Exactly one month ago the whole world heard Finnish nationalists. Today you'll learn why.
Exactly one month ago the whole world heard Finnish nationalists laughing. Today you’ll learn why.

The Independence Day was always my favorite day of the year, even before I became an evil nazi, everyone’s out celebrating like it’s one big fucking birthday for the entire country. Well, it is. But the independence day 2015 just blew the previous ones out of the water, period. I am a lucky bastard, I started to become really active in the nationalist scene as we started to arrange these big torch marches in Helsinki to remember our fallen heroes. Last year’s march was a success, 200 nationalists marched through Helsinki to Hietaniemi cemetery, where our heroes in the struggle against Bolshevism are buried. There was zero red opposition, absolutely none. Considering this was the first time we did this, it couldn’t have gone smoother.

So, naturally, I was extremely stoked for the next march. The hype started months before the march. And you can guess the kind. The reds threatened they’d stop the march with force, and the mainstream news were all over it instantly. “Neo nazi march holocausting minorities on the streets of our dear capital, read now“, et cetera. The cops started gearing up as well, getting armored cars and FN 303 riot guns as this sort of thing was unprecedented here.


A few years before, our nationalist media had been very marginalized, but starting 2015, there was a colossal surge, giving the established jewspapers a real scare. First they tried ignoring it, then they started a huge smear campaign, calling anyone who read the alternative media was a holocaust denying nazi, literally. One of the headlines literally read “Holocaust didn’t happen and other alternative media claims” and had a flowchart showing how all alternative media was controlled by a nazi conspiracy. But when they noticed the alternative nationalist media was just gaining more and more hits as they were losing them, they went quiet again. One of the most popular ones is in the top 40 of all sites in Finland right now, which makes it more popular than most of the ZOG controlled outlets, giving us awesome reach. So as the ZOG attacked the march, we kept promoting it all over and ripping on the reds.

The reds probably realized, all too late, that things wouldn’t go their way and they would be hopelessly, utterly outnumbered, so a day before the march the antifas released a statement on the site dedicated to opposing the march that they denounce all violence. This, after months of posting empty threats about smashing the nazis, making them collectively look like even bigger cucks than ever before. They absolutely blew handling it which just contributed to our victory.

On the day of the march, a bunch of my comrades and I arrived to the square early. Even though the march wouldn’t begin for almost an hour, there were already people everywhere and there was a huge amount of cop cars circling the area. But the time felt more like a couple of minutes as I chatted with old and new comrades, everyone felt as excited as I was – time just flew by. A little before the actual event was to begin we were joined by a big marching column of nationalist from another, earlier event, with a big flag of Finland held by the leader. They were welcomed to our ranks with huge applause. The event was about to begin, and there were nationalists beyond my wildest expectations. Last year we had 200, I assumed we’d have about 400 this year, but it turned out to be almost double that.

In addition to cops, the media started to swarm the place. As I would later find out, foreign jewish reporters had attended and had been completely shoah’d on the spot in an instant, writing how it was exactly like the Triumph of the Will all over again. We couldn’t have gotten a better compliment. One called the march as ‘frightening as it was well organized‘.


The actual event begun with a speech by Tapio Linna, speaking about the nature of true nationalism, and praising the soldiers that allowed us to be here on this day. There was no room for shilling here, even Mr. Linna had promoted Horst Mahler recently. After the speech was over, the organizers begun handing out torches, but due to the sheer amount of people, they ran out quick.

It was storming, but the spirits were so high no one seemed to notice. The march continued steady towards the cemetery, and I would notice only a few lone leftists protesting on the streets that caused much amusement to the marchers. Only at one point did the reds try to disrupt the march, but it was such an extremely pathetic attempt I only heard of it later – I thought at that time the handful of reds were just standing there like the cucks they are. Pretty much the entire march chanted “HAHAHA, ANTIFA” at them, and due to the acoustics of the downtown Helsinki, you could hear it loud and clear far away. Some antifas tried to toss rocks at the march (and failed at that, of course) and some tried throwing flares that landed right in front of their own feet, and then the reds got shot at with the riot guns. There is video material from an anarchist livestream of an obese, bald antifa manchild (imagine Uncle Fester from Addams Family) crying his eyes out about nazis, it became an instant meme in the Finnish social media.


The march flowed smoothly through Helsinki, and everyone was having simply an amazing time. The only other attempt the reds made to disrupt the march was trying to block it with a van, but they were instantly led to the side of the street. And again, the reds provided incomparable amusement to the nationalists as three masked fags sat in the van all looking fucking pissed off and got only madder as the marchers banged the side and the windows of the van as they marched by.

When we reached the cemetery, we laid wreathes and candles, and the official part of the march was nearing its end, but I would hang out for longer, chilling with a few new cool comrades I had met and later head towards home with my comrades, very fulfilled.

The weeks following the march have been constant shoah. It wasn’t supposed to happen, ZOG blew it. The threat of “NEO-NAZI FASCISM ON OUR STREETS” has been all over the news and papers, one jewish owned newspaper literally aired footage of the march side by side with torch march of the Sturmabteilung. You simply can’t grab a paper these days without a shit eating grin.

The fun was far from over though, the faggotry of the reds knows no bounds. The cops had arrested some hundred reds for trying to start shit, and housed them in cells filled with lice, and afterwards the reds released a warning to all members to make sure they weren’t infected. It, too, became instantly famous. You can probably guess the kind of jokes that circulated: “Great, now someone has to clean up the cell after the reds, smdh.” / “They had other insects up there, in addition to the antifas?” / “Having to take their bi-annual shower probably left them deeply scarred” etc.

But the pain still wouldn’t end for them. The reds held a meeting in Turku for legal advice in a cafe for all reds who were arrested. About five nationalists walked in, ordered some coffee, and just sat down to enjoy the show. The reds immediately went silent and all covered their heads and begged them to leave, not having balls to raise a finger despite of being around 40 strong. The nationalists simply sat and enjoyed themselves. Then the reds begged the staff to remove them, but they wouldn’t. Why would they? And in the end, in true System pig fashion, they called the cops. The cops checked the nationalists’ papers, and then when they turned to the reds, they all ran. Like always.

All in all, what an amazing day, what an amazing month. Couldn’t have asked for a better one. 1488

Article by a Finnish Contributor

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  1. “Lice-infested antifas”, well thankfully we all know a magical gas that is used to treat both of those things.

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