Some of you may wonder about the relevance of having articles on crafts and construction projects on a fascist magazine. You may think it’s for some vague appeal to “SWPL” interests, or a plea for young people to learn trades to prepare for the future. Well, not quite.

The projects and approaches we’ll be covering here won’t be conventional stuff you could earn a living with in society; it’s all geared towards a specific end. That end is the building and upgrading of your group’s base of operations. If this sounds like an impossibly difficult project, that’s because it would be, without the approaches we’ll cover in this series. But it’s something that will have to be done by your group eventually.

If your goal is to implement the natural order in your life and your community (and eventually, in your nation), you can’t rely on the existing social structures. This is because those structures are inadequate, having been developed to support a modernist lifestyle, but also because the System’s institutions will be hostile to your goals and will deny any attempt to use it’s resources. To build anything of lasting effect, you’ll have to rely on yourself, which is to say you’ll have to develop your own resources. This means staying away from the System and building your own parallel system with your comrades.

The articles in this series will be geared towards this scenario. In other words, the emphasis will be on getting things done within the following constraints:

  • Limited or no budget
  • No expertise in difficult construction techniques
  • Can be maintained without reliance on the System
  • Can be built and operated on a very low profile (doesn’t require large machinery, doesn’t produce loud noises, is not connected to the grid, is easy to hide, etc)

The purpose of these articles are two fold. First, if you’re ready to start building infrastructure for your group, you’ll get many great suggestions and avenues for research to help you design and upgrade your structures. Second, if you don’t have a group, or never thought to build structures yourself, this series should dramatically expand your idea of what’s possible these days even with a minimal budget and no skills or experience.

We’ve already got quite a few subjects lined up for the future on these topics. Some of the things you can expect for the future are:

  • How to build solid walls using mud and straw.
  • How to make high efficiency heating systems for dirt cheap.
  • How to make water filtering systems without buying commercial components.
  • How to build hidden underground buildings without expensive equipment.
  • How to make reliable water and fuel tanks on the cheap.
  • How to power tractors and generators with firewood instead of diesel.
  • How to grow food without attracting attention.

So hang on to your hats! TheĀ Fascist Workshop is opening soon!


  1. I like the idea. Becoming self-sufficient isn’t just for TEOTWAWKI, it’s the first step to breaking the chains and throwing off the shackles of the systems that so desperately wants to get rid of The White Man.

    White People need a country of their own.

  2. You wanna know all about hidden underground buildings you gotta’ talk to the best: Joseph Fritzel. Just dont take any parenting advice . . .

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