gives them validation at their current point, and makes them feel secure. Hell, a Trump victory could very well be the thing that kills us.

Given statements made by Trump and his son, he still wants mexcrement flowing into the JewSA, just as long as its through his claimed beaner wall he’s probably lying about and integrated into the tax system. This is also assuming the wall even gets built. It’s not like a billionaire mogul filled to the brim with jews has ever lied before, right?

A Trump victory will simply serve the purpose of making a jew-rigged system look open to a segment of the population reaching racial consciousness without ever implementing any of their goals. This will keep them loyal to the GOP under the impression they can take it over, it will keep them from radicalizing. If Trump loses, he will lose fairly and the system will still look open, despite some superficial, ineffective attempts to shut him out that were designed to make him look like legitimate opposition. His audience will then remain in place waiting for the next populist cohenservitve candidate to come along and blow smoke up their asses instead of going full vanguard.

Yet all these goddamn fucking tools are fawning over the guy “oh buh buh buh we can play off him” yeah no shit by FUCKING ATTACKING HIM AS A HOSTILE INTERLOPER and splitting off a 10–20 percent chunk of his audience, radicalizing them, not hopelessly fellating him over his every word, which drives away his audience from our ethnonationalist stances and reinforces their current misconceptions. Pulling discourse and action in our direction requires attacking everything and everyone that doesn’t pass a litmus test, actively asserting talking points around a consistent set of standards and drawing distinctions, acting as our own unit of authority; not ceding ground and pandering to and reinforcing current views and policies that are wrong. These retards, moved entirely by dopey conservative sentiment and nostalgia don’t stop for a second to think what they’re signaling and reinforcing to their audience by voicing support for Trump. At the end of the day, they wish to cling to their sentimental attachments and personalities rather than actually owning the vanguard stance they superficially purport to.

Even funnier are the alt-right gaywads claiming he’s somehow secretly on our side. If he was on our side, he’d be naming the jew and concerned with radicalizing his supporters in an explicitly racial direction, not with adopting enemy talking points (and reinforcing those talking points to the public) for the purpose of winning a single, largely symbolic, presidential office which would do nothing to improve our ethno-racial situation and would make an emerging racially conscious segment of the population complacent all over again, keeping them on the JewOP plantation where they can have no power. If you think billionaire Donnie isn’t some sort of JewOP insider, you’re a cuckservative.

His alt-fright fanbase uses his statements to the republican jewish coalition and his statements made in his interview with jewtool Alex Jones that he’s somehow secretly on our side. The statements made to the coalition are just him blowing smoke, the claimed anti-jewish nature of his statements is by implication, likely the result of reading too deep into them spurred on by wishful thinking. Yeah never mind he has jews active in all levels of his campaign going up to the very top, has more jewish connections than any other candidate, holds their line on Iran and other foreign policy areas, and has been taking their money for decades. If the jews thought Trump was any threat, they would have deep sixed his business empire long ago. Jews play all sides, Trump inclusive, ensuring that no matter the outcome and related cosmetic differences, their objectives are fulfilled. His statements made to Alex Jones regarding an unnamed country funding ISIS were of a similar nature – he never actually named the jew or the country. He’s just tossing a bone to the conspiracy crowd to obtain their support without actually committing to anything controversial or semitically incorrect. And as usual, his alt-right fanbase reads too deeply into his statements as “proof” he’s somehow on their side so they don’t have to do anything or assume any personal risk beyond pulling a level at the voting booth and jerking off to anime. Voting for Trump is their way of rationalizing the fact they do absolutely nothing, their way of justifying staying with their zero risk personal comfort zone.

Both the main parties are closed out too, so vanguard party approach is required. You can’t somehow sneak someone non-kosher into the very top of the System. The idea that he’s somehow *not* a JewOP insider is laughable, people are taking the whole scripted entertainment too seriously at face value. Trump’s a relief valve, nothing more. Thinking we’re running an angle on the jews with him is just the jews running an angle on us.

As the twitter account Young White Family put it, WNs are desperate for SOMEONE ELSE to wipe their ass and do all their work for them, and they can’t see why whites trusting the government again as a result of a Trump victory is a bad thing. That “WNs who know better will still push Trump “to gain ground” b/c they want to pretend it’s not a script to get Whites to be pro-gov’t again.” This is like the same shit WNs were doing when they were clamoring for Romney to win because “ANYONE BUT OBAMA I DON’T WANT DAT GOT DAMMNED BLACK BLOODED TOWEL NIGGER IN DUH WHAYT HOUSE RUININ’ MUH MURIKA”.

That nigger in the white house was the single best recruiting tool we’ve ever had and these fags were all whining about it like it’s the worst thing to ever happen.


If you support Donald Trump, you’re a cuckservative. This struggle requires and will be won by fanatics, not by reactionary, nostalgic cowards pining for the reform of a hostile system. This struggle is entirely winnable, but requires a much higher level of dedication and personal risk than simply laying in bed and dreaming of Trump, which is the equivalent of retards claiming that Putin “is the savior of the white race”. Draw very clear distinctions between us Fascists and failed conservatism of all variants, Trump and Coulter inclusive. Attack relentlessly around those, start radicalizing their supporters by doing so.


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NOOSE – http://ropeculture.org/
IRONMARCH – http://ironmarch.org/




Among the first order expenses and logistical problems to address when you have infrastructure is the question of energy. The conventional model of energy management is that a building should be some flimsy and empty box with energy, water, gas and oil being piped into it from the outside. In other words, conventional buildings are useless without being connected to a grid of electric cables, gas pipelines and sewer systems. This is obviously not appropriate for our projects.

The device.

The focus of this installment of the fascist workshop will be heating, which is usually the primary component of power consumption in northern climates. If you take care of heating and cooking, the rest of the power needs can be met with a minimalistic electric system involving batteries and solar panels.

The easiest source of fuel for heating is undoubtedly wood, especially in the countryside. But conventional fireplaces have many disadvantages:

  • They’re expensive and complex to install
  • Hard to maintain, and dangerous in case of creosote build-up
  • Lots of wood is required
  • Fire needs constant maintenance
  • The temperature will fluctuate wildly between too hot and too cold

But in the past decade, the DIY crowd has been working on a completely new type of wood heating system: the rocket mass heater. This is an adaptation of the great rocket stove system, developed by whites to help brown people in the third world. The rocket stove is a way to use high speed air currents to burn wood at high temperatures. The higher temperatures means the wood burns more efficiently and cleanly. This makes it great for cooking, especially indoors in mud huts.

Third world woman, enjoying her artificially increased living standard. Feeling good not breathing soot all day, beaner?

The problem, of course, is that the rocket stove burns wood VERY quickly. Far too quickly to properly heat a space; you would have to start new fires every 30 minutes to keep the room temperature at a comfortable level. So how do we take advantage of the rocket stove’s high efficiency and clean burn, without having to constantly monitor and adjust the fire? Enter the rocket mass heater.

Sleek as hell. This stove is white and red-pilled.
Sleek as hell. This stove is white and red-pilled.

The basic concept is that instead of heating the air in the building, the rocket stove will heat a large, heavy mass, which will in turn slowly release it’s energy over time to keep the room temperature stable. This way, it doesn’t matter that the wood burns within a few minutes; temperature fluctuations will be kept minimal. Another advantage is that since the fire’s energy is stored inside the mass, an air leak will not immediately require additional heating to restore the ambient temperature.


You can’t just buy a rocket mass heater system; the only way to get it is to make it yourself. But the good news is that doing so is accessible to the average bad goy, both in terms of money and skill requirements. The materials necessary are as follows:

  • Chimney piping
  • Steel drum (a used oil drum will do)
  • Fire-resistant bricks
  • Cement for the bricks
  • Source of mass (cob will do fine here!)
  • Insulation (for the combustion chamber)

As always, you should try to get these materials for free (look for classified ads giving away free bricks, or demolition sites throwing away bricks and piping). With a little bit of searching you should be able to get the necessary materials for next to nothing.


The rocket mass heater has several special features that distinguish it from a conventional stove or fireplace. Let’s look at them in turn.

A simple diagram of the rocket mass heater.
A simple diagram of the rocket mass heater.

First, the rocket stove has a pipe for a fuel intake system, situated at the bottom of the stove. This is unlike a normal stove, in which you just put logs in the combustion chamber. Instead, you put smaller sticks in the fuel intake pipe, and only the tips will burn in the combustion chamber. As the sticks burn, they slide downwards until all the fuel is consumed.

Second, the gases and smoke from the combustion chamber don’t escape directly through the chimney and outside, but are instead trapped in the steel drum. This means that no hot air is lost through the chimney, but instead is radiated through the steel drum. Also, the trapped gases and particles are eventually burned as well in the high temperature, which increases the stove’s fuel efficiency.

Third, once the air leaves the steel drum through the output pipe at the bottom of the drum, it doesn’t go straight outside (which would also waste heat) but instead the chimney is embedded in a mass of cob, concrete or bricks, which absorbs any remaining heat before the chimney leaves the house.

The chimney is embedded in a thermal mass before leaving the building.
The chimney is embedded in a thermal mass before leaving the building.

Fourth, several aspects of the design are tweaked to maximize the air-flow inside the combustion chamber. There is an air intake vent, typically near the floor (where the air is coldest). The chimney above the combustion chamber is insulated to increase the temperature of the air. By increasing the temperature difference, a stronger air-flow is generated, which makes the fire burn hotter. As a result of this cycle, the rocket stove burns at much higher temperatures than a conventional stove.

Alternate uses

Being a very high efficiency system, the rocket stove can be put to different uses. As we’ve seen, the most obvious uses are for room heating and cooking. These require little further explanation.

Notice the rocket stove under the oven.
Notice the rocket stove under the oven.

The rocket stove can be connected to a Stirling engine to generate quiet and safe electric power. The Stirling engine, unlike a steam engine which isn’t closely monitored, won’t explode.

Rocket stove connected to a water tank.
Rocket stove connected to a water tank.

It’s also possible to heat a water tank with the rocket stove, providing hot water without having a electric water heater. However, any kind of hot water tank system is somewhat inefficient. Better to use a on-demand water heater using propane or electricity, which insures that only the required water is heated. But if propane and electricity are a rare resource, the rocket stove water heater is a great idea.

A clever builder can create a central stove which serves a variety of different purposes, by connecting the combustion chamber to several different appliances by a system of pipes. Levers could redirect the hot air from one appliance to another.


The rocket stove is a versatile concept that can really make our lives easier if we’re operating independently from the system’s resources. And being cheap and simple to make ourselves, it becomes a key component of our infrastructure.

Hippies thoughtlessly enjoying their white privilege.
Hippies thoughtlessly enjoying their white privilege.

As with anything, of course, it does have drawbacks. If you’re in a urban environment, access to free fuel will be limited, unlike in the countryside where dead trees, fallen branches and agricultural waste can be acquired without great effort. If you use it as your main cooking system, you’ll forego the convenience of modern gas or electric stoves.

If you decide to build your own rocket stove, there will probably be people in your area who can coach you about it. Otherwise, make sure to read up on the finer details and watch some of the many videos available on the subject.



This is the second part of the series about the man named Dimitrije Ljotić, dealing with his early political life and creation of unprecedented nationalist movement ZBOR, whose spirit is slowly being revived by loyal men and women from the ruins in the rocky Balkan.

Dimitrije Ljotić was from a well known monarchist family, so his passionate views on monarchy don’t come as a surprise. In his adulthood he was very respected by the King Aleksandar I and had a friendly relationship with him. This relationship would benefit him some time later.

Prior to the King’s dictatorship, Ljotić’s political life revolved around People’s Radical Party, claiming it was „God’s will“ to join it, regardless of his view on the uselessness of political parties. Only after six years in the party, in 1926, did he become a dissident in both his and the eyes of the party. He failed to change the party and the party failed to change him. After parliamentary elections in 1927 he will end his political activity as a member of a political party.

On the 6th of January 1929, King Aleksandar disbanded the worthless parliament, banned the work of all political parties and declared a dictatorship, relaying on military and loyal monarchists, and Ljotić was among them. A strong advocate for centralised state and real monarchy, Ljotić greeted this as a good move on the King’s part and seen this as an opportunity to finally steer the nation on a different path.

After the 6th of January dictatorship many political parties and organisations were banned and their leaders and members expelled, arrested or killed. Many parties of liberal-democratic nature became afraid and demoralized, some arrest were made here and there but for the most part they stayed silent, while the more extreme groups had to be dealt with violence. Such was the case with communists, ustashe, albanian and „macedonian“ separatists. Around 400 communists were murdered between 1929 and 1932, mainly because communists have been preparing for an armed rebellion. Ustashe had the same plan that will, regardless of persecution of their leaders such as Ante Pavelić from Yugoslavia, actually happen in early September 1932, but it ultimately failed only after two days of action. All of this Ljotić, as well as many ordinary folk, met with approval, claiming that “we actually have a king!” Unfortunately, Dimitrije soon realized how things were not going the way they were supposed to. People who just yesterday used to be part of the decaying body of parliamentarism, today found themselves in positions of power as ministers and high officials. Failure of this dictatorship could be clearly seen in Ljotić’s classes. Namely he began teaching in universities about the failures and truths of French revolution, but the district inspector hearing of this forced the universities to end his lectures. One time he had to change the name of his lecture to just have it approved. Ljotić realized that the King didn’t prepare good authority for this new regime and there was a need for new ideas and people.

Valuing Dimitrije’s patriotism and his sympathies for the monarchy, the King appointed him for the position of Minister of Justice. Dimitrije made sure his ministry was well organized, with enough employees, everyone doing their jobs and there was no exploitation of their positions. In his eyes, he had one role: changing the system of government. In the same year, Ljotić presented the King with his version of a new constitution that the country needed. Main point of the draft was that the people should elect their representatives based on professions who would replace the parliament of political parties and become a direct line between the people and the King. The constitution meant to transform the country into an organic monarchy, rid of parasitic political parties. The constitution didn’t pass and Ljotić resigned from the ministry.

After this he returned to his lawyer office in Smederevo and soon enough begun working on a movement project called “Fatherland”. This was one of the movements that were tolerated during the dictatorship, along with Yugoslav Action, association of chetniks for freedom and honor of Fatherland and Slovene organization BOJ (Yugoslav Combat Organization). Many people will gather and form a group around Dimitrije Ljotić and the journals “Fatherland” and “Zbor”. All of these organizations and movements had two things in common: nationalism and loyalty to the King’s dictatorship.

Movement ZBOR formed right after the assassination of the King Aleksandar. Even before, people from different organizations talked about unifying into something new, but after the loss of the King there was a dire need of a unified and strong nationalist movement with new spirit. Yugoslav Action, BOJ and people gathered around Dimitrije Ljotić adopted and signed principles of new movement named “Yugoslav National Movement ZBOR”. One of the founders, Ratko Parežanin, explained that ZBOR stands for Združena Borbena Organizacija Rada (United Militant Labor Organization).

The movement was officially founded on the 6th of January 1935, a date that had a symbolic meaning for the movement, as it’s mission was to continue the deeds started on that day 6 years prior – to reform the country and the system. Main principles of the movement were integration of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes into a new Yugoslav community that is bound in blood and destiny and faith in God as the most important spiritual value of Yugoslav people, along with the preservation of traditional values, agrarianism, continuation of the state and maintaining the purity of Yugoslavian people.

Their appearance on the social and political scenes made a huge impression on the public. Dozens of independent newspaper that had no connection to ZBOR published this news on the front page and even some foreign media talked about the movement as a new organization led by nationalists that wants to set the country on a different path.

Days later some of the members of BOJ and Yugoslav Action decided to leave ZBOR for other, now legal parties, some of the founders of the movement left because they thought ZBOR should merge with stronger political elements, something that was contradictory to the very reason why ZBOR was even formed.

But that was a good thing and time became somewhat of a filter for members, because people in ZBOR had to be people of the same spirit and the same thought. ZBOR had to be a new force that will challenge the new order that came after the death of King Aleksandar, to expose it and bring it down.

ZBOR and it’s leader Dimitrije Ljotić had hard times ahead as people who were put down on the 6th of January back in 1929 had come back and in the next six years they will face real political struggle, but more on that in the next articles of this series.

And all of our work from then on was to realize that, which we’ve presented to him [the King] so many times, and which in the end he approved of – now that He is gone, those ideas live on in ZBOR as our goals, for the good of our Fatherland, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

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“I am not free to think as I wish. I can only live in relation to the dead of my race. They, and my country’s soil, tell me how I should live.” -Auguste-Maurice Barrès

For as far back as can be recorded Europeans have been a people of contrasts, compassionate and contentious, selfless and greedy, loyal and opportunistic.

The One thing we have never been is unified. Even the farthest expanses of Rome only covered half of Europe at its peak,  Napoleon’s conquests not being as widespread and nowhere near as long lived, and Hitler’s German Reich (along with it’s allies), while covering most of Europe, was also in the scope of history very short lived.

And all of these, of course, were paid for and lost by war; Europeans had, with the greatest will, savagery and sophistication in the arts of war, soaked the very soil of Europe in so much Aryan blood that no one could call the land of Europe anything other than a part of our very race itself. We share more blood with her than we do to our mothers, fathers, siblings and children. We don’t simply have roots in Europe, Europe is an inseparable part of who we are as a people.

Every border, every straight line, bulge and angle on the map of European civilization was consecrated in our blood. We knew the importance of blood then, guarding it and expending it as we may to secure the interests of our kin: dead, living and not yet born. Gold, land and faith were all means to strengthen our blood, our families.

Eventually, as the populations grew greater, so did the wars and the lives lost. The Goals and costs of war changed and many started to question the sense to it. In the Age of Discovery Europeans found that there were fertile lands far outside the confines of Europe that could be gained at a far lesser cost, though we still warred with one another for these overseas possessions.

Without a doubt Europe was the master of the vast majority of the world and only other Europeans could rival our might. People became arrogant in their imperial might and prosperity, and a rot was allowed to fester in our very bodies. Liberalism, Pacifism and Internationalist sentiments grew in the minds of the ungrateful and foolish.

Concerns, Economic, National and Internationalist eventually culminated in one of the most horrific periods of fratricidal bloodshed in world history, The Great War where Europeans slaughtered each other by the millions for little substantial gain. This is often famed by modernists as being purely the result of “Nationalism and Militarism”. But for anyone looking at history with a true eye, they can see the hand that International Finance war profiteers played in starting, perpetuating and enlarging the war. This was explained in Smedley Butler’sWar is a racket”.

In spite of the bloodshed and resentments held, many veterans of the war understood this and a sentiment started to grow out of the wellspring of Nationalism, that in a world who’s power structures were rapidly flocking to internationalist/anti-nationalist causes, In its relationship to the rest of the world and waning of its power and spirit sapped by the Great War, Europeans started to understand and act not just in the interests of their own nations but of Europe as an united force against the evils of international plutocracy and Marxism.

This wave of thought was given a name – Fascism. For that is what Fascists of all the Nations of Europe fought for – a Europe aware of it’s history and a people who were aware of the obligation they owed their descendants. To ensure the survival of a world of nations and particularly of a Europe of nations – the only world that can ensure the health of the people and give them any knowledge of who they are, where they come from and where they are going. Something that internationalism with its ambivalence and endorsement of mongrelization, relativism and egotism would doom the future mass of humanity to go without, blind of their history, blind of who they are, blind to the Truth.

In the struggle over the minds of the people, Fascism never promised utopia the way the internationalists did – they simply promised the best society that could be achieved by the continuous striving of Europeans to better themselves with each generation and mobilize society into achieving that end. But because it did not and does not promise this instant gratification, especially within one lifetime or with ease, the sentimentalists label it “oppressive and “reactionary”. We don’t allow idealism to stifle our understanding of reality or vice versa. Ours is the best path, the only true path.

Of Course the old resentments didn’t just pass away.

Even at the current time of existentially threatening massive influx of alien blood into our ancient homeland and outright acts of war and defilement by the invaders in our sacred Europe many young white men are still killing each other (or desiring to) over lesser grudges, as the piece written by my compatriot on the conflict in Northern Ireland, the constant bickering’s of the Balkans as well as the war in the Donbas currently being waged, where you have supporters of a “White Europe”, nationalists and fascists on both sides putting bullets into each other’s skulls while accusing the other of serving the interests of world Jewry. Men whose dedication and bravery would be best utilized against our true enemies.

But this great crisis that Europe faces, that it has faced since the end of the second World War, has been the impetus and rallying cry for unity. Fascists of all nations express solidarity and provide support to one another for our common good, and as the enclaves of white flight collapse and reality is exposed more and more to the passive masses, the brave and noble prove who they are. In a time where all noble and honorable things are inconvenient we see who in our society has true bravery and honor.

When we win we will know who the defenders of our people were and so will all of the world. One will not be able to fake bravery and honor as they did in ages past when these were desirable virtues.

We’ll know who the traitors and cowards were as well and for the first time in European history we will have a war between Good and Evil, the nationalists and the traitors.

In our common cause and our solidarity the true sons of Europe will be united from Lisbon to Moscow along their brothers in the frontier too. A Europe united not by borders but by brotherhood, aware of who we are and purged of evil will usher us into a Golden Age the likes of which are yet unseen by the world in  all its history.

Article by Aquila